Us Weekly: Demi Moore “is not psyched about Ashton & Mila, it’s hurtful”

Over the past few months, there were lots of reports indicating that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore might not have been legally married. Apparently, their wedding was a non-legally-binding Kabbalah ceremony, and they never went through with any kind of legal civil ceremony or anything…? That’s just one theory, although Ashton’s new girlfriend Mila Kunis might be telling people that Ashton was never really married too. Well, a few weeks ago In Touch Weekly claimed that they had “proof” that Ashton and Demi were in fact legally married, and that their long-gestating divorce is being held up by financial negotiations. In Touch said that Demi was “dragging her feet” and an insider claimed Ashton “wasn’t pushing because of her mental state. I know he wants to be divorced, but it’s not because he wants to rush into another marriage. He wants to be able to move on and not have a wife. There’s nothing he can’t do — he can have a baby and girlfriend if he is married.” Now US Weekly claims that the financial haggling is being held up because Ashton is trying low-ball Demi in the negotiations:

Ashton Kutcher is still legally married to ex Demi Moore — but that hasn’t hurt his five-month romance with Mila Kunis!

“They’re really serious,” an insider tells Us Weekly of Kutcher’s relationship with Kunis, 29.

And seriously getting under Moore’s skin. “She’s not psyched about Ashton and Mila,” a Moore pal admits.

Her main issue: Kutcher’s longtime bond with his former That ’70s Show costar. “She was always insecure over the course of her marriage,” the pal says of the actress, 49. “So yeah, it’s hurtful that he’s with someone he knew the whole time he was with her.”

Kutcher, 34, and Moore announced their separation last November in the wake of his cheating scandal with then-22-year-old Sara Leal. An insider tells Us the pair are still working out a financial arrangement before filing for divorce, and their negotiations have hit a snag.

Though the Two and a Half Men star pockets $700,000 an episode, “he’s so cheap!” says the insider. “He’s trying to get the best deal he can.”

Still, another source says, “Ashton is eager to have everything settled.”

[From Us Weekly]

Here’s what I don’t get: I thought Demi Moore had more money than Ashton? I think she probably came into the marriage with more money, but maybe it evened out throughout their marriage, as her career waned and his career got more profitable. But even then, Demi is an incredibly successful producer. So I don’t get why Ashton should have to give Demi a big financial settlement at all, and I don’t get why they’re fighting about the settlement either. If Ashton wants Demi out of his life, just pay her. I don’t know, I’m just not sure that “money” is the reason for all of this back-and-forth.

Some photos of Ashton and Mila trying to “hide” in New York yesterday:

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. lulu says:

    can’t stand both of them but demi doesn’t need asston’s money so she should just get it over with.

  2. Kimlee says:

    I call BS on this story if the were never married, which seems to be true by the fact that nether one has filled for divorce. Why would ether one get a financial settlement.

    • mimi (a different one) says:

      common law marriage. Ask Vanassa Paradis why Demi should get a lot of money.

      and he should pay. Especially since Demi contributed a lot to his status and success and he cheated and humiliated her.

  3. dorothy says:

    Good lord, move on, it’s over.

  4. Chicagogurl17 says:

    I don’t know, with all his producing shows for MTV, I imagine he made a pretty penny. I also heard a while back that he’s been a silent/ghost investor in some Internet companies that have done well and he’s got those endorsement deals. It really wouldn’t surprise me if he has way more than Demi.

    • tripmom says:

      He has made some REALLY good tech investments, so I think you’re right. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was worth more than her.

    • Jezi says:

      I think Ksquared or 4 squared is his company or he invested in it. Something like that. I can’t think of the name. He’s being paid like $700,000 per episode for Two and a Half Men. He’s got plenty of cash.

    • Rux says:

      The majority of his money (he is well worth more than Demi EVER was) came from his investments in technology companies in Silicon Valley.

  5. SmokeyBlues says:

    Is Mila really wearing a pair of those skanky sweats with “pink” written on the ass? Come on Mila, that is for 15 year old girls who have not learned about self respect yet. Ugh.

    • Ramona Q. says:

      Yes! Mila, make those your bathroom cleaning pants immediately.

