Is Brad Pitt old and washed up?

British newspaper The Guardian has a cautionary piece for Brad Pitt, saying that his career isn’t as great as it once was and that he can’t measure up to Matt Damon’s rising star. Damon has a big hit with the Bourne series and is playing meaty roles lately like in the super-boring Good Shepherd. All Pitt put out last year was Babel, which The Guardian deems pretentious, and although he’s been working a lot lately 2007 doesn’t have many great movies in store for Pitt.

They say the only promising film that Pitt is making in 2007 is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which won’t come out until Christmas time. The Oceans movies are kind of dragging him down, and he’s not really standing out in any films.

They say he hasn’t made any standout films since 1999:

That was 1999, and the last time he seemed awake and having fun. Moreover, from the outset, audiences have fun to the degree that he’s having a good time. We like to see that cheeky grin. But what we got instead was a series of films where the smile was fake or absent: Snatch, The Mexican, Spy Game (with Robert Redford – the kiss of death), Ocean’s Eleven, Full Frontal, the flat-out disaster of playing Achilles in Troy (I don’t think Achilles ever smiles), Ocean’s Twelve and Mr & Mrs Smith.

The latter was a hit, because the public was interested to see him with Angelina Jolie, yet it was hard to avoid the feeling that she was a lot sexier and smarter than he was. As for the two Ocean films – where he plays sidekick Rusty Ryan – they may have seemed like three months out with the boys and a sure cheque, but they have done no one involved any good. George Clooney survives because of all the other things he does. The same goes for Matt Damon. But Brad Pitt is behaving as if they were real jobs of work.

He has plenty of work coming up, including a third Ocean film, The Assassination of Jesse James (which really seems to be a film about Ben Affleck playing Bob Ford), and yet another David Fincher project, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which comes from an F Scott Fitzgerald story about a guy who keeps getting younger (a nice hope). I’d say the Fincher picture can’t come too soon, but it’s not likely to appear until next Christmas. Time for Pitt to think very hard about that crew cut he’s adopted, to learn to smile again, to say goodbye to Ocean and to realise that Angelina Jolie is riding her own private tsunami which other people are not expected to survive.

I say when you’re a star like Pitt and make so much money, who cares? It’s not like he’s Ben Affleck and has to be super careful about the films he’s making. He already has a great career and although he hasn’t won an Oscar or anything he’s not likely to slip from the A list. Sure DiCaprio, Damon and Craig are now stars to watch out for, but Pitt will always set women’s hearts aflutter.

He looks a little bit weathered now although he could be just tired out from a gruelling schedule. He is shown at the Palm Springs film festival on Saturday, where the cast of Babel received an award. When asked if he would have more kids with Angelina, he gave their standard answer “Of course.” Pitt, Jolie and their family will be living in New Orleans for the next few months while Pitt is filming The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Pictures from SimplyBrad. Thanks to WeSmirch for linking this story.

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  1. Bex says:

    The one thing I really like about Brad Pitt is the he plays interesting characters in his movies. He seems to do his own thing, and I respect that completely. And with all the loot that man is sitting on.. he’s earned the right to do whatever (career wise) he wants.

  2. FF says:

    He’s been washed up for a while. It’s just that before he was washed up and married to Jennifer Aniston and part of the Hollywood ‘untouchable’ set. Now that he’s with Angie and criticism of him is high, it’s kind of open season on his ass.

    That said, the british press do this to everyone eventually. Last year it was Ewan McGregor and Jude Law.

    And yes, unless he’s lucky, one day it will be Matt Damon’s turn.

  3. FF says:

    ps – everytime Pitt’s career is sagging, he does a David Fincher movie.

    It’s just like back in the day, whenever Schwartzenegger’s career was sagging, he did a James Cameron movie.

    Most of these stars don’t do remarkable work. They’re just well liked, and likewise well hyped. And hey, they look good on screen. Also, because they don’t tend to do anything to hurt their public image people accept what’s hyped about them. While a few of us do wonder what the hell everyone’s getting so starry eyed over.

    Then the press either decides their times up, or they (the celebs) piss off the press too much, or their public image takes a massive dent and that’s it – their bubble is about to burst and everybody has a pin. Meanwhile the few of us who were never big fans in the first place wonder why everyone finds the truth so shocking they want to punish the celeb for actually realising they succumbed to a lot of hype in the first place.

