Duchess Kate ‘only has herself to blame’ for Crumpet-gate, says Trump

In case you were expecting more photos of William and Kate dancing seductively (in her case) and robotically (in his case), I have some bad news. The Epic Royal Tour of Asia and the South Pacific is OVER. Wah! Will & Kate stopped by Australia yesterday, then caught a flight back to England. I envy various parts of Will and Kate’s life together – the jewelry, the endless vacations, the nice clothes – but I do not envy all of that flying. You can see some pics of Will and Kate in Australia here. Kate broke out the same pair of navy skinny jeans that she wore endlessly during the Olympics.

Meanwhile, a walking combover with a crappy attitude has chimed in about Kate’s Boob-and-Crumpet-gate.

Donald Trump is not one to shy away from commenting on whatever he feels like, and this time he decided to share his two cents on Kate Middleton‘s controversial topless photos.

The real estate mogul and host of The Apprentice tweeted on Sept. 17, “Kate Middleton is great–but she shouldn’t be sunbathing in the nude–only herself to blame.”

He then continued on his rant, adding his own piece of paparazzi advice.

“Who wouldn’t take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing. Come on Kate!”

But his thoughts on the situation didn’t end there. The Donald stopped by FoxNews’ Fox and Friends to elaborate on the photos.

“While we’re all fans of Kate, can you imagine why she would ever be out in the nude? Why would she be standing in the nude in a swimming pool or wherever she was. She’s Kate. It’s terrible what they did, it’s terrible to take pictures, but boy, how can you do a thing so stupid?”

[From Hollywood Life]

Just the sheer fact that The Donald (UGH) is the one bashing her makes me want to defend her. But… yeah, I just don’t want to get into it anymore. We’ve already discussed this crap exhaustively. Incidentally, although Will and Kate won their injunction in French court, and the tabloid Closer had to turn over all of their boob-y materials, other European tabloids are going ahead and publishing more of the photos. Denmark, Sweden and Italy all have publications willing to stand up to the British royal family, it seems.

Last thing – Star Mag put Kate’s Bump Watch on their cover this week, claiming that she’s totally and definitely gestating. Except that Star Mag ‘Shopped the cover image of Kate – go here to see The Mail call out Star.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    And first time in my life I will say HE IS 100% RIGHT.

  2. dorothy says:

    I don’t like him, but he’s right.

  3. superjoy says:

    Awww! Look at Donald Trump trying to stay relevant.

  4. Elisabeth says:

    who the fuck keeps asking him what he thinks?

  5. Maggie says:

    She looks really old. For her age I mean ;) .

  6. T.C. says:

    Who the heck asked him for his opinion? Guess he stopped getting attention as an Obama birther so he needed something new to stay relevant and get on Fox. Complete famewhore is thy name Donald Trump.

  7. Cherry says:

    LOL@ that Star Mag cover. Girlfriend drinks water- hey presto, they photoshop a little tummy on her and ‘IT”S TWINS!’

  8. gee says:

    OT, if she DID have twins, who would be 1st in line?

    Personally I don’t think she’s pregs yet, I think they’re trying though.

    And, Donald Trump can DIAF.

  9. gogoGorilla says:

    I guess I just don’t understand why this is such a big deal. They’re just boobs.

    Also, Trump is a world-class d&uche who is trying desperately to be relevant. *yawn*

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      I agree; Donald, “You’re fired”. New series: Wills and Kate plus eight. (no, not involving Octomom). Anyone else think Chuckie the evil doll reminds them of Donald?

    • cutie says:

      Totally right!! Peeping Toms are right to view you and take pictures of you with high a powered camera even when you’re in a private residence.
      Yup. Nothing to see here. Just know that as a woman you should be fully dressed at all times. What? You’re at home? With only your husband present? At an isolated location which is a private residence?
      SMH! You should have known better.

      • LAK says:

        There were staff and bodyguards present.

        Unless you are of the school of staff/bodyguards are invisible and therefore don’t count so i can walk around topless/nude.

        These people are never, ever alone.

      • GrandPoobah says:

        LAK: No, staff and bodyguards don’t count. They are in a very different position than a paparrazzo hiding in the bushes a half mile away looking to make a quick buck on some nudie pictures of the Duchess. They aren’t invisible but they don’t really have much motivation to do what that photographer did. Plus they likely sign all kinds of contracts and non-disclosure agreements to work for them.

        Sorry but no matter how you slice it the only people in the wrong are the photographer and the magazine editors who agree to publish the pictures.

        Kate did nothing wrong or stupid.

      • LAK says:

        @Grandpoobah – How disrespectful of you to the staff and bodyguards. Just because they have signed a contract/non disclosure is no reason to walk around topless/nude around your staff.

        Going back to the issue of Kate and the paps, i fail to get myself worked up over this because of her lack of common sense.

        This morning she was papped with her bottom out for all to see, should we blame the wind for that?

        Quite frankly given that she used the paps to reel William in and has used them on several other occasions [google Nirja Tanna] makes her an idiot if she thinks she is not being watched.

        And William clearly hasn’t learnt from history.

        Most important of all, they were given a chance ahead of publication to buy/injunct/supress these pictures and didn’t take it. They have a raft of expensive lawyers after the fact when these same lawyers could have prevented publication.

        As for this invasion of privacy issue. There are many instances where their privacy and many other celebrities’ privacy has been invaded, are you up in arms about that??

        No use coming on a gossip site to tell me off when the very nature of a gossip site is stories that are illustrated with pictures from a photoagency, no matter how reputable, that more likely than not came from a pap.

        whichever way you slice it, the paps didn’t create this situation. If there was no market for them, they would not have been taken. end of. I give you the upskirt pictures of Prince Philip taken last month. They were taken with a telephoto lens to show the little guy clearly. No magazine is in a feeding frenzy over them. They’ve only showed up on very few sites, but still they illustrate the point that there is no market for them, so they’ve died.

  10. Izzy says:

    And Donald Trump only has himself to blame for being such a douche. So there!

    • Chattycat says:

      I agree, the guy is a loud mouth db. But obviously he stays relevant because so many people tune into The Apprentice. I have never watched it, actually I watch zero reality TV at all, and if I had to it wouldn’t be him.

      As far as Kate, I disagree with him. I don’t think she acted stupidly. She was on vaca and some creepy crawly paps slithered through the streets and vines to snap a few. If they had snapped a few of her snort’n a few lines or in the midst of an orgy, well then…but a few boobie shots? Really?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Agree 100% with you ladies. They did a segment on the Today show about those long-lenses that can shoot from half a mile away. There is literally no way she could see them or know they were there. People are so silly making it seem like she was running around with her top off. She had a reasonable expectation of privacy on a private beach. I’m always surprised when people defend the disgusting tactics of paps, who are basically scumbags who harass and stalk for a living, but mostly I think people are just happy to see something sh*tty happen to Kate Middleton.

      • aims says:

        Kate did nothing wrong. she was on private property , on vacation with her husband. she got naked in what should have been a place to do so. she has nothing to feel ashamed of.

        and donald your a pig! mind your own damn business. you don’t have an opinion on everything. isnt there some poor secretary you have to harass.

      • Genevieve says:

        ITA w/ you girls.

        No matter how famous you are, you should still have some right to privacy on a secluded private estate, far removed from prying eyes. I’m pretty sure the tabs won’t be in such a tearing rush to pay for Kate Middleton nudes in the future, so good on them.

        And, really…isn’t this just another case of the Donald being his typical D-bag self? It’s amazing the scope of material that he feels qualified to comment on. As OKitt said earlier, had those been Melania’s boobs on the cover of a tabloid, he’d be suing them to Hades and back.

        Whatever, dude. :)

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Yes, Kate did nothing wrong. She is perfectly within her rights to sunbath topless in a private resort. All TRUE!

