Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel’s People Mag wedding cover: SO pink!

Yay! A great copy of People Magazine’s Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel wedding cover! And it’s a doozy! Earlier this week, I was trying to tamp down my expectations for this wedding pictorial, trying to imagine wedding photos that would be oddly all about the groom rather than the bride, just because that’s the way Justin Timberlake rolls. JT’s wedding is all about JT and no one else. And isn’t that what the People cover says to you? It says “Justin Timberlake got married, it’s all about JUSTIN, don’t look at the bride!” Poor Jessica.

Anyway, Jessica’s gown is SO PINK. Ridiculously pink. It’s Giambattista Valli couture, and they probably worked on it for months and months – Biel was visiting the Paris studio every so often, probably for fittings. I do think her gown is pretty, but… you know me. I like traditional and conservative stuff for weddings. A pink gown is too avant-garde for someone as milquetoast as Jessica Biel. Here’s more from People:

Judging by their wedding photo, Justin Timberlake was more than ready to jump into his new life with Jessica Biel, springing airborne with joy.

When the couple of five years exchanged personal vows in a romantic Italian ceremony Oct. 19, “it was a really special evening,” Timberlake, 31, tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story, in which the newlyweds open up for the first time about their special day and share exclusive photos.

“It was a total fantasy experience,” adds Biel, 30.

One cause for emotion? The singer-actor played the guitar and serenaded his beautiful bride-to-be as she walked down the aisle in a custom, petal pink Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown.

“It was an original piece I wrote specifically for the evening and for her,” says Timberlake, who wore a Tom Ford tux he helped design.

The pair welcomed 100 guests, including close friends Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg, Timbaland and Biel’s 7th Heaven costar Beverley Mitchell, to the Borgo Egnazia resort in southern Italy for a week-long wedding celebration.

“It was a lot to ask of them to travel, so we figured we’d give our guests a good party!” says Timberlake.

For Justin and Jessica’s exclusive wedding album – from the bride’s special “something borrowed” to the couple’s dance moves – pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

[From People]

“Who wore a Tom Ford tux he helped design…” That is AMAZING! That one detail says all I need to know about Justin. I mean, of course Justin had to teach Tom Ford how to design a proper tux. OF COURSE. Because Tom Ford is good, for sure, but he doesn’t have Justin’s “eye for style”. And yes, Justin totally sang to Jessica. A special song that he wrote just for her. The song was called “We Can Still See Other People, Right Baby?”.

Photos courtesy of People.com and WENN.

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  1. Skipper says:

    That is the stupidest he’s ever looked.

    • Bad Irene says:

      True , and at least it will be easy to rip this photo in half when they divorce.

    • Bugsrunny says:

      Shades of a couch-jumping Tom Cruise in that cover, no?

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      He looks stupid all the time. Either he’s dressed like a douche or his face and body language said it all. This photo to me says he won’t take the marriage seriously and he needs to be the only one getting all the attention.

      Thank god Jessica looks beautiful! The gown is amazing! a little heavy on pink, but still pretty and the side swept bangs are nice.

      In a month we’ll hear rumors over him cheating, her unhappy, and a baby to save the marriage…*sigh*

      • Esmom says:

        “This photo to me says he won’t take the marriage seriously and he needs to be the only one getting all the attention.”

        YES. And the way she’s just sitting there seems sad. She’s smiling yet it looks like a forced “debate” smile — hard to believe she’s feeling true wedded bliss in that moment.

      • Piper says:

        Looks like a douche, acts like a douch, talks like a douche……he must be a douche!!!!!

    • Liv says:

      Who in the world wants to have a cover like this? It just screams big ego. He’s such an idiot. He really lives in his own world.

      • Carolyn says:

        Jessica looks beautiful. I LOVE that dress on her. Timberlake looks like an absolute tosser. Idiot.

    • poopsy says:

      please do not support these people’s careers any further. see what laughs they had at the expense of the poor, the addicted and the homeless. check out Lainey and Gawker for more details.

    • Me Too says:

      And if you want real proof that this guy is a d-bag as are many of his friends, check out the lovely video one of his closest friends did that was played as a joke at their reception. It’s on Gawker and features homeless folks from around LA saying how sorry they were to miss the wedding. It is disgusting.

  2. Jenny says:

    50 shades of pink… very gay cover. And he is in the center… in action… and nobody cares about the bride. LOL. But hey they could use this photo for their future divorce cover – JUSTIN – I’M DIVORCING AND I HAVE A PRENUP. OMG and Brit in the corner. Double LOL.

  3. Naye in VA says:

    No bangs. And that pink is absolutely gorgeous. Any other time I would have said, tacky, tacky, tacky, but the mix of shades and tulle. Its absolutely beautiful. Good for her.

    He looks like he’s overdoing it.

    • launicaangelina says:

      You know he wishes he could have worn the dress; seriously, because of the attention he would have garnered. His line of thinking was, “How can I make this about me? Oh yeah, I’ll jump!”

    • Lithe says:

      I think it photographs beautifully. I’m no JB fan, but I think she looks great here.

    • Lizzie says:

      I agree, I hate wedding dresses to be conservative and boring. This is pretty amazing. Like petals on a flower.
      I’m not a fan of these two, but she looks gorgeous.

