Lindsay Lohan interviewed for ‘Liz & Dick’ featurette: sad, bloated & funny?

This is just for those of you who are still thinking to yourselves, “I bet it would be really funny to hate-watch Liz & Dick and take a shot whenever Lindsay Lohan does or says something particularly crackie.” DO NOT DO THAT. You will die of alcohol poisoning! Because Liz & Dick is a MESS. I get the feeling that Lifetime is trying to contain the mess, like they’re trying to polish the proverbial crackie turd (gross). Lifetime is in full-on damage control, and their current PR strategy is to lower expectations of Lindsay’s awful portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor. What’s horrible is that even if they lower expectations to sub-basement levels, Lindsay’s performance is still going to struggle to meet them.

So in addition to releasing that horrible trailer, Lifetime has now released a behind-the-scenes for Liz & Dick. Lindsay is bloated and full of fillers and she sounds like a drag queen with a three-pack-a-day habit. But my favorite part is just the sheer optics of the behind-the-scenes interviews. Grant Bowler gets pretty basic lighting – he looks attractive and healthy and sober. Then Lindsay comes on screen. The camera stays on her half-shadowy face, the angle of the camera limiting viewer access to her double chin, the room in semi-darkness.

Here’s the video (and it’s also on ET’s site)

Lindsay says that she “relates” to Elizabeth Taylor “on a lot of levels… Living in the public eye; Dealing with the stress of what other people say, whether it’s true or not I personally understand Liz because you’re living your life for everyone to see and people are growing with you. You get to a point where you become numb to it and you just live your life the way you need to live it.” STFU, YOU CRACK MONSTER. Also when Grant Bowler says that Lindsay is “Liz reincarnated,” I just feel for the dude. Grant, baby, your career is never going to recover. I’m so sorry.

Screencaps from the video.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    I think that with that first screencap, I’ve seen enough…

  2. neelyo says:

    Can’t watch the video yet but that first pic is hilarious.

    Perhaps the dim lighting was to make her look more like La Liz?

  3. CatJ says:

    If you look at the clip that is linked on the LL/Bynes item, Lilo saying her lines is an atrocity. That cracked,husky voice does such a disservice to Dame Liz.
    Part of the mystique of Liz Taylor was, along with her beauty, those enchanting eyes and mouth, was her velvet voice and manner of delivering a line.
    Lindsay justs shouts lines out in her rusty, broken foghorn and ruins the illusion she might have tried to get us to believe.

    • RocketMerry says:

      So agree on the voice!! Bad, bad shivers, every time she speaks. Poor Dame Liz.

      Also, LMAO at the actor playing Burton: “She is Liz Taylor reincarnated!”. Right there, he was acting is arse off. I say he needs an award just for that line!

      • mia girl says:

        And the Emmy for the best delivery of a pr fed bs line is Grant Bowler!

        Grant beat out the director, producer, and 2 supporting actors, all from the Liz and Dick production, for this coveted award.

        When asked what his next move would be, Bowler replied “Fire my fu*king agent.”

      • Veruca says:

        @mia –

        I don’t know… I think Grant was paying very close attention when he took that course in Lindsanity at the Lohan School of Famewhoring.

        We ARE talking about him.

        Otherwise, he’d just be, ‘that guy who played Burton in that shitty Lifetime movie. You know, the Lindsay Lohan one where she did a horrible job playing Liz Taylor?’

        I wouldn’t know his name if it weren’t for all of this nonsense. Good job, Grant!

    • Roxy says:

      Liz could cuss like a sailor but she had a higher pitched, feminine, very female voice not a scratchy, whiskey, old sea hag voice. They must have gotten her for a $1.50, cuz thats what it looks like!! Wow. What a waste of all involved’s time. & Yes, whoever ‘greenlighted’ LL for this, needs to be kicked out of Hollywood. ‘Cuz thats just weird, man.

    • Sandra says:

      This was my problem with Lindsay Lohan even before she let the world in on the fact that she’s a hateful person – her range as an actress extends as far as just being/looking like/sounding like Lindsay Lohan. It’s not enough, especially when the role of yourself that you’re playing is such a bloated, narcissistic piece of shit (see above, re: hateful.)

    • Babalon says:

      FYI, Elizabeth’s voice wasn’t really velvety. Most people, including Dame Elizabeth, found it a bit shrill and of a problematic pitch.

