Christina Aguilera reveals rainbow extensions, new video: tacky or cute?

These are some new photos of Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend/gentleman-walker Matt Rutler leaving Spago on Friday night in LA. Presumably, Christina was celebrating her latest music video and single, which I’ll get to in a moment. Shall we talk about her hair/extensions/dye job? It’s all so terrible. It’s not even a “Well, she’s young and she’s cute, she sort of pulls it off” kind of thing. She just seems… like she’s trying too hard? Or maybe not hard enough? Because she’s too busy drinking? And poor Matt’s face is all, “Drunk girl is drunk. Ugh.”

So, like I said, Christina was celebrating her new music video and single for “Your Body” (also called “F—k Your Body”). We already heard the single two weeks ago, as it was released to a collective “Eh, it’s not horrible but it’s not great either.” The video was just released this week and… OH NO.

You know how throughout Christina’s career, people always said she was derivative of whoever else was more popular than her at the time? When she first came on the scene, everyone compared her to Britney. Then she did the “dirty” thing and I guess that wasn’t blatantly derivative (although with her dreads and piercings, she reminded me of Ani DiFranco). Then she did a derivative Lady Gaga (which sucked) and now… it feels like this video is derivative of a few videos Beyonce did, right? They weren’t Beyonce’s most popular videos or anything, but I remember one a few years ago that was remarkably similar in styling and vibe – like, glitzy/trashy. It also feels like Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video a bit too. There’s a dash of Ke$ha in there too, which is interesting.

As for everything else… horrible makeup. Horrible extensions. Horrible clothes. And she looks really drunk too. And now we know that Christina Aguilera has sex in the gas station bathrooms. Good to know.

Photos courtesy of WENN and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Arock says:

    Gross. Just gross.

  2. Eleonor says:

    I haven’t watched the video, but in the second picture she looks like Snooki, but less orange.

  3. truetalk says:

    The boyfriend looks miserable.Like he has sobered up and is wandering if this free meal ticket is worth it.

    • lisa2 says:

      I was going to say something similar. He looks like he is so over everything. And for some reason he is looking more like her ex husband to me.

      I’m not a fan of her music really. And can’t really recall many of her songs. I just think she really took some weird turn after her divorce. Her look and everything seemed to change during that time. She just seems a bit lost and holding on to the past. Looking at the styling in the video it looks very dated and not inventive or forward thinking.

      It reminds me of when people talk about women that don’t change their clothing style. Something to the affect that women style themselves in the time period they felt the most attractive. Christina seems to be doing that.

  4. Annie says:

    Her bf’s faces lmao. He looks over it.

    Why is Christina always so tacky? I feel like all these trashy looks over the years are a product of her experimenting random things that are never flattering on her and never create an actual look, it’s like getting dressed in the dark. Like she never has a real idea of what she wants so she ends up looking like when you’re little and trying on make up and tiaras. She puts everything on even if it doesn’t go well together because she doesn’t know what she wants. And I just feel like it’s very tryhard and desperate and she never looks good. Who would seriously consider her a fashion/style icon anymore than Snookie?

    Buzzfeed had a test “Christina Aguilera or a jugalette?” She legit wears things that jugalettes wear.

  5. RocketMerry says:

    This poor woman.
    I don’t even know, I feel bad for her. She clearly has issues with herself, how she is perceived, fame and addiction to alcohol.
    It’s not even funny to point out her flaws, it’s not harmless anymore. It’s just sad.

    • Kristen says:

      You’re exactly right. Christina us always talking about “being a strong woman” in interviews, and sings about that in her music. But she obviously isn’t. She clearly has self-image and alcohol issues.
      I remember when she first hit the scene, she talked candidly about the bullying she faced in school (this is before everyone talked about bullying — think late 90s/early 2000s). That $hit stays with you. It’s very hard for some people to get past it. She needs help.

    • kay says:


      I have never been a fan, but at this point I just can’t even laugh at what a mess she is.

      It’s all so awful, not just her looks and her drunk walk (yikes! been there, and thank god it was not recorded!), just all of it.

