Kim Kardashian keeps posting photos of her cat Mercy looking miserable

I don’t follow Kim Kardashian on Twitter. I only check her Twitter feed when we have new photos of her, or when I hear about something she wrote or said somewhere else. So that’s my excuse for missing all of these new-ish photos of Kim’s poor cat, a Persian named Mercy Kardashian-West. Mercy is in trouble, y’all. We knew Mercy was in trouble when we saw those first, awful photos of Kim holding Mercy like a purse strap. We knew Mercy was in trouble when we saw Mercy’s poor, scared little face. And Kim is now posting more and more Mercy photos on her Twitter, in between posting dumb swimsuit and lingerie pics of herself. It’s like a hostage crisis, with Kim tweeting “proof of life” photos of Mercy. What do we have to give Kim to get her to release this poor cat? CALL S.W.A.T.!

Oh, and Kanye did buy Mercy for Kim. Kim confirmed that, writing on her blog, “With me being in Miami, Kanye knew I would need some company when he wasn’t around, so he surprised me with her.” That’s interesting, right? So Kanye and Kim are spending more time apart, and Kanye gave her a CAT? That feels fishy.

Someone also started a fake Twitter account for poor Mercy, and it’s apparently a “thing” to make note of how miserable Mercy looks in every single photo Kim tweets of the poor cat. Seriously, why isn’t PETA getting involved with this mess?

By the way, Kim also tweeted about her peplum’d faux-skort of doom, which we saw yesterday. Kim tweeted, “Love this Vera Wang outfit.” Jesus, Vera Wang designed that? WTF was Vera thinking?!

Photos courtesy of Kim’s Twitter.

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  1. daisydoodle says:

    this is too easy…I guess Mercy the pussy is the only pussy std free….

  2. DailyNightly says:

    Cats don’t like to be around the smell of urine.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    is anyone else surprised the cat is white?

  4. Me2 says:

    So where are the bruises on her legs in that last picture? Does she have someone on speed dial who photoshops her cell phone pics for her? She looks completely different in the beach shots from yesterday. And you KNOW she took about 50 pictures just to get this one! 🙂

  5. EscapedConvent says:

    So that’s what a kitten with clinical depression looks like. The heart-wrenching expression on this poor little thing’s face makes me want to reach through the screen & give her cuddles.

    • Canda says:

      I dislike Kim as much as everyone else here, but I have to mention that this is a PERSIAN. They’re always stunned and miserable-looking. I don’t doubt that this cat hates its life as a dumb bitch’s fashion accessory (see: Tinkerbell), but Persians are permanently bitch-faced. Find me a photo of one that isn’t. If you want a happy-looking pet, adopt a dog.

      • RocketMerry says:

        So agree, Persian cats look really depressed and unsatisfied all the time. Though with this particular cat, the thing is that she does not even close her eyes to purr or get on her back to have her belly scratched.

        I’m still trying to figure out if that’s because Kim does not actually cuddle and scratch Mercy or because Kim thought the baby kitteh was developing early wrinkles and had her botoxed. You know, Mercy already has a feline face, after all 🙂

      • erika says:

        that was hilarious! and insightful actually, thanks for clearing it up…and yes, i went the dog way cause i couldn’t stand a cats constant ‘bitch? wha’ you want?”

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        I did a google search for “happy persian kitties” and though most pics looked grumpy some looked aware and playful.

        It’s not the face as much as the kittens body language of pulling and squirming. You the way she’s holding that poor kitten it’s not comfortable for her.

        Mercy will outgrow her small size and Kim will gift it to someone else. This may be the start of a kitty with a bad temperament.

      • HadleyB says:

        True. My persian has bitch face — it’s her regular every day face and when I show people unfamiliar with cats or persians they always make comments

        ” she looks miserable, she looks unhappy, she looks angry”

        Look, the cat can’t smile she is happy, and we love her. Her owner also has bitch face so I also understand the feeling .. if I am not smiling 24/7 people think I am angry or unhappy.