    • Sweet Dee says:


      Agreed! My opinion is somehow lower of her due to her perpetually wearing oversized sweatpants in public than it is due to Ashton.

      How hard is it to put on a pair of dirty jeans, instead of dirty sweat pants?

  6. lem says:

    Didn’t he get the 2.5 men gig after they split? IMO, his $700k/episode shouldn’t factor into what Demi gets now. Or maybe it doesn’t and I’m reading that report wrong.

    • swack says:

      lem – I was thinking the same thing when I read the story. I also believe anything made after the split does not go into the pot for splitting. There is something more going on here than meets the eye. It’s looking more and more like they were never legally married (JMO). But, it’s been a year and she needs to get over it.

  7. dooliloo says:

    Damn she looks like a corpse ex-bride on that pic!

    And for heaven sake Demi move on! There are plenty of other young dudes who would love to bang you for their minutes of fame, get some distraction shoo!

  8. heatheradair says:

    So, I’ll say this: it’s good if a girl is comfortable enough with a “new” relationship to be livin in sweatpants after only a few months……

    Either that, or she thinks of the Mister more like her brother, in which case the flame is already on the wane….

    Either way: Mila’s been parked in the PJ’s every time we see her these days….

    • n says:

      I was about to say something about this as well!
      Almost everytime they’re together in public she’s in sweatpants. I wear my sweatpants only @ home and I would never ever go outside wearing them. I can understand she wants to feel comfortable, but I thought a nice pair of chinos or jeans and converse sneakers are super comfortable and look quite well.
      I will never understand that some celebs go from super glamorous on the red carpet to looking like homeless in their free time…there’s just no middleground for them, is there? :/

    • dooliloo says:

      They’ve known each other since “That 70’s Show” so I believe they’ve far past the stage of acquaintances and other “let’s be prude and play the sexy game of pampered makeup 24/7 to please the man” decorum… She’s comfortable in her skin and he must find that sexy enough and refreshing compared to the ex older wife who unfortunately had to keep reinventing herself to keep him and yet it didn’t work eh… Call it mean but he went back to his own age.

  9. mln76 says:

    I won’t buy they were legally married til I see divorce papers…the document shown as ‘proof’ wasn’t a marraige license just a deed which he checked a box.

  10. judyjudy says:

    Demi used to strike me as s powerful woman. After this whole Ashton thing she seems so fragile and whiney .

  11. vic says:

    I would think he has more money. He was on punked and That 70’s show for years which is in syndication. What has she really done in the last 10-15 years? Charlie’s Angels and a couple of small parts and I guess producing but the last thing she produced, according to IMDB, was Austin Powers though she has a show in post production. And you know he’s making great money now.

  12. Dani says:

    If they only had a Kabbalah ceremony, it’s not a legally binding marriage. Being a Jew, we do the same ceremony where the husband (husband and rabbis ONLY) sign a ‘Ketuba’ which is a religious contract stating that you are his wife, and if at any time it doesn’t work you have to consult a rabbi before divorce, and the husband really has the most say in it. He has to give you a ‘get’ which is like divorce papers, and by oooold Jewish law he spits on you (the ground near you) 3 times — don’t think that’s still done — and then you’re divorced. You don’t keep your ring, your house etc. Only what the rabbis deem ‘useful.’

    Demi is holding onto hope that he’ll come back. AKA releasing these stories with her publicist.

    • ol cranky says:

      Are you Orthodox that only your husband and the rabbi signed your ketubah? I’m conservative and both spouses, the rabbi as well as the two unrelated witnesses signed the ones in our family

      • Dani says:

        Not orthodox (more like conservativeish) but you’re right I did forget to mention 2 witnesses that were also rabbis, signed it. However, I (the woman) didn’t sign my ketuba. Are you Ashkenaz or Shepardic? I think they do it differently.

  13. abby says:

    why would either need financial a financial settlement if there are no children involved and they are both extremely independently wealthy?? There’s more to this story and it has to either be Demi trying to cling on even if it’s in spite or they’re trying to do damage control over public opinion on their marriage having been a sham in the legal sense. AND MILA! you are driving me crazy with your homeless appearance all the time! brush your hair and teeth, put on some makeup and a good pair of fitting pants and top. even Ashton knows how to do the casual look right. she just looks a hot hot mess. can’t deal, really. and she’s voted most sexy by Esquire?? I think NOT

  14. MaryLou says:

    It’s over.. wake up.. let the daughters, Bruce and Ashton do their thing and get on with your life..

