Justin Bieber “got suspended from school like every day,” is a total badass

Justin Bieber

I’m addicted to Twitter for many reasons, but I especially enjoy when celebrities post photos that make themselves look like total narcissistic freaks. Which they are, of course. Honestly though, I wish Twitter was around when I was a tweenager because (presumbly) I would have easily been able to figure out what a nutjob Kirk Cameron has always been without wasting a few years swooning over his mullet in Tiger Beat. There’s really no filter when it comes to celebrities now, you know? The publicists must hate it.

Justin Bieber has taken to his Twitter page to post several unflattering photos of himself in recent days. This one below is where he’s showing off his new crown tattoo (because he’s a prince or something) from the vantage point of the “Selena cam.” This is what she sees, people. And she’s still with him. I just don’t get it, but I also don’t understand his general appeal, especially when he tries to brag about what a badass he is — such as during this new Ryan Seacrest interview where he talks about what a terrible, no good student he was in school:

Justin Bieber hasn’t always been America’s golden boy! The 18-year-old heartthrob revealed on the Today show that he caused a lot of trouble when he was in school.

“I got suspended from school like every day,” Justin told Ryan Seacrest.

Justin’s mom, Pattie Malette, chimed in and said that despite being a troublemaker — Justin was also a leader.

“You know, I had a teacher tell me I have 30 students and one. When he’s [Justin] good; the whole class is good. When he’s bad; the whole class is bad,” she said.

We wonder what he got suspended for? The rest of Justin’s interview with Ryan will air tonight, September 13, on Rock Center with Brian Williams at 10pm ET/9pm CT.

[From Hollywood Life]

Honestly, I don’t understand this trend of young superstars who are — like it or not — role models, yet they persist in bragging about what screwups they were as kids. Like Kristen Stewart talking about how all of her teachers gave her failing grades, and she’s currently the highest paid actress in Hollywood. What do kids get from this besides, “Hey, I can be a willful idiot and make millions someday too!” God, I’m so old.

Here’s Biebs performing in at the Frankfurt airport on 9/11 and looking like he’s sitting on a toilet. Pull up your damn pants!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of WENN and Twitter

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  1. Miss Piggy says:

    Somebody’s been reading “Calvin and Hobbes”. Calvin is a bigger badass.

  2. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    He is so painfully and obnoxiously narcissistic. Selena is WAY out of his league. It’s a shame kids look up to him. Sad world we live in.

    PS – Why is he performing in an airport? Is that a thing now? Fly in, do a performance right there, and catch he next plane out…pretty genus way to not spend a lot of time in any particular place while keeping a fan base in the area.

    • someone says:

      i don’t personally know selena gomez or do i follow her in any way, but it seems to be quite an indication of her character if she’s willing to stick around with this douche for such a long time. like how long can we say that she’s so much better than him, when she has first hand experience of all of his obnoxious actions and is still with him? idk..i just feel that at the end of the day, if your personality is different and you are very different from someone else, you’re not going to stick around..seems to me she isn’t that far off in personality from him if she’s still daitng him

      • Naye in VA says:

        I don’t think that holds true for all relationships. It’s why my mother said to be careful who you fall in love with. When you’re young love often trumps compatibility. There may be a lot she loves about him and some things she doesn’t like, but aren’t deal breakers.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Who knows? Maybe she is in love with the idea of him…grand gestures, status/connections, power couple in the media, etc.

      • Minty says:

        I suspect Selena is doing it more for the publicity than anything else. It’s a famewhore tactic that’s been around since the beginning of Hollywood: date (for real or for pretend) a celebrity who’s more famous than you are to increase your profile. Especially if you have a short shelf life, what better way to prolong your relevancy by being linked to someone who is more popular?

        I can’t repeat enough that I’m tired of the insufferable Lesbeaver. He is of middling talent paired with an arrogant personality. His fans will grow up and it won’t end well for him. Leif Garrett 2.0.

        I also wish those stupid pants he wears are collected and burned. Recently, I was in the checkout line at the local Safeway, and there was a young man in front of me wearing the same kind of pants. He kept pulling them up because they were pooling at his knees. Idiot. Is it so hard to wear a belt or pants that actually fit? What a great way to look like a clueless fashion fool. These guys are no different from the stupid chicks who showed off their “whale tail” thongs with their low-slung jeans, many years ago when it was a thing. Hey kids, just because something is trendy doesn’t mean it looks good. Now get off my lawn.

      • deehunny says:

        @someone– I completely agree with you. She has to be very similar in personality. Also, even if she is dating him to “increase her profile” that still says a lot about her.

