Chelsea Handler snarls, “I think Angelina Jolie is, you know, kind of evil”

For the love of all that is holy. Chelsea Handler is talking about Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston AGAIN. Because Cheslea Handler is all up on Aniston’s jock, and Chelsea is pretty much CAA’s pit bull, barking and snarling at Angelina Jolie whenever possible. Chelsea was on Howard Stern’s show yesterday, and the conversation came around to Chelsea’s friendship with Jennifer Aniston – surprisingly enough, she didn’t bring it up, Howard did. From there, they went into Brad Pitt and Angelina. Here’s the recording of the entire interview – the Uncool Bermuda Triangle crap starts around the 24:30 mark, which I would recommend going directly to, because Chelsea’s nasal voice is so annoying:

Basically, when Howard Stern makes the point of “why are you calling Angelina a homewrecker when Brad Pitt was the one married to Jennifer Aniston?” Chelsea says:

“I’ve been talking about Angelina Jolie way before I met Jen Aniston. Jen and I don’t sit around talking about Angelina… so the fact that people think I’m going to defend her five years after the fact is so stupid too. I think Angelina Jolie is, you know, kind of evil. If a girl doesn’t have any girlfriends, then there’s a reason that no woman wants to be friends with them. I don’t think she has any friends… I’m pretty sure Brad Pitt is like, ‘Oh GOD!’ I think he can’t do anything now with those kids. She’ll just take them to, like, Istanbul. What is he to do? He’s got to stick it out now…he seems like he loves his kids, he seems like a really good dad, he seems to really love them, so who knows what goes on there.”

Wait, what? Chelsea has always made fun of Angelina Jolie because Angelina has no girlfriends so that’s why Chelsea has gone off about how Angelina is a horrible “f—king c—t” and “homewrecker” repeatedly? Way to show solidarity to the sisterhood. “If you’re not in the Goddess Circle, we’ll Mean-Girl you every chance we get, for feminism!”

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  1. Lol says:

    Id rather have no girlfriends than have Chelsea as my friend.

  2. marie says:

    well.. you can’t teach an old dog new tricks..

  3. LadyJane says:

    No ONE can say anything bad about Angelina. She is a saint. And beautiful. And perfect. And sexy. And motherly. And she won an Oscar. And she has a nice leg. Did I mention the saint thing? Anyone who says anything against her is a fat, fat hater troll. There can be no middle ground.

  4. gemmaa says:

    I do NOT agree with Chelseas modus operandi but she has been harping for so long about Ms Jolie it makes me wonder what she knows that we don’t.

    • Rena says:

      She knows what her GF has told her to say, cause her good GF always uses surrogates in undercover deviousness it seems.

      Funny how CCox never says negative word one about Angelina cause CCox knows what is what. And CCox is an intelligent self confident lady, somethings CH will never be.

      8 long years and still some can’t stop pretending that their alternate version of reality is what is. LOL

    • Toot says:

      Chelsea knows jack shit. She says herself she’s never met her, but goes off what she thinks.

    • Diana Prince says:

      What with the way Handler runs her mouth, if she knew anything bet your bottom dollar she would have said something that wouldn’t maker her appear to be such a bizarre element.

      Anything other then picking on the ethnicities or the adoption status of Jolie’s children or harping on “homewrecking” and now Jolie doesn’t have girlfriends therefore the is evil afoot…

      She is a flipping idiot.

    • Andrea says:

      Chelsea brings Angelina up when she needs a big bump in publicity because she knows the Brangeloonies will go all in. Chelsea simply isn’t very talented (bitter does not equal funny) and has slept her way to where she is now, so she relies on things like this to help her along. Wretched woman.

  5. Amelia says:

    Oy vey.
    Please, someone lock this moron in a room with MeAnn Rimes. Hopefully by the time we open the door again there’ll be nothing left apart from a few veneers, implants and essence of cray-cray.

  6. Hipocricy says:

    ummm…me think this biatch wants to be Angelina Jolie’s girlfriend so bad and has developped a chronic obsession over her.

    Sorry honey, ain’t gonna happen ! Just stick to 50 Cents, vodka and co….

  7. JM says:

    Chelsea should go try to fit more teeth into that mouth. Gawd.

  8. Rena says:

    How would CH know whether Angelina has any girlfriends? She said she does not even know her and has not met her. So you call a person evil based on nothingness? What stupidity but then this woman is full of fail.

    • Mary says:

      Well, not to defend CH, but Angelina has said herself in a couple different interviews that she doesn’t have any girlfriends.

      • Toot says:

        I don’t remember any interview where Angelina said she has no “girlfriends”. I remember she said she has no one she really talks to about her humanitarian trips, except for Brad, but nothing about she has no female friends.

      • luce says:

        Mary : so what ? leave angie alone
        chelsea handler is a narcisstic bitch with huge ego “my guest are afraid of me ”
        Idiot !

      • Emma says:

        No. She said she doesn’t have many friends she talks to about her UN work and that she and Brad don’t go out drinking and stuff with friends much because they prefer staying home.

      • Rose says:

        I remember an interview Angelina Jolie did where she talked about being friends with Mariane Pearl.

      • cat says:

        A. Jolie has definitely said that she does not have girlfriends, Mary is right about that. I’ve read it too.

        I’m sort of ‘over’ A. Jolie – she went from this free spirit wild child to this overly manicured very contained person and I feel like it’s all image. Which I suppose is fine but with the overly made up face all the time… those pics from Gia looked like a whole other person– not as flawlessly “beautiful” – (and I think everyone is beautiful in their own ways ) and it was curious…

        She is lauded from here to high heaven and so I guess since something does feel a little off about the whole Brad thing — I’m sure she was laughing that he agreed to that W spread while married to Jen A. It takes two to tango, of course … but it’s like she totally reinvented herself and I wonder what happened to the ‘old’ self.

      • Emma says:

        Longing for the old Angelina is so gross. It’s fine to think she’s boring now but the old Angelina was a suicidal self-harming drug addict. It’s like when people said they hoped Britney got better and now that she is I see comments saying she looks “medicated” and people wishing she would do something crazy again. It’s just gross.

      • Lotta says:

        This is what AJ said:
        “I have a few girlfriends. I just… I stay at home a lot,” Angelina has revealed. “I don’t do a lot with them, and I’m very homebound.” Adding, “But I don’t know, I don’t have a lot of friends I talk to. [Brad] really is the only person I talk to.”

        I understand and can relate to what she is saying and it’s not the same thing as not having friends. When you have a large family and small kids you have limited amount of time and you can’t sit and chat with your friends over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee like you use too. You’re at an fase in life when time with your friends matters less and your husband becomes the adult person you share your thoughts with. I’m in that fase myself, I have a few friends but I don’t have the time, or the energy, to hangout with them like I use too. It doesn’t seem as important at this stage in life.

        Later, when the kids are more grown up I think me and my husband will have more time to be social. I talked about this to the few girlfriends I still have and they understand and feel the same way as they are in the same stage in life. As is Angie and Brad.

        Chelsea and Jennifer can hangout and talk bullshit all day because the only have themselves to think about. They don’t have a clue what having a family, combined with a career, is and means. Their priorities are totally diffrent.

      • ShugAveryPee says:

        PEOPLE She did in fact say ” I do not have any girlfriend or friends for that matter” and that Brad Pitt is her only friend…. I heard it with my ears from her mouth… Now I think what Chelsea is trying to say is what I always say when I hear women say ” I don’t get along with other women or I prefer to hang with men” which I hear a few women say from time to time.. For me I am very cautious of women like that… My first thought is ” What in fact did you do or what kind of person are you that women do not like you ” A lot of those women are very pretty and are use to using their looks to get what they want in life.. and that works on men but not other women… they tend to be catty and have insecurities.. these would not be women I would leave alone with my husband etc .. now I am not saying Jolie is this way at all… And I love Angelina.. I think Chelsea had one too many wine sessions with Jen .. where Jen spilled her guts about Brad cheating and being whatever and she is one of those friends that uses her forum to say what Jen won’t… and that forum happens to be a nationally syndicated tv show … I think the storm has long been over and anyone still talking about it 7 years and 6 kids later is crazy … It is ok if she does not like Jolie but enough is enough already … oh and i AM SURE if Chelsea had her way she would have a go in the sack with Jolie sans Brad LOL

      • Gigi says:

        This is in reply to ShugAveryPee:

        “when I hear women say ” I don’t get along with other women or I prefer to hang with men” which I hear a few women say from time to time.. For me I am very cautious of women like that… My first thought is ” What in fact did you do or what kind of person are you that women do not like you ”

        See, now this is something I say all the time.. that I prefer to hang out with men. And it’s not because I am catty or don’t have any female friends, in fact, I have more female friends than male. When I say it, I mean that some women like to play Mean Girl and can be nasty… especially in an office environment. So why not hang out with the guys when I’m not in to playing their little game? Don’t make a blanket statement and distrust all women who say things like that because you assume you know what they mean.

        That being said, Chelsea is just like Jen… jealous and homely. She likes to play it off like she doesn’t even think of Brad (when it suits her), but we all know her entire public persona hinges on the “wronged woman” and victim act. So so so many women relate to her on that point, that anything else she says or does gets a free pass. Well, I hope her fans are getting sick of hearing about the whole Angie/Brad thing that she and her mouthpieces keep bringing up.

        Jolie is a person like anyone else, not always perfect and she’s made mistakes… but she truly is making an effort to be a better person than she used to be and help people in need, and some people don’t like that she’s doing well.

      • Jess says:

        I’m one of the women who would rather hang out with guys than girls. It’s only because girls who have a lot of girlfriends and hang out with them constantly can be so catty. All they do is talk crap about other women and talk silly things.
        I prefer hanging out with guys because they talk about interesting things like science, books and video games.
        I have tried hanging out with girls but I couldn’t stand it. They talked about The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars and other meaningless things.

      • Lizi says:

        Reply to ShugAveryPee

        That is such a stupid stereotype.Most of my life I prefered to hang out with guys. why? because most women are bitches. we all know its true. Even my closest girlfriends acted like bitches sometimes. I was the very naive and sweet type,so qhen I started to learn how mean girls/women could be I prefered to keep my distance from other female humans. It kept me from feeling judged and hurt and from having superficial conversations. Still I had girlfriends. I considered them my friends,i liked them,but some of them could not help but acting like most women do. I’m still friends with some of them but I still feel much much better around guys. They don’t judge, they have more interesting things to talk about, usually,they’re simpler. I like simple people. Few women are simple. The women I have as friends are awesome and I love them because of their simplicity. Its very rare to find women like that. So don’t you think for a second that all women who like to hang out with men have some weird interest. It’s really not correct to think that way! Even my sometimes jealous boyfriend understands and supports me,he knows how women can be!

      • ShugAveryPee says:

        Ok first off my comment as far as women who say that is based on my experience with those kind of women… and i have had plenty !!!!! So that is why I said I become CAUTIOUS !!! I never said all women… I said often times those women are “Catty ” … Yes some women can be “mean girls” but IN MY EXPERIENCE those same women complaining about mean girls are the ones who are often “mean girls” …. So i am sorry if I did not word it right.. but it does not change my opinion which I am entitled to based on MY life .. I often notice those women suck up to men to get what they want and that stuff does not work on other women…
        Now again I KNOW FOR A FACT I heard ANGELINA JOLIE say she had no girlfriends…. I remember saying oh” I wonder why ” …. So I know what I heard and I am glad others on here heard the same thing!!!!! like I said I am sure Chelsea had one too many drinking nights with Jen and they talked shit… in my opinion Chelsea should mind her own business about other folks marriage or failures etc

      • cs says:

        I thought the same thing. She provided proof that Angie said she has a few girlfriends.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        I’m no a bitch, so don’t assume that I am and I’ll extend the same gesture to you.