      It’s jarring, though, to hear The Cracken try to imitate her. Don’t like.

      • Minty says:

        Thank you. Nice to see I’m not the only one here who thought Elizabeth had a shrill voice. Well, no one is perfect. She had everything else: beauty, talent, wealth, charm. And a much better voice than the Cracken.

        It’s a budget movie, but what a waste of money. Liz deserves the big studio feature film treatment, not this travesty.

    • Canda says:

      “rusty broken foghorn”

      LMAO x a million

  4. Skins says:

    Not only is she a drunken, bloated, cracked out slob, the sad fact is, she cannot act, even a bit. She may have gotten by when she was younger with the vapid roles she played, but trying to make it as an adult actor she is ridiculous. On top of that is the crackie voice that is like fingernails on a blackboard. What an insult to the memory a great actress.

    • Christian says:

      I was under the impression that she had some kind of acting abilities at one point, but I was WRONG. I watched “Mean Girls” for the first time yesterday and thought she was unremarkable. Everyone else carried the movie. Granted Lindsay’s character was just the glue that held everything together, but I didn’t find her acting to be in any way exceptional. Of course this could also be attributed to me watching “Mean Girls” in 2012, so buying LL as a mathlete was definitely a stretch!

      • deehunny says:

        yes, there is a point to that. I think that if you watched her back when that movie came out in her “hayday” it would have been more believable.

        I think she actually used to be able to act. Unfortunately, addiction affects you negatively in many ways

      • Roxy says:

        Mean Girls is an awesome movie. Not because of LL, but in spite of her!! It’s just a fun as hell movie. & she was ‘thick” in that movie too. Her legs, gawd. Treetrunks.

      • jwoolman says:

        I’ve thought the same for a long time. She was acceptable for kid/young teen movies but not so amazing that I would predict a stellar career for her as an adult. I have kid tv on in the background a lot while working, and I regularly see kid actors who are as good or better than she ever was. Some kids do get better as the series rolls on and they age, others stagnate or even get worse as they become less directable. The ones who dramatically improve when surrounded by good adult actors for a while have the best chance. I didn’t see that kind of improvement in Lindsay, she seems to have peaked in her early teens. It was especially obvious in that Herbie movie. Was she even trying? Herbie did better with the admittedly mediocre script than she did. She did respectably in Freaky Friday, but there was still something lacking. I’ve seen other young actors who would have done much better with it. She just unfortunately got too much attention too soon for a mediocre ability that she never thought she needed to work into something more. Maybe if she had stayed completely sober she would have done better, but we may never know. If she had been smarter, she could have taken that money earned working as a kid and done something else entirely if she was tired of her modeling/acting routine. Others have done it. But she’s blown through her money with nothing to show for it and is now locked into an expensive lifestyle she scrambles to maintain.

        What she did have when younger was a unique red head look, which she has damaged due to booze, other drugs, her nicotine habit and just plain not taking care of herself. There is only so much that makeup and lighting can cover up when the person is so unhealthy underneath.

      • erika says:

        emma stone replaced her as the hollywood young red head —

        all of her mean girls co stars have succeeded in leaps/bounds next to her, amy mccadams, amanda seyfreid,

        she always plays the same, herself, w/ her raspy voice, always seeming to be fighting or reaching towards something…
        it’s boring, have we ever seen her as a different character? a bookworm? loner girl? gossip girl???

        she’s lohan….now, she’s Cracken…there are no roles for that

  5. Brown says:

    Hahahaha I am laughing my ass off at the screen shot in the top photo.

    Also her makeup is HORRIBLE and she could give Waity a run for her money with her eyeliner application here.

    Something nice: dark hair suits her and she should stick with this. Much easier to mask the damage and bald spots

  6. HotPockets says:

    I am actually surprised by how articulate Lindsay Lohan can be, especially compared to momma crack hen, but why is there so much reporting on her comeback in a lifetime movie?

    I mean, Tori Spelling, Leanne Rimes, these are the people who star in Lifetime movies, starring in a lifetime movie means your career has officially fizzled.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      It’s all she’s got, HP. And it’s a step out of the gutter for her.

      (No offense, but you forgot ALL the 90210/Melrose Place/Baywatch “stars.”)

      • HotPockets says:

        hehe, yes, I did forget all the other “stars.” Actually, they are just very forgettable.