    • Rachel says:

      Just based on this one photo, I really like the dress. It’s so flattering with her coloring. She looks beautiful, as every bride should on her wedding day. However, I reserve final judgment until I see a full length photo of it…

    • L says:

      I’m reserving judgement about that dress until I see a picture of her standing up in it. It’s hard to tell what the shape of it looks like sitting down, there’s some ruffle action going on that I’m not sure about.

      Her hair, makeup, veil, and the color of the dress? Awesome. Would it have killed her to wear a pair of earrings though?

    • Madchen says:

      I love the dress! Gorgeous. Kinda reminds me of the Cat in the Hat Comes Back.

    • Andie B says:

      I second that Naye in Va..the dress is gorgeous..Justin is trying way too hard to take the attention off the bride though..lol!

    • chaser says:

      I agree.

      Really not too keen on either of them, but goddamn she looks lovely.

  4. judyjudy says:

    I’ve never called anyone a douche. Until today. What a douche.

    • Cazzie says:

      That was exactly my reaction!

      “She looks beautiful and kind – he looks like a douche.”

      The contempt in his eyes is obnoxious.. If you didn’t want to sell your wedding photos, dude, don’t sell them – don’t sell them and then act like an effing jerk. What a douche. The marriage is doomed.

      • TG says:

        Agreed. Like he is gifting the world with his wedding photos. That poor girl. He sucks the self-esteem out of everyone who dates him. (Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and now his poor wife Biel) He is a Dementor.

    • Sandy Pandy says:

      Yeah – the pic ensures it’s all about him. Even her walk down the aisle was dominated by him singing and playing guitar … sure it was for her. Wouldn’t you have saved that for the reception? Nope, all about him.

  5. len says:

    It’s a fun picture I guess, but where exactly is the love?

    • Lithe says:

      It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this marriage. Never seemed like a healthy, committed relationship, but who knows?

  6. MissM says:

    me don’t like it…more like a ball dress, not wedding…

  7. brin says:

    Did JT help design her Pepto Bismol colored dress too?

    • Lithe says:

      The gown is more cotton candy pink than Pepto Bismol, I think

    • KC says:

      Didn’t you hear? Not only did he design her dress but he personally sifted through the silk worms to pick the ones who would give him the best silk.

      When JT saw what that rookie Giambattista created he screamed, “That hack!!” redid the design and oversaw (because he’d never muddy his fingers with work) the re-stitching of the dress.

      He did all this while rolling his eyes at the tux that babe-in-the-woods Tom Ford suggested, realizing that he’d have to do *that* as well.

      In addition to personally growing the grapes for the wine, overseeing the chefs as they made the food…he must be exhausted. Poor, poor, poor JT.

  8. SportsGal says:

    I’m all for colored wedding dresses – my wedding dress was a deep shade of antique gold and I LOVED it.

    Plus, I think that dress looks beautiful on her with her coloring.

    • Naye in VA says:

      That sounds beautiful. Pshh tradition is out the door now anyway. 90% of us shouldnt even be wearing white at our wedding lol. I dont like what has become tradional off the shoulders. I want cap lace sleeve with a sweetheart neckline. Ughhh. Thats is i ever get married lol

      • francesca1 says:

        Naye, happily I think the trend is going back to more variety with sleeves and necklines. I absolutely am beyond over the boring strapless dresses. I got married in May and it was impossible to find a dress I really loved. 99% of them were automatically eliminated for being strapless.

    • Claire says:

      Deep gold sounds lovely. Candy floss pink on the other hand…..

  9. KC says:

    the gawdawful fringe is at least swept to the side.

    @Kaiser LOL — the song titled, “we can still see other people”

  10. dre dog says:

    I love the picture of Britney in the corner . Britney and Justin forever!! oh to be thirteen again :)

  11. Carobell says:

    He’s trying way too hard, but I think she looks amazing.

    Really pretty dress and good on her to keep everything else restrained and the let the color be the focal point.

  12. Lou says:

    Um… clearly the best thing about this cover is that BRITNEY is also on it. Well played People mag, well played.

  13. Dorothy#1 says:

    I LOVE her dress!!! I think she looks beautiful and I am not really a fan of either of them.

    • gee says:

      I totally completely agree. I think the dress is so pretty. Not the dress for me, but really a good choice for her.

  14. Lou says:

    clearly the best thing about this cover is that BRITNEY is also on it! Well played People mag, well played.

  15. Erinn says:

    There’s a blind item about a newly married couple and the female half is pregnant but not showing. The guy wouldn’t have married her, except they think she purposely got pregnant to push the wedding. IF it’s a true BI, I think it’s these two.

    Because honestly… who saw them making it to a wedding?

    Also… I kind of like her dress. Yeah, it’s obnoxiously pink… but kind of pretty. I think I just like it because it’s so different.