        Now here’s the but.. She is photographed at all times. And she married a man who will be king. She was aware of all the cameras before she married william and used them to her advantage. She also knows they don’t vanish when you don’t want them anymore.

        She must carry herself differently. She must portray herself as someone who thinks about her actions and how what she does can reflect poorly on, oh say the Queen?

        She’s not 20something anymore it’s time to think about others and to become a strong woman who thinks about more than shopping and how to please her husband. Am I asking too much?

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Maybe being a strong woman is hanging out in FRANCE where people sunbathe topless ALL the time and loving it. She had an expectation to privacy where she was at.

        Either way, IDGAF, they are boobs. It’s not like she was naked and spread legged. I could see Selena Gomez’s cervix the other day on a link.

        Who cares? So stupidly blown out of proportion. Topless sunbathing in Europe WITH your husband in PRIVATE in a country where it is the norm. Loosen up ladies, I urge you all to give it whirl-feels nice.

        She isn’t going to be the Queen Consort for YEARS anyway. Ridiculous.

      • Chattycat says:

        Spot on Tiff…and just to add, the monarchs all over Europe, for centuries, have “displayed” their fine “jewels” and in public settings. I mean there has been queens that have their tittes pushed up above the top of their dress that their nips show and the men in those tight “leggings” and cod pieces…for Christ’s sake they have portraits hanging all over Europe.

        I just can’t understand the uproar. Like I said earlier, if the snapped her partaking in an orgy or snort’n a line then you could make an international incident out of that, perhaps, but her boobies in the environment in which they were supposed to be private and secure?

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        @OTiff I saw the selena pics and it didn’t look like her thong slipped to the side and you really could see everything like with Kate.

        They are just boobs and there’s nothing special there, but the internet won’t purge all pics of Kate flashing if and when she becomes Queen Consort. It reflects poorly.

        Agree, disagree. She wanted to be a public figure and this is what happens when you give people nothing of substance to talk about Just hair, clothes, and body.

        *throws hands up*

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        But our point is that instead of throwing our arms up and saying “this is what happens when you’re in the public eye”, we could be saying WTF is wrong with our society where we have people hiding out in trees of taking pictures from half a mile away all to score a profit. You don’t see ANYTHING inherently WRONG about this? I get that she’s in the public eye but you have to draw the line somewhere.

        How would you feel if you were in a Seven Eleven and a security camera caught you picking a wedge or flashing some biscuits when you went to pick something up and then uploaded that video to youtube for the world to see.
        Well, you should have known that there are security cameras in every 7/11 right? You should know that’s a possibility? I mean, this IS truly blaming the victim here.

        I just don’t understand why people aren’t disgusted with the invasion of privacy TO THIS DEGREE. Actually, I do get it. People can’t stand that Middleton is getting all the “perks” of being a Royal so they want to believe that she should endure some sort of punishment/public shaming in return, because that’s what she deserves, right? SMH…

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        @TOK Ok. 1st off.. what does SMH mean?
        I am disgusted at what our society is at times. It’s not fair and it sucks, but I am less likely to be caught with my pants down because i’m aware there are creeps out there and i’m not even pap’d.

        It’s an argument of hindsight. These things have happened to her before, yet she doesn’t alter her approach.

        It’s the same behavior so often without change as if she enjoys it. And that’s fine.

        I don’t agree the pics should have been taken and sold. I don’t agree to her exposing herself when she’s always being watched. It’s truly not a big deal, but William made it a big deal and now we’re talking about it.

        As unfair as it is she made herself vulnerable to opportunistic people and William made it a huge thing of it where people might lose their jobs. It’s all not fair.

        I will state facts and emotion in my comments. When we all just refuse to see each other’s points I will throw my hands up because to restate the facts is beating a dead horse at this point.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        @ kitten. Last comment had a lot of hate in it. Posted before i could edit… here’s better and my last comment. We’ve all posted too much to

        It’s more that everyone is stating an argument and everyone thinks the real story is privacy, censorship, modesty,etc. No one will address facts. They just change topics as it suits them or take it too personally and get pissy at what others say on a gossip site.

        My opinions are out there. And I want to like her. I want to
        See a genuine, caring, classy woman who can stand on her own. Even though she waited for a guy and did next to nothing outside of him i still gave her a chance. The constant lapse in judgement and lack of charity work lowers my opinion.

        I think if we agreed to what the real issue is we’d see eye to eye. The world won’t adapt to us and it will never be that way. She needs to own what she did.

    • cutie says:

      That’s cool. Blame the victim cause you dislike her. Very mature and thoughtful of you

      • Izzy says:

        Whaaaa??? cutie, I don’t understand this response; read my comment. I was making fun of Donald Trump. There was no blame toward Duchess Kate. In fact I don’t blame her for this fiasco. I do think that regardless of her status she is entitled to sunbathe topless, on a private estate, without having to worry about photos taken from half a mile away.

  11. fair says:

    He is very correct,she should never have done that,didnt she read 50 shades darker,no wonder Christian got mad when Anna was sunbathing topless

  12. Sabrine says:

    He’s totally right. She could have put on the skimpiest top and now there would be no topless photos making money for the rags who run them and the knuckle draggers who took the shots.

    I don’t get why anyone is remotely interested anyway. It’s just boobs…how many billion people are walking around with them. They’re not rare; they’re not unique….why do people care…boring really.

  13. Merritt says:

    How shocking. Known misogynist Donald Trump thinks a woman is to blame.

    He is wrong, but that has never stopped him from opening his big stupid mouth.

  14. marie says:

    He’s only upset because the tabloids pay him money to keep his clothes on..I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal (also I think Harry should send Kate a huge bouquet) so she showed her nips, everyone’s got them.

  15. L says:

    He’s missing the point. It’s not about the boobs. It’s about the fact that someone on a 65 acre estate with the closest road being over a half mile away should have a reasonable expectation of privacy. I really don’t feel like the uproar is over her boobs-I’m fairly certain that even if she was dressed that the RF and William would be upset about these pictures. And the paps would be running them regardless of what she was wearing. It’s the privacy issue-not the boobs issue.

    They reacted in a very similar way when their honeymoon pictures were leaked, and she was just wearing a bikini on a beach then.

    • LAK says:

      Actually the way they reacted to Honeymoon pics was completely, Meh! compared to this.

      For the record i think Honeymoon pics were completely bigger transgression than these because they hired out entire resort, made deals with press worldwide NOT to take any pics or publish, and probably had an exclusion zone for passing traffic in the SKY.

      So if there was a time to be strolling down the beach in the nuddy, Honeymoon was it.

      All of that said, she was papped bum out with no underwear in Australia.

      In the week where she’s aware of length her Prince Gallant is going to ensure her privacy, is it too much to ask that she not flaunt her bottom at us by at the very least wearing underwear in such a flimsy dress??!!! Windy airports are not a surprise, and she’s been caught out before in Canada in similar situation.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Full double standard sexism going on. I can google your future king’s peen and get a full frontal pic and Harry was caught in a MUCH more compromising position.

        This is starting to reek of sexism and it is exactly what I said before it even happened on the Harry threads. That if it was a FEMALE royal, everyone would be up her ass.

        I’m right. I’m embarrassed that women are actually tearing down another woman for a topless pic on a private compound. It isn’t even a titillating thing. I am pretty sure all your former monarchs have done worse. Pretty damned sure, in fact.

        Sorry this is pissing me OFF!

      • LAK says:

        @OriginalTiff – i know this is pissing you off, but i think you are missing my point completely. I don’t want to see anyone’s naked anything. be it William/DoE/Kate/Harry whoever unless i know them personally. And even then, as friends, certainly not my co-workers.