        You know, there’s a flip side to the ‘Every Single Woman On The Planet Is Evil And Not Deserving Of Company’ stance and it’s something in the way of, ‘Why Would I Want To Hang Out With Someone Who Sits Prejudiced Of Half of The World And Already Knows She’s Better Than Me?’

        Isn’t imperiousness just a different shade of ‘mean-girling’? I mean, how delicate and non-judgemental can one be if billions of women are ‘catty’ and ‘bitches’, sight unseen and seemingly without exception? I’m not being facetious when I say that I’m sorry that you’ve bad experiences with women, goodness knows I have too, but I’m not about to let my character take a hit over someone else’s crimes, that’s just not fair. Isn’t that some kind of gender specific version of the ‘race card’ that so many oppose?

        Yes, we’ve all fantasized about getting the Nobel Peace Prize for putting some office bitch co-worker on an ice floe and letting the narwhals sort her out with their justice tusks, BUT expecting every single woman to live down to your expectations and foregone conclusions is just…I don’t know, but it makes me uncomfortable.

      • Moore says:

        If you disapprove of bitchy women and you would rather discuss interesting and important topics with men. Then why on earth would your read Celebitchy.

    • mnbvc says:

      Reply to ShugAveryPee

      PEOPLE She did in fact say ” I do not have any girlfriend or friends for that matter” and that Brad Pitt is her only friend…. I heard it with my ears from her mouth

      Um…..Angelina has NEVER said this! If she did please provide a link…… because you are making that up.
      Because Angelina DOES have friends, for example Jillian Armenante has been her friend since Girl Interrupted! She has been in many pics with Angelina over the years.

  9. Ari says:

    She is a real piece of work. She contributes nothing to society much less the world yet she feels she has input on two of the most generous people on the planet. She has real nerve even talking about how Brad Pitt has to stick it out now that he is saddled with the kids. Its like really? You have to sink that low? For what? Because thats the only way to get your name in the news? I really cannot remember the last time she was in the news…oh wait, it was the last time she mentioned Angelina Jolie.

  10. savedbykittylitter says:

    I can’t believe what I’m going to say but I agree with her (omg there I said it) and NO I’m no team Aniston and I’m out of the Bermuda triangle, she looks like an evil doll like if there’s something wrong about her…

  11. Happy21 says:

    I loathe this woman with every bone in my body and if I was Jennifer Aniston, I would run far, far away from her. She is not a good friend to be talking that sh*t to the press.

    She doesn’t know anything about Angelina & Brad’s life besides what is seen in the tabs and on TV. She is an outsider. She doesn’t have any idea whether Angie has girlfriends or not. Just because said friends aren’t yapping about their ‘friendship’ and posing with them on red carpets means sweet eff all.

    Go away Chelsea, no one wants to listen to you anymore.

    • T.C. says:


      Notice she completely side steps Howard Stern’s statement about Brad Pitt being the one to wreck his own marriage. She had nothing to say to that. Leaves Brad out of the picture, has nothing but complements for Brad. While attacking the woman.

  12. lucy2 says:

    I don’t particularly care for Angelina myself, but good Lord woman, let it go.

    It’s stupid and childish and mean. She should be embarrassed to still be going on about it like that. There is some leeway for comedians to talk about public figures, but she’s so far past that point, it’s sad.

  13. Janet says:

    This bitch is so nasty she makes Aniston look bad by association. I would never hang out with someone like that. People tend to judge you by the company you keep.

  14. Veronica says:

    Hate Chelsea Handler but do agree on the fact that if a woman has no female friends or says “I just get along with guys better!” it is definitely a red flag

    • person3514 says:

      There must be something wrong with me then. Most of my friends are guys. I think its way easier to be friends with guys and way less drama. Most girls have horrible attitudes and get on my nerves. I have my 2 really good girlfriends, but I’ll choose being friends with guys over girls any day.

      • freykat says:

        Same! Women like Chelsea are the reason why I have few female friends. I’m a tomboy and always have been and had more in common with guys growing up than girls.The few women friends I have are the same as me, more guy friends than girls. So call me a bitch I guess… And all this coming from a coke fiend! I don’t see her travelling to dafur or haiti and helping out ppl. Jolie may not be a saint, but no one is ,I look at what this woman does and the people she has helped and at least she tries to make some sort of difference in peoples lives. Aniston is too concerned with her hair and to me seems shallow.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I also have mostly male friends. Not sure why but I *think* it might be because I’m sort of private-don’t like discussing relationships and other “girly” things. I’m more into doing stuff, instead of sitting/talking about feelings etc. (excuse the gender stereotyping!)

        Also, grew up with a big bro and always hung out with him and his friends.

        That being said, my female friends are SO important to me and I do kind of wish I had more of them.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        Me too, always have. I have never stolen a man, I quite like my own. I have a few girlfriends, but I hate the gossip, fluff and head games.
        I’d rather shoot straight, talk about the things mentioned above and sports. I love sports and women pretty much never want to talk about it. Plus, I worked in a male dominated part of medicine and my husband works in a male dominant field. Plus my brother and his friends, so I feel like I fit in better and I’m not judged.

    • Jenny says:

      To play devil’s advocate, so if a woman has alot of female friends, that makes her nice and she won’t be a bitch or cheat? Some women who have few female friends are perfectly nice and some with alot of female friends (Handler) are total bitches. Can’t judge based on what sex your friends are.

    • mnbvc says:

      Angelina does have female friends….

      Marianne Pearl, Gwen Stefani, Jillian Armenante, Holly Goline, Archie Archie Panjabi etc.

      She has chosen quality over quantity and her friends have class.

    • Emma says:

      I agree if a woman says “I like guys more” is a red flag but Angelina has never said that. And she does have female friends and even if she didn’t it’s not like she has tons of male friends in comparison. Angelina is a working mother who prefers to be with her family than out hanging out which is the same for lots of women. Priorities change. Even if Angelina were seen out with friends, she’d be called a bad mother who has abandoned her children. People say that when she goes on UN trips and when she’s out with Brad. Angelina can never win.

    • Sam says:

      Yes, of course. What was I thinking? My friends are all male because there’s something inherently wrong with me! It’s not because almost all my interests are in male-dominated fields or hobbies or anything like that, so by association I’m just more likely to be surrounded by men. I must be fucked up! Thanks, veronica, for clearing that up.

      Though I should advise you to stop taking life advice from Cosmo. It makes you sound shallow.

      • Amelia says:

        There’s something wrong with me as well, apparently. The vast majority of my friends are boys, and I have a close circle of about 3 girly friends who I confide to.
        It’s a ridiculous theory when you think about it.
        “Oh my GAWWWD, she hangs out with the opposite sex? BURN HER!!!”
        I’ve never understood why having more male friends than female raises red flags.

      • Mimi says:

        @Sam & Amelia, right there with you. I’ve always gravitated towards male friends, and no I’m not a cheater nor evil last time I checked. ;)

      • Lizi says:

        I have female friends which I love, but they live too far away and they’re an exception because they are awesome. Usually I prefer to hang out with guys.They’re easygoing,they’re not bitchy,they’re not mean or annoying. And they usually talk about stuff that I find more interesting. Nothing to distrust here. Maybe women who don’t get this have some sort of a frustration, this is really a normal thing!

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      Red flag for what??? That SOME women dont care to tolerate the catty BS a lot of women indulge in??? I just love the suspicion from women towards those of us that are loners or have male friends all because we dont like the back stabbing, the gossip and immature pettyness!! Hilarious and soooooo glad I said good bye to it in my twenties. My husband is my best friend, just like Jolie. True loyalty. Most women dont know the meaning of it. Sorry.

    • Ange says:

      This junk is why women don’t like other women or feel competitive with other women. What is wrong with me being friends with guys? Is it that you think I’ll somehow transfer that into stealing your husband? Errr no…. Although that does explain a lot of why I don’t see some of my guy friends when they get girlfriends. It’s ridiculous and stops us from being anything other than the catty stereotypes that sexists want us to be. We should be above this by now.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        I’ll put it this way:

        If you believe as a rule that women are bitches, why should they want to spend time with you? The point isn’t that it’s bad to have male friends, the point is that many women who don’t have female friends live that way because other women aren’t good enough to merit friendship. I don’t know, I just can’t understand how dismissing over three billion people is proof of a superior character. As far as women being pitted against each other goes, writing a treatise on how terrible women are as a whole seems pretty self-segregating.

        So, women are bad, everybody must know this and everyone must know how and why you’re better than the others? Somewhere along the line, female friendships were consigned to the superficiality dump and not worth pursuing because with girls it’s ALL backbiting and ALL manipulations and competitions and ALL preludes to betrayal and boys are just better than that and never betray their own friendships? If you are going to make friendship an obstacle course with constant re-affirmations of loyalty and not require that kind of work of yourself, then I don’t know what you want out of a female friend. But no one should have to justify his or her own existence and be characterized as ‘guilty until proven guilty’, that’s enervating. We’re not better than each other, no matter what we tell ourselves.

  15. Samigirl says:

    I bet Angelina is crying over this right now.

    Either that or saying, “Chelsea who?”

  16. roxy750 says:

    Why is she putting her nose where it doesn’t belong. Shame on her for being so negative.

  17. ct4224 says:

    This woman is a total idiot. I think she is secretly in love with Angelina. She probably tried to get with her and Ang told her to get lost so she is bitter with her….lol

  18. Amanda says:

    I’ve long suspected Chelsea is acting as Jennifer’s mouthpiece. It would be different if Chelsea’s comments about Angelina were funny. They’re not. They’re personal and that suggests to me that despite her arguing to the contrary, she and Jennifer do indeed talk about wicked old Angie a lot.

    I can’t decide if it’s funny or sad. They’re in their 40′s for Christ’s sake. At what point does this shit get old?

  19. LAK says:

    It’s one thing for Jen to bear Angelina a grudge but chelsea??!!!! Or is that a condition of entry into the goddess circle?!

  20. blonde on the dock says:

    You ppl defending Jolie with so much enthusiasm need to chill out. It is possible she could be right. We dont know.

    • Barbara says:

      the point isn’t defending Angie, it’s why Chelsea repeatedly speaks about Angie… of course she’s free, but that’s unnecessary. And why does she have to assume how Brad feels? He looks pretty in love not only with his children but with their mother too, but just in case he doesn’t, saying what she said makes HER evil, mean. She implied Angie would take the kids away from him and that’s why he’s sticking with the biggest mistake of his life (based on her intonation saying ‘Oh God’).
      That’s so pointless and mean and gratuitous. How many people do you see doing the same. The thing here isn’t about Angelina Jolie. It’s about Chelsea Handler lacking class and being an attention whore because she knows those are the quotes that will make her interview relevant.

    • Fyofeelings says:

      Well the fact that she that she never met, talk to or been in the same room as Angelina kinda makes her opinion invalid. *Kanye shrug*

    • Thalia says:

      You ppl defending Aniston with so much enthusiasm need to chill out. It is possible we could be right. We dont know.

