Patrick Dempsey in yet another medical hero scene

This is the second story from The National Enquirer’s Mike Walker in which Patrick Dempsey stars at the hero of a supposed real-life medical drama, so take it for what it is. In October he was said to have saved a Grey’s Anatomy crewmember who was suffering from a blood clot by calling 911 after he noticed that the guy looked sick.

Supposedly some kids were engaging in a bizarre practice I’ve never heard of, in which they let the car roll while dancing beside or on it. (I doubted anyone would actually do this, but there’s a clip on YouTube so at least some idiot has tried it.) A kid predictably had his foot run over, and Depsey, who was randomly driving by and witnessed the dumbass scene, stayed with him and called 911.

Shocking moment for PATRICK DEMPSEY, who slowed down on a Hollywood street when he spotted teenagers playing that exciting new game, Ghost Riding the Whip – in which driver and passengers get out of a car while it’s still idling slowly down the street and dance beside it. Suddenly … YEEEOW!…one dancing punk got too close to the tires – and the car ran over his foot! The “Grey’s Anatomy” doc pulled over to help, and made a medical decision by calling 911…STAT! The teens were stunned to find Dr. McDreamy suddenly in their midst, but he told them he’s not a doctor – he just plays one on TV. He stayed with the kid until the ambulance arrived – and real medics diagnosed a broken foot.

If I saw this in a regular newspaper I might believe it, but since it’s the second hero story from Mike Walker about Patrick Dempsey I’m thinking it’s either fabricated PR or grossly exaggerated. How often do people pull this stupid Ghostriding the Whip stunt and have you guys ever heard of it before?

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  1. sroo says:

    Actually, there’s a video all about this completely ridiculous ghost riding thing on the front page of CNN this morning…

    Kids these days… 😉

  2. julie says:

    Yeah, people do stupid stuff like this. My brother-in-law actually “surfed” on top of a car while it was being driven by a drunk driver. The car hit a tree and now he’s deaf and has problems walking. Why does everyone seem to think they’re so immortal and bad shit can’t happen to them?

  3. beth says:

    the girls of hugh hefner’s reality show did it on one episode. they took an SUV down the driveway and kendra was the driver, dancing out the side and walking with the vehicle in neutral. even celebrity whores know about it so it must be big in circles with low IQ’s.

  4. celebitchy says:

    I’m sorry to hear that about your brother in law julie. That is a really dumb move but no one deserves to be injured. Those idiots on The Girls Next Door should not be pulling stunts like this. It’s a shame that this crap is getting so much press and it sounds like it’s becoming some sort of trend.

  5. whaling says:

    yeah, we’ve even heard about this in New Zealand. it is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard….but then here you could never do it cos we only have one lane streets lol