Clint Eastwood & wife Dina are living apart and on the verge of a split: predictable?

When Dina Ruiz-Eastwood (I swear I accidentally wrote “Dina Lohan” at first) announced her plan to star on a reality show on E!, everyone assumed that it would drive a wedge in her marriage with Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood. People speculated, even before that ridiculous show premiered, that Dina and Clint would succumb to the reality show curse and split up as a result. It looks like all those predictions are coming true. We’ve heard that Clint wasn’t on board with his wife’s reality show, but even now that it’s been cancelled, according to the Enquirer, he’s living apart from her and their adult kids. What’s more is that the chair-yelling curmudgeon hasn’t been wearing his wedding ring, (he didn’t wear it during the RNC) and he hasn’t been spotted with his wife for over a year. If these two do take the next step and get a divorce, it’s thought that Clint has a pretty ironclad prenup to protect his assets. Maybe they were already on the rocks and that’s why Dina hatched this reality show plan – to carve some sort of career for herself as a backup plan. Here’s some of the report, with more in the print edition of this week’s Enquirer:

Clint Eastwood is secretly living apart from his much-younger wife Dina Ruiz, The Enquirer has learned exclusively.

The new living arrangements come after the 82 year-old Oscar winner and his wife of 16 years have been arguing over her reality TV show, sources say – and any potential breakup could ignite a battle over his $375 million fortune.

“I think trouble has been brewing between Clint and Dina for some time, but her TV show was definitely the icing on the cake,” said a source in Carmel, Calif., where the couple shared a sprawling home.

And a close family source told The Enquirer: “Everyone involved with Dina’s show was well aware that she and Clint appear to be having problems. It was common knowledge they were no longer always living together.

“I think she may have faked that they always lived together for the sake of the show..”

“I think Clint was deeply embarrassed that Dina was dragging his private life into a sleazy reality TV show, and they started fighting over it…”

The two haven’t been photographed together since November 2011, and on Sept. 22, sources spotted Clint with a mystery woman at the Monterey Jazz Festival, where he’d gone to watch his son Kyle play bass with his band.

Eastwood didn’t wear his wedding ring in several recent public appearances..

The Enquirer has also learned that E! has cancelled “Mrs. Eastwood and Company,” and the network will be filming a pilot for a spinoff starring Francesca and her boyfriend. Neither Dina nor Eastwood would be involved

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, November 12, 2012]

Well it’s not surprising at all. I bet Clint values his privacy so much that he’ll delay filing for divorce as long as possible. As for that story that he was spotted with a “mystery woman” at the Monterey Jazz festival, it sounds weak or The Enquirer would have pushed the “Clint has a jumpoff” angle. I see him more as a loner just doing his thing and bitching at the air/inanimate objects, but maybe I’m confusing him with the characters he plays on tv.

That’s interesting that Francesca and Tyler Shields are getting a spinoff while her mom’s show has been cancelled. I wonder how Dina feels about her daughter Clint’s daughter stealing the spotlight somewhat? That’s got to sting, but that’s show business.

The last time Dina and Clint were photographed together, on 11-5-11. Her dress is awful!

It’s hard to see in this photo from 9-19-12, but he wasn’t wearing his ring. He often puts his left hand in his pocket when he’s on the red carpet.

With his ring, on 11-3-11.

On 9-2-11.

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  1. Aiobhan says:

    I guess he can still talk to the chair. The chair may be foul mouthed and surly but at least the chair was not trying to use Clint’s fame to jump start a crappy boy band.

  2. Cherry says:

    Apart from anything, isn´t there a massive age difference between these two? Anyone knows how old the wife is? She looks young enough to be his granddaughter.

    • jani says:

      Wiki says that he’s 82 and she’s 47. That would certainly be a problem for me. He’s also been known as a cheap, cheating, generally nasty piece of work to women for almost half a century. I’m guessing that he has an iron clad pre-nup that leaves her as little as possible. Perhaps that’s why she went for a reality show when the marriage started getting really bad.

  3. tracking says:

    The man has seven children by five different women. Though I guess, at his age, that averages out to about one per decade. NEXT!

    • lori says:

      He has a horrible reputation as a womanizer. Several of his illegitament children he did not acknowlegde until they were adult, 2 of which were born while he was still married to his first wife. There were alligations that he was abusive to one of his long time live in girlfriends and “forced” her into 2 abortions.

      • sam says:

        So he’s a womanizer, big deal. He’s close to all his kids and he’s on friendly terms with their mothers. That says a whole lot more about him than one bitter ex-girlfriend.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    Up next? Dina Eastwood on RHWOBH!

  5. kpist says:

    Clint is still awesome.

    • spinner says:

      Yes he is. A very talented & intelligent man. Love him.

