“Fearless feminist child hates princesses, says so to Pippa Middleton” links

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It’s so funny to me that Jessica Alba ended up with a ginger baby. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
I still don’t get why Joanna Krupa is a thing. [Moe Jackson]
Jared Leto is tweeting dumb political stuff. [Evil Beet]
Lil’ Wayne had an in-flight emergency. [ICYDK]
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Victoria Justice (??) looks cute, I guess. [Popoholic]
Taylor Kinney talks about dating Lady Gaga. [Starcasm]
This is Gerard Butler’s girlfriend. She’s hot. [Celebslam]

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  1. Rita says:

    I think Pippa is great but I didn’t realize she has such a heavy accent (for an American to listen to).

    • Bones says:

      The accent is cute. It struck me how different Pippa’s speaking voice is from her sister Kate… That is unusual between sisters, likely attributable to Kate’s Princess Lessons and voice training.

      I think I like Pippa’s accent better, its just more natural and loose, it has an easiness to it that gives it character.

      • BeccaZ says:

        She speaks! I never thought I’d hear her voice, just see pics of her walking down sidewalks for the rest of my life.

        I actually liked her here. She does sound very easygoing. She sounds like a real person, if you know what I mean.

        Too bad Kate isn’t allowed to use her natural voice. It might make a difference.

        Love Pippa’s outfit. The Middleton sisters do coats very well.

      • Apples says:

        5 people in my family and we all have slightly different accents.

        Parents grew up in 2 different states. We lived in town A but, then moved when my brothers were 9 & 6 and I was 3 to town B with a very different accent. On tape, none of us sounds exactly the same.

      • LAK says:

        @beccaz – Kate is allowed to speak in her natural voice/ accent but chooses not to. She wants to sound ‘posh’ which is ironic considering William’s accent. Girl sounds posher than her own aristo husband!!!!

      • Seagulls says:

        I wish Kate would go back to that voice. It’s so much nicer.

      • M says:

        Firstly, there is no such thing as “princess lessons”. Kate may sit down with palace courtiers from time to time, but she doesnt actually go to classes where they teach her how to be a royal. The press made that up after watching the Princess Diaries one too many times.
        Secondly, Kate chose to use her accent. The British press used to call her out for sounding “more posh than the Queen herself”. Her accent is not natural and the palace is not going to tell her to change it, look at other royals, Diana never changed the way that she spoke and neither did Sarah Ferguson whos accent used to be considered “unclassy”. Kate speaks with that awful accent because she thinks it will make her fit in.

      • Jaded says:

        @ M – Elocution lessons are mandatory for those who marry into the royal family who aren’t from the absolute upper crust. They learn to speak with an accent called Received Pronunciation, or “the accent of those with power, money and influence since the early to mid 20th century, though it has more recently been criticised as a symbol of undeserved privilege”.

        So Kate’s forced “posh” accent has certainly been learned and refined since her earlier Bucklebury days.

      • LAK says:

        @Jaded – where did you hear/get such nonsense? If that were true, The Queen’s own accent would remain resolutely Edwardian to reflect her own mother and father’s accents and which you can hear in early broadcasts. Ditto Charles, William Harry or even lesser and ex royals like Sophie, Autumn, Sarah.

        British people do not take elucution lessons unless they are determined social climbers or actors who in bygone eras were required and preferred to speak in RP english.

        It’s complete hogwash that people need elocution lessons to join aristocracy, or the royal family. Does it make easier to change the way you talk? There are more social minefields than the way one speaks that are bound to trip a person up. That’s why you send your children to boarding school and to finishing school. To learn those things. Elocution lessons is NOT on the time table and you’d be laughed out of any home if it was known you had done such a thing.

        FYI – William and Harry’s accents are closer to Pippa’s accent. Kate’s accent is ‘posher’ than William or Harry and they grew up in the royal family. She didn’t. She chose to change her accent but not at the request of anyone specifically. One of her former school mates has gone on record to say that she felt inadequate at school surrounded by Aristo kids who she was determined to befriend and that’s when she made herself over, to fit in with them. And that make over went into overdrive, possibly overshooting it’s target, when she met William. This is not a girl from the hoorah henry set, but she was determined to be in it. That’s why her accent changed.