  21. lulu says:

    I rest my case. The comments speak for themselves. One is not allowed to criticize or dislike St. Angie Ho.

  22. Micki says:

    I KNOW that already Chelsea!
    I mean you repeat it too often girl. For a comedian it’s SO not funny to be so repetitive.

  23. mln76 says:

    Pathetic attention grab, Considering Handler slept with a married man to get her job and is a known cokehead her character assesments are less than worthless.

  24. diva says:

    Chelsea Handler is a racist and a drunk. NO ONE cares what she thinks. Why isn’t her 15 mins up?

  25. diva says:

    Chelsea Handler is a racist and a drunk. NO ONE cares what she thinks. Is her 15 mins up yet?

  26. Guest says:

    Um of course ppl are allowed to criticize but Chelsea has been talking ish about Jolie a lot more ever since she became friends n the weird thing about it is she has never even met her. Notice how Chelsea has NOthing negative to say about Brad ever. Once again the man always goes free.

  27. luce says:

    poor girl ….she wants brad for herself

    • Rhea says:

      LMAO. :D It feels like that right? She’s painting poor Brad being held hostage after the evil Jolie seduced him from his happily ever after marriage. And of course it’s not Brad’s fault AT ALL that he divorced Aniston. No-no-no-no-no, it’s that evil Jolie’s fault with her twisted evil mind because hey, no picture of her hitting the gym or cafe, or club with another famous female person for public to see. For CH, poor Brad is the only good parent between those two and sacrificing himself by staying in that relationship. Never mind with the way the kids seems to be at ease around Jolie.

      Keep on dreaming, Chelsea.

  28. Laurabb says:

    I found the talk about psychics the most interesting part of that recording. I could care less what she thinks about Angie.

  29. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t know how Mouth The Attack Dog thinks it’s beneficial to her friend’s public image to sling filth this way. Either she has no understanding of how guilt by association works or (my theory), Chelsea Handler is a 21st-century, dessicated corn husk version of Heather Duke, but is just biding her time until the coup materializes rather than taking advantage of a serendipitous revolution and riding it to the top. She doesn’t strike me as the type of person who would accept that some natural order has placed her in her second banana role with no freedom of ascension, so hold on to your highlights, perhaps?

  30. ruby says:

    So much bullshit, just, wow XD So men have no responsibility when they cheat. You are evil if you have no girlfriends ? wtf ? Also what about Gwen Stefani ?
    And when you have lots of children, you can’t do anything. Er, yes you can. As someone from a large family, the mind boggles. Your life doesn’t end when you have children, I’m so tired of that cliché. And taking your children to Istanbul is somehow bad ?

    This woman’s tiny little mind just cannot grasp anything that strays from her narrow idea of what life should be. Pathetic.

    You know what, I’m pretty sure Brad is quite happy with the life he chose for himself. He’s a big boy, he can look after himself.

    I am firmly Team Heidi Bivens.

    • geekychick says:

      Especially the thing about the children: woman can be something other than the Mother, as well. my mom and dad have three kids, and they always said that life doesn’t stop with kids-you adapt: we’ve seen so much thanks to that philosophy (from Turkey, Tunis, Italy, Hungary, USA…).

  31. Kris says:

    so….you bash Chelsea for bringing this up yet you report on it. You just keep perpetuating this “feud”…you are no better than the people you are reporting about.

  32. The Original Mia says:

    Guess Chelsea wasn’t getting enough attention for her new movie with Victoria Justice.

  33. Elisabeth says:

    I think Angelina is a daywalking vampire

  34. Missanne says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only who can’t stand her. At first, I was happy to see a female comedian with a snarky attitude, but the more I saw of her, the more I realized she’s just an angry screaming bitch.
    I even tried to read her “are you there vodka” book and couldn’t get thru it.

  35. Emily says:

    She is just pathetic. Or jealous, because yeah Angelina has a loving family and seems to be happy.
    I’m not the last to find Angie a little bit strange but please, can’t she just move on? Or may be she can’t because all the vodka she drinks every hours of every days makes her cray cray. Poor Chelsea…

  36. Toot says:

    Chelsea not liking Angelina makes me like Angelina even more. Chelsea’s undercover racist ass can suck it.

  37. Lindsey says:

    “so who knows what goes on there.””

    Well, for starters, you don’t Chelsea. So have a stadium of seats and a tall glass of shut the fuck up.

    *I can’t stand this harpie*

  38. someone says:

    It pretty much can be assumed that the whole “Brad is stuck because of the kids” mantra is what Jennifer says about Brad. Chelsea wouldn’t spout that line of thinking so confidently if she didn’t know 100% that Jennifer Aniston agrees with her. Which means Jennifer’s been consoling herself with the thought of Brad sadly stuck with Angelina because he can’t leave his kids. Hey, if it makes you feel better Jeniffer…….

  39. Isa says:

    Maybe Angelina just hasn’t found the right set of females to be friends with. That’s what I always think when a woman claims she’s only friends with men, that she just hasn’t found the right women.

    If I were Jennifer I would totally drop Chelsea. She claims they don’t sit around and talk about Angelina but I find that hard to believe since it seems like its one of her main talkin points with anyone.
    And she believes they had an affair yet she still blames Angelina. Brad gets off Scott free.

    • EmmaV1 says:

      She’s friends with Holly Goline, Gwen Stefani, Jillian Armenante, Archie Panjabi, and even Amy Pascal.

      It’s just not the friendship where you have time to meet a few hours every week and hang out and chat/gossip about meaningless stuff (which is fun and I do it!)…Angelina has 6 kids and is the #1 pap target + most famous celebrity in the world.

  40. lisa2 says:

    Angelina’s response to Handler… WHO???

    and really why the hell does she care who Angie is or is not friends with. How does that make or break her day. She is trying to get attention. A NOBODY talking about SOMEBody

  41. Chris says:

    I’m no Angelina fanboy – I don’t know the woman or even give a crap if she’s nice or not.

    I’m just puzzled as to why Chelsea feels the need to talk about Angelina all the time – its almost like its the only way she gets attention. Even if she is b*tch, what’s it to her? They don’t hang out,they don’t even really run in the same circles so why obssess over it? Besides, if Aniston still thinks Angelina’s the only reason Brad left then she’s as pitiful as the gossip rags suggest she is.

    Pretty much the only time I ever hear about this woman is when she’s trashing Angelina, or sleeping with someone.

    She’s not funny at all – I wonder what she would be doing today if she wasn’t shrewd enough to screw the head of “E” and get her own show, because I can’t imagine she’d make a living as an actual comic.

    • LittleDeadGirl says:

      As others have said, the only reason she talks about Angelina is because its a way to get attention. She latched on to an A list star and is making her money that way. You don’t have to like Jolie to dislike this type of behavior.

  42. Talie says:

    She really went in on Dave Salmoni in that interview too…damn.

  43. luce says:

    Run Run André Balaz, no man can marry or have a child with this piece of trash

  44. Shelly says:

    I am very choosy about my girlfriends, and I don’t have many and prefer men, but it is not because I am evil or a bitch or mean to women or because I try to steal men. In fact, I am like this because women like Chelsea have been mean, catty, and backstabbing to me and have caused me to not trust women until I really get to know them well. I have never been the one to betray a trust first. It’s always been some woman like Chelsea. Eventually, I just kept my cards close to the vest and started really taking it slow with any female friends. The ones I have now I trust, but they are few and far between. Perhaps Angelina feels the same and has had similar experiences, hence why she may have few female friends.

    • Rhea says:

      Shelly, I sooo know what you’re talking about. I’m in the same boat. I have a different hobby, different point of view in life, so it’s not that easy for me to find a girlfriend who understand that. At least not around my living area right now.
      It doesn’t help that like you, I have a trust issue after my ex-BFF for years —betrayed me twice. I take a slow approach with a new girlfriend now. I need to be sure I could trust them completely. I just don’t want the drama anymore. Yes, I have more male as a friend but although we confide in each other, we would definitely not talking about “girl” stuff. :D So I am very grateful with few girlfriends that I have, but how I wish they live in the same country with me.

      Problem is, I am also not the type of person who would be the first one to start a conversation in the party/gathering so finding a new friend is not that easy for me. :)

      Plus after having my kids, it’s hard to even go hang out with a new girlfriend. So yes, I don’t see Jolie as evil just because she doesn’t seems to have a girlfriends in public. Could be she has had the same experiences, could be her friends is in the same business but not a famous person hence no publicity about their friendship, could be she doesn’t often hang out with her girlfriends anymore after having kids. Why people would assume the worst from her is just plain silly.

  45. G says:

    Yes, of course. Since Jolie doesn’t use her friends to get up on their fame she’s an evil woman hater.

    Her support of hospitals and girls schools and speaking out against wartime sexual violence just cements it.

  46. apsutter says:

    Omg….get over it!!! She doesnt even know or have anything to do with the woman.

  47. Emma says:

    Chelsea is the definition of jealous hag. Ugly inside and out. It’s quite funny that she and Aniston have the same PR guy…*whistles innocently*

  48. Newtsgal says:

    I think Chelsea Handler needs to clean her own house before she talks about other people!

  49. skuddles says:

    So what I get from this is that Aniston comforts herself by believing Brad is basically just a hostage in his relationship with Angie – because they have children together. That must be why he’s marrying Angelina too. Handler basically shits all over the idea that Brad might actually love Angie… but so nice of her to concede that he does love his children.

    Every time Handler opens her yap about the Brange it just makes Aniston look more bitter and pathetic. Aniston needs to find a better class of friends.

    • Jenny says:

      Yeah, the poor prisoner who takes a year to design a million dollar ring and kept saying that he wants to marry her because “I love their mama” ,and talks about how much her loves her. I guess they did not hear his dirty laugh when talking about her being “a bad girl…delightfully so!!”

      I suspect this gets more conversation here than in Brad and Angelina’s home–they might have other things on their mind and things that keep them busy than to worry about the ramblings of someone they have never met.

    • Janet says:

      I don’t get it either. Isn’t Aniston supposed to be engaged to her dream guy? Is she still bitter about Brad and does she see Theroux as some kind of consolation prize?

      If I were Justin, I’d book the hell out there as fast as I could.

    • someone says:

      Totally agree!! I highly doubt Chelsea would say that stuff about Brad being stuck because of the kids without having talked about it many time before with Jennifer over the years. Anything Chelsea says about Brad publicly is presumably the same as what she and Jen cackle about behind closed doors.

  50. dooliloo says:

    Chelsea Handler is starting to get on my last nerve.

  51. Sabrine says:

    Right, as compared to Chelsea Handler who is vulgar, homely looking and decidedly creepy.

  52. Christina says:

    This whole Team Aniston , Team Jolie crap has gone on way too long. Seriously, ppl, Chelsea included need to get over it. Why does everyone act like Aniston is some fragile , innocent flower that always gets hurt. I like her and all too, but no one knows what she is like as a gf or wife. Not that it would excuse Brad if he did cheat, but my point is..there may be more to the story. Just because Brad dumped Jen for Angelina does not make Angelina a whore or evil. He is a grown man who made a grown man decision. Yes he hurt her, but that is part of life. People get divorced and remarried all the time, in showbiz and regular life too. It seems only the Angie haters are always the ones running their mouths. Angie does not have a camp of ppl out there shit talking Jen , and several years later for that matter. Angie has better shit to do. I cannot figure out any reason why people hate Angie so much other than jealousy. She is beautiful, smart, successful, philantropic, has a sweet ass husband and a nice gaggle of worldy kids. She has a lot for people to envy, so I guess hating her for idiotic reasons is how they deal with it. I think Chelsea is funny sometimes , but she can also just be an ignorant a–hole.

