Was Mila Kunis fired from Chrisitan Dior because she’s ‘sloppy’ & ‘too fat’?

Back in May of this year, Mila Kunis was living and working in NYC. She was filming a movie called Blood Ties with Clive Owen, and we kept getting photos from the set. From the costumes and grooming, it seemed like the film was set in the 1970s. Mila’s costumes were particularly unfortunate – you have to have a certain kind of body type to make those high-waisted bellbottoms look flattering, and I think we were shocked to learn that Mila did NOT have that kind of body. Plus, it really did seem like she had gained some weight around that time. Perhaps the weight gain for the film, perhaps it was just her body physically rejecting The Kutcher. We’ll never know. We’ll never know because Mila went back to the gym shortly after that, and she shed the extra… what? Ten pounds or so. It was really no big deal.

So, Mila got into shape again very quickly and the reason I know that is because Mila has been photographed coming out of her gym constantly, and because Esquire just named her their “Sexiest Women Alive” for 2012. But that has stopped the people at Christian Dior from grumbling, at least according to Star Mag. Mila represents (represented?) Dior’s handbag line, although I think there’s enough evidence to suggest that Mila no longer has a Dior contract, and she’s been replaced by Jennifer Lawrence. But was Mila replaced because of her weight? How idiotic is this?

Marketing honchos at Christian Dior are “furious” with Mila Kunis for putting on weight and continually appearing out and about with Ashton Kutcher in very sloppy, un-chic outfits, Star has learned exclusively. Even worse – Ashton agrees!

“Since pairing with Ashton, she’s constantly photographed looking like a total mess. It’s not the image Dior wants to send,” an insider tells Star, adding that the Dior execs didn’t consider that her pin-thin, 95 lb. Black Swan body wouldn’t last. “When they signed Mila, she was a total waif; they didn’t worry about making her agree to a weight limit in the contract. They’re really regretting that now.”

“The company paid her a fortune and is very frustrated with how she looks,” says a mole. “The marketing people have even offered to supply a wardrobe for her.”

Mila isn’t exactly finding support from her new boyufriend either. Another insider close to the couple reveals that Ashton doesn’t like Mila’s new fuller figure.

“Ashton has been with tons of models, and that’s the body type he likes,” says the spy. “He had been dropping subtle hints, but she wasn’t getting it, so he just told her flat-out that she’s too fat. They had a huge battle and Mila told him to leave if he has a problem with her weight.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Dior comes across as The House of Douche in this piece, and Ashton seems like an emotionally abusive boyfriend. I’m sure Ashton has banged a lot of models… while he was married to Demi Moore. UGH. I don’t know why any woman would stay with (Ashton!) a man who says “You’re too fat.” TO MILA KUNIS. Who gained like 10 pounds and then lost it really quickly. As for the Dior stuff… I don’t know. Star Mag got the scoop ahead of Women’s Wear Daily on Jennifer Lawrence’s contract, so maybe they really do have sources in Dior. And those sources are a—holes.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Esquire.

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  1. marie says:

    I thought Jennifer Lawrence was doing a fragrance and that’s not the same thing is it?

    She’s beautiful as she is and if it’s true she’s better off without them anyway..

    • Christina says:

      Given the amount Dior pay her, I’m sure she’s NOT better off without them!

      I was always baffled at why Dior chose her. She’s always looked slightly grubby and sleazy to me – not at all what I’d associate with a posh Parisian brand.

      As for the alleged weight gain, while Mila is certainly not fat by any normal standard, she is a bit pudgy – and certainly scruffy – by high fashion standards. So yes, if you’re going to take a ton of cash from a high fashion brand, it’s not unreasonable for them to ask you to promote a certain image.

      • normades says:

        Mila is an apple so the weight goes directly to her tummy and not her butt/boobs. She’s not fat by any means but in fashion they do like a skinny waistline.

        I think JLAW is replacing Mila for the “Miss Dior” line of handbag. It will be interesting to see if she(JLaw)starts dressing better than her usual tom boyish casual attire.

        I think they picked JLaw cause they think she’s gonna win an Oscar this year, and they do like their Oscar winners (Marion, Charlize, Nathalie).

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Mila is definitely an apple.we gain in the belly and the boobs and toughest thing to get back is our waistline 🙁

      • marie says:

        calm down, the only reason I said she was better off was because she was 95lbs when she signed that contract, there’s no way she could have kept up that weight..

