Kristen Stewart wants us to know that she & Rob are ‘officially a couple again’

These are some new photos of Robert Pattinson in New York City yesterday. Apparently, Rob has been in New York for a few days, spending time with his friend Tom Sturridge and Tom’s baby-mama Sienna Miller. You can even see Tom in these pics – the dark-haired guy with the beard. According to Page Six, Sparkles “partied” with Sienna and Tom on Friday night at the Monkey Bar and the Electric Room. This was the day before Sienna appeared at the Hamptons Film Festival – we had those photos yesterday. I wonder what relationship advice Sienna and Tom give to their friend Rob? I can only imagine. Regardless, Summit and Kristen Stewart’s media team keep pushing the “Rob and Kristen are back together, for real!” stories in the press. Here’s People Mag’s most recent story, published last night:

They’re back on! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have gotten back together, several sources confirm to PEOPLE.

The Twilight pair – who play Edward Cullen and Bella Swan – broke up after Stewart admitted in July to having a brief fling with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

After some time apart, Stewart, 22, and Pattinson, 26, met up in Los Angeles over the weekend of Sept. 15 in L.A., and began spending more and more time together.

Now they are officially a couple again. And Pattinson has decided not to sell the L.A. home that he and Stewart shared, according to a source.

The couple are scheduled to make their first red carpet appearance since the split later this month while promoting The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Though they are together again, currently the pair are on opposite sides of the country. On Monday, Pattinson was spotted bundled up in a hat and warm jacket as he strolled through the streets of New York City. Meanwhile, Stewart spent Sunday night – dressed in shorts for the balmy L.A. weather – taking in a Florence + The Machine concert at the Hollywood Bowl with her dad.

[From People]

Sigh. I feel like a broken record with all of the conspiracy theories, but I really don’t understand how “letting People Magazine know that you’re officially back together with the boyfriend you cheated on” is somehow the height of authenticity and awkwardness, two of Kristen’s operating principles. This is not awkward. This is not authentic. This is not hardcore. This is your publicist calling People Magazine and saying, “Run a story about how Kristen and Rob are back together, so much so that he’s not even going to sell the home which a few months ago he couldn’t even return to because of all of the crappy memories.” How is that not coldly and efficiently exploiting Rob?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Really? Whore? Welcome to the 60′s, let’s all gang up on the girl and set back the women’s movement a couple of decades. Woohoo!

      • Jaded says:

        I see, you’re saying it’s modern and feminist and all girl-powerish to cheat on your boyfriend with a married man who has small children, bust up his marriage and then get back with the man you cheated on.

        Shaming her is not setting women’s rights back 50 years honey, it’s teaching her a lesson in morals that apparently she forgot.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ Jaded: I’d appreciate it if you didn’t call me honey. And calling someone a whore just because she cheated on her bf is definitely setting us back. And who the hell are we to publicly shame her??? Taking yourself a little seriously there, no? Don’t try to sell this to me as anything other than slut-shaming. Judgy women who attack a girl for making a mistake. You wanna shame women publicly? Well then I apologize for mentioning the 60′s, we can go back much further.

        As long as Chris Brown can get away with beating his gf, calling Stewart names for what she did is nothing but anti-feminist.

      • Ming says:


        Calling a woman a whore is not teaching her morals.

        It’s the other party wishing they had a wip, because they are angry.

      • dooliloo says:

        Really? On a gossip website called Celebitchy? Clearly you’re in the wrong place to express your feminist ideas.

      • TriedTru says:

        I have to ask, do you really see the Chris Brown / Rihanna situation as equivalent to the KStew / Pattinson situation? They seem very different to me (even as social commentary) but I am curious to hear an alternate view.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @TriedTru: No, you’re right, they’re not the same at all. KS cheated on her bf. It was dumb and she should have known better. What Brown did was so much worse and that was my point. The girl has to grovel in front of the Twihards and the world and is shamed and degraded. The guy who committed a crime and a vile one at that? Half-assed apology and … not much else. His career certainly didn’t suffer much, if at all. Can you image what would happen if Stewart started talking about the cheating the way Brown talks about the beating? His “haters gonna hate” rants and all that bs? The public would freak. No, he continues to be a vile d-bag who hasn’t learned anything, while she will apologize for her actions for a long time.

      • hmmm says:

        I’m completely with @Jaded. The rest of you have no idea what feminism was and is about and what we fought for and stood up for. Ignorance is a lame excuse.

      • lady_luck says:

        Everything that Jaded said!

        Littlemissnaughty I’m not really sure what planet you are living on, but you are a bit messed up in the head. Feminism is not some lay-by reason to excuse every woman in the planet of lowly behavour. If the shoe fits – call it, I say!

      • Steph says:

        Let’s all just agree that she’s an a-hole and call it a day.

    • Me says:

      Yes, she is a whore desperate for cheap fame.

      • Ming says:

        Asshole is not degrading enough.
        Idiot is not mean enough.

        Women must be sluts, whores and bitches, because these words reek of sexuality and social loser. Put them in their place !

        We should be smarter than that. There are many words, choose a better one.

      • MonicaQ says:

        So wait, if we say, “She shouldn’t have cheated on her boyfriend”, we’re “slut shaming”? Say what?

        Some words are gender specific, i.e. to refer to a male as a whore we say “man whore”. “Whore” denotes “having sex for money” which she didn’t do so fine, be upset at that. But it seems–at least to me–you’re swinging at anyone who says, “well, this girl shouldn’t have cheated if she didn’t want the repercussions.” If I am reading it wrong, I apologize but I’m tired of people saying, “But she’s young/no one is blaming Rupert Sanders/you’re only this vicious because she’s a woman.”

      • Ming says:


        A whore is a prostitute.

        A cheating woman being called a whore is making comparisions I don’t agree with.

      • ORLY says:

        littlemissnaughty and Ming – I have not personally called Kstew a whore, but if she can call herself a miserable c*nt, then it’s open season on the name calling, don’t you think?

      • Ming says:


        Na, can’t be mad at you ever . I just hate the word to death.

      • MonicaQ says:

        Hence I said, “”Whore” denotes “having sex for money” which she didn’t do so fine, be upset at that.” That’s fine. In all technicality it is not right, just like someone calling me the n-word. However I laugh and say, “Really, you couldn’t come up with a better insult than that? At least call me fat or something.”

        I am referring to your comment of: “Judgy women who attack a girl for making a mistake. You wanna shame women publicly? Well then I apologize for mentioning the 60′s, we can go back much further.”

        It’s “judgy” everyone, not just women. My husband and brother remarked equally that it was a dumb decision on both parties. You place yourself in the public eye, you are setting yourself up to be judged, for good or for bad. Like now, I’m commenting on a public forum, I expect to be judged for my opinions and actions (well, the actions that I type).

        Judgement does not work just praising someone, it also works at tearing someone down as well–see: Lindsey Lohan. It’s not because she’s a woman (at the very least on my end), it’s that she had a boyfriend, someone she claims to have cared about and cheated, hurting not only her boyfriend but the wife of the guy she cheated with she talked to and knew personally. The “it’s not any of our business” rap gets old when you’re releasing statements to magazines on the status of your relationship.

      • ORLY says:

        Ming – I hate those words as well, c*nt being my most hated.

      • Ming says:


        I don’t care what KStew did.

        People call women whores, like they call unpleasent people Hitler.

        It must always be the strongest insult available.

      • MonicaQ says:


        “C*nt” is far worse–not even denoting the action of doing something “whore”-like but simply because a part of my anatomy, something I can’t control. It’s “you’re a jack arse because you’re a woman” and nothing more.