    • Lamont says:

      I saw that ‘blind’.
      It implied the groom’s hand was ‘forced’ mixed with shotgun hints.
      FULL DISCLOSURE – I don’t believe blinds. They more or less say the same thing about everyone – secretly gay, abortion, slutty, with extra spice on top, blah blah,- but it can’t be them
      J2 have been engaged for almost 10 months so this wedding was gonna happen either way
      People have said it’s Blake & Ryan. But those two bought a house together as far back as February. He sold his home in LA and Blake sold her apartment in NY. You don’t buy real estate unless your planning on it being for the long haul!
      Coupled with that police report some months back of Blake being described as Ryan’s wife, they were heading there
      The BI is strange. I mean if the bride and groom did not know when the pregnancy happened, quote ‘before or after’ how can it be shotgun?
      But that’s why they are blinds.
      Say Anything. No Accountability

    • andy says:

      They were engaged for almost a year. This is no shotgun wedding.

    • Erinn says:


      I don’t tend to put much faith in them. This one just wouldn’t surprise me though. They could have had recent issues and he wanted to break the engagement. I did miss the before or after part of that blind though, so I guess that makes this moot.

    • Esmom says:

      Hmm, I was thinking she looks a bit thicker around the middle/bust area, although it’s hard to tell in that photo. She doesn’t seem as hardbody-toned as usual.

  16. Tash says:

    Must suck for the bride to have to relinquish the corner of the wedding cover to the groom’s ex girlfriend…also, tiny thin ankles on the groom. Weird.

  17. Tash says:

    Must suck for the bride to have to relinquish the corner of the wedding cover to the groom’s ex girlfriend.

  18. La Calabaza says:

    I feel sorry for Jessica. She looks kinda embarrassed. He’s a douchebag.
    Worst wedding photo ever!

  19. PrettyTarheel says:

    OMG he’s wearing court shoes. I just read a wiki article the other day about appropriate formal footwear.

    I think it’s gorgeous, I think she looks gorgeous, and I don’t even think the bangs are that traumatizing. Good for her.

  20. jess says:

    Awful! Just awful! When I first saw the cover I thought it was fake. Why is he jumping like that? Looks so dumb. I cant really tell what the gown looks like cause she is sitting down but its a little too pink for my taste.

    • Kim says:

      It looks like a poster for romcom starring Kate Hudson or Katherine Heigle.I’ve never seen a wedding cover where the groom is more prominent than the bride.Poor girl

  21. Ann says:

    Curious to see what color the bridesmaids wore, that didn’t clash with that vivid pink. Wish we could see more of the detail of it, but someone else is hogging all the cover space. Poor Jessica is relegated to sitting in the corner.

    She needs a new hairstyle, the bangs are dreadful. At least she swept them to the side a bit, but I really dislike bangs on females over the age of 12.

    That cover is so him. He’s totally attention seeking. Nothing romantic about it, it just screams “Look at me!”

  22. effy says:

    Jessica looks radiant.
    I can’t wait to see the rest! :D

  23. LAK says:

    From what we can see of the dress, love it and love the colour. I always think white is ridiculous when you’ve been living with the groom for several years and are an older bride because frankly, who are you kidding with the virginal victorian white? It’s such a pretty pink. Love. love. love it.

  24. marie says:

    ha ha, of course he serenaded her while walking down the aisle-he figured out the perfect way for it to still be about him. “Look at me, I’m singing for you. I wrote this for you. Aren’t I fantastic?” vomit-worthy

  25. Jewels says:

    Of course he had to steal the bride’s thunder walking down the aisle by performing- bc we all know that’s what it was.

  26. Lemonade says:

    If they were normally a goofy couple like Pink and Corey Hart or something then I would think this cover is cute but he is just trying to be the center of attention. For a supposed romantic Italian villa wedding, this photo definitely doesn’t show “romance”. This photo just says “Justin, you can do what you want but I’m going to be the perfect wife and smile”

    But I like her dress. Its unique and a pretty pink.

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      Yup, it would be a cute and charming pic if both of them were doing some silly, funny stuff. The way it is now, it´s just redicilous, because there is no connection between them. Like they are not even attending the same event or something.

  27. Lindsey says:

    1) Justin’s only phrase for their relationship is “really special,” has anyone else noticed that?

    2) Why does Jessica look so… forced? It honestly have been a really cute/interesting picture if they’d both “jumped for joy.” As it stands she just looks like she’s calling it in.

    3) The only person who could do a pink wedding gown was Gwen Stefani.

    • Nev says:


      They should’ve jumped together. Would have been more different and more charming. I feel sad for her a little. Plus Britney in the corner. Ugh.

      • Esmom says:

        My wedding photog sais she always does a “jumping” shot — but usually of the groom and his groomsmen. A guy thing. Definitely not just the groom while his wife sits there sorta slumped and painfully grinning.

      • Esmom says:

        My wedding photog said she always does a “jumping” shot — but usually of the groom and his groomsmen. A guy thing. Definitely not just the groom while his wife sits there sorta slumped and painfully grinning.

      • Esmom says:

        Oops, sorry for the double post. Carry on.

  28. lower-case deb says:

    justin is like: “I’m married! Whoooopppeeee! *jumps* Woooo hoooooooothehellisthatinthecorner?!”

  29. boobytrap says:

    ew. jt -> loser

  30. Ruyana says:

    When I saw the cover the first thing I thought of was little Tommy’s couch jump.

