Did Joe Simpson have a year-long affair with a 21-year-old male model?

As we now know (allegedly!), Jessica Simpson’s father, Papa Joe Simpson, has been secretly gay this whole time. The Enquirer/Radar ran the story last week, claiming that Joe had recently “come out” to his family, and his wife and daughters were surprised and devastated. I’ll admit that Joe had never really beeped on my gaydar – I only thought that he was rather creepy, but now that people are saying that he’s gay, the creepiness has dissipated and now I look at Joe and think, “Ah, okay, that makes sense. He was living a lie this whole time.” Deep within the Enquirer’s reporting, another detail emerged: when Joe got his DUI a few months ago, his young boy-toy was in the car! Well, now Radar has an ID on the boy-toy. Or maybe we should say “one of Papa Joe’s many boy-toys”?

A young, aspiring male model has been boasting that he has been having an affair with Jessica Simpson’s father, Joe, for the past year, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting. Fresh-faced Bryce Chandler Hill, 21, has been bragging about dating 54-year-old Joe on/off for around a year and has recounted torrid details of their alleged trysts to various friends around West Hollywood.

A source close to the situation tells Radar exclusively that Bryce met Joe Simpson through a mutual friend, who is very close to Joe’s daughters, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. And the close pal says they believe that Bryce has been taking Joe for a ride and is using him just to get famous.

“Joe Simpson being outed by the National Enquirer was no surprise to the gay community in Hollywood, Bryce has been bragging about hooking up with Joe for a while now,” a source close to Hill revealed.

“Bryce is close to TJ Espinoza, who in turn is good friends with both Jessica and Ashlee and worked for Britney Spears as a back-up dancer. TJ introduced Bryce to the Simpsons – and that’s how he met Joe. Bryce claims he’s been dating Joe for roughly a year and absolutely loves to boast about it because he loves being the center of attention. He’s also been quick to tell anyone that will listen that he’s using Joe to climb the showbiz ladder.

“Bryce is desperate to become famous, he’s done lots of modeling shoots and wants to become an actor. When he met Joe, he knew what a good job he had done in managing Jessica and Ashlee’s careers and wanted a piece of the pie himself. But the sad thing is, he mocks and laughs at Joe behind his back. He doesn’t care for him in the same way Joe does about him. Bryce has been boasting about this for months, but no one believed him at first,” the source divulged.

[From Radar]

Don’t you feel kind of sad? Doesn’t Papa Joe seem kind of sympathetic all of a sudden? Yes, he’s been living a lie for years, and yes, his family is probably devastated and confused. But Joe was taken in by some young hustler, a user and an unsavory character. Of course, we don’t know that all of this is true. But it feels true. It feels… ugh. For the record, Bryce has denied it on his Twitter, but ONTD also got some screepshots of Joe Simpson tweeting him too. So… there are no winners here.

Also, I purposefully tried to avoid using the words “rent boy” and “twink” because I’m not sure that I, a heterosexual woman, am allowed to use those words in casual conversation. Am I allowed? Discuss. I’m also including some photos of Bryce (I think?) below. He looks very, very young. UGH.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Google Images.

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  1. Lukie says:

    Don’t feel bad about calling a twink a twink.
    I think it is a term we are allowed to use.
    I have used it for years and no gay man has yelled at me for it.
    I’d hold off on the rent boy though.

  2. Mimi L. says:

    I just can’t with this story. My condolences to the family for their transition, but I for one am praying for the day when one’s sexuality does not dictate the man or woman. Rock it out, Papa Simpson, rock it out.

  3. Kyle says:

    It is such a cliche. Old preacher man and twink.

    • Flora Kitty says:

      Joe Simpson is also a Republican, which makes it an even bigger cliche.

      • TG says:

        I was just thinking that. I love it when these supposed family values folks get caught being big fat hypoctrites. Why would anyone join a party that is prejudice against them and them shove that prejudice down everyone else’s throat. I think these guys go on about rape because they don’t think it will happen to their daughter’s and wives. I know people who went to private school and they said the conservative parents were the biggest fakes if their daughter got pregnant the would “take care of it” and not let the father know.

  4. dooliloo says:

    Damn that boy could easily pass as the Jessica and Ashley younger brother O_O

    • judyjudy says:

      That’s what I thought, too. Gay or straight, Papa Joe is creepy.

    • shaniqua nunyadambidness says:

      Totally! I actually thought there was a pretty significant similarity to Miley Cyrus…what with the hairstyle and all. Yick.