        My distaste and disgust is lack of common sense. I personally don’t sunbathe. period. let alone sunbathe topless/nude whatever. It’s not being sanctimonious. It’a preference. Some of my friends do though. And they do so infront of me. Again their choice. BUT they do so in the full knowledge that there is a likelihood that there may be a peeping Tom or facebook. There are screens along my terrace to minimise these things. I never assume that i [a non sunbather] or they are completely safe and private despite the screens.

        Once the pictures do go out, of course it is humiliating and a breach of privacy, but you have to own your shit [excuse my language]! You can’t abdicate responsibility and sue everyone in sight when the simple fact is that without you being topless or naked OUTSIDE no such pictures would exist. If that simple thing is true of insignificant me, how much more true is it for the no 1 pap target in the world?

        It is the royals who are making a big deal out of this NOT general commentors.

        Finally, with the flaunting of her bottom comment, there she is AGAIN in a situation where she been caught out before. She shops at Peter Jones on the Kings road all the time. They specilise and brag about their hem weights. They cost very little. If she didn’t know about them the first time her bum was shown in Canada, googling the other royal women would have told her the solution to that particular problem. And it’s not an eccentric tradition because hem weights continue to be a best seller for Peter Jones.

        Failing that, she needs to accept the services of a dresser whose job it is to think about these things for her and implementing them therefore freeing her up to do whatever it is that she does!!!

        All the royals have been caught out once before they took the necessary precautions. She has been caught out many times and still doesn’t adjust.

        There are pictures of Pippa/Carol sunbathing topless on a boat so clearly this is a familial routine thing for her. However, her situation, unlike theirs, has changed. She needs to act like it has changed, not for us to change for her.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I’ll refer you to my comment above. We’re focusing on the WRONG thing here.

        Instead of blaming Kate because “she should know there are long-lense cameras everywhere” we should be focusing on the fact that it is just plain CRAZY how far the paps will go to get a shot, they have NO limitations, no scruples, no shame. That doesn’t bother you AT ALL? Personally, I’m rather horrified.

        Maybe as a society we need to collectively observe this as an example of how far things have gotten. You know, since nobody seemed to learn anything from the Princess Diana incident.

        I’m starting to feel weird, like I’m advocating for celeb privacy, but I’m really just saying that there should be limitations. THAT is why I’m glad they sued-to say “FU, this is going WAY too far and it’s not ok”. I get that other foreign mags might still have the ability to publish the photos but it still sends a message.

      • LAK says:

        @OKitten- depending on subject, people are willing to look the other way and pretend one situation isn’t like the other. eg Waity vs Suri Cruise. Infact if we are going to compare diana to anyone, it would be Suri Cruise. The paps are in her face the same way they were with Diana. No one stops to think that those Suri pictures are the work of paps, and there are more than 30 of them present all trying to get a reaction from her. That is what happened to Diana until she started running down streets or instructing her drivers to always drive at top speed to get away from the paps.

        And many legitimate news sites use paps to get their stories. What may appear official photos is more often not. It may be represented by a legit agency too but if the agency can’t sell the pictures, then no one gets the money and no more of those pictures are taken. Very rare are the paps who specialise only in the salacious pictures for gossip mags. Many of them supply pictures for legit news stories eg the Pap in France who took the first set of pictures, Victoria saur. Ditto the australian pap now attempting to sell pictures of Kate’s bottom.

        I am a child of the 80s and 90s when there were no legit or semi-legit celeb magazines bar People. The amount of topless, nude royals and celebs on display was a weekly feature of magazines like the enquirer or weekend papers. I can honestly say it is a relief not to encounter the constant stream of T&A that used to come with sunday paper. I can honestly say that pap intrusion is less rather than more.

        These pictures were taken at a distance which shows remarkable restraint given past pap methods. Fergie had a trench dag around her chateau in which the paps lived for 3 days to catch her out. there was no conversation about intrusion then. Only the picture contents. Ditto Brad Pitt & GOOP in their cottage where pap climbed fence into the grounds. These days, unless one is being doorstepped, the paps maintain a distance, which possibly the reason they now use telephoto lenses.

        Jackie O sued a pap once and her ordeal was laid out for entire world to see but that didn’t stop the market.

        Ultimately, it is us who create these situations. If there was no market for these kinds of pictures they would stop.

    • aims says:

      i’m with kitten.
      there is a bigger picture here. this is about the right to privacy. it is in my opinion, a human right. we should all have the right, in the privacy of our own homes to live our lives without having the whole world watching you. that rule applies to the guy who pumps your gas, and to the future queen of england. this was a such a disgusting, thing to do to anyone. nobody has the right to trespass on private property, take intimate pictures of you, then sell them to the highest bidder so the whole whole world can look at your body. its such a vile thing to do.

  16. The Original Mia says:

    Kaiser, she didn’t arrive in Brisbane in those jeggings. She deplaned in a flowing summer frock that was promptly lifted straight up in the sir by a big gust of wind. Exposing the royal bum to all.

    Star also missed the 2 piña coladas she had when she arrived. No baby in that stomach.

    • GoodCapon says:

      Who should we blame for that wardrobe malfunction? The wind? The tarmac? The plane? William should press charges stat.

      • LAK says:

        I have heard from the palace that they are putting in legal action to sue the wind for blowing up her skirt. They are also suing the australian authorities for not ensuring that the planes, with their fan engines, weren’t parked as far from her as possible. The dressmakers/designers for making such a flimsy dress that couldn’t stand up to a windy airport. And finally they are suing all the newsites like itnsources and The Telegraph that are carrying the video from which stills can be made.

        They expect full resititution and apology from the wind, the australian airport authority, the plane makers, the editors. And a year in jail for these people who are all breaching Kate’s privacy.

    • Snowangel says:

      Virgin pina coladas ? I drank a ton of faux alcohol when I was preggo. Wouldn’t touch the stuff now, way too sweet, way too many calories for no buzz.

  17. flan says:

    That man has a spoiled brat of a son who loves hunting elephants and then bragging about it online.

    I find that far FAR more immoral and decadent than topless pics of someone, even if she’s the future queen of a country.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      THIS! Times 1,000,000.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      You don’t like the news that the messenger brings so you attack the messenger.. that’s not right.

      If Kate married any other royal or titled man she could do this and it would be no biggie, but she didn’t. She married 2nd in line to the throne.

      That means she has to carry herself with more grace and class. To make smart choices and for goodness sakes sew some damn magnets in the hem of her dresses or wear something other than thongs in windy locations!!!

      I don’t like Trump and yes his son is a jerk to say the least, but he’s right. Kate shouldn’t have done it.

      I feel for the Queen. Such a strong woman. She knows what classis:(

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        What are you talking about? Who’s shooting the messenger? you mean Trump?

        No, I don’t hate Trump because of what he said here (even though he’s wrong), I hate him because he’s an epic douche. But his douchiness is almost irrelevant in this case. I would be defending Kate’s right to privacy even if it was someone besides Trump essentially proclaiming that she asked for this.

        Topless beaches exist-deal with it. There is nothing shameful or scary about the human body. When in Rome…

        As far as her wearing a thong in windy places: she can’t win with someone like you. If she was wearing full panties you’d be complaining about her visible panty line and calling her classless.

        Just because she’s a Royal doesn’t mean that she’s not human. You try living under a microscope and see how well you’d do. You would inevitably make some missteps along the way and I doubt you would remain unaffected by the criticism.

        For instance, that booger hanging out of your nose would be captured by zoom lense and cropped for the world to see. That would be MIGHTY embarrassing, my friend.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Really, a woman whose husband was caught playing around with showgirls, who was nude under his own kilt and who has done who knows what herself?

        So over this stupid topic. Royal families for all their supposed properness have done some of the stupidest things and behaved in the most depraved and deplorable ways imaginable. Kate’s bum or nips don’t even measure up.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Calm down ladies! I’ve already thrown up my hands.

