Amanda Bynes’ car was finally impounded after she was pulled over again, yay!

For all of us waiting for some kind of justice to come to Amanda Bynes after a DUI, several hit and runs, getting pulled over while driving with a suspended license and getting stoned in her car, something has finally happened yesterday! Cops pulled Amanda over and they ran her license this time, which lead to her car being impounded. You know she’ll find another way to drive, but for now she’ll have to cab it or get a driver. I only hope the paparazzi are the ones who called the cops and that they’re keeping an eye on her. They need to be useful somehow. Here’s the story from TMZ:

Amanda Bynes’ suspended license finally caught up with her today — TMZ has learned she was pulled over by police and had her car impounded.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Bynes was pulled over in her black BMW around 9:00 AM in Burbank, CA. We’re told when cops ran her license they discovered it was suspended.

According to our sources, cops impounded the vehicle and issued her a misdemeanor ticket for driving on a suspended license.

As TMZ first reported, Bynes was pulled over on September 9 — but despite having the suspended license, she was given only a verbal warning and let go.

[From TMZ]

TMZ has the photos of Amanda’s car getting pulled over and her car being taken away. You can’t see her face because she’s pulled a jacket over her head, and her legs look incredible in some jeggings. We know that Amanda has been hitting the gym in between getting baked and driving around aimlessly. Several sources fom Amanda’s gym told TMZ that she’s in there a lot and that she often talks to herself. Her neighbors think she’s having serious problems too. Uh oh:

Several people from her gym — Equinox in West Hollywood – tell us, she has been showing increasingly alarming signs of delusional behavior. One person says Amanda came to the gym Thursday looking dazed and began speaking with herself — making comments and then answering back.

Another person says when Amanda was on the elliptical, she would stop suddenly and start “laughing hysterically for no reason.” She did this periodically throughout her workout. This person says he’s seen her dozens of times in the last few months, and says it’s apparent her condition is “deteriorating.”

Several of Amanda’s neighbors echo the concern over Amanda’s condition. One tells us he observed her on several occasions having long conversations with inanimate objects. Another person says people in her condo complex are aware of her condition and her conduct but haven’t called her friends or relatives or authorities because they just don’t want to get involved, given her profile.

Some of the people in the building have been upset over the last few weeks, because they believe the media is painting Amanda as a garden variety pothead and they say her problems are much deeper.

[From TMZ]

If this is true, I hope that someone will step in and make sure she gets the help she needs to be stabilized. It sounds like she’s having serious problems and is deep in denial. TMZ has a follow-up story on this from a source close to Amanda (read: Amanda) who insists she’s just fine and everything is being “blown out of proportion.” The source also insists that she was only smoking tobacco out of that special pipe designed to look like a car cigarette lighter.

Meanwhile the Cracken has chimed in on this, because she faced the ultimate sentence of a full 14 days in her own segregated jail cell for a DUI, a high speed car chase involving unwilling passengers, missing scheduled hearings, failing court-ordered drug tests, and failing multiple times to complete her court-ordered education and community service. (Not in that order, but it’s impossible to recap her legal problems without writing a treatise.) Lindsay tweeted “Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?” Maybe because you had a LOT more chances, particularly after the legal system got involved, you stupid cow. Look at that, Lindsay Lohan just made me defend Amanda Bynes. Lindsay’s just pissed that Amanda is getting more press than her.

Photos are from April outside the police station after her DUI and earlier this month. Credit: FameFlynet and PCNPhotos

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  1. Bacharia says:

    LOL. Yay for mankind!

  2. brin says:

    Finally! If these reports are true, she does need help and Crackie needs to stfu…she is the last person to talk/tweet.

    • iheartjacksparrow says:

      I guess LiLo forgot about being caught with coke, kidnapping, stealing … yeah, Amanda only hitting a couple of cars is so much worse. Give me a break.

  3. Lauren says:

    If all that’s true about her mental state, I really do hope that she gets some help. Everyone can make jokes about her smoking pot or whatever but if there is a serious underlying condition then it’s not a laughing matter anymore. What is a laughable though is Lindsay’s tweet. I cannot believe that she tweeted something like that! She is so delusional.

    • Jacq says:

      Agreed, as much as Amanda’s situation is shame-on-her, I think there is a much larger component of get-her-help. Maybe LL is in such deep denial that she doesn’t believe she actually committed all of the crimes that she’s been prosecuted for & she’s a helpless target. Or she is completely unaware of how the entire free world thinks that she’s been let off easy for all of her offenses.