        As for promoting a slobby image, I don’t disagree with you. She should stop dressing like her boyfriend and go back to how she dressed pre-Asston..

      • ally says:

        +1 @Christina

        Mila is not high fashion. So I don’t understand why Dior signed her in the first place, they should’ve signed Emma Stone, her look is more high fashion, and she is way more beautiful and talented.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        @ ally: Emma Stone plays the same character in every movie and she looks like a frog, like a beautiful frog, but she´s neither more talented nor beautiful than Mila. She seems to have better taste in guys and clothes, though.

      • Ashley says:

        Oh come on! You gotta love Chrisitan Dior!

      • ZenB!tch says:

        She has the face for a cosmetics contract but not the body for a fashion contract. HOWEVER, if Dior wanted her to run around in couture and stay at 95lbs (is she like 5’1″?) they should have told her.

      • Marla says:

        They should have put that in the contract. Dior lawyers should be fired. By the way, she is darling. I would love to have Milas sloppy, fat body.

  2. dooliloo says:

    Regardless of whatever reason, frankly I never thought they’d pick her as Dior face… The ad never appealed to me!

    • Me Too says:

      I like Mila but I have to admit I’ve just never gotten the big deal around her. I think she’s an okay actress…but not anything special. And as far as being extraordinarily beautiful or sexy I just don’t see that either.

      But apparently men love her look so Esquire labeled her sexy. I actually thought the Esquire pics were funny. She struck me as a teenager in those pics trying really hard to be “sexy.”

      If Dior did replace her with Lawrence, I also find that odd if their issue is weight because Jennifer is one of the few accesses in Hollywood today that isn’t a Lollipop. Let’s hope all this interest in her doesn’t lead her to losing 20 pounds to fit the image that Dior etc. Seem to have for women!

  3. carrie says:

    Charlize theron is a Dior ‘s face but she’s not always beautiful or likeable in her movies
    and if Mila Kunis is fat,Jennifer Lawrence is huge!

    i dislike Kunis in Dior pics because she was too photoshopped and i think she’s not really interested by fashion (she’s ok during the premiere but she’s always casual outside)

    • Liv says:

      But Jennifer is not bigger than Mila??!

      I like the bodys of both of them and I doubt that Dior fired Mila because of her body – wouldn’t they then have rather asked somebody who’s very thin?

  4. Lukie says:

    Highly doubt the Ashton part. She doesn’t strike me as the type of chick to tolerate that, plus all the women he was accused of cheating on Demi with were regular, pretty girls not models.

    • Ari says:

      That’s what I was going to say. I think Demi has had body issues for YEARS and you cant blame Ashton for that or roll it over to Mila. She seems like a tough girl who decided to be with him regardless of what anyone thinks and keep a normal size (for her height and weight) I think she put on that weight for that movie and took it off afterwards. I realize Ashton isnt perfect and could probably due with being single for a long time but no-one is perfect. Jeez – if anything I would think that he loves being Mila because she probably DOESNT have body issues.

  5. Rhea says:

    She does look like gaining a bit weight but it happens with a lot of people in a relationship when they are happy and feeling comfortable. I guess she’s happy with him…

  6. Helena Bonham-Handcart says:

    There was a recent CDAN blind about an a-hole who has told his girlfriend to lose weight, and the popular guess was Ashton+Mila.

    • carrie says:

      you’re wrong :it was about Bieber and Gomez

      • jano1981 says:

        Since ur so quick to say she’s wrong, let me be as quick to inform you that you are the wrong one. There were two weight blinds. 🙂 read closer I guess.

  7. haha says:

    Ashton sure do loves him some chubby BELLY!!just like mine, ahahahahha

  8. Chell says:

    I’d kill to be as “fat” & “sloppy” as she is! *rolls eyes*

    • Thiajoka says:

      I know, what a cow, right? LOL.

      • Sarah says:

        I know right. A face like that could scare small children, and don’t get me started on the weight. It’ll only be a matter of time before she’s featured in a documentary about fat people. What a revolting and repulsive example of womanhood. *shudders*

  9. eileen says:

    While I don’t like “defending” a fashion line, if in her contract her job was to represent the line and look put together, then she should have done that. Don’t agree to something you don’t want to follow through with. Same with Kristen Stewart. These fashion lines are paying these celebs millions to represent their brands-the celeb isn’t forced into it. They give them free clothes and have everything they need at their disposal. If they don’t want to follow through, don’t sign the contract!
    Easy Peasy.