        “Slut” can even be worse, just because of the harsh-ness sounding of the word. And yes, there are better ways to express yourself, on that I can agree. (Personally, I don’t find the word *as* offensive/anger inducing considering it’s linguistic and colloquial place–at least in this particular instance–but offense is a personal thing, I respect that).

        The idea of not judging her period on her actions is what I was asking about. Are we not to judge her upon her actions like you said?

        This isn’t an attack either, I see it as thoughtful discussion. Please do not take it as such. I’m not trying to start a flame war.

        As a nod to the Hitler thing, yeah, every time someone says that, I remark , “So this person killed 11 million people and started a war that murdered 300 million based on the idea of racial purity? No? Ok then find a better insult. And don’t go to Stalin either because we’re going to box.”

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ MonicaQ: Who said that it’s okay what she did? I didn’t. It was wrong and dumb on several levels and I hope she learned her lesson.
        You can call someone out on their actions without calling them derogatory names, especially when the terms used are designed to shame and degrade women. You may be able to laugh off the n-word but that doesn’t mean you’re fine with people using it in general, are you? And even if you are, not everyone else is.
        As for the whole judgement issue, I agree to some extent. However, there’s a difference between judging someone and calling them names.

      • Ming says:

        All is cool, a discussion is always very welcome.

        Call her a cheater for all I care.
        Why cheater is not enough is the question.

      • Miss Thang says:

        Wait, wait, wait! Is everyone forgetting this man she cheated with was her boss?? He was paying her, they had sex. I think that’s skating the line enough to earn the name.

      • MonicaQ says:

        I agree, name calling is basically dropping to a level when you can’t really have thoughtful or civil discourse (like now! :D ) I don’t honestly get offended at the n-word; more like I get…let’s say, disappointed in it’s use by people of all races, including my own. I know, I know, the whole “historical meaning, taking a term that is supposed to hurt and own it” but it’s just so…*lame*. Blech. And when someone uses it, it let’s me know what you *really* think about me, thanks! Don’t go throwing exceptions in the mix of “oh, you’re not like *them*” because then I’ll become *actually* insulted.

        I also had not read your comments so I wasn’t honestly referring to anything you said. If you took it as an attack, again, I do not mean that. Again, offense is a personal thing; I just don’t see the word “whore” being as offensive as “c*nt” or “slut”. Which she was not paid for sex so she is not a whore in the definition of the term so it is correct to be upset about the incorrect use of the word.

        So more or less, I was trying to figure out why “whore” sparked such a heated response when the word didn’t strike me as offensive. Wrong, yes but I wasn’t slapped in the face by it. I like to see other people’s perspective on things like this, helps me grow and learn even though I’m almost thirty.

        I initially read it as you were absolving Ms. Stewart of all blame because she is female, I apologize for that. I have seen it so much in the past weeks that it’s making my eye twitch. Both her and Mr. Director are in the wrong, just she’s in a multi-million dollar franchise, her face is plastered all over everything from t-shirts to notebooks and she hasn’t exactly endeared herself to the public. Not that that’s any excuse for the Twilight fans that were talking about killing her (really?) and the “Kristen Stewart is a Tram-pire” shirts.

      • Ming says:


        I am very sorry to hear about racist remarks being directed at you.

        If it helps – THAT SHIT IS EVERYWHERE: If you were a witch, the Malfoys wouldn’t care about your skin colour but your bloodline.

        Of course it doesn’t help. In Star Trek, Spock once said, that human kind will only need like 200.000 years to evolve into a better species.

        If that doesn’t help…I don’t know :)

      • MonicaQ says:


        Ah, totally pulling at my heartstrings with Spock (I have an IDIC tattoo LOL) but yeah, I’m used to it by now, especially with my husband’s family. He’s as white as white can be and very not…open minded. After ten years, they’ve pretty much realized I’m not going anywhere but it’s “Oh you’re ok but *them* over there…” which I let them know I do not appreciate in the least.

        He hasn’t even *met* my family yet in 10 years minus my grandmother. They’re as country as country can get so that already will end poorly.

        I don’t know, it will take time and I hope my eventual kids will have it a little better off just like I’m better off than my grandma (though that whole debate on what to call our kids race wise has lasted the last 2 years, it’s also been pretty insightful–not in a bad way). And if they’re girl children not be held to some stupid standard when it comes to that too.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @MonicaQ: I didn’t feel attacked, it’s just a discussion. Opinions differ, that’s perfectly fine. :-)

        I get what you’re saying, it’s just that for me, whore is in the same category as c*nt, sl*t, f**got or the n-word. Btw, bitch is less offensive to me, depending on who uses it, the intention behind it etc. But I know people are often deeply offended by it so I would never use it in public or in front of strangers, people who I know hate it and so on.

        And while I don’t live in the US and have never witnessed someone being called the n-word, I would freak out if I did. I’m sorry you’ve experienced that.

    • Beta says:

      amazing, my comments are always moderated because once I used the f word, yet you are able to get away with calling a woman a ‘whore’.
      disclaimer: I’ve never watched a single K.S movie, or twilight, and I don’t care for K.S at all, positive or negatively.
      but I agree with the previous comments saying that calling a woman a ‘whore’ is retrograde mentality at best, and misogynist at worst.

    • Ming says:


      Saudi Arabia is a bad place to state feministic views.

      Celebitchy’s readers however are mostly women and these women folks started all that stuff some century ago.

      • dooliloo says:

        I wasn’t addressing my post to you but to littlemissnaughty whose username I hope it’s a satire considering her “feminists” view.
        But well since you want my attention, same goes to you : it’s a gossip website called celebitchy, we bitch and we gossip about anything everything good like bad, what do you expect? Now please the big speech about Saudi Arabia how about you go and direct the serious tone coming off as patronizing to some website appropriated on the matter? No one is stopping you. I believe bringing such a serious thing on a gossip website is an efficient way to make diversion. It’s easier to move on to another topic than it is to explain why you’re not a sympathizer of the “whore” word or hesitate to be branded as a lady who does protest too much. This isn’t like Saudi Arabia because it isn’t, it’s about a girl who cheated and will have to adapt accordingly to the consequences, from gossip to other bashing.
        We’re having fun and you hating the word “whore” and whatever diversion from the topic isn’t going to change it.

      • Ming says:

        There is no high horse, there is an opposing view.

      • dooliloo says:

        Well that opposite view as much as it’s your right to express it, is still odd looking given that it’s on a gossip website, you certainly can’t expect some sort of “serious political” views here.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @dooliloo: Uh …. it’s a reference to the Roger Hargreaves books, nothing more. And I would love to know why my views are “feminist” as opposed to simply feminist. I don’t like the word whore for reasons I explained. You don’t have to agree but using quotation marks doesn’t make them any less valid.

      • dooliloo says:

        @ Ming
        And we bitched about it indeed! Did you even read the comments underneath the Clint Eastwood topic? But clearly in your zeal to prove your point you missed the point and concept of celebitchy: to bitch about it, good like bad. It could be a Mitt Romney topic it’d be the same, some people would give perhaps some political views but overall it’ll be about bitchiness. It’s a case of Hollywood celebs getting involved into politics thinking they know it all and it’s a “what the heck?” moment indeed. You get it now or do you want to bring another political topic?

      • Ming says:

        “…you certainly can’t expect some sort of “serious political” views here.”


      • dooliloo says:

        I shall not repeat myself on the concept of the website, especially when I explained it all clear in my posts above in response to each of yours.

