Anna Nicole Smith got a new tattoo

Trashtastic Anna Nicole Smith and her weird boyfriend/lawyer Howard K. Stern took in the Samuel Peter vs. James Toney boxing match Saturday night in Florida. Smith and Stern are stateside by court order, and must submit Anna’s baby to paternity testing by January 23rd. Stern claims to be the father of the baby but the general consensus is that paparrazo Larry Birkhead is the biological father. Birkhead is suing Smith for custody.

MSNBC’s The Scoop reports that Anna is trying to set up an offshore company in order to hide potential assets from Birkhead. Anna is still fighting for a piece of the $1.6 billion estate of J. Howard Marshall, the 89 year-old guy she married and jerked off for a year before he died in 1995. His son, who was trying to bar Anna from cashing in on the will, passed away last summer, but word is that Anna doesn’t have much of a chance of getting the money now.

Anna Nicole showed off a new huge back tattoo that features her and her baby Dannielynn in a cute pose together. I first thought it was Anna’s departed son Daniel on the tattoo, but now it looks more like Anna to me. Whoever did the tattoo was probably as medicated as Anna usually is, and they certainly weren’t a talented artist. It would make more sense if it was supposed to be Daniel, but doesn’t it look like Anna?

These pictures show what a parasite Howard K. Stern is. He looks like he’s smelling Anna’s hair here and in every photo he’s grabbing onto to her. What a freak he is.

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  1. funflower says:

    wow. Looking at Howard, the word “cloying” comes to mind.

    It seems clear to me that he would normally be too smart to be embroiled in such ridiculous drama … until he met his Meal Ticket Anna. You know he wanted to tell her not to get that fuglyass tattoo. But he realizes his role as the Enabler and it makes him feel “needed”.

    They sicken me.

  2. funflower says:

    Not to mention, his profile makes him an excellent cast for Mr. Punch.

  3. AC says:

    wow thats an ugly tattoo.

  4. julie says:

    That’s a weird image for a tatoo. As she gets older isn’t it going to get kind of wrinkly there and make the baby look all twisted?

  5. heather says:

    its driving me nuts that she’s not even hold her own cup, i mean driving me frickin nuts.

  6. alexi says:

    He is like slave boy central. And now he looks like he’s totally stoned all the time too. They are both pathetic and fugly. God help that new little baby. Loni Anderson and Burt Reynolds look good compared to this

  7. Jenna says:

    Oh my. That is an AWFUL tattoo. I’m embarassed for whoever did it.

  8. melinda says:

    omg! didnt she just loose her son! i lost my brother in september and i havent benn out partying she should be ashamed of herself her was her son for crist sake! just coz she got a frikin tatoo that doesnt make her a better mother ! go take care of ur daughter anna its about time you took care of one of ur kids!

  9. erica says:

    that tattoo could have been done better by my four year old, she needs to stay off those drugs the same ones that more than likely killed her son what a sorry excuse for a mother shame on you

  10. erica says:

    that tattoo is awful my four year old could have done better she needs to stay off the drugs what a poor excuse for a mother shame on you thats why the eviction notice is still on the gate at the house in nassau

  11. nigel says:

    Just look st thst Howerd guy, Don/l let hin get away

  12. Dave from Iowa says:


    What was he feeding her in that cup?

  13. amy singlng says:

    Who is the tatoo of? it doesnt look like Anna and it doesnt look like her baby? things that make you go mmmmmmm….

  14. amy singling says:

    Drink up my pretty!!! thats it get all the methadone you can sweety!!! I hope that bastard Howard K Stern rotts. he isnt even a good lawyer the only client he ever really had was Anna. he is all up in the game for the money… he is trying to get. I hope and pray Larry is the father too of her baby.. cause she sure looks like him anyway from the pic I saw on the internet..