      • Beatriz says:

        Someone-I completely agree, I always thought Selena must be just as superficial as him: She just comes across as more likeable. It’s not really that unbelievable, I mean, Hollywood seems to transform people into these narcissistic a-holes, I can only imagine what I can do to teenagers growing up.

    • Alexandra says:

      Go to hell none is perfect you Bitch I love justin I am 25 I look 18 lots of moms and kids like him to and Miley Cyrus is actually a bad role model but for girls I never herd justin say this stuff about getting in trouble at school on tv when I watch him on tv shows and maybe he got it from his dad not sure his mom is a good person he cares about six kids

    • Alexandra Kranis says:

      He is so painfully and obnoxiously narcissistic. Selena is WAY out of his league. It’s a shame kids look up to him. Sad world we live in.
      narcissistic I do not know what this means but I don’t agree with you and we all get in trouble at school not all the time or some of us never does he is not out of Selena’s league okay none is perfect when he got older he did good for sick kids

  3. brin says:

    Is a total dumbass.

    • gg says:

      Easily evidenced by the completely ridiculous pants. His body looks like a rubber band with a freakishly elongated torso. Even the hoodrats know to keep theirs up higher than that. Fool.

    • zinjojo says:

      He truly is a dumbass. And just a plain a$$hole too.

      Not to mention that he quit attending school when he was about 14 (even though he “graduated” earlier this summer), so the kid was getting suspended when he was 13 and 14? Whatever, he certainly didn’t get an education.

  4. Eve says:

    I apologize in advance for being totally crude and saying that he looks like he’s taking it (from The Invisible Man) in that second picture.

  5. Cindy says:

    Yup, I must be old, too, because I think the problem with the world today is parents who get “my child is a leader” from “your son gets suspended constantly and disrupts the whole class”.

    • Rita B says:

      ITA. If his mom has been like this throughout his entire life, I guess it’s no mystery that he turned out to be an egotistical little idiot.

      Also, it’s pretty obvious in that last pic that he’s wearing a ton of makeup.

  6. ladybert62 says:

    Looking at those pictures just make my stomach turn over- and oops, sorry for the spilled hot chocolate on my keyboard! ha ha ^-^

  7. NerdMomma says:

    I am old too- I don’t get the appeal of a guy who looks like he has a super long torso and stubby scrawny little legs. Isn’t the purpose of fashion to make us all look like good candidates with which to mate? These saggy pants should make da ladies run screaming in the opposite direction.

    • Baron von Böogar-Hosen says:

      Those pants look so very stylish on him. If stylish means doltish and affected.

      And now, as Minty said … “get off my lawn!”

    • erika says:

      hey now, i/m 40 but i’m not in a crypt but take a real look at this ‘little boy’…

      he’s a ‘bad ass’ yet:

      -he has no muscle tone whatsoever!
      – no facial hair
      – no pecs, abs or muscles popping out in his arm (it looks like I have more muscle in my upper arm)

      by the size of his…’mee pee pee hangs near my kneews pants’…sscrawny!

      it’s gross! can u imagine him in bed? “the little that could! huff puff….the little engine that could! huff puff!:

  8. Brown says:

    1. The twitter pics are seriously hilarious. He looks like a young lesbian (no offense to lesbians.) And to think, this is AFTER he cut his hair from the even WORSE swoop.

    2. What an awesome role model for his millions of young, school-aged fans. What a dumbass.

    3. How old is he!? How did he get a tattoo??

    4. Selena must be receiving a healthy dose of mind-altering drugs to stay with this moron.

    5. He does have star power (for whatever reason), but not staying power. The only silver lining to his douchiness is thinking of the day he fades from the spotlight.

  9. Gabriella says:

    Oh please. Man up already!

  10. sillyone says:

    Pull up your pants princess.

  11. KellyinSeattle says:

    Yeah, he’s a regular Chuck Norris – god forbid he run into me in a dark alley. I’d show him some mores that’ll make his voice go up even more! (I’m so badass myself 🙂

    • BeccaZ says:

      I read this and thought, “I could pound this kid into the ground with one fist…if his bodyguards weren’t around.” Oh, Justin, you’re so tough.

      Maybe I’m not up on my Bieber-knowledge, but wasn’t he originally marketed as this sweet, good boy, who came from a Christian family?

      Now, that he’s trying to stay relevant, he’s going for the…ahem…Bad Boy image?

      Hate the saggy pants tend. Unfortunately, its a tend that just won’t die. Guys were walking around my middle school in the 90s, yanking their pants up.

  12. littlestar says:

    I’ve read comments in the past that say he looks like a lesbian. I have to agree with that. But it also makes me feel bad to agree with it, because it’s an insult to all the androgynous lesbians out there.