        I believe the ” ” symbols count for something it means not to be taken to the 1st degree, hence why I used it. That and also the words I wrote in front of it. So it’s the whole sentence that you shall read, do not cut it to make it convenient for you. Because the nit-picking equals understand what you want to understand, read what you want to read, giving it the meaning that you conveniently want to give.

        Now I’ve given you enough time and explanation. There are topics out there I got to bitch about, ta ta.

      • jaye says:

        @dooliloo…just because the site’s name is “Celebitchy” doesn’t mean that you can’t have intelligent discourse about what is posted. In fact, it happens here all the time. Did you not read the site’s tag line “Escapism can be smart”? There’s WAY more to this site and the people that post here than the “bitchy”.

    • keats says:

      You know what? Woof to this entire line of thinking. I don’t care for the term whore especially, but good God how are you all able to thump your chest over the feminist ideal over Kristen effing Stewart? And she is whoring out this relationship, or her people are at the very least, and I don’t care to make a distinction between the two.

      • Ming says:

        You don’t care about the word but the person.

        I don’t care about the person but the word .

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @keats: So feminism is bogus just because you don’t care for this girl? Woof to THAT line of thinking. Words matter and this one is vile when used for someone who is not actually a prostitute. Selling an image and trying to do some PR damage control does not equal being a prostitute. At least to me.

      • keats says:

        @Ming – first, I do care about the term ‘whore.’ I care about using words correctly. I meant that I don’t care for it, as in don’t enjoy its use. What is the preferred term for the behavior described in this article? I called it whoring out. What is a phrase that is both critical of her behavior and not offensive to you? Because honestly I would prefer to go through life offending as few people as possible.

      • keats says:

        @littlemissnaughty, no that’s not what I’m saying. I read the original comment as a criticism of what she is actively is doing, as in the publicity and whatnot, not the sex. Feminism is obviously an important ideal, but i feel like some arguments obfuscate other, more important arguments. Of course, we all have different ideas over which arguments are the most important.

      • Ming says:

        Ha no, all is cool.

        I read it as you were upset with people defending KStew – I guess/hope most of us are just offended by the very strong insult.

        She is a cheater (and many other wonderful things).

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @keats: Then I think we read the comment in different ways. I saw it as a reference to the cheating/sex.
        As for the behavior afterwards … god, she has awful PR people and obviously no sense when it comes to selling her image.

    • Annie says:

      I agree with you Jaded. I mean I wouldn’t call her a wh-re, but she IS a homewrecker. If you play an active role in ending someone’s marriage, that’s what you are. And there’s no feminism in letting a woman get away with ruining another woman’s life. Where’s the sisterhood? I hate it when people are like “Oh, don’t shame her!” Well, she SHOULD be ashamed. Running around in booty shorts, asking People magazine to run weekly reminders that she’s back with Robert when she broke up a MARRIAGE? Evil, evil human being. I say this as a former fan. I am so disappointed in the way she’s exploiting Rob. He doesn’t have a OR. This is all hers. Awful bitch.

    • CC says:

      I’d rather go after the middle-aged married-with-kids POS than a single 22 year old woman with no legal attachment.

      Then again that’s just me.

      • mollination says:

        1. Are any of you familiar with the word “colloquial”? It’s when a word’s definition changes over time due to its usage among people. So, for the person who said they’re OK with the word “bitch”, but not the word “whore”, that doesn’t make much sense. We all know what bitch USED to mean (female dog), but we accept that it has developed a new meaning. Whore may have once ONLY meant “a woman who has sex for money”, but it’s become a derogatory word for almost any female violation. I don’t know that you can rightly accept one word’s evolvution and be steadfast against the other’s evolution.

        2. The proof that intelligent political conversation and topics happen here seems somewhat null and void by the fact that it involved a celebrity, and thus was the only reason it was “news” here.

        3. There are plenty of intelligent forums on this big vast internet? Why waste time trying to change this one, which has a long history of name-calling, moderating, and people with too much time and too little IQ’s.

        4. Considering the manufactured nature of most of these celebrities personas, why are you guys wasting time defending or attacking this? None of us know anything. If you want to have an opinion on it, fine. But it seems absurd to get genuinely peeved over people and situations none of us know first-hand, and were likely generated for the purposes of publicity.

        5. Rupert Sanders marriage didn’t end. No home was officially wrecked.

        6. I agree that the gratuitous use of words like “whore” can be problematic for female equality and progression, but I think this situation is the wrong one to spout off about this epidemic. When a girl, who has no motivations of publicity (i.e. the entire basis of this website and comment thread), is called “whore” or something equally ignorant/lazy for wearing a certain outfit or getting date-raped or something, that is a perfectly apt time to bring this issue to light. But by getting offended by it in the same breath as celebrities whose number one goal is to get us to talk about them in advance of their premieres is to dillute and weaken the argument.

        Okay, I’m done. Let’s all find adequate and helpful uses of our time/energy now.

      • ORLY says:

        Why’d have to ruin an otherwise well-thought-out and balanced comment by insulting the regular posters on this site?
        Not only were you dismissive at the end, but you preceded that with the implication that we’re all ignorant, slothful and bored.
        With the exception of maybe 3, most regulars here don’t take this stuff seriously. It’s all about being snarky.
        In the grand scheme of things, nothing we say here will influence sparkles or kstew one way or another.

        For me personally, this is all entertainment. When it stops being entertaining or dull, I’ll take a break as I’ve done many times in the past.

      • jaye says:

        @mollination…don’t strain your eyes looking down your nose at the people who post here. I can’t even give you credit for such a well thought out post because it was just SO condescending. Why even bother to post here if you have such disdain for the content and the people who comment?

  1. Saphana says:

    I wonder what Sienna Miller told him about sleeping with married men.

    • Jacq says:

      Right? Shouldn’t she be identifying more with KStew and their home-wrecking coochies?

    • Apples says:

      Not quite the same situation to my mind:
      Getty and his wife had a history of prior issues, not all Getty’s fault. He was leaving the marriage at the time, that’s why they were so open about relationship. Getty’s extremely wealthy and wife is well liked but, thought to be a practical- easier to work out issues and stay married within wealth.

      1. Sienna didn’t believe Getty was cheating- thought he was separated.
      2. She also wasn’t cheating on a boyfriend.
      3. She wasn’t friends with Getty’s wife and kids before/during affair- that’s cold.

      • Michele says:

        Are you seriously defending Sienna Miller’s affair with a married man and father? Getty’s wife was pregnant at the time with their 4th child. She was extremely upset about the very public and raunchy display her husband and Sienna were putting on in full view of the paps. Their pap pics were way more explicit and sleazy. Sienna was half naked in most of them with Getty either grabbing or sucking her bare boobs. Sorry, Sienna does not get a pass for her affair with a very much married father of 3 with another child on the way.

    • Annie says:

      Hah! This is what scares me. She probably tild him people can change because she did :/.

    • smiley says:

      why is everyone saying they are not together ,maybe they are ,its hard to blieve any guy would allow so many false rumours abt him spread like wildfire!

      • Annie says:

        Because they have a movie to promote and they need to make things look as civil and friendly as possible to not disappoint the people they’ve been milking for years.

        Rob doesn ‘t have a PR to publicly deny these stories. So he’s speaking through his actions, maybe. Hanging out away from her. No coincidence she respinds with her own planted stories.

      • Hakura says:

        I honestly think this whole ‘back together’ thing is just until they finish promoting the new movie, to keep the fans happy (& maybe make it a little easier for them to promote together). I really don’t see them staying together after that. At least that’s what it’s looking like.