  5. Annie says:

    Gosh, I would be so angry and mortified. This kid is basically his rentboy (yes, you CAN use that word; it is what it is. Twink too. They’re not gay slurs. Twink is like a category of gay guys). Anyway, it’s absolutely disgusting. Joe is using him for sex, the kid is using Joe for connections and money. Have some freaking shame, both of you. If I was Jessica I would threaten to dump him as a manager if he didn’t lose the little shithead STAT. If you’re going to come out of the closet and dump and humiliate my mother at least have the dignity to not do it for a rentboy.
    I swear to God, it’s gay Doug and Courtney. Men with much younger partners are gross opportunists.

    They deleted the tweets, but they had been flirting back and forth on Twitter for months. The kid is a total materialistic, superficial brat and it looks like he treats Joe like crap.

    I feel bad that Joe came out at almost 60, but come on. Don’t be disgusting about it, Joe. Find a true partner while you still can. Don’t waste your last viril years on a freaking prostitute.

    • Pamspam says:

      Well-said, Annie. And my thoughts exactly. As much as I can sympathize with the wife who, we assume, was in the dark, I think it’s so sad that he felt he had to live a lie all these years. But THAT kid? Really, Joe? C’mon. I want everyone to get their happy ending (no pun intended), but wish he would have chosen a more age appropriate partner.

      • Annie says:

        I feel bad that he had to hide his true self all his life and now that he’s nearing 60 he finally felt free to come out. It is sad. Coming from the deep south and being super religious must’ve made things worse.

        But he should have some respect for himself and his family. He doesn’t have to be such a pervert. People would respect him more if he just quietly started dating men his age. You don’t drop a bombshell like this and immediately start acting out because of a midlife crisis. One issue at a time.

        This is why I can’t stand ultra conservative religious nutjobs. They are all overcompensating for the skeletons in their closet.

    • Lushus L. says:

      54 is not almost 60. Is 24 almost 30? Is 34 almost 40? Haha-I don’t think so. Anyways, this toyboy or whatever he is looks creepy–like Luka Magnotta creepy!

  6. mln76 says:

    Rent boy is also non defamatory-it refers to a website and his photos totally belong there.

    I totally feel bad for Joe (as well as everyone else in the Simpson family). Coming from such a homophobic time I’m sure he tried his best to pray the gay away and be a family man.
    As homophobic as the Baptist church in the deep south is today it was much worse then. Let’s remember in the 70s the American Psychiatric community still considered homosexuality a curable disease.
    I think he’s attracted to this kid because on some level that is where his maturity is stunted after so many years in the closet.

    • ol cranky says:

      I always thought a rent boy was a male prostitute

    • Kim says:

      Rent boy is a whore.If this 21 y.o. is a whore than a twentysomething female who dates a rich man in his fourties or fifties is a whore if she is dating him because he is rich or powerful.For that matter any person who dates or sleeps with a man simply because he is rich is a prostitute/whore

  7. Lauren says:

    I feel so bad for his family. It must be so hard for them to come to terms with him being gay. I also feel a little bad for Joe as well. I’m glad that he finally had the courage to come out but I would hope that he would have more class than to be dating this boy. Has anyone seen the new pictures of Joe though? I couldn’t help but laugh at his new makeover.

    • Annie says:

      He’s so ridiculous. Total cliche. I’d go to an expensive Manhattan salon and get a new classy, sophisticated makeover and a new wardrobe. Find a true partner and not waste my precious time and money on a hooker.

      People want to look young and look like kids again when they hit a certain age and what is actually hot is to look like a sexy, sophisticated, confident man or woman. Why would you want to be a kid again?

      My friend turned 30 and she’s all “Oh, well at least I still look 15! Teehee!” I was all, first, no you don’t. With your chain smoking and heavy drinking and partying you definitely don’t look 15. And why would you want to look like a teen if you’re a grown ass woman? Don’t infantilize yourself. Dress your age.

  8. beas. says:

    I don’t feel particularly sorry for him. I do feel bad that he felt the need to hide his sexuality for years. Must be a tough way to live. But I don’t feel sorry for him that he carried on a year long affair with some sketchy opportunist 30yrs his junior.

  9. lisa2 says:

    I saw a recent pic of Joe and he has some retro haircut.. and it looks well interesting. Maybe it was for Halloween

    • I.want.shoes says:

      “Interesting” is a very nice way of putting it. His hair and attire both screamed “I want a do-over on my life and live openly as a gay man”.