        No, I just am not smiling. Get over it. lol

      • littlestar says:

        Canda, YES! This! I have always thought that long hair/fluffy cats always look sad. I have a long haired cat (he’s black and white coloured) and when he was a kitten, he always looked depressed, even when he was obviously happy playing with his toys. Now that he’s an adult cat, he always has a bitchy expression on his face. It’s just how long haired cats are.

        Btw, my long haired cat has the exact same pink carrier as Mercy, it’s so cute!

        What we should ALL BE AFRAID OF: Will Kim get poor little Mercy declawed??? Dear gahd I hope not…

      • Jackie says:

        From my experience, you know when a cat is unhappy. They let you know in no uncertain terms. I have to agree the the kitten looks like most cats of that breed – even though it isn’t a persion. She called it a mini-persion, which I don’t believe is recognized by the reputable cat registries.

    • erika says:

      i’m not a cat person, but yeah, this feline is freaked the F***K out right now…

      — KK, give the puss some time to BREATHE…give her at least a few days to acclimate, ALONE, she’s got your jacked lips pressed against her 24/7

      —cat’s DESPISE hyper-active 2 yr olds getting up in their face TOO!

      — sometimes, it’s not ALL ABOUT YOU…have some Mercy on Mercy and learn how to properly take care of a cat!

      — don’t let her witness you and Kanye shagging…please

  6. DanaG says:

    Poor Mercy such a sad little pussy cat. Kim needs to treat it like a cat not a puppy you can take anywhere. That white swimsuit is just ugly and unflattering but so is every outfit we have seen her lately. What is it with her and these shorts at the front skirt at the back horrors.

  7. dorothy says:

    The texting and everyday pictures of herself. The constant need for attention is pathetic and sad.

    • Canda says:

      What I’d like to know is how she explains the reasoning behind posting all these mirror-and-cameraphone pictures? Why do we want to see her bathing suit? Is this a “fashion” excuse or something?

      • connie says:

        I think I can actually answer that! If you have some spare time, want a good laugh, or are incredibly bored take a look at her instagram comments (other bemusing celebs include rihana and karuche). People seriously eat this sh*t up. I refuse to follow any of them, but from time to time I take a look to quench my gossip thirst (LL twitter is also pretty entertaining occasionally). The comments range from entirely negative, like on the midori dress a lot of people were telling her she looked fat and it was not flattering, to so kiss ass it gave me a cavity. The little girls expressing their idolization was just upsetting… but despite what we think, there are people out there that LOVE them

      • babythastarsshinebrite says:

        She is in love with herself.

  8. Bellabumbum says:

    How can a grown ass woman, who fancies herself a celebrity, stand in front of her mirror and take photos on her phone? That’s what tweens do, they have all the technology and sophistication she has. This woman is over 30 years of age and taking photos of her camera phone! I’ve never pretended to take her seriously, but this is beyond ridiculous. Is she so desperate for attention she will now flood the web with budget photos? I know, I know, I’m preaching to the choir. It’s just so absurd! Her behavior is absurd. She is mentally deficient.

    • Morganism says:

      She is mentally DISTURBED. Delusions of grandeur, check. Flight of ideas, check. An overwhelming sense of self-worth…check!!!

    • Morganism says:

      Seems a little Paris Hilton-y to me. “I’m gonna take pics of myself with an animal to make myself more human-like”. Then I will dispose of her because she can’t tell me I’m beautiful.
      As a bonafide cat-girl, I’m horrified. Poor, poor kitty.

      • PinkG says:

        EVERYTHING she does is Paris Hilton-y. Like I said, she cannot muster up any original ideas on her own. She does not have the brain capacity to do so.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah it is INCREDIBLY embarassing to witness. I cringe when I see grown women doing sh*t like this.
      It’s amazing how narcissists are completely unaware of their narcissism and how nauseating it is for others to behold.