        I can’t help, but feel i’m being attacked and even a little ganged up on for having an opinion.

        I’m not writing to the DOC and telling her this. I’m stating my opinion on a gossip site like you. You won’t change my mind and i won’t change yours so calm down. State facts without emotion attached,

        You don’t want Kate yelled at from a site she’ll never see because it’s women tearing down women yet you’ll do the same to anyone who voices an opinion rivalling yours.

        She lacks class and a work ethic that doesn’t rest on the promise of vacations.

        Go yell at someone else. These are my opinions.

      • LAK says:

        @Originalkitten – Kate is not the first royal to be caught out on a windy day. Even the sainted Diana was caught out once. The solution is hem weights or slip under the dress.

        Hem weights are sold in one of her favourite dept stores. They are inexpensive and can also be purchased online.

        There is a photo of her at a wedding, pre-engagement days, on a windy day, and you can see she has a slip on. Don’t understand why this has now become a wardrobe non-essential now she is a royal when she is still wearing those flimsy dresses. Unless she assumes that because of her new status protects her from this.

        @OriginalTiffany – i am just as amazed that people took a picture of DoE’s peen and posted it on the internet. And i would say the same to him. I don”t care if you are in traditional dress, put some pants on under there. It isn’t just an unscrupulous pap taking advantage, but he is flashing people sitting opposite him. And why is there no outrage about his privacy regarding those pictures??? or is it that he is old and irrelevant so no one cares. Or perhaps as he made no comment [directly or via Palace] that no one noticed.

        BTW – I was brought up old fashioned way in terms of personal presentation so even if you could zoom my computer camera, you wouldn’t find a bat in the cave. When i buy clothes, i check buttons/zips/hemlines [shoddy finish these days]etc and for any flimsy dresses, immediately sew in hemweights and for wrap around dresses attach a small safety pin for when i wear it. I could be no underwear gal underneath all of that, but you wouldn’t know it!!! And yes, on this point i am being sanctimonious :)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Alexandra banarama-If you don’t want us to respond, then don’t reply to our comments. You are all over this board-people are going to have an opinion about what you say. I don’t think any of us have been rude or antagonistic towards you but we DO strongly disagree and we will express our opinions like you do yours.

        “She lacks class and a work ethic that doesn’t rest on the promise of vacations.”

        THIS is the bottom line, isn’t it? I mean, no matter what kind of counterargument we present to you, no matter how rational it may be, you’re going to blame her because you dislike her. That’s fine, we all have celebs we hate (*cough* Lana Del Rey *cough*), but OWN it.

        I’m not a Kate Middleton fan, but truthfully, I don’t get the hate for her, and yes, I’m on her side on this one.

      • flan says:


        I don’t care if she’s going to be Queen of the Milky Way some day, it remains that Trump has a son who is far worse than a woman who exposed her breasts, whoever she is. He’d better take a look at how his kid could grow up being so spoiled instead of flaunting his holier than thou misogynism. Did he say something about Harry flaunting his nudeness to random girls with phones? No. Since that is a boys will be boys thing in his mind.

        And ladies like you seem to forget that if you state your opinion, other people can state their opinion about your opinion. Nobody told you to shut up or swore at you, so it’s my opinion you have no reason to play victim.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        @flan Come on. swearing isn’t the worst girls can do to each other. We’re terrible and psychological at our worst. But opinions are opinions. And nobody here ever said Trump’s son was better than Kate. In fact all seem to agree he’s far worse!

        What Kate did is open to interpretation. what I don’t care for is that trump’s son is awful, but everyone will give a free pass to Kate for showing her bare chest while on vacations… And she did so as future queen consort to a country that has influence in the world. And did so on another vacation that she had time for because she left her obligations early by lying. And did so because her husband has no real sense of obligation to his position and country! This is why i’m upset over this scandal. Not in the least because Kate exposed herself again, but because it shows a lack of responsibility. And as LAK has said Kate is not fully to blame because William has never really taken upon himself to learn what he needs to know.

      • flan says:

        No Alexandra. That’s not what you made it about when you first replied to my comment.

        You made it about me attacking the messenger (Donald Trump) and you stated that attacking him was the wrong thing to do. I, and some others disagreed with that. And I still disagree with that. Even if only for the simple fact that he started attacking Kate first.

        Also, you again act like you’re a victim. Nobody was attacking you with sophisticated psychological tricks or was being terrible to you. If you state your opinion, you will get opinions back. Complaining when you get some disagreement doesn’t make you look very tough, especially since you first engaged me with your own disagreement.

        The funny thing is that some of us probably agree with you to a certain extent. I’m hardly a Kate-fan and yeah, she could have been more careful, but it’s hardly that bad to see a woman’s breasts. The hatred (or fear?) of women’s nakedness is the scary thing. Especially since violence or other immoralness is seen as more acceptable.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Just chiming in to agree with you all, flan, OGKitten and OGTiffany.

  18. cw says:

    totally agree – she needs to apologize

    here’s what i think…that whole “let’s drink water” photos were used as a ploy to get everyone talking about her being preggers so as not to focus on the naked pics they knew were coming….even notice some of the dresses looking preggers??

    i firmly believe this

  19. yOXA says:

    The Donald only has himself to blame for that hideous hair.

  20. Thalia says:

    For those who say “hes right”, HOW is he right? a newly married couple have a right to privacy, and a right to just…be. Her being married to William doesn’t strip her of her human rights! They were on a secluded 600 acre property, so its not like she was naked in public.
    I don’t understand how anyone can rationalize that Trump is right.

    • Laura says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more, I can’t believe people are saying that Trump is right in this case (and who cares what he thinks about Kate anyway).

      • Micki says:

        But her role is completely a public one. Of course the public will keep an interest and will keep on buying the rags with any scandalous photos.It’s not the first time and won’t be the last.So while she has the right of privacy the reality is that she’s under scrutiny 24/7 and she knew it before she married into this family. Nudity is out of question for the future Queen.Bikini-that’s another matter.

      • LAK says:

        To add to what @Micki has said, this is why most women/girls didn’t/don’t want the job.

        This is why Chelsey didn’t want the job because she realised it wasn’t all tiaras and obsequiousness. It’s a gilded prison.

  21. GoodCapon says:

    What’s going on in the first photo? Is she flashing that ring again for the nth time?

    Anyway, as Kaiser said, other magazines/tabloids from other countries are going to publish the photos. I wish the BRF luck in trying to shush them. I think they may have pissed the press off with their heavy-handed way of controlling what is and what should not be reported about the royal family.

  22. lucy2 says:

    Hey, remember when Trump used to be a respected business man who wasn’t obsessed with stupid pop culture? Yeah, me neither.

  23. pretty says:

    She looks so beautiful in the last two photos!!
    And I didn’t really have any feelings for her but after watching her dancing (in the yesterday’s post) I like her!
    She looked so fun and happy :D !!

  24. nope says:

    BTW, I heard the Danish mag has pics of her completely nude. Front full pics, biscuit included.

  25. Eleonor says:

    Their tour is over? Just when I was starting to think “oh wow they’re making efforts, it seems they have a job”. So it’s time for another vacation, I presume.

  26. Micki says:

    It’s the sad truth but she’s no longer a common celebrity but a Royal.There are another rules of conduct.It’s embarrassing to have to hremind her that. She should know better.

  27. keats says:

    Can we either stop calling it crumpet-gate or stop talking about it altogether? Not a criticism of your story choices, I’m just really trying to cut back on carbs and the cravings are INSANE.

  28. Tulip says:

    They’re on their own private property. She (and he) should be able to do what they want and skinny dipping is so damn harmless. Kate’s not in the wrong here, the idiot photographer is.