  10. Izzy4ya says:

    I don’t feel bad for Joe…especially now that we know his type. Any old, married hetero man e-flirting (and probably banging) someone 2 days out of puberty would get the same eye roll from me. Maybe I would feel different if his lover was older and more mature but this seems like a predator and his willing, opportunistic, and obnoxious prey

    • tru tru says:

      I totally agree!

    • t says:

      I agree with you too. And this seems like a public spat…like the older predator is trying to smear the willing, opportunistic, obnoxious prey in the tabloids for leaking Joe’s secret.

      I wonder if the prey leaked the secret because he realized Joe isn’t really as connected in Hollywood as he portrayed himself.

    • fabgrrl says:

      I doubt he could have gotten an age appropriate partner. I’d imagine that most gay men in their 40s and 50s have more class and dignity than to be a side piece for some man who is cheating on his wife and lying to his family.

  11. Mia says:

    I actually feel more kindly towards Joe if this is true. It must have been hard for him all these years to lie to everyone, especially himself. And he likely struggled with accepting it as himself as first, given his background. While I don’t agree he should be “forced out” by a tabloid, I think he should keep his head high, apologize to his loved ones for lying but not apologize for who he now knows he is.

  12. Mia says:

    Side note: the boys’ “real eyes real lies” necklace?? Wth? I haven’t had a necklace with plated words like that since I was in grade 8. Lol

    • Chellez says:

      What makes it especially stupid is that it’s a mistake of the actual quote, which is “realize real lies.” Appropriate, non? (Edit: his necklace says it correctly, but still stupid and creepily appropriate lol)

      OT This entire story is disgusting. Joe lies to his family for decades and most feel sorry for him?? I didn’t know lying for being a coward was something to congratulate a man over once he has the guts to quit hiding. A lie is a lie. He made a family based on that lie. If he were straight and this were an affair w a woman, the reaction would be the complete opposite. No double-standard: he should have left when he couldn’t control himself from having an affair. Divorce first THEN do what u want!

  13. Po says:

    You don’t have to stay married to someone you don’t want to be married to but to preserve the dignity of the person who’s been by your side for over 30 years, cant you refrain from bringing in 3rd parties until the divorce is final? Im sorry but I don’t think this is Papa Joe’s first boyfriend. It never is in these situations. Joe didn’t seem creepy all of this time because he’s gay, it’s because he’s probably an extremely creepy guy who just happens to be gay.

    • t says:

      I agree with you. Joe could be an extremely creepy guy who happens to be gay and I think the angle of this story proves it.

      It reads like the source is Joe himself doing damage control, trying to spin it in his favor by throwing his prey, a kid barely out of puberty (as Izzy4 said)under the bus…”poor Joe being played by the “twink” who admires Joe’s management skills” and wants to take advantage of them.”

      Because if this kid really wants to be an actor, Joe’s not the one to help him unless he wants a straight to dvd production like “Major Movie Star”.

      Maybe if the kid gains 100 pounds, Joe can introduce him to somebody at Weight Watchers.

      • aims says:

        I agree. Ones sexuality aside, as respect to the other party. Wait until the papers are signed before hooking up with someone. I think that is the decent thing to do, and in this case the right thing to do.

        They’ve had a long marriage, with kids and grandkids involved. They will always be connected. I am sympathetic to him, and I am a huge supporter of gay rights. But as a kindness to his family he needs to at least not be so insensitive about his friendships. And I would also say this about a hetorsexual.

        This is a divorce situation. And anytime a family falls apart it is painful. No matter how it ends or why.

      • Kimbob says:

        You’re TOO FUNNY! The gaining 100 lbs & Joe maybe introducing him to someone at WW’s….LOL!

  14. Azurea says:

    That kid has a serious case of douche face.He really does look he would behave as described.

  15. LucyOriginal says:

    He really didn’t like Nick Lashey when he started dating Jessica. Hmmm, did he have a crush on Nick?

    As I said before, I am glad for him. But, I feel really sad for his wife. But then again, I don’t know if she knew this for a while either.

  16. Shitler says:

    This is digusting. This “twink” is bad news.

  17. Maritza says:

    Jessica’s mom should give Fran Descher a call so she can learn how to deal with this issue.