      • ZigZagZoey says:

        Good morning Kitten!
        It’s amazing how narcissists are completely unaware of their narcissism and how nauseating it is for others to behold.
        SO true…

      • Angie says:

        But….but I do this also. Just to see what people think of my outfit. I’m almost perhaps I should stop. I am not narassistic tho, I hate my looks.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Hi ZZZ!! *enthusiastically waves*

        I’ve occasionally taken pics of myself in dresses to send to a friend like “this dress or that dress?” or to get an opinion.

        That’s different than tweeting a new photo of yourself every 5 minutes.

      • Bellabumbum says:

        We’ve all snapped a photo of ourselves…but wouldn’t you seriously feel like a creep if you made love to your own image in the mirror the way she does? We’ve all thrown some quick duck lip playing, she full on stares herself down, puckers her lips, parts them and finds the exact position to make her waist look small and her tits hang low. She’s a vapid tramp with zero class or self control. She is like a 12 year old with a cell phone camera and unlimited texting.

    • L says:

      The only time I do this is to see how whatever fancy dress I’m planning to wear looks like (and to get my sister’s opinion) And that’s it. Posting on twitter? Ugh, lame.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        I have to have a kid take a pic of me for special occasions so I can see what I look like because the apartments we are put in don’t have large mirrors, but posting them is a different story.
        A pathetic, different story.

      • Bellabumbum says:

        I’ve taken a pic of myself too, but I sure as hell crop a damn towel bar or my arm out so nobody knows my shame of shooting a pic of myself! I can’t believe it doesn’t bother her. What is the allure of sending pics from your bathroom? “Look at me, I can stand here with my mouth hanging open, tongue and tits out and I look so natural in my BATHROOM.”

  9. Eleonor says:

    Mercy with the I-phone…Choupette did it better.

    • Eve says:

      Choupette owns Karl Lagerfeld’s ass whereas poor Mercy can’t save herself from being Kim Kardashian’s bitch. Not fair.

  10. cmc says:

    Honestly, that just looks like a grumpy-faced cat. Not saying Mercy isn’t miserable, but some cats just have little grumpy old man faces like that. I kinda love it. But still! Save Mercy!

    • Mrs.Darcy says:

      Agree, she looks like the same kind of cat that Choupette is (I could be wrong) and they have similiar “expressions” to me. Christ I need to get a life that I know these things! Pretty kitty though, and I’m not a cat person.

  11. yellowshaba says:

    Narcissist narcissist narcissist!!!! I get kim likes to look at herself, take pictures of herself constantly, but why the incessant need to show the freaking world..I mean once the worlds has seen you in a porno, what else is there to show off? stay home kim give us a break for the love of our eye balls, one gd day

  12. dcypher1 says:

    have mercy for mercy poor kitty. Who does kim thin she is k. Lagerfeld. Karl has my style in his pink than kim does. That white swim suit and that waiste, she looks so uncomfortable. Thats the ugliest one piece ive ever seen yuck.

  13. Nibbi says:

    i feel sorry for the kitty, probably gets a yukky taste in its mouth constantly trying to clean all her heavy face makeup off all that fur post-nuzzle

  14. Brown says:

    I am SO a dog person, but damn, that is one cute kitten.

  15. karley says:

    I’m a cat lady and this bish is pissing me off. A cat is not a puppy u can trot around in a purse. Just wait 6 months and that cat will be going nuts in its teen years and u will never see it with Kim again. It’s sad. It’s such a cute kitten too.

  16. Lady_Luck says:

    Ugh. She is just the worst famewhore around. Up there with Courtney Stodden – for sure.
    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: her other sisters are quite likable. Khloe can be funny and slapstick, Kourtney can be down to earth and real. Kim brings nothing to the table: she is fake to the bone, and all about her own image.

  17. JudyK says:

    That is absolutely the most beautiful kitten I have ever seen!

    Who poses in front of a mirror taking pics of herself? So damned narcissistic that it makes me PUKE. What a worthless human being.

  18. lizzi says:

    that bathing suit is SERIOUSLY not doing her any favors.

    • Hautie says:


      That white swimsuit is straight from Jane Fonda’s Workout @1983! How dreadful.