        More people are likely to side with Rob than Kristen, so his taking her back might convince *his* fans to ‘take her back’ too.

  2. eileen says:

    Come on Rob! I still have faith you will grow a pair and dump this emo wanna be! Drop this Ho and get with a Pro! (lol sorry for the cheese)

  3. Elodie says:

    He’s back with his boyfriend and they dress the same = epic love.

  4. Blue says:

    I would like to see a picture of them together, though. Claiming they met up almost a month ago but still no picture of them together (did I miss it?) just seems off.

  5. Anname says:

    If Kristen is responsible for putting those stories out there, then she deserves all the bad karma coming her way. But I still have doubt that she is the one planting these reconciliation stories. There are plenty of suspect “sources” to be found in this story, it isn’t necessarily all on her.

    • Brown says:

      I thought that what People mag reports comes straight from publicists though, no? I could be wrong.

      I love Rob but is he serious with that hat?! I hate when people wear hats like that. Looks like a condom on his head. Pull the damn thing down.

    • Elodie says:

      The only one profiting from this is her, basically saying “look I can fuck a married man and my doormat sparkly boyfriend will still take me back, I’m so edgy and hardcore you must like me if he does it too.”

      All the stories in the past 3 months try to paint her as the victim of this scandal and even tell that she and Sanders only made out and didn’t have sex.

      • Anname says:

        Not true, Summit profits. And these random “sources” could be anyone looking for a little attention. I seriously doubt these stories are coming from Kristen.

      • Bugsrunny says:

        You’re also assuming that all the “sources” are actual, legitimate sources. Depending on the outlet, I think some “sourced” info is completely fabricated by the writers/editors. Their outlets–gossip rags and sites–are profiting more than KS from all this. All this new “news” every day is giving them hits and sales, which bring them ads, which make them $$$. Lots and lots of $$$.

    • Annie says:

      She’s the one with the bad image right now and the PR. Rob does not have a PR. People magazine is PR friendly. They write what publicists tell them to. That’s People. A magazine that serves stars. They’re not Star or Radar Online. They work with them directly.
      Us Weekly is becoming PR friendly too. They’re announcing pregancies and weddings.

      • honeybee says:

        Yes. If People mag is so sure that they have reunited, why don’t they check Rob and Kskank’s Bio in their website and change their status from “Ex” to “current”? Should be simple, right?

        The timing of this People article is so suspect. Just when Rob got papped separately here they come with all kinds of reassurance for the twihards/shippers. So obvious.
        Great to see at least Kaiser calling them out.

        R & K are done. Both are now doing what they can to ease the situation for the upcoming movie release/ BO.

        Rob may have kept quiet about the PR tactics at play but he probably drew the line at publicly being seen with her. I can see why he would see this media play as a necessary evil to be put up with before he can wash his hands off the whole mess.

  6. marie says:

    I think they (Kristen’s team, Summit or whoever) are trying to push it as back together because it is listed in their contracts that they have to promote BD2 together whether they like it or not.. and Rob’s not talking so it’s not like it will be disputed..

    and once it’s all over, somehow it will be spinned to try and garner Kristen some sympathy..

  7. debs says:

    Did someone’s pr team get worried about Rob being seen and photographed all over NYC partying sans Stewart? The timing of this “IT’S ALL FINE AND BACK TO NORMAL” statement is pretty fishy.

    Until they’re actually seen together, inarguably, with photo proof, not just through the claims of attention seekers on twitter, I don’t think anyone besides Twi-hards is really going to buy this.

  8. Po says:

    Look, the Twilight movies are almost done and we’re still talking about her. That was the point all along. I don’t care what anyone says, you’re never going to convince me that this young woman had no idea that someone would take a picture of her in broad daylight having sex in a car. Maybe if she was older and out of touch with the media I could find some way to believe it, but she’s not. This is a twenty-something young woman who’s clear on the fact that people follow her to take pictures and understood the impact of this on her fans and non-fans. I think that in general she’s gotten what she wants but with a few missteps along the way. After this is all over she will find a relationship to attach herself to for more publicity because she will never get people talking about her the way she wants them to for her movies alone.

  9. Sophia says:

    Can’t wait for BD2 to be here and gone so I don’t have to see or hear about her for a while. I never saw the appeal in either of them but at least Rob sounds like a nice guy. I don’t believe any of these reconciliation rumors – it’s all publicity for very badly written and poorly-acted movie saga. Bored of it.

  10. DanaG says:

    I think the same thing. They have to promote a movie together so playing a happy couple is worth while for everyone involved. Once it is over he can dump her because of trust issues or she can dump him cause she is basically just a cow. He can do so much better then her and she deserves everything she get’s. This is just like the Clooney/Keibler on the rocks stories. Stacy’s team are planting stories about her being 100% moved in and everything is rosy. Then go look at todays pictures of them arriving in New York. Stacy looks as pissed as K Stew always does. Usually Stacy is grinning like a Miss World contestant. But not now. I see the same sort of thing being pumped out by K Stew’s team and it would be hers it doesn’t benefit anyone else but HER.

  11. T.C. says:

    Thank you Summit Entertainment for that press release. Funny how the happy couple are on opposite ends of the country right now. They aren’t working so no excuse for them NOT to be spending time together. Rob keeps going out nightly getting photographed without Kscrew anywhere. Kscrew keeps doing happy photo-ops wearing his clothes. Lol.

  12. Sara says:

    I can understand getting back with someone after cheating but the way he was humiliated by the photos coming out, I could never forgive with that out for the world to see forever. Can she really be worth all that? He must really love her to get back together after that. Sad. So many fish in the young sea.

    • debs says:

      I don’t get him at all. Not only the humiliation of being publicly cheated on, but she continues to embarrass him with these constant pr leaks, that interview talking about armpit licking, all of her OTR interviews where she was all about how people should do what feels good and not worry about if others think it’s wrong. She hasn’t learned a thing and is using him to help herself. I’ve never seen such a complete doormat as Pattinson.

      • Ann says:

        In fairness, all these interviews were done before the minicoopering. Her only interviews after were strictly about OTR at TIFF.

        It will be interesting to hear what she has to say in the upcoming barrage of interviews surrounding BD2. I don’t expect we will hear too much about her personal life, but I am interested to hear if she changes the commentary on being cool, rebellious, etc. If her PR team has any brains, they will prep her with a new narrative.

      • honeybee says:

        I agree with your pov on Kskank. But in defense of Rob, he has NEVER said a word about his personal relationship ever.
        Why would he do so now, when such a thing might put the convivial atmosphere for the BD2 premiere in jeopardy?

        People (as in humans) jumping to conclusions about his persona when in fact he hasn’t indicated in any form that he has taken her back..

        Lets wait for 2013 and see how he acts before we declare him a doormat.

  13. deb says:

    The PR people are working overtime on this one trying to convince the twi-tards that the fauxmance is alive and well, you just gotta believe. Oh and be sure to buy your tix for BD2 now on sale.

  14. Amelia says:

    I despair.
    I’m just going to get the popcorn ready for when this all eventually goes down the crapper.

  15. Eleonor says:

    They can’t do the promotional tour with the twihard mad at one of the protagonists.
    They will officially split after the last Twilight dvd will be released.

  16. Nola says:

    “I really don’t understand how “letting People Magazine know that you’re officially back together with the boyfriend you cheated on” is somehow the height of authenticity and awkwardness, two of Kristen’s operating principles.”

    You know why it doesn’t make since bc Kstew and her team probably didn’t send it in. I bet it was the studio or just People trying to get their weekly twilight hits.
    I know you don’t like the girl but sometimes your kstew posts are just too far reaching. however, they do supply the LOLs.