    • lulu says:

      If the Angie worshippers can run their mouths, why can’t those who don’t like her? And enough with the jealous nonsense. I don’t want Brad, 6 kids or to spend half my life in an airplane.

      • Emma says:

        She’s also beautiful, rich, famous, successful and doesn’t spend her free time trolling the Internet. You’re jealous and don’t even know it.

      • Toot says:

        Christina isn’t talking about posters. I think she’s talking about a supposed celebrity talking shit as fact when in actuality they know nothing and said supposed celebrity seems to be in the camp for a certain ex.

        No one in these comments are trying to stop dislikers of Angelina from talking and I see no Angelina worshippers.

      • Loira says:

        Worshippers? What are you from the FF site?
        This woman is pathetic and her jokes are old, just as old is the triangle. The fans of hating on AJ are 8 years too late. That is a lot of time to be brewing negative feelings. All the children hating, about their races, appearances, etc. Now that would be evil.

  53. Emma says:

    Her comment about Brad being forced to stay with Angelina is straight up vile. Brad has said for years he wanted a big family and gushes over Angelina every chance he gets. She sounds like those chemically imbalanced weirdos at femalefirst who think Angelina is a witch who put a spell on him and that he has a photo of Jen he keeps in his wallet. It’s all so hilariously pathetic and sad.

  54. Amory says:

    I could care less about any of these people, but that Chelsea shows a bizarre obsession with a woman she has never met. Being in the business, she should know how ridiculous it is to think you know the first thing about someone you only “know” from gossip sites.

    Chelsea uses the drama for attention; it is a cheap publicity stunt that suggests that she’s not too confident about her own abilities.

  55. mkyarwood says:

    What a jealous thing to say, haha. She just wants Angie’s life. I might too, for a day. I believe the ‘liking guys more’ thing has its place, though. I was always more comfortable with guys growing up because of my shitty self esteem. Obviously, that did translate into some questionable sex in college and whatnot, but I never homewrecked over it. AND, I learned that you have to really be up on women to make real friends with them now. Seeing them almost all the time. You know? It’s not easy making new female friends, ‘specially after babies.

  56. Dee Cee says:

    Roseanne Barr and Joan Rivers could take her easily..

  57. carol says:

    we’re all judgmental and opinionated. look for the good – it can always be found. we’re all cracked – that’s how the light gets in.

  58. SundayBrunch says:

    I also find Angelina evil and I am no Jen fan,l I just simply do. I think she has a messed up system of values, is very arrogant and a hypocrite, all masked under her Saint cover. Also, let’s not forget that she french-kissed her brother – she totally lost me back then.

    • Emma says:

      I think you need to look up what evil actually means.

    • Toot says:

      I’ve been too busy in this thread, but I’m replying again. lol

      Angelina has never promoted herself as a “saint” and her fans don’t see her as one either. As to your other views, to each their own, but I don’t see the arrogance that’s been thrown around.

    • mnbvc says:

      Evil???? Hitler was evil. Angelina is simply human and has not done a thing to be called evil.

      She kissed her brother over a decade ago! It is pathetic that in order to attack someone you have to go back a decade to come up with someone. People act like she murdered someone that night!

      What makes her arrogant? She seems to have a very open mind. She is a confident woman, as she should be.

      Messed up values? So raising healthy kids with her fiance of 8 years, visiting refugee camps and making films = messed up values?????

      • SundayBrunch says:

        Why do I need to justify my opinion to you? You think she is perfection, I think the contrary. I am allowed to, you know.

        1. Hitler was only human too (you brought the comparison, not me). To me, breaking a marriage and then flaunting your ‘success’ is evil.

        2. I don’t care if she kissed her brother 100 years ago, that says more about her than any other actions. Murdering someone usually has a purpose, a cause and a reason, it can be somewhat justifiable at least to the killer – but her behavior had no purpose whatsoever except showing the world what a rebel she is – a person with true FAMILY values does not french-kiss their family. Understood?

      • Emma says:

        It’s freaks like you who are the weird ones. Do you know what French kidding is? They kissed on the mouth closed. It says more about you for making a kiss on the lips between sibling so sexual and deviant than it says about Angelina and her brother.

      • Loira says:

        So Rebel = Evil. That’s new. Thx Sundaybrunch for your wisdom!

      • Jenny says:

        @Sunday brunch–I know you are not equating the murder of millions, nearly destroying multiple countries, starting the most devastating war in history with KISSING your brother or at least according to you, falling in love with a married man (no evidence, but that story is beyond old)

        If so, this conversation has moved way past logic.

      • Heather says:

        There is something deeply wrong with you for saying kissing your brother is evil but genocide and murder isn’t because it’s “justifiable”. Why is it that the people that are so hellbent on trying to prove Angelina is crazy end up coming off like psychos themselves?

      • SundayBrunch says:

        @Jenny, read again from the start, you missed the train.

        @Loira, you have poor understanding skills. Being a rebel does not make you evil. However, promoting scandalous behaviors that are simply against morals and serve no purpose and influence society by inspiring people to degrade themselves… just for the fun of it IS EVIL.

        @Heather, I seriously pity you if that’s what you understood.

        Jesus, it is hard to dislike Angelina on this site. Seriously, you people act like sheep.

    • Bungee says:

      I agree. I think she’s evil too. For me evil is someone who has such mental and emotional problems that they conduct themselves in anti-social ways. The women has classic narcisstic personality disorder.

      • Emma says:

        How ridiculous and sad that someone with a mental illness (btw are you a psychiatrist?) is seen as evil.

      • SundayBrunch says:

        I agree with you, Bungee. Sociopaths are evil, too – and that’s a mental disorder. It’s not sad or ridiculous to call them ‘evil’, it’s simply the reality. NO I AM NOT CALLING AJ A SOCIOPATH, IT IS AN EXAMPLE.
        For me, evil goes beyond ‘murder/rape/terrorism.’ I think we are being way too gentle with society, like anything goes. Hello? Evil means ‘morally wrong’ and there are millions of morally wrong things one can do on this Earth besides murdering, raping and throwing bombs. Promoting human degradation is one of them.

    • videli says:

      Unrelated to this discussion, I think Sunday brunches are evil. Not the poster, but those family oriented awful meals. They do serve a purpose though, to serve family values enforcers leftover sloping from previous Saturday.

    • andy says:

      Don’t forget she menstruates and has dirty pillows, too.

      We are entering Margaret White territory.

    • Janet says:

      If you think french-kissing your brother is on the same level of depravity as genocide, you have some serious issues you need to address.

      You can start by facing some facts once and for all, no matter how painful they might be: your name is not Jennifer Aniston, the man who dumped you is not named Brad Pitt, and the woman he dumped you for is not named Angelina Jolie.

      You need to stop over-identifying with the characters in this never ending soap opera and start living your own life.

    • Thalia says:

      I think lying and accusing others of things they didn’t do, as you do here, is evil. Its even in the bible. Thou shalt not bare *false witness*. Angelina gave her brother a 2 second greeting kiss on the lips, there was no tongue and no ‘french kissing’. Also Angelina has never stolen a man or homewrecked, let alone bragged about it. What does it say about you that you have to lie and smear another human being? That is truly evil. We are rational thinkers, you people who believe all the lies about another human being spread by a tabloid hook, line and sinker, are the sheep. The haters are the brainwashed sheep.

  59. Gabby says:

    Angie deliberately and methodically went after Brad but big deal – that doesn’t make her evil. Brad fell for it. He made his choices. He was the one that was married.

    Angelina is a weirdo, a total weirdo and her whole public persona (THE SAINT MOM & HUMANITARIAN) is carefully crafted (by herself – she’s a control freak). She’s a damaged person and probably a narcissist, but evil is a stretch.

    • mnbvc says:

      What in the world makes her so weird??? What is normal anyway?

      She does not doing anything obviously weird or strange. She kissed her brother more than a decade ago . And, so what and who cares. It does not make her a bad person.

      She does not call herself a saint. She has been with UNHCR for 10+ years and has stuck with it. Why insult someone for doing some good with their free time.

      • maya says:

        People think she is weird because she always talked about her dark side, never tried to hide any of that. People also think all these sunny, smily Hollywood “good girls” are normal. They don’t know anything personal about them. Just think about some of the people you know in real life – that “weird” ones are usually way less weird than the “normal” types.

      • SundayBrunch says:

        Frnch-kissing your brother doesn’t make one a bad person? Really?? Where did our morals go? Like, anything and everything is accepted these days?
        Also, having sex with your brother is probably OK too. I mean, why not? If Angelina would do it, all you people would say it’s OK, what a free spirited saint she is!

    • Jenny says:

      I don’t know what happened with Brad Pitt and Angelilnla Jolie. However, I always find it interesting when people make such definitive statements without supporting evidence, besides what is written in tabloids.

      Folks write about her as if she is the first person who fell in love with a co-star. I guess Joanne Woodward, Lauren Bacall, Rita Wilson, Nancy Reagan (yes Ronnie was married when they met) and I could go on and on are also scheming, homewrecking, evil bitches. With all those relationships, there were children involved as well. What makes Jolie the only one who has to bear this burden? Did these women’s husbands stay with them only because of the children. Good grief!!

      • Jayna says:

        I know. Natasha Richardson cheated on her husband with Liam Neeson, married him and had a wonderful marriage and people rave about their marriage still.

        Her ex-husband even came to her funeral and directed her mother after the divorce. I’m sure there were very hard feelings during the split-up because she was having an affair while on Broadway with Liam. She was a step-mother also to her ex-husband’s children, so more than her husband were hurt. But people didn’t put a scarlet letter on her back for years.

    • joyce says:

      If Angie is evil for breaking up Brad’s marriage (assuming she did), then so is Julia Robert, Laura Dern, Kristin Stewart and many many many others.

      Seems like CH is still using Jen/Brad/Angie to get attention. So glad her show tanked.

    • gennline says:

      She did not go after him.He went after her,if you listen to what he says he goes after what he wants. He makes what he wants happen.He called his marriage a merger,said it would end when it stopped growing.He had always wanted a big family and that is what he went after.You can call AJ all the names you like,but BP met her,fell in love with her and went after her until he got her.
      He chose her to be the mother of his children,he is not someone who is led by the nose.Someone who has succeeded the way he has is probably quite a determined person who does not let others stand in their way.If you read his interviews he has always wanted an equal partner and someone who stands on their own two feet,that is what he found in AJ.So believe all that you want that he does not know to manage his own life.Meanwhile he is where he wants to be,with the woman and family of his dreams.Oh and by the way is professional life is not going too bad either.

      • cs says:

        Brad also admitted to chasing Angie all the way to Africa. I always believed it was the other way around. Brad did the chasing.

        Chelsea is vile..She’s just a jealous Bit*h. ITA she’s JA’s mouthpiece or either she’s obsessed with Angie.
        I think Aniston truly believe in her mind that they would be together if he didn’t have children with Angie.

        So sad.. BTW where’s her engagement ring?

