Bobbi Kristina Brown confirms engagement to guy raised as her brother

It’s hard to write a title that accurately portrays this mess, and I tried to be as accurate and diplomatic as possible. We’ve heard that the late Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, now 19, was dating a guy named Nick Gordon in the aftermath of her mother’s untimely death. Nick is 22 and was raised in the same household as Krissi (she goes by Krissi) since he was 12. He was basically raised as her adopted brother (although I haven’t been able to confirm that Whitney ever formally adopted him) and they are said to have considered themselves brother and sister. So Krissi’s mom died and she started seeing a guy she once thought of as her brother. It’s disturbing on several levels, and Krissi’s family doesn’t approve. Whitney’s mom, Krissi’s grandmother Cissy, told a source that “what they’re doing is incestuous.” It wasn’t technically incest as they’re not related by blood, but it really creeped the family out.

Well now there’s a new Houston family reality show coming to A&E, and in a promo for the show Krissi confirms she’s engaged to Nick. Of course there’s a reality show, and of course these two are engaged.

How does the family of Whitney Houston cope after her death? Now we can find out.

We have a special sneak peek promo of A&E Network’s latest reality show, The Houstons: On Our Own, which shows how Whitney’s loved ones have tried to move on since her passing.

And for Bobbi Kristina Brown, that means getting engaged.

Rumors of the 19-year-old’s engagement to boyfriend and adopted brother Nick Gordon have been swirling around the Internet for quite some time now, but Bobbi kept denying the claims.

In the clip, you’ll see the drama revolving around Bobbi Kristina and Nick’s love affair (apparently, not everyone approves) and through what sounded like a nervous giggle, Bobbi announces, “We’re engaged!”

Watch to see how they took the news and catch the premiere of The Houstons: On Our Own on Wednesday, Oct. 24.

[From E! Online]

This still bothers me, but I have to say that after I saw Nick supporting Krissi at the Billboard Awards in May, I came away with a different opinion of him. He really seemed to adore and support her. There were allegations that he latched on to Krissi after Whitney died in order to get his hands on Whitney’s estate. They seem to really love each other at least. Again, it still seems wrong to me, and obviously Bobbi’s family agrees.

Here’s a shot of Bobbi’s engagement ring, which is from Nick’s Twitter and was posted in August. It’s sapphire although I can’t tell if those are real diamonds. Maybe it’s an heirloom ring from his/their family. Shudder. [via Daily Mail]

And here’s a promo for their new show. We don’t need more reality shows!

Another clip from the show. It shows how loved-up Krissi and Nick are, and how messed up Krissi is in the wake of her mom’s death.

Krissi and Nick are shown at the “Sparkle” premiere on 8-16-12. Credit:

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  1. Eve says:


    NEVER underestimate Hollyweird’s fucked-upness.

    • Liv says:

      Her ring looks like Diana’s/Kate’s ring – guess somebody wants to be a princess.

    • diana says:

      Reminds me of ‘Petals in the storm’!!

    • deehunny says:

      It’s not actual incest and they only spent their teen and pre-teen years together forward. I know it’s not in society’s norm but I’m kinda rooting for them

  2. SmokeyBlues says:

    This young woman deserved any earthly happiness she can find. I hope she does only one season of a realty show – that’s the last thing she needs.

    • Skipper says:

      I honestly see nothing wrong with the relationship. Exploiting it and her on the reality show is the messed up part.

      • The Other Katherine says:

        +1 million, Skipper and SmokeyBlues. This girl has had a hellish life, and she actually looks fairly healthy and not drugged-up here. They’re consenting adults, and if they’re happy then more power to them. Love is hard to find.

        The reality show is the disturbing part. I doubt Bobbi Kristina has much in the way of employable skills other than being the child of famous parents, but there has to be a better way to make a living than jeopardizing your relationship with your future spouse.

      • Kate says:

        I was reading just the other day how that revolted feeling we get when we think of our opposite-sex siblings in a sexual way forms in our very young years. So Christina never probably formed that sense about this ‘brother’ of hers. So what? They don’t share genetics and they are not brother and sister. Btw, I have two adopted daughters so I have no beef with adoption.

  3. dana says:

    She is beyond repair!

  4. judyjudy says:

    This actually doesn’t bother me. Sure, the whole family is a sad mess but this engagement isn’t one if incest. They are not related by blood, they just grew up together.

    It’s just like in Clueless when Cher got together with her ex-stepbrother Josh.

    • INeedANap says:

      They explained away any creepiness in Clueless — apparently Cher’s dad was only married to Josh’s mom for a really short time, and the step-siblings barely saw each other or lived together. That’s very different than this case, since Krissi grew up very closely with her fiance.

      • lem says:

        also need to point out that Clueless is ya know, a fictional movie.