        Not to long ago I was trying to reflect on all the lifetime movies I’ve watched, at least a handful and I couldn’t remember the title of a single movie, so how can I remember who is in them?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        HP, I think Mother May I Sleep With Danger (good ole Tori) was the absolute cheesiest cheese-fest I’ve ever seen on LT, and it’s the ONLY title I remember (probably because it’s so ridiculous).

        I never could really get behind the “Women In Peril” channel, because, let’s face it, that’s what it is.

      • Ann Emmess says:

        Hee, Mother May I Sleep With Danger is the only one I’ve seen and it’s always the title-winner for cheesiest of them all.

        I remember ‘cos “Danger”, whose real name escapes me, was extremely hot and had several cracks at stardom later on that never quite panned out. I don’t know if he ever had a bona fide hit, but he’d turn up from time to time, presumably propelled by hotness.

    • HulaHoop says:

      Don’t forget Shirley MacLaine as Coco Chanel ;)

  7. Cleveland Girl says:

    What confuses me are all of the comments (for the trailer) on Youtube. The are ALL positive and glowing for Lindsay. It is like they got every intern at Lifetime to go post comments or something. Weird.

    • BeesKnees says:

      It’s the same thing on her twitter too. Every time she posts, all the comments are along the lines of “Lindsay I love you” “Lindsay you are so beautiful” “Lindsay you are my queen” etc etc. It is totally bizarre!

    • Madisyn says:

      Agree, isn’t it ludicrous. Blohan doesn’t have that many fans in the world. Its just Lifetime and Lohan, Inc. continuously changing screen names and posting. I can’t wait until the critics get a hold of this ‘gem’ of a movie and shred it. If I was Blohan, I wouldn’t be waiting for that Golden Globe nomination many ‘commenters’ speak of . . .

    • memei says:

      Those Lifetime staffers must have been taking lessons from the CO$….

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s hilarious!
      You know she doesn’t have any fans, so it’s obvious fake accounts to try to bolster interest in it. So sad!

    • hazeldazel says:

      you guys do know you can buy twitter followers, right? There was a news story recently that audited twitter followers of Leanne and Lada Gaga and several other celebrities and found that 70% of them (or thereabouts) were bought accounts from the companies where you buy followers from.

      So that way, if you’re lame like LeAnne or Lindsay and want to look like you have a bunch of followers who love you – you just buy them.

      • Lem says:

        The Mr. does some consult IT for a company that does that. Sometimes I tag along on really cool jobs. He stopped there on the way to a MIB type thing, so I got to see it in action. 20 something marketing majors on fb and Twitter all day everyday, taking it way too seriously. Commending each other on “influential tweets”
        So bizarre. Not just celebs, but business, products, websites…. I guess for whomever is paying

      • Az says:

        I get other people paying for Twitter followers but the Cracken? Unless fake twitter followers take payment in the form of stolen goods or blow jobs, there is no way she can afford them!

  8. Nanz says:

    2 things:

    1. “Lindsay is Liz reincarnated” – CRACK DELUSIONS


    That is all.

    • Amelia says:

      Oh, I feel so sorry for Grant. He’s actually a decent actor! And georgeous in Ugly Betty.
      But instead he’s been relegated to spreading crack lies.

    • Isa says:

      He must have been really stretching for something nice to say and blurted out the 1st thing that came to his mind, even though it makes zero sense on any level. Not only are the 2 women so different, but they were alive at the same time! Even if you believe that kinda thing, it is technically impossible lol.

  9. e.non says:

    her voice is shot; and it bugs the hell out of me when she refers to ‘Liz’…

    i can’t imagine that anyone is going to think of taylor watching this; other than hoping that her family will sue lifetime for defamation.

  10. Jennika says:

    “You have your pictures!!!! WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LEAVE US ALONE??????!!!!!!!!!”

    hahahahahahaha you guys she’s totes going to get an emmy!

  11. No Sensei says:

    The interview makes her look like Brando in ‘Apocalypse Now’…

  12. francesca1 says:

    He could barely conceal his mirth and disgust when he said that “Lindsay is Liz… reincarnated”.

  13. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    I was thinking more on the line of Betty Davis in What Every Happened to
    Baby Jane…but Brando works for me…LOL

  14. Lem says:

    If we keep doing crack-tini’s with every run in with the law or do shots when she does something crack headed they will need a CB reader wing at Passages Malibu

  15. Bess says:

    The Cracken’s face is so swollen / bloated that it looks like she’s having an adverse reaction to a medication.