    • Thalia says:

      Where is your proof that Angelina “deliberately and methodically went after Brad”? On the contrary, by all reports inc from Brad himself, Brad was the chaser, Angelina was relunctant to have anything to do with him. Brad followed her from one country to the other. He by his own admission, went after her. But I guess in some people’s world, the woman is always the chaser and the man gets off scott free, even though he was the chaser.

  60. Okay, let’s go over this again. Howard Stern asked Chelsea her opinion. She answered. And furthermore, I agree with her. Any kind of woman that messes with a married man has no concern for anyone but herself. Whether Angelina has friends, I don’t know nor do I care. I’d much rather be friends with Chelsea, anyway. You know girlfriend would always have a good drink waiting on you!

    • Emma says:

      Except Angelina was never involved with a married man which has been said by Jennifer and Jennifer and Brad’s mutual friends. Not to mention that both Handler and Aniston have been involved with taken men but no one cares and people choose to harp 7 years later about Angelina even though there is no evidence.

      • Jayna says:

        They absolutely did have an affair. Angie said the movie is where mommy and daddy fell in love. Even if they never consummated it via sex, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an affair. I would rather my husband screw a woman a few times and it mean nothing than to come to me for a divorce and leave me for another women he was in love with but state he never cheated because he didn’t screw her. Worse, he spent months with her developing true feelings and a true relationship, sharing deep feelings that totally eroded the marriage.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think Jen and Brad would have divorced at some point, just not that period of time. If you think Jen wasn’t in the dark and wondering what is going on, he’s withdrawing from me, and takes her on a vacation to end the marriage, and then all of a sudden he’s with Angie, she’s pregnant, adopting her child, come on.

        So I don’t hate on Angie and Brad. Jen got hurt, but people move on, fall out of love, and many times the catalyst is meeting someone else and not handling it the proper way, and Angie and Brad are right for each other. Brad outgrew Jen. Jen and Justin are better suited for each other.

      • Jenny says:

        @ Jayna. Actually, in the NY Times story, a very important part of the statement you are referring to is usually left out. What she said was that she did not know when she would allow the children to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith because they would see mommy and daddy fall in love and try to kill each other. She was talking about the characters of Mr. and Mrs. Smith falling in love, not the two of them.

        I always say I don’t know what really happened, because I don’t, but that one statement is always taken out of context. Who knows if they did fall in love then–probably, let’s be honest, but they have never, to my knowledge, admitted it.

      • Emma says:

        That’s silly. You can’t control how you feel about someone but you can control what you do with that person. A physical affair is much worse than an emotional affair. Courtney Cox has also said that Brad was honest about Angelina from the very beginning and tried to fight his attraction so it wasn’t behind Jen’s back. If Courtney hadn’t said that I’d consider it an emotional affair. But feelings and emotions are hard fought and there was obviously something lacking in his marriage and he wasn’t happy if he so quickly started a family with Angelina.

      • Tina says:

        @Jenny, maybe you should read that NYT article again, as nowhere does she say “and try to kill each other.” Every time her words are mentioned on this site, someone tries to cobble that last sentence in, but that was a completely different interview (which was probably just made up) by the Daily Mail. Really. Read it again.

      • Thalia says:

        Jayna and Tina, she absolutely did NOT have an affair, and the statement she made about the kids and falling in love was made at the same time-a tape recorded *press conference*, and the Daily-Mail reported it accurately, it was proven the NYT didn’t, so that settles it.

      • Thalia says:

        To Hayley Mosely,
        Sigh. Lets go over this again. Angelina has never had an affair with, or slept with a married man. Believing tabloid lies and baring false witness against a fellow human being is evil and immoral. You may prefer to be friends with a homewrecking, alcoholic hateful racist like Handler, but I’d prefer to be friends with Angelina because I know she wouldn’t talk about me behind my back, she is a good person who has never had a bad word to say about anyone, who puts others before herself, who is not a racist and who is a good, decent and moral person. So, I guess we’re different.

    • Asiyah says:

      “Any kind of woman that messes with a married man has no concern for anyone but herself.”

      Didn’t Chelsea Handler sleep with a married executive to get her own show? So she’s like Angelia Jolie, too. That’s why she hates her so much. Jolie is a mirror reflection.

    • Kim says:

      Handler is evil slept. With married . E network boss to get a tv show

    • Janet says:

      You’re talking about Handler, aren’t you? She screwed a married guy to get her own TV show.

  61. WaywardGirl says:

    Hitler was evil. Stalin was evil. “Let’s not forget she french kissed her brother.” Okay, why? Was it weird and make people say “WTF?” Sure. But how does that make her evil? She hooked up with Brad right after Jen. Selfish. Yes. But that doesn’t make her evil. Both parties have moved on and now are with people they care about. Why Handler feels the need to remind us that she does not like Jolie is beyond me. Lord knows she isn’t free of issues herself.

  62. SantaLucia says:

    This woman is pure evil

    I’m a big fan of AJ, but everything we know about her is from gossip pages and magazines

    Did she actually sat down and talked to Angelina and just tried to be LESS superficial?

    • Macey says:

      CH wouldnt have the guts to say the things she says in interviews about her to her face. I would really love to see AJ show up and see how CH behaves, she’d probably be groveling at her feet.
      Ive never been into AJ but i dont mind her, same with Jen. I think CH is truly just jealous and bitter b/c she isnt attractive and does not have the career or respect that both AJ and Jen have. Im sure AJ would see right thru her phoniness, maybe Jen was easier to reach out so she then gets a famous friend.

  63. Lady D says:

    I’m mostly ambivalent about JA. Like Jessica Simpson, she is a pretty and fairly innocuous person. CH however, makes me dislike Jennifer.

    • Thalia says:

      Sorry, but JA is FAR from ‘innocuous’. Anyone who started the ‘Team’ bs, spurred on the affair lies by her calculated and manipulative Vanity Fair article, who continually refers to her marriage and/or divorce in every interview she does, who has made comments mocking the mother of Brad’s children and who (now very clearly) hired Handler to be an attack dog and who supports and eggs Handler on and her fans on, is evil, nasty, manipulative, malicious and harmful. Aniston is the exact opposite of innocuous, but passive-aggressive in such a manner that people who don’t pick up on it, won’t. Wake up.

  64. anon33 says:

    Did not even read the story yet. Just wanted to say there is NO WAY she is 37. NO WAY. I am 34 and she literally looks as old as my mother does (well, my mom has good genes…) Anyway, there is no way that she is only 3 years older than me. NONE. She looks absolutely awful and at least 10 years older.

  65. luce says:

    Chelsea = PR (new show, new movie to promote) they need the bermuda triangle …pathetic

  66. Susan says:

    Thing is Chelsea was asked and she answered. Last I checked America has freedom of speech (even though some would wish it not so). Personally I don’t think that this has anything to do with Jennifer Aniston. Chelsea was saying nasty things about Angelina years before Brad and Jen split up. However it makes such a good story to think otherwise. Chelsea can be rude but people love it – it is the new culture of America. Just look at this board. The whole point is that if Chelsea said something rude about Jen many of you would be cheering – way to go. However if it is about Angie then it is so awful. The problem is that people on this board are just as rude about many people as Chelsea is about Angie and think it is great. If you dish it out you better be able to take it or get out of the game. I say get over it. Who really cares. Chlesea is rich and growing in popularity right now. Go figure.

    • maya says:

      Personally I don’t think that this has anything to do with Jennifer Aniston. Chelsea was saying nasty things about Angelina years before Brad and Jen split up.


      If you remember that, then you for sure remember that she was saying nasty things about Jennifer Aniston also, before she got to know her. She does not talk trash about her now. What does that say about Chelsea? She is hypocrite? She is coward? Both?

    • Emma says:

      Of course it has to do with Aniston. She used to call Jolie weird and freaky but now she gets very personal-calling her evil, a cunt, a home wrecker and making huge judgments on her character and relationships. It all started after she became friends with Jen and signed on Huvane who is also Jens PR guy. The “if you can dish it out you better be able to take it” argument doesn’t work here considering Jolie has never said anything negative about anyone.

    • You says:

      Very well written! I totally agree.

    • EmmaV1 says:

      Err, chelsea IS rich, but so is every other celebrity, some of whom have class.

      Btw her career is tanking badly which is why she needs to bring up Jen/Angelina to get attention.

      Her TV show got cancelled earlier this year and her movie with Reese, Pine, and Hardy underperformed at the box office.

    • Thalia says:

      There are none so blind…. Wake up Susan, its now clear as day that Aniston hired Handler as her attack dog, why do some need things explained to them in minute detail before they see what all the rest see. That old ‘she always mocked Angelina’ line didn’t hold water a long time ago. Because although Handler mocked Angelina before, NEVER to the bilious, toxic, venomous and hateful extent she does ever since she a)hired Aniston’s agent, and subsequently b) became besties with Aniston. I know there will always be people that are slow to grasp/understand/see things, but something this glaringly obvious shouldn’t need to be explained. Handler was never truly vicious before Aniston. Now she is. Handler mocked Aniston. Now she doesn’t. Handler and Aniston went away a couple of years ago for an intimate Thanksgiving holiday for two’ on their return, Handler made her most vile and most vicious attack yet. Hello? What is it, that you’re not getting? The dots are already joined. Sigh.

  67. joyce says:

    Evil. WTF! Hitler is evil. Bin Ladin is evil. Angie didn’t kill, molest or do anything physical harm to anyone. So JA husband dumped her big freaking deal. So did many other women or men got dumped by their spouses. Brad is a grown man. This ho needs to get over it and get it life.

  68. d says:

    Handler’s comments make me think of that saying where what a person says about someone else says a lot more about the person saying that thing than it does about who they’re talking about. Chelsea could stand to learn a thing or two from Cox, as someone else noted. I don’t think AJ’s perfect and I really don’t know her, but just from observing the media coverage, it seems like she’s got a smarter strategy overall. Or, at the very least, she’s got a strategy that’s far different from Aniston’s strategy, never mind Handler’s. Does that make one better than the other? No. And how does she know that AJ’s got no friends? Maybe she’s got a bunch that aren’t in showbiz and protects their privacy by keeping that quiet. IDK. Handler seems overly obsessed with AJ and again, I think it says a lot more about her than AJ.

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t think she has many girlfriends and if she does have a few, on a very casual basis, but not a best girlfriend. But that doesn’t make her evil. What a silly broad-based assumption. Also, the way she passive-agressively phrased everything like Brad was only there for the kids and stuck, how would she even know that. If that was the case, he wouldn’t be marrying her. I highly doubt Angie is pushing for marriage. So he obviously loves her. She went way too far than just a snarky Comedian take on Angie, if that’s what she was aiming for. She literally is showing way too much obssession and hate for her, which does say much more about Chelsea than Angie, like Chelsea wants her to be unhappy with Brad and be a bad person and is trying to will it so with her words.

      She sounds patethic, but the interview makes me miss the days when I listened to Howard on regular radio. I love his interviews, very conversational.

  69. Bread and Circuses says:

    Yes, significant humanitarian work and being a dedicated mom to six kids is the very definition of evil.

    Especially compared to being a drunk who bitches out complete strangers for years on end.