        Pippa is a determined title chaser. Some of those titles are more aristo than the Windsors eg The Percys, and Pippa hangs out exclusively with these people, and yet her accent is normal rather than sounding ‘posher’ like Kate.

  2. annaloo. says:

    I notice that Apple is still sucking her thumb. That’s so weird to me. How old is too old for that?

    • gee says:

      Apple is definitely too old. My brother sucked him thumb until he was about four and had to have a ton of dental work done because of it. Apparently it changes the way your adult teeth grow in. He had braces forever and has a funny palate. Plus, his thumb is slightly misshapen.

      • lasagna jones says:

        eh, views on security things like thumb or pacifier sucking, or carrying a special item, are changing. If she needs it to feel secure, taking it away or demanding she stop -just b/c someone thinks she’s “too old” – is more likely to cause further insecurity. My sister sucked her thumb till she was probly 12, despite many efforts to make her stop. I think my parents finally gave up. She had to have braces, but all of us did and her teeth were not nearly as bad as mine, and I never sucked anything for security. I’m not sure I buy the argument that it jacks up teeth. But I do buy that it’s a security thing. Removing security, for an essentially aesthetic reason, seems cruel.

      • qwerty says:

        honestly, i sucked my thumb until i was about 13 and all my teeth are perfectly straight (people complement me on them all the time). i think it’s fine when it’s baby teeth, but when new ones grow in they won’t be affected. at least for me they weren’t.

        just as a side note, babies suck their thumb in the womb and so many children do it probably because it makes them feel safer as it reminds them of that time. forcing them to stop seems really cruel.

      • cecilia says:

        My dad used to tie my hands behind my back at night when I was little to stop me from sucking my thumb (a few times), and both my parents had conniptions about how I was going to get buck teeth from doing it. I didn’t care. I didn’t appreciate the anxiety they created, but I was going to do what I wanted to do. And I did, until much older than Apple.

        Now, I have perfectly straight teeth (no braces needed). I think the “thumb-sucking leads to buckteeth” is an old-wives’ tale.

        And people get much too uptight about what children are allowed to do at particular ages.

    • FingerBinger says:

      I have a friend who is in her late 30’s and she still sucks her thumb.

      • Kellie says:

        I still suck mine and I’m “old”. But not in public and only when I’m really sleepy 🙂 Never needed braces either, perfectly straight teeth and never had a cavity. Exceptions, exceptions, people.

      • michelle says:

        The kid could have burned/pinched her thumb. It soothes it to suck on it. I used to, kids are always getting cuts and scrapes.

  3. Tapioca says:

    Oh, come now – all small children are fearless, and hating an entire group of women simply for their choice of husband isn’t “feminist”! 🙂

    Be all you can be, kid; just hope you don’t ever meet your Prince Charming, ‘cos then you’ll have to turn him down…

    • LAK says:

      Actually, the way ‘princesses’ are marketed to little girls is anti-feminist.

      It all superficiality and doing nothing with your life except be pretty and wear pink, frills and sparkles until your Prince marries you. Nothing about ‘being whoever you want to be’ or making the most of yourself or even having your own goals. The only goal is to marry your Prince and live a fairy tale life in a castle where there is more pink and sparkles.

      A little girl rejecting that idea is Feminist.

      • Riana says:

        I disagree with this, though I do think the real question is whether you meant real princesses or Disney princesses? I’m sure in spite of who Pippa is the little girl was likely thinking of Disney princesses.

        But just going off my memory: Jasmine rebelled against her Father trying to force her to be someone she wasn’t, Belle lived in a society that made her into a freak for liking books and being intelligent but she didn’t give in, Ariel and her Father were constantly at odds because she chose to be different.

        Pocohantas rebelled against the idea of marrying into her tribe because she had other goals for herself, Tiana worked very hard to open her own shop and be her own woman, Mulan took up the sword to defend her country and family when her Father was too weak in spite of the role women were expected to fill.

        Then there’s the girl in Brave who was a better marksmen than all the boys who were vying for her hand in marriage, who was a tomboy, and who fought against her Mother for her right to choose.

        Just saying…the sparkly princess ideal has a lot to do with the time period a person grew up in and the roles women were expected to fill.

