David Beckham took his baby girl to lunch: are your ovaries weeping yet?

I don’t really have anything to say about these photos other than “OH MY GOD!” I love Harper Seven Beckham so, so much. These are pics of David Beckham running errands in West Hollywood with his daughter. She seems like a really chilled-out baby, right? Like, I never see looking tantrum-y or anything like that. She always seems to be like, “Yeah, I am adored. That’s cool with me.”

I love that Harper’s parents are so hands-on with her – and with all of their kids, really, but it feels like David and Posh just can’t get enough of their daughter. Harper is about 14 months old – she can walk, as we’ve already seen. But she still gets carried all of the time (which is fine, she’s still just a baby, I wasn’t saying that), and she still gets to run endless errands with her mom and dad. Barefoot! In my mind, David had issues with getting Harper’s shoes on, so he was just like, “Fine, we’ll do it barefoot.” But he still managed to get the bow in her hair. I love that.

Oh, and he took her to lunch too! OMG. God, that’s so cute. Just a daddy having lunch with his baby girl. I think my ovaries just started crying.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. marie says:

    She is so adorable, those cheeks!! Such a cutie! And I’m a sucker for photos of daddies with their daughters..

  2. Anonny says:

    She’s got her mom’s skeptical look down already.

  3. Akula says:

    oh my god! She is so cute! I love the bow and the little dress! eee! ( I don’t even like babies or kids in general, but she is just too cute!)

  4. Macey says:

    omg baby Harper toes….yummm
    I think she is the only celeb baby I actually get excited to see.

  5. The Original Genevieve says:

    Harper is one of the most gut-wrenchingly adorable babies I have ever seen. I’m not even a kid person, but she is guaranteed to drag an immediate and heartfelt, “Awwwwww!” out of me every time.

    Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Becks is also in the frame.


  6. Nicolette says:

    She is just adorable! Those cheeks, the chubby legs and the little toes. Too cute! But what’s up with Daddy? Torn t-shirt, stained sweats and untied shoes. Must be one of his favorite shirts if it’s disintegrated to that point and he still wears it. Still a gorgeous man though.

  7. lori says:

    I never found him attractive until I saw these photos! God I want his H7 babies

  8. Jaded says:

    Yup, she’s definitely got the Posh Pout down pat. Love those chubby baby feet, I could just nosh on them!!!

  9. mzthirtyeight says:

    Cutest baby, hot guy-lucky, lucky Posh (cheating rumors notwithstanding of course…)

  10. RocketMerry says:

    She is SOOOOO precious! Oooohh… and a really calm and collected child. Cute.

  11. Emily says:

    Why do daddies always ignore shoes?

    Love her dress and bow…and those big cheeks! Such a cute kid.

  12. Cody says:

    She is so cute and he seems to enjoy being a Dad. She is definitely daddy’s little girl.

  13. Canda says:

    I’ve been lusting after David Beckham for 16 years now, and he just keeps getting hotter and hotter. The scruffy doting daddy shots cinch it for me; he’s so frigging sexy I can’t STAND it.

  14. kellyinseattle says:

    I love this family!

  15. Ranunculus says:

    I could be stranded on an island for a year with Beckham and I wouldn’t touch him. Dumb guys just don’t do it for me and I think he is dumb as a door mat.
    Hope the rumour of him and Tom Cruise screwing is true BTW! Poor TC, all the dirty little secrets are coming out now. And I still believe he is not the father of Suri. Oh sorry it’s a Beckham post.

  16. whatthehell456 says:

    Does anyone else worry that with the amount of pressure Posh puts on herself to look “perfect”, that she will push H7 to do the same when she gets older? I can kinda see Posh being the pushy beauty pageant kinda mom…Anyone else?

    • Trek Girl says:

      I don’t see Victoria doing that. I think this idea that Victoria is going to turn Harper into a mini-her or push her into eating disorders and a generally unhealthy lifestyle is unfounded.

      Many people here and on other sites were just so sure that Victoria was going to treat Harper like an accessory and dress her in gaudy clothes, but Harper has always been dressed appropriately yet stylishly and adorably. Victoria’s youngest son has been out on several occasions in super hero costumes. On the reality show that she had she was actually funny and didn’t take herself seriously, and she has showed that side of herself on more than a few occasions.
      I think Victoria likes looking a certain way, but isn’t one to push that on other people, certainly not her daughter.

      I think she is a much more reasonable person than many people realize.

  17. Alex'sMommy says:

    I love his shoes! Harper is pretty cute too!

  18. themummy says:

    She looks JUST like him! Cute. 🙂

  19. Sookie says:

    She’s adorable. It’s sad to think she will be pushed into a life of eating disorders by posh when she grows up. Cause posh already said she wanted to share clothes with her daughter, and that means no eating. 🙁

  20. Nev says:

    He is sooooo happening stylishly. Wow. Yum.

  21. racing for attention says:

    He & Posh are racing Garner in kid pimping for paps. Garner is still winning and watch out for Alba coming on from the outside.

    • Kim says:

      Yeah those kids are featured on celeb baby sites 3 to 4 times a week but Garner’s and Alba’s kids have them beat .

  22. Blue says:

    He is so hot. Him being such a hands on dad makes him even hotter. 🙁 makes me sad for my own baby girl.

  23. Ella says:

    Those chubby little legs are the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

  24. Less is More says:

    No weeping. The entire family never seems to crack a smile, in public anyway.
    $ buys happiness?

  25. Reece says:

    She is so damn cute! She’s so cute and he seems like such a good dad that that shirt gets a pass.
    Look at those FEET!

  26. Matty Strom says:

    Ok, I´ll probably get lots of comments on this but sorry, the girl looks just like an ordinary child. She´s not especially cute. If she wouldn´t have those parents nobody would bother.

    • Eléonore says:

      I completely agree with you…When I look at her imagining she is just a regular child, I see nothing especially amazing…and when I look at her being Victoria and David Beckham’s child, she becomes instantly more “interesting” and “charismatic” because of who her parents are and all the fame attached to their name.

  27. Elena says:

    I have no idea how I’m typing that, since I fainted seconds ago.


  28. babythastarsshinebrite says:

    I imagine (and hope) she is giggly and smiling when she’s playing with her brothers. She is adorable, tho, anyways.

  29. F5 says:

    Babbeh is not impressed -_-

  30. Alexa says:

    “…are your ovaries weeping yet…” OMG! Too funny! To state the obvious: That there’s a double order of Hot Babe if ever there was one!

  31. nhi says:

    little david 🙂

  32. GrnMtGirl says:

    I want him!!!

  33. lara_c says:

    Beckham is too feminine and squeaky-voiced to stir any kind of response from my ovaries. It is sad that they use their baby as paparazzi bait. Neither of their other kids was ever carried around like a purse to secure tabloid coverage. Desperate much?

  34. MaeFlower says:

    LOL. She is a cutie. Though I think MY 16-month old daughter is cuter… she has the same big cheeks but mine also has huge eyes, a little button nose, and pouty lips. Of course, I may be biased… lol