  70. d says:

    About someone being evil if they have an affair with a someone who’s already partnered. I’m single, so I don’t know, but I’ve had friends who did and while I don’t approve of what they did, I didn’t consider it evil unless they didn’t experience remorse and did it purely for the fun of it and without considering all parties. And they DID feel terribly about what happened and they were aware of the harm they caused , so I don’t think they’re evil. They made bad decisions, etc., etc. BUT, knowing the circumstances in those cases, I also know that my friends weren’t the only ones that participated in terminating those partnerships. They were already in trouble and the person they were having an affair with would have moved on anyway. Sometimes it’s just bad timing, sometimes situations aren’t handled in the best way, but also sometimes, some relationships would have ended at some point anyway, OR they would have gone on miserably for years.
    So I don’t think you can really judge a relationship … it’s really between those two people and where they are in their lives and emotional development.
    It’s all very well to say someone shouldn’t break up a marriage, but IDK, reality is messy, no one’s perfect, sometimes you just don’t know. There are all kinds of things that can happen. And maybe the partner that’s left behind is better off, but they may not realize until later.
    I reserve evil for murderers, psychopaths, child molesters, rapists, and the like.
    So maybe re AJ and BP and JA, at most, maybe some, one, or all of them were jerks, a-holes, inconsiderate, and self-indulgent in some way, but not evil.

  71. Bread and Circuses says:

    Yes, significant humanitarian work and being a dedicated mom to six kids is the definition of evil.

    You know, in comparison to being a drunk who disparages complete strangers for years on end.

  72. Sarah says:

    While I am no fan of CH…I have a lot of guy friends (actually lived with 5 during my last year of college), and I find it really odd when a girl has no girlfriends. It shows me either you aren’t trustworthy or you nitpick/cause drama. While Brad Pitt should always in my option take the blame in the affair (he was the one married), I do think it’s really odd she doesn’t have friends outside of “play dates” shown to the press. I understand she is guarded, but never has there been any “friends weekends”, or anything along that (getting drinks, shopping, trips, low key evenings). It just makes me think she either has downlow friends(probs best for a celebrity) or she has done something to push people away

    • Sam says:

      You’re assuming that all women without female friends choose to do so. I have all male friends. I didn’t say one day “oh, I really prefer dudes!” It happened because my interests are far more in line with topics that men tend to like and stuff men like to do. So by default, I’m surrounded by men.

      And not all us ladies enjoy shopping trips, drinks and “low-key evenings.” Some of us rock-climb, play in rock bands and do martial arts fighting (I do!). So don’t assume that chicks are a monolith.

      • Sarah says:

        I never said women were “monolith” I understand every woman/person is different, we all have different interests and FYI I enjoy hiking, football, wine nights, i’ve lived in Kenya for a year doing humanitarian work, and go shopping. I do both of these with my female friends and my male friends. I do think it’s odd you only have male friends same as I would if you only had female friends. Maybe you should look at why you don’t have a good female friends. Obviously you have some kind of issue connection with other women. Im just saying its odd in the age when celebrities are photographed every day that we don’t see a pic of her out with girlfriends/talking about them.

    • Emma says:

      I think it would be odd if she was 20 with no kids. But she’s a mother of 6 and doesn’t find joy in girl trips. She likes being with her kids…not that mothers who do girl trips hate their kids. My parents have work acquaintances but they don’t hang out or do anything with them other than the occasional lunch. My parents aren’t evil or weird.

    • Mairead says:

      Or you move a lot, and your friendship becomes less important to female friends who move into a different life cycle: marriage, kids, divorce, illness. Just saying.

    • EmmaV1 says:

      People like you are the reason why AJ fans/supporters “attack” your posts and it’s not an attack really, but more that you’re spreading a lie but you actually do think it’s true.

      Angelina has been pictured throughout the years consistently with people like Gwen Stefani, Holly Goline, Jillian Armenante, etc…

      She’s also good friends with BOTH her ex husbands and also on good terms with Lucy Liu who stars with Miller (her ex) in a tv series lol….

      I guess above mentioned people don’t count as friends and some of them aren’t women either?

      • Sarah says:

        Lol I was actually never attacking Angelina, just making a comment on a gossip site. I actually think she does great things on the humanitarian front, and have associated with people who have worked with her. Just a comment on a celebrity site talking about how its odd she isn’t photographed with “girlfriends” and never mentions friends. And before you get on a high horse she has mentioned not having good girl friends in prior interviews. I think it’s odd and if you don’t have friends that are females.

  73. luce says:

    it’s hollywood chelsea : No show No friends …think about it

  74. Asiyah says:

    I don’t like any of these heffas (I include Brad), but at least Angelina Jolie does humanitarian work. Is this a calculated PR move? Maybe, but she’s doing something. I could care less about the intention. Let God deal with that.

    Chelsea Handler is just angry that she is unattractive, isn’t funny, and didn’t snag someone else’s husband. She was just a mistress; she never became a wife. That must burn.

  75. Ginger says:

    UGH! She needs to get over the whole Angelina thing already! Everyone else has moved on. That photo is terrible… She is younger than I am but looks at least a decade older

  76. Green_Eyes says:

    That hate filled mouth and mind has really done a number on her appearance. If you want to appear and look like a washed up alcoholic that has seen better days… Keep your heart filled with hate and think such vile and evil thoughts of someone you don’t associate with… Especially the kids. No Botox or fillers in the world can cover that!

  77. Samantha says:

    Um. What a stupid remark. “If a girl doesn’t have any girlfriends, then there’s a reason that no woman wants to be friends with them.” Really? There are plenty of reasons why a girl/woman doesn’t have any female friends. Maybe she is a loner. Not saying she is, but that’s a possibility. And if she is, there is nothing wrong with it.

  78. Sugar says:

    *sigh* Chelsea,Chelsea,Chelsea-STFU no wait a second…Puleeezzz STFU

  79. Heather says:

    It’s sad that a woman who has dedicated time, money and effort to the less fortunate for over 10 years and a woman who is said by her costars and fans to be incredibly nice and down to earth is called an evil cunt because she doesn’t have “friends” and because she kissed her brother 10 years ago. All while men like Sean Penn who almost killed Madonna and abused Robin, Mel Gibson who is an alcoholic racist with anger problems, etc all go by unscathed. They are the evil ones but god f–king forbid a man is ever called out. No, it’s always women being called out for the most asinine reasons and it’s almost always another woman doing the calling out. So much for feminism and solidarity.

    • Truth says:

      Yeah, but Sean penn isn’t with the gorgeous wonderful sexy caa client, brad Pitt. I find it funny that people over looked the CAA mention in this thread. Pittstain is one of, if not their biggest client. He knows what’s being said about the mother of his children and it does nothing but benefit his career. Must be why Angelina is retiring … It’s easier for pittstain to be loved if Angie isn’t in the spotlight.

      • Emma says:

        I don’t know why I am about to engage with some who uses juvenile and uncreative insults like “Pittstain” but wtf are you talking about? I don’t think he cares what some irrelevant comedienne thinks about him or his family. He and Angelina have never been the type to engage in this petty middle school playground crap. Responding to her would only fuel the fire. Brad isn’t stupid.

      • Truth says:

        Yeah, sure Emma. Whatever. Celebrities like brad pitt [caa mega clients] don’t care about public opinion. [rolling my eyes]

      • Emma says:

        Can you read? I said he doesn’t care about some hag’s opinion about him. When Angelina was told what Roseanne Barr said about her, her response was “she doesn’t know me but everyone has opinions”. They don’t give a fuck what some D-list celebrity say about them. They don’t engage in this playground catty bs. What on earth do you expect Brad to do? Release a statement? That will only make psycho ff-ers like you salivate at the mouth because it means Brad is insecure or whatever illogical reasoning you twits think of.

  80. Grace says:

    So is Chelsea in love with Jen or Angie?

  81. mel says:

    LTP – but finally something I agree with Handler about! Jolie gets a total free pass for all her previous affairs with married men – most people on here always say once a cheater always a cheater…unless your Angelina Jolie.

    • luce says:

      nothing to say about heidi bivens ?

    • maya says:

      Name the multiple married men!!

    • teri says:

      Married men eh? Did you dream this up yourself Mel? Just another way to hold that hate inside your tiny tiny little heart. So you hate her, good for you but quit making up lies about Angelina.

    • EmmaV1 says:

      Interesting…the only actual proof (apart from tabloid gossip which you people take as proof – I live in fear of juries composed of people like you)
      of Brad + Jolie getting together is 1 month before his and Jen’s divorce had finalized…and they had separated half a year before that and filed for divorce a few months before that….

      I hardly consider that homewrecking…

      The thing about laura dern/billy bob is sketchy (on laura’s part) and laura is one of the few there’s actual real solid evidence actresses who is a homewrecker. ie: being pregnant while the guy was still married and his current wife was pregnant too

      Plus Laura is friends with Jennifer (go google to see pics of them together).

      Also, if Jolie cheated with Thornton, you’d think after she dumped him (cause of Maddox) he’d be bashing her, but no, only good things.

      Same with Pitt – Lewis, Paltrow, Givens all have good things to say about him.

      So Pitt has a track record of being a good boyfriend/fiance and Jolie has a good track record of having good marriages that unfortunately didn’t work out with her ex husbands….

      Aniston has been through like 6 guys (pictures for proof…and there’s probably like 10 guys if you count tabloid gossip) since 2005….

    • Sugar says:

      affairs with married men? nope didn’t happen.

    • Thalia says:

      Mel, it doesn’t matter how many times you repeat this lie (and then run away hiding when called on it), it won’t automatically be any more true than what it was when you first posted it and were corrected. Angelina has never has any affairs with any married men or non-married taken men. In fact, all the lies about this have been proven false, so you need to catch up. If you had any evidence then you’d post it, not run away and hide. You can repeat that malicious lie on any and every AJ post there is for the next 5 years. It STILL will not become any more truer than it was the first time when you were corrected.

  82. Mee says:

    I’m sure Brad says “Oh God!” – “Oh God… thank you! a thousand times thank you for Mr&Mrs Smith, for that woman who’s made my dreams come true and these wonderful kids we have together…”

    While JA’s fortune cookie says “Lord, defend me from my friends; I can (hardly) defend myself from my enemies”

  83. Leah says:

    Even the women from The View said she needs to move on the last time she made the same comments. Whoopi said that the fact that she is friends with Aniston, makes her comments disingenuous.

  84. You says:

    As hard as it is…everyone who has an affair or overlaps in relationships….or deals with married or partnered people should be forgiven…eventually.

  85. Pat Dorty says:

    I love Chelsea, but she needs to let it go, she’s obsessed! Am I the only who thinks that “Jen” is a horrible actress with mediocre looks? When I saw last year that she was voted the most beautiful woman in the world I shit my pants from laughing so hard! Her face is like 90% plastic, her tits are 100% plastic and I read as tory about how she treated a former roommate that made me think that she’s just acting when she pretends to be America’s sweetheart! ok, for that act she does deserve an Oscar. From what I’ve read she’s not nice at all. Maybe that’s why she has such bad karma.

  86. HotPockets says:

    I am not a fan of Chelsea Handler and she comes across very badly in this interview, not only bad, but she comes off as the evil person she is supposedly against(Angelina Jolie). Name dropping people and saying hurtful things about them and their family is evil and wrong. If you don’t like the Jolie, that’s fine, but quit bringing her up every chance you get.

    The only thing I agree with her on is that you should never trust a woman who doesn’t have any female friends. I’ve never been a guy’s girl because I have never been able to have a strictly platonic relationship with the opposite sex, it’s near to impossible and not on my part. I think women who don’t get along well with other females are very insecure because they see other women as threats or competition, rather then friends. I’ve met girls with this same mind set and from what I’ve noticed it is always that they are insecure, judgmental or quick to make assumptions.