    • LAK says:

      They are the ones making a fuss, not us.

      HArry didn’t make a fuss and his scandal died down very quickly even tough media tried to stretch it out by hinting that there were more salacious things going on in hotel room.

      And by pursuing this to maximum time and effect, they may open up a can of worms such as why they were in France when they were supposed to be back in Wales working…..This was the official reason given for their non attendance of the paralypics despite being made ambassadors for it meaning they had to attend most if not all of it.

      Working away from the paralympics was defined as RAF for William and prepping for Asia Tour for Kate. Instead they were caught sunning themselves in France, topless and nude as the cherry on top!

  29. bea says:

    I can’t believe these comments! Trump is right?!?! Puritans.

    Frankly, she has EVERY RIGHT to sunbath topless on private property and EVERY RIGHT to expect privacy. (Not that Trump gives a shiz about property rights – ask Scotland)

    I cannot believe how many people are afraid of nipples. There is nothing sexual about topless (or nude) sunbathing. In Europe it’s not even a topic of conversation and even on Miami Beach no one cares. Get comfortable with your bodies. If you change it from breast to elbows that need covering up you’d see how absurd this all is.

    • LAK says:

      Trump is a Boob. pun intended.

      However, the people creating a fuss are the royals.

      Many people commenting have said ‘it’s just boobs’ over and over and over, but the royals persist in their legal action which has kept this front and centre. And of course everytime an update – side eye BBC, they talk about where to find the pictures.

      So more and more people are hearing about them. And what should have been a minute audience is now global. Not everyone is liberal in the global audience.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      @bea-Agreed. Seriously ladies, let’s start a revolution and stop being ashamed of our bodies.
      They’re breasts-their function is to feed babies, they’re not superfluous.

      The silly part is the “she signed up for this” crap. She DOES what she signed up for-the endless photo ops, traveling from country to country, all the PR junk and the public scrutiny about her appearance, outfit and even her f*cking womb. She can’t have ONE moment of relaxation and freedom without worrying about someone snapping a pic of her? Is it THAT unreasonable for her to think she might get ONE second of peace and privacy? Personally, I think she should be allotted that much.

      Still haven’t looked at the pics and I won’t. Not supporting professional peeping tom assholes and I’m not allowing myself to be part of the “demand” that these dudes are supplying for.

      • Chattycat says:

        Thank you Kitten for putting it as basic as it needs to be said.

        I am a modest person in general, although in my late teens/early 20′s I sunbathed topless and…skinny dipped! I just can’t wrap my head around that people are calling her stupid. She wasn’t strutting down the street topless, like you said; some creeping peeping tom’s sighted her out with their 1/2 mile lens and snapped away. That is what the outrage should be, that the paps did enough reconnaissance and special ops type maneuvers to actually get the pictures. Maybe they should send those guys to known terrorist hot spots or seek out arms or drug lords and get some photos of them in action! Now that would be a good use of peeping tom asshole abilities!

      • LAK says:

        @Chattycat – it all boils down to common sense, a sense of personal responsibility especially if you are the no 1 pap target in the world.

        In practical terms, If you look at the villa properly, the terrace has been raised to level where a person can see [in and out] for miles, with no protective cover in the form of screens or trees – sidenote this gave me security concerns more than pap concerns. Many of these villas tend to have those. I was very surprised this one didn’t.

        Rather than sunbathe at the far end of the terrace closest to wall, they chose the outer glass side of terrace which can be seen easily by people walking along inner road that runs along terrace.

        Looking at the angle of pictures, sunbathing closer to inner wall wouldn’t have given anyone vantage point even if they were up a tree unless they were flying overhead.

        Since they were sunbathing glass wall of terrace, a simple screen or towels would have protected them from prying eyes.

        Unfortunately, this type of intrusion has happened to all of them bar Anne, Zara, Peter, Autumn, Beatrice and Eugenie. William was very aware of what could happen, even if Kate was not.

        They also were not alone. They had staff and bodyguards present. So it wasn’t just William who saw her boobs.

        And the final thing that would have prevented this catastrophy is the fact that Palace was informed of the pictures days before they went to press. They could have easily injuncted them before they went to press. They chose to allow them to be published, and here we are.

        The royals have access to private estates that are more secure than this estate. Their security ensures that even if they were strolling in the grounds nude, it is impossible to take pictures.

        In terms of their privacy and what has been given up, there are many occasions when we have intruded eg weddings, Funerals. There is no law that requires them to do all that in public. It’s simply a nice to have bit of PR that was started by a PR savvy monarch in ancient times. Being required to walk behind their mother’s coffin was a gross intrusion into their private grief. So when Kate married in, these are/were some of the things she has/had to give up.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “That is what the outrage should be, that the paps did enough reconnaissance and special ops type maneuvers to actually get the pictures.”

        THIS! Exactly, Chat. People should be disgusted by this, instead we blame Kate and say that she asked for it.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        @LAK 1st off I enjoy your comments and how much knowledge you have on the RF.
        2nd how did the pictures not get snagged u by the RF when they had the chance?
        1. Were they brought to people who were not communicating with Williams people?
        2. Were they only offered the pictures without viewing and didn’t fully know of the content?
        3. Could this be just another in a long line of actions that should William decide to divorce Kate, she can’t turn around by blaming the palace and say they didn’t prepare her well enough aka playing the Diana card?
        4.And lastly I doubt the Queen will ever address the issue, but is she behind the scenes cursing this boob scandal or is it probably not mentioned past the initial news?

      • LAK says:

        @Alexanderbananarama – Thank you. It’s not very difficult to know stuff about them. There is alot of information that is floating around, easy to verify.

        1. Possibly but given all of British press knew of these pictures and picture content, i doubt it. William now has separate court/office from the Palace/POW one so it seems response was stalling tactic to William’s people to take charge.

        William’s office has relied on Press ban on his activities so perhaps thought others would respect it, especially as British press still respect it, sort of. It doesn’t seem to have filtered through that the wedding was coming out party for William as well as Kate.

        2. In the past, palace has supressed/ injuncted stories/photos irrespective of content ahead of publication so they didn’t have to wait for published photos. Sometimes the injunction has happened before publication but ads running in the media about the story/photos. They could have stopped publication whilst authenticating the photos.

        3. Yes possibly. ALthough i think playing the diana card in this instance was an own goal because circumstances are different. The Diana thing was so extreme and unprecedented. Simply highlighting the breach should have been enough.

        4. Queen won’t address this issue because she hasn’t addressed it at all. ditto Harry. perhaps behind closed doors.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        @LAK thank you. It might be easy to find, but i often hit sites or YouTube pages that can’t be accessed in the usa.
        I view the Queen as a regal, stoic woman, but also as a grandmother and wonder how she approaches her grandson and his wife when these things come up. Press and tabloids aside if this was to happen in my family both my greek orthodox and catholic grandmothers would address it privately, but sternly.

      • LAK says:

        @Alexanderbananarama – HM has always been hands off whilst expecting everyone to somehow work out their roles but she had the DOE to intervene. Charles had the queen mother to remind him of his duty even as she indulged him. I don’t think Charles or anyone was there to remind Harry or William of their duty. Army was the making of Harry. William has never received that kind of legitimate grounding and so doesn’t appreciate the institution he is a part of.

        In many ways, Kate can’t be blamed for not understanding her role because she is with someone who doesn’t understand his role, goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid the role beyond the superficial. And she is not the woman to make/force him to understand. Which is why she is a failure as a consort to be even if she may be his perfect partner in his private life. Can you imagine Kate confronted by the abdication and a stuttering, shy husband? the monarchy would either have died or we would be looking at The Duke of Kent as HM!!!