      • KC says:

        But don’t you remember that Lindsay only hurts herself, not other people. Why should she have been charged at all!?

        Lindsay is in such deep denial that she doesn’t think stealing, kidnapping, running over a baby, or generally endangering others constitutes hurting other people.

    • erika says:

      those symptoms sound a lot like bath salts….talking to air, delusional, personality swings, hyper laughter…wow.

      lindsay? babe? no more jail time for you darling, next time? they’ll chuck you in the gutter…

      you’re both high maintenance, stepsister ugly, trashed/broke/bruised/down n’ out ‘crap’ movie ‘stars’…

      ‘She’s the Man’ and ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’ are two wastes of celluloid the world can do w/ out…..

      FACE the FACTS: the k-reer is OVAH! amanda seyfriend, rachel mcadams and emma stone are the lucky ones!

  4. Ruby Red Lips says:

    At last!

    What is with her??? Drugs addling her brain no doubt, or if it is mental illness no doubt increased with drug use…

    Drugs alter brain chemistry…its not hard to realise

    Lindsay is a thick piece of sh1t…

  5. Phil says:

    They just need to make it where every time she gets in a car, Lindsay lohan and Hillary duff’s ‘music’ will come on and can’t be turned off. That’ll make her stop driving lol

  6. Tifygodess24 says:

    Hahaha I was hoping you would mention the Crackens tweet. I seriously couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it and again was reminded HOW delusional Lindsay is. BISH if you werent a “celeb” your ass would still be in jail! As for Amanda I am sure she will get her car out ( or get a new one )and be back on the road later today with a new hit and run not far behind. The false reality these two must live in….

  7. Riana says:

    I can’t help but wonder what happened to her. One thing I can say is we didn’t used to know much if anything about child stars when they were hitting the skids or having problems until the moment it became too public. Not like Lindsey where her parents issues were always sort of visible.

    I used to watch her on TV when I was a kid and now…hard to believe this is the person she is now. What happened..ive heard some rumors about something that supposedly happened to her when she was younger.

    • Melissa says:

      I’d like to know what happened to her too. She seemed so level headed when she was younger and not the kind of person to get involved with drugs, etc… Had a bright future.

      I hope she gets help and stays on course.

      • Kiyoshigirl says:

        It only takes one bad hallucinogenic trip to start a lifetime of bad flashbacks. It’s truly amazing the affect some drugs can have on the mind. It’s altogether possible that she does have some sort of mental health issue, but drug use history should also be considered as a factor. Some people can get away with experimenting with everything, including Drano under the kitchen sink, but some brains experience long term damage. I hope she gets help soon. We don’t need another Cracken wandering the Hollywood Hills.

    • Hakura says:

      I agree that it was about f’ing time the police & courts got off their asses. I also watched her on ‘All That” & sometimes ‘The Amanda show‘a few times, So this is especially sad to see.

      It *sounds* like a mental illness contributing to this mess. She may be trying to use drugs to ‘self medicate’, which never turns out right, & is incredibly dangerous when not under a doctor’s care…

      She may even be using ‘working out’ constantly to self medicate herself with endorphin’s that rise because of exercise, so now it’s like an addiction.

      • Riana says:

        I wondered about that. Alcohol and pot are supposed to both be ‘depressants’ are they not? It sounds like the girl is working hard to keep something in and keep it from coming too close to the surface.

        I can only imagine. When you’re not right mentally things can go horribly wrong.

      • Hakura says:

        @Riana – She really does come across that way, probably also isolating herself from the people who care & worry for her.

        I too wonder what sort of thing is ‘driving’ her so far in an attempt to escape it. Whether it’s just drugs/alcohol, she needs some serious help.

      • Canda says:

        Working out when stoned is an amazing feeling, it’s like you don’t even have to try, and your heartrate goes through the roof and you can run for miles… of course, this is a terrible thing to do to your cardiovascular system and has the very real possibility of being fatal if overused.

        She seems bored and restless, with too much money and no regulations. Getting baked every day can help make a dull experience into a fun and exciting one, such as housework and schooling, so I’m not shocked she’s doing this. I think being a bad driver and constantly getting behind the wheel when she can’t handle driving stoned is an idiotic thing to do, though.