    • Christina says:


      ‘Representing’ (!) a fashion line has to be the easiest money there is. Paid hundreds of thousands to have beautiful photos taken of you by top photographs? Where do I sign up?

      Of course, part of the ‘job’ is that you have to look a certain way while taking the fashion house’s money. Now, most of us would jump at the chance of a free Dior wardrobe, but if Mila wasn’t prepared to do that, that’s her loss.

      Maybe some fashion line that wants to appeal to grubby looking girls who look like they don’t change their underwear too often will sign her up?

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Yes, I have to agree with both of you (I don’t like defending fashion brands at all). Dior is as high-end as it gets and they choose their celebs carefully. Well, usually.
      Mila likes to dress down in her free time and that’s fine. I don’t think she looks particularly grubby but that’s a matter of opinion. Maybe she wasn’t aware that she’d have to represent Dior in her free time as well. Look at Charlize, now there’s a woman who’s absolutely perfect for the brand. Stylish and impeccably dressed at all times. You can’t sign with frickin’ Dior if you’re not willing to do that. Fashion is a business, plain and simple. It’s about cold, hard cash and the women who can afford Dior spend their money to look like Charlize, not like Mila (in her free time).
      Dior is not The House of Douche. Can you imagine Chanel putting up with this? Or YSL? Please. I think these fashion houses are too far up their own butts but if I know that, Mila should’ve known it. Nobody forced her to sign.

      Having said that, to expect her to keep her ballet figure was idiotic.
      IF any of this is even true.

      • eileen says:

        Exactly! I think Mila is gorgeous and I’m never out doing daily errands in Dior, but I didn’t sign a multi-million dollar contract the top fashion house either.

  10. atlantapug says:

    I’d be more inclined to believe they fired her for 2 reasons…

    1. Her association with Ashton Kutcher, he’s a sleeze, and bad for her image.

    2. Her unwillingness to dress to the nines all the time, which is bad for the Dior image.

    • the original bellaluna says:


    • Elle Kaye says:

      I would be more inclined to believe her contract was up, and this story just made for some good gossip. She seems very professional, , therefore, if Dior really was upset, I think she would have worked with them to make things right.

  11. Chelley says:

    The last thing I would do is encourage anybody to be a part of the fashion industry. A bunch of sick freaks who think that women who are borderline anorexic deserve the utmost respect and consider them “high fashion”. *eyeroll* Forget about them.

    • MST says:

      +1 Don’t forget all the gay designers and their female synchophants who think that the idea woman has a body like prepubescent boy. No, I’m not gay bashing, and censor me if you want, but you KNOW it’s true.

  12. Tifygodess24 says:

    Why Any woman would date Asshate Ashton Is beyond me. Every woman he has been with he has verbal assaulted or cheated on in some manner. Does January Jones ring a bell? ( yes I get she’s an I’ve princess BUT I think a lot of that bad Attitude came because of Him. ) and than Demi and now Mila? He has to have magic penis or something !

    • carrie says:

      maybe you could stop to believe the tabloids and think he’s nice with the women.After all,he’s not ugly,he’s rich,he’s always friend with Demi’s daughters and he’s enough clever to win many money without being very talented.AND he’s a long time friend of Mila Kunis

      • Toot says:

        I don’t like January, but I remember an interview she gave about Ashton telling her how terrible she was at acting (pot meet kettle), so he probably can be an asshole to his women.

        As for him saying Mila’s too fat, who knows, but good luck to her with Ashton.

  13. judyjudy says:

    Team Demi!

    Just kidding…

  14. menlisa says:

    My opinion may be unpopular but if you decide to sign a million dollar contract to represent a brand you are accountable for the image you showcase as you are no longer representing yourself anymore. It has nothing to do with weight gain. One can gain weight and still look chic.

    • Esmom says:

      THIS^. Not an exact analogy, but even the amateur cyclists I know who are sponsored (totally unpaid, btw) go out of their way to be respectful ambassadors of the company whose logo they are wearing, even if they are “off duty,” i.e. not racing.

  15. Lady_Luck says:

    If it’s true that she dared Ashton to leave her if he has a problem with her weight – then good on her!

    There is too many stick-thin, unhealthy looking insects on the catwalk these days. I like a bit of rubenesque to fill out cloths, no harm whatsoever.

  16. Ann says:

    Don’t know why Kutcher would complain. It’s not like he’s a hard body himself.