    Luckily for Lifetime, this role seems to feature a lot of scenes with the Cracken in bed, throwing tantrums and storming out of rooms. Blohan has a lot of practice doing all that stuff. Not an acting stretch at all.

    • Madisyn says:

      Bess, she’s ‘swollen and bloated’ because she swigs off her ‘water’ bottle continuously, morning, noon and night. Agree, her screaming and having tantrums are par for the coarse with this SLAG. Truth be told, I can’t wait to watch this EPIC disaster!

      • Bess says:

        Agree… some of the bloat is due to the “water”, but doesn’t it seem like it could be from “fillers” too? The Cracken’s face actually looks so bloated that it looks painful.

        I’d love to watch “Liz & Dick” because it will be so epically bad, but remember by watching that first night, you are feeding the Cracken’s and Dina’s delusions that it’s a comeback.

      • Madisyn says:

        I’m not a Nielsen box holder, so my watching won’t matter. It will be dvr’d because Lifetime is going to have to edit this shit down or at least her scenes specifically so much, they’re going to have to use ad space to fill the gaps. Plus I don’t ‘do’ commercials anyway. If the networks were registering ‘MY’ television watching, shows I adored wouldn’t be cancelled and shows I’ve never seen wouldn’t be hits.

      • jwoolman says:

        Alas, Madisyn, nowadays they don’t need the Nielsen ratings. Cable companies know what channels we watch and when… They can collect plenty of data if desired, although there are laws about attaching names to it. YouTube views are counted as well as other ways to watch. Yes, Big Brother has arrived. I worry that I’m counted as a Kardashian fan because my recording via EyeTV on my computer of a show after theirs starts five minutes early because my cable connection builds up delays. :)

        There are anonymous e-mail sending sites. Maybe we need sites to let us watch things we don’t want counted in ratings…

  16. ladybert62 says:

    Dear Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton:

    I apologize to both of you for the horror that this movie is. Please remember that as your fan I know that crackhead is not and never will be Liz Taylor. I miss you both.


  17. Sirsnarksalot says:

    I’m sorry but the longer I live the more I think children (under the age of 18) should not be in show business. You can’t grow up with a camera on you and end up even in the neighborhood of normal. And LA must have poison in their water making its inhabitants think these face bloating procedures look good.

  18. Dee Cee says:

    Lindsay only watched and studied ‘Whose afraid of Virgina Wolf? movie of Liz with Richard.. In the Bio for tv movie.. she plays all the cast roles and does her own stunts.. La Liz-Lilo style

    • fabgrrl says:

      OMG! you are right! She is spot on Taylor in “Virginia Wolf”! Wow, I never put that together. Brilliant casting, Lifetime!

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    I sorry. I’m laughing so hard at that header pic that I can’t even see. Tears are rolling down my face. I’ll be back when I get myself under control.

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      *gives CPR to OBella*, you OK now?

      Now me, ahahahahahaha. Ok, I feel better. What else is there to say. She’s better suited to the real life adventures of Marge Simpson’s sisters. She could be Selma with that voice.

      The Cracken is the gossip gift that always keeps giving.

      • Amelia says:

        Pffffffft, Marge Simpson’s sisters!!
        Ah. Drat. I need a new keyboard now :)

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Okay, I’m good. I’m back. I think. :D I just watched that mess of a video, and I think I hurt myself laughing.

        You alright, Tiff?

    • Madisyn says:

      Always the face of beauty, class, elegance and sobriety!

  20. memei says:

    Ugh, I can’t bear to watch so I’ll make do with looking at the screencaps instead.

    In the last one she reminds me of a younger Rosie O’Donnell.(Sincerest apologies to Rosie)

    Does anyone else see it? Or have I had one cracktini too many at lunch?

  21. MsMileHigh says:

    I have not been able to get past their casting a crackhead who is covered head to toe in freckles as a woman whom I do not remember having a single freckle.

  22. the original bellaluna says:

    La Liz was GIFTED her diamonds; Blohan STEALS hers.


  23. says:

    Wow. If this is the sort of acting that is supposed to win her her first Oscar before turning 30…

    • tonina says:

      Don’t you be worrying yourself. As you see, Lindsay has mostly gotten away with what she wants most of the time.
      So, when she turns 30, the Oscars will finally create Best Stunt-whatever on the heels of her most amazing stunt-acting work.