  13. Sarah says:

    As a family member of almost all teachers I have to say: eff this little douche. I’m sure he made their lives miserable.

    • BabySwans says:

      As a former teacher myself, I agree wholeheartedly.

      Dear Justin Bieber: You know what’s sad here? The fact that you’re not smart enough to understand how classless you’re behaving. No one over the age of 16 finds you funny, cute, or entertaining. Everyone with a college education and manners is laughing at you not with you. One day when you grow up you’re going to be embarrassed that you were such a smartalec little jerk. Too bad it’s on the Internet for everyone to see for the rest of eternity. That is all.

  14. spinner says:

    Is he trying to emulate rap & hip hop culture?

  15. Nessa says:

    He is definitely one of the most annoying celebrities ever. In the history of the entertainment industry. F’ing tool.

  16. ZigZagZoey says:

    I’m kind of amazed that he hasn’t started using steroids yet.
    Well, it doesn’t LOOK like he is!

  17. normades says:

    He probably got suspended all the time because he’s a snot-faced disrespectful brat. Nothing to brag about. Cannot wait to see his decline. Please dump him Selena!!!

  18. Ari says:

    GOD HE IS ANNOYING AND NEEDS TO BE PUT BACK INTO HIS MOTHERS UTERUS because he only looks that old anyway

  19. Sirsnarksalot says:

    This kid is the second coming of Leif Garret (For those of us old enough to remember) and look how well that turned out…..

  20. Missanne says:

    “I got suspended from school like every day,” Justin told Ryan Seacrest.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      Which is quite obviously impossible, because how can you get suspended every day if you weren’t there because you were suspended…
      Maybe he is confusing suspended with confounded?

  21. Happy21 says:


    He went to school till he was like what 14 freakin’ years old so what did he do, get suspended in primary school? What a stupid little sh-t. I have no doubt he is full of it that’s for sure.

    Any further than that, I just can’t.

  22. Darlene says:

    He has little girl body.

  23. Chatcat says:

    The Beiber is a little pissant. The End.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      That reminds me of the Walton’s Christmas movie, that’s what they called each other and it was so naughty…
      It is a very apt word for him!!

  24. LolaB says:

    He is a super pretty lesbian, though.

  25. tinypie says:

    I was consistently suspended throughout junior high and high school. Most were one day suspensions or in school suspensions for minor offenses. Another time i was actually framed (believe it or not!). I am not here to brag, I am just here to say why is he bragging about that? Suspensions can happen for the smallest things, for example I had a cell phone confiscated 1 too many times. Very minor! No drug use or beat downs! I know girls like bad boys, but he’s not even moderately bad. He’s luke warm… if even.

  26. LeeLoo says:

    I want there to be that one teen celebrity who is all, “I got straight As in school. I’m a genius and can act/sing/whatever.”

    • Masque says:

      Those are called “Fannings”. 🙂

    • holly hobby says:

      Reese Witherspoon (Stanford= didn’t graduate but got accepted), believe or not, Katie Holmes (got accepted to Columbia); Jodie Foster (Yale). Yes there are smart celebs out there. It’s just unfortunate the current crop are illiterate babies (Biebs, Trampira, etc).

      • lil says:

        All the intelligent future stars his age are currently still in school and starting college. In a few years, they’ll graduate and get famous. 🙂 And by then Justin will be like Hanson.

  27. islandwalker says:

    Shudders…..seeing him topless makes me feel like a pedofile. Blech.

  28. D says:

    He reminds me of King Joffrey from Game of thrones

  29. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Oh God! His topless pics are so unflattering! Gross! Idiot!

  30. Jennika says:

    I bet his mommy tells him he’s handsome

  31. Erinn says:

    Remember when if a kid acted up, the kid got in trouble? Yeah. Me neither.

    I was a damn good kid, and I got good grades. And I was still constantly getting punished (‘grounded’ and toys taken away) because I had a tendency to get cranky with my mom. I can’t imagine the kind of shit I’d have gotten into if I acted like a spoiled brat in school.

  32. Em12 says:

    I find Bieber absolutely repulsive!! But I can’t wait to watch his Behind the Music (does VH1 still do that?!) in 10 or so years. He’ll be living in a trailer somewhere blaring his old cds and trying to relive the glory days. I do kind of feel bad for him though because, just like Leo, boys with baby faces don’t age well.

  33. holly hobby says:

    This kid is such a punk. I don’t understand his appeal. Really, what we are showing kids is that you will be rewarded if you are lazy, incorrigible etc. So sad.