  8. Talie says:

    It is interesting that Amanda is weirdly mysterious…I mean, if this was Lindsay, she’d be talking all over the media, her parents would be talking. Amanda hasn’t said a word.

    • colt says:

      She must be running from something. Dont remember anything negative until she abruptly retired.

      Has she worked since Easy A?

  9. mln76 says:

    I really really think she’s got serious mental problems.

    OH and Linds seems to forgotten that she didn’t just get a DUI she was arrested for stalking and kidnapping people while drunk (and probably high)much worse.

  10. Riana says:

    Lindsey’s just pissed Amanda’s managed to look good while being a mess.

    Seriously Lindsey…STFU. this coming from someone who considers you more a victim than an abuser. Just stfu.

  11. jano1981 says:

    Funny she tweeted some Nickelodeon star as a derogatory thing. Im thinking Amanda had the more desirable career. If it ends up being mental issues and she gets better people wont hate her nearly as mmuch as they do cracken.

  12. AlaskaJoey says:

    I pretty much feel you should dress for court like you would dress for church – meaning no sky high mini skirts!!!

    • Hakura says:

      I totally agree about appropriate wardrobe. Both in church & court, wearing a sky-high mini skirt is considered totally disrespectful.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      I agree w/ the clothing thing. Hope she gets Judge Judy!!!

    • orange says:

      Do you really think that any Hollywood denizen has ever set foot in a church? Their God is the Almighty Dollar, and sex sells.

    • KC says:

      I completely agree with you, but a point of correction: The mini skirt suit was what Amanda was wearing when she was arrested for a DUI. She’s leaving the jail in the top photograph, not the courthouse. She hasn’t been to court yet, but she’s been ordered to appear Friday, September 21st so we’ll see then if she dressed appropriately. (In other words not like Lindsay.)

  13. Alexandra Bananarama says:

    Wasn’t she always this bad? There were whispers of various behavioral problems when she did her variety show, but it was dismissed because she was young and making people money

    Then there was a blind item and other stories she enjoyed loud ..activities with sometimes 2 men in her trailer on what i like about you so costars could hear.

    Her behavior and state of mental health are only getting worse, but her legs do look incredible! Hope someone is behind he scenes putting together a plan to get her help.

  14. Kimlee says:

    I read that her boyfriend is a drug dealer not sure if it’s true but it would explain her behavior.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Someone named Kid Cudi was her boyfriend, and supposedly he’s the one that got her messed up on drugs (and various other things). Also supposedly, her friends were urging to dump him and get help (this was back in May, I think) but I guess that didn’t work.

  15. sickinbed says:

    Just curious… why are all the troubled starlets as of late all girls? You don’t hear anything about any of the guys… are they just better at hiding their issues? I know there are older messes aka Bobby Brown of course… and Colin Ferrell back in the day (mmmmmm…. bad boy), but really no younger guys ala Cracken, Christina, Britney, now Amanda..

    • Ann Emmess says:

      I think that’s just a short-term perception. Also, some of the guys’ erratic behavior may get written off as lively hijinks while the girls don’t get a pass. Shia La Boeuf and Justin Bieber have done some bizarre stuff, but it won’t get judged as harshly until there’s more of a pattern.

  16. Wif says:

    I saw a documentary once (on David Sazuki’s The Nature of Things) that showed that too much pot before the end of adolescence can set off schizophrenia in people who are predispositioned to the disease. I wonder……

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      C’mon. Please. It isn’t the pot. It’s probably getting diddled by the famous Nick pedo, Dan Schneider. She’s supposedly the one he got pregnant and made have an abortion.

      That and the whoring. Hollywood eats up young starlets and spits them out onto yachts in Cannes.

      • normades says:

        So agree that she’s probably lead a HARD life which has lead to this current trainwreck mess. But did ANY of those rumors lead to anything? Is Schnieder still working with children? Was that Room 23 gal investigated??? I wish someone would just blow the roof off that.

    • Samigirl says:

      Sheesh. Let me go tell that to my brother. His yearly salary is 6 digits, and the company he works for won an Oscar last year. Ohhh no, the pot is a terrible drug!!

      Seriously, I don’t know anyone who cares that she’s smoking pot. They just care that she’s doing it and then driving. Obviously, it impairs her driving, so she doesn’t need to be behind the wheel of a car if she wants to smoke.