  17. Chellez says:

    I really don’t get it with her. She’s cute, but sexy? I can’t stand her interviews either. I mean, I like reading her interviews and the substance of what she says, but her voice? It just annoys me, the same as Jackie always has. It’s grating.

    Then again, I’m sure my voice is annoying too lol

    • Shitler says:

      Yes her voice is annoying. Same as Emma Stone’s.

      • Jen says:

        Mila Kunis IMHO is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever saw. Her Jackie voice is presumably not an accurate reflection on how she talks in real life! And I think it’s cute she’s with Kelso. Seems like they’re finishing unfinished business.

  18. Momoftwo says:

    I would kill for Mila’s butt! She is absolutely stunning and so sexy! I am clearly girl-crushing!

    And I hate to defend the guy…but is Ashton really that bad? I think there are a lot of guys out there just like him and he has been getting a bad rap. I am not saying he is a stand up guy, but is he deserving of all the anger and hate?..

    • Toot says:

      Yes. lol

    • chan says:

      People just love to hate on him, assume every BI about an asshat douche is Ashton. I don’t buy it at all. He actually seems reasonably intelligent and friendly to me, and I think that + his looks and money were enough to hook Mila. Look, I know it’s wrong to cheat on a spouse/girlfriend. But I’ve known guys in situations with extremely clingy women and it’s basically the ultimate death sentence. What he did was WRONG, but understandable imo. People can go along hating “Asston” but I don’t believe for a second he’s some sort of emotionally absusive boyfriend.

      • mln76 says:

        When it comes to Asston I dont judge him by blind items but by his demeanor and actions…he’s said to be awful on set, he was called out for trying to sneak paid endorsements on camera and he’s made racist commercials….oh and he humiliated his unhinged ‘wife’ but she’s old so it doesn’t matter right…he’s an arrogant jerk with no talent, who behaves as if he’s Daniel Day Lewis…nice face but absolutely nothing else.

        Oh and by the way January Jones flat out said he was verbally abusive so thats on record…

  19. mk yarwood says:

    Good lord, she put MAYBE 5 lbs on. It all goes to her tummy. That’s her body type. When I gain 5 lbs it all goes to my KardASSian. Like, literally, only my ass gets bigger when I gain weight.

  20. Boo says:

    Doing a movie like Black Swan was such a bad move for her. She had to be unnaturally thin, and the minute an actress gets that thin, she is expected to STAY that thin or is accused of plumping up. We didn’t expect Tom Hanks to stay Castaway thin after the film, but now anything over 90 pounds for Mila will be “chunky.” Ridiculous, sexist nonsense.

    • lucy2 says:

      Good point – it never happens to the men who lose weight for a role, but always to the women. We’ll see how many people yell about Matthew McConaghey getting “fat” after that role he’s shrinking down for now.

    • mayamae says:

      I also think becoming emaciated for a while might have screwed with her metabolism. Maybe it’s just harder to stay thin now. She’s hardly fat by any stretch of the imagination.

  21. hoopjumper says:

    She is so lovely. Dior’s loss if true.

  22. stellalovejoydiver says:

    If that is true, that´s really messed up. They fire Mila for gaining weight and dressing sloppy, just to replace her with someone who dresses sloppy and is not skinny either.
    Also who says “No” to a wardrobe from Dior?
    I don´t believe the Ashton part, if he really wanted Mila to lose weight he wouldn´t be feeding her all the time, also Brittany Murphy and Demi both had eating disorders, so he prob likes it that Mila has a normal relationhsip to food and her body and isn´t constantly counting calories. Most guys like it when women eat.

  23. Raven Sparrow says:

    That’s funny because I actually think that Ashton LIKES that he can finally share his food with his GF.

    So I totally believe the Dior bit but don’t believe the Ashton one.

  24. Zelda says:

    Does no one else think Jennifer alawrence has a tiny head? Is this just me? In any case, she bugs; she looks like the girl who insists on singing My Heart Will Go On at the school talent show, and who passes notes in class about which girls are “sluts”.

    So team Mila.

  25. Hautie says:

    Geez, that was harsh.

    She is tiny and yes 10 pounds looks like 25. But dang, I hope they did not drop her over that.

    Yet, I do understand the “image” thing. But I would think that would only be in effect if she was out on red carpets and public PR events. Not going to a baseball game.

  26. Jayna says:

    Is she in that monie with Olivia Wilde an Kim Basiger, Liam Neeson being filmed in France.