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        I’m not willing to call those movies feminist, but that aside, the movies don’t bother me as much as all of the books, etc that go along with them. I have a 4 yr old and the books which have different story lines than the movies are all about fantasizing about your wedding and future husband. Not about anything else. They are pretty appalling.

      • LAK says:

        @Riana – the films might have a strong female message BUT the marketing and extras that go with it is all about pink, fluffy, sparkles. Next time you are walking around look at all the ‘princess’ stuff aimed at kids. Nothing in it matches the films or the ladies in the films bar the drawing that identifies the piece or merchandise. Instead the everyday message is always about how they are princesses, pretty, sparkling. If you didn’t go back to watch the film, and especially as an adult, you are pretty much left with that simple vacuous message.

        The proof in the pudding is the fact that of all the accomplished real life princesses or Queens in the world, the one who follows that ‘pretty, submissive, vacuous’ message is the most revered above the others. And this by grown women. At some point in the last 10-15yrs, the ‘princess’ message has really emphasised that message despite the fact that the films themselves are potraying quite strong self sufficient characters. And it is sold to very young girls.

      • flan says:

        Actually I think you both have a point.

        The thing is that princesses marketed towards girls are making women one-dimensional. The girl rejects that idea, but does not realize that it is the messages that are rubbed in from a young age that are harmful. Just look at Halloween clothes for girls and boys. In the boys section it’s all cool stuff, but in the girls section a lot of it is about just being pretty.

        The problem is that women and girls trying to distance themselves from this start hating ‘pink’ or ‘princesses’ (and thereby start hating other women or girls who wear pink or princess stuff). It is instead the systematic dumbification and prettification of girls we should reject.

      • Anne says:


        Jasmin, Ariel, and Pocahantas rebelled against their fathers about the man/prince they want to marry. I wouldn’t really call that an inspirational or feminist message.

        Belle is a little snob who believed herself to be better than everyone else in her village, even though they all tried to treat her with kindness. You say she’s really smart because she loves books, but do you remember what books she was swooning over? The one the bookstore owner said she must have read a thousand times? A romance novel about a prince in disguise.

        Frankly, the only real example is Princess Merida from Brave. She’s the only story princess who sought out to prove she’s as smart and brave and deserving as any boy out there, and she’s the only one whose life is not ruled by her relationship with a man.

        So yeah, Merida is a great role-model for girls. But she’s only one in a veritable ocean of vacuous girls who sit around waiting for their prince to marry them. Merida is not a famous princess, and she certainly doesn’t represent the norm amongst the famous princesses.

        So yes, I agree with LAK. A little girl who refuses to give adulation to those princesses is a great little feminist.

  4. xoo says:

    jessica alba. pls take a shower. your hair looks gross!

  5. Alexandra Bananarama says:

    Wow. Pippa actually looks good here! Cute jacket/boots combo and is it just me or did she get some light work done. She looks less tired and worn in the face.

    Her accent is endearing. Kate should take notes.

  6. Reece says:

    She does like vampires though. I love kids! LMAO
    I always like her coats. Maybe I need to move to Britain to have a reason to wear coats more often. Anybody else think “so that’s what Kate’s accent should sound like…” 🙂

    • Rumorhasit says:

      Could this be the reason why William looks so annoyed when Catherine speaks sometimes?

      That she’s using some Madonna like, fake affected, posh accent, instead of her natural one, the homey sounding one he fell in love with?

      This explains so much.

  7. Riana says:

    Did she say she likes vampires lol?

    Ohhh Sparkles!

  8. Mari says:

    Re: Gerard B’s girlfriend. Meh, she looks just like every other girlfriend he’s had- skinny exotic model. I’d love to see him with a writer, or someone with a profession other than “looking hot.” And, I think the title “girlfriend” comes from his PR team pushing their “See, he’s calming down and in no way a man-whore pill popper” agenda so his current films won’t bomb. I fortell next we’ll see a plethra of photo ops of him with various charities.