    • debs says:

      Gurl, no. KStew’s team has been in heavy spin mode since before the pics even came out. Kristen’s actions never match her claims. She’s real and edgy and not a fake, but she does crappy franchise films and endorses a perfume despite never having worn perfume in her life. So yes, she would absolutely talk about privacy while leaking details to People magazine.

      • Annie says:

        Yup. Whatever Kristen says IT’S ALWAYS THE OPPOSITE. Always. Don’t look at me LOOK AT ME. My privacy! Photographers rape me! LETS MAKE OUT IN PUBLIC, MARRIED DUDE. I’m not going to sell my life PUBLIC APOLOGY, WEEKLY RELATIONSHIP UPDATES IN EVERY MAGAZINE. I hate selling my image, I have no style VOGUE COVERS AND THE FACE OF A PERFUME.
        Do whatever you want but be honest, my God! She claims to be honest and real all the time! She hates being called a fake and a liar. Well truth hurts.

        It’s funny, people always said she’d be the one breaking down and creating scandals, and sure enough.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t believe this story even if it comes from People. This girl showed the whole world she is a tramp with no morals and Rob is a good decent man who deserves better than her. I need pics in order to believe he is back with this skank.

    • Me says:

      Honey, they never were a couple. No kisses, no confirmation, always hidden, so much time apart to each other, Rob’s family confirmed that everything is PR and no vacations together… They always hang out with her PR team. Really? Always at night and never alone. It’s a fauxmance.

      • Miko says:

        Exactly this. I agree with everything here. He’s never confirmed it thus far and will never talk about it so why would he confirm it as a source, not a rep mind you, to any magazine? Nope, not happening.

      • Jess says:

        Me, they kissed and vacationed together plenty. You’ve been going to the wrong Robsten sites. They were together all the time, they lived together, visited each other’s sets frequently. It was a real relationship, and that’s why this is so sad. Kristen seemingly has this guy by the balls, and she’s such a crappy person, it’s sad to watch.

      • Anname says:

        Thank you Jess. Don’t necessarily agree with everything you said, but it’s clear there was a real relationship.

      • Annie says:

        When did his family say it was all PR? I definitely don’t believe it was PR. She lost a ton of weight after this scandal. Looking better now though.
        They hid because Rob appreciates the privacy. She wore his stuff and gave out clues all the time.

      • A says:

        Bingo. They were photographed separately at clubs, dinner, traveling WAY more then they were ever photographed together. That’s why the tabloids used to always run with cheating stories or break up stories or it’s all PR stories. And when they were photographed (there probably aren’t more then a handful of times they’ve been photographed together outside of Twilight related stuff) they were almost always in groups or together with his manager and her PR woman. Who takes their PR women and manager out on a concert date while with their significant other? And not once, but several times. Plus, I live in LA and some of location stuff never added up. She supposedly lived in Los Feliz with him, but cheated on him after being at a gym/working out on the westside? That’s on the other side of town and a good 30 minutes away at least. It would make no sense to work out in the westside somewhere if you live in Los Feliz. Plus, there’s a lot more, like the fact that they never seemed to spend any significant amount of time together. I buy that they were close friends, or had some sort of on and off casual thing, or were open like Ted Casablanca used to always say…but I have trouble buying the whole they were in a happy monogamous relationship bit.

      • Mi says:

        @A.They were photographed together.They spent 2009 and 2010′s New Year’s Eve in London(hacked pics of them together with his parents).Kristen visited his set in april 2010 in Budapest to spend her birthday with him.Rob was filming Bel Ami there.He visited On the Road set in summer 2010.They kissed on balcony after On The Road premiere in may in Cannes(video on you tube).They attended his friends’ weddings and one christening.They were a couple.You can find all proofs on Rob’s sites and on you tube.

    • MonicaQ says:

      You know there’s going to be pictures of them at the release of that dumb vampire movie all snuggled up. Probably all the way up until Blu-Ray/DVD release and then kaplow!–the expiration date slapped on that one runs out.

    • Annie says:

      That’s what she’s telling People but it doesn’t mean it’s true. They’re throwing werkly reminders because Rob is on his own a lot. Desperate much? Who is she trying to convince? Embarrassing.

  18. tom says:

    so is rob against summit and kristens team -Lmao

  19. MonicaQ says:

    Summit Entertainment said, “Go make that money. Now stand on that corner/red carpet and look pretty.”

    If he did take her back for real, I’m just going to shake my head. A ‘mistake’ is getting drunk and making out with someone and even then I’d find that kind of hard to forgive. This girl went out and flat out cheated. Both her and Rupert Sanders are the blame but the minute you even try to lay part of the blame at her feet it’s “slut shaming”. (When did that become a term? I must have missed something on the internet)

    Since when? Since when is cheating ok because you’re female? It’s not cool period, male, female or other. Unless you got that kind of open relationship set up and then it ain’t cheating now is it?

    • honeybee says:

      Its not even just the cheating. It would be diff if she had cheated but was remorseful enough that she confessed to Rob in private. I don’t believe that a private confession happened cuz Rob was his usual giggling self around her in the TCA a few days later. Its the hardhearted behavior of playing his loving GF after the minicoopering that galls me.

      She seemed unrepentant during an interview in TIFF. Saying how she is always ok with what she does (paraphrasing). If she has managed to justify to herself as to what she did is ok by her standards, she is a lost cause.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Slut shaming is totally a thing. If you haven’t heard of it yet you might want to do a google search. Here’s a recent example:

      That said, I am not defending KS. She has to face up to public opinion regarding her actions. As does Stupert. All this PR spin is doing is fooling the exceptionally gullible… but then, without the exceptionally gullible, where would People or the tabs be?!

  20. Miko says:

    Even if pics came out of them hitting some show together it’s in the middle of a movie promo and wouldn’t mean a damn thing, just like it hasn’t meant anything in the last three years they’ve been getting photographed out. This showmance has always been PR and it always will be. Anyone with half a brain in their head doesn’t believe People’s story or any other tab shouting how it’s back on and everything is perfect. Also, a good thing to remember is Stew has one of the best publicity teams around and Rob doesn’t have one at all, his people can’t possibly combat her army of paid sh*t stirrers.

    • mainland says:

      This!!! This is what i’ve been looking for b/c I thought I was alone in this thought but glad to see I’m not. Pics or no pics its all irrelevant. I expect pics, and I expect them soon, they have a movie and an image to sell not just to the public but also to the industry.

    • A says:

      Yep. Pointed it out above, but I agree with you 100 percent.

    • Ann says:

      “Also, a good thing to remember is Stew has one of the best publicity teams around” HAHAHAHAHA!!! AS. IF.

      Her PR team is a disaster. If they were good at their job, she wouldn’t be generating this much hate on comment boards. They would have seen that her constant comments on being cool were making her look anything but. They wouldn’t have let her put out that apology, or followed up with all the nonsense about not really sleeping with Sanders. They would NOT have had these quick stories of a reconciliation with Robert; they’d have portrayed her as making an long, concerted effort to reconcile with him. They’d have left the topic of whther or not they’d reconciled unanswered. The way they have done it makes it look like it is all for PR, which is the last thing she needs in light of all her comments about being real. Her PR team has failed badly.

    • honeybee says:

      Rob maybe passively cooperating with the studio now till this movie comes out but I believe he will draw the line at being seen alone with her in public.

      He hasn’t reunited with her. IF he is then what’s the harm in being seen out with her going to a concert or two like before? That will corroborate all the reconciliation stories. But he wont do that. That would be selling out and imo he would never do that. Cuz they are not together.