    I’ve met women who refuse to shake my hand when they meet me because they don’t like other females or they simply won’t acknowledge me. Then they’ll say, “I just don’t get along with other women.” Wow, I wonder why? because you reserve yourself for only men and you won’t even attempt be friendly?

    I’ve always said this about the gender pay gap, men don’t keep women down, it’s women who keep each other down, we don’t respect each other and it will continue to create long term social issues. Women like Chelsea Handler make it worse by bad mouthing AJ, instead of finding ways to make it better.

  87. Francesca says:

    Angie is a bitch. Anyone with two eyes can see. Angie also doesn’t care; also visible. Can’t stand CH but agree with her about Jolie.

    • Rhea says:

      Yes, anyone with two eyes can see. But IMO you need a brain also to combine what you see with your eyes. What you think you see is not always the whole truth or true at all. I certainly would not believe all the gossips in the tabloids about a person—swallowing it as the truth—-and I would especially not judging a person I do not know at all as an evil.

    • mnbvc says:

      Please give an example of what makes Angelina such a b*tch!!!!! Having Brad fall in love with her does not count.

      I have never heard her speak badly about someone in an interview, people who work with her have only good things to say. She is not rude or disrespectful.

      Tweets and sightings of her in stores/restaurants always say she was kind.

      • Loira says:

        I have a friend who has a man eater look to her, maybe it is her brows. She is very pretty in a non cute way, with very arched brows that give her a “bitchy” look. She is very mellow, friendly and insecure. Never heard her bad mouth anyone.
        Looks can fool. If you are a grown up, you must have learnt that lesson by now.

  88. mik says:

    So she’s basically saying that Angelina trapped Brad by adopting and having kids? To me Brad seems happy to be a family man. If he was man enough to leave Aniston for Angelina than what makes her think he would stay with Angelina just for the sake of kids?

  89. videli says:

    Chelsea is sometimes called Aniston’s pit bull. Please, people, I have two pit bulls, and they have a lot more consideration and decency than this woman. They also look better. From now on, if I want to insult them, I’m going to call them Handler.

  90. mik says:

    She needs 3 other comedians (who are funnier than she is) and a little person (to belittle) to carry off her show and she’s worried about Angelina?

  91. Karen says:

    In Chelsea’s defense, doesn’t all media teach us that all aliens are, in fact, evil? She’s just philosophically deducing.

  92. lisa2 says:

    don’t care what she says or the none fans. People that actually know her, met her, worked with her have never said anything negative about her. Handler has never met the woman. Never been in a room with her.

    And all the talk of Angie being “evil” based on what. You never hear anyone talking about who other celeb women hang around. And seriously because she is not seen with loads of women that makes her what friendless. Angie has never said a negative thing about another celeb. Never throws other people’s names around to get PR. But then she doesn’t have to. Other people drop her name for attention. And that is why Handler did it. She did it to get attention for her show. A show that is losing in the ratings. A show that doesn’t do a thing to help the people that go on it to promote their crap. And why does is it so important for women to be hanging around a bunch of other women. why does that mean they are “approachable” Not to me. I can’t stand catty women.

    And maybe Handler needs to stop hanging around her female friends so much and take care of her personal life. She doesn’t seem to be able to keep a relationship going. And if you look at the other members of the Goddess circle quite a few of them are single, divorcing or forever looking. Maybe women need to spend more time taking care of their relationships them hanging with their girlfriends.

    Angie has a MAN and Children. She spends her time with her MAN and their children. When did that become a problem. The majority of my friends that are in lasting relationships spend their time with their partner.

    anyway this is old and she has gotten way more attention then she deserved. But trust if she had not said Angie’s name NOBODY WOULD HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT HER. her last thread got 12 comments.

    Yeah she used Angelina for attention. Thing is don’t hold your breath waiting for Angie to say her name.

  93. OzJade says:

    Hang on a minute…didn’t JA bust up Justin’s relationship to be with him? Excuse me, but I think she needs to get over her AJ fixation considering she did exactly the same thing. Why should she still smell of a rose?

  94. Mandy says:

    Good grief, I wish someone would put this B in her place. She thinks she’s so damn smart. I actually used to enjoy watching her show, but now I am just completely turned off by her. I’ve never seen anyone who is so ugly on the inside.

    • janam says:

      I used to like her, as well, but she lost me when she started her rants against Angelina. Notice she can’t bring up how disgusting it is to take another women’s man anymore, because both her and Jen are completely guilty of the same thing. And the nerve of her to talk s*** about Joan Rivers not being a good comedian. That really pushed me over the edge!

  95. vvy says:

    I’m not really an Angie fan, but the woman does some really good work, and she is at least a class act. You never hear her bad mouth others.

  96. vvy says:

    Chelsea Handler is incredibly witty, but its too bad she applies it the way she does. She’s what they call a really dumb smart person…or maybe she’s a really smart dumb person. Yep, definitely the latter. She’s just flat out mean. People will only listen to that crap for so long.

  97. Tina says:

    Love how Jolie’s fan are saying she got tons of friends. Like her former assistant Holly. And that woman she played in a movie years ago. Jillian Armenante? I doubt they’re still close. Plus Gwen Stefani, who I’m pretty sure she’s only been pictured with once. At a play date for their kids.

    And according to Us Weekly “Brad Pitt has been pals with the No Doubt singer and hubby Gavin Rossdale for years. He and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston attended the couple’s L.A. wedding in Sept. 2002.”

    She doesn’t have any real girlfriends, but so what? It’s not that big of a deal. Maybe she’s just more into her family, and keeps her friendships casual.

    There’s no reason to say other posters have ‘tiny, tiny hearts’ and call them freaks for not worshiping at the Jolie Shrine.

    I swear sometimes her fans do more damage than Chelsea Handler ever could.

    • Heather says:

      They are still close. Gwen and Angelina are also friends. Gwen went to the premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey to support her.

    • yuyuyu says:

      hmmmmmmmmmm…lets see…

      Holly is not a former assistant, they are still friends.

      Her and Jillian are still great friends. She is often at Brad and Angelina’s premiers most recently Kung Fu Panda, Inglorious B. Photographed at Maddox’s birthday.

      Gwen came to Angelina’s ITLOBAH premier just last year to support Angelina.

      Marianne Pearl has called Angelina her sister and was seen most recently at dinner with Brad and Angelina.

      Also Angelina’s double Eunice Huthart is also a close friend of Angelina.

      So yes she does have female friends.

  98. Kimlee says:

    Where dose she get that Angelina has no friends?

    Here she is with what I would guess is her BFF Holly
    Angelina was even a bridesmaid at her wedding.

    Here another of them having a night out.

    Them again in Budapest with their kids shopping with the both their kids Brads mom.

    Jillian Armenante another friend who she meet while filming “Girl, Interrupted” they been friends for more then 13 years at she was at Maddox birthday party 2007.

    She was also at the Kung Fu Panda 2 Premiere in LA 2011.

    Yet another friend Mariane Pearl.

    Mariane went to dinner with Brad and Angelina in Budapest and the next day the both took their kids Ice skating.

    While Angelina may not have a lot of female friends, the ones she dose have she seem to be friends with for years.

  99. aang says:

    i’m not a fan of either of these people.
    as a person of colour AJ stikes me as a bit condesending to third world people. like she is their savior or something. like she is doing them a favour by paying attention to them. like having compassion for others makes her special because the rest of us just don’t care. just my opinion. handler is skanky. and for good measure i’ll mention that i hated friends and have no use for aniston as an actress.

    • Loira says:

      As a person from a third world country, I think that when international pleas for refugees get attention, is not condescending, but necessary, given the fast rate that the news get replaced for others, having a face that calls upon attention is important.
      The people that receive the money that the JPs and many pther people donate, do not think of it as condescending. Hey, people should probably stop donating because the givers think they are special for doing so?
      I do not agree.

      • aang says:

        didn’t say she should stop. maybe she could just stop looking so pleased with herself for it…………but i knew i couldn’t say ANYTHING mildly critical about her…….she is lucky to have so many loyal fans. seriously.

      • Thalia says:

        aang, don’t exaggerate and over-dramatize. Fair and constructive criticizm is one thing. Attacking her acting is one thing. Needless, petty nitpicking which 99% of her detractors engage in, is another matter entirely. And you wonder why we get so sick and start to get defensive and push back? Angelina seems to do a lot in the humanitarian field, and her work is genuine, even most of her staunch haters leave the humanitarian topic alone because even they begrudgingly acknowledge she is genuine. She is never patronizing or smug, she is very down to earth and somber. The people she helps have often come on here and said their praises of her, and the UN promoted her to Special Envoy, so obviusly she holds the respect of the UN. Go her for her acting, pr, whatever, but the humanitarian work should be considered off-limits I think. Her dedication to that is without question and her down-to-earth and non-assuming manner reaches many in need. PS a lot of us are not ‘fans’ of her per se, but saw the hatred and abuse this woman has endured and said enough is enough, and felt sorry for her so decided to defend a woman who has been bullied, smeared and attacked for years. Many decided to take a stand. Sooner or later, people will say enough is enough and come to her defense. The haters thought and still think they should have free reign and no one should stand up for what is right. It seems its not ok to do that here with some people. :( You either have to hate her or you are a ‘loon’. The haters really do spur the good people on.

  100. JudyK says:

    Chelsea Handler is pure White Trash…she has zero class…wouldn’t even recognize class.

    She’s crude, rude, and coarse…that does not translate to humor or entertainment to me.

    We can thank Ryan Seacrest for making “stahs” out of the trash that is the Kardashians and the ilk of the caliber of the likes of Chelsea Handler. What is our country and entertainment industry becoming…nothing I want to be a part of or associated with in any form or fashion–at least from the Ryan Seacrest Empire.

    Having an empire in this instance is NOT a compliment, Ryan…it’s like complimenting a Pimp for being successful at promoting and enabling the downfall of the moral fiber of our country.

  101. Anon says:

    So Chelsea is still doing Stephen Huvane’s (her and Aniston’s publicist) dirty work for Jennifer?
    Stephen should tell CH that her practice of sharing too much about having unprotected sex and using abortion as birth control (because she refuses to use condoms/rejects birth control) are disgusting.

  102. A.Y. says:

    Who the hell does she think she is?
    What an ignorant b*tch!!!!!
    How does she that Angie has no girlfriends? I really hate this ugly-looking inside out woman!!!

  103. Snowpea says:

    With those eyes and that nose, she looks like LeAnn Rimes in about ten years time.

    George Orwell said, “By 50, everyone ends up with teh face they deserve”.

  104. yuyuyu says:

    I love that Angelina just completely ignores Handler and lives her life.

    I hope she has no idea who this piece of trash is.

    I can just imagine her and Jen talking non stop about Angelina like high school girls who hate the girl who is better than them in every way.

  105. lower-case deb says:

    chelsea handler.
    living in the past, like a boss.

  106. Dredz says:

    Handler is trash. I watched her commentaries on E! and wonder how she could call herself a comedian because she’s REALLY not funny. Can’t stand this awful foul-mouthed woman at all.

  107. baja says:

    when I saw her more than ten years ago I really thought she could make a difference in hollywood.
    …… skip this woman now, folks!!

  108. megs says:

    I love Chelsea and Angelina seems like a dumb chach to me, but shit.. shut up already about Angelina. We get it. You don’t like her. Why does she have to publicly bring this up so often?

