Isla Fisher introduces us to the term “Vajacial” = a spa treatment for your biscuit

Isla Fisher covers the new issue of Women’s Health magazine – probably a holdover interview from when The Great Gatsby was supposed to be released during the holidays (it’s since been pushed back). My feelings towards Isla… well, I’m not one of her fan-girls, but I don’t actively dislike her or anything. She looks a lot like Amy Adams, and I think Amy is way more talented, but Isla seems like she carved out a nice little career for herself too. What I didn’t realize was that Isla is actually a pretty good interview. Usually, she barely speaks to the press about anything personal (she and Sacha Baron Cohen are notoriously private), but this interview is really good. Isla mentions a term that I’ve never heard before – “vajacials”. As in, facials for your vadge. We’ll discuss that below, and here are some highlights from the interview:

Isla on converting to Judaism before her 2010 marriage to Sacha Baron Cohen: ‘It takes a couple of years of studying. I’ve always been really into family and food, so culturally it was the right fit for me.’

Her early career: ‘After doing that [Wedding Crashers], I had 12 months where I was auditioning three times a day and I didn’t get a single job. That was a real low point. But with hindsight, those movies turned out to be awful, so I dodged a bullet. If I’d got any of them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I never had the chutzpah to just come to LA and make it. I didn’t have that confidence. I’m always surprised when I get a job. I never saw this in my horizon.’

On body image, weight and pregnancy: ‘I do watch my food. But I’ve been blessed in that I never had any body issues during pregnancy. I loved being able to eat whatever I wanted and the whole experience of giving life. And I never worried about losing the weight afterwards, because breastfeeding burns all the calories up so fast. Breastfeeding – that’s my big slimming secret! That and Spanx. Anytime anyone compliments me on my figure, I’m wearing my Spanx undies.’

Vajacials!!! ‘I’m not actually very good at the maintenance thing. I don’t buff, exfoliate, pluck, rinse, moisturise, suck, bleach…whatever all those women do. I don’t have vajacials. Have you heard of those? It’s like a spa for your vagina!’

Playing a cokehead in The Bachelorette: ‘I had to ask my friends, ‘What’s cocaine like?’ And they all thought I was on it already because I talk so much and am so hyperactive!’

Being an Aussie in LA: ‘We can all do the accent really easily. And we all look great in a bikini. Including Russell Crowe – no one pulls off a bikini like Russell. I am sort of friends with them all. I just did a movie with Hugh Jackman [Rise Of The Guardians], and I catch up with Naomi [Watts] whenever I’m in New York.’

On Johnny Depp: ‘He’s like a magical creature – incredibly funny, clever and nice. It’s sort of as if he’s come from another planet.’

[From The Mail]

This idea of a “vajacial” is so interesting. Obviously, it would not include exfoliating, right? Gross. But maybe a mud treatment for your biscuit? Some pampering? I’m intrigued. I wonder if my biscuit would like her own spa treatment. I’ve been thinking about getting her a vibrator, actually. She’s asked for one for Christmas. Maybe I’ll also get her a gift certificate for a vajacial! Shhh… don’t tell her.

Photos courtesy of Women’s Health.

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  1. Eleonor says:

    The only spa treatment my biscuit would love is the one which includes Ewan Mc Gregor taking care of her.
    If for whatever reason Ewan is not available, my biscuit will be fine with Alex Skarsgard.

  2. Jenna says:

    TMI on that gift of yours…T.M.I.

    And exfoliating? Really? Don’t know about that but, hey. Whatever floats your boat during you vajacial. 🙂

  3. Amea says:

    I don’t know, exfoliating sounds like it’d be good after a bit of landscaping down there…prevent the ingrown hairs. Mud on the other hand, I’ll have to pass on that.

    • Lem says:

      Scruff is amazing so exfoliating sounds good. But…in a spa? Hmmm no thanks, the overhead spotlight for nooks and crannies sounds unimaginably intimate

      • Steph says:

        Your nooks and crannies comment made me lol b/c it reminded me of what my 3 yr old daughter said last night.

        She was examining herself while I got out her nighttime diaper and said, “it’s cracked. Why am I cracked. I gotta show grandma.”

  4. ladybert62 says:

    Interesting interview but I get tired of women saying losing baby weight is so easy – just breastfeed the babies and you lose it. I have never had kids but I doubt that this is true.

    Her comment about Johnny Depp was funny!!

    • AmyB says:

      You dont lose weight from breast feeding. I gained about 25 lbs. with my daughter, lost the last 10 when I stopped breastfeeding. Literally in a week I was back in my old jeans. I hate when I see women bullshit about this. Your body holds on to nutrients while breastfeeding. And I feel sorry for some women in the media who are so scrutinized that they did not shed their baby weight so fast. It is a process. And should be treated accordingly.

      • yup, me says:

        It varies from woman to woman, but breastfeeding does help to contract the uterus and a lot of calories are redirected to the baby. Considering the fact that she’s had a couple children, it seems she knows her own body. I lost all of my baby weight and then some while nursing. And I didn’t regain my pre-pregnancy juiciness until I stopped.