    • French says:

      exactly what I thought

    • Sisi says:

      lol. So true.

      and this picture shows something else that Cruise used in his his wedding photo.

      Katie had to crunch down so that the couple looked the same height. Biel has to sit down and Justin jumps up to look like he’s completely above her.

      at least Tom made his wife look equal…

  31. Sisi says:

    wow, they don’t even interact with each other. What a strange photo-choice

    And I can’t really comment on the dress because I can only see half of it. I can see more of Justin’s socks then of Jessica’s gown :/

    The color is nice though

  32. hoya_chick says:

    What is going on here?! He looks ridiculous and she looks pathetic sitting alone in a corner while he his flying in the air like an idiot. It’s a perfect metaphor for their sham relationship, all about JT while JB hangs on for dear life lol. I mean really? This is the best image to snapshot their ‘special day’ lol. I can’t really see the dress it self because she is sitting down but I don’t like how pink it is. The only pink I liked on a wedding dress was Gwen Stefani’s John Galliano gown because it actually matched her personality and image. Jessica is so vanilla and boring and doesn’t have the style or swagger to pull off a pink dress, and it’s tooooo pink and there is sooo much fabric. The photo should show off the dress and the bride and groom actually interacting in some sort of intimate or romantic way. This is the strangest photo I have ever seen as a wedding cover lol. Come to think of it the last couple of people wedding covers have been terrible (Drew Barrymore & Camilla Alves come to mind). Who do they think is going to buy this? Are people really checking for these two? I am actually looking forward to Blake’s wedding pics not these two.

  33. birdie says:

    TACKIEST wedding pic EVER! He makes it all about him, while looking stupid, so much pink and his ex Britney on the cover, too? REALLY? Omg, I feel for Jessica, but this is what she chose.

  34. shixa says:

    Embarrassingly embarrassing…can’t think of anything else.

    And did THEY choose that cover??? gawd.

  35. Nev says:

    Narcissistic. Personality. Disorder

    • Ann says:

      Yes. Especially with the singing thing. Way to take the attention off the bride as she walks down the aisle.

      I just can’t with the cheese factor of serenading as she walks down the aisle. If he felt compelled to sing, the reception would have been a more appropriate place.

      • Beatrix says:

        Reminds me of this woman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKdZJbAZ_4E – -so embarrassing for both of them and tacky as anything to force people to be a part of that selfish display. ( Just look at the people in the church…says enough about this.) If you must, do this at the reception, please.

      • Miffy says:

        I was JUST going to say that. She’s walking down the aisle and he PERFORMS?!? Is he serious?!

        NOBODY LEAVES JUSTIN IN THE CORNER! That spot’s for Britney and not-Britney judging by this cover.

      • Becky1 says:

        Thanks for linking that video, Beatrix. That was really laughable-very unintentionally funny. The bride acts like she’s in a music video. What a narcissist!

  36. Winnie says:

    I know everyone probably disagrees, but I think the serenading is sweet. I don’t mind the pink, but would like to see her standing up before I pass judgment on overall look of dress.

  37. Saphana says:

    for a fun photoshoot promoting a silly, sweet romcom where they get married this would be an awesome cover. for a real wedding not so much.

    also like very lol @ britney on the cover.

  38. Anonymousse says:

    Oh so sweet Justin jumping and trying to reach out for Brit up there lol. Thank you Kaiser for mentioning Jessica in your article, she wan’t hoping for that much I’m sure. Why why does he do that, he IS the famous one, everyone knows it, if he even has to feel the need to overshadow his own bride on HER ONE f**KING DAY then he should stay single!

  39. emmie_a says:

    The pic reminds me of Tom Cruise’s famous couch jumping scene.

  40. Susan says:

    I’m not really a fan of either of them, but I think she looks gorgeous. I bet there will be lots of pink gowns popping up in all the bridal magazines.

  41. Nanz says:

    I am in the minority in that I don’t usually find Biel all that attractive. However, she looks gorgeous on this cover. That said, it’s awful (to me) to have the bride sitting on the floor in her formal wedding gown while the groom is sky high (ahem). Is People trying to convince me that she’s just so laid back and he’s just so ecstatic? Because I’m not convinced and it looks cheap and tacky. Lastly, pink isn’t my taste (traditionalist here), but nothing Hollywood does surprises me anymore. It’s a good color for her.

    One more thing, I was turned off when I thought that JT sang to her during the reception. Finding out that it was during the ceremony while she walked down the aisle made my stomach churn. IT is such an attention-stealing stunt during what should be the bride’s big reveal, her BIG moment. I went from indifference toward him to righteous anger in a matter of moments.

    • Mourning the Death of Music says:

      + 1

    • j.eyre says:

      Nanz – I agree with you almost across the board here – except for the color, I am OK with the pink (although a traditionalist in my own taste, selling bridal gowns for several years made me kind of yearn to see something different).

      At least JT is wearing a tie this time…

      AAAANNND – I love your avatar

    • Mourning the Death of Music says:

      No, what he stole was his bride’s thunder.