    • Jayna says:

      Fran left her husband and broke his heart. He never cheated on her and loved her. She said their sex life was great. She just outgrew their relationship and felt controlled. A year or two later he came out as gay. It may have been a shock but she had ong since moved on from him. I think for him Fran was the one woman he was crazy about. I think they became friends again after her cancer. Before that he had anger towards her for leaving him. So different from Jessica’s mother being cheated on and finding out within the marriage.

      • Kim says:

        We don’t know how long his wife has known.He could have told her about his homosexuality before they were. married. My neighbor across the street husband came out last year to us.She confided to me that he told her before they got married
        .Her parents and their pastor arranged for him to get treatment for his disease. Treatment and prayer can cure it ,she was told
        .Granted this happened in 1971 but it’s still happening. Ask Michelle Bachman’s husband his clinic cures Gays.

      • mln76 says:

        @Kim thanks for sharing-people are judging with a lens of our current environment not educated on what cultural beliefs were in the 70s….Mrs Simpson very well may have known about Joe’s homosexuality and believed she could change him…I’m not saying she’s not in pain but the real villain is the homophobic culture of the times.

  18. Tilly says:

    I feel horrible for his wife. He wasted the best years of HER life through his own selfishness. Even if he didn’t feel able to come out, he must have known that he did not feel towards her the way he should. He robbed her of the opportunity to have an authentic relationship with another man. He makes me sick.

    • dlw says:

      I too feel sorry for his wife. Not only has she lived with a lie all these years, but he has also placed her health at risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The number of women in this country who are HIV infected is increasing and in a number of cases,they became infected because their husbands/partners were living a hidden life.

    • MJsinAustin says:

      ^^THIS^^ +1000

    • mst says:

      I agree. He is a creep and so is his boytoy.

  19. Jayna says:

    He had a year-long affair on his wife. He did it with a little party boy. It looks like they only split because the party boy leaked it. Being gay and having to hide it, I have compassion for those men. But cheating on your wife and driving around in Hollywood with your fancy cars and lavish lifestyle with power enough for a 54-year-old to get a young thing and cheat doesn’t make me have much sympathy. Nothing in common with my friend who struggled and finally came out with dignity.

    • Seagulls says:

      So true. I do feel bad that Mrs. Simpson was robbed of the last thirty years of a truly loving relationship (call me crazy, I think both partners are entitled to be sexually wanted by their partners), and then to come out in such a vile manner, having had a young thing on the side for a year? Terrible. I’ve known at least two couples in which the spouse came to the conclusion that she was gay, ended it, and then began dating. I don’t think it’s less of a shock, but it’s sure more respectful of the spouse.

    • ohiogirl says:

      Right. I have no problem with him being gay, dating whoever he wants now that he’s divorced, etc. But to cheat on your wife who has stood by your side for over 30 years, probably wondering all along why their intimacy or lack thereof made her feel undesired? No! And I really hope he has apologized to her for misleading her all these years or admitting that he had been struggling but didn’t know what to do with his feelings. I hope he didn’t just toss her away like yesterday’s garbage once he figured it out.

  20. yoyo says:

    Like others have said he is such a cliche, down to the super queeny makeover. Seriously, there are photos of him out and about looking like a chicken with anew “hip” yellow hairdo which is totally inappropriate for a 60 year old gay OR straight, the worst sweater ever, same color as the hair AND sneakers that are the same color as the sweater and hair; Just tragic. I understand that after years in the closet he feels he needs to make a statement but for the love of God if you don’t know how to dress get a stylist! you can afford it! And that kid looks gross and yes absolute rent boy material. Hope this is just a phase (accelerated ‘gay puberty’ ie I am gay hear me roar -lol) and that he actually finds someone age appropriate who won’t exploit him. Then again, maybe that’s not what he wants… who knows

  21. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    LOL @ aspiring model.

  22. Grace says:

    Disturbing. If you fixed his eyebrows, put in light brown contacts, and a long blond wig he’d look just like Jessica.

    • Seagulls says:

      I thought the same thing. Very, very creepers for your new, practically-underaged boyfriend to look like your daughters. Just yuck.

  23. bluhare says:

    I always use the “denial” method of ascertaining gossip veracity. And no one in the Simpson camp is denying anything, so it’s probably true.

  24. Lulu says:

    What does any of this have to do with his being a Republican? Lord, have we become a divided nation. Joe is a grown man with responsibilities and a lovely family and he chose to jeapordise it all by having an affair. Period.

