Kristen Bell is pregnant with Dax Shepard’s baby, surprising for them?

I’m honestly surprised to hear that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are expecting a baby. I know they’re a picture of supercute, mildly cloying, couplehood, what with that movie they did together this summer and all, but they don’t seem like the type to have a kid. They’ve been engaged for almost three years, and Kristen has offered varying explanations as to why they haven’t made it official yet (it’s too much stress, they’re waiting for same sex marriage to be legal) so I assumed they were happy with the way things were. Whatever the case, they’re having a baby! I’m really surprised and happy for them. Here’s more:

Life is imitating art for Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell.

The Parenthood actor and the House of Lies actress are expecting their first child in late spring, a close friend of the longtime couple tells PEOPLE.

“They’re so excited — they’re both ecstatic. They can’t wait to become parents,” the friend tells PEOPLE.

“Kristen had a little bit of morning sickness early on but she just started shooting the second season of House of Lies and is feeling great now.”

Bell, 32, and Shepard, 37, started dating in 2007 and have been engaged for nearly three years.

While promoting their film Hit and Run this summer, the couple said children were definitely in their future and would likely come before a wedding, since they don’t plan to marry until same-sex marriage is legal in their home state of California.

“We wouldn’t want to invite all of our friends who don’t have that right to celebrate us, who have that right. We just don’t feel right about that,” Shepard said on The View in July. Added Bell: “Can you think about how rude that would feel?”

Having kids before marriage, Bell told Larry King in August, “doesn’t really bother us.”

[From People]

Let’s see… if Kristen is due in late Spring, like May or so, that means she’s around three months along and that she got pregnant in August when they were on the press tour for Hit & Run. I like that they admitted they would have kids before marriage, and it sounds like they were trying back when they said that. Good for them!

As for how they’ll be as parents, they’re going to love that baby to pieces. Do you remember that viral video of Kristen freaking out on Ellen just at the memory of having a baby sloth visit her at her birthday party? She’s going to be flipping out once she realizes how amazing and adorable her own baby is. I have the feeling Dax is going to be the responsible one. Maybe they balance each other out that way.

Here’s Kristen on 10-10. She doesn’t look pregnant, but she was only a couple months along at this point:

photo credit: and FameFlynet

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53 Responses to “Kristen Bell is pregnant with Dax Shepard’s baby, surprising for them?”

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  1. little-red says:

    On thing I will say is, that baby is going to be super adorable

  2. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    His pants leave nothing to the imagination.

  3. claire says:

    Awwww…congrats to them! They’re such a cute couple.

  4. KelBear says:

    Love both of them! He is great on the show Parenthood(which is overall an amazing show).

  5. Relli says:

    Aw thats great! Congratulations all around! Who wouldn’t want Veronica Mars as mom!

  6. Black Pearl says:

    I’ve never seen Dax in anything but I’ve loved Kristen since Veronica Mars & everything she’s been in. I’m beyond thrilled for them cos I love them as a couple & want them to happy. That would be one CUTE baby

  7. katherine k says:

    I like her, but celebs who keep announcing they’re not getting married until same sex marriage is legal are starting to annoy me. I’m all for marriage equality, but they’re over estimating their importance if they think they’re going to influence public policy by staying single.

    • Meaghan says:

      It has nothing to do with them influencing a change, and everything to do with them not feeling okay with getting married while other people can’t. In the article it quotes them as saying they’d feel rude inviting friends who can’t get married to the wedding.

    • Apples says:

      I’m gonna respectfully disagree.

      It keeps this issue of massive ongoing inequality in the forefront of people’s minds. There are large groups of people paying more attention + $$$ to celebrity/gossip mags (ie People Mag.) than newspapers.

    • jaxxie says:

      ITA. I really, really liked Veronica Mars, but she’s starting to seriously bug me.

      It’s an attention whore move, I don’t care how good the cause is. Also, I don’t look to actors to tell me how to vote. Yeah, I know actors have held office, it’s still presumptuous of them to assume their private live really matters that much. I don’t believe the “we’re uncomfortable” reason for a second.

  8. Boo says:

    I like her, but he has always given me the skeeves for some reason. Maybe b/c I’ve only ever seen him in goofball, douchebaggy roles.

  9. Gine says:

    That should be a really cute kid.