    • Lulu says:


      I don’t know why (well, maybe I do) some people like to pretend the only thing he did at the convention was ‘yell at an empty chair’. He also made some extremely cogent points.

      My generation grew up on Clint Eastwood like the generation before mine grew up on John Wayne. They are a part of the fabric of America to me, warts and all.

  6. T.C. says:

    Predictable. Going on a reality show is the fastest way to end up divorced. Can’t believe she ever thought this was a good idea. LMAO.

    • brin says:

      Yep, the reality show curse strikes again.

    • Chatcat says:

      That could be, but getting married in Hollywood in the first place is a 99% guarantee that you will be a divorce statistic…the reality show curse makes it 100%!

    • j.eyre says:

      Yeah, I don’t think it’s a curse – I think allowing a reality show into your home is just a really bad idea.

      • French says:

        +1, I can’t understand why people do that : fame, money, even with some millions I would never accept to expose my family and I, too dangerous

  7. bea says:

    Never really saw how that would work. Never saw the “reality” show.

    In the top pic he looks like someone dressed as a Zombie for Halloween and she looks like a Zombie tore her dress half off. Thank you.

    • alc says:

      And don’t you think their body language says it all. He looks like he’s got one foot out the door already. I think that green dress is a bridesmaids’ dress from the 80′s. She probably thought it was vintage. That’s just her husband.

      • Victoria says:

        Yep the body language is awkward! That show was awful, (I only watched it for South African hot men research, lies I tell myself) she has screws loose. I blame her for making Clint crazy. Her daughters are future train wrecks in waiting.

      • Suzanne says:

        I was shocked to see what an unimpressive dive he lived in…and how rough it looked even from the outside…with animals in every nook..all just grungy looking. She came off to me as a total squirrel. That dress she has on in that pic appears to have been a gown…she cut off. Look at the hemline…or am I missing a new fashion out there in Hollywood..shredded, fraying hems?

      • Lauren says:

        Dina has a large bruise on her right arm in the green Clint is gonna have another divorce in his 80`s?? The love is Gone..if i was married to an Icon there is no way in hell i would have a reality show. Dina is a famewhoring idiot. Dina has cheapened all of Clint’s career accomplishments, and i don’t care if he is a womanizer…hobos are womanizers too. Dina married him for his $$$$. Bye-bye

  8. aims says:

    He’s so talented. I love bridges of Madison county. I never watched the show, not my thing. And she always strikes as a person who loves attention, while he’s more shy. Do we know the age difference between these two?

    • Eleonor says:

      The bridges of Madison…I cried all my tears watching that movie.

      • muffin says:

        i cried all my tears reading the book.

      • Eleonor says:

        Muffin: when I saw the movie I didn’t know the script was based on a book, I know I should find (somewhere) the strenght to read it,because I will end up crying like a baby for days. I have to get in the right mood to deal with it. I haven’t in years. But I will totally do it.

  9. dorothy says:

    I hate that. I really liked her. She was kind of a nut, but in a fun way. Here’s hoping all of this is just another one of Enquirers “blown out of proportion” stories.

    • Raven says:

      I agree. I thought they did well together, but this reality show was an off-the-wall thing to do. She’s normally very respectful of him and conservative in an old-fashioned way. I’m glad the show was cancelled. Maybe they can work things out. I think he’s better with her than without her, as indicated by some of his crazy behavior lately.

  10. mytbean says:

    woah that green dress is reaching epic levels of nasty. It looks like she made a split decision in the limo to show off her *tan* and was like “Yo, Clint, lend me your pocket knife!”


    • emmie_a says:

      I’d split with her just because of that horrible green dress. All sorts of bad stuff going on there.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        What is going on with the top part? Is that an ace bandage wrapped around her chest? The dress is tragic, but I do like the color.

      • Chatcat says:

        Ladies I was thinking the same thing. The dress color is lovely…the rest is a complete disaster! The entire dress looks like an unironed tablecloth, that neck area is beyond problematic and truly, it is an ugly necklace. Other then the shoes, it is in my top 5 most hideous trying-to-look-red-carpet-hot-but-failed-miserably!

      • MaiGirl says:

        Seriously! It’s probably the ugliest dress I have ever seen on a pseudo-celebrity. It isn’t even so-bad-it’s-good. I guess it makes sense, thought. She has a taste for saggy, baggy, wrinkled men, so why wouldn’t she like the same in dress form? Clint Eastwood is a gross old womanizing curmudgeon is what I’m saying :)

      • deehunny says:


        When I saw it too I was like this is literally the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen. Ever. The busted hem, the top bandage thing, a baggy one-sleeved mess. Just busted. Wow.