      The film will be called “Post-Extinction: After the End of the World”
      Where she will serve as the stunt/body double for a certain Mrs. Gromphadorrhina Portentosa.
      Her work will be so amazing, it will blow everyone’s mind away.

      That or she’ll steal someone else’s Oscar during a housewarming dinner which she has invited herself to.

  24. tonina says:

    I wish Lifetime would just go down the Meta route instead.
    Instead of doing a straight biopic of Liz & Dick, they should do a meta-narrative instead, a la “The Cock & Bull Story” (Steve Coogan’s film about the impossibility of filming Tristram Shandy).

    I’m sure they have enough materials of on-camera, of-camera, behind and infront the scenes to cobble up an edit for this purpose.
    There’s still time left!!

  25. dorothy says:

    Not impressed, not watching.

  26. sapphire says:

    She looks absolutely nothing like Dame Elizabeth-truly awful. If they chose the best clips for the trailer, I can’t even imagine how truly rotten the film will be. And she is still sticking her dirty fingers in her mouth!

  27. Leila says:

    When she “yelled” at the photogapher, I’m sorry but I just started cracking up, and I totally startled my 3 year old. That was serious bad acting. Hilarious.

  28. connie says:

    omg those screen schots. she looks unrecognizable. how awful!

  29. swack says:

    If that lighting is supposed to flatter her then someone is doing something wrong. That lighting makes her look HORRIBLE. I will not watch – as typically I do not watch Lifetime except for Project Runway – much more drama there than in any movie on Lifetime!

  30. Alana Fajina says:

    “ just live your life the way you need to live it” so…. she says she MEANT to hit those paparazzi dudes with her car? She MEANT to end up in rehab and on house arrest??? OMG, Ol Violet Eyes must be Spinning in that grave of hers :(

  31. bns says:

    I can already feel the secondhand embarrassment and the movie hasn’t even come out yet…I can’t wait!

  32. sasha says:

    “Lindsay is Liz reincarnated”

    Perhaps he means that she looks like Zombie Liz? Because I can totally get behind that.

    • echolocate says:

      I had the same thought and was scrolling down to post when I saw your brilliant post!

      Grant meant to say that Lindsay is “Liz…reanimated… if the reanimation happened in the first few weeks after death, when gases are released and the face (lips too) and body become bloated and misshapen…and decay has set in to an extent that reanimated Liz can manage little more vocally than a croak or bark, and her skin has taken on a mottled brownish-yellow cast no amount of pancake makeup can mask… .”

  33. Larry says:

    She’s in her 20s? Jebus! Well, at least the make up department really didn’t have to do that much to age her!

  34. jamminatorr says:

    “Can’t you leave me alone?!” AAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA. I’m pretty sure my little sister is a better actor.

  35. Would Vincet Cassel Wear This? says:

    So how come Lindsay and her train wreck of a family don’t have their own reality TV show? They’d be perfect.

  36. Sugarrbunny says:

    Just v v sad. Saw her mother’s pathetic performance & just feel bad for the children to grow up w/that!

  37. Jayna says:

    The fillers in her face during that interview is disturbing. She has that big pillow face look they get from overdoing it. This is a joke. Lindsay doesn’t have an ounce of sophistication to play this role and her voice is like Liz crossed over to the other side of the trailer tracks.

  38. lflips says:


  39. TheTruthHurts says:

    Horrible. She doesn’t even attempt to do a Liz Taylor voice. What an actress. This is going to be like watching Lindsay Lohan in a wig. Disgrace to Elizabeth Taylor’s memory. At least Katie Holmes worked on a jackie O Voice when she did the Kennedys for God’s sake.

  40. wendy says:

    For every early forties actor who dumps their wives and kids back in Australia when they get a part on a US drama, let this be your Karmic warning…

  41. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    Well they have back the show date up to the Sunday night after ThanksGiving ..LOL …that is about the lowest viewing night all season..Sundsay night Football ….getting kiddies to bed for school the next day after a holiday ..that will take up most of the night…getting stuff ready to go back to work the next day….and Sunday evening services…returning home from grandmas house…Yep there is going be a whole lot of people watching alright….LOL…….. Maybe they are counting on all the other channels running the holiday re-runs season and they will pick up viewers…got news for them rerun of Sharkman would draw mor viewers….LOL

    • the original bellaluna says:

      So, no Sweeps then? And damn! I’m definitely going to be DVR-ing this mess (due to commercials and wanting to be able to freeze her expressions) because I think I’m going home for Thanksgiving!

