Shania Twain goes shopping with mistresses ex-husband

Shania Twain joined some friends in manhattan for Christmas shopping, bringing a few pals from Nashville with her. Most notably Frederic Thiébaud, the ex-husband of Shania’s former best friend Marie-Anne, who sources say broke up her marriage to Robert “Mutt” Lange.

Twain and Thiébaud were photographed arriving from Switzerland at JFK airport together.

Back in May, Twain, 43, split from her producer husband Lange, 60.

Though Lange denied having an affair to People, sources close to the situation told People that he was involved with Marie-Anne Thiébaud, a close friend and manager of the couple’s chateau in Switzerland. The two couples had socialized together for years.

Twain – who has been staying strong after the split – came to New York City to “hang and shop,” says a source close to her. Among her group of pals is Thiébaud, whom the singer has considered a friend since the days when their families were close.

Adds the source: “She loves NYC during the holidays.”


Maybe they’re both just enjoying being seen out and about with hotter, younger partners than their former cheating spouses. People’s last article with ‘insider’ information about the divorce seemed to be leaked straight from Shania, so maybe she’s just adding insult to injury. Sure, it’s a little petty, but who doesn’t sometimes like to rub in an ex’s face that you’ve moved on and up?

Shown below is the other woman, Marie-Anne Thiebaud, Shania Twain’s former assistant and Robert John “Mutt” Lange’s reported mistress, in Montreux, Switzerland on 5/26/08. “Mutt” Lange is the shaggy-haired guy, pictured on 1/12/06. Credit: Bauergriffin. Shania Twain is shown at the Country Music Awards on 11/12/08. Shania’s hot “friend” can be seen on People’s website.

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  1. SeVen says:

    There is some serious fuckery afoot with that Love triangle lol

  2. June says:

    His Peter Pan boyish hairdo, creepy smile and red alcoholic nose scream “Freakazoid” to me.

    Maybe those monster hands of his are what first attracted Shania to him.

  3. Leandra says:

    Mutt picked someone almost as unattractive as himself. Shania is well rid of this duo of uglies.

  4. daisy424 says:

    Marie-Anne is a holy crap mess 😯
    Get your roots done and fast, yikes.

  5. Syko says:

    Marie-Anne must give one helluva blow job.

  6. Kaiser says:

    Seriously, Syko. She must be doing *something* that Shania’s not. And I’ve always found Shania to be gorgeous – but she does seem a little prissy.

    Meh on the new guy. He looks boring.

  7. Paul99 says:

    Right after she split with Mutt, Shania supposedly hooked up with an NHL hockey player. And now she’s with another new guy already? It seems Shania is going wild and making up for lost time.

  8. Dizzybenny says:

    the woman is asexual so i dont think she’s just jumping from one guy to another i think it’s more the guys droping her when she does not put out.
    imagine having her in your arm kissing and stuff and you want to go to second base and she says “no no i only have sex to have kids”SEE YA!!

  9. Rox says:

    Shania, asexual? Not hardly. Have you ever read the biography written about her? She slept around quite a bit. And it was Mutt who had the “sex for procreation” beliefs, not Shania. Do you think she was a virgin on her wedding night?? Seriously, read up on her past. Shania was the opposite of asexual.

  10. daisy424 says:

    Syko 😀
    Ass or grass, nobody rides for free….

  11. Chris says:

    Eilleen and Fred have been together ever since the time when Fred was helping train Eja for an athletic event. In fact, Marie-Anne named Eilleen as the third party in her divorce papers filed around the same time.

    Everything that has happened since the split annoucement has been choregraphed with Mutt’s blessing to make it look as if Eilleen was the party wronged. If the truth came out, Shania’s image and reputation would be severely damaged.

    Why would Mutt agree to this? Evidently he feels that it is necessary to protect the Shania brand along with his son.

  12. Birds of a feather flux together and those two are so ugly it is not funny. I should not be so mean because we have DNA to blame for that so we cannot put it on them. Shania and Fred please enjoy each other beautiful faces. Shania why in God good earth would you want to live another day with the face of Mutt Lange my goodness why. And Mutt I wish you the best she can only get worst, not very bright are you.