Brad Pitt talks dirty in new Chanel No. 5 ad campaign teasers: sexy or meh?

Last week, we covered the Women’s Wear Daily exclusive on Brad Pitt’s Chanel contract, and how the new ad campaign would be dropping on October 15th, and how Brad probably got paid somewhere in the vicinity of $7 million for the campaign – a figure that many of you took issue with. You know that Nicole Kidman got much more than that when she became the face of Chanel No. 5, right? She was reportedly paid $12 million for her appearances in commercials and the print campaign. But I digress. WWD said that Brad’s Chanel commercial would “feature Pitt speaking in a way that the viewer assumes he’s speaking to a woman — and then it’s revealed that the addressee is actually the scent.” I wrote, “It might be kind of sexy. The commercial sounds like it’s just Brad talking dirty to a perfume. Which is kind of funny, and it could be really great.” Well, the teasers have come out, and it’s pretty much Brad talking dirty to a perfume:

It has potential. It could be good. I know this is going to become about how TOTALLY AWFUL Brad looks (?) and how “Jennifer Aniston had him when he was hot” and all of that middle school stuff – most of which I disagree with strenuously – but can we all just admit to ourselves that Brad actually has a great voice? He has that Missouri drawl, it’s sort of Southern and low and it makes me tingly. His voice has improved over the years. I remember when it was a lot higher.

These are some photos that some people claim are part of Brad’s Chanel campaign. They’re nice photos overall, so enjoy.

Photos courtesy of Chanel, Bolero Mag.

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  1. Amelia says:

    Yup, snickered at the first clip…
    It seems quite cheesy IMO, but I think he looks good here.

    • Flim says:

      Amelia, I’m with you–these are ridiculous. “Do you like cheese? … Cheese.”

    • Hildie says:

      I think Brad has always been quite handsome and he’s certainly looking good for his age. To all the negative comments and all the other blah, blah BS that you all seem to write about someone you don’t know anything about other what you get from gossip magazines, get over yourselves. If Channel is willing to pay him $7M for an ad then good for him. How clever of Channel they’ll certainly get more than their money’s worth.

  2. Sway says:

    Always loved Brad with longer hair 🙂

  3. Astrid says:

    Oh my!awesome

  4. A.Y. says:

    His voice is killing me!!! So sexy…!

    • RocketMerry says:

      Though I prefer lower, “quieter” voices, even I have to admit Brad’s got a really good voice.

  5. Nev says:

    He looks amazing.

  6. Nikki says:

    Sorry, I’m one of the few who wasn’t a fan “when Aniston had him.” The idea of a man and wife getting matching his and her highlights is so vile to me.

    I think as long as Brad doesn’t start doing some heavy plastic surgery (and gets a hair cut), he’s going to be even sexier in about five years. Hollywood and photoshop have given us unrealistic images of aging.

    • mln76 says:

      I was the same way…I liked him during the Juliette Lewis years but when he was w/Goopy and you know who he grossed me out…in the last few years between the fatherhood and the movie choices I find him much hotter now.

      • Kelly says:

        Nikki & mln76 – Agree with you both 100%. He’s so much hotter when he looks a little rugged. I was not a fan of his pretty-boy phase.

      • Green_Eyes says:

        Wasnt a pretty boy phase Fan either..his face has more character now & yes rugged like Redford in his 40’s. When he started changing & looking not so perfect & more manly finally got what the fuss was about. His voice is very sexy…another thing that has aged well about him. Maturity looks good on him!

  7. samira25 says:

    “Brad probably got paid somewhere in the vicinity of $7 million for the campaign – a figure that many of you took issue with. You know that Nicole Kidman got much more than that when she became the face of Chanel No. 5, right? She was reportedly paid $12 million for her appearances in commercials and the print campaign.” Jenfans and haters always have a problem when Brad and Angelina do something but couldn’t care less if 99% of other people do the same.

    Brad does have a nice voice. It will be interesting to see what the commercials are like.

  8. lflips says:

    Maybe it’s because those are random sound clips but that did nothing for me, it just sounds silly.

  9. LiLo says:

    Bitch please! He is a man who don’t like take a shower. Stories about his non hygienic lifestyle are legendary. Just look at his pictures, at 90% he has dirty hair. They should hire George Cloney.

    • Kim says:

      I guess all his exes ,co stars,reporters, store clerks, didnt notice this odor.Since I have heard people remark on how good he smells. ONE example reporter at last. Year’s TIFF.Keep believing unnamed sources .Brad looks sexy usually I don’t like long hair on men.

  10. Kaye says:


  11. Sara says:

    He still looks like he smells of weed and sweat uck

  12. Toot says:

    Yum! Definitely sexy.

    Brad’s voice is juuuuuust right. 😀 And he looks great too.