  42. carmol says:

    Is she winking on that first photo or is that just the crack effect??

  43. Jay says:

    It’s not right to compare these marketing efforts to polishing a turd. After all, MythBusters proved that it is actually possible to polish a turd successfully.

  44. dcypher1 says:

    I dont think I can stare at ll’s double chinn and ma from road house voice for a couple hours. Ive decided im not gonna watch this crap.

  45. Kathryn says:

    I can’t deal with the fact that one of histories greatest actresses is being disgraced by one crack face that is Lindsey Lohan. Hollywood has hit an all time low…

  46. Happy21 says:

    OMG I was not going to post but I just watched a trailer on YouTube and it looks AWFUL. At some point someone says in the movie to “Liz/Lindsay” You just ended your fourth marriage and she says “Who’s Counting?” She sounded like she was 12 years old with a whiskey/cigarette voice.

    Then the comments! “She could get a Golden Globe for this” “Or an Emmy” and then someone says they don’t even like her but wow she could get a Golden Globe for her role as Liz.

    Are you Fking kidding me!? No one is going to give the Cracken an award for destroying the character of THE Liz Taylor?! Who are these people fooling and what the hell have they watched and thought was award worthy in the past. Holy crap, I am just blown away!

  47. Lurkeelee says:

    Lilo is a trainwreck and this movie seems to be as well. However, Liz was too. She was also a bloated, drug and booze hound, on again off again fatso who had alot of men in her life. Ditto for Richard Burton. Why everyone is making her out to be a saint, I don’t know.

    • skeptical says:

      Because Liz gave of her time to those less fortunate. She pushed for AIDS patients to be treated as humans when AIDS was a taboo subject.
      Blohan can’t even be bothered for community service at the downtown women’s ceneter.
      Or did you conveniently miss her “the service was not fulfilling” excuse?
      La Liz also didn’t carjack (with innocent people still in the car) or steal or run over people.

      • Lurkeelee says:

        First of all dude, people were not treated as inhuman when AIDS first broke on the scene, there just wasn’t a cure and scientists needed to research for treatments. Liz was one of many who participated in charity fund raising for AIDS patients. I believe she knew some who were afflicted with the disease and felt the need to get involved. She was already in her somewhat older years when this happened, but even so I applaud her for that, however that still does not make her a saint. Now who said I was a Lilo fan and knew every foible about her? As I said, Lilo IS a train wreck. Perhaps you misunderstood my point which is that Liz, Dick and Lilo are alike in many ways (when Liz and Dick were young) and there are many similarities. Keep in mind too, Lilo came from a bad family situation and Liz not so much. I forgot to add too Liz was a homewrecker too as well which I don’t think Lilo’s done at least yet. Critique Lilo’s acting if you will and she should get panned if her performance is terrible, but enough of the Lilo is too low to play “Dame Liz” and dishonor her memory stuff. I don’t mean that at you in particular, but many on this thread. I still hope Lilo pulls her act together. She can as she is still young.

    • Minty says:

      You can’t expect anyone in Hollywood to be saints. Elizabeth had her flaws, but she was a good person. She promoted AIDS awareness and research when no other celebrity wanted to be associated with it.

      Her close friends were lucky because she was very loyal. She publicly supported Michael Jackson during the molestation allegations. Did you know that when Montgomery Clift’s face was mangled in that horrific car accident she rushed to the scene to protect him from press photographers (1950s version of paparazzi)? She threatened to ruin their careers if they took a photo of him. She also pulled out broken teeth lodged in his throat to stop his choking. Who wouldn’t want a true friend like that?

      People get way too judgmental even when they know little about someone.

      • Lurkeelee says:

        You mention the Montgomery Clift thing, but you know it was her insistance he go to a party which he didn’t want to and on his way back, tired and maybe tipsy the accident happened. I read this in a book of old Hollywood. That does not make it her fault, but she may have felt some guilt. The Michael Jackson thing is a double edged sword. Supporting him amidst child molestation alegations, IDK if that is good of not. We will never know if he did or not, but what if he did? I always thought it weird she was friends with him and then another weird thing was her marrying that plumber guy Larry Fortensky. Yeah, she was very eccentric. She was a good actress in some roles, though, overall I think overated because of her beauty when she was very young.