      • Roxy says:

        I know a family of step siblings that grew up from pre school age together, as brothers and sisters. One of the step brothers was spending an awful lot of time with one of his step sisters as they became teens, well, aren’t they close? ! How sweet! Umm..NO! They were having a sexual relationship for several years before anybody actually knew. Ewww! Anyways, they eventually got married in a big wedding, very creepy, so weird and they have 2 or 3 kids together now. People still refer to them as the brother and sister that got married and they shudder as they mention them. Its disgusting. Now the mom and dad are also the in-laws. Thats eff’d up. There’s no other way to say it. *Scrubs brain with bleach*

      • DeltaJuliet says:

        Also, Clueless is a MOVIE, wtih characters. These are real people.

      • Stay-Cee says:

        My aunts neice got together with her step brother everyone thought it was weird because they where raised as brother & sister but where not related by blood , idk i just find it awkward to go out with someone you used to maybe look to as your older sibling .

    • judyjudy says:

      Ummmm….I was just kidding about the Clueless similarities.

  5. dooliloo says:

    Dude is happy with himself, he hit the jackpot!… until she tells him “nuh huh! you ain’t having my momma’s money!”

    • Roxy says:

      Whitney didn’t really have any money left and depended on her producers to advance her over the years for projects that would never happen. It will be like MJ, there will be real money of some sort now, that she has died and future residuals will keep coming in. This poor kid looks like her daddy. Thats not a compliment. Whitney was very beautiful, her kid is far from it. This family is headed for only more heartbreak and doom.

  6. shewolf says:

    I don’t know. If my parents had brought some guy into our house when I was nearly a teenager and told me to think of him as a brother, I dont think I would have. I would have been old enough to know very well that he wasnt my brother. Id feel strange about getting it on with him though thats for sure… it would have to be some kind of love of my life.

    • Happymom says:

      But if he came into their house when he was 12, that means she was only 10-really still a child. Not that she had a normal childhood, poor thing.

      • Melissa says:

        She was ten when she met him, shed of started to notice boys by then and its not far off from puberty. It’s a little weird, but its not like she was raised with him since she was really small and grew up with him, not being able to remember a time when he wasn’t around. It’s similar to falling in love with a life long friend.

  7. Bluedog says:

    Eh, I’m more worried about her raging drug habit. Poor kid.

  8. nikzilla37 says:

    As long as she doesn’t follow in her mother’s footsteps *cough* drugs *cough*,I think she’ll be ok.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I was going to start a list of the reasons this is a bad idea, but it was getting too long.
    I feel very badly for this girl. I wish her the best, but honestly don’t have high hopes for her.

  10. Joy says:

    I’ve read that he was a close friend of the family and never officially adopted. Whitney viewed him as a “godson.” I would say it’s definitely a little weird for Bobbi Chris to be dating him, but not

  11. aims says:

    With all the money her mom had, why didn’t anyone fix her teeth? I always get hung up on that.

    I think if her family is freaked out there’s a reason for it. I’ve always been told blood doesn’t make you family. This seems like an adoption situation, except it wasn’t done legally. I just feel really grossed out by this also.

    • Gena says:

      For one – she has a Diastema (I have a smaller one) – it’s not really a reason to fix someone’s teeth. All teeth grow in differently and I was very affected by something that is quite common in my dad’s side of the family growing up, for the very reason as it being judged as something that needed to be “fixed.”

      MANY famous people have Diastema teeth without fixing them. I attempted to wear Invisalign when I was a teenager to get rid of it. I spent my childhood rarely smiling because I didn’t like my smile because of it. I gave up on the Invisalign because I found it painful, and decided to just embrace my top front teeth.

      When I moved to the UK – as some people know, they do not nearly have the superficial perspective on what are ‘perfect teeth’ like us Americans do, and I’ve felt more normal than ever. There are actresses here with Diastema who are considered very attractive and have had no pressure to fix their teeth. I’m sure if they had been in the US, that might be different.

      Don’t pick on the girl’s teeth. It’s a common trait that is hereditary (her dad has it, too!)
      My father and aunts have it. It’s part of me and there is nothing to fix.

  12. Francesca says:

    well we all know how reality tv shows help marriages thrive… I’m sure this will really solidify what they have…

  13. Nibbi says:

    poor, poor, poor kid. i really feel for her.

    i bet there really is an intense bond between them and maybe it makes her feel safe or ‘anchored down’ to be engaged to him since they’ve surely weathered a hell of a lot together.

    frankly, it’s the reality-show angle of this story that worries me the most. seems like the most f-d up way to go for anybody trying to figure life out.

  14. BW says:

    It’s not incest if he isn’t a blood relative. BUT, what if he IS a blood relative, and that’s why he was brought into the family to start with, and nobody wants to say how he’s really related, because it would be a big scandal. They have very similar bone structure.

    You know that bit in the wedding ceremony where they say, “If anyone has just cause why these two should not be joined in legal matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace?” Well, it was to announce that people were too related, at the last minute, although that’s a really cruel time to do it.

    Since they grew up together, he’s probably one of the few people she trusts.