    • Chatcat says:

      Now Mari…Gerry with somebody who may have intelligence? Please…….. Yeah like Joe Mang gf is a burlesque dancer (ahem – stripper) and Jason Statham gf is a model or something I think. Point being, these men don’t want a real relationship, you know the give and the take, they want to accessorize … sort of like a purse! But you could say the same in reverse … these women can’t be looking at these guys as any real substantial “catch”, looks fade and Hollywood careers wane, I’m just not sure any of these people are smart enough to know what’s best for them and what they are really missing.

  9. lucy2 says:

    You MUST watch Parks & Rec. Start with Season 2, and then when you fall in love with it as you must do, then go back and see Season 1. It is a funny show that has a lot of heart and really is a feel-good comedy.

  10. janie says:

    Maybe a little warning on the Parks & Rec spoiler? Hadn’t gotten around to watching last night’s episode yet.

  11. Apples says:

    That girl was being obnoxious and fishing for attention because the other girl was getting all of the attention from Pippa.

    She knew exactly who Pippa was and that was rude. Those kids weren’t just randomly in the store- their parents had to sign waivers to be filmed.

    Great parenting :/ First thing I would have said to my child is make sure you’re polite.

    • jj says:

      how was this little girl being obnoxious? she said she doesn’t like princesses, so what? at that age i didn’t like princesses, hell i still don’t. and “She knew exactly who pippa is” Who? A social climbing, plain faced, “author” whose sister is a Duchess, not a princess?

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        I don’t think little kids are going to get too caught up in the title difference and it’s not as though anyone refers to Princess Camilla (including the woman herself) though it would be accurate. They could call Kate baked Alaska, it still wouldn’t change the socially conditioned messages that were projected by the ROYAL WEDDING EXTRAVAGANZA last year–those are princess trappings.

        And if they didn’t know before, there’s a good chance that this woman who was invited to speak to them on camera and for broadcast, I’d find it hard to believe that no one would have said something to the effect of, ‘Remember what an ‘England’ is? Remember the months of ROYAL WEDDING EXTRAVAGANZA last year? That was this *her* sister and *her* sister is going to be the queen of England someday. Did you see her carry the train, did you see her arse? Sure, you did.’ It’s an introduction.

        I’ve never met a single woman who doesn’t take issue with the Disney Princess Empire Factory on some point or other and I find a lot of the empowerment stuff that comes before the ballroom in those films is disingenuous preamble to the big princess payoff, so I’m with you there. Girls get a lot of garbage telegraphed through the ages so you have to be downright vigilant so as not to get in those brambles at every turn, but whether you think she did the greatest or not, that kid knew what she was doing.

        It’s not a bad thing, but protesters protest for attention and have big chips on their shoulders, it’s essential to the success of getting a message heard. I think Kate’s one of the most useless people on the planet, but you can’t say it’s not a bit antagonistic to insult a guest’s sister–albeit in a a really impersonal way that points more to ‘The PRINCESS’ as a construction than to this future queen woman–to her face and on camera.

        I guess it’s a question of upbringing, isn’t it? My mother would’ve been PISSED if I spoke to an adult that way in front of so many people. I remember her saying, ‘Jesus wept and died and died for me’ and ‘out of order’ and ‘no manners’ a lot when I was a kid. She says that a lot now, too. On the other hand, you don’t get a lot of opportunities to speak to the future queen’s sister, so if you’ve got a bone to pick, pick it now, fight for your right and so on. I’ve lost my tedious point.

    • Me Too says:

      First, PIppa isnt a princess, her sister is. Second, that little girl was not coached and was being quite natural which is a nice thing to see in a kid. Third, she wasn’t even thinking about Pippa’s sister. She was going ewwwww, pink? Ewwww, princesses? She was basically being a little girl who doesn’t like all things pink and is tired of having girly girl stuff shoved down her throat!

      My niece was exactly like this little girl when she was young. And, she still doesn’t like pink frilly stuff.

    • Lushus L. says:

      I’m with you Apple. It’s not nice for children to be little haters.

  12. Madpoe says:

    Gerry Butler’s new toy. How good is she at deflecting cooties? that would be ‘hot’.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      First Floor: vaccinate me
      Second Floor: vaccinate me, more
      Third Floor: VIP, baby!

  13. Apsutter says:

    Omg…you should already be watching Parks and Rec!!!! Seriously, it’s the best on tv right now. It’s absolutely hilarious, has one of the best ensemble casts period, and Leslie Knope is one of the greatest ass kicking feminist protagonists of all time.