    • erika says:

      true….v. sad. and dangerous…

      i know it’s a gossip site but i read somewhere that when she gets drunk at home, she’ll eventually start throwing stuff and breaking it. she’s a rage drunk.

      inneresting…years ago she made a comment in magazine about relieveing stress by ‘throwing things’…

      she looks BOMBED. who gets bombed at Spagos? and at her age, it’s rude and MEAN to get so plastered while your mate remains the sober one to put up w/ your drunken s***t.

      get her OFF my radar!!

  6. Cleveland Girl says:

    Holy crap. She has the best voice and THIS is the song she chooses to record??? What is wrong with her. Why does she have to act like a SLEEZE in EVERY video?? Sorry for yelling, but this just makes me mad. She is too good for this crap.

    • Annie says:

      Especially when Bionic flopped mostly because of how trashy and raunchy her first video was and how dumb she looked. She’s not as sexy as she thinks she is, I don’t know a single guy who wants her. She doesn’t need to exploit that side of her like many untalented popstars do because she IS very talented.

      I remember a performance at the Grammys maybe 5 years ago? She sang this blues-y jazzy song, wearing a white suit. The music, the style fit her so well. Totally at her level. Why does she insist on cheapening herself music-wise and style-wise is beyond me. She wears stuff that Snookie would wear. Just no.

      • thebutlerdidit says:

        “It was “Its a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” by James Brown. 2007. She went thru that retro 40s style, I thought she looked better than ever before. She needs that back in her life, paint thinner, chopped off weave, & two size bigger clothes.

      • Annie says:

        Yes!! Gosh she sang the crap out of that song and everyone gave her a standing ovation. I remember Jamie Foxx nodding his head like “Wow. Yes!”

        Doesn’t she get it? If she cleans up her image and records amazing music she will make all the Katy Perrys and Gagas look incredibly stupid, which they are. But she tries to look like them. Like all a female singer is ever good for is fapping material. So sad.

  7. The Original Tiffany says:

    First off, no red clown lipstick with PINK hair. Looks so sloppy.

    Secondly, that video and that hair looks like Rainbow brite got into a drunken bar fight with a herd of My little Ponies in a whorehouse.

    Anyone who glorifies stranger sex in a bathroom like that is so gross.
    AND if a dude did a video where he “kills” women like this, he would be so skewered for violence against women. A drunk 30 year old made a vid like this and when she kills dudes a pink glitterbomb is what happens? Brit did that video where she did the same thing because I remember discussing it here, the one where she is in the car and then gets out and I think used a whip or cable to kill all the police dudes, right?


  8. Samigirl says:

    I loled over this video. I also like how she obviously used a body double for the last “murder.” Certainly she doesn’t think we will believe that’s actually her in that tight black dress?!

  9. katie says:

    she needs a makeup artist.. with lots of anti-shine face powder. or she needs to buy some of that powder herself. greasy faces make me feel all bleegh, i have one and i take care of it.

  10. Annie says:

    If she likes this overdone cheesy look she needs to hire the stylists from Burlesque. Her face and hair looked great. The make up was great. Like it was cheesy with looks like the biker suit but it looked great.

    Her make up is awful all the time.

  11. Eleonor says:

    I’ve watched the video. I can’t believe this is the same woman who made “Back to Basics”.

  12. Jackie O says:

    i agree about being derivative…but this seems more katy perry related, with the cartoon references and colours.

    anyway, i find it beyond sad when women try so hard to be sexy after their prime. must be hard to accept, i guess.

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      You are phrasing that wrong. I’s fine for a women to be sexy,try or no try at any age. Sorry, we don’t expire.

      It IS wrong for a woman to try to look like a 18 year old Stodden. It is when said woman tries to be sexy by trying to look like she is 20, with the pink and ubershort dresses and makeup. She is striving for whore, not sexy. THAT is wrong. All these pop stars do it and that is what is pathetic. JLo anyone? Madonna, Britney? The list is endless.

    • some bitch says:

      I disagree with the idea that women are past their prime once they hit their 30s. Simply untrue.

      Christina needs to stop dressing like it’s 2002. With more appropriate makeup and an updated wardrobe she’d look a million times better.

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      PS-Jackie O, someday you too will be over 40 and then 50…

      It is not hard to accept at all, but I see no reason to turn in my sexy card because I turned 40. If anything you feel sexier at this age.

