Beyonce confirmed as the 2013 Super Bowl Halftime act: good choice?

Considering my aversion to all things sports-related (glaring exception: the Olympics), it’s no wonder that I kind of ignored this story yesterday. Now I’m glad that I waited – throughout the course of the day, this went from “sketchy rumor that no one would confirm” to “Beyonce confirming said rumor by posing an excellent promotional photo.” Yes, Bey-stans, your girl is going to be the Super Bowl Halftime act this coming February. And Bey posted the header image on her blog/tumblr/website. Can I just say? I’m fascinated by what’s going on in this extreme closeup. I will admit it – I’m a hirsute girl, and I’m always looking for tips on how to take care of unwanted facial hair. My face would not stand up to this kind of extreme-closeup. Do you think Beyonce waxes her upper lip? Or did she get electrolysis? Or is it just Photoshop? I think it’s waxing or electrolysis. Also: superior brow grooming. Truly.

As for the Super Bowl thing… sure. It will be nice to have a Halftime act that is somewhat young and popular, you know? In 2012, it was Madonna. In 2011, it was the Black Eyed Peas. In 2010, it was The Who. Beyonce will be nice after all of that.

Sounds like the NFL is “Crazy in Love” with Beyonce, too. The R&B songstress, 31, confirmed on her website Tuesday that she will headline the Super Bowl’s halftime show on Feb. 3, 2013 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Beyonce shared a photo of herself with “Feb. 3” and “2013” written on her cheeks in war paint. She captioned the image, “Countdown to Touchdown!”

The Associated Press first reported the news of Beyonce performing at Super Bowl XLVII from an anonymous show source on Tuesday morning.

Last year, fellow superstar Madonna performed during halftime (with assists from Cee Lo Green, Nicki Minaj, LMFAO and M.I.A.) — according to the Nielsen Co., her halftime show drew in approximately 114 million viewers, 2.7 million more than the game itself.

Most recently, Beyonce — who welcomed daughter Blue Ivy in January — performed alongside hubby Jay-Z during his eighth and final concert at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. The Grammy winner was “front and center” supporting her spouse during his first show on September 28, too.

Says an eyewitness, “She went crazy singing and dancing to every song.”

[From Us Weekly]

I think one thing is for sure: Beyonce is going to put a lot of time and effort into making this a great show. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Jay-Z “surprised” the audience by joining his wife on stage either. There will be some guest appearances, I’m sure. Maybe Lady Gaga? Huh.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Beyonce’s site.

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  1. dooliloo says:

    Well she can sing and perform live, so I can’t fault her on that!

    Jay-Z will probably share the scene as per usual…

  2. marie says:

    I’m willing to give her a shot. I give the performers about 5 minutes to grab my attention, if they’re good I’ll watch the whole thing otherwise I use half-time to recharge.

  3. Ailine says:

    It will be good. Love her or hate her. She dances like she’s really trying to earn her money.

  4. Shitler says:

    The peeps @ rhymeswithsnitch are gonna be foaming! *exits celebitchy

  5. Lou says:

    She will and put on a great production(even if it will be heavily ‘inspired’ by others).

  6. kdlaf says:

    Say what you want about Beyonce but she is probably the best pop performer of today. Ever seen her Glastonbury performance? Impeccable. After seeing that performance I became a fan of her work ethic and ability to sound better live than in the studio.

    • V4Real says:

      She is a good peformer but she needs to tone it down a bit sometimes. She tends to throw to much Tina Turner Proud Mary routine into some of her performances. We don’t need all that hair whipping back and fourth. Also too much convulsions type of dancing; sometimes I swear that girl is about to have a seizure on stage.

      But any halftime show without Madonna will work for me.

  7. Jules says:

    Will they have a giant fan on the field to blow her hair back?

  8. Gracie says:

    I find that she over sings and her dancing is bland and uninspired, and usually ripped off from someone else. I’m a poc, I was informed that woc could not get laser hair removal, hmm….anyways, I don’t watch the Super Bowl, so, um, congrats to her? My face is all sorts of dilligaf right now.

  9. LeslieM says:

    I can no longer support Beyonce now that she is Married to JZ a known member of the new illuminate who hide satanic references in their music and make demonic signs with their hands. Please look up JZ, Rehana, and Kenye (I don’t know how to spell all their names) with the word Illuminati. See especially the YouTube video where you can hear the music played backwards and see Kenye wearing a teeshirt with a quote from the man who is possibly the best known satanist of our time….a man who supports killing young boys to gain power from them.

    • Gracie says:

      Oh dear god, you buy that Christian propaganda bullcrap? Have you ever studied what actual satanism is, or do you just get all your info from a clearly biased video? BTW, you dropped your tinfoil hat.

      • LeslieM says:

        No tinfoil hat. Read about it yourself. Ask a minister about it. Listen to the words of some of these songs.

      • Gracie says:

        I fear that if I keep hitting my head on this desk I might give myself a concussion. Trust me, I bought into that BS, back in ’09 when I was 14, but now I’m nearly 18 and much much wiser to know that it’s a common propaganda tactic. “Fear mongering”. I am also an Atheist now, so I won’t be talking to a minister anytime soon.

      • marie says:

        just like if you play KISS or Beatles records backwards you’ll hear Satan right? that’s ridiculous..

      • LeslieM says:

        No, not like the Beatles everyone knows that’s not true and listen, you don’t have to play these things backwards to hear these awful things. I am 47 and in my 20’s I thought I knew everything and would have laughed this off myself. You can easily hear the blasphemy in the lyrics and it just gets worse when you see video clips of some of these people. Yes, I am a Christian, but I am not stupid. I’m just offering facts.

