Brandi Glanville on her relationship with LeAnn: ‘Right now it’s not amazing’

These are some photos of Brandi Glanville at the RHOBH premiere party two nights ago – CB covered the photos yesterday, as the event looked like some kind of horrible Botox Convention. Amongst that crowd, Brandi does look pretty good, right? Like, she has one of the more “natural” faces. While Brandi was doing press for the new season, she ended up talking about “Twee-hab” and LeAnn Rimes and how she (Brandi) doesn’t really date anymore. Some assorted quotes:

On her relationship with LeAnn: “Right now it’s not amazing. I’m just saying… and I’ll leave it at that!”

On her tweet “Call me CRAZY but I don’t think ‘Twee-hab’ worked! Xxxb.”: “Well if you put it on paper and you type it out… it’s not funny but I’m hoping in person it’s funny. I’m constantly going back and explaining what I meant or what I said or that I’m just joking.”

Her book about relationships: “It’s hopefully an empowering book for women and men about breakups and kind of showing them the way not to go. I did some really messed up things. I also don’t want people to be embarrassed by the things that they did do. A lot of people sweep things under the rug and for me I put it all out there.”

Has she missed Camille Grammer? “No – not really!” Brandi laughed. “Have I missed her? No – I’m sorry.”

The new season of RHOBH: “Fun, good times — and a little bit of crazy drunkenness… It’s all over the board. It’s a soap opera, but it’s real, so it’s amazing.”

Getting back into the dating pool: “I make out with everyone! It’s awesome. I don’t really ‘date.’ What is that? I make out! It’s hard to meet guys because they want to date you because you are on TV, or there are guys who like you but don’t want anything to do with you because you are on TV. It’s a hard road.”

[From Us Weekly and OK! Magazine]

Obviously, I don’t watch RHOBH. My mom tells me about it, though, and she’s really looking forward to the new season and to Brandi in particular, who she really likes. As for Brandi’s hint that she and LeAnn aren’t getting along right now… I wonder what that’s all about? Hm.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Macey says:

    she looks better here than the last round of pics. I think her filler work is settling a bit. I can only imagine what she has gone thru with LR during this whole law suit thing on top of everything else. I wonder if LR didnt set up that Katie C. interview just b/c Brandi is going to be getting press for the new season?? hmmm. Kind of funny how any time Brandi has an interview or something, LR has to schedule something similar.

  2. mln76 says:

    This d-list ditz annoys me to no end LeeAnn is an idiot and crazy but her tackiness should be thankful that she took her sleazy cheat of an ex off her hands and gave her an in in the tab/reality world.
    The only people I feel bad for are the kids surrounded by those jackasses.

  3. Micki says:

    Have they ever gotten along “amazingly”?

    It seems I’ve missed something

  4. HotPockets says:

    Eh, to say she looks natural compared to the other ladies is an overstatement, she’s up there with Taylor Armstrong and Camille with the plastic surgery. Brandi is going into, “The Joker” territory.

  5. KellyinSeattle says:

    Why should they even be expected to get along? At least Brandi’s not a stalker. I like her black dress. I like the part where she says she doesn’t miss Kelsey Grammer.

  6. Lisa says:

    Did she not get the memo that your relationship with your ex-husband’s new wife is unlikely to ever be “amazing”? Not exactly the first place I’d go looking for my new BFF.

  7. marie says:

    next up on Captain Obvious’ Tour of Really, the sky is up and the ground is hard..

  8. Rita says:

    Ignoring the thousands of justifiable reasons over the past several years why her relationship with LeAnn is not idyllic, here are a few from just the last month.

    1.) LeAnn publically accused Brandi of being “vindictive as f_cking shit”.

    2.) LeAnn stalks Brandi’s co-stars.

    3.) LeAnn’s marriage is all but over and Brandi’s children are again caught in the middle.

    4.) Eddie called Brandi from his recent trip to colorado sobbing and begging Brandi to let him come home. (While Brandi got a good laugh from that, she’s pissed that LeAnn doesn’t keep her dogs in her yard).

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Right? Why would anyone even expect them to “get along amazingly?”

      I don’t get along “amazingly” with the woman my then-husband cheated on me with and subsequently married (because they had a kid and she was young and her parents *ahem* INSISTED). I TOLERATE her, whilst attempting to be civil. (And it’s been a lot longer than it has for Brandi & ME!Ann.)