      As his fan if I see him with her (even if its before BD2) I will believe they are back on. His actions is what I need to believe.

      I know many here believe it was a showmance all these years, but those that followed them closely believe it was a real relationship.

      She was photographed with Rob and his parents at Christmas 2009 in his family’s living room in London. It was a very private pic which the shippers or whoever managed to grab and spread it around gleefully a couple years back.
      Many things like that.

      that relationship was real.
      Her cheating is real.
      These reunion stories are fake.

      • aquarius64 says:

        ITA. If the reunion stories are real, they would be seend at concerts together before SWATH-gate blew up. The big scoop would be getting confirmation from Rob’s team (I know he doesn’t speak of his personal life but that would be the scoop of the century.) I think Team Stewart is looking on the blogs and seeing the reconciliation stories are not being believed by a large swath (no pun intended) of people. Fearing that the cynicism will impact BD2′s box office, thus making Kristen box office poison and unemployable, is the reason I think Team Stewart is putting out these “reassurances”…to save its client’s career.

      • mainland says:

        I have the opposite feeling about this. I expect to see some photos leaked very soon of the two of them at a concert of one of rob’s friends, or out to dinner just to show the cynical folks who are not buying this sham that they really are back together. Those pictures won’t mean squat to me, this is a game and they are the players…. the twihards are the ones being played. I think all involve know exactly what they are doing. I really wouldn’t care if robert took kstew back, I was more a fan of kristen before minicoopergate, and was indifferent about her relationship with rob so its no big deal to me. This is just so obvious, and makes kstew look so unbelievably desperate. Im just gonna see where they are after BD2 dvd hits the shelves. Something tells me it will be over….. The End.

  21. littlemissnaughty says:

    … posted in the wrong place.

  22. Jess says:

    This whole story is really starting to reek of PR.

  23. Chatcat says:


    I am just dropping you this note as a reminder to keep your soul in tact. I know the witching season is upon us, but please, do not let the studio cast a spell on you by having you hang out with/and onto that skank. I mean come on, she smells, her middle finger is on auto flip, she is obsessed with her hoo-hoo, so much so that she has pet names for herself and uses “it” as a reference, and if there is a grown married man in the area and he is hungry, she feeds him. Contrary to Hollywood standards, having self respect IS NOT a bad thing, in fact you actually may obtain more fans by taking the high road (well not your normal “high road”) and stay away from her outside of the required “red carpet” events for the last and final installment of that movie saga.


    PS. You know the saying … life imitates art, well do you find it a bit unsettling that KLewd plays the trampy vamp so well she sucks the lifeblood out of you? Just a thought.

    • Brown says:

      Loving this, Chat. :)

      Also loving the “normal ‘high’ road” comment hahaha.

      Honestly, there won’t be pictures of them outside of the red carpets. Even the pics on the red carpets will just be them standing there. It’s not like they’re going to start making out for the cameras. That’s not necessary.

      All they need is to be in the general vicinity of one another and the TwiHards will freak out and take it to mean that they must be back together. They just need to keep the speculation going.

      I think if they were back together, they would be physically together… not across the country despite the fact that they are not working.

      Hopefully he reads your note, just in case. :)

  24. bns says:

    If it’s from People then it’s most likely true, but I’m waiting to hear the “breakup” announcement right after BD2 is out on DVD.

  25. Adeli says:

    I honestly don’t understand how her PR team and Summit fail to see that this just fuels the anti-Kstew sentiment. She’s looking like a manipulative bitch who got Rob to cave in to her grovelling pleas. And it makes Rob look like an idiot for seeming to cave so quickly. Even if they are together again, why this PR strategy that just emasculates Rob even more?

    Meanwhile, Rob has been seen out partying 4 weekends in a row without her. Hardly the picture of someone trying to work on his relationship.

    • Brown says:

      At this point, I think they realize that non-twihards with half a brain have turned against her for good. She was already unpopular and this is the straw that broke the camel’s back with most people. Now, I think it’s a play where they are just trying to save face with the TwiHards, because they are so desperate to believe the star-crossed lovers are back together, all they have to do is leak vague info and they’ll bite. It’s not a bad strategy… at least maybe she won’t lose EVERYONE this way, because TwiHards are too dumb to see the manipulations.

      • Adeli says:

        It’s a misconception that all Twihards are also Robsten shippers. There are many fans of Rob, who are also Twilight fans that vehemently dislike Kristen Stewart. A lot of them are just disgusted at all the PR shenanigans, trust.

      • Jess says:

        And when it comes out that Rob ultimately dumps her, she’ll have these women on her side, thinking she tried to get him back and she is remorseful. Yeah, I can see it.

      • Brown says:

        Oh I realize that there are many Twilight fans that are NOT KStew fans. All I meant was that it seems pretty obvious that most of the non-Twilight fans are pretty much over KStew after this. There are still a number of TwiHards that have a vested interest in seeing the two of them back together, not necessarily because they like KStew, but because they need the Bella/Edward dynamic to exist in real life, too. I just think her team probably realizes that pandering to them is probably her best bet at staying relevant now.

      • mia girl says:

        @Brown – agree that Summit’s strategy is to primarily appeal to the love-lorn group among Twihards that still need the fusion of fantasy and reality in viewing the films. It’s this group that will make the $$ difference for BD2.

        Sure, even if they are not a couple, this group would still see the film, along with casual fans. Once.

        But the PR fantasy of the couple will drive this group’s repeat movie viewing. That is what has Summitt nervous. Loosing the multiple views that this group historically has given the saga.

      • Annie says:

        Adeli is right. Many Twilight fans are angry at her. And there’s fans who only like the movies and don’t even care about this mess. They just have a guilty pleasure. Not everyone is so involved.

        At this point only Krisbians defend her loyally. She should be grateful for that fanbase. She’s been cold to them plenty of times.

    • Annie says:

      I truly believe Summit has nothing to do with this. These are not the MGM/Judy Garland glory days. Studios can’t force people together. I feel that while they benefit from a civil relationship they know their fanbase, and a lot of those fans don’t even believe she cheated!! The saga itself is safe. Kristen’s reputation is not. She was already super hated. With this? Worse. And she lost all the work she had lined up for the next year.

      This is all her PR. Her benefit. Her public image rehabilitation.

  26. Daisy says:

    Crap. I forgot to make friends with Paul Bunyan when I was in New York.

  27. Dion says:

    How disappointed am I in Robert Pattinson? It goes beyond words.

    From start to finish he has let Kristen dominate this story, even though the wrong was hers in the first place.

    Far from being sorry, she and her opportunistic team plied the public with ridiculous stories about how Kristen is the true victim. So much for taking responsibility.

    Sadly, Robert has fallen for it hook, line and sinker. And he will keep on doing so, because he is afraid to be in Hollywood without Kristen.

    Tell me Rob, when did fear become an honorable motivation for anything?

    • Anname says:

      100% disagree with you. Rob has shown class and restraint, and kept his standards. You know how they say you don’t know a person’s character until it is tested? He is managing to keep his mouth shut, probably under a lot of pressure to make some sort of statement, and I really respect him for sticking to his principles. He doesn’t sell his private life, period, and he won’t start now. He is not staying silent out of fear, wtf. The guy wouldn’t have survived the last 4 years without some inner strength. Not many people could go through all that without going a bit nuts, but he has stayed grounded.

      Right now it is difficult with all the ridiculous stories tossed about, but wait 6 months or so and see where he is at. I think he will come out ahead of the mess.