  10. serena says:

    Or maybe it wasn’t a planned baby, who knows. I think they’ll make a beautiful funny baby anyway, congrats!

  11. Maritza says:

    I’m so happy for them! I’m sure their baby will be a beautiful blonde blue eyed baby just as adorable as they are.

  12. Mirella says:

    Aw, that’s wonderful news! Congrats to both if them!

  13. Jenna says:

    Yay! I love Kristen! Especially when she go visits Craig Ferguson. :D

  14. Mooncake says:

    Aww … Congrats to them! I love Dax’s character on Parenthood.

  15. Samigirl says:

    I love both of them, and think they balance each other out really well! Congrats to them! <3

  16. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Amazing, sweet couple. If you have not seen the Ellen/sloth video – it’s incredible and just shows how sweet and adorable they both are…and funny!! Going to be precious parents.

    side note- didnt realize she was 5 years his senior…thats kinda sexy for them I think.

    • autumndaze says:

      He is actually 5 years older than Kristen. Maybe still sexy for them since they’ve been together over 5 years now…

  17. JoeB says:

    Love them together – hope they make it.

  18. Chordy says:

    Please dear god let this family go trick or treating with the Denisofs next year!! I’ll make Kristen Bell’s reaction to the sloths look downright reasonable!

  19. pink giraffe says:

    I LOVED Veronica Mars (still do), and was a huge Kristen fan until I began reading about what a b*tch she is in real life; she apparently only cares about the fame and famous people and treats staff & crews like they’re nothing. Not cool V Mars! Plus the baby sloth thing, while cute, was so staged on her end. And the endless excuses for postponing the marriage are lame.

  20. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Awww, congrats!

    And KB looks better with a side parted hair style and darker hair colour.

  21. KC says:

    I’m apparently in the minority, but I find them both really annoying. I still wish them luck with the baby though.

    • Giselle says:

      I have to agree, I don’t care for either one of them but congrats to them anyway

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I’m “meh” with them. They both seem to play the same role in every movie (save her turn in Deadwood), and I’m neither “for” nor “against.”

      I think the argument of not getting married until everyone can has become a scapegoat, of sorts, amongst those who are content in their current situation and have no desire (other than to meet “societal obligation”) to change it.

      And before I’m bashed, I’m aware they said it would be “insensitive” to have guests to their wedding who couldn’t marry, but I know my true friends (guests) would be excited and happy for me that I was marrying my true love. (Marrying my heterosexual true love wouldn’t stop me from advocating for my same-sex friends marrying theirs!)

    • The Original Mia says:

      I dislike her immensely and he gives me the heebs, but I hope they have a healthy baby.

  22. WaywardGirl says:

    Now this is a couple that are totally into each other. Every interview they did for that movie Dax made had them all over each other. And he got her a sloth visit as well! Congrats to them. Love House of Lies.

  23. lrm says:

    i think that is so bizarre: not marry b/c it would be ‘rude’ to invite friends who can’t?
    that’s like saying you are not going to have a baby shower b/c maybe you have friends who can’t get pregnant?
    or not get pregnant b/c you have friends who cannot, even?
    or not travel b/c you have friends who cannot afford a trip…etc etc

    I do understand the sentiment; just find the logic a bit odd….

    Then again, perhaps breaking down the institution of marriage is anther way of going about civil rights….then it won’t matter at all, which is perhaps more liberating and equal than just getting everyone the right to marry….

  24. shabbo says:

    I’m not sure who that guy is (from UK) but he really looks like a cartoon dog.

  25. Suze says:

    They are a super cute cute cute couple. I bet they will be fun parents and have an adorable baby.Congrats!!!

  26. Lucy2 says:

    Congrats to them! I like them both.

  27. midnightmoon says:

    her dress in pic #1 is just soooo unflattering. who wears crap like that? she really doesn’t dress well. and if i behaved as she did regarding the sloth i would not share it publicly, let alone on a talk show.

    she was not really crying, btw. so f’ing weird. am just not buyin’ it, folks. either she is unstable or a drama queen, neither of which impresses me.

    it wasn’t funny, and being videotaped like that gave me the CREEPS. never even saw the SLOTH!

  28. Susan says:

    “I like money.”

    Good for them and congrats!

  29. MW says:

    The sloth birthday made me really look at her and like her.

  30. Silly says:

    She has the world’s worst speaking voice. And they really could pass for brother and sister.