    • someone says:

      Did Brandi confirm that to you (that Eddie called her from Colorado)? Hadn’t heard that one before….

      • Rita says:

        The laws governing secretly taped phone calls are different in California and Colorado so until I can get all the legal ramifications sorted out I can not share with you the source and method by which I obtained this information.

      • someone says:

        Fair enough Rita. When things get cleared up can you confirm if Brandi really did get such a call? Also, what happened to the story about Eddie cheating before tweehab that was supposed to come out in the National Enquirer? I never saw it in the news.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Rita – Was that your call yesterday? I begged and smiled my most charming smile and even batted my lashes, but I didn’t hear back from you!

      • Rita says:

        It’s so nice to have you posting early today. Seems, recently you’ve posted late in the day. Want you to know I read all your posts but I figure it’s too late to reply. Love ya, doll.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Rita – DANG!! Okay, I can wait. DEF Don’t want any legal trouble for you! (I did not know about the new legalities – I’ll have to check that out.)

      I’ve been posting later as of late because Toddles has decided to “go off the rails” as it were, and he’s been going to bed & getting up later. (And I’m in NoCal, so I’m 3 hours behind CB.) Plus, Hubs has been leaving for work later, and he does so LOVE his Wikileaks vids!

      I read all your stuff, and I love ya too! :D

    • SleepyJane says:

      If #4 is not true, then you are really wrong here.

      Leann’s life is miserable. You guys ‘win.’ Brandi is better off regardless, because he was a cheater with or without Leann. I’ve read so much bogus BS in these comments about all of these stories that are due to come out ‘any day now’ that I’m beginning to think you all are purposely effing with Leann because you think she reads this stuff.

    • eileen says:

      Wow Rita, you have no idea how close you really are! Do you have, like, ESPN?

      • Rita says:

        I’m not that big into sports and ESPN costs more on cable than I want to pay but I do have a touch of PMS today if that tells you something.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        eileen – You just made me choke with laughter!! “It’s like I have ESPN or something” and “There’s a” *nipple check* “50% chance of rain” *said while standing in said rain* :D :D :D

      • The Original Genevieve says:

        @ OBella:

        *chokes with laughter* Oh NO, girl, you did NOT just quote Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls…*spews wine*…LOL!

    • Baylor says:

      Where did you hear the one about Eddie calling?

  9. brin says:

    Brandi’s learned from experience that when you deal with a psycho you have to choose your words carefully.
    I can’t wait for this season of RHOBH, too. Probably another reason Leann is off her rocker.

  10. Valerie says:

    I can’t imagine anyone being besties with the woman who helped destroy their family unit and one who has behaved as inappropriately as LeAnn has with the children. It would make no sense. Especially since LeAnn pretended to be her friend while boinking her husband. There would be no trust, which is the basis of friendship. I think that it probably kills LeAnn that Brandi didn’t disappear and is now thriving. Also, Brandi looks amazing in the clothes she wears. Being so tall and lean certainly helps but she wears her clothes, they don’t wear her.

  11. Holden says:

    LOL @ I don’t really watch Real Housewives… but my Mom does!

  12. effy says:

    Those cheeks. . . i hurt on her behalf! :(

  13. j.eyre says:

    I don’t know anything about this triangle other than who the players are so help me out… it sounds to me like this woman needs LeAnn to stay relevant – is this true?

    • mln76 says:

      Yes very much so…also to be sympathetic since she’s done a lot of trashy things

    • Bluedog says:

      No, more the other way around. Brandi’s on a fairly popular show. Leann is not doing much but tweeting.

      • Vesper says:

        Good God, since when is a trashy housewife show considered a popular show?

        As for LeAnn, she is still touring, still performing, still recording, and still worth $32 million. She has been in the spotlight for almost 20 years.

      • Lemonade says:

        uh Vesper, when the ratings for Bravo say its a popular show. With all your Brandi hate/Leann Love/adoration, I’m pretty sure you watch RHOBH or at least clips of it. You cannot deny that Real Housewives is not a popular show or franchise no matter how much you love Leann.

  14. bar world land says:

    Scary. THAT FACE. I can’t believe someone would pay to look like that.

  15. judyjudy says:

    I wonder what Brandi and Leann are going to do when Eddie moves on to wife #3. Will they join forces and tag-team snark at the new girl? Will they continue to ride each other’s coat tails into oblivion? Will they start battling over who can “make out” with more boys? Hmmmm…this will be interesting.