    • mln76 says:

      Republicans have been consistently anti-gay (as have the Baptist church) so yes It’s doubly interesting when those who espouse homophobic rhetoric turn out to be gay themselves. I also find it sad when Republicans can’t take responsiblity for the hateful,bigoted language their leaders use routinely when refering to minorities, the LGBT community and women the hate speech has consequences.

  25. midnightmoon says:

    the beiber hair on the kid makes me cringe-so glad it’s not a lasting style. the one w/the rooster cowlick drove me nuts.

    there should be a planet where all douchenozzles go. joe simpson cld be king.

  26. Talie says:

    He’ll run through his boytoys and blow some money and then, hopefully, he’ll settle on something real. I do feel for Tina though, but I’m sure the marriage has been over longer than we know. I just hope she has had her own lover to keep satisfied.

  27. Boxy Lady says:

    Modeling for what?!
    Ugh. No.

  28. Elly says:


  29. Moana says:

    Kid looks like Ashlee. Papa Joe is a creep in all worlds.

  30. Fabgrrl says:

    Total twink

  31. Lake Mom says:

    Someone is actually bragging about hooking up with Joe Simpson????

  32. Tuxedo Cat says:

    Cute 21 yr old anythings are easy to fall in love with.

    It sort of bugs me when people like Joe Simpson have a short dalliance and proclaim themselves to be ‘gay’.

    Being Gay is living year after year, through the ups and downs of life. It’s not a choice. (Though many will disagree).

    This boy is far too young, and Joe is just using him.

    The only good thing I see coming out of this is that Joe Simpson looks great instead of looking like another golf pro. At least some style has rubbed off in the short time he’s been hanging in the gay community…..

    • ohiogirl says:

      So do you think people who have short dalliances are bisexual then? I can see what you mean about how it would be easy to fall in love with anyone who is young & adorable, but I think people must have an attraction to that gender.

  33. ctkat1 says:

    There are no winners here- if the reports are true and his wife and daughters had no idea, then this must be pretty devastating for them. There’s an extra layer of embarrassing for his wife if he’s really going after young guys like the one above (rather than an age appropriate partner), because that’s sad.
    And it’s horrible for Papa Joe, who felt that being the true version of himself was so wrong that he spent 30+ years living a lie.

  34. Nubby says:

    I swear he moonlights as the lead singer for Rascal Flatts…

  35. Nubby says:

    I swear he moonlights as the lead singer for Rascal Flatts

  36. ezra says:

    He is so typical of so many closeted gay men who can’t accept their sexuality and turn to Christian fundamentalism to get on the “straight” path. However, this is a sham because you can’t deny your true nature. Sadly, there are many like him who live a lie for most of their lives, at least he finally found the courage-some never do.

    • ohiogirl says:

      I hope he does not lose his faith just because he is gay. Maybe after he figures some things out he could actually be a good role model for gay Christians…demonstrating that you don’t have to hide yourself in a heterosexual marriage if you want to live a Christian life. More and more churches are accepting of gay couples.

  37. lisa2 says:

    I don’t get why people are or feel they have to be so careful about the words used. I look in the Jlo thread and no one has a problem calling her boyfriend a boytoy or whatever.

    I think good for Joe for coming out if he is coming out. And make a good choice about who you hook up with. This guy looks like a loser.

  38. Kath says:

    I don’t know why I so shocked at this whole thing… (and, with no denials being issued through the press, I guess we can conclude that Papa Joe is in fact gay).

    Perhaps it was the whole ‘purity ring’ thing and getting your daughter to vouchsafe her virginity to you (ick)… but Joe Simpson always reminded me of one of those dime-a-dozen ultra-religious patriarchal Texans. I never saw this coming.. and I’m sure his family didn’t either.

    I’m a big supporter of gay rights, but it blows me away that you could be so un-self aware that you could live your life for 54 years one way and then seemingly become a completely different person.

    It would’ve been nice to have given the wife a heads up before wasting 30 years of her life…

    But it makes you wonder what role religion plays in all of this. Of course, societal and family pressure plays a part, but religion takes denial to a whole new level!

    • Roxy says:

      I dunno about that. If you ever saw that pic of him in that bright pink shirt and navy blue velvet blazer and ripped jeans, tha gay definitley comes out, even tho Tina, Jess, Nick & Ashley are also in the pic. He was sending signals even then, IMO. But still, he was pretty good at hiding it, but so are sooo many. I am sure this was NOT his 1st gay affair either.

  39. Melissa says:

    I can’t with this kid’s eyebrows – just awful!