  13. Mia 4S says:

    It’s interesting that both he and Clooney do advertising, presumably so they can stick to “prestige” films for less money. There’s the new Hollywood debate; which is the superior sell out: product shilling or a superhero franchise?

  14. Hmmm says:

    Just NO!

  15. Kimbob says:

    I don’t get it. I’m not “feelin’ the love,” here. There’s just no magic to the three short clips where he’s feigning a sexy, breathy voice.

    And honestly? I’m getting the vibe that this type of ad campaign is more along the lines of what someone like a Colin Farrel should do.

    Call it “middle school,”….whatever, but these pics of Brad give me a creeptastic vibe. Something about his hair in these pics looks too feminine to me…I’m getting a man/woman/transexual vibe from these pics of Brad. He doesn’t do “man-scruff” well at all. His weak-looking goatee reminds me of JUST THAT….a GOAT! Goat-man….blech!

    Anyway, Brad used to “do it” for me, like back in the day of Thelma & Louise…his sex appeal was UNDENIABLE. But again, his goatee-scruff is just a plain turn off for me. Again, this ad campaign would have suited someone like Colin Farrell way better. Colin pulls off scruff and long silky hair way better. Brad can’t pull it off….he looks way better clean-cut.

  16. Miss Lafleur says:

    He does not do it for me! Just knowing that he goes home to that freaky skeleton and schleps all those random kids around the world ( yet they are still in a bubble ). Self righteous assholes!

    • maya says:

      Random kids? Wow. It’s sad to see that racism is alive and well in 2012.

      • Green_Eyes says:

        Wow, have to Agree w/ Maya that came off as sounding racist. Whether just trying to look cool & trying to hard to be negative towards Brad & coming off wrong or actually meant…that fact that it was put out there is rather sad.

    • Mia 4S says:

      To each there own and you are welcome to diss the adults in this situation…but “random” kids? Really? I hope this was just a poor choice of words and not an attempt to lessen or degrade adopted children. If it was, well you have my pity for your limited abilities to recognize love and family bonds. And before anyone asks, no I’m not adopted and I have no adopted children, thankfully I am also not small-minded.

    • sullivan says:

      Random kids???? Their kids are “random” because some are adopted? Why, Miss Lafleur, you are positively charming, aren’t you?

  17. Annie says:

    Right. Now I get why Jennifer had to flaunt that ring this week. Way to hijack the attention, loser. And then she moans about how the tabloids don’t let the Brad Pitt thing go. You’re playing along too! And I think their engagement definitely did something to her, but what is a rock? What’s a bigger engagement than three biological children and three adopted children? She’s such a loser.

    • Susan says:

      Annie – not sure if you noticed but this post is about Brad not Jen. Try to stay on topic. We are talking about Brad and the ads he did – not some ex-wife of 7-8 years ago. Move on. Hard I know. These two really don’t need to be connected any more. Both have moved on and have great lives.

      As for the ads. Well, I don’t know they seem a bit cheesy to me. But I have not seen the whole add. Time will tell – I am sure that they are being put out there to get attention for his new movie coming out in November.

    • GrandPoobah says:

      Move on, Annie. It’s getting pathetic and embarrassing.

  18. marie says:

    I think he looks good here, but I thought he was hottest around Legends, who had him then? Julia Ormand right, she was the lucky one..

  19. shannon says:

    I never really got the Brad Pitt thing. He seems like he’s probably a cool guy to have a beer with, but I just don’t find him to be super-hot. I’ve always thought that, with Jennifer too. I’ve enjoyed some of his movies, I think he’s a great actor … just never felt the need to swoon. I realize I’m in the minority here LOL 🙂

  20. Eleonor says:

    Hello 1994 Brad!

  21. teehee says:

    I see they shopped away the bags under his eyes?

  22. Jackie O says:

    first i thought they were silly and very harlequin romance…fabio kind of stuff, but then they just started giving me the creeps.

    • Rhea says:

      I don’t feel it’s creepy but I agree that it feels like Fabio kind of stuff here. LOL 😀 I was thinking before that they would make him different looking from his daily look in the ad…Maybe cut his hair?? Or clean his scruffy look?? Just for the surprise angle since it’s been a long time that we haven’t see him in a clean cut. 🙂

      I must admit that his voice is sexy though…

  23. toto says:

    he is hot hot hot …god that body !!!!
    he puts younger actors to shame..
    what a swagger !!!

    this Ad makes me want more ..

  24. dee says:

    These are just embarrassing.

  25. Krock says:

    Lol@ the voice clips. Sorry but its so funny! 7 mil for that? Nice work if you can get it.

    The print ad pics look good. Although I was never a fan of the scruffy face and long greasy hair on him. He looks so much better cleaned up.

  26. ojulia123 says:

    He’s starting to look like a budget Chris Hemsworth.