      • Skipper says:

        Why do doctors tell women to quit breast feeding when they get too thin then?

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        Only anecdotal, but I lost tons of weight while breastfeeding, of course I had twins. If only I had stopped eating like I was breastfeeding two when I stopped breastfeeding!

      • me says:

        I lost a LOT of weight when I breastfed. It’s totally true. At least for me.

    • judyjudy says:

      I gained 50 lbs with both pregnancies . I lost all the weight in 3 months with the first and 5 months with the second. I totally credit breastfeeding because I was a mile machine and did not exercise beyond walking and some easy yoga.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      Breastfeeding does help you lose the majority of your weight. BUT, your body holds onto a 10lb or so reserve–just in case you get sick or something, your body has that nutrient backup. I gained 48-52lbs during each of my first 2 pregnancies, and lost all but about 8lbs 10wks post-partum. It wasn’t until my babies weaned at around 15mos old that the last 8lbs fell off.

      Now, what BFing WON’T help with is tightening up the tummy, perking the boobs back up, stretch marks, etc. Darnit.

      • Isa says:

        It does vary. I know it didnt help me. But my SIL is back to her prepregancy weight of under 95 lbs.

    • Anmelt says:

      Breastfeeding helped me too. I was back to normal within three to six months and I am sure it was from diverting the calories to the babies.

  5. Rita says:

    Vajacial? Facials for your vadge? Isn’t that just another name for oral sex with a really enthusiastic partner?

    • Minky says:

      Bahahaha!!! Well, it would seem THEY would be getting the vajacial! 🙂 Love it!

    • Lem says:

      I just told DH about this. He looked very serious for 30 seconds, then cocked his head and declared to be in the wrong business.
      “I’m great at giving facials to vajays- what a racket- that’s fancy spa prostitution, right there. How could you not get turned on? I’m putting certified vajacialist on my resume.”

  6. Echo says:

    Please post more Isla Fisher stories!!! I looooove and adore her! Amy Adams is great but Isla has way more personality!

    • HotPockets says:

      You would have to have a BIG personality to be married to Sacha Baron Cohen. I attempted to watch Bruno the other night on Netflix because I adore Borat, Ali G and The Dictator, but common Sacha..too much penis in that movie.

    • Liv says:

      Love her too! And I think she’s way more beautiful than Amy Adams.

      • Elle says:

        Eh, I think they are equally beautiful but Amy Adams doesn’t play the Hollywood game and she’s more talented.

        Isla Fisher is extremely cute but outside of Wedding Crashers she has been pretty terrible in every movie I’ve ever seen her in.

      • Liv says:

        Nooo! Did you see “Definitely, maybe”? Love the film. I even liked Ryan Reynolds in it, and he’s usually not watchable 😉

  7. Kaiser says:

    Mmm… Cumberjacial. And Fassjacial. At the same time.

  8. Happy21 says:

    I really like her. I think she’s adorable and have since Wedding Crashers.

  9. Lem says:

    Just spent way to much effort trying to pronounce vajacial.
    However, like vajazzle, it will make for fabulous ladies night fodder tomorrow. Until someone finds that one Google link, you know.

    • j.eyre says:

      Ha! Me too – saying it out loud and everything. Still not sure I am getting it right.

      Never heard of it before but, well, we all need a little attention, right?

  10. sorella says:

    I like her but can’t help feeling sorry for her with her marriage to the overly-private, ridiculous SBC. It’s like she’s a single Mom and he is rarely seen with her and the kids and he is such an odd guy, makes me think Isla must be odd too. I keep waiting to hear they split, because living like an undercover couple married to someone who takes his work everywhere must be hard.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      She’s probably odd too or something about her compliments his oddness. She wouldn’t have lasted that long if she weren’t.

      I have a friend who’s husband is entertaining on FB but way too odd to imagine living with. She is the sweetest loveliest woman ever (inside and out). Yet they have been together since college she’s 38 he is 43 and still going strong after 20 years.

  11. Unbeweavable says:

    She’s so cute and funny. I have liked her since Wedding Crashers.

    As for the breast feeding weight loss, I believe it. I was only able to breast feed for a couple weeks before drying up. But my son totally sucked the life and nutrients out of me. I lost all of my baby weight and then some in a week. If I were a celebrity, I would have flaunted my hot ass in a bikini the moment the post partum bleeding stopped. Instead, I have a terribly stretched and floppy tummy. I don’t even like seeing myself in the mirror when I’m alone in the bathroom. Eeek!

  12. judyjudy says:

    I don’t need a vajacial because I was blessed with naturally radiant privates. My panties GLOW from all the natural radiance. For real!

  13. Birdie says:

    So she has cokehead friends?

  14. Elle says:

    When will women learn that all of these “spa” treatments for your vagina along with the crap you can buy in the grocery store to “freshen” yourself after your period is BAD FOR YOU.