    • Adeli says:

      Dion, I know how you feel, but let’s not be so quick to buy into all the tabloid/PR bs about Rob being unable to navigate fame without Kristen. If anything, Rob has done a far better job of it than Kristen. He definitely doesn’t need her and I don’t believe he thinks he needs her either. That’s just what her PR team have been trying to sell in their strategy to emasculate Rob. I think people make the mistake of interpreting Rob’s sensitivity as him being a pushover. I think his refusal to control the narrative is just him sticking to his guns about not selling his private life. I can respect that, even though it’s frustrating to watch as a fan. Also, he has an innate stubbornness, so I don’t expect him to cave into any pressure to say anything about this mess. Maybe the frequent solo outings is his way of speaking up without having to resort to PR games, which he detests. Actions speak louder than words.

    • Annie says:

      You are so right Dion. I feel this guy is lost right now and very confused. I’m so disappointed in her and him if he lets her run the show like this. Watching her strut in booty shorts, running stories about a reconciliation when she helped ruin a family? Unbelievable. Partying in Paris, at fashion shows, smiling like norhing happened. No remorse whatsoever.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if she cooked up the entire affair to stay in the limelight well after Twilight (they did look right into the camera, smiling, inside the mini-cooper). And let’s be honest, she’s no Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence. No great work lined up after Twilight. She must be worried and this PR dance is to keep relevance after so much success. I mean weekly relationship updates? Who is she trying to convince.

      We can see her true colora now. Awful, awful person and I hope Liberty sells her story and tells everything right before BD comes out. She looks iddly peaceful. She has a plan.

  28. J says:

    I was going to comment about how Robsten is back together only for the last Twilight film coming out and Summit probably offered Rob some money to stick it out until the DVD for it comes out. But JESUS some of the comments on here about how Kristen Stewart is a wh-re make me extremely uncomfortable.

  29. mia girl says:

    I’d have more respect for Kristen Sewart if she just did an Oprah special or something and laid it all out there. This “sources” strategy is BS. She and Summitt are not fooling anyone except for a portion of Twilight fans…this is nothing but PR spin.

    Funny how they never had any “reliable sources” ever verify they were a couple to People before the MiniCooper affair. Ah, but now the game is being played… so just play it out in the open. If they really are back together, just have direct statements from them or their publicist and pictures…just like the rest of celebs gaming the system do. She can’t pretend to still be so precious about the relationship and hide behind “reliable sources”. Stewart lost the privacy spin when she took a spin with Sanders.

    Or could it be that now 4 weekends in a row Pattinson is out and about sans Stewart and he is letting actions speak.. and they are desperately trying to fuel this reconciliation story with contradicting words.

    • Annie says:

      This is all her. No Rob, no Summit. She gave People her apology. She’s feeding them this “officially back together”

      Gaaaaaah I can’t believe I was a fan! Team Rob forever.

      • A says:

        @Annie. People is a very celeb friendly magazine that tries to stay on the more respectable side (why Angelina and Brad sell their baby photos to them for charity, etc.). Kaiser’s said in the past (as well as other bloggers, etc.) that they check everything with a celeb’s team….although this is a KStew story, so she’ll ignore it for this one. It’s not like KStew’s team will call People up and they will run a story without checking with RPattz’s team…it’s not Star or US Weekly. He’s an active participant in this mess, at least as far as the People stories go. Also, the studio wants to sell them as together or at the very least friendly…I wouldn’t be surprised if they were behind most of the tabloid stories, because KStew personally would have been better off in terms of PR if the scandal died down except for little blips in People magazine.

    • A says:

      Eh. I’ve said before, the way this “break up” was handled and the resulting aftermath and info made me believe they were never what the media sold them as. That said, People magazine isn’t going to run these stories without getting his team’s approval. It’s not like KStew’s publicist will call and all of the sudden they will be like, okay, we 100 percent believe you and won’t check with any of RPattz’s team. So I’m having trouble jumping on the KStew is super evil and manipulating/exploiting RPattz train and he’s rebelling by not being photographed with her…because if he was, that’s just plain weak. He’s a grown man, with PR/lawyers/managers of his own. If he didn’t want People saying he was in a relationship, the magazine wouldn’t say that he was. It’s the last Twilight film and he already has a few indies lined up, so if he refused to play ball there isn’t much the studio could do to him. If he didn’t want People to run these stories but felt pressured, and then decided that getting photographed out was a statement, then that’s even worse because he’s playing two PR games. Anyway, this narrative is just kind of ridiculous…he’s obviously playing along in the PR game by letting People run these stories, or he’s actually with her. People isn’t Star or another tabloid where they don’t check their shit out with the celebrities involved in their stories.

      Also, I like Sienna a lot…but I have to love the irony of her passing any judgment on somebody who hooked up with a married man with kids, considering she not only did that but continued to do it after she was caught. Somehow, I feel Sienna is just concentrating on her baby and thinks all this drama is dumb.

    • mia girl says:

      @A. I dont think he is driving the PR spin, but I do agree that in effect, he is playing along.

      There are lots of reasons why, some more noble, some more cynical. I think it’s somewhere in between. I think the biggest right now is there is a movie to promote that they have a vested interest in having do well. Not only for themselves, but for others they are close to like Taylor Lautner, Bill Condon, the producers they’ve worked so closely with all these years and even Meyer herself. They are all affected monetarily by how this last movie does. That’s a lot of pressure. This franchise gave Pattinson a career…and Stewart’s preference of him was the main reason he was cast. So I do believe Pattinson is part of this PR, if for these reasons alone.

      That said, I also believe he is still thinking about /working on staying with Stewart. I do think he is seeing her again, though not to the extent of the PR spin. So with all that going on, I can see why he’s letting the reconciliation narrative be out there.

      I don’t think he or even she for that matter will have a clear head to make real decisions until after the movie is released.

      • A says:

        @mia girl…Yes, he’s definitely playing along with it to an extent. It’s just ridiculous to me that a lot of the posters and Kasier are infantalizing him, as a poster pointed out below. I also think a lot of the PR spin is more studio driven then by KStew’s team. She’d be way better off if this wasn’t getting as much attention months later, but the studio would benefit considering the film is coming out next month.

    • Anname says:

      People is not asking Rob’s permission to run their latest reconciliation story. They quote unnamed sources. And People does NOT have a good relationship with Rob – remember their “His Messy Love Life” cover where they had him sleeping with multiple women including Emilie DeRavin? He certainly did not cooperate with that article!

      Also, wasn’t there some sort of Sexiest Man Alive thing where Rob was not interested (similar to Dicaprio), and wouldn’t give them the in-depth article they wanted?

      Why would you think People needed his ok to run that article? They don’t quote a source.

  30. lulu says:

    Man, these two and their movie company are milking this nonsense for all its worth, aren’t they? I could give a crap what this snotty brat does or says. I just want her to STFU and go away. Those who are so invested in these people as a couple or apart really need to get over it.

  31. smiley says:

    nvr imagined that these two would give the world such a headache with their bullsh#%t!i thought they would leave it to redcarpet /mtv yes/no inlove not in love game

  32. paranormalgirl says:

    I see the infantalization of Rob Pattinson continues. This is a grown man. He is more than capable of making his own decisions. Presumably he has a brain in his overly square head and can use it to make his life choices.

  33. neishauri says:

    I don’t think they’re together, there’s no pictures or anything that they’ve “reconciled” so no I think Rob is single going out and having fun with his friends and when it comes time for promo he’ll do his job professionally and that will be that.

  34. Helvetica says:

    Maybe their PR is saying they are together just to sell the movie when it’s really over.