  42. Roxy says:

    Everybody’s been stealing this pink dress thing ever since Gwen Stefani wore a white dress with the bottom dipped in pick. Which, BTW, she was not aware of till it was delivered to her, she was surprised by it but ended up loving it. It was amazing. JB is meh. JT is a weird-o. I cannot tell if he even likes her, ever! Everything he does for “her”, I still feel he makes it be about him. He is in love with himself, nobody can ever take that place. She will split when she can take his self-love no more. I just don’t feel the love, guys!!

  43. serena says:

    He looks like a total idiot in the cover LOL

  44. KellyinSeattle says:

    I wore a golden dress that was beautiful on my wedding day, and I think it’s fine not to wear white, as long as you like it and it’s pretty….or even if it isn’t pretty but you like it. At least she had her hair up.

  45. lori says:

    I think she looks so beautiful. TOo bad this egomanic couldn’t let her be the center of attention or hold the center of the cover with her. Who upstages the bride?

  46. Ladyfoot says:

    She looks embarassed to be there. Shoulders hunched in your people cover wedding picture? …or someone iver at people seriously has the hots for jt and wanted to screw with the bride by picking her most awkwards looking picture

  47. Sabrine says:

    She looks beautiful, relaxed and very very happy. The dress is stunning.

  48. SleepyJane says:

    Beautiful dress, in this shot anyway. I hope Justin fell when he landed.

  49. candigirl says:

    Ahh True Love, Justin and Justin!

  50. Grace says:

    Oh dear. Another couch jumper. Here we go.

  51. Fyofeelings says:

    Well at least Jessica looks good!

  52. Anguishedcorn says:

    I just can’t with a pink wedding dress… it doesn’t matter how pretty the dress is, it will look like a Disney Princess wedding and all she needs is a white pumpkin carriage.

  53. Meecey says:

    Hate hate hate the pink. Pale maybe. But jeez.
    Thank god she got rid or hid those damn bangs!!!

  54. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Two thoughts come to mind when I initially saw the photo:

    This looks like a serious PR stunt and
    “Pink is my signature color…”

  55. dahlianoir says:

    This :

    is a great wedding photo, from the biggest couple in Bollywood right now, they married a week ago. Timberlake is just ridiculous. It’s a wedding, not a countryside fair !

    • LAK says:

      Wow!!! I am deeply shocked. Saif married Kareena??!!!! I worked with them several years ago, two very different people. Dating was shocking enough but marriage!!!?!

      • storyteller says:

        He did! I know they’ve been together five years but i don’t know about this one. Kareena has always struck me as a wild spirit that can’t quite be tamed. But good luck to them.

      • dahlianoir says:

        They had a registered marriage and then PARTYYYYYYY in a fancy hotel. How are they in real life ? Kareena appears like a diva and Saif, well, a bit of a douche :/
        Beautiful wedding photo still.

  56. a says:

    she looks more like a bridesmaid.

  57. Jnet says:

    He looks like a idiot and she looks gorgeous..oh to be rich and surrounded in pink! I disagree on how you defer to Justin in every story about them and kind of portray Jess as a passenger on the Justin train..she beautiful talented and and think JT is a idiot and is outclassed by her.

  58. danielle says:

    EPIC! It is all about him – you can’t even really see her dress! And he schooled Tom Ford on designing! At least her bangs trauma is under control.

  59. Madpoe says:

    Pink reminds me of pepto bismol.
    Does it a bottle come with every copy? Curious.

  60. JH says:

    Milquetoast? I have to disagree. I think she takes fashion risks and sometimes succeeds. I think she looks incredible. I love the color and I love her bangs- she looks gorgeous.

  61. lisa2 says:

    I think the picture is “fun” but more for the inside then the cover. I’m not a pink girl so I don’t like pink dresses. but I have to see it better to judge.

    I think I would like it more if the background was not the same color as the dress. It doesn’t make the dress stand out well enough.

  62. Eleonor says:

    Jesus the only thing people want to see it’s the bride gown, and on that cover we only see Justin.

  63. moja31 says:

    This is such a bizarre cover, wow. Not sure about the dress, have to see her standing up to judge. I just can’t get over how awkward that photo is; you can tell he thought this was such an awesome idea, but it’s just odd, she looks appropriately embarrassed by him.

  64. amanda says:

    “The song was called “We Can Still See Other People, Right Baby?” ”

    Coffee spewing hilarity!

  65. Aubra says:

    LMAO! They got Britney in the upper corner and a byline on a convicted molester…SHADE!!!

  66. amanda says:

    Is anyone really surprised he managed to make this all about himself? The jumping does really bring me back to his Nsync days though. Hopefully this means he is going to give up on his sad acting career and go back to what he is good at!

  67. Reece says:

    I’m all for non traditional wedding photos but not the cover. I just looks silly. Not sure what they are going for on the dye job on her dress. The combo of her dress and the font color is a lot of pink.

    Nice putting Britney on the cover People. ha!

  68. palermo says:

    He looks an utter ass. Putting Brit Brit on the cover was just wrong. This marriage is a farce.

  69. Jackson says:

    He’s a tool and she’s, well, whatever. But I think I kinda love her dress. Love a little color on wedding gowns if it’s done right. Her’s seems full-on pink but it looks fab from just this one pic.