    Seriously, ladies. Your vagina is clean just the way it is. It doesn’t need “freshening” with products and doing so can be detrimental to your reproductive health. It can also cause infections.

    Why do people still not get that these things are un-healthy?

    Yikes. Stop “cleaning” your vagina, ladies with scented things, ladies. Your vagina is fine the way it is.

    I think Isla is very cute. A lovely woman. I’m more of a fan of Amy Adams mainly because I just find Amy Adams to be so freaking talented and versatile as an actress. But Isla is very petite and cute.

  15. Audrey says:

    I can never tell her apart from Amy Adams.

  16. JustaGirl says:

    I had to Google. Um, no thanks!

    The Vajacial starts with the application of an antibacterial body wash and anti-inflammatory, astringent witch hazel to tone.
    Next, an exfoliating gel with papain, a natural enzyme derived from papaya, is applied to break down dead skin cells. The exfoliation is followed by extractions for any ingrown hairs.
    Next, depending on your unique vulval needs, one of three masks is applied: anti-freckle (which features antioxidant-rich algae, vitamins and minerals to help purge skin of impurities and reduce red spots), anti-acne (rich in vitamin E, antioxidants and rose extract to encourage the elimination of toxins and treat breakouts) or calming (which contains chamomile and aloe extracts to calm the skin and reduce redness.)
    Last, but CERTAINLY not least, a lightening cream with vitamin C, mulberry and licorice extract is applied to help to lighten discolorations.

    The Vajacial takes approximately 50 minutes and costs $60. Stript recommends experiencing it a week after a traditional waxing.

  17. Suze says:

    You get her and Amy Adams confused? I honestly thought they were the same person up to this post.

    In that, I thought Sascha Baron Cohen and Amy Adams were a couple. I had no idea this Isla Fischer existed as a separate entity.

    Well, whaddya know.

  18. Vivian says:

    I actually like Isla more than Amy but yes, I got them confused for a very long time too. I hope she has more roles in the future, beyond romcom and comedies but she’s funny.

  19. ZenB!tch says:

    Ladies, the Korean spas in LA offer some kind of vajacial. I think they steam it. Like Isla, I’m afraid to try it but I have heard of it.

    Here is the link:

    • Micki says:

      “Steamed vagina” doesn’t sound very inspiring.I’m sure I’m too much afraid I’ll damage mine and her unique future needs…LOL

  20. MoxyLady007 says:

    Ok so as for exfoliating – after a wax, when you are no longer sore, just use a sugar or apricot scrub. Goes a loooong way towards preventing ingrown hairs. No need to have someone else do that for you. Goodness.

  21. Carolyn says:

    Really? In this age of TMI, endless interviews and stupid quotes most celebrities really aren’t that interesting and there’s certainly no mistique about them. This inteview with Isla is particularly vapid and dull. Zzzz.

  22. Tuxedo Cat says:

    Ever get the feeling that some people have too much money on their hands?

  23. Trollydolly says:

    what a bizarre reason to convert to Judaism – being into family and food. What about spiritual awareness or belief in God?

    • anon says:

      I’ve never considered her conversion sincere. From Wikipedia: Before marrying Baron Cohen, Fisher converted to Judaism, saying, “I will definitely have a Jewish wedding just to be with Sacha. I would do anything – move into any religion – to be united in marriage with him. We have a future together, and religion comes second to love as far as we are concerned.” That hardly sounds like she particularly felt drawn to God or Judaism, just to a Jewish guy who coincidentally was a multi-millionaire. If he’d been Muslim, she’d be Muslim. If he been a Druid, she’d be worshipping trees.

      • TrollyDolly says:

        That’s really sad, to profess a belief system just to satisfy another. Why would any person want another to give lip service to their faith (cos clearly it was he who demanded it)? It’s insincere and unnecessary – IMHO

  24. Louise says:

    “on her early career”?! I’ve been watching her since she was a teen in Home and Away. She’s worked her whole life. She was a huge hit in H&A which is way back. So happy for her that she’s settled in a good marriage. I was working in theatre in the Uk, and her bf at the time was cheating on her with a girl from the local drama college. What a rat. (darren day) It was one of those moments when u think u know someone as you’ve seen them daily on your tv but you can’t even message them to let them know :/

  25. anon says:

    @Trollydolly–I find it sad too, but as someone who turned down a marriage proposal that had a coversion attached to it (the guy was Russian Orthodox in my case), I see Isla as having made a choice.

    When she met Sacha she had several bad romances behind her (multi-billionaire producer Anthony de Rothschild, “love rat” Darren Day, and some male model who blabbed abut her performance in bed to the gossip mags). She also had a stalled career. Now she has a multi-millionaire husband and a thriving career.

    Sacha may well have insisted on the conversation; he is the grandson of a Holocaust survivor and no doubt wanted to raise Jewish children. Isla OTOH is getting the wealth and world-wide success she seems to have always wanted. She wouldn’t have gotten that IMO had she not married someone as successful as Sacha. She wasn’t taken advantage of; she made a trade.