  27. Talie says:

    Actually, he looks kind of old-school in these shots…very Legends of the Fall. Kudos to the Photoship team for making him look natural, but also to him for resisting any obvious-looking fillers.

  28. LadyBird83 says:

    No, just no.

  29. Raven Sparrow says:

    Nope, doesn’t make me want to buy or even sniff this perfume. Sorry.

    He used to look sexy like hell with long hair in Legends of the fall.

    But now, it just makes him look older, greasy and dirty. I don’t feel like running my hands through his hair.
    I think he would look great with short hair and a clean shave.

  30. serena says:

    Freaking hot body and sexy voice, I don’t get why people would argue about it.

  31. Ari says:

    He looks absolutely gorgeous with that long hair – he really just needs to wear it all the time

  32. Starlight says:

    It feels like Legand of the Fall again.

    • joyce says:

      Look at his face. If they did do photoshop. his face should be smooth like they did with the actresses.

  33. Mew says:

    The clips sound stupid and are not really good ad for his voice talent. If I was to pick an voice actor based on these clips, it would be instant no. Cheesy and stupid. The pics are ok.

    And of course the pictures are photoshopped. Nothing goes raw to the adverts.

  34. lulu says:

    I see they photoshopped him right back into Legends of the Fall. I read somewhere that Brad said the last movie they watched together as a family was Apocalypto. Gee, that’s a R rated movie and those twins are what, 4 years old? Great choice.

  35. Lila says:

    Chanel No. 5 did always smell like cat pee to me, so a dirty looking Brad Pitt kinda makes sense.

  36. lisa2 says:

    I know Brad gets the hate, but I think the ad teasers are interesting. The man has a great voice and I can’t wait to see the full one on Sunday. Love that picture. He is still a very attractive man. Beautiful in fact. To me.

  37. Brad you could look better and not like you just roll outta bed and hasnt taken ur bath in days. I think channel no. 5 is just trying to do something different, but dis clip is mediocre at best maybe d full commercial might be better *fingers crossed*

  38. Hannah says:

    He looks like he should be on the cover of a romance novel…

  39. Mira says:

    “Jennifer Aniston had him when he was hot.” I think he sucked the most then because he looked like a nicely made-up doll. Of course he looked more showered then but he’s never been that hot guy for me. Between then and now, I prefer the Brad with scruff and long hair.

  40. Green_Eyes says:

    Brad has a very sexy voice., each clip in itself is nice but not “it”, but I get that …it’s not the final’s a teaser, an unfinished product. I maybe wrong, but think it will be pretty good myself.

    Take a lil rugged & more mature looking Brad over the pretty boy baby faced one.never understood the fascination back then about Brad. However, as he started getting more character in his face… I got it. He is a handsome man (doesn’t hurt he reminds me of a young Redford when he started looking a lil more rugged in the face). I was always a Clooney fan & he always
    reminded me a little of a modern Cary Grant (always looking so dapper & owning that touch of silver in his hair), Can’t wait til Sunday & see the completed ad.

  41. Jessica says:

    I long for the day a woman can show forehead lines like his in a perfume ad.

  42. dooliloo says:

    *sigh* I wish they didn’t PhotoShop his face. His wrinkles make him attractive…

  43. Aren says:

    I’m a fan of Brad over the years. I think he was hot when he was younger but he is still hot as he ages with wrinkles on his face. He has this classy look to him now. The one pic bothered me for a very weird reason. lol The b&w close up. It looks like he has very white eyeliner on his bottom waterline. It’s super bright and bugs me. lol Either that or too photoshopped. But, other than that, I love his voice and the pics would be better without as much photoshop. I can tell they took out some of his distinguishing wrinkles. sigh.

  44. Cathy says:

    I never saw Legends, but I did see Interview with a vampire and I thought he looked great around that time to. He still looks good, but believe it or not I wouldn’t do him. He just doesn’t turn me on.

  45. Miss says:

    Holy handsome! My goodness.

  46. Ludakristen says:

    My heart’s fluttering a little. He looks and sounds really, really good.

  47. tracking says:

    He’s good looking, sure, but kind of vacant and inelegant. I’m perplexed by his selection to represent Chanel. I guess there aren’t really that many big celebrities anymore?

  48. Chickie Baby says:

    Wow. Tristan Ludlow redux. Well, dang near, anyway.

    He’s still quite a hunk.

  49. J says:

    Haha, he sounds hot, but the idea that he is talking dirty to a bottle of perfume is hilarious. When I listened to it that way, I couldn’t stop snort-laughing.

  50. J says:

    BP: Are you going somewhere? Where?
    Bottle of perfume: … (Alternate version: No, I don’t have legs.)

    BP: Do you feel lucky?
    Bottle of perfume: ….

