Noomi Rapace wears a fur coat in London: will PETA snark & bitch about it?

Here are some new photos of Noomi Rapace at an event for (or adjacent to) the BFI London Film Festival. The photos are tagged as “Charles Finch and Chopard Dinner” – so, it was like a dinner sponsored by Chopard (the jewelry house) and Charles Finch, a writer. Sure. Since Noomi Rapace isn’t a tabloid stable – and God willing, she never will be, although I wouldn’t mind if she had a torrid affair with some A-list celebrity – she’s photographed very rarely. Usually on red carpets, but if she’s at some low-key event with other celebrities, she might get pap’d too. I tend to think that’s what happened here – I can’t imagine some paparazzo was excitedly waiting for Noomi to show up, you know?

Anyway, my instinct is always to write about Noomi whenever we have new photos of her, just because I love her so much. I was happy to see these pics, even if she doesn’t have a ton of stuff going on right now. Like, there are no new interviews or any juicy gossip tidbits. So I’ll just talk about what she’s wearing and how she looks. First off, she looks really good here. Good makeup, great lipstick and nail polish, smart menswear-style outfit, great purse and decent hair.

But should we talk about the fur coat? And yes, I do think the coat is real. It looks like a quality, designer fur coat. As far as I can find, PETA has never yelled at her. Is this the first time she’s worn fur in public? Does it matter if she wasn’t expecting to be photographed? If PETA yells at her about this coat, do you think it will become a thing? Or will people just say, “Eh, she’s Swedish. Maybe she’s super-cold”?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. alons-y alonso says:

    I want that bag.

  2. Ming says:

    Uh PETA. Even if they stopped killing 97% their RESCUE animals, I’d hate them for 1000 other reasons.

    On topic: So yeah, all glory for the Noomi and her Rapace .

    • Sweet Dee says:

      This. They kill the animals they rescue and sell their corpses to make insulin, PETA is a scam and they make a lot of profit from “donations.”

      I don’t mind people who are anti-fur but if that’s the case then don’t wear fur, and stop telling others what to do, stop destroying their property. PETA is extremism, and what makes it so much worse is the hypocrisy.

      • jelly says:

        umm, as a veterinarian I can tell you it is literally impossible to collect viable insulin from a corpse … just wanted to clear that up

    • Brittney says:

      PETA’s hypocrisy should tarnish your view of PETA, not of the legitimate causes that they’ve (however inappropriately) addressed. They’re hardly the only organization in the world to recognize the barbarity of the fur industry, and it’s infuriating to read your comment and realize that it’s true — their tactics really DO have the opposite effect on people. As a lifelong animal rights activist, I loathe them and their tactics for this reason — but I loathe fur more.

      Please keep your mind more open than this. Just because PETA hates it doesn’t mean it’s probably actually fine and we should condone it.

  3. Rhea says:

    Red is a nice pop up color for her.

  4. D1 says:

    PETA = professional publicity hounds. Noomi Rapace is not high profile enough for PETA to bother with.

    • yo momma says:

      THIS X1000. Peta are such attention whores they make Kim Kardashian look camera shy in comparison.

  5. Cam S says:

    I wouldn’t say a word to her, I’d be afraid she’d kick my butt! My husband bought me a new winter coat and it has a fur collar. (He is German, and doesn’t understand the hate against fur here in the US).

    I wore it this weekend in the mountains and I will say when the wind blew all our friends were shivering and I didn’t notice. I can see the need for fur if you live in extreme climates.

    • Micki says:

      That’s funny.My German husband bought 2 coats last weekend. One is Astragan which is fine lamm product and the other one is made of muskrat fur.In cold winter I prefer fur coat to any other synthetic BS.

  6. kosy says:

    Being anti-fur is not the same thing as being pro-PETA. If you find fur morally wrong, then it shouldn’t matter who wears it, where they wore it, or what PETA has to say on the subject.

    And since when do we judge peoples actions by how much we like them? Does it matter if she wasn’t expecting to be photographed? No, I don’t think so.

    • Eve says:

      PHEW! Finally a comment I can agree with.

      I’m anti-fur and not for a second I approve PETA’s antics — they’re counterproductive (the attacked celebrity will just buy another fur coat) and attention-seeking (it’s more about themselves than the animals).

      It annoys me that whenever there’s a picture of a celebrity wearing a fur coat, there’s the inevitable “will PETA…” headline. Not everybody who is anti-fur likes PETA, they do not speak for all animal rights activists in the world.

      Kaiser, if you think it’s ok for her (and others) to wear fur, just say it. But trying to relate everyone who is against fur with PETA looks like an attempt to ridicule them by association.

      • keats says:

        Yep, I am anti-fur/leather, and also anti-PETA. I do like Noomi, so I’ve convinced myself its synthetic.

  7. serena says:

    I don’t like this look on her, it ages her making her look like a rich 50 years old lady.

  8. GoodCapon says:

    That is a cool knuckle case for her iPhone!

    I love my Android phone to death, but I wish Android have the same amount of accessories and support that Apple products have.

  9. marie says:

    hate PETA and the coat.. agree with GoodCapon, the kunckle case is cool..

  10. j.eyre says:

    She looks amazing in these photos. I don’t wear fur but I do wear leather so I don’t have any right to speak against wearing fur.

    I will +1 to being anti-PETA, though.

    • Ashley says:

      I don’t wear fur, but I wear leather, and I *still* think I have the right to speak out against fur. The key difference, in my eyes, is that when I’m wearing a pair of leather shoes, I know that a cow wasn’t killed solely to provide me with shoes. Last time I checked, you can’t say the same about a fox, or the breeds of rabbits used for the fur industry. Nope, those animals were only killed for their fur. In this day and age, that loss of life seems incredibly wasteful to me considering the number of other materials that insulate just as well as fur. And in my opinion, it doesn’t make a difference who decides to wear it, whether it be Noomi or Gaga.

      Oh, and I’ll second the anti-PETA. Their meetings must be like a convergence of the most delusional hypocrites in the world.

  11. D. says:

    I just love her. Period.

  12. Rose says:

    Noomi Rapace is so talented, beautiful, and a cool person. I really like her and love that she’s low-key and not “celebrity”

    I’m not a fan of fur either, but people from Europe have a different view of it compared to the US. I only approve of fur if you live in a harsh environment, and better to buy a vintage rather than new.

    Ugh, don’t even get me started on those PETA nutjobs…

  13. bgirl says:

    The knuckle case is amazing.

    PeTA whatever – there is NO REASON ON THE PLANET TO WEAR FUR. It’s absolutely barbaric. Takes 20 seconds to educate oneself. No excuses.