      And what I find so odd is that Kim left the dang house wearing it. Looking like she is about to burst out of her sausage casing. 🙂

  19. Green is Good says:

    B*tches who treat pets like ACCESSORIES really piss me the Hell off! This self-involved TW@T. Where are the “Save Mercy” t-shirts?!

  20. Suzie says:

    It is true, that little kitten does look lost and sad. It was probably obtained as an accessory, like a bracelet etc. and will be neglected as soon as the novelty wears off, or given to that child. Although kittens look cute & cuddly, kittens are not suitable pets for children. This is because, unlike puppies, cats/kittens don’t like being smothered or held against their will. They prefer to come to whoever of their own accord. Like puppies, kittens also need to be obtained in twos so they aren’t left alone for hours and can have the company of another, preferably a sibling, but I doubt Kim’s one has a little brother or sister around. Let’s hope a compassionate friend offers to adopt it if they tire of it, or if it starts scratching them in fear and desperation.

    • Jackie says:

      Almost all dog experts recommend that you don’t get 2 at a time. If you do, the puppies will bond to each other rather than you. If you don’t have time to give them the attention they need, you shouldn’t get one.

      • jwoolman says:

        I never had that problem. Once I hired two very young feline sisters and they still focused on me as well as on each other. I’ve had as many as five feline staffers at once (through no fault of my own) and they all would often end up hanging out within a few feet of my desk while I was working. Of course, a friend occasionally would check to see if I had grown a tail…

  21. Aussie girl says:

    Did Kanye pick that horrid Vera Wang out fit??

  22. Mooncake says:

    I would be miserable too if I live with a Kardashian!

  23. Mia says:

    That photo of Mason holding the kitten is precious.

    • fabgrrl says:

      That is a sweet photo, although I think he may be squeezing the kitty too hard. But that is what LITTLE KIDS do. They don’t know any better and think kitties and puppies are toys. It makes me sick seeing an ADULT treat an animal in the same fashion.

      • Jackie says:

        If they don’t know better, someone should teach them or they shouldn’t be allowed to hold the cat. I thought this was the most abusive picture of them all.

  24. fabgrrl says:

    So, now that she has a white cat, I feel that she is only going to dress in white/silver/cream. Case in point,white bathingsuit. Or was that supposed to be Elizabeth Taylor, ala Suddenly Last Summer?

  25. normades says:

    haha! Mercy’s Twitter is pretty funny. And all the RT’s from Kim just remind you how stupid and vacant she is.

  26. Dawn says:

    Doesn’t she fancy herself to be a fashion designer? Always working HARD as she likes to spout and yet we never see her wear her own designs. Sure has lots of free time to tweet ugly pictures of herself, taken by herself for someone who works so HARD. What a big old phony she is.

  27. Dee Cee says:

    Rip off from Karl Lagerfeld because that is how dimwit, unoriginal, rude and vulgar-brain Kanye rolls..

  28. TheOriginalKitten says:

    That cat is so freakin adorable. I feel so sorry for her-it’ll be sad when she grows into an adult cat and Kim throws her out like an old outfit.

  29. L says:

    Why is that kid squeezing that cat that way? It’s a animal not a stuffed toy. That picture annoyed me more than all the rest of them.

    That is not a happy or relaxed cat.

  30. Lindsey says:

    I see two sad pussies.

  31. Mara says:

    Mercy is so cute !

  32. ronnie says:

    And now i bookmarked Mercy’s twitter.

  33. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    I think this stuff reeks of insecurity. She takes these pics for ppl to comment – probably on her twitter where her “fans” are – and make her feel validated. That is why she is always on her phone during the show, reading positive notes from her Twitter followers. It’s a sad thing. Very Leann-like.

  34. Mar says:

    The cat is too cute!

  35. Thea says:

    1. Mercy needs to hook up with Suri and start her own burn book.
    2. Closest Kanye is getting near Kim or her pussy, self explanatory.
    3. 72 days Mercy will be gone as Kim cant make a committment, cant make money off of it, and she didnt name it using a K.
    4. It is too white.