  109. kira says:

    I don’t get this feud. Chelsea rants at Angelina for YEARS for stealing Brad, but she and Jen have done EXACTLY the same thing. Handler slept with the married boss of E!. Jen slept with Justin behind Heidi Biven’s back. Bivens moved out MONTHS after Jen and Justin were photographed together (and both lied to the press, saying they were only “good friends”). So why are they the good ones, and only Angelina is evil? It’s insanely hypocritical. Jen is nuts to have a friend like this. It makes her look crazy by association.

    And, if this qualifies as friendship, then, count me out. Nobody needs a “friend” like Chelsea. Better to be alone.

    No wonder Courtney Cox is rarely seen with Jen anymore. Once Handler moved in, seems like Courtney distanced herself from Jen. Smart.

  110. Thalia says:

    “Handler admitted that she is a close friend of Aniston, but claims she Jen has nothing to do with her disdain for Jolie.”
    Yeah, right! As IF!! What does this homewrecker Handler expect us to believe, does she think we’re stupid? She and Aniston went away for a Thanksgiving (not going to go into how this points out Aniston has no relationship with anyone in her own family) and on return Handler made her most vicious comment about Angelina yet. What does she think we think they spoke about on their little Thanksgiving gettaway for two? the stockmarket? The niceties of reading scripts?

    “I’ve been talking about AJ way before I met Jen Aniston,” said Handler.”
    But not as viciously. You ALSO used to talk about Aniston, before her agent hired you, or don’t you remember that? Now you only say glowing things about Aniston.

    “We don’t sit around talking about AJ”
    Yeah, and pigs fly. Handler and Aniston are both obsessed with Angelina. Thats probably the only thing they have in common.

    “I think AJ is kind of evil.”
    Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Angelina has never hurt anyone or spoken a word against anyone. Yet Handler has, and so has Aniston. I long believed Aniston was an evil b long before Handler, and Handler is also an evil b.

    “If a girl doesn’t have any girlfriends, then there’s a reason that no woman wants to be friends with them. I don’t think she has any friends.”
    Angelina has several friends. What friends does Handler have besides Aniston?

    “I would say I’m pretty sure Brad Pitt…he can’t do anything now with those kids. What is he to do? He’s got to stick it out now…”
    Brad is rich and lives in the modern world where he is able to leave Angelina for whatever reason if he wants. Nothing is stopping him. Handler and her partner in crime are DESPERATE to believe Brad doesn’t love Angelina, aren’t they? REALLY DESPERATE. Whatever helps them sleep.

    “I have no idea what goes on there. I’ve never even met Angelina Jolie.”
    :D This shows she doesn’t know what shes talking about, she is only parroting what Aniston has told her to say.

  111. foozy says:

    if i were brad, i’d sue her ass!!!!!!

  112. foozy says:

    angelina seems to be the center of her world!! the way she continues, you’d think she was madly in love….

  113. AMY C says:

    How does she know Brad is a good dad? she never been around brad or his kids to talk about if he is a good father ? how does she know why he choose Angie from every other girl he can get to start family with her or why he is staying with Angie. She doesn’t know him that well to discuss about him in public. They are stupid group! btw this is not the first time she talks about Brad kids. Last time she said something stupid about Maddox and Zahara now this. Saying he stays with Angie because of the kids. These dired up women whom no one asked them to marry them in their life like ( handler) and those who got asked because a part the men felt obiligated to marry them due to a long courtship ( aniston) and after they asked them and married them the men regrated they ever married them and can not get rid of the mess they created like (aniston) type of women DO NOT KNOW what hold a real relatioship together. What do they know????

    Angie is not like handler or aniston. She is very attractive naturally , she is bright, she figured herself out, she is serious but also fun and adveterious at the same time and you can fuk your brain off with her. She is a good mom and thank goodness she is doesn’t have highschoolsih vodka dirinking friends who are like bitter forever SINGLE and talk about their exes wifes, girlfreind etc because their own life sucks.

    Angie have few valuble friendship. She has her man her children her humantrial work that she needs time to study and educate herself for , her acting and brad family , her family and valuble friendships she maintains.
    she has things to worry about and needs her time besides her horse face, vodka and horse hair and constalty think about how to stalk exes and talk shiit about other people lifes due to jealousy ( HEAR THAN ANISTON AND HANDLER)


  114. Djinn says:

    Until I was in my early 30s I didn’t really have any girlfriends either. I had friends who were female but my closest buds were always men. In my early 30s I worked with a lot of women and I became close to a few but I have to admit 5 years later I’m understanding why I generally prefer the company of men and this post demonstrates the reason particularly well. The spiteful, nasty bullshit that goes on amongst women is really distasteful. If a man has a problem with you he will tell you and maybe punch you (generally only if you happen to a bloke as well). Women will never in a million years say anything to you, indeed like the troll in this case, may never even have met you, but they will vent the most horrendous bile ABOUT you to anyone at all who will listen. Give me a punch any day of the week.

  115. Josephina says:

    So… She is interviewed by Howard Stern and the only time she is relevant is when she trashes Jolie, yet again, compliments of her BFF Aniston…but she wants us ALL to beleive that SHE AND ANISTON do not have an axe to grind?


    Why didn’t Chelsea speak about Aniston’s upcoming nuptials? Isn’t she going to be a bridesmaid? What are the colors for the wedding? When and where will that occur?

    Presumably Aniston is on a high and all her best friend can talk about is Angie, how Angie is evil, has no girlfriends, Brad is “stuck”…Really?!?!? Geesh, these two.

    Again, this is coming straight from the horses’(Chelsea and Aniston) mouths. The media does not make Chelsea/Aniston fart out their consistent snarky remarks… 8 YEARS AND CONTINUING…

    As you can see, from Howard Stern to anyone else who can hold a mike in their hand … EVERYONE KNOWS HOW TO GET A RISE OUT OF THESE HOPELESS BOTTLE-BLOND BEACH GIRLS:

    ANY Interviewer: So, how’s life?

    Chelsea/Aniston: Great! I’m happy! Weeeeeee!! I’m so hot, too…

    ANY Interviewer (already bored): Uh-huh. So, what do you think Brad is doing right now?

    Chelsea/Aniston: OMG. I know, right? Brad is like, doomed for life for not staying with — I mean, Angie is evil. Evil! Poor guy, he can never hang out on the beach like I can. (Waits for affirmation and doesn’t get it. Swings hair.) So,… he’s stuck, yanno? It must be sooo draining to be a dad to six kids (NOT AT ALL speaking from experience), where does the time go? (Sips some SMARTWATER and then burps loudly.)

    ANY Interviewer: Yeah… so, how’s Justin-

    Chelsea/Aniston: I mean, who does that? Who has 6 children in five years?! What are they, like bunny rabbits? Like, having sex a lot? Why not wait awhile, say 7-8 years after your film career takes off, and then consider maybe 1-2 kids?

    ANY Interviewer: Hmmm, interesting concept. As I was saying, congratulations on your upcoming wed-

    Chelsea/Aniston: Brad doesn’t love her. No way. Angie doesn’t have a Goddess Circle like me! She can’t hang out with the girls on Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries like I can! Hah! He’s just stuck and staying out of obligation for the kids. Ooh, that burns me up!! She is one evil b*tch. My Brad, … my poor Brad.

    ANY interviewer: Excuse me? Did you just say ‘my Brad’?

    Chelsea/Aniston: Huh? Gotta go. Huvsy is calling in now…

  116. Madhubala says:

    It’s beyond pathetic now. We all know she doesn’t like Angelina, a lot of women don’t but why harp on about it? It not only makes her look bitter and bitchy, it’s also desperate attention seeking. There’s no reason to continually lambast someone you have have apparently never met and don’t know personally beyond the tabs and 2nd hand hollywood gossip. It’s very school yard bully like and at her age, she should know better. It’s embarrassing.

  117. Jezi says:

    I stopped liking Chelsea when she insulted Joan Rivers. Joan is an icon. Chelsea is an asshole. As for her comments about Angelina, well I don’t like Angie but I think Chelsea needs to move on to other topics.

  118. lady_luck says:

    I am not a fan of the woman, but in this case I agree completely with Chelsea Handler.

    a.) there is always something irky and “not right” about the woman who doesn’t have female friends or who claims to have more male friends than female friends. There tends to be something arrogant in the way they assume other women are jealous of them, or treat women as competition rather than potential compatriates.

    b.) I have always thought Brad Pitt got to the point where he knew he was with crazy, but by that stage he was so hooked and attached to the kids that he had to make a choice. So he made it. There is always this look of resignation in his eyes since making it.

    AGREE AGREE AGREE 100% with Chelsea Handler. I don’t need to like her. I just agree with her about this.

    • Thalia says:

      Well I think there is something not right with women who hang around other women and being in b1tchy cliques. I think that women that are stronger, more sophisticated and more heart and soul eschew the catty women.
      As for Brad, you are clearly seeing something you WANT to see, because you don’t want to think that he is with her because HE LOVERS HER. Because every time he talks about Angelina, his face just lights up. Its very obvious he is still very much in love with her after all this time, and only those who resent this obvious truth console themselves of their fantasy image. Anyone can see he is crazy for her, my god; if the engagement (why bother marrying her, if he doesn’t really love her? He could be like Depp and Paradis, he doesn’t HAVE TO marry her) didn’t smack it right in the faces of the haters, the fact that he spent ONE YEAR designing a RING for her is enough of a smackdown for even the most black-hearted hater. I honestly don’t believe you, Handler or any of the other haters truly believe he is with her just for the kids. But its more than obvious you are desperate to cling onto that belief, in the face of overwelming evidence to the contrary and the truth. Sorry it irks you. But as most everyone can see, Handler is WRONG WRONG WRONG and is proof positive of the bitter, jealous and angry women and the reason why women are wary of their own kind. Angelina is a far better person than Handler will ever be, and as much its it really burns her haters, its more than obvious Brad is head over heels for her. Oh, that burns, doesn’t it. :D Truth always prevails. :D

    • laab says:

      I don’t have many female friends so I guess that makes me evil as well. It is amazing how women tear down other women. The few women friends I have do not engage in bitchy, idiotic behavior like Handler and Anniston.

      Of course Brad is tied because of the kids. I mean who designs a ring for a year for someone they are forced to be with for the sake of their children.

    • WTF says:

      You agree with Ms Handler? LOL. I’m very sure you do. Your post reads like one of those “mentally unhinged” heifers at FF. Analyzing every photo of Angelina and Brad claiming he is miserable. Whatever gets you through the night. Handler is coming off as a obsessed,bitter hag. Jennifer needs better taste in friends. And you might want to get yours eyes checked. Brad’s face lights up when he talks about Angelina. I will NEVER forget the way he was looking at her (and smiling)when she walked out on the stage at the Golden globes.

  119. Gracie says:

    Welp, looks like they let the brangelina loonies out for a day….

  120. LEI says:

    She is so annoying,pathetic bitch!

  121. One of the Voices says:

    I cannot believe this lady. What now, taking your children to Istanbul is an evil thing?
    Also, Does having friends only means having celebrity friends that everybody knows?
    Angelina might very well have a couple of good friends whom we will never know. She helps tons of people, she is constantly working for the poor, children and needy. If she is evil, than we should all be evil.

  122. Nikita says:

    They both dont realize that they are the mean girls from high school. they are not well educated but very rich. this is the result of a lack of education.