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        LAK after having just watch the kings speech i have renewed understand on what a strong woman is. I have some qualms with how David’s soon to be wife wallis simpson was portrayed, but that’s a minor regional difference.

        William has ended it with Kate so often she won’t stand up to him. She’s too dependent on him for me to respect her, but i won’t blame her for that.love and the fright of losing it is difficult sometimes.

        William however should have taken it upon himself to learn his family history. It’s rich and cultured. I decend from a prince of venice that left for interesting reasons and i was delighted to learn about it. For me it is interesting. I can understand for him it could be a burden. I just doubt he will give it up.

        For me it is incredibly difficult to understand not wanting to improve yourself and to be satisfied as you are. I want to see so much more from them both. And I guess i respect the Queen so much more knowing what lies ahead.

      • LAK says:

        Alexandrabananarama – everything you said and more. The funny thing is that The Queen herself didn’t have a guide as to how she was going to rule but she paid attention to what her father and grandfather did. Alot of her reactions to events and many of the royal traditions that she follows are based upon their actions. Charles too is very aware of his past history as a guide. William seems to think History began with his grandmother. When asked about the monarchy in general, he only talks about his grannie and specifically the problems which i guess is why he sees it all as a burden rather than an opportunity.

        RE: Mrs Simpson. I first heard about her when they auctioned her jewellery in the 80s. As a tweenager it was simply the most romantic story ever.

        When i grew up i realised what a burden it must have been for her. Imagine, what can you give the man who has given up an empire for you?

        Later still and especially in the last 5 yrs i have read more about her and i realised just how much she has been wronged. And of course history is re-written by the victors so we have this portrait of her as this evil manipulative woman who enslaved David.

        I recently watched WE by Madonna. I was really annoyed at the lost opportunity to tell Mrs Simpson’s side of it. Even if people don’t agree with subject matter,that film would have made a wonderful companion piece to THE KINGS SPEECH.

        It just felt like one long fashion film. both stories were only touched upon in the most shallow way. the fashion was the focus.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        ! I’m glad for 1 that you want moreout of both Kate and William. Having no one to sit you down and tell you what to do is no excuse to not learn for yourself.
        And as I watched the kings speech I was wondering what happened to them. So, I researched it. I found 2 stories and branches off of each! It’s hard to split fact from fiction, but It sounds so romantic and sad. She was described as a woman who wanted David to fulfill her ever wish in the film, but another side tells of how she held regret of him leaving the throne for her and he was often sad over it. I do think Love really does fill some voids and regrets when it’s real. And both sides say that

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        @ LAK agreed! I’m glad for 1 that you want more out of both Kate and William. Having no one to sit you down and tell you what to do is no excuse to not learn for yourself.
        i also thought they would be more in depth with characters like my favorite politician of all time winston churchill, he was ahead of his time and a drunk. but still brilliant. He had such an impact pre and post ww2 I wanted more of him though the movie was about a stutter more than royalty and overcoming difficulties like I thought.
        And as I watched the kings speech I was wondering what happened to them. So, I researched it. I found 2 stories and branches off of each! It’s hard to split fact from fiction, but It sounds so romantic and sad. She was described as a woman who wanted David to fulfill her ever wish in the film, but another side tells of how she held guilt of him leaving the throne for her and he was often sad over it. I do think Love really does fill some voids and regrets when it’s real. I do also believe the word is tossed around far too often. Love in my opinion comes with time and doesn’t form out of fear or dependency.

        And both sides say that Bessie and David both listened to the kings speech and were so astonished and proud of it in the end speaks volumes to how you can try to alter a perspective.

        I would love to see a movie about their romance. And I know that such knowledge of duty and feeling for love just are not in the cards for William and Kate. Their story I feel is one of entitlement and dependency. And as currently living in the USA, but having dual citizenship having Kate as a role model forced up us is a hard pill to swallow. And I won’t hate her because I believe people can change. It’s just rough with her. That’s the only way i can really say it.

      • LAK says:

        @Alexander bananarama – It’s so hard to put together a film that has such strong political overtones. It’s bound to offend someone.

        A thought – maybe in reality that was also the problem with Wallis because to her it was just about love and fun without really thinking about the other side of the equation of the work and real power behind David. And when she did, it was too late.

        And since she wasn’t valued by the political side of the equation, she was easy to denigrate and blame for David’s faults. what do you think?

        OMG – i have just finished reading a biography of The Churchills from the very first Churchill to Arabella who died in 2007.

        For the most part they were amazing. Winston came from a brilliant tree. it’s kind of sad that politicians and leaders are such pygmies in comparison these days.

  30. Sam says:

    Now it is a bigger issue than if they had simply moved on. By going after the French paper, they’ve basically created a situatuion in which publishing the pics has gone from tabloid-y behavior into some noble “freedom of the press” thing. They basically kicked a hornet’s nest.

  31. Susie Q says:

    Who cares what the king of bad comb overs thinks about ANYTHING?

  32. Shitler says:

    So because she’s a public figure she doesn’t deserve some privacy? I don’t get this line of thinking.

    • Sam says:

      There are levels. Yes, public figures generally have LESS right to privacy then say, you. This is because courts generally will say that since these people are newsworthy, they should be aware that people will try to find information about them and follow them.

      This doesn’t mean that Kate has NO right to privacy; she does. Exactly how much, however, is a legal question.

      So while everybody has the right to privacy, some people have less of a right than others. That’s how it works.

  33. Tulip says:

    I think they’re right to pursue legal action. That way they can make it very clear to the public that this invasion of privacy won’t be tolerated. Harry had the ability to take away the camera phones in Vegas-this photographer took the pics of Kate and Will from a long distance.

  34. Skins says:

    Its not like they don’t know that there are cameras capable of taking their pictures from far away. If you are going to accept all of the perks of this ridiculous “Royalty” thing then you had best be on your best behavior at all times. Between this and the drunken prince in Vegas, maybe the “Royals” are not much better than the “Commoners”

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      That made me smile, thank you.

      (It does bemuse me, that people think they might be. I mean, it’s a fluke of the genes. Really, really weird way for us to choose the head of state, when you stop and think about it for more than a second. Just think of all those little swimmers who miss out on the prize with each generation… if only they knew.)

  35. TG says:

    I agree she should have a reasonable expectation of privacy on a large private estate. It is funny though that this commoner whose family has schemed a life time to get her on the throne is the cause of all this. If only she were a real lady this would never have happened. I am only joking but I just know that is going thru the Queen’s mind. If I were Kate and I had waited this long for Wills to marry me I would get that heir and spare thing locked in as quickly as possible before something happens to her prince. I mean the stakes are so much higher than just a simple golding digging woman.

  36. Anon says:

    So where is the line? When someone ends up dead?


  37. Mimi says:

    Oops sorry double crumpet post.

  38. Mimi says:

    Im kinda feeling William with his floral head piece, gives the illusion of…hair. I was like, wait, is he hot with flower hair? I think he might be.

  39. Azurea says:

    Anyone else get the feeing that she’s secretly pleased by being photographed topless?

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      During all her past indecent flashes she never thought to wear something more tan a thong. Instead of sunning on the other side of the pool at the chateau she went to the balcony side.
      All this and not a peep from her.

      I strongly believe William is the only one angry about this and Kate goes along with what William says.

      I bet she’s enjoying it since she again, wore a thong in a shorter dress on a windy runway without weights sewn into the hemline.

      Either she doesn’t learn from her mistakes, doesn’t care, or she likes the attention.

    • april says:

      Excellent point and I think you are right!

    • GrandPoobah says:

      No and I have no idea how you could come to that conclusion since she hasn’t said anything about it.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        I think it’s meant in the form of Kate has never said anything about a shot of her bum or privates before. instead she’s smiled at the paps as they take pictures of her vagina. And she has responded to thing like how she can’t understand why people dislike her. So we know her opinions are capable of getting to the press.