      • mzthirtyeight says:

        It IS in fact possible, for SOME people. I don’t think the original poster meant pot affects ALL, or even the majority of people that way.

      • Riana says:

        Very true. Not all drugs effect people in the same way. People forget that your brain chemistry affects how your body processes any substance.

        I’ve seen many people smoke pot and walk away, others smoke it and become basically obsessed and withdrawn.

        I tend to avoid drugs because I suspect with my brain chemistry it’d be a hard downward spiral.

      • Samigirl says:

        I’m totally aware that it does different things for different people. It made me a bad driver and super tired. Which is one of the reasons I don’t partake. I’m just saying, you can’t lump everyone who smokes pot into the same category is all. My dear brother who is your total stereotypical stoner is a good example of someone who has smoked pot for years. Throughout high school and college, and he’s doing great.

      • orange says:

        At least pot won’t kill you or turn you into a burnt out shell or a psycho killer like the fabulous Dr. prescribed psych meds. Pot has been around forever, these psych drugs haven’t, and side effects are still being discovered, so I’m a little wary of them and doctors in general. It’s all a money making scam, let’s be honest. But that’s human nature and I hope Amanda gets well. No offense to anyone on meds, this is just my personal opinion of course.

      • Riana says:

        Not offended but that opinion is usually prevalent in people who’ve never had to deal with any psych problems. For people who have they have the experience to gage whether they prefer to continue life as it’s been or try something to assist them.

        I agree misdiagnosis do happen and the risk factors can be quite extreme, but there’s a vey real need for psych medication that can help an individual in ways self-meditating with things such as pot or alcohol can’t.

        Frankly speaking it just seems too easy to speak with no personal, medical or psychological experience.

      • orange says:

        Actually, Riana, I have severe anxiety and depression issues (and a borderline mother and all the issues from that) and have taken lots of those drugs in the past. Wellbutrin, Paxil, Prozac, Trileptal, Zyprexa, Effexor…I think I might be missing a few but it’s been many years. NONE of them did anything to help me, in fact all they did was make it worse. The only thing I take now is Xanax VERY rarely when I absolutely need it. I just suffer with it for the most part because my life was a living hell on those medications and I’d rather be an insane mess than sick and messed up….oh wait, it’s too late, I’m now a mess AND sick all the time thanks to side effects that I was never told about because these doctors want to push pills. My liver is shot at age 30 thanks to those drugs, and I have RA as well when nobody else in my family has it. The side effects of these things are crazy and the doctors don’t know how they work but they’re certainly prescribing them! If I knew then what I knew now, I wouldn’t have ever touched them, I would’ve just smoked pot.The worst that would’ve happened there is I might have gotten fat or been more paranoid. So what, I’m already super paranoid! Better than what I deal with now.

        Oh and I have the father that never had a mental problem, so I’m well aware of the attitude you’re speaking of. “Just get over it” is what I heard for many years. Believe me, that is NOT what I’m saying.

      • Riana says:

        I’m very sorry to hear about the issues medication has produced in your life. Its certainly not smooth sailing going through pills, trying to figure out which ones work and suffering any side effects. I was lucky in that the things I tried that didn’t work produced no harm and as a result I was able to continue trying until I found a successful option. It’s not the same for everyone, still I know how my life was prior to medication and I imagine if I ever did pot I really would have hit a downward spiral. The pharmaceutical world is in a bad state of affairs but I do think they’ve done a few things successfully which were able to help a majority of people.

        It sucks when out of all the options none is the right one though. I wish you the best, coping is horrible (been there, done that) but you sound strong. I hope your health improves.

  17. sillyone says:

    The delusion of the crack monster is unbelievable. I believe that Amanda is dealing with some mental issues, Brittney Spears style, unlike Crackhead who believes she is a entitled to do whatever she wants without any regard to anyone else.

    I am so glad I never signed up for Twitter I would have had to respond to her.

  18. DanaG says:

    Your right Lindsay is just jealous someone else is giving the LA police a run for their money. Lindsay can’t talk considering all the stuff she has gotten away with she is the last one who should talk! Hoping Amanda get’s some help.

  19. andy says:

    Lindsay tweeted “Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?

    Idiot. I hope Amanda starts dating Samantha Ronson. That will make Lindsay go ape sh-t.

