Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale disagree about her No Doubt reunion tour

It’s a dilemma that many couples face, though not on this grand of a scale: how soon should a mom go back to work after giving birth – and if the couple is already stinking rich beyond their wildest dreams, should the mom rush to go back to work at all? That’s the situation singer Gwen Stefani is finding herself in right now, according to the National Enquirer.

Gwen Stefani is reuniting with her old band – and their summer tour plans have thrown her household into turmoil.

Those close to the 39-year-old pop singer/fashion icon and her rocker husband Gavin Rossdale, 41, fear that Gwen’s amped-up career with band No Doubt could damage the couple’s six-year marriage.

“Gwen just gave birth to their second son in late August, and she will be taking on way too much with a new album and a world tour next year,” an insider told the Enquirer. “She’s already raising the boys, keeping up homes in Los Angeles and London, working on her clothing line L.A.M.B. and wants to start recording the first No Doubt album in seven years. A world tour will put too big a strain on the family.”

Solo artist Gavin also believes that Gwen should put their sons – Kingston, 2 1/2, and 4-month-old Zuma – and him before her band, according to the insider.

“Gavin feels they have more than enough money, and he doesn’t understand Gwen’s motivation for getting back on the road,” explained the insider. “It’s not like he wants her to give up her career, but he thinks a few years focusing on their boys is what’s best for the family. He’s also worried that a lengthy world tour will cut into the quality time that their relationship needs to thrive.”

[From The National Enquirer, print version, Dec. 15, 2008]

There could be some truth to this story. I remember being very surprised after the birth of the couple’s first son, Kingston, at how quickly Gwen went back to work in support of her solo album “The Sweet Escape,” especially after all her talk in the press about how desperately she wanted to be a mom. Kingston was born in May 2006 and Gwen embarked on her world tour in December of that year, bringing hubby and baby along with her. It seemed like she and her husband were able to make it all work, though, despite the many demands of her career. But having a second child can change everything – sometimes it feels like it’s not twice the work, but exponentially more so. Still, I have to wonder how much of this could be Gavin’s “sour grapes” over the unofficial death of his own career. He had a solo album out earlier this year with a single that got a little radio play, but nothing to rival that of his wife’s success. It must be tough for him to sit on the sidelines and watch Gwen be the big star. However, Gavin also needs to realize that this is what his wife does for a living and it’s what she loves. The singer has said often that No Doubt is more than just her band – they are family to her. I’m sure the couple can hire some extra help while mom is gone on tour, and the kids will be just fine.

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani are pictured shopping in L.A. over the Thanksgiving weekend with their youngest son, Zuma. He is so sweet! And just for fun, a photo of Gavin and Kingston playing in a park in L.A. that same weekend. Photo credits: WENN.

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  1. Zoe says:

    I, for one, don’t believe this story, but if she wants to tour, it’s his turn with the kids. They can join her on the road a little too. Problem solved.

  2. Cinderella says:

    Love Remains the Same is still in the Top 40. I don’t think his career is dead yet. Maybe he had hopes of touring. Hope they can work it out.

  3. Kaiser says:

    Maybe the problem isn’t with the timing and the tour, but with Tony. Perhaps Gavin knows too well what Gwen and Tony will get into.

  4. A.J. says:

    I’m just excited that No Doubt is finally getting back together. I spent my highschool years listening to them, and have seen them twice in concert. Definitely one of my favorites.

    Why doesn’t Gavin just do the same and get Bush back together? The group was way better than his solo stuff, imo.

  5. Ron says:

    With her money and clout the whole family could travel on the tour. Problem solved.

  6. Henny Penny says:

    I could really care less about whether she goes back to work or not. I’m just glad she gave up that fug gold stroller. That is all.

  7. Kink says:

    That’s what I think, whether he realizes it or not…HE IS JEALOUS. He USED to be a rock star, and still would be had he stayed with BUSH. There is no reason she can’t do it…he’s not doing anything, let him be Mr.Mom and go with her….lest he lose her, and that would be beyond stupid. I have been waiting for this since No Doubt broke up…LONG LIVE NO DOUBT! A better idea would be get Bush back together also and then they can all tour together…there problem solved.

  8. Ally says:

    Yeah, also, way back when, Mick Jagger should have stopped touring and stayed home with his kids. Ha.

    This kind of stuff makes me so mad! No one ever expects men to sacrifice their talent to parenthood.

    Go on tour, Gwen! Anyone can be a mom; not everyone can be Gwen Stefani. And anyway, the best mom is a happy mom.

  9. MsTriste says:

    These stories about celeb moms going back to work bug the crap out of me. I worked full-time with two kids under two – took six weeks off after the second pregnancy – because we needed the money to survive. There are tons of working moms out there – what’s the big deal with stars going back to work after a year??? I don’t get it.

  10. JEWSSIP says:

    Toiling in the mine shafts of domesticity is tough.

  11. SeVen says:

    I dont believe this story. Gwen and Gavin have been together close to 15 years, only married for 6 of those. They were together when she was with No Doubt before and he was with Bush.

  12. gtigirl says:

    this wouldn’t even be a post if it was gavin going on tour… same old double standard.

  13. Codzilla says:

    Let’s just give thanks that Bush isn’t getting back together.

  14. sandy says:

    bet she wants to go on tour to get her body back in shape and he’s pissed bc he knows he’ll be doing most of the daycare of the kids (which considering the age of the little ones can get boring for adults). face it gavin, you’ve been spoiled and it’s time for you to do a little work.
    she should tour now before the boys are of school age, i think she knows that.

  15. vdantev says:

    Yeah Gavin, it would be a shame if she went back to making music worth listening to, especially with those people who made her a household name. Ungrateful cretins. 🙄

  16. “Anyone can be a mom.”

    How amusing. Sure, anyone can make a kid, but not everyone can be a devoted, caring, and worthy mother.

    It shouldn’t matter that Gwen is the female, but, apparently, that is supposed to mean she should tour just because that’s what the man would automatically do. Who cares if she’s “happy” if the kids miss their mother because she’s off self-actualizing and making “pop” music.

    She has just as much responsibility to hold the marriage together as Gavin does. A decent compromise would be a regional tour instead of some worldwide mess that would make traveling with an infant & toddler nearly impossible.

    IF this story is true, then she needs to grow the hell up and stop putting herself before her marriage and family.

  17. Di says:

    Gavin Rossdale won’t even talk to his own teenage daughter so he has no business questioning anybody else’s parenting.

    She wouldn’t have agreed to this so soon after giving birth if she weren’t trying to get away from him.

    Their marriage must be in trouble.