    Pitt’s what he’s always been: not that great, not that bad, capable of standout roles but usually when he’s standing next to a better actor (Morgan Freeman, Edward Norton). And for the record, Mr & Mrs Smith sucked. And if there was a reason to put yourself through the torture of watching it, it wasn’t for Brad’s acting. Sry2say.

    People are just ragging because his looks are fading, and there’s nothing to hide behind now.

  4. NYSailorScout says:

    It must be hard to be Brad Pitt. Everybody says that you are the handsomest, most desirable man on Earth. But at the same time, everybody is salivating for the moment you fall from your pedestal!

  5. Ginny says:

    He looks kinda like Bill Clinton in the last picture. Weird.

  6. Poor Boopie says:

    Well, for being “washed up”, he’s still one of the highest if not THE highest paid actor in Hollywood.
    Personally, I don’t think he’s that great of an actor. Overrated and overpaid!

  7. Ursula says:

    oh, for Heaven’s sake……….
    it’s nice to see the man have other priorities other than “he who dies with the most toys wins…….”
    good for him to enjoy his cash and do something he finds meaningful.
    I suspect that’s what Aniston could never understand about him…….apparently he’s more than a money-hungry poster boy.

  8. frewtloop says:

    His looks are fading? Jesus H Christ. He looks like the very handsome 40 year old man that he is. He’s getting older, not uglier.

    I doubt he gives a shit about any of the crap that author would have us believe he cares about. I’d suggest his life is probably full and meaningful enough in other areas (architecture, family, charity). It is possible he simply views his movie career as a pay cheque.

  9. alexi says:

    I agree. He actually looks like a human being rather than a wax figure – he is gorgeous through and through. He seems to be a compassionate doer – rather than just a celeb he pushes himself in other arenas and gives back to charitiies. Also, unlike Madonna he does not go ON AND ON AND ON (yawn) about how great he is……Brad is classically handsome, and this shows a nice tan sans BOTOX :)

  10. Lori says:

    His looks are not fading, just maturing. It does look like he forgot the sunscreen while following Jolie around, though. And somebody, please, give the man a chapstick!


  11. KIM says:

    Brad Pitt is sort of the pizza of the acting world- it’s never really that bad, no matter what variety it is- it’s palatable and you know you will crave it again and eat it again soon. Be palatable is sort of his Mantra. I never thought he was that hot except when he was fresh on the scene in Thelma and Louise. Lord knows he has made enough money so if he were to stop know I don’t think he would be hurting so who cares if he stops.

  12. Gigohead says:

    Yes, he’s older but he’s a good looking man. He was quite enjoyable in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Poor Brad, he is suffering from overexposure.

  13. Action says:

    He is good looking, but in a boyish way. His looks are fading fast. He hasn’t grown older gracefully the way Clooney or Connery has. His looks are tied to his boyish charm. That won’t stay with him as he matures.

    Don’t get me wrong. He’s still quite a handsome man (albeit, an ass) but it’s not the same as it was in the 90′s and not getting better in a different way.

  14. sabine says:

    Washed up? Geez…i’d like to be ‘that washed-up’ looking.
    The Man is gorgeous. He can do whatever he wants. Good-looking isn’t just for 25 year olds. People get more interesting with age.
    He seems to be doing what he wants to be doing so I am not going to beat up on the guy…besides, how many of us have 42 year old boyfriends or husbands that LOOK LIKE THAT???

  15. FF says:

    I’m not comparing him to any other ‘average’ 40 year old or any other 40 year old in Hollywood, I’m comparing him to how he used to look and yes, his looks are fading.

    The above poster got it exactly right, his handsomeness is tied to his boyishness and that’s not going to stay with him as he gets older.

    Have to say, I agree with Kim, I only ever found him hot in Thelma & Louise.

  16. Solitaire says:

    he is hot! i love him, who cares what flims he does? he looks mature and sexy – gets better every day!!! mmm! yummy we love you Brad!

  17. wtf says:

    you people are insane to think you’d turn down meat like this!? hahahaha he is SMOKING hot. clooney and connery always looked too sleazy and closet homosexual for me.

  18. sabine says:

    Here’s my second comment: I’ll take Brad Pitt ANYDAY….
    besides, nobody’s getting any younger!

  19. jacky says:

    Every since he left Jennifer I dont like him anymore. He was so sneeky about it.

    Like when keven kosner broke up with his wife “which he said he would never do” until a 22 year came along. It does matter to me what they do in their persol lives