Cameron Diaz: “Pork scratchings are my favorite snack in the whole world!”

I already previewed Cameron Diaz’s Elle UK cover(s) and interview earlier this week, but more photos and interview excerpts were just released, so enjoy. Previously, Camy had my blood boiling when she name-dropped Michael Fassbender (they worked together on Ridley Scott’s The Counselor), saying that “He does have a lot of confidence…” I guess we’re supposed to take that as “Cameron is super-confident and she loves confident men, so she’s on Fassy’s jock.” Please… NO. In these interview highlights, Cameron does mention Fassy again (thank God), but she does talk about sex and babies and that book she’s writing about fitness and nutrition.

Camy when asked what burns more calories, 30 minutes of dancing or 30 minutes of sex: “Depends on what kind of sex you’re having. Try ‘em both! Do them both on the same day, that’s what I say!”

What she would do if she wasn’t an actress: “I have no idea…That’s why I’m so grateful for it. It’s the only thing that I know how to do. I do think about it all the time – what would have happened had I not just found my way out from that? But I think you always find your way out.”

Her favorite snack? Pork scratchings (British snack food – bite-sized pieces of a pig’s skin that are salted, deep-fried, and served cold, often at British pubs) “Oh, that’s my favorite snack in the whole world! Even with the bristles I don’t care, I’ll do it! It’s my favorite thing.”

Her book about fitness and nutrition. “It’s not about what I eat or do what I do. It’s really about the information, so that young girls and women can look at it and make their own choices,” she says. “I’d hate to give them guidelines of what I do… I’m excited about my discipline [which revolves around] a protein, a grain, and a green… I want to be disciplined. It’s not a limitation to me; it opens up my life to so many opportunities.”

Will she ever have kids? “I don’t need to have the children in my life be a part of my literal flesh. And anyway, there’s still a possibility of that, I ain’t that old. I’m feeling very… capable.”

[From Us Weekly & the NYDN]

Us Weekly says “pork scratchings” are like the American “pork rinds”. I just realized that although I’ve grown up in a pork-rindy Southern culture, I’ve managed to go my whole life without ever eating a pork rind. Even though pork scratchings sound totally gross, I have to admit… I would probably like them. I like salty, fried things. And they probably go well with beer or liquor. I always crave salty, fried, porky things when I’m drinking. Which goes a long way to explaining why I rarely drink these days!

Photos courtesy of Elle UK.

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  1. Kimbob says:

    That headline certainly took me by surprise! Even though I’ve never heard the term, “pork scratchings,” being from SC, I immediately knew what they were, what she was referring to. I mean, I used to eat them, but not so much anymore….not good. We all have our not-so-good comfort food/cravings.

  2. laura says:

    44 is too old to have kids…

    • Bluedog says:

      Not if you’re using a fertility specialist. My sister-in-law had twins at that age. I feel kind of sorry for her and her 10 years older husband, though, because they’re exhausted all the time. Kids under about 10 are so physically demanding.

    • Kimbob says:

      You got that right. I remember my OB/GYN told me years ago that he thought 42 was the “cut-off” age. He is a GREAT doctor, & I respect his opinion. He told me after 42, the risks go up significantly….makes sense to me. Cameron was a bit delusional w/that statement.

    • serena says:

      she just turned 40, like a month ago

    • serena says:

      she just turned 40

    • Christina says:

      My guess is that Cameron does not want to have children, but her PR people have told her it doesn’t look good for her to openly say so. Kylie Minogue said something similar recently – something vague about having kids ‘some time’ – even though she’s 44! I think it’s still a bit of a taboo for a woman to say straight out that she doesn’t want kids and never has.

      • Gayle says:

        Didn’t she have cancer? Unless she froze her eggs, it would be near impossible if she had chemo, I believe.

        I also read the cutoff for IVF working is like 43. The difference between 41 and 44 is huge according to the empirical evidence.

        Of course some women CAN even naturally have children until very late. I know a 51-year old pregnant with twins, all natural, her first children. But that is incredibly rare. I don’t know why so many HW and other women like Diaz are in general denial about these issues, however. Looking great on the outside doesn’t make your eggs any younger.

      • Christina says:

        @gayle, that’s true. When you’re over 40, your reproductive systems ages very quickly indeed. Even a year is a long time in this context.

        I doubt that Cameron is in denial though. I honestly think that it’s a bit of a myth that women are unaware of the ageing issues with regard to having kids – after all, it’s been drummed into us since we were 12 years old. ‘Don’t be too fussy or you might end up childless and miserable and god knows no woman would want that’ (?)

        My bet is that Cameron does not want children but has been advised that it’s not good PR to say this. Didn’t she cause a bit of a storm in a teacup a while back when she said she didn’t want kids? If she did want children, surely she’d be looking for the right man to have them with, and not having fun with ‘unsuitable’ men?