      • ELla says:

        Let’s see, Elizabeth wasnt a convicted criminal, she never assaulted random strangers in bars or clubs, nor was she ever involved in car accidents/hit and runs. Compared to that, Elizabeth’s addictions and numerous affairs are nothing. Elizabeth is far and above lohan not only in looks, talent and class, she has done more for humanity that lohan ever has. By her age, Elizabeth was already an A list actress who was well known for her grown up roles rather than as a child actress. In comparison lohan has achieved nothing other than be a teen starlet. Fyi, it doesn’t matter if Elizabeth had invited Montgomery over to her place,the point is, she helped save her friend in need which is more than what I can say about lohan. She is the one who endangers others by her careless disregard of pedestrians and her passengers whenever she drives.

      • Minty says:


        It’s not weird that Elizabeth and Michael were friends. She had a lot in common with him as well as Monty and lifelong friend Roddy McDowall. They all were child performers pushed to the spotlight by their parents. They compared notes on what that was like. I can see her sympathizing with Lindsay because Lindsay was also her family’s cash cow at such a young age.

        She knew Michael a thousand times more than anyone here, so perhaps she stood by him because she knew he was innocent, which is what a genuine friend does when the others ditch you during bad times.

        Elizabeth was in love with love. She married every man she cheated with. She had been with a lot of high profile men, so it’s not inconceivable that she could want a change and marry a non-celebrity like Larry.

        However, lumping her with Lindsay is ridiculous. Elizabeth overcame her problems and became a better person because of it. Lohan is unprofessional, a narcissist, a liar, a thief, a user, a backstabber, a drunk driver, and all-around public menace. How can she even begin to “pull her act together” when she never takes responsibility in the first place and blames everyone else? Save your wishful thinking for someone more deserving of sympathy.

      • ELla says:

        And when I said Elizabeth has done more for humanity than Lindsay ever has, I was referring to her charity work for AIDS. She wasn’t a saint, she wasn’t perfect, but compared to lohan she is. It doesn’t matter if she did her charity work when she was older. She was brave enough to stand up for her friend and others who were suffering from AIDS, at a time when people wanted to shun them. She liked to reach out to people who were troubled. Elizabeth would have never kicked some who was down like what lohan did to Amanda Bynes. That alone shows she was a class act, and was way above lohan in looks, talent, career, and personality.

    • Kristin says:

      I generally don’t call out other posters, and I honestly do realize that you have a right to your own opinion and I totally respect that. I honestly do. But I just really think you’re pretty off the mark with some of your comments. You clearly are no fan of Elizabeth Taylor and that’s completely fine. But I just don’t think you can even remotely compare Elizabeth Taylor to Lindsay Lohan. First off, Lindsay is only 25 years old, but already has a rap sheet longer than my arm. In her entire life, I don’t recall Elizabeth Taylor having ever been arrested. And to minimize her AIDS work by stating that she was just one of many celebrity activists? Are you serious?? Elizabeth Taylor was the REASON that other celebrities start championing the cause. She spoke out publicly about AIDS years before our own President did. She took up her AIDS activism at a time when fear and a lack of understanding made AIDS activism pretty much the least popular charitable cause on the planet. Not to mention the fact that she’s been credited with having raised around $50 million dollars for AIDS research. The only thing remotely charitable that Lindsay has ever done is her court-ordered community service. And she couldn’t even do that right.

      And on another note, I have to say that I completely disagree with your statement that people with AIDS weren’t treated as sub-human. Yes, they absolutely were. I remember very clearly how people felt about AIDS back then. Remember Ryan White? The little kid who suffered from hemophilia and contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion? He was spit on. Avoided like the plague until he was finally kicked out school just because had AIDS. His parents had to file a lawsuit against the school. They eventually won, but chose to leave the community that they’d lived in their whole lives because of the hatred and death threats they received. And that was a common reaction from around the country and the rest of the world. You’re correct in that a huge issue was that people were not properly educated about the virus. But that doesn’t mean that people didn’t react with fear and hatred. Because they absolutely did. Remember how big of a deal it was when Princess Diana was filmed holding AIDS babies in Africa back in the 80′s? It was so unheard of at the time that it literally became an international headline. You’re right that Elizabeth Taylor was no saint. But she never claimed to be perfect. And I never remember her playing “the victim card” like Lindsay does. Elizabeth Taylor was a very talented actress who won 2 Academy Awards. Lindsay is a crap, former Disney-movie actress whose own fame and credibility has fallen so far that the only acting job she could get was for a craptastic Lifetime “movie” where she received second-billing to her virtually unknown co-star. I just think that when you break them both down, they really aren’t much alike at all.