    BP: What’s the mystery?
    Bottle of perfume: …

  51. spinner says:

    Brad has never done it for me at any stage of the game & that goes for these ads as well. I neither see nor hear anything special. Meh.

  52. Dahlia1947 says:

    He looks really good here! Yummy! He’s got the long hair like when he was in Legends of the Fall! Very nice. If he’s asking me this question then I’m going to tell him “I’m not going anywhere baby!”

  53. holly hobby says:

    Nope I don’t find him sexy at all. He looks like a dirty hobo and yes I’m going to vote that Jenn A got him when he was hotter looking.

  54. darth says:

    Cant’ stand Brad Pitt, and that “I’m so pleased with myself” smirk that he always has on his apish face. Such a tool. Come on, ladies, you can do better.

  55. skuddles says:

    Brad definitely gets hotter with age.

  56. Mara says:

    Wow the pictures are so good ,he look much younger and the long hair is nice .

  57. Moreaces says:

    Love him with the long hair,, sexy sexy man, better with age

  58. LeslieM says:

    He looks okay here but when I see him in a film he is just boring and one note. I don’t think he’s a good actor at all like Kevin Costner flat, boring exactly the same in every movie. I thought he was sexy ONCE – Thelma and Louis. Now I see him and I fall asleep.

  59. Jaxx says:

    Brad may have aged (as is normal) but he looked plenty trashy when he was with JA. Look back at pics, he went around looking like a long haired, scruffy bum when he was with her too.

    I understand it. He has always fought his looks. If he went around looking like he did in Legends all the time people cannot even talk to him. That kind of staggering beauty in any human being makes the rest of us go loopy. Literally, when that kind of of gorgeousness is in front of you a person cannot even function. He gets tired of that reaction and tones down his looks accordingly. I bet he celebrates every wrinkle.

    I know that no one is going to feel sorry for him for looking like that but really, the rest of us have no idea the burden it can be when no one in the world can act normal around you. When just looking at your face makes them stutter. It can be very lonely to be so far above the rest of us mortals.

  60. F5 says:

    ROFL! Sounds like those CDs for learning foreign languages. Now repeat after me.. do you feel lucky, bysh?

  61. Sylvia says:

    Sexy, sexy, sexy!

  62. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I guess I’m the only one that liked him best when he had the wiffle haircut and was clean-shaven?

    He looks like a country music star these days. I’m just not feeling it.

    • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

      Fair enough Kitten, fair enough. But we will have to have a throw down over Fassy! 😉

  63. Ethel says:

    There’s got to be an SNL or Funny or Die parody in here somewhere. I don’t care how wonderful his voice sounds, nobody’s voice is worth that much money for saying a few friggin lines.

  64. amy c says:

    I love him and I too think his voice is attractive as he. I am looking forward for the whole thing. He is not trying to speak sexy at all here, it sounds his normal voice to me.

  65. Freya says:

    Brad looks very good and sounds sexy!

  66. Really says:

    Missouri drawl? Never heard of such a thing.

  67. nikko says:

    Ask me if I would “hit it.” You better believe I would; he looks BEAUTIFUL in the photos above and his voice. Who can ask for anything more.

  68. stinkyman says:

    OMG they have ruined the perfume for me!!!

  69. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Very sexy and hot. I’m liking what I’ve seen so far.

  70. Nessa says:

    Still looking good after all these years. He is the hotness. And I never fully noticed how sexy his voice is. Well played, Brad. Well played!

  71. nordicgoddess says:

    him: are you going somewhere?
    her: just doing the dishes
    him: where:
    her: in the kitchen
    him: do you feel lucky?
    her: if you do them..
    him: what’s the mystery?
    her: why are you talking to me while turning away…

  72. Tres Jolie says:

    I love Brad. Period. I don’t like it when he is photoshopped to remove lines and wrinkles, it takes away from his character. I don’t like the standing in the corner thing, it’s odd, not in any kind of good way. I love his voice. I’m hoping that the commercial will be better. C’mon Chanel, you had Brad Pitt to work with! Don’t disappoint.

  73. Narak says:

    He is delicious!!

  74. Lurkeelee says:

    Yes, Brad has a very sexy voice indeed and he looks great in these photos. That first pic I think may be my favorite of him of all time, swoon. I can’t believe he is almost 50. Kaiser, you really do have the JenHens’ number, lol. Spot on with your assessments of them 🙂

  75. Mrs. Odie says:

    In the photo where he has black hair and eyeliner, he looks like his paramour. Couples really do start to look alike. Some trick of biology, or narcissism?

  76. Mimi1 says:

    Gorgeous. Period.

  77. Jay says:

    I was never a fan when he was younger, but he’s kind of grown on me as he’s aged.

  78. Nikita says:


    god im such a teenager when i see his pics 😉