      • mzthirtyeight says:

        The idea behind the illuminati and celeb involvement could very, very well be true. Stranger things go on in the world all the time…and, I don’t identify as Christian, but you seemed to imply that they’re just into bogus ideas and conspiracy theories.I’d disagree. Besides, more than just Christians-and not all of them anyway-believe in this weird junk.

      • LeslieM says:

        Thank you MZ. I encourage anyone interested in this to go to the Internet. Especially if you have Tweens and Teens. My teenage children have been warned by their teachers about this. That how I learned about it. At the very least you might find it interesting.

    • Raven says:

      I seriously doubt this. Jay-Z was a very bright street kid, who got where he was legitimately. Somehow I can’t envision Charlie Rose doing a two-part interview with a satanist.

      • LeslieM says:

        I love Charlie Rose! Yes, I agree with what you said and perhaps JZ is just around some bad company, but check it out for yourself. Hear their own words. It’s unsettling. Kanye West and Reanna are clearly trying to make themselves seem evil with their lyrics, words and videos. Maybe they think this appeals to people. Charlie Rose would be the perfect person to pose the question to JZ and others.

  10. Skins says:

    Why not? Not a big Bey fan but who else is there to do it? They want super-duper stars for this gig, but there are not too many of them. Myself, I think they should let Paul McCartney do it every year but that is not realistic. Elton John would be a good choice given the criteria but it seems they don’t want him. Madonna was gross, The Black Eyed Peas were a joke. The Who? Blah. Maybe they could talk Led Zeppelin into coming back for a one time gig. Any band would kill for this gig

  11. Jayna says:

    It will be a great show. I loved Madonna’s opening, all those men pulling the chariot and mMadonna standing up and Vogue being performed.

  12. SleepyJane says:

    BeYAAAWNce. Riding Obama’s coattails has served her well.

  13. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    They should get Roseanne Barr to perform – at least she’s entertaining 🙂

  14. Dani says:

    Sooo over Beyonce and Jay Z. They always ‘surprise’ each other at performances. Next.

  15. your mom says:

    she isn’t my favorite artist, but she puts on a hell of a live show. i am actually psyched to see it!

  16. Pamspam says:

    Meh. Not excited about this. But then again, I don’t watch for the halftime show or the commercials…I watch for the football!!!

  17. Natavalina says:

    I see a lot of lip syncing and hip shaking dancing, lots of back up dancers….HORRIBLE CHOICE. They should have a drum roll contest like in the nick canon movie

  18. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    I agree skins the mighty Zep one last time even at their age they can outform anyone including narcissistic way overrated bouncy and camel; and yes it will be backing tracks lip synching and useless dancing –
    Here’s a radical thought – WHy doesn’t goodell cancel this crap and just put real MARCHING bands selected from DIv 1,2, and the historic black colleges give them 3 minutes and then combine them for a grand finale;
    Beyonce has become the most obnoxiously tedious celebutard imaginable;
    She needs to disappear and raise blue ivy moon sunrise cartier or whatever her child’s name is and let others have the spotlight. BUT Nooooooo!
    And the retort to those that say she works hard – the simplest response is So What. Drug Dealers work hard also but what is the end result – They sell poison; she foists crap onto the masses.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      But Black Dynamite, I sell drugs to the community!

    • Rikki says:

      Beyonce puts on a damn good show. You may not be a fan of her music, but the girl knows hot to perform. I think she’s a good choice. Why not? I’m sick of some old artist doing it again. What is this let someone else have the spotlight? Beyonce has her own spotlight that she’s earned. I think she’ll be good.

  19. NC says:

    Yayyy. I’m happy for her

  20. j.eyre says:

    I am with @Pamspam; they could get my cat to cough up hairballs during halftime and I would feel the same apathy about it. I care what TEAMS are playing the Superbowl.

    ps – I hold no objection to Beyonce. She is a lovely girl.

    • Pamspam says:

      Agreed – lovely girl. I’m just not a huge fan of that style of music. But it will be a fine, family friendly show, which I guess is what they’re going for.

      Sadly, my team isn’t likely to get anywhere near the Super Bowl. 🙁

  21. Amy says:

    I get laser hair removal done on my face. It used to be that laser hair removal was only recommended to super pale people with dark hair (ie what I look like) but I think it is now available to people of all skin coloring and different hair colors. Laser does not permanently keep the hair from growing back but it does reduce the amount of hair.

    Electrolysis on the other hand is more time consuming because it involves going into each individual hair follicle and burning it which keeps it from growing back forever. So if you have a large area of hair you want to get rid of, electrolysis will take many more sessions (and probably costs more but I’m not sure about that).

    With laser, you go in for a series of sessions and then you go in every once in awhile for maintenance. It’s fast though not painless, but I prefer that to electrolysis. I’ve heard electrolysis is very painful and I’m already dealing with laser pain and I think that’s enough!

    Waxing on my face= big nono. It caused me to break out very badly once and I haven’t done it since!

    Those are all my tips! 😀

  22. A says:

    Great. She gives a good show, no matter what, plus Jay Z is bound to join here. Plus, she can actually sing live.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Fair enough. I don’t particularly care for what she does, but I’m sure she’ll be using her whole ass while I’m deciding in the first 30 seconds if I’m bored or not.

      It’s not a draw at all really if you’re not a football and not American. We don’t get the fancy Superbowl commercials and I don’t think I ever sat down to see them for the first time (online) until 2010, I think.

  23. weslyn says:

    Sooo tired of seeing her my mama said,”u have to let people miss u”…and I like the game, but always seems to skip the halftime show neway

  24. danger d says:

    he comes more illluminati stuff i not watching the halftime show what the illluminati have next and who on illuminati list this time illuminati wood illuminati beyconce