    • gg says:

      You know — they’ll probably totally drop their feud and move on because it’s not titillating to them anymore. Which is pretty much what they should do – yesterday.

  16. Quinn says:

    Clearly, Eddie likes to be the pretty one in his relationships.

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    She’s got GREAT legs! But that bobby pinned hairstyle has GOT to go!

  18. Isa says:

    So yesterday I wrote a comment about her twee-Hab comment and I hope it didnt seem rude. But I really didnt believe she made it about her book agent. Someone explained it though and while I guess the explanation fits, Brandi knew how it would sound.

  19. Nadinek says:

    what’s with the quote about camille?!! did they have a fallout ? season 2 camille was the only housewive who respected her and didn’t talk behind her back…i thought they were tight :/

    • someone says:

      I was thinking the same thing. They really played it up last season that Brandi and Camille bonded over the divorce/cheating stuff and that they were besties who had each others backs. Now this comment about not missing Camille? I wonder what happened.

    • Lemonade says:

      Camille has been coming out in support of Adrienne lately in pics and in press releases so maybe that has something to do with it? I think…I’m not sure.

    • claire says:

      Yeah, wondering that too. They were friends, and it seems they still sometimes tweet each other. I guess some sort of new drama went down during the show. I know a lot of people said last season’s Camille was not the ‘real’ Camille. Total speculation: but maybe her bitchy ways have returned, now that she’s not fully on the show, and having to put up a front?

    • Nadinek says:

      Brandi has just tweeted this:

      Calm down people! I like @TheRealCamilleG but she hurt my feelings this season and we are not close like we were last year.


  20. Jayna says:

    I saw three weeks ago where she did shots on the beach playing volleyball and posing with her two sons. He looked miserable. The older kid clearly hates being photographed. I would have thought Brandi was better than her worthless ex-husband and worthless Leann.

  21. Sweet Dee says:

    She’s scary as hell but I do love her outfit.

  22. Tansey says:

    I don’t understand how anyone, man or woman, can get so much plastic surgery and do that to their face. You look at people like Brandi, Joan Rivers, and even some older famous men and you can just tell they’ve had so much surgery done on their face. It’s like, do these people not know how awful they look? Looking like the joker is NOT attractive.

    I’ve never had plastic surgery and I doubt I ever will, but if I did, it sure as hell wouldn’t be on my face. A boob job or a tummy tuck is one thing; if it doesn’t look great you can hide it with clothing. But your face? Leave your face the way Mother Nature intended because if some doctor messes it up, that’s it. You’re stuck.

  23. Anodyne says:

    I have been **considering** botox and the photos from this event along with the horrific looking LAM on Katie have me back on the no-tox train. I’d rather wear my age then look like an alien. Scary….

    • the original bellaluna says:

      If you read yesterday’s thread on the RHWOBH, some Celebitches have had MINIMUM botox, and it’s worked well for them.

      There’s a fine line between a tiny shot of ‘tox and turning into a “Botox Monster” – find a GOOD (or better) plastic surgeon, and go from there.

  24. skuddles says:

    Her overuse of the word amazing is not awesome…

    • Vesper says:

      She has the vocab and spelling of a kid in grade 3. She can’t even differentiate between “their”, and “there”. As she stated on twitter, she gets “confused”. DUMB AS DIRT.

  25. why? says:

    Leann posts photos of Brandi’s kids to public forums and to a site she is using to promote her album, and the media can’t quite understand why Brandi doesn’t want to be BFFs with her?

    I knew that something was up when Leann posted all those photos of the boys during their hiking trip and she paraded the boys on the red carpet for Batman where Eddie was holding up the oldest boys arm.

  26. Relli says:

    I think she is being sarcastic and watching her words, and being “cute” she doesnt want get sued for saying the wrong thing now does she? This will all be over soon in 1 way or another and while i am no “fan” (mostly because i refuse to use that title when referring to the RHW) i admire her abilty to make lemonade and parlay ALL THIS into a career!

  27. Dirty Martini says:

    Dont watch the show. Cant stand the
    bimbo. And sort of understand why Eddie dumped her and chose LeeAnn

    If those were my only 2 choices, so would I. Just sayin……

  28. Sal says:

    I don’t understand. I thought her and Camille got on well and were friends?

  29. FLR says:

    Brandi’s relationship with LeAnn won’t be amazing until LeAnn is out of the boys lives. Permanent damage (to the children) is getting deeper and deeper the longer LeAnn grasps to her self made fantasy.