  15. mel2 says:

    I really cant say I am mad at her.

  16. carol says:

    i wish them the best life has to offer.

  17. KellyinSeattle says:

    I can’t stand her hoof-y shoes…I cannot wait for that trend to die, already. What’s Bobby up to these days; either way, he can call the boy , “Son”

  18. AJ says:

    There are a lot of reasons to be worried for Bobbi Kristina, although I’m not sure this deserves the fuss everyone is making. Nobody can tell them what their relationship should be – obviously, they don’t think of each other as brother or sister or else they wouldn’t be getting married. Everyone is projecting their own feelings on to this couple, which is nobody’s place. Historically, it’s not uncommon for “wards” to marry into the family they were taken in to. If these two don’t feel like they’re brother and sister, who are we to tell them they are?

    Of course I can’t really speak to whether or not he’s an opportunist.

  19. EastCoast says:

    To add to the wierd… that ring appears to be an exact replica of Princess Diana/Duchess Catherine’s engagement ring. So odd.

  20. Cats says:

    Studies have been done that examine brother/sister bond – apparently in Taiwan historically marriages were arranged and often the girl was sent to live with her intended husbands family from childhood. It was found that (all other circumstances being normal) if girls were sent to live with their future husband before they were four years old a sexual relationship would never develop because the brother-sister bond would be stronger but if the couple were older than four years old a future sexual relationship was possible.
    I’m not saying that the relationship between Krissi and Nick isn’t a bit icky, just that biologically it’s not incestuous.

  21. Norah says:

    Sigh – remember when A&E produced shows like Biography and Pride and Prejudice? Now we’ve got multiple variations on ‘human train wreck.’ Sad.

  22. mln76 says:

    Eh seems like tabloid exploitation of what’s really a relationship between childhood friends NOT relatives. I mean they probably never thought of eachother as siblings

    • Hakura says:

      I agree. It may even be something that’s being played up especially for the purpose of drawing people into the reality show. Unfortunately that wouldn’t surprise me (I don’t think MUCH would surprise me) with this family.

  23. CleaK says:

    That ring is a fake all around. The sapphire has the look of a synthetic and I highly doubt the white stones are diamonds. If they are, they aren’t fully faceted (which is a mark of cheap.) My theory is that this isn’t her real ring. Between the obvious fake and the fact that it is a replica of the Diana ring, my guess is a joke ring.

    • Sweet Dee says:


      I would be a little insulted if I were given a replica of a famous ring for my engagement. “You know babe, it uh, represents you because it’s not an original and neither are you.”

  24. skuddles says:

    In light of rumors of rampant drug abuse and abuse (it’s alleged they were fighting when he crashed his vehicle recently, also alleged he knocked out one of her teeth), this is probably not a good idea. Not to mention her family is convinced he’s only in it for the money.

    So will this make him her… hubbro? Uncle Pop to their children? Too creepy.

  25. littlemissnaughty says:

    I don’t know, if he moved in with them at 12 and she was 10 at the time, that doesn’t scream incest to me. Aside from the fact that they’re not related. Just because the intention was to raise them like siblings, doesn’t mean they ever felt like siblings. Would anybody make such a huge fuss if they had been living next door to one another?
    I have friends I have known since I was 10 and I have a sibling. NOT the same thing by a long shot.

  26. Grace says:

    Uh-oh. Where is this child’s grandmother? Whatever Bobbi Kristina is about to inherit is about to go up her husband/brother’s nose. She needs an intervention right now or she’s going to OD by Christmas. That boy has serious issues and so does she.
    I don’t care if he was adopted or not, if his then 12-year-old self had been calling Whitney mom right along with calling his then NINE-year-old Bobbi Kristina sister, for TEN straight years, then he knows that what he is doing is wrong. Whitney is spinning in her grave right now.
    If you “call” someone your “brother” for ten years, Bobbi, then you shouldn’t be sleeping with him, much less marrying him. It’s emotional, and now physical, incest.
    I call my males friends “friends” not “brother”especially if it was my MOTHER who established the relationship as such.

  27. april says:

    I don’t see anything wrong witb it. I hope the best for Bobbi Kristina, she seems very sweet.

    • Grace says:

      She may be sweet but the girl has issues. Her mom is dead, her grandma only cares when money is involved, her Dad is a perverted drug-addict (Google the award ceremony videos of him grinding on a younger Bobbi Kristina)
      She’s into cocaine, her “man” is into cocaine, and he’s also into cheating on her(How can he cheat if she’s his sister?) with other women.
      Bobbi is only 19. The more money she gets the worse he’s going to act.

  28. lisa2 says:

    I don’t follow this. but I guess when someone is not a blood relative and people say this is your “brother” sister and you never felt that way then…

    I don’t agree with the relationship, but it is not mine

  29. Bayarealife says:

    How about the fact that she bought him a cameo which he totaled in no time, only to replace it days later with a new one.