    • Suzanne says:

      “Yo, Clint, lend me your pocket knife.”
      That is hillarious! I laughed outloud!
      It does make you wonder what the hell happened to that hemline. She is so NOT red carpet material. Where in hell did he run across her? I was shocked to read other posts saying he has seven kids by five different women..and has been a cheating SOB for years. MY CLINT? I’ve loved this man for ages!
      This did not “make my day”…

  11. trillian says:

    Well if anything I see an enormous age gap. She is 47 (?) and he is a very old man.

    • Anon says:

      Agreed. She tries so hard to convince she’s someone, name-drops big names with snark like they are the little people and she’s all that. Rude and a big fail, Dina.

    • Me Too says:

      Think it’s funny when these guys marry “girls” who supposedly love them and the surprise…it turns out it was because they liked their money and fame. Go figure!

      Watched Rock Center last nite and the had the weirdest segment with Alec Baldwin and his daughter…oops…wife. Based on that wasted few minutes, I don’t even give them the 16 years the Eastwoods made it. Hope he has as ironclad prenup as Clint.

      • it'sjustblanche says:

        Totally agree. These “ladies” stick around as long as they can and then cut and run. Men are so arrogant to think some one 10 or more years younger than they are actually want them for themselves. Yes, it happens, but it’s not the norm.

  12. Erinn says:

    I watched the reality show once. She had the maturity level of his 20 something year old daughter. Probably got annoying. Maybe he should go and find a nice woman within 10 years of his age this time.

  13. Reece says:

    Wasn’t the whole point to jump off Francesca’s “career”? There you go.

    • Liza Jane says:

      Francesca is not Dina’s daughter,she is Clint’s daughter by Frances Fisher who he never married! Doubt Dina’s show was used to promote Francesca! As a fairly private man,I am not surprised that he found this awful TV show an abomination and realized that he and Dina had different ideals! That said, he has had a Che queried history with women and let’s face it,he is not a ‘Till death do us part’kind of guy! He is a doddery old fellow now and needs to hunker down and stop chasing younger women or else he will ruin the reputation of his fairly stellar career!

  14. savedbykittylitter says:

    No surprises here

  15. Merritt says:

    Given his relationship history, I have doubts that he is a good person to be with.

  16. tru tru says:

    I did not see their reality show but I’ve heard she is fame hungry and I know Clint is nearing senility.

    not surprised

  17. lori says:

    Dina seems BIPOLAR to me!!!

  18. JudyK says:

    Couldn’t stand Dina on her “reality” show…Dina and her boy band. I think she’s nuts.

  19. Katie Too says:

    He’s still pretty sexy absent the chair thing.

  20. Flor says:

    Not gonna lie, I really enjoyed the relity. Hopefully, this story is not true, they have a beautiful young daughter together.

  21. bagladey says:

    A reality show for her and her daughters was obviously worth more to her than her marriage.

  22. Jayna says:

    She’s nice but ditzy. I don’t put him with her at all. The reality show was harmless but embarrassingly cheesy for the wife of an A list director.

    She’s not really polished or materialistic looking at their furnishings in their home. She’s nice and I don’t think they will fight over money. She’s been with him a long time and will come out fine financially since she took off all those years to raise his kids.

  23. Izzy says:

    Thank goodness the show has been cancelled. I tried watching an episode once. About five minutes in, I switched to a rerun of NCIS. Since then, I have wondered why in the name of anything would Clint Eastwood ever agree to that show. It’s not like he needs the public exposure.

    • Raven says:

      He didn’t agree. That’s why he was never there. Oh, I think he agreed to one walk through, but he was never on.

  24. Mauibound says:

    Isn’t Franchesca his daughter with Frances Fisher?

  25. Korel says:

    She seems nice but her and family seem like name droppers. She seemed to love telling everyone she was Mrs. Clint Eastwood, but overall she seems harmless. Hopefully everything works out for them.

  26. Muprhy says:

    I don’t like Dina, but I think he should stay with him so he can care for him in his advancing years. Even though she is nuts, I think she and that housekeeper of theirs would be willing to do it.

  27. carrie says:

    finally he’s not senile!
    i just saw 10 min of her real tv show last week for the first time and i was embarassed for him
    sad for their pretty daughter and Francesca (she’s pretty and seems to love her sister)

    • Raven says:

      Don’t be sad for little Francesca. There’s the real famewh*ore. Now she’s got her own little reality show. If she ended up like Lohan, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

  28. vvy says:

    Isn’t this like his 85th marriage or something? He picked her.

    • KAI says:

      Actually it is only his second marriage. He was married for a very long time to Maggie Johnson and then in a long term relationship with the actress Sondra Locke whom he never married. Sondra Locke is legally married to someone else, however, so that may be part of the reason why.