    • TheUbiquitousLamb says:

      Yes, but is being shot in Rome and they are making the Paris and New York sets there.

  27. HotPockets says:

    I can go both ways on this. I don’t like the fashion industry and I find that it is just a well thought out marketing gimmick that pushes an unattainable sense of style and beauty to the average woman. I don’t think Mila would be a good choice for their ads to begin with, but if weight is the issue, then picking Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t make sense either. I do agree that Mila doesn’t make an effort to look done up, unless it is for an appearance.

    I remember when Ashton was dating January Jones and she said in a interview that he told her she would never make it in Hollywood as an actress, something a long the lines of that..but she did, shockingly. I think it is safe to say he is full of himself.

  28. lucy2 says:

    I can understand if they don’t feel she meets the image they want, not dressing fancy all the time – IF they made that clear to her in the contract that was expected of her and part of the deal. If it’s because she didn’t stay Black Swan skeletal, that’s awful and she should be glad to be done working with people like that.
    Why should it matter if a model or spokesperson gains a few lbs though, considering they photoshop everything into oblivion anyway?
    She looks amazing now, she just needs to lose that giant wart named Ashton.

  29. mln76 says:

    Didn’t January Jones say flat out that Kutcher was verbally abusive telling her she can’t act (i know can’t but still) and that she’d never go anywhere? Its not hard for me to picture him telling Milá she’s fat or Demi she’s too old… Kutcher is such a colossal douche-bag.

    • Toot says:

      I didn’t see your response when I posted mine, but I remember that interview too. Ashton sounds like he can be a real asshole.

  30. Ranunculus says:

    A puffy and chubby looking Mila is still ten times hotter (and more talented) than JL. The only thing that doesn’t look good on Mila is Kutcher.

    • Maggi says:

      Mila is very pretty but JL is the real thing as an actress. Mila will never be more than blist while JL will have an astonishing career.

      • Ranunculus says:

        I don’t get the JL thing, she is a bit like Emma Stone to me, hyped up to the max by Hollowood, the IT-girl-of-the-moment, but not much more. I think Mila is actually very talented.

      • Maggi says:

        If you’ve seen winters bone and still think she has no talent, well we just have differing opinions. We’ll just have to see how her career unfolds.

      • giddy says:

        Agree on the talent contest between Mila and Jennifer. J-Law wins. But am still scratching my head on why these fashion companies think its “good business” to hire actresses as their reps??? Modeling and acting are really different skills. Models make good reps because its what they’re trained to do. Actresses by definition put on different personas which may not jive with the business strategy of a fashion house. I know they think its good business. But maybe an actress isn’t universally “loved” by all the potential clients — and then what???

        Mila is attractive — but not beautiful at all. She has a “cute” little body when she’s skinny. Gosh knows she isn’t fashionable or elegant in her day-to-day life. She’s no Marion Cotillard. (Although, to be fair, few are on that level…). Dior made a stupid business decision. Given the crummy economic outlook its harder to absorb losses from these mistakes. Maybe this will teach them…

  31. Rll says:

    If that is what is considered fat, that is fucked up. As a UK size 10, I must be clinically obese. Isn’t Ashton Fuckface Dickwad Loathsome Cuntcher the one who told Brittany Murphy & January J that they were fat when he dated them? I hope he gets wiped out and fast. Asshole

  32. tru tru says:

    Of all the pics I have seen of them together…he seems to always be feeding her or food is involved.

    not beleiving the Ash part

    I must admit, I do not get her “sex appeal”

    her eye makeup is always harsh, which cheapens her “pretty” to me.

  33. TheUbiquitousLamb says:

    I don’t know about Dior, but I doubt Ashton is telling Mila she is too fat. Ashton and Mila are ALWAYS spotted at froyo places(including like 2 days ago) and I doubt he would treat her to these places if he was concerned for her weight.

  34. Saphana says:

    saying she ais fat is wrong but i can understand if Dior if pissed because she looks like a bum at times. its all fine when celebs run around like regular people but when you choose to accept millions to be the face of something fashion related you better dress up. she wasnt forced to sign the contract.

    i also dont believe the ashton part. he might be a real douchebag but he doesnt seem to be only attracted to really thin women and in the last pictures we had of them he was feeding her.

  35. LAK says:

    Does anyone remember how delicious and luscious Sophie Dahl was for YSL??? She was approx UK16 when she shot that.

    It isn’t about how thin the model is. Rather consistency of image. DIOR wouldn’t have a problem picking a bigger model like JLaw. Afterall they have Marion Cotillard as a model, and she is normal size.