        It’s more that this injunction and law suit is stated in both William and Kate’s names, but Kate not only says nothing on the matter, but she again invites photogs to take yet another photo of her bare bum.

        It’s just more apparent that William is upset over this, but Kate is enjoying everyone talking about her body. Or maybe she doesn’t care, but she has yet to show that she’s upset about the pics and at this point I doubt we will see a staement without William’s influence on her.

  40. HK9 says:

    This is a woman who spends quite a bit of time on vacation and this (correct me if I’m wrong) seems to be the only time her “crumpets” were on display.(there might have been press bans in place then..I dunno) It strikes me as odd that is the only slip of this nature, leading me to believe that she is not careless, and thought she was safe. I think the woman is mortified, and kept her shit together on that tour because that’s her job.

  41. betty says:

    blaming Kate for her privacy being violated while sunbathing with her husband on a private estate is like blaming a rape victim for being raped because she was at a bar/club or for the way she was dressed….there is no excuse to blame her, it’s not like she was on the balcony of say a hotel room or a beach/pool side cabana…

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Betty no. You missed the “defend kate by saying it’s like rape train” a few days ago. Everyone now i think agrees to let that go with the only thing that’s like rape is rape.

      • GrandPoobah says:

        Alexandra Bananarama: Actually Betty was comparing the ‘blame the victim’ line of thinking that is not dissimilar to this.

        Like blaming someone who gets their car stolen for parking in a bad area. If you at any time say, ‘You should have known better’ to someone who has been victimized by someone else, you are blaming the victim.

        Blaming the victim is blaming the victim.

        Edited for content.

      • Chattycat says:

        And that is why you are the GrandPoobah! Well said … it really is that simple.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Well, thank you grand and chatty.

        I read blaming the victim and rape and took it there. And unless there is a post here on someone being raped I strongly believe that the word “rape” should never be typed. It only means 1 thing and it’s an awful thing that I wish upon no one.

        Though i still kind of read it that way I can see your point.

        I also see a world that won’t change and technology that becomes more advanced every minute. We must adapt to it and not believe we are above it. That’s where i’m coming from and why I read it like that.

        She should conduct herself with a level of modesty and intelligence I believe comes with a position to impact others lives and be a role model that I would like young girls to look up to and emulate.

        Is that wrong?

      • Chattycat says:

        “She should conduct herself with a level of modesty and intelligence I believe comes with a position to impact others lives and be a role model that I would like young girls to look up to and emulate.” And I think she does an excellent job of that in spite of the fact that she is trashed daily by the tabloids and the general public (well not Americans necessarily but in GB yes). But I think you have been dead wrong in all your posts to blame her for the pictures when in fact she was on private property, on vacation, with her husband and a photog had to use a lens with 1/2 mile capabilities to get “the boobie shot”. So is that wrong? Your expectation is not wrong but you context certainly is.

      • LAK says:

        @Grandpoobah and @Chattychat – try telling that to a victim of rape and see how far you get.

        Having your picture taken, even if snatched by paps, is in no way equivalent to rape. never has been, never will be.

        As Kaiser said,’Do you know what’s like rape? RAPE!!!’

        In trying to stand up for Kate, please choose your analogies wisely and don’t defend the indefensible.

      • Chattycat says:

        Look LAK, you have expounded on this topic to excess today. You clearly don’t like the Duchess, yes we get your all about “long live the Queen” but you have stepped way over the line with the rape bit. I NEVER MENTIONED THAT WORD or would never refer to some pictures of some woman’s boobs taken by some stalking whack job photog in the same context of comparison to a rape victim. I don’t know many, if any women who would. You have had the most to say here today (over and over and over). Yes parked car victim analogy to a woman on private property whose privacy was violated is a normal’s person’s comparison for victimization. Anything else you’ve spun out of control to support you unyielding lack of support or like for Kate. Me, I have no time for bullies and that is what you are doing here to Kate so I’m done with you and this topic. Long Live the Duchess of Cambridge!

      • LAK says:

        @Chattychat – if you had read the post before putting your 2cents in, you would know that you were cheerleading a comment that compared this breach of privacy to Rape and used that word.

        Go back and read it.

      • GrandPoobah says:

        LAK: Wait, a rape survivor wouldn’t want someone to tell them that they aren’t to blame for the crime committed against them? Because that is exactly what you just said.

        From Betty’s comment: ‘blaming Kate for her privacy being violated… is like blaming a rape victim for being raped’

        ‘there is no excuse to blame her’

        Maybe you should go back and read the comment again. And notice the use of the word ‘blame’ three times.

        Alexandra Bananarama: People shouldn’t allow a word to completely paralyze critical thinking and comprehension.

        Betty’s comment was very clear in it’s intent. Blaming the victim is alarmingly common when it comes to rape survivors. Blaming the victim is what a lot of people (including yourself) have been doing with this situation.

    • GoodCapon says:

      UGH. THAT RAPE ANALOGY AGAIN!!! *slams head on desk*

      Can I just c&p what someone posted here a few days ago?

      I think bringing up rape is an effective way of stopping a conversation dead in its tracks because no one wants to see himself allied with such cruel violence. It’s easier to move on to another topic than it is to explain why you’re not a rape sympathizer or a sexist who loves to see victims punished even more or hesitate to be branded as a lady who doth protest too much. This isn’t like a rape because it wasn’t a rape, it was a tacky invasion and those involved will have to adapt accordingly. All that violates is not rape and all recognition of the difference doesn’t put a person in league with the oppressor.

      • LAK says:

        oooh better watch out @Goodcapon. You’ll be branded a bully for pointing out that the inappropriateness [is that a word?? :) ] of this analogy.

      • GrandPoobah says:

        You are both up in arms over a lack of reading comprehension.

        Betty did NOT, and I repeat for the sake of your comprehension, did NOT compare the breach of privacy to rape. She did NOT do this.

        What she did do was compare the common BLAME THE VICTIM response, which is what both situations have in common. Some people are blaming Kate for being topless in the same way that some people blame a rape victim for wearing a short skirt.

        My example was blaming someone who gets their car stolen for parking in a bad neighborhood.

        Comprehend, please.

        Blaming the victim is what they have in common and what is being compared here.

        To simplify:

        Rape is rape.

        Blaming the victim is blaming the victim.

      • LAK says:

        OMG @Grandpobah – there is no part of the rape experience that can be equated to this. NONE. Insulting my intelligence about it doesn’t change that fact.

        even in a ‘blame the victim’ scenerio.

        NOT in experience and NOT in a victims-R-us-we-should-stand-together sort of way.

        One size does not fit all.

        For your comprehension she used the rape experience after the fact as comparable to Kate’s experience after the fact.

      • GrandPoobah says:

        LAK: You are stubbornly misunderstanding me and anyone else who does not think Kate was to blame for the humiliating experience she has been put through.

        You are completely misunderstanding and misrepresenting what Betty said. The only part of the rape experience Betty is comparing is the blaming the victim aspect. And yes, that aspect can be applied to many, many situations. Lots of victims of various crimes get blamed-not just rape survivors.

        I don’t blame her for being photographed topless by an opportunistic parasite. You do. We clearly disagree on this point.

        Aaaand, I’m done with this conversation.

  42. ladybert62 says:

    I agree with Trump – hopefully she has learned an important lesson and this will not happen again.

  43. Dee Cee says:

    The guards are watching.. they have to.. and didn’t Britney loose some money about that?

  44. JJ says:

    Ok, this is the royal family does anyone honestly believe that they don’t have the power to stop such stuff even getting into public knowledge? And it happens shortly after the Harry Vegas stunt…The basic rules of celebs is No news is Bad News… ask any PR that is the golden rule. So if you ask me if the royals wanted they could have stopped sh1t circulating before it even became gossip. What a way to get young people and media talking about the family long after the wedding when no one really should give a crap anymore if you gave a crap in the first place. PUBLICITY STUNT 101

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      They don’t have that power, no, certainly not outside the UK.