  20. lori says:

    Lindsay must really hate Amanda for moving in on her “game”. Like a prosies protecting her street corner.

  21. normades says:

    I think it’s just drugs. I somehow don’t buy the mentally ill excuse. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the drugs are making her crazy, not that she’s crazy and on drugs.

    • Ruby Red Lips says:

      Totally agree – drugs can cause mental illnesses & erratic behaviour

      It just seems that every starlet who plays up with drugs is automatically assumed to have a mental illness rather than just being screwed up because they are on drugs…

  22. Samigirl says:

    I would LOVE to see a Lilo/Amanda Bynes twitter war.

    Amanda:@barakobama: ARREST HER! I DO NOT SMOKE AND DRIVE!!!

  23. Hotpockets says:

    I use to love Amanda Bynes on All that and thought she was such a funny girl. If the rumors are true about her mental state, then I feel bad for her and I hope someone in her family helps her get treatment or intervenes.

    About the marijuana, for all we know, she could possibly have a medical card. I think marijuana has been attached to too many faulty studies and stigmas, that people forget that it does have a lot of medicinal qualities, not to mention treating people with depression or anxiety. A comment pointed out that it has been linked to schizophrenia if someone is already predisposed to it? That is a very hard theory to prove. I know a young man who fits that description and he showed signs early on of schizophrenia as a young child, but not until mid 20′s was he diagnosed. The doctors did think that his exposure to psychedelics sped up the process, but ultimately nothing triggered it, it was bound to happen.

    • claire says:

      From what I’ve always understood, when certain mental illnesses come on, the person may turn to drugs, as a way to deal with or mask the trauma that’s occurring mentally. People then accuse the drugs of instigating it, but it’s quite the other way around.

      • Hotpockets says:

        I agree Claire. What I find scary is that people normalize drugs like alcohol or ambien when they’re abused, simply because they are legal, but the side effects from alcohol and a lot of prescription drugs have a worse track record than weed any day, but the pharmacological companies will do whatever they can to “prove” otherwise.

      • orange says:

        Yep! Call me paranoid but there is a lot of money to be made from all these psych drugs, so they’re going to keep pushing them. Pot can’t be trademarked or controlled by the drug companies so they will do anything to discredit it. A lot of people stand to lose a LOT of money if people take the natural way, and the hard way (in the case of some mental illnesses and dealing with painful issues) instead of popping a pill. Sorry and no offense, but these people aren’t altruistic and they don’t care about you, they care about their $$$ (like 99% of human beings). If they cared, they’d develop a new antibiotic since there hasn’t been one in 20+ years because there’s no money to be made from it.

      • anon33 says:

        orange, I agree with you times a million. Pharmacology has become big business-remember back in the day when you were not ALLOWED to advertise medications because it was considered unethical? You never saw a commercial or magazine ad for any type of drug, EVER. Now you have people, who I’m sorry, mostly have an average IQ of less than 100 and certainly don’t have a greater understanding of medications than, you know DOCTORS, seeing an ad for such and such in a magazine and going to their PCP to demand said drug, even though it may not be appropriate for their problem. And most of these PCPs I’m again sorry to say, do what their patients want. (I work in DIB law, and you would be FLOORED how many people I see on METHADONE or DILAUDID for mild back pain.) It’s a huge problem in general, and the fact that we’re still prosecuting pot users when it has so many medically proven benefits is just….ridiculous.

    • Chloeee says:

      AMEN! As I mentioned before her problems go deeper than what people paint as just another pothead. And there is ABSOLUTELY money to be made in the pharma industry. Synthetics that create dependency issues both physically and mentally? Perfect. Extra points if zombifies you. Remember the opium trade in China that was facilitated by colonizing countries? History repeats itself.

    • Str8Shooter says:

      I am one of the biggest advocates of legalizing the bud (nothing better to take the edge off, imo!) and it is truly ridiculous why it is still illegal while alchohol which actually KILLS people is legal. I guess the government had to vilify something else after Prohibition ended, go figure.

      All that being said, I am sorry, but NO WAY should this girl get any kind of free pass for driving a motor vehicle baked out of her mind and STILL smoking while she is driving. That is beyond reckless and irresponsible. And it is unfortunate, as that kind of public behavior just reinforces the whole pot-will-kill-you garbage that anti-drug groups put out there.