      These ladies are different, they made their money off their bodies and their egos won’t let them forget it.

      Look at Dita, Cindy C, lots of the 80’s models. All still amazing and sexy. Sex and allure should never leave you.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I’m 32 better put me out to pasture then o_O

        @tiff, a secure 40-something who takes good care of herself is far more attractive than a basket-case 20-something with perfect abs. That goes for men and women both. I wouldn’t dream of looking at 20-something dudes anymore.

    • Annie says:

      Sexyness has nothing to do with age. Ask men who they would rather have a romp with: Monica Bellucci or Courtney Stodden. Salma Hayek or Kristen Stewart. Sofia Vergara or Taylor Swift.

      Youth doesn’t mean prime or perfection. Some women get better with age after they leave their awkward phase and learn how to carry themselves, dress themselves, etc.

      It ‘s all about how you carry yourself. If Christina is not in her prime anymore is not because she’s 30 but because she has a drinking problem and is letting herself go. Stumbling out of bars like that? Not attractive. Dressing like Snookie? Not attractive. Being an eternal bitchy woman? Not attractive.

      You’re past your prime when you stop taking care of yourself and let go, and that can happen at 20 or 80.

    • Jackie O says:

      i did not state that being past your prime was related to a number.

    • TrollyDolly says:

      Good luck when you age JackieO. Roll out the slacks, blue rinse and wide fit sandals when you are past your “prime” – what, aged 29?

  13. lisa2 says:

    I just noticed his clinched hands. Like he is furious and tying to hold it in; trying not to explode.

  14. Jayna says:

    The video is cute for the song. People need not be so serious. This is a great club song. Basic but it will have everyone out on the dance floor. The outfit above is what she wore for the taping of Leno Friday, so those shots must have been from Friday. Walking out on the show she looked horrible in that dress, but it looked okay sitting down talking to him, but the fake tan on her face was horrific. There aren’t words. It was like a New Jersey tan gone bad. I just realized those are colored extensions in her hair. LOL. The whole interview with Jay I thought she had some multi-colored thing around her shoulders.

    • Samigirl says:

      You’re right about club song. I went to our local gay bar last night and one of the queens performed to it and she was fab! The crowd loved it. I enjoyed her more than Xtina :-/

  15. hyena says:

    Christina works best when she does her own thing…which rarely happens. Even dirty as you mention above, came out after I’m a slave for you. I love dirty but it was a dirtier version of what brit already did.

    Even her rainbow hair is an ugly ass copy of something Gaga, Katy P and Britney already did.

    Use your voice Christina!

  16. some bitch says:

    Those extensions are so gross. This woman has the potential to look incredible but insists on the orange skin and clown makeup. Why?

    As for the video, I don’t understand why it had to be so violent. Can you imagine the outcry if the victims had been women? The sex in a dive bar bathroom and Christina’s bitchface throughout already makes the video revolting enough without the murders.

  17. Mew says:

    Tacky, trashy and cheap.

  18. valleymiss says:

    Christina, YOU HAVE TALENT! Stop with the drinking and the distractions. Jeez.

  19. Baylor says:

    To be fair, not all of her videos/songs are sexual. Hurt and beautiful weren’t. She was actually very classy in Hurt.
    I don’t think she is channeling Beyonce, more like Bonnie McKee. She probably thinks she can get away with that since Bonnie isn’t as well known.

    • fork says:

      Totally Bonni McKee… who, to be fair, is only going to be able to rock her trademark look for a few more years. She’s hot and so talented, but about Xtina’s same age.

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      Beautiful was written and produced by the great Linda Perry. Not Xtina.

      • Tommy says:

        But it’s still her video. She didn’t write or produce Your Body but you’re attributing that to her.

  20. anon says:

    I’d say her new ‘style’ is more derivative of Miss Rainbow Brite herself (that is, Nicki Minaj). Does anyone else agree? It makes sense too because she probably decided to steal Minaj’s style when Christina worked with Minaj on her last album (which flopped).

  21. Shelly says:

    This is the worst she’s ever looked. And girlfriend is most definitely drunk! That’s the same way my face looks after polishing off a bottle of wine. I think she looks good in the video, though, and the song isn’t too bad.