  70. Isa says:

    I think the article probably gives him too much credit with the word, “design.” He probably just told them what he wanted. And really there’s only so much you can do with a tux.

    The dress is awful. Jessica is not a “pink” girl. But you know I was trying to think of a color that would suit her and I couldn’t. She’s so bland. I can’t believe they even got married.
    She looks more like the bridesmaid than the bride.

  71. Maxine says:

    Brit thinks the whole thing is funny too! Look at her. Well played People. . . Well played. . . This is a hot mess.

  72. Little Darling says:

    Most ridiculous wedding photo I have ever seen. First, couldn’t we have an actual photo of the two of them looking in love and radiant? Save the silly photo shot for the inside? Secondly, who agrees to use that photo for the cover? Didn’t she get to see it first before it went to print? UGH! I can’t with these too. He is so in love with himself that I’m surprised they didn’t photoshop her out of the cover and just have Timber-lame jumping like an ass? I’m really in awe…nothing about these two makes sense, and she’s a doormat for letting his EGO be the hot air in the balloon of a wedding they made.


  73. SamiHami says:

    White wedding gowns are so ordinary and boring. I like seeing a bit of color; pink, gold, etc. She looks very pretty!

  74. mkyarwood says:

    I feel badly for her, but she obviously has something in mind. She can’t be totally oblivious to that harpy flying around her head.

  75. Aria says:

    He makes me sick.

    Jessica looks beautiful.

  76. Jayna says:

    Wow, I love the dress and color. Ordinarily I would say a more subtle shade, but this is beautiful on her. I like the cover. Different from the same ol, same ol. I am so glad the bangs are light and swept over. She looks beautiful.

  77. Emma says:

    I can’t stand Justin. He’s way too feminine and annoying. I like Jessica. I think she’s beautiful, but the pink color is tacky and the cover is stupid.

  78. Elle says:

    She looks beautiful. But ick. How desperate for attention do you have to be to take a picture like this and sell it to People magazine? Just ick.

  79. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Well, William and Kate have shown the world that a self-entitled snot and his horsey doormat wife can make a marriage work. For a year and a half, at least.

  80. skuddles says:

    Really stupid wedding pic but since it involves these two I’m not at all surprised.

  81. MyCatLovesTV says:

    I love the dress. Kinda more of a second marriage kind of dress (non-white, non-ivory) but still why not be different? I say “yes” to this dress!

  82. Xantha says:

    Soo, you guys heard about that video at their wedding that mocked the homeless right?


    Thank you Justin and Jessica for confirming what I’ve suspected: You and your friends are all a-holes.

    • Liv says:

      I mean who else could have friends like this? This says so much about him and probably her. Just disgusting people.

      • Xantha says:

        Seriously. What made his cousin think it was a good idea to do this? Especially since they invited the media to their wedding? Gross from all of them.

    • lucy2 says:

      That is really horrible. I’m glad the story got out. Sometimes public/media shaming is too much, but sometimes it’s justified.

    • Pamspam says:

      I am beyond horrified. Disgusting.

    • Huh says:

      Xantha, THANK YOU for bringing in the real story of the wedding of these fucknuckles to this thread.

      They are foul, disgusting people – even if it was somehow a surprise (LOOK at that fucking photo. Tell me that Mr. and Mrs. Twatterfake left anything to chance during their solipsistic, fit-for-idiots-only ceremony and dinner), that they let the ENTIRE 8 MINUTE video run tells everybody errrrrything you’d ever need to know about them.

      They are just as they seem – absolutely undereducated, arrogant, ill-mannered, greedy, selfish, stupid and mean. And they obviously associate with the same kind of people. I can’t even. I’m only disappointed in Questlove and Fallon being affiliated in any way with this piece of shit groom.

    • Stacy says:

      I’m hoping that someone at the wedding was disgusted enough to leak it to the media/Gawker. Someone at the wedding apparently has a conscience and was probably revolted at what they saw.

      Justin and Jessica could have stopped the video at any time if they were truly horrified by it – the fact that they didn’t says all we need to know about these two stains on society.

  83. Mia 4S says:

    I would laugh…but that gawker link above has soured me on the whole thing. You can tell a lot about people by those they are close to, and the fact that someone thought they would get a kick out of a video using and mocking the homeless and the poor makes me side eye the holy hell out of this bunch.

    I think perhaps a charitable donation of the amount they were paid for pimping their wedding to People ALSO matched by the “happy” couple would be advisable.

  84. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    That cover just became the newest embarrassing celeb moment. Brad Pitt should feel thankful. I hope they spoof this on SNL. lol

    Poor Jessica indeed..

  85. pwal says:

    I’m all about the wedding day not being all about the woman, but this pic right here… I’m kinda disgusted.

    It’s like the Kardashian/Odom wedding pic or rather the Kardashian/Kardashian/Kardashian wedding pic guest-starring Lamar Odom as Kazoo, floating in the corner.

    Hopefully, this isn’t an omen for Jessica, but deep down, I suspect that it is.

  86. MG says:

    The cover is absurd! Shouldn’t they at least be touching, hugging, gazing into each other’s eyes or something? Wtf! But…I think she looks gorgeous. I love the pink dress (my dress was pink.)