    This makes me dislike her more for bringing this poor kitty into her vapid, souless life.

  36. some bitch says:

    As somebody who grew up with cats, everything Kim is doing to this kitten fills me with rage. Persian cats tend to look sad to begin with, but that poor kitty is obviously uncomfortable.

    Hopefully Kim will be dumb enough to take the cat with her when she attention whores for the paps and it’ll shred her arms before she gives it to somebody who can actually take care of another living creature.

  37. tru tru says:

    poor depressed kitty!

    living life w/this vile attention whore

  38. connie says:

    ok, this is no way in defense of KK, BUT this is what people do nowadays. Take pictures of themselves and post them to social media for the world to see. I don’t think she’s doing what tweens do, I think THEY’RE doing what she does, because looks and popularity are all that matter, right? That being said, I think it’s nauseating, annoying and incredibly self-involved, butI think ever since these social media sites have become so popular most people are. *Newsflash*, most people don’t care you just left the gym or that you’re drinking a starbucks in your car. Idk, maybe I don’t think highly enough of myself to “get it”

  39. Brasileira says:

    Jesus…. if I can barely breath just by looking at how tight that belt is in the last picture, I can’t even wonder how this woman didn’t pass out until the picture was taken.

  40. Lis says:

    That cat is SO F–KING CUTE. She couldn’t resist adding a picture of herself. Blech.

  41. blonde on the dock says:

    That kitten is adorable. Kim on the other hand looks awful in that bathing suit. Old lady figure!!!

  42. Becks11980 says:

    Heeelllllppppp mmmmeeeee! (Sorry, I’m a bit drunk). Cute kitty tho

  43. Stubbylove says:

    Kim is a TWAT but that cat is cute as hell and I’m not a cat person.

  44. skuddles says:

    KK’s busted dress and her depressed kitten… not exactly riveting gossip.

  45. kristiner says:

    Someone needs to call an Animal SWAT and save that cat. That IS a hostage situation.

  46. jwoolman says:

    Does Mercy just pose like a model and get squeezed, or does she actually ever do anything? Every kitten I’ve ever lived with was pretty much non-stop in motion except when thankfully asleep. Was always hard to get a non-blurry photo. The current feline teenager (15 months) is still pretty much like the Energizer bunny inside and outside. I had to follow her around the allegedly catproofed small yard recently to try to discover her latest escape route (she is apparently in training to be a security consultant), and it was exhausting. Now she’s under house arrest again until the leaks are plugged, and that’s also exhausting. I had to pick her wiggly self up so much to get her out of trouble when she was inside all the time (before she was spayed) that I considered changing her name to Barbell.

  47. evon says:

    in her defence cats rarely smile or show any emotion…….

    • jwoolman says:

      Actually cats wear their hearts on their sleeve, so to speak. Plenty of emotion but not in human body language. The vet once said that was a difference between cats and dogs (she lived closely with both at home also). Cats can’t actually lie, while dogs (who are more like humans and follow an alpha leader) can manage some deception. If a cat doesn’t like someone, there’s no disguising it. I don’t know how to read this kitten very well because the squashed face throws me off, though. With cats, you have to look at everything In motion to read their emotional state: stance, fur, tail, ears, mouth, eyes as well as any noises they’re making. Other cats can tell from smell, I suppose.

      I’m hoping Kim doesn’t really have full responsibility for Mercy. Maybe people who work for her really take care of the wee beastie when Kanye isn’t around, and Kim is just this strange woman who picks her up and sets her somewhere to take a pic occasionally. Kittens do need some attention when they’re the only cat around and especially if they are limited to the indoors. In the wild, they would be with mom and siblings for at least the first six months. They need to socialize with somebody, play, etc. in addition to getting fed and having a clean litter box and such. I’ve lived with just one kitten before myself, and they keep a human very busy. Much easier when I’ve had a much older cat to help raise them, teach them manners, act as boxing and wrestling coach, etc.

  48. Hajar'sMama says:

    That Kitten is like-Ewww Kanje breath lol