  22. Nan209 says:

    I think she needs to detox from celeb life. She’s being replaced next season of the voice. It would be a good time to get the heck out of tinsel town and go hide out somewhere and then record. Take yourself and your child somewhere wholesome and get this crazy cr@p out of your head. You don’t need to show off your boobies, wear crazy extensions or tight dresses – you don’t need it woman! Those are just traps. Get back to center.

    • Jayna says:

      Beyond being on the show, Christina is rarely out and about. She has a little boy to take care of. She seems to be a homebody past being on the show and an occasional sighting of her out at dinner. She rarely hits a club. That’s not her problem, Tinseltown. Her album is already recorded or getting near the end of recording, I would think, with a single released. She’s taking the time off from one season of the Voice to tour because the girl hasn’t toured since 2006/2007. She needs to get back on the road. Nobody waits that long to tour at the height of her career.

      Her problem with trashy dressing is just her personality and won’t change until she decides to, because I’m sure other people try to tell her. Christina is her own worst enemy.

      What she needs to do is stop sitting around the house pigging out. Put down the food. People say she is probably drinking a lot. She probably is, but it’s far more than that. This girl is overeating to gain the amount of weight she did and she probably isn’t exercising. She seemed to have started dressing trashier or not to match her body type when she gained weight, like she thinks it enhances her body or something. I don’t get that rationale. She needs to get out and start exercising and start eating healthy and cutting down on the booze.

  23. Angela says:

    Some parts of the video she looked like Paris Hilton

  24. Dani says:

    The first close-up of the first guy in the video gave me an Adam Levine vibe. Hmmm.

    • Havik says:

      So glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed that! First thing I thought was Adam Levine. Very curious…

  25. Dee Cee says:

    I’m home.. uh rushing.. gotta kiss my kid and .. what? Oh him.. tuck in..

  26. Jayna says:

    Christina had trimmed down a bit when the live portion of The Voice came on last season. You could see the difference between the taped portions in the beginning and the live and her hair looked pretty. She has obviously over hiatus put back on and is back to her crappy looks clotheswise.

    Divorcing her husband was the worst thing that happened to her, because she obviously has hooked up with a very weak guy, who has latched on to her and not his own career in movie production trying to move up the ladder. He instead is a paid boyfriend who enables Christina and maybe secretly likes her looking like crap to keep her. I don’t get it. Christina was always one of my favs. Here she is back five years ago or so. Amazing. And even with her flashier look color hairwise and makeup, it was never clownlike.

    Singing Oh, Mother, a song she wrote about her mother.

  27. Jennifer12 says:

    She’s actually attractive, extra weight or not, when she dresses nicely and without the bleached hair, extensions, and loads of makeup. If only she’d accept that she’s a divorced mother in her 30s as opposed to a young, single person and make the dress looser, wear it with great boots, and light makeup and darken the hair and stop with the dumb extensions. Divorcing her supportive, adoring husband was the stupidest thing she’s ever done.

    • A. says:

      Oh hello stereotypes. Aint nuffin wrong with the way she dresses or behaves, 30 is still young, thank you very much. It’s a video, not her reality.

      • bluhare says:

        No there’s nothing wrong with it. As long as you don’t care about good taste.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        It’s my opinion, which I’m entitled to. She’s nearly 32 and I think she looks ridiculous. It has nothing to do with weight, and in a way it has nothing to do with age (to an extent). It’s that she looks drunk and disorderly all the time, is rarely photographed with her child but consistently with her boyfriend, piles on loads of makeup and ugly extensions (which look dumb on lots of people, BTW) and seems to be hiding from herself in plain sight. It looks silly to do a video as though she were a college freshman who can do whatever- she clearly has not and does not embrace the more mature side of herself. I didn’t say wear mom jeans and adopt a bunch of cats. And she is a walking stereotype anyway- nice violence in those videos. She has a SON; is that how she wants him to see men perceived? She dresses in a way that screams stereotype, and tries to disguise it behind fake feminism.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        And, um, yeah- it IS her reality. She sleeps around, is drunk in public, dresses in clothing that is both tight and revealing on a regular basis, is rude to whoever she considers beneath her (pretty much the entire population), doesn’t bother to raise her child, and has been arrested. She also relieved herself AT A FUNERAL. It’s her reality, pure and simple.