  87. Alana Fajina says:

    I’m sure they have more “traditional” photos that they’d like to keep for themselves, IDK haven’t seen the album but I like this pic for them. I also like that she didn’t stick to white for her dress but I can’t tell if I like it or not- as I haven’t seen the whole thing! Her bangs look great though!

  88. Madison says:

    Weddings are usually all about the bride but not in this case. He looks like an idiot on that cover tyring to hog all the attention and she looks a pathetic loser sitting in the corner so as not to take any attention away from him. The color of her wedding dress is nice if your into colored wedding dresses, but the style is awful and having seen a picture of her standing up I wouldn’t at all be surprised if she’s pregnant because around the waist there is a lot of tuille as if she’s trying to hide something or maybe it’s just an awful styled dress.

  89. Mandy says:

    LOL @ that cover. So JT. Let me get this right. The one moment that is supposed to be about the bride-walking down the isle-and JT is performing a song. He is such a diva a$$hole.

  90. Snowpea says:

    Wow now that cover just says it all really.

    I can’t stand that little creep. He just strikes me as such an asexual, pretentious little twat. He makes my skin crawl.

    He is the human equivalent of nails on a chalkboard.

    But that COVER! Heavens to Betsy, I’ve seen it all now. Nothing says coming together as one as husband and wife like positioning your betrothed on the floor while you leap into the air like a lunatic possum.

    And SHE agreed to it!

    Sheesh, these two. They are just so WRONG together!

  91. winter says:

    i don’t think the picture is bad it’s actually cute probably not the best picture to use for the cover, as it draws most of the attention to Justin. I think they were probably told to pose that way. It would have been better if they were both jumping instead of her sitting there. the rest of the pictures in the magazine are really nice.

  92. I'm going to Guam! says:

    Why do some people do this to themselves :(

  93. JudyK says:

    I think she looks classy and exquisite…that dress is to die for.

  94. holly daze says:

    Ok.. slay me for my sick sense of humor but “Sandusky’s #1 Victim speaks out” near Jessica’s head? classic

  95. the original bellaluna says:

    *DISCLAIMER* I have a hate-on for pink!

    She looks like she just whirled out of a cotton-candy machine.

    He looks like an idiot, as usual.

  96. d says:

    I think my mum’s advice to Jessica would be, “Well, that’s the bed you made…” (from “as you made your bed, so you must lie in it).
    No sympathy.

  97. oivey says:

    It is…very pink. o_0

  98. Kimbob says:

    Again, I agree w/Kaiser….it’s ALL ABOUT JUSTIN. I’ve never liked him. He just seems like a dork…& I really got PO’d when Janet Jackson had her “wardrobe malfunction” & JT did everything he could to distance himself from that. That really ticked me off because he was “in on it,” as well.

    JT is just a p^$$y…that’s just the way I feel…he’s not a man..for sure. Also….I just think he’s a spoiled BRAT! A diva.

    Also…I agree w/everyone else….that People cover….it’s disrespectful of him..again…ALL about Justin. BLECH!!!

  99. atorontogal says:

    I hope they give the 300k to the homeless people that were made fun of at a video shown at their wedding. How utterly crass!

  100. Susie (1 of 3) says:

    So, they weren’t shown an advance copy of this cover? Who from their camp would have approved it? Old girl friend on the top right. JT looking worse than Tom Cruise on Oprah. JB seated so you don’t see the Barbie as a Bride full length view. Worst wedding cover ever.
    And now the obnoxious wedding gift video. Are these the type of people who actually think this is funny?

  101. mln89 says:

    i’m not, nor will ever be impressed with anything that jessica biel wears. she tries so hard to be fashionable but always misses the mark. and i love tom ford as a designer but i guess since he designed justins plain black tux, nothing is really standing out to me. and the cover SHOULD have been exciting or at least cute, but it fell flat too.

  102. la chica says:

    I’m sorry but that is just too much pink. She looks like a ball of cotton candy and he looks like an ass. When they divorce in three years, how ever will he live this cover down? And I am no fan of People but inserting Britney into the cover was first-class trolling. How PISSED off do you think Biel is right now? She hitched her wagon to a pathetic star.

    • TG says:

      That’s what Lainey said too. If you are a regular reader of Lainey you will know she hates People but she said this was the best cover they have ever had for putting Britney on the front like that. I agree this is awesome since JT is such an a** and poor Jess has no self-esteem.

  103. Jilly Bean says:

    creepy. that pic reminds me of tom cruise jumping on the couch

  104. Amy says:

    I dunno, I think they probably wanted to do an untraditional wedding picture. It is kind of a fun picture but maybe they shouldn’t have used it on the cover. I do like Jessica’s dress, including the pink. I would never pick that myself but it looks really good on her for some reason!

    I know we’ve heard rumors about how Justin has cheated on Jessica and that he has treated her like crap. I’m not being naive, but maybe Justin has turned over a new leaf. Then again, maybe not. I just hope Jessica doesn’t get hurt again… and if she does, hopefully the next guy she ends up with will be a nice guy. I see her with a non famous person.