      But c’mon people. Mental problems or no, people should not be driving around stoned OR drunk!

  24. Mia 4S says:

    Uh-oh former Disney gang member calling out a former Nickelodeon gang member…it is ON y’all!

    Seriously though; Please someone stop this insanity before one of these girls, (or worse, an innocent), winds up dead.

  25. bns says:

    Pulled over again? It’s just obnoxious at this point. I understand that she may have mental issues, but her family is pathetic for not stepping in.

    • Izzy says:

      ^^ THIS. Not just the family, the legal system was slow to act, and they’re lucky no one got killed in the meantime. If the license is suspended and she’s seen driving, which she was, why didn’t someone take steps to impound the car earlier?

      • bns says:

        MTE. She has been pulled over how many times since getting her license suspended? Like, 3? Ridiculous.

        And she was photographed smoking weed while behind the wheel.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I just don’t understand it, either. You’d think a PD with such a rotten public opinion would work HARDER to prove itself to its citizens, not just skate by. Maybe the PD’s just all out of f*cks to give and is just biding time until retirement?

        Plus, she “tapped” another BMW AFTER her license was suspended, and just left. Again.

  26. Memphis says:

    “having long conversations with inanimate objects”

    Uh Oh.. either she’s losing it or the Scientologist got to her. LOL

    And nice to see Lindsay is just as delusional as her mother… Whining about Amanda’s lack of consequences when the whole world watched her get away with things the normal non celeb person would be doing hard time for. So, Lindsay, STFU you self indulgent little twit.

  27. Shelly says:

    God, Lindsay is so dumb. The difference between her and Bynes right now is that Amanda has yet to go to court to address the charges against her. She has not yet received her punishment. Her cases are still pending. Lindsay got put in jail after receiving her sentence(s) and not completing them. Dumb dumb.

  28. G says:

    This is NOT pothead behavior. There’s more going on. I predict rehab by the end of the week. Amen.

  29. Isa says:

    Going from Lindsey’s tweet, it almost sounds as though she believes that, being more important(in her own mind) than a Nickolodeon star, she should have gotten off more lightly than Amanda. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

    • G says:

      No, I think you’ve got it exactly right. It confirms a pretty high level of self delusion.

      Also, it seems that Lohan has learned nothing from rehab, she’s got zero compassion for Bynes as an addict and zero ability to recognize the danger she might be to herself.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I agree, ladies. It sounds like Blohan’s either resentful that SHE was put through SO. MUCH. (self-inflicted) DRAMA by the LAPD & court system (gee, I wonder why?); or that she’s jealous so much MORE ATTENTION is being paid to Bynes by the LAPD, media, and (soon-to-be) court system.

      Either way, she’s a real piece of work and a real piece of shit.

      ps G – It’s painfully obvious Blohan has learned nothing from her five stints in various rehabs all over SoCal.

      • g says:

        Can I add-that she has gotten NOTHING but breaks from the legal system, squandered them all and obviously hasn’t the least bit of remorse for any of it.

        With Dina’s Dr Phil performance scheduled today, What was she thinking tweeting this?

  30. valleymiss says:

    Yes, Amanda was molested (and had to have an abortion) by her former producer Dan Schneider. I don’t understand why that guy isn’t in jail yet. It’s sickening. Everything is catching up with her. My sister was molested by our uncle when she was 10, and she’s 31 now (never been to a day of therapy about her past) and she’s a drug user, has a scuzzy boyfriend, the works. It manifests itself in some way, and it’s very sad.

    The person upthread who wondered why it’s only young celeb women getting trouble and not celeb men…well, Chris Brown, Aaron Carter, that Jason Wahler dude from “Laguna Beach,” Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (right? Is that his name?), Edward Furlong, Macaulay Culkin…some of the names might not be as prominent, but it’s still happening.

    I hope Amanda gets better. She is genuinely talented (anyone who’s seen “She’s the Man” knows she has a comic gift) and it’s sad when someone with talent squanders it. Paris Hilton, not talented, therefore I didn’t care when she got thrown in jail. Kim Kardashian, not talented. But Amanda IS. She needs rehab and LOTS of therapy to get over being taken advantage of by that sicko pedo Dan Schneider.

    To quote Wayne’s World, “She has very nice legs. But no self-esteem.”