    Notice there have been no pics of them at all together since the her cheating scandal came out.

  35. Francesca says:

    this is so over… I can’t wait to see who he is going to hook up with next.

  36. LeslieM says:

    There is something serially wrong with this girl. For one thing look at how she dresses and that vacant look she alway has on her face. Most importantly it’s the way she comes off in interviews. She slumps in her chair, played with her hair and comes off as some kid of Juvinal delinquent. She doesn’t look the interviewer in the eye, never smiles and looks like she’s put out to answer any of the questions. I have never seen anything like it. Why does anyone care about her. It’s not just that she has no personality she almost surly. A very dark girl.

  37. Kay says:

    Love how everyone assumes the People scoop yesterday and all the prior articles after the “incident” came from Kristen and her team. Err!! Wrong. Try Rob’s manager Nick Frenkel, who btw he recently confirmed also acts like his “publicist” and who some the Kristen Stewart haters i.e. Robsessed on here claim to be bff’s with and should know this. Good grief you people need to get laid.

  38. really says:

    I really like his style/fashion sense.
    Looks like the perfect amount of effort to look great, but still masculine.

  39. Carolyn says:

    Does Summit PR realise no-one’s buying the Robsten Forever stories?

    Tom & Sienna are such a curious couple. Hope they’re together as a real couple..I’d like to think Sienna has finally settled down with a nice bloke and baby.

  40. Madison says:

    Yes we know you are back together to promote the next twihard movie and that’s all it is, now Bitch please tell your PR team to stop with all these we are back together stories, you are so annoying.

  41. Sean says:

    They are back together til the DVD release. Then their contracts are up and they can go their separate ways. Just an old fashioned PR romance.

  42. Melissa says:

    I do think Rob and Kristen are back together but this is the beginning of the end. If they are to survive all of this, lucky that he is leaving the country to film next year. She just needs to disappear with him. She has so much negative pr, she’s already cracked once, she will be the one to crack again. She needs to get her head in order. Rob loves her, can’t blame him. He doesn’t want to give up on her. At least not yet. Looks like they are trying. BD premiere is going to be a big clusterfuc k. Watch.

  43. Faye says:

    I’d care more if she didn’t say she wanted to be ‘f*cked’ over, in an interview. Unappreciative, despite all she’s done & even while she was doing it. This has nothing to do with ganging up on her.

    Just another filthy rich, bored & selfish young celebrity! There are plenty of them, ridiculously cliche….

  44. Chelley says:

    I can’t believe people think this relationship is real. Once the Twilight franchise is over, their contract will be up and they can sleep with whoever they want without having to be labeled “cheaters”.

  45. Andrea says:

    We women love to tear into one another. If a husband/bf cheats on you, you find out who the woman was and kick her ass. The poor bf or husband was lured by her sexual prowess. Pshhhh.. My bf was telling me some fishy stuff, I found out he was living with another woman, went to her house and she cried on my shoulder. he was beating and raping and cheating on her for 3 1/2 years and she was so scared to leave. It was thanks to me she did leave and got a restraining order against the sociopath. we are good friends now even if we shared a psycho. Women need to ban together not against one another.

    • Jane says:

      No one is saying that the Director guy in this situation is innocent. I think we all agree that they are BOTH equally responsible for their actions. However, the point is that KStew is trying to manipulate the media/fans/people into thinking that her boyfriend took her back in order for the public to “forgive” her as though she has no remorse for breaking a family.

  46. Jane says:

    I never was a fan of KStew, mainly because of her condescending attitude, bratty behavior, and immature demeanor. I also have seen several of her movies and think she is clearly lacking talent in comparison to other 20-something year olds in Hollywood. However, this whole scandal has been the final nail in the coffin. It’s not slutshaming to say that KStew is seriously lacking in morals and did an awful thing, the director guy as well. The notion that she’s somehow a “victim” in all of this and “poor kristen, everyone’s picking on her for such a mistake; she’s so young” is such B.S. She’s not a kid. She knowingly wrecked a family. Where are the FLOODS of support and defense for the innocent wife and kids in this whole situation? The fact that KStew is playing the PR game, trying to save her image and portray the idea that Rob took her back is infuriating. All of these BS nonsense reconciliation rumors only make Rob look like a COWARD and less of a man. She obviously doesn’t care for him at all, especially after her very public “apology” where she cries about how sorry she is. (Ironic since she’s always claimed of how private she is). I hope that Rob doesn’t take her back and judging by his actions- He hasn’t. If they were together, they would be together. Rob wouldn’t be going out every single weekend with his friends looking very much single. Can not wait till this stupid movie is out and all this is over with. Rob deserves better. Hopefully he’ll wash this trash off of him (including KStew) and he can move on to better things and maybe even a better person.

  47. JJankowski says:

    Miss Bennett where are you tonight? I need you to protect my reputation and help me dispel all these false media reports of reconciliation.

  48. Nibbi says:

    “Coldly and efficiently exploiting Rob”? please. he’s clearly going along with it.

    it starts to look as if they’re both being coldly exploitative.

  49. lady_luck says:

    ming and littlemissnaughty:

    perfect examples of people who take themselves a little too seriously and have an axe to grind in all the wrong places.

  50. Dani says:

    This story is really getting so old and so detailed. IF they are together, Rob has terrible judgement and low self esteem. If they’re not together, Kristen is really desperate to make herself look better without actually looking guilty (have seen no public remorse about her affair). Regardless, after the last Twilight premier, they will more or less both fade away because (as much as I like Rob as a person) neither of them have real talent. The director has already been forgotten, soon Kristen and Rob will be too. Publicity stunt or not, Kristen was and IS careless about how things went down. She’s not a whore, or a slut or an evil human being. She’s a girl that’s made bad decisions and has to learn how to own up to them and live with the consequences – but just the fact that she can’t do either, makes her look bad. Rupert (as scummy as he is) as somehow trying to fix his life QUIETLY, why can’t she do the same? That’s why there’s more media attention on Rob and Kristen and that’s why she’s being painted as the worse offender.

    • kingkayski says:

      In all Kristens picture after the “incident,i find her looking contrite in all her pictures.Gone are the anger,the two finger bird fliffing gun,the sarcastic glare she gives the papz,the f words she always bestow upon them and so forth.All that’s left is sad,weak,shoulder & head down,begging kind of girl.In a way i’m glad for what she did ,it brought her down a peg or two,it humbles her.It’s like she don’t care anymore if the whole world ridicule her,calling her all kinds of names,especially when she’s wearing some of Robs supposedly clothing or gifts.Because there’s no worst name in the world could beat the words she call herself lately”miserable c*nt”.Right now the ball is on Robs side,she has to play by his rules now,whatever the heck it is,she’ll never know when the ball is gonna drop on her head,meaning,when is he gonna kick her to the curb for real,she can only wait,and she can’t complain either if when Rob decide to bestow her his presence,that’s the saddest part when you’re the one who screwed up,you wait for every little morsel of mercy you can get.

  51. Kosmos says:

    Okay okay, Kristen made a very bad judgment call by cheating, especially with a married man. Personally, I didn’t care for her before that, but cheating doesn’t make her a whore, which would be someone who has sex only for profit, or who has many multiple sex partners, which is not the case. However, I chide Ms. Stewart much more for her seemingly immature attitude, for giving the finger multiple times in public photos, and for acting rather flippant and bratty throughout her career thus far. These are the things I do not like about her, so instead of becoming a young actress I like, she has become one who needs an attitude adjustment and one who must now earn our respect.

  52. Jay Elle says:

    Jesus Christ these comments are ridiculous.