  28. bns says:

    She’s a drunken mess. I loved Stripped and Back to Basics, but her music has been disappointing for a while now.

  29. apsutter says:

    She looks awful! I’ve basically given up all hope that she’d grow the hell up and get it together. I think you guys were referencing Beyonce’s “Why Dont You Love Me” video which was worlds better than this piece of crap.

  30. LucyOriginal says:

    1- ditto to everything everyone said!
    2- Her boyfriend looks so over this whole mess.
    3- The guy in the video looks like Adam Levine.
    4- She seems to have major self-esteem issues. That’s why she tries so hard to look “sexy”.
    5- Christina, go back to what you know best:

    This was last year:

  31. Kelly says:

    Love this site as I’ve been reading from it since 2006 however please don’t ever compare ani difranco to christina aguilera!! Ani D is such a talented song writer and artist and they are NOTHING alike.

  32. the original bellaluna says:

    Is Tie-Dyed Hair the new Horse-Hoof Shoes?

    I’ve never been one to follow trends (I prefer what I like and looks good on me over what someone else dictates is “in style”) and this is another I’ll be avoiding.

    Jebus people! Have some individuality and stop always trying to push the Outrageous Envelope. It makes you look very desperate and try-hard.

  33. hmm says:

    Christina Aguilera looks like she’d model for Torrid. Not necessarily a bad thing..

  34. UniqJaz says:

    I loveee Christins Aguileraa ! She has an amazingg voice. I actually love this video and song as well. I like how the blood is just a different color (blue) and then the guy at the end…his blood was red confetti. I think it’s a fun video and entertaining. I also love the jewlery she wears in this video. The thing I really love about her is that she does whatever she wants, wears whatever she wants and doesnt care whats so ever what anyone thinks.

  35. Heyy says:

    Why do all women in the world have to adhere to some sort of appropriateness just so that most people won’t squirm?

    It’s her life, she’s a star, she still has a following and she can wear whatever the hell she wants. As long as she’s happy I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    If anything I wish I could muster up that sort of courage to wear the more edgier pieces in my wardrobe more often.

  36. skuddles says:

    Awful hair… and the rest of her doesn’t look great either. Not to mention she looks wasted.

  37. Mazunte says:

    Everything is absolutely awful and gross. I find it sad that this woman can be a role model for some young women in the US and in other countries, really sad.

  38. Alexis says:

    Girl clearly has alcohol issues. She needs to dry out and get away from Hollywood. And dump that enabler.

    She doesn’t look bad because she’s heavier than she used to be. Her body is not the problem. She needs to dress more flatteringly and improve her hair and makeup. And, again, deal with her drinking problem, because no amount of styling will get rid of the unhealthy, bloated look in her face.

  39. Annette says:

    I think her body is just gorgeous. I’m about exactly the same weight and build as Gweneth Paltrow right now but Christina’s body is like my dream body. I hope I can achieve that some day!

  40. vv says:

    I actually think she looked pretty good in the video and the outfits looked like they at least fit her.

    She’s not a size 0 for sure but she does look like a ‘normal’ weight and body shape. Not unlike a lot of other singers actually but I do agree she needs to dress more for her body shape especially on the Voice. Her choice in wardrobe is just ugh. Like, I am done seeing her boobs.

  41. Amy says:

    Most miserable boyfriend in the world, that one.

  42. Palefire says:

    Even if she’s 30 so what. . She’s just bloated and unhealthy right now. My friends &me are all 27 not far from 30 ya know what some of us still look 22 25 18 even. Age the number has nothing to do with how you look feel act. 30 is not some age you reach when you should just fade away indoors like some monster. So that whole argument is retarded. She’s just really tacky that’s what’s bad about her look….. not that she’s 30 dressing like that. Bc I bet in person she’s just a pretty as someone 10 years her junior. She’s just tacky and looking unhealthy bloated ect. Her voice is awesome and the video is cheesy but who cares it’s a music video not a fraking sundance film.