    • orange says:

      Great comment. So sad for Amanda, I just wonder why the parents allow this? Do they honestly not know how Hollywood is? It boggles the mind. Poor Amanda, she needs to hop in that car and drive down here and I’ll help her! She’s not gonna get it anywhere else, obviously. “We don’t want to get involved” says it all, doesn’t it? That’s the problem with people today, nobody wants to help anyone. Not that I can blame them, no good deed goes unpunished but how could anyone watch this obviously sick girl suffer like this and not even TRY to help?

      Oh let me add that she’s one of the VERY few celebs I like, mainly because she’s genuinely talented and never acted like a trashy bimbo like Lindsay and others. She really seemed to be a sweet, funny, normal girl. I hate to see her act like the rest of those trash bags. I guess nobody escapes that horrible place unscathed :(

    • sickinbed says:

      Thanks (valleymiss)… I was scratching my brain (while bored at work), and for the life of me I couldn’t come up with anyone other than Bobby and Colin (mmmm..) What can I say… it’s a Monday and my coffee hadn’t kicked in yet. ;)

  31. the original bellaluna says:

    Is WO in her Hoenig wig & stache now Bynes’ rep too? Because that sounds a lot like a quote out of the Blohan Lie & Deny Handbook.

  32. Sam says:

    Ugh. Lindsay did not receive jail time until she violated probation for an offense she pled guilty/no contest to. I don’t want to defend Bynes in any way, but she is still presumed innocent until she either pleads or gets convicted. Blohan has proven that the law is not her strong suite either!

  33. skuddles says:

    Good – they need to get Bynes off the streets; she’s a disaster waiting to happen.

    And Lilo, just STFU!

  34. HannahF says:

    Amanda Bynes has not had any court ordered repercussions because she has not had any hearings yet except bail.

  35. Angel says:

    MK at Dlisted calls her Bumper Car Mandy! I know it’s mean, but I can’t help but LOL every time I read one of his posts.

  36. Isa says:

    Lots of people used the last posts to defend marijuana but really that has got to be the least of her problems. There’s got to be a lot more goin on there than just weed.

  37. Really? says:

    Back in the day, before the age of internet gossip sites (hear, hear oh hallowed CeleBitchy) there were the likes of Dana Plato from Different Strokes, and Mackenzie Phillips from One Day at a Time, these were the original crackens, they were doing all the shite Lins and Manda are doing, just without all of the publicity.

    One of em’s dead and the other is writing books about Daddy Dearest…all that glitters is not gold in Tinsel Town. Strange stuff. I like my boring little life just fine…

    • Hakura says:

      I can’t understand how ANY parent could allow their child to enter ‘the biz’ so young…The track record for former child stars speaks for itself. The odds are NOT in the child’s favor.

      There are *very* few that don’t have major emotional problems as adults. Giving them to Hollywood is just like throwing a kid into a pit they can never quite crawl out of.

  38. Amy says:

    She’s a reckless mess, but she does have some fantastic legs.

  39. jwoolman says:

    Methinks mandatory rehab combined with mental health evaluation is in Amanda’s future. She really does act driven by something other than just problems with booze and drugs. That’s probably why she hasn’t been working lately, she really does have skills. She’s the right age for certain mental disorders to take over, and people often try to self-medicate with alcohol and weed in particular. It helps at first with the symptoms sometimes, but eventually just makes things worse. Even weed might be a problem for people with certain disorders, although a much much much better choice than alcohol and many other drugs. Lindsay Lohan, for example, would probably be in much better shape if her drug of choice was weed.
    And Lindsay, hun, you got off easy for much worse when you were a first offender. You became a chronic probation violator and repeat offender. Judges don’t like that.

  40. Embee says:

    Her behavior is very like that of my ex when he abused ADD meds. If memory serves, she put on some weight awhile back and maybe used the uppers to help shed lbs?

    FYI it has been 2 years since my ex (and father of my child) has been off the meds and he’s only approaching normal now, and it’s still very delicate. We can talk about it pretty openly and he’ll let me know if he is off but it still happens. If he’s stimulated by adrenalin or a cup or two of coffee his ability to differentiate real from unreal slips.

    If it is amphetamine induced psychosis she has a long, long road ahead.

  41. elle says:

    Wow maybe amanda has been on some bad trips or she’s schizophrenic… She and Linndsa y must be meeting up to win a who is more fuked up than the other one \o/