    I don’t know why they chose Mila Kunis because she really doesn’t fit and her ads look strange. like she’s accidentally wondered onto the wrong set. It’s like trying to make Kate Upton high fashion when she is gloriously beach bunny. That’s how i see the Kunis/DIOR fit.

    JLaw fits if you look to their 1940s NEW LOOK campaigns and ads. She’s got that old fashioned face that was more prevalent in the 40s. The current collections are referencing that which suits her better than Kunis.

    In a strange way, JLaw looks like a woman as opposed to Kunis and Portman who are eternal children to me, albight one with a sexy face[Kunis].

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      While I agree that she looks beautiful, Sophie Dahl appears to be nowhere near a 10 in that ad! That’s either crazy photoshop or excellent use of lighting and positioning!

      • LAK says:

        UK16 is an american 12. Of course she was photoshopped to smooth her down but show me a fashion spread especially of a high end fashion house that doesn’t.

  36. Jocelyn says:

    First off, the girl is no way close to being fat. I hate that word.

    Second, she is so tiny that any weight will be more noticeable on her.

    Even if she gained just five pounds, you would notice it more because she is very tiny.

    Either way, she is not big.

    And I will never understand the women who stay with Ashton or John Mayer. Both the biggest douchebags.

  37. roxy750 says:

    Us women are NOT objects. I sure wish we would stop selling out like this.

  38. lola says:

    Well, AS bad and sad it might sound, I agree.
    Mila used to be perfection, and noe she is losing her look and all.
    If Dior wuld pay me all that cash the least I could do is to take a shower and change my underwear ahem.
    Its too sad, because she could of been great for beauty ads and all.

  39. bns says:

    “an insider tells Star,” ’nuff said.

    I love Mila, but I hate her Dior ads. It’s not about her body either, they’re just bad.

  40. Juju says:

    Have these Dior people seen the way Natalie Portman leaves her house sometimes??? It’s definitely sloppy.

  41. Annie says:

    I would doubt it has anything to do with how she dresses when she’s off duty. But it is possible it’s something to do with her weight. That seems really mean, but when a person signs a modelling contract it’s part of the job that they will maintain their current “look” which might include weight, hair color/style, lip size etc. This doesn’t necessarily mean Mila is “fat”, just no longer has the look Dior is after. A plus size model could be fired if she lost a lot of weight and was no longer plus size for example.

  42. lori says:

    Whether or not he’s likeable to me personally, dude has plenty of options as far as girlfriends, dating or just random “slam pieces”. he’s with her because he wants to be. And I think its telling that she looks so much like Demi would look like if she’s just eat. I doubt it has to do with the fact that she’s younger. Demi was over 40 when they got together. I think it has more to do with Mila’s strong personality.

  43. Eman says:

    I think she got fired (if it is true) becoz of her sloppy image lately.. she’s always wearing sneakers, baggy sweaters and ugly jeans.. I mean if ur the face of Dior, how about dressing a bit chic sometimes.. I have never seen a photo of her looking put together recently… She should have played it smart… bad for her.. I look more put together than her when i go out..Dior pick me plz >_<".. I'll wear ur clothes and bags every day (it would be heaven for me ^^")

    • Jess says:

      Eh, or she just got traded in for a younger hotter model. JLaw is a big get for Dior. She will bring name recognition of the brand to the younger set. Sure, they can’t afford any of it, but they may aspire to it and buy some perfume and a lipgloss the next time they’re at the mall.

  44. Mrs. Clooney says:

    If Mila is fat then I need gastric bypass. Legit.

  45. Debra says:

    Mila needs a nose job.

  46. RobN says:

    If you’re going to take a large check to represent a very high end fashion brand, don’t go out looking puffy and dressed like you’re going out to play slow pitch softball and drink beer. Not complicated.

  47. iseepinkelefants says:

    The second picture with her hands against the wall is creepy. There’s something rape-y about it.

    I don’t think she’s fat but then again I’m not exactly down with some fashion house telling her she has to stay at 95(!) pounds. Black Swan was a fluke. Not even Portman (another Dior girl) stayed as skinny as she was in the movie. Didn’t they realize that they went from dancing and working out everyday to going back to their normal routine? No one can maintain something they don’t do normally.

    The gym explains it though. They must have told her to get into shape and she listened, so she must still be on their payroll.