  29. lucy2 says:

    That makes sense – I was trying to figure out why he went along with all that, but if they were splitting up, he didn’t have a say.
    I have a lot of respect for him as a filmmaker and actor, but his personal life has been quite messy.

  30. Cazzie says:

    Even with an ‘iron-clad prenup’ I’m guessing that Dina will walk with a five million dollar settlement. If she gets the house as well and Clint covers all of the kid’s expenses and education, that’s enough to cover her needs for the next forty years.

    If Dina has expensive tastes, though, she’s going to have to marry again.

  31. Barbara says:

    She has a career she can fall back on. She was a local anchor on the news here when they met. (Monterey)

    • Elizabeth says:

      There’s nothing wrong with honest work but after being a Hollywood big-wig’s wife and having a reality show (however briefly), I don’t think she would want to go back to being a news anchor in tiny Monterrey,CA.

  32. Bread and Circuses says:

    He’s 82. He doesn’t need a jump-off, and he probably doesn’t care about getting one.

    It’s weird how the assumption is no one in Hollywood can be single and comfortable with staying that way.

    • Jayna says:

      You’re dreaming. Clint has never been without a longtim companion or girlfriend. And older men especially want a mate or companion. Older widowed men usually marry much quicker compared to widows. They don’t do well alone.

      I am sure Clint has probably had someone for a while since he’s never home.

  33. Tracy Marcosi says:

    Francesca is NOT their daughter…her mother is the actress Frances Fisher … better known as the mother of Rose in Titanic.
    Really surprised that CB didn’t catch that….

  34. VGirl says:

    Dina practically raised Francesca since she was two, and Francesca considers her as much her mom as Frances. I watched the show and liked it, Dina is real, she is not Hollywood fake. She grew up poor ended up in a world of excess, which she talked about on the show. The one time Clint was on the show it was crazy awkard. He meets them for dinner at a restaurant in Carmel. When he gets to the table Dina greets him all lovingly and the daughters barely acknowledge him or he them. The girls actually exchange a look like “Who is this guy?” it was weird. He clearly lives somewhere else and isn’t really apart of any of their lives.

  35. PinkG says:

    Why do married couples do reality TV? It always ends up in divorce.

  36. skuddles says:

    What in the name of frumpy green trashbag hell is she wearing???

  37. lena horne says:

    he is 82-i doubt he has much sex left in him

  38. mst says:

    Since women age in dog yrs in Hollywood,its time to trade her in for a younger model.

  39. Tiffany says:

    I know Eastwood’s been in game a long time, but is he worth 375 mil?

    • KAI says:

      Oh yes. I would have thought a lot more actually. Think about how long he has been a successful movie star, producer and director. He owns land and a hotel in California. He owns at least one golf course outright and part owns Pebble Beach Golf Course which is one of the most exclusive in the world.

  40. Genevieve says:

    I know he’s a crazy old Republican guy at this point, but I can’t help it, my dad loved him…so I do too. I didn’t like Dina’s reality show & I thought it made her look immature. It’s too bad they couldn’t make it work, but best to move on quickly if they are sure it’s over, I mean, the man isn’t getting any younger & neither is she.

  41. Genevieve says:

    Side note….my mom & dad had a 30 year age difference & they were married for about 30 years before he passed away. So it does work sometimes.

  42. itsa says:

    I was surprised when I saw the show, to see how small and rundown the Eastwood home was. It looked like something you’d see on Hoarders—-massive piles of crap, everywhere! And then the animals! She was bathing turtles, etc right in the kitchen sink. WTH?
    At the time, I was thinking that it made sense that Clint was always on the road if that’s what he had to put up with but now it does make sense that he was probably living in different digs the whole time. I just can’t imagine him putting up with all of her quirks. Don’t get me wrong, she seems like a nice lady but she’s a mess. That guy Francesca is dating, is also a huge mess and a LOSER.

  43. Lauren says:

    Everyone knows Clint’s past with women..but they did not resist him..did they? They are not victims. These women wanted to be with him..because he was-is a sexy-brilliant actor director. I watched A Fistful of Dollars (1964) last night with my hubby, and Clint was so incredibly talented & sexy. There is no one like Clint–he will have no problem replacing Dina.

  44. ezra says:

    She’s a gold digger and he’s a dirty old man.

  45. Bergerina says:

    He’s talented. He’s also 82. Dina may be crazy but she’s also almost half his age.
    Despite what “sam” thinks, Clint is also dysfunctional. How many kids with how many moms? that we know of? This is OK because … ?

  46. Really? says:

    Blame it on the dress!

    Anyway, we’re not stupid, nobody can keep up that kind of charade for that long now can they. 35 year age difference FFS!

    But, wait, nooooo, it was the dress that did it.