  14. thinkaboutit says:

    Wow, she’s beautiful in “live motion.” I didn’t even know that was her when I saw the clip elsewhere. I kind of get it now…

  15. WaywardGirl says:

    I find the Aniston post kinda funny because Gwen Stefani was there and she’s buds with Angie.

  16. Mew says:

    I don’t think there’s anything feminist about disliking princesses.. that’s just like saying it’s about being a feminist if one said one hated moms.

    • Riana says:

      I think a lot of it has to do with a person’s age and how princesses were introduced to them. When I was younger princesses weren’t introduced to me as sitting around and waiting for a prince and then living in a sparkly castle. There was focus on their individual stories and the choices they made: Jasmine refusing her Father’s lifestyle for her, Belle loving books and choosing not to conform to the crowd etc. Their independence and accomplishments.

      Princesses were just a thing girls could be like ninja’s or cowgirls. I think that’s more true for a lot of girls these days which conflicts with their Mother’s who probably had a more traditional view of being a woman/princess forced on them.

    • LAK says:

      i have to disagree. And strongly. Feminism isn’t just about equal rights.

      Before feminism, women were only required to be pretty, submissive, have kids. Nothing else.

      Look at the way ‘Princesses’ are marketed to little girls. Particularly the Disney Princesses. Pretty, submissive, marry a Prince. And After that what will you do? be pretty submissive. Nothing about the content of their characters. nothing that doesn’t involve being rescued by a man. Sitting around waiting,waiting,waiting for that man to come marry you.

      Nothing about perhaps going to find the man yourself or other things you could be doing, whilst you wait etc

      So a little girl rejecting to be submissive, pretty and waiting is a girl who is going to value herself based upon her character. The very thing Feminism is about.

      • LAK says:

        2nd comment – If you look to the people who admire Kate, they describe her in those very terms…pretty, submissive, babies.

        Grown people, who should know better, don’t look to Princesses like Maxima, Letizia or Rania to name a few. They look to the one Princess who is the living incarnation of a disney Princess and that’s who is admired above all the others.

  17. Carolyn says:

    Yawn…as if the world needs ANOTHER party planning book filled with nice photos.

    Yay to the girl for being honest. Even Disney has finally realised not all girls aspire to being a Princess.

    • Dee says:

      The publishing industry would grind to an almost complete halt if only books “the world needs” are going to be published.

  18. Annelise says:

    Gwyneth and Chris’s kids look like miniature versions of them- surprisingly so. It’s cute that they’re dressed like normal little kids, not in Gucci Children or anything.

  19. Julie says:

    Gerry’s new girlfriend looks so much like Angelina Jolie. Google her red carpet pictures and you’ll see what I mean. Which makes me think that Gerry had a thing for Angie when they were filming Tomb Raider.

  20. TracyG says:

    Do any of u ever look at the Perez Hilton site? He used to say such ugly things, now he is so sweet and sucky up – makes me ill !!!

  21. lrm says:

    all the little girl said it i hate princesses in context of someone bringing it; she followed another comment by saying ‘i like vampires’ so obviously she was just referencing the conversation int he moment, not coached and not rude or obnoxious at all!
    i dont understand why ppl think everytime a child speaks an opinion, it is rude?

    pippa is beautiful in live video-she looks totally different than photos…
    also her voice reminds me of sharon osbourne.

  22. Mel says:

    I don’t think Pippa has had anything “done”. There’s nothing odd about her forehead being smooth. I am more than 20 years older than her, and my forehead is perfectly smooth (no “work” done, either).

    If she looks better and fresher than she usually does – and she does – it’s likely because she ditched the orange fake tan.

  23. Suze says:

    Eh, the kid was just being a kid. And Pippa did not look a bit fussed by it – she seemed amused.

    And Pippa looks much better in the video than she does in photos. And she seems much more relaxed on camera than her sister (of course, she isn’t in a high stakes situation here, but still…)

  24. EscapedConvent says:

    The second photo—of Pippa in the blue coat, with that large round black balloon-looking-thingy behind her? I thought that was Kim Kardashian.