  48. Adrien says:

    She really does look like Liz – the Forstensky years not the Burton years though.

  49. megs says:


  50. dcypher1 says:

    Whos gonna wanna watch that bloated face in hd for a couple hours yuck. Sounds more like a horror movie than a bio.

  51. jessiesgirl says:

    She is an idiot SUPREME!!! Everything is only ever about her! She sit out the same BS crap line about Marilyn – how whe could relate because if the “lies” written about her. Guess what loser-people write that you are an insane crack monster because you ARE an insane crack monster!

  52. Macey says:

    I just cant bring myself to even watch the trailer. I know its going to be painfully hilarious but i just cant do it. the header pic and video still up top are scary enough. her face and lips with those fillers are atrocious. how can she not see how awful that looks? i just dont get it. I wont even get into her acting, the above posts pretty much say what i would. im glad im not the only one that never got it when ppl said she once had talent when she didnt. never played anything outside of herself. I know this movie is going to be a major shitfest and i wont watch the night its on just so i dont contribute to her ratings but i will try and sit thru it at some point, doubt ill last.

  53. Sugar says:

    as a true Elizabeth Taylor fan as I have said before I will actually freeze frame her in movies like A Place in the Sun or Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Father of The Bride etc because she was so beautiful. On contrast I look @ LiLOs face like WTF @ such a young age.
    BTW thank you regular posters for great material & nick names I was in a training most of the day for new software @ work & had to create my own names so I drew from the deep well of LILO nicknames & made up crap to put into the reason for the crisis call-not hard to do w/Lindsay as your muse. much to my surprise the instructor put my screen up on the big screen-everyone had a good chuckle because none of my co-workers knew my fictitious person really exist.

  54. DUH says:

    …as always??

  55. ViloDeMenus says:

    I think what people will remember about Grant is that he’s a good actor, and was incredibly gracious about a co-star who treated him rather badly during the shoot but he remained classy. I think no matter what the reviews are people will remember that he can work with anyone, and he’s a more than decent guy who didn’t trash her for being an obnoxious fiend. Just not throwing up during a scene with her probably was hard during the shoot.

    Google what DJ Qualls and some other co-stars have to say about the way Lilo treated them during a shoot, she’s actually cruel and says horrible things to people to their faces in front of groups of co-workers just to hurt and humiliate them because she could. If you look back, most people who have worked with her will never work with her again and instead of making friends with people, she leaves a trail of enemies in her wake. The list of people who won’t work with her again is very long, the list of people who never want to work with her is even much longer, and growing.

    She’s pretty much at the stunt casting stage of her career, and everyone will tire of seeing those in the next year. She’s one step away from announcing her retirement and becoming a yacht girl and banging anything that moves in the Mediterranean for money. I wonder if Dina will get 20% of her yacht hustle money too? Tara Reid is making more on the hustle than she ever did acting. So that’s my prediction, let the French and Italians worry about her criminal activities for a while, and give us a break in the US.

    • Veruca says:

      (Love your name!)

      Isn’t she doing the yacht girl/rent-a-night thing already? I was under the impression that that’s how she exists.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Yeah, she’s already doing the “high-dollar-hooker/yacht thing.” It’s how she supports herself AND WO.

        (Though how she could be considered “high-dollar” is absolutely beyond me!)

    • Shelly says:

      THIS! Although, I even think it’s unfair to Tara to compare her to Lindsay. Yes, Tara is a drunken mess most of the time, but she still seems like a nice girl, albeit one with some issues. Lindsay on the other hand is a full-of-herself, delusional monster with absolutely NO redeeming qualities.

  56. yoon says:

    That first pic made my night. #trainwreck

  57. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Oh I still have to watch this. It’s so awefull. I want to see the actor playing Richard holding back vomit whenever he has to kiss Lohan.

    On another note made me happy to read all the great comments on here from those who love Elizabeth Taylor as much as I do.