  105. Backstage Bitchy says:

    Saw an advance copy of the actual magazine. One, it’s possible that the retouching pushed the pink into Pepto territory and that it was actually more of a blush. But even so, it is VERY VERY frothy and girly, which is not “her”, and it overwhelms her. You can’t see any of her figure at all, even when she is standing. Two, i don’t think you can tell from the computer, but she looks ZONKED OUT. Like it took several Xanaxs to get her down the aisle. No photos at all of her smile reaching her eyes. Three- JT breaks his singing/ songwriting silence not to make an album but to upstage his bride WHILE SHE WALKS DOWN THE AISLE!? Four- every photo is noticeably out of focus. Five- there is one inside, a double spread, at the alter, no flash, of the kiss, and he’s DIPPING HER. CLEARLY posing for camera at the moment of betrothal. My husband dipped me after the first dance, and sang to me after our vows. Justin? Entirely posed, even at the moment of being married.
    And six PS- too bad she knew that if she waited to grow out those awful bangs before getting married, he’d split before it ever happened. WHY does she want this so bad?! What a prize!

    • Ming Lee says:

      ooo sounds juicy! i cannot wait to see the actual pics. you can tell a lot from body language and the eyes. wish i had your inside scoop..

  106. Backstage Bitchy says:

    Saw an advance copy of the actual magazine. One, it’s possible that the retouching pushed the pink into Pepto territory and that it was actually more of a blush. But even so, it is VERY VERY frothy and girly, which is not “her”, and it overwhelms her. You can’t see any of her figure at all, even when she is standing. Two, i don’t think you can tell from the computer, but she looks ZONKED OUT. Like it took several Xanaxs to get her down the aisle. No photos at all of her smile reaching her eyes. Three- JT breaks his singing/ songwriting silence not to make an album but to upstage his bride WHILE SHE WALKS DOWN THE AISLE!? Four- every photo is noticeably out of focus. Five- there is one inside, a double spread, at the alter, no flash, of the kiss, and he’s DIPPING HER. CLEARLY posing for camera at the moment of betrothal. My husband dipped me after the first dance, and sang to me after our vows. Justin? Entirely posed, even at the moment of being married.
    And six- too bad she knew that if she waited to grow out those awful bangs before getting married, he’d split before it ever happened. WHY does she want this so bad?! What a prize!

  107. Backstage Bitchy says:

    Saw an advance copy of the actual magazine. 1) possible that retouching pushed the pink into Pepto territory, that it was actually more of a blush. But even so, it’s VERY frothy & girly, which is not “her”, &it overwhelms her. You can’t see any of her figure, even when she’s standing. 2)don’t think you can tell from the computer, but she looks ZONKED OUT. Like it took several Xanaxs to get her down the aisle. No photos at all of her smile reaching her eyes. 3)- JT breaks singing/ songwriting silence not to make album but to upstage his bride WHILE SHE WALKS DOWN AISLE!? 4) every photo is noticeably out of focus. 5)there’s pic inside, double spread, at alter, no flash, of the kiss, him very showily DIPPING HER. CLEARLY posing for camera at moment of betrothal. My husband dipped me after first dance, sang to me after our vows. Justin? Entirely posed, even at moment of being married.
    And 6) too bad she knew that if she waited to grow out those awful bangs before getting married, he’d split before it ever happened. WHY does she want this so bad?! What a prize!

    • TG says:

      I was wondering about that. Does JT sing while Jess is walking down the aisle or is it a recording of him singing? I can’t imagine the groom singng and playing music while his bride walks down the aisle stealing all the attention. Unfreakingbelievable! Of course we are talking about a prize a** so what do we expect. I mean he has friends who think it is funny to make fun of homeless people at his wedding of all places.

  108. Backstage Bitchy says:

    Why won’t this let me post my comments?

  109. pwal says:

    For those holding out hope that SNL will lampoon the People cover and/or the tactless wedding video-don’t hold your breath. SNL loves Timberlake and even if Timberlake deigns to show up, he will get the Alec Baldwin American Airlines treatment aka an opportunity to self-fellatio himself in front of a live audience.

    It’s been a good long while before SNL ripped on someone who was once in their ranks. David Spade bagging on Eddie Murphy’s wilting career comes to mind. Of course, I haven’t watched SNL on a consistent basis for a very long time.

  110. LucyOriginal says:

    Now I know who the bride was… What a douche!

    Jessica looked radiant!

  111. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I hate to say it but I love the dress. I have a thing for non-traditional dresses. The interview is more telling than anything. The wedding is usually more bridecentric … but Biel has like one sentence and is stage left in the photo. It was clearly all about him … after cheating on her he could atleast give her the day.

  112. Marianne says:

    I think its funny that shes wearing a gown with pink, when anne hathaway’s dress also had hints of pink.

    Sensing a trend…

  113. Claire says:

    When the sky’s the limit and you can afford any dress in the world, designed by any designer in the world, why would one choose something that looks like a wad of COTTON CANDY?!!

  114. Melibea4ever says:

    I think she doesn’t even like pink, she looks uncomfortable I mean she is a tomboy, everything in this wedding was about him and it ‘s so sad bc it was her day too..