      And I don’t think you really understand – they aren’t celebrities in the traditional sense, and it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks of them. It matters what the UK population think of them. Traditionally, we like the head of state and wife to be dignified and silent and smily and respectable. Harry’s the spare, and a bit of zip and oomph is excusable. The main line of succession, and nope. This is not a PR stunt they would have deliberately chosen in a million years. Why would they? They want a world statesman image, like the Queen’s, not a Hollywood one.

  45. JJ says:

    Ok, this is the royal family does anyone honestly believe that they don’t have the power to stop such stuff even getting into public knowledge? And it happens shortly after the Harry Vegas stunt…The basic rules of celebs is No news is Bad News… ask any PR that is the golden rule. So if you ask me if the royals wanted they could have stopped sh1t circulating before it even became gossip. What a way to get young people and media talking about the family long after the wedding when no one really cares anymore PUBLICITY STUNT 101

  46. LeslieM says:

    I can’t believe he’s making these public comments when he doesn’t even know where the photographs were taken.

  47. april says:

    I agree with Trump which is probably the first time ever. Kate knows the pap are everywhere looking to photograph her. She made a dumb mistake. They all should have learned years ago from Fergie’s mistake.

  48. stephanie says:

    I agree with the donald on this one, sorry.

    I also agree with star mag that she’s pregnant. she’s gotten jowly.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      If she has difficulty getting pregnant this could lead to a can of worms where everyone will question her worth, without substantial charity work.

      It really hits you after months of trying without help how hard it can be. My husband and i are and you just don’t realize how small of a window you might have. It sucks.

      Plus she’s nearly 31,right?

  49. TaylorB says:

    Sorry but I am inclined to disagree with many of you, and this is just my opinion. But it seems to me if you are on private property, you should have a reasonable expectation of privacy and even if you are bothered by the paps it shouldn’t happen in your domain, even in the yard. They guy was using a telescoping lens, he could have been a mile away, and with the right filters and an open window he could have caught her in the shower. That is sick, that is stalking, and it should be illegal. If some sick twist took pictures of me in my backyard, I would have them arrested. I understand that with fame comes paps, but a line needs to be drawn, if they are on private property they should be left alone. Famous or not, everyone needs some sort of safe haven where they can be themselves, let their hair down, or the boobs out and relax. They are a young couple and there is nothing wrong with them wanting to sunbathe topless or even skinny dip, and they shouldn’t be bothered and photographed by some a$$ for just trying to live a normal life.

    And if this pap is so hell bent about getting a shot of some Queen Boobies, he should try for the actual Queen, shouldn’t be too hard at her age just aim the camera towards her mid calf area and snap away.

  50. Liz says:

    I 100% agree with The Trump! Here is a great blog Duchess or Diva, about whether or not KM is an exhibitionist!


  51. TaylorB says:


    I was just making a little joke, old gals boobs hanging down by their knees. Just tried to lighten things up a bit. No offense intended.

  52. A Fan says:

    Strictly my opinion: She should be off-limits. Period.

    (Didn’t say it would be a popular opinion!)

  53. Suze says:

    Kate and Wills will get over this much faster than some of their supporters. In fact, they probably already have.

  54. blondie10101 says:

    While this might not have been the appropriate thing to do, she has the right, royal or not, to be topless with her husband if she wants to. However, the paps should have given her the respect to not take the pictures and sell them to be published, but I guess they’ll hurt anyone to make a buck.

    • arlie says:

      Should, should should! I’m just sick of hearing what “should” have happened! Get real, people. Sure, she “should” have the right to privacy. But the sad fact is, as a celeb Royal in today’s paparazzi world, she does not. She gave up her privacy for a coddled life of wealth, fame, and privilege. Is keeping your clothes on and your dignity intact such a big price to pay for that? In fact, dignity is an essential trait for a Royal, and Waity’s — while it’s been waning over the past few years — is now gone forever.

  55. Swan jaco says:

    Why do people still take the weird, lying, phony gasbag trump seriously in any way? I do not get it.

  56. Maxine says:

    There’s a difference between what she had the RIGHT to do and what she SHOULD have done. I have the RIGHT to go down to the local liquor store, buy 3 bottles of wine and drink myself silly. Not hurting anybody. But if I have to get up at 6AM for a presentation at work, SHOULD I do that. . . probably not. Kate certainly has the right and also the expectation of privacy sunbathing topless. Should she do it given how ridiculous the paparazzi are in France . . . no.

  57. skuddles says:

    Really Donald? Well you have no one to blame but yourself for that atrocity you call hair and your rep as a total and complete pr*ck.

  58. ??? says:

    @Chattycat from Comment #41: “’She should conduct herself with a level of modesty and intelligence I believe comes with a position to impact others lives and be a role model that I would like young girls to look up to and emulate.’ And I think she does an excellent job of that in spite of the fact that she is trashed daily by the tabloids and the general public.”

    Please elaborate. How exactly does the Duchess set a good role model for young girls? Wait, young girls in the 16th century, or …?

    She hasn’t held down a real job in all three decades of her existence, she clearly cares much more about her looks and fashionability than committing to her charitable duties as a public servant, and for all of her education, she doesn’t seem to be particularly articulate.

    Do being well groomed and smiling a lot constitute the building blocks for being a good role model for girls in this day and age? Does putting your life on hold to ensure a future role as Queen Consort make you worthy of being admired and emulated? Because quite frankly, it seems this is all Kate is and has been capable of doing and doing well. She may be a perfectly nice young woman, but she’s essentially a glorified geisha. What a tremendous achievement by 21st-century standards.

    I’m not going to partake in the conversation about whether or not Kate and William were wronged for being papped in France — enough opinions on that topic have been offered on this post already.

    I just decided to throw in my 2c because I’m baffled whenever anyone makes the claim that this woman is a good role model.

  59. Kate says:

    I can’t fathom how seemingly intelligent women are actually agreeing with this misogynistic moron. Stop the ridiculous slut-shaming! Why is it even news-worthy if she sunbathes without her top on? Idiots.

  60. Sigrid says:

    Wow. How do you all not realize that this is standard “blaming the victim” behavior.
    I suppose the public is just as sexist as the media.

  61. Lauren says:

    The Queen would never behave in this manner even in her youth because her father prepared her for her duty. I guess she also benefited from having good role models around like Winston Churchill and she remembers what the days were like when the news was about Hitler advancing further and further across Europe or bombing London in the Blitz. Unfortunately with many Royal families disappearing throughout Europe in WWI and II it was a throw back to the French Revolution. People don’t seem to make the connection to how this one event has affected royalty ever since. That they truly began to understand in Britain that they as royalty were expected to act a certain way and always keep the public in there good graces. Royalty went back to it’s original more honorable routes of the ruling classes that existed before the decadence of versailles. The queen would truly not be happy with such behavior because the queen herself would never get caught acting in such a way. she understood and continues to understand the importance of her symbolic position. She doesn’t act like a celebrity. Her family is damn walking history a relic of Britain’s great history. My grandfather was a Brit and he always said Monarchy was more than an institution they were the countries pride and walking history. A culture that needs to be preserved. These modern sensibilities are good but in no way is the Palace going to approve of progressiveness for progressiveness sake.

    The affairs/ failed marriages of her children have damaged the family enough and now it seems the grandchildren can’t even keep it together. Britain and the commonwealth doesn’t ask much of them. Being a king in this time period is not horrible. No one is throwing anyone into a dungeon or even assassinating them by a fire squad. So they need to get it together