    • Apsutter says:

      Agreed about age! I just turned 27 and I look much younger than I am and I attribute it to good genes, but mostly, healthy living. I barely ever drank, have only been drunk a handful of times. I was actually just thinking the other day that I can’t wait to be in my 30’s because that is when a woman is most beautiful. Most mature into who they are supposed to be and develop their own sense of style and self. Christina has always seemed lost and just jumped from one persona to another. Plus she has ALWAYS had terrible taste! Just look up the house she used to own that she sold last year. It looks like a burlesque show and a circus got drunk and threw up. It’s just a shame that she’s clearly not taking care of herself.

  43. Embee says:

    Wow. She’s pretty pissed off, yeah?

  44. misstrishm says:

    The song is pretty cool. I just wish she didn’t over sing so much. She is a beautiful girl with an amazing voice; but her hair has got to go.

  45. judyjudy says:

    She makes me sad because she seems so lost.

  46. baja says:

    when will this tacky Fat Ass will be Locked Up for good?

  47. BreeinSEA says:

    Save me from myself and you lost me are incredible. Amazing when you think about how she sounds so much better with that type of tone and lyrics… and how she thinks this bubble gum pop (fun but not her, ya know) is what we want. Unless she’s being rebelious and making crap just cause she can. I want to hear that bluesy soul again! She can be any size so long as she respects her body and her talent and I will support her. It just sucks cause she looks like she’s in costume constantly. I wonder what her little boy thinks? I wouldn’t want to be that type of example. Rather show him how to take pride in yourself and do good in the world with your gifts. She could really do a lot in the world but no one will take her seriously looking like a cheaper version of all pop artists out today combined.

  48. Krock says:

    I have to lol @ every female singer diva doing the whole “roll around on the bed posing” thing. I think Mariah has cornered the market on that one.

  49. Mo_cheeks says:

    What is a voice like that doing in a video like this? What a waste. SMH. Plus there wasn’t a creative thought in that entire mess.

  50. Chicagogurl17 says:

    Oh no honey, just no.

  51. Jessica says:

    Every time I see her I feel like her hair is screaming at me to help it. No wonder she has bald spots and her head is almost entirely covered in weaves. She needs a hair-vention because at this rate she will be totally bald by 40.

  52. Darth says:

    (Sigh.) I support Xtina because she is really talented and makes great records, but she sure is trying my patience these days. Why in the world is she STILL getting drunk? Why hasn’t her family or one of her good friends like Justin Timberlake stepped in to give her the reality check she needs?
    The commercial failure of Bionic was not her fault. It was the fault of bullies like Perez Hilton, and a media machine that was too far up CaCa’s butt to let any other female singer have any success. But she let it get her down, and frankly, she has had enough time to get over it and pull herself up again. So if her career and personal life continue to fall apart, she has no one to blame but herself now. And THIS fan is tired of making excuses for her.
    Just GET. IT. TOGETHER. Xtina. You have too much talent and potential to be sabotaging yourself like this.

    • Jackie says:

      I totally agree with you! I love christina her music has gotten me through some really hard times and i will defend her to the death. I saw her live and its unlike anything SHE IS THE VOICE. I love her new song and i am waiting for the rest of LOTUS, but I do admit she needs to mature a bit, she is beautiful, talented and doesnt have to do whatever one else is doing. christina i love and you do what you do best when you follow your heart not what everyone else is doing. screw everyone else, embrace your own creative soul <3

  53. Christina says:

    Bitch went and lost her damn mind! She can actually sing, so doing this horrible auto-tuned shitfest of a song is a complete backslide for her. As for the video…I do not even have the words. My eyes hurts from all the colors and the glitter and the skankdom. Did she kill those guys with blue paint and glitter confetti???

  54. Alexa says:

    I think she looks HOT . . . sexy!

  55. me says:

    Are people so blind they can’t see she only gained weight so she could get those ugly booty implants she has in the video.Christina doesn’t like herself one bit that’s why no one likes this video she tries to hard to be like everyone else stealing from other artists like they mentioned in the article and trying very hard to turn herself into Marilyn Monroe wannabe.Christina has alot of issues with herself first it was the boob implants then the nose and now her booty and facial grafting and yet she parades around saying she loves her body and her weight and yet it’s all due to plastic surgery.Christina has a talent for singing and she’s ruining her talent not doing her own thing singing cheesy songs like this and using dumb themes for her videos when she could get better material for those pipes.