  48. becks says:

    I have seen Mila a couple of times. (We work out at the same studio). She is a cute girl, but looks different from that Esquire photoshoot. Those pictures are heavily airbrushed. Mila is thicker in real life. She even has a bit of a tummy! However, she looks normal and healthy. Sadly, this body type does not meet the standard stick figure ideal of the fashion world……

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      The way they depict her in Esquire is redic…just another dishonest photo shoot for ppl to drool over

  49. juju says:

    one minute she the most beautiful and then the next minute she’s being ripped apart for gaining 5 pounds !! oh please give me a break. She is beautiful and no one can take that from her period !! and so what she is dating Ashton, they make a better couple then him and old ass Demi !!

  50. carolyn says:

    oh good gawd. that pic of her up against the wall was so photoshoppped, at least her midsection. look at the difference of her rib cage above her arm then below. so many women hotter and more relevant than her.

    • taylor says:

      Right because we know no other actress/model is ever photoshopped either. She has a gorgeous body and looks, that is why she gets the coverage…photoshop can only do so much, if you don’t have the goods to begin with you can’t look that good.

  51. G says:

    Well, too bad for Dior if they made a mistake with Mila’s contract.

    I, for one, know for a fact, that Dior is perfectly fine with taking my sloppy, fat money.

  52. Lotta says:

    Ashton always seems to be feeding her in the pictures I’ve seen, so I doubt he is pressuring her to loose weight. He is probably happy to be with someone who is not over-conscious over her weight.

  53. nadine says:

    I can believe in a second that Ashton would be an abusive jackass.

    Like, normally I would take such accusations with a pinch of salt, but Ashton just has an arrogance to him that smacks of his being that way.

    No wonder Demi’s such a mess since he cheated on her, if he was anything like that with her.

  54. skuddles says:

    Mila certainly isn’t fat but I do agree she appears in public looking unkempt on a fairly regular basis. But I think it’s because she just doesn’t GAF about maintaining a perfect image… so all the power to her.

    • Mouse says:

      That’s exactly why she appeals to me…she seems normal and down to earth. If I was in this industry, I’d relax and get sloppy on my days off too!

  55. RDRRR says:

    Her Slavic peasant look is quite appealing.

  56. JudyK says:

    Too fat? Laughable, plain laughable.

    But, hey Demi…take notes! A$$ton got tired of making love to BONES. Being anorexic is NOT attractive.

    Now, Demi, get yourself together and move on, realizing that you don’t have to be 20 to be sexy and that you don’t have to hang out w/ guys almost young enough to be your son to prove to the world you still have it.

  57. Kat says:

    Sorry, but yeah, she did look quite unfortunate in those photos from the Blood Ties set. Yikes. No boobs and thick around the middle are not a good combination.

  58. guilty pleasures says:

    Holy smokes, ladies- if that is fat, well I’m absolutely obese (I’m not- but I sure outweigh her by 50 pounds!)
    Why are we so hard on each other? The cruelty to others is so rampant it’s just sad. I know this is a gossip website, but would we tell our daughters they were gross slobs if they weighed 110 pounds soaking wet?
    She’s cute as a button, does whatever job she is given well- she is very young so has a lot of time to hone her craft, but c’mon, some of the comments about her being fat and homely-really?
    Re the part about Ashton calling her fat, who overheard that conversation? Why do we believe the hearsay?

  59. CamColty says:

    If she’s fat then I’m a heffer

  60. Madpoe says:

    Is Dior mad b/c they can’t photoshop a healthy women to look unhealthy? awww

  61. Holden says:

    Doesn’t really make sense, Jennifer Lawrence is kind of known for not starving herself too, right?

  62. F5 says:

    Dior’s glamorous, Mila is not.
    The end.

  63. Genevieve says:

    Dior is poop.
    Mila is gorgeous.
    With or without Mila, Dior is still poop.

  64. Lisa says:

    Sorry, but she does look sloppy and flabby now. She’s pretty, but the weight doesn’t suit her.

  65. Eileen says:

    That last photo has me thinking Rachael Ray,lol. This actress is a very pretty girl. I have to think these fashion houses’contracts are very fluid and can change on the whim of the designer, their marketing honchos or perhaps their rich clients. Who knows the truth?

  66. Sunny says:

    For as short as she is Mila is really not that thin….she probably could even lose a bit more weight …5-10 lbs. and be healthy and sexy. Dior isn’t selling handbags they’re selling a fantasy…high fashion models aren’t supposed to look “normal”

  67. Amber says:

    It’s horizontal stripes. They’re evil. I don’t even think she gained 5 pounds, that outfit was just terrible. She does dress down with Ashton, but they’re always photographed at ball games. What’s she supposed to do, wear a dress and heels to a sporting event?