  15. gg says:

    Everybody needs to show her some tough love so she can stand on her own two feet. Fake it till you make it, Demi. Us regular folks have had to do that several times in our lives. Just because you live in Hollywood it doesn’t mean you can always have your way.

    Learn from this and don’t do it again!

  16. Starlight says:

    Demi has to let him go. He is too young for her.

  17. Quinn says:

    Demi might never eat again since Mila was named Sexiest Woman.

    • Melanie says:

      Thought the same exact thing. And I gotta say: she is a very sexy woman. I like the fact that she dresses down and doesn’t have to walk the streets dressed to the nines or showing off like certain other full-of-themselves celebrity bitches.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Or, it could have the opposite effect (reverse psychology) and actually get her to eat! 😉

  18. KellyinSeattle says:

    Demi’s arms scare me.

  19. Tanya says:

    wow, if she was insecure in the marriage when she was still in her 40s imagine how insecure she would have been in it once she hit her mid 50s?… ack.!!!….gravity, wrinkles..a young, decent looking guy?.. a recipe for disaster…!

  20. mar says:


  21. bcgirl says:

    What size would that dress be, -1?

  22. skuddles says:

    Of course she’s not psyched, what woman would be happy to know their ex is madly in love with a woman half their age? Demi, divorce the dude asap and reclaim your self-respect.

  23. Jayna says:

    He’s been in a lot of movies during their marriage. Her not so much, one here or there and none hits or little indie movies. He’s a producer, seems to be a great businessman. Move on, Demi. You’re wealthy in your own right.

  24. LeslieM says:

    I would guess he’s worth a lot more than she is. I always thought they were legally married and if that is the case he needs to step up and offer her a fair settlement. He cheated on her and look what it’s done to her. You can’t blain her for the effect it’s had on her. Sometimes people just can’t handle these things. The two of them always made it seem like they had a great marriage. Her breakdown is not her fault.

    I can’t stand Ashton on that Punked show and he is such an a$$@&/ when he pops up on Ytube ranting about something.

  25. Twez says:

    Kutcher has produced other shows in addition to Punk’d, he’s also got a ton of money in technology startups. I’d be willing to be they’re fighting over that sort of thing.

  26. Justaposter says:

    I really hate to say it but, it feels like a control tactic on Demi’s part.

    Sad, I wish she would try to move on.

  27. Shannon says:

    “So yeah, it’s hurtful that he’s with someone he knew the whole time he was with her.”

    Ugh, get a grip already Demi. Ashton knew Mila before you ever met him.

    Seriously, just when I think this woman can’t be a more pathetic, simpering doormat she brings her wounded victimhood to a new level.

    Your husband cheated on you, probably quite frequently, and he’s a dick. And instead of saying “wow, that guy IS a dick,” and getting some help and moving on, Demi continues to wallow in her misery and beg Ashton to come back to her. I’m out of sympathy. I mean, even if she’s still hurting she could put on a brave face and stop leaking these stupid guilt-trippy PR lines intended to make Ashton feel bad enough to take her back.

  28. Grace says:

    Ashton is cheating scum and Mila has unfortunate karma coming because she knew she wounding Demi by standing outside Demi’s apartment kissing Ashton. It wouldn’t have hurt her a bit to keep dating quietly (or away from Demi’s apartment) until the details were settled. Cheaters always cheat. Ashton is very wealthy from technology investment stocks which is probably what he doesn’t want to share. Twenty bucks said Demi recommended every one of his stock choices. Now Mila is going to have his kid and Demi’s ex AND his money? If Ashton doesn’t cooperate Demi is going to go full-on scorpio on them. I also bet Demi is about to spill the beans about who Ashton is now cheating on Mila with.

  29. dcypher1 says:

    Demi should just get over this douche already. I dont understand I would never be all sprung on a cheater like him.they need to divorce already and move on with their lives.