    Biebs you will get your David Cassidy day one day (look it up if you know how to).

  34. Happymom says:

    Biggest eye roll ever.

  35. TracyG says:

    In that last picture of him lying in bed…. He looks like Miley Cyrus 🙂

  36. LeslieM says:

    The pants are ridiculous. What a looser!

  37. skuddles says:

    Ooooooh you’re SUCH a badass Justin! Sure his teachers hated him because he was a little dweeb with a big yap. Who never learned how to tie his shoes or pull up his drawers. And he probably got beaten up a lot…

  38. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    I thought wearing pants around your ankles was passe and so 90s he’s acting out because he knows he’s fading away to One direction, etc.

  39. Booboocita says:

    Oh, puh-leeeeeeeeeeeze. Whenever I read something like this, be it Bieber or Stewart or someone else, I think of that episode of House in which Greg House interviews potential new interns. One of them comes in with shoulder-length hair and a kanji tattoo, and House tells him that the true rebels are Asian kids who dress like dorks and spend three-quarters of their waking hours in the library because they’re focused on the prize and don’t give a sh!t about what others think of them. Why, oh why, do people who claim they don’t care what others think spend so much time burnishing their “badass” images?

  40. Cel says:

    Driven by his faith, the 18-year-old said: ‘It’s a big part. It helps you stay humble and grounded because this industry taints a lot of people and they get caught up.
    ‘It’s something that keeps me humble and I’m able to pray and have that in my life.’

    Quote from an interview recently published in a free morning paper in the UK – don’t know if he mentioned his badass ways as I didn’t read any more.

    Humble and a badass? He’s got it all going on!

  41. Chria says:

    I wish he’d just come out of the closet already! The boy screams GAY

  42. Isabella Notarfrancesco says:

    It’s funny how seriously some of you take this child.

  43. belindaya says:

    So he “got suspended from school like every day”?? Right!! can he even read ?

  44. I Choose Me says:

    That’s the chorus in my head every time I see this little prick. Pull up your damn pants!

  45. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I thought he was on tour all the time and had teachers on set. What, was he suspended from his online schooling? I don’t mind he’s bragging about being a little badass. We were all kids and all of our role models were just as stupid and most of us grew up fine. I just find it hilarious he is trying to BE a badass macho boy. He’s got more estrogen than I do.

  46. pink giraffe says:

    I’m a teacher, and I see kids like him everyday, who think it’s cool to get suspended. Unfortunately, good girls like Selena do fall for losers like Justin all the time. They grow out of it, but it’s painful to watch. Justin’s obnoxiousness is compounded, and probably extended, by his fame. I actually feel a little sorry for him; I see a future of arrests, court drama, maybe even some Chris Brown-esque behavior coming out of all this. I’m not hoping for it, but when you have money + no one can tell you what to do (because they aren’t brave enough, and you also wouldn’t let them anyway) + any degree of success, well, that’s what it adds up to, it seems, doesn’t it?

  47. MrsBPitt says:

    well, I saw an article about how Biebs was a “wish” for a little girl with cancer from the make a wish foundation, and since then, he has become friends with her. There were pictures of him giving her a kiss on the cheek and making her laugh…so, I can’t hate on him…(I do wish he would pull up his pants though)

  48. KelBear says:

    He is getting unnatractive as he gets older.

  49. Jill says:

    Who is this girl? lol

  50. KFall says:

    Ppl get over it, he’s a kid.

  51. mugsy says:

    He’s a badass? My nephews(17 months&16 days old) are more badass than him

  52. Aud says:

    “Puny human!” (Futurama)

  53. XxAryxX says:

    I’ve refrained from posting until this point, but this idiocy is just too much. My generations celebrities are (for the most part) a horrible representation of the United States and youth in general. I post this comment from France, where I’m currently studying after graduating a year early, attending three schools, participating in clubs and athletics, and working part time and this self entitled, spoiled moron thinks its okay to admit how much he failed at adjusting to the most basic principles of respect for education and your educators? Please. In five years, people won’t even remember your name, Justin. How about getting over yourself and working for something like the rest of us?

  54. Hakura says:

    It’s strange, it seems like (young) girls tend to go for that ‘effeminate’ edge when picking ‘heart-throbs’ as teenagers.

    I’m in my mid-20s’, & my complete & total dislike for this little prick (& inability) from the moment I first saw him was my indicator that I really am ‘old’ now. xD I just don’t GET IT. Never have. Although I can’t even see myself ‘getting it’ as a teen (God I hope not), but whatever xP

    & I’m not sure about Selena’s motives, but it’s definitely put her name out there more than anything else could’ve.