  68. A says:

    Eh. I think there is a simpler explanation. Raf Simons is the new creative director…he probably wanted to shake things up, being new and all. Now, Miss Dior is targeted at the 30 and under set, Dior is targeted for an older audience. So Charlize is safe, since she represents the J’adore Perfume….She’s the right age for the audience they are marketing for, she’s a fantastic model, and there is the added bonus of her looking like perfection 24/7 and being an Oscar winner. Marion is safe too for similar reasons…So it comes down to Natalie and Mila. If you are going to pick one to replace, it will obviously be Mila as she is not as big of a star as Natalie. Jennifer is the right age and can stay with the label for several years, is the new “It” girl, and will bring in a whole new audience who might scrimp and save to buy a Miss Dior bag. Neither one is a great fit in my opinion, because I don’t see Mila or Jennifer as high fashion….Frankly, I also think Mila is beautiful and Jennifer has more of a basic prettiness….but I see why they chose Jennifer to replace Mila. I kind of feel bad for Mila, because it’s gotta sting to be replaced by a more respected, younger actress who is also considered to be a sex symbol of sorts.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      ITA except for the last line. I like both women but I don’t see Jennifer Lawrence as a sex symbol at all. I’ve never looked at her and thought “Wow! I want to look like her” I just think “Wow! what a great dress,” or “WTH is she wearing.” but Jennifer herself does nothing for me.

      I had a total jealousy girl crush on Mila when she was doing the PR for Black Swan. I was not familiar with her prior to that.

  69. bollox says:

    I think the story is BS. She didn’t gain weight after the Dior photo shoot (March 2012). In fact, at the time she was trying to shed some weight – she had a fuller figure way before May or even before the Dior photo shoot http://www.x17online.com/gallery/view_gallery.php?gallery=MKunis022512_X17#pic9

    Dior just airbrushed out the extra fat.

  70. taylor says:

    A ridiculous story on all fronts, don’t buy ANY of it, but perfect for a tabloid.

  71. Really? says:

    J’adore Dior, but Mila as a spokesmodel? A huge disconnect in my eyes. When i see the billboard, i just shake my head “no.”

    Nothing against Mila, she seems sweet (albeit shite taste in men), but what idiot on the Dior board came up with this idea? It’s like serving fine champagne in a beer mug.

  72. janet says:

    Gross….the sexiest woman. WTF!!?? Her face is bloated and she looks like a dumpy housewife. Her legs looks decent and it looks like she puts on weight in her torso . NO way is she the sexiest.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I think gross is a bit much. She has a very pretty face, however her lack of a butt kind of freaks me out.

  73. ZenB!tch says:

    *Mila told him to leave if he has a problem with her weight.*

    Go Mila! Dior can have an issue with her looks (although they need to specify in the contract) but her BF should love her for who she is not what she looks like.

    If Asston wants a model he should do a Leo, I’m sure there are enough low rent models out there.

  74. lisa2 says:

    I like both Jennifer and Mila.. but I don’t think either of them have that WOW factor. despite what the media is trying to shove down our throats. They don’t make me want to buy anything they are selling. Just because the Media says you are HOT and IT.. doesn’t make it true. I hate that so many of these people are manufactured. If you look at the really BIG stars they happened without all this intervention. I miss that.

    Final thought… When you talk about women that are really sexy, they don’t lose that. It doesn’t matter if they are heavier or thin.. that sexy comes through. That picture of Mila at the top is not a good one. Even if it is from a movie. I think she is super cute, but not really sexy. Jennifer is average in looks. I like her as a person, but she is not sexy either.

  75. carlino altoviti says:

    It seems the problem isn’t simply the weight, it seems Mila gained weigth in the wrong places of the body.

  76. lisa2 says:

    Damn I need to get a female check. Women can’t win. They are called anorexic if they are too thin for some women. And fat if they are not skinny enough.

    So why can’t every body type be fine. Especially if it is for each individual woman. We can’t all be the same size it is not possible.

    I’m done.

  77. Joh says:

    Most men who are cruel to their gals about weight or how they dress or other nit picky trivial things, eventually realize the biggest problem with their girlfriend is she has no penis.
    Not ALLWAYS, but more then people know.