    • Anna says:

      I had my child at 45, no fertility drugs, genius and handsome kid

      It depends on the condition of your body. And mine was and is great

      • kikiher says:

        Yay @Anna, you’re my hero! I’m 34 and am afraid of marriage (don’t want to be) but so badly want to find the right man so I can have a child! I do yoga and everything I can to stay healthy, without being puritanical, because I know I would be a great mother. It is picking a father that I have to know would love his child as much as my dad loved me that is so hard. I am not even looking, but I have to have faith, and you give me hope!

      • Ics says:

        Just had my third baby girl and I am 48. No doctors involved, only myself and my husband.

  3. Miss Kiki says:

    Pork scratchings are gross as is the dress Cammy is wearing on the cover.

    • kikiher says:

      I am new here, another Kiki and I have to say hi! Agree with you on both points btw.

    • deehunny says:

      Really? I really love that green dress on the cover. I envy women that can wear green since it’s my favorite color.

      However, her face on the cover is a completely different story. Girl is looking HAGGARD.

  4. India says:

    I love pork rinds. She looks great!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I’ve never had pork rinds or pork scratchings but I kinda wanna try them now!

      I also think she looks great. Never understood the hate-on everyone has for her.

      And lol @ peoples’ obsession with her age.

      • Miss Kiki says:

        I think they’re gross but that’s me. You can great micro wave-able ones as well, Kitt you should get hold of some and see what you think.

        I’ve noticed that lately as well. I though people loved her. I’ve commented on her dresses and the boob job which IMO isn’t great but Cammy herself I like and have done since ‘The Mask.

      • gg says:

        Oh Kitten you don’t – trust me! Here is why.

        Aside from the:
        Fact that it’s FRIED PIG FAT
        Hairs coming out of the pores
        Cute little obfuscating name of “scratchings”

        The worst part of it is when you eat them, they sort of turn into glue, which sticks all over the inside of your mouth. So you take a drink to wash the ick out, and it won’t dissolve or move! It stays stuck all over your mouth and won’t go down, stuck to the inside of your throat.

      • Miss Kiki says:

        gg, right there is why I think they’re yucky. I love a bit of pork (LOL) but the scratchings/rinds are the complete opposite of tasty!

  5. Allison says:

    ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “….even with the bristles..” EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Micki says:

    I prefer them piping hot.

  7. haha says:

    Poor Cameron…single,getting old ugly, fast..with no kids..what a future..all the money in the world couldnt make her happy..(and YES she’s happy about here finances, but not whats comming in the future)

    • maria says:

      this is sarcasm? right?
      if you don’t have kids your life is worthless????

      • Anahata says:

        Well why are you here then? Unless you’ve won a Nobel prize for a scientific discovery helpful to mankind, or have truly helped others in some kind of loving and generous way with your life, why be here at all? Those with vanity jobs who go out clubbing and wear expensive clothing like peacocks trying to outdo each other do nothing for posterity.

  8. MediaMaven says:

    her face looks exactly the same in each of the photos (and whenever she gets papped)…’s like her face is frozen in that position (thanks, Botox!) and it’s her ONLY emotion. Signs of a truly great actress…..

  9. laura says:

    Her real age is 44 years old, her entertainment age is “40″…i know for a fact she is 44.

    • Dani says:

      LOL ‘know for a fact.’ What are you, her mother?? Cam’s never been ashamed of her age. So much hate for no reason.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Cami has been “40″ for over 4-5 years now. She has been around for a long time.

    • ataylor says:

      She went to Long Beach Polytechnic High School. She was a SENIOR (17-18 years old) in 1990. Do the math.

  10. marie says:

    I like her in the green, looks good I think and the cover isn’t bad but it looks like she was painted with Pepto in the pink

  11. Ellie66 says:

    Mmmmm pork..:) Cammy looks good in the first pic I like the dress.

  12. effy says:

    I like these pics, looking good Camy. ;)

  13. bammer says:

    I’m still puzzled why she’s writing a book on nutrition. Doesn’t she have a drug problem?

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      I don´t know about the drug problem, but I generally don´t think she is a good rolemodel when it comes to nutrition, yeah she has a great figure, but she eats really unhealthy shit like these pork scratchings, which to me sound just disgusting.
      Besides that I don´t think that young girls is the demographic group she appeals to, her heyday were the late 90s, early 2000s, nowadays young girls look up to someone like Jennifer Lawrence.

  14. BooBooLaRue says:

    Rode hard and put away wet.

  15. BRE says:

    Pork eh? did she not remember her quote from a few years ago: Actor Cameron Diaz, upon hearing that pigs have the mental capacity of a 3-year-old human child, decided never to eat pigs again, saying “[Eating bacon is] like eating my niece!”

  16. d says:

    Hm! To me, she looks pretty good here. Great make-up (THIS is what Britney should be doing), good colouring, love the dresses. I dunno, I don’t see a problem here. For 44, she’s looking pretty fine, much better than a lot of women I see of the same age. A proper diet and exercise really does affect how good your skin looks. Although, pork rinds don’t exactly fall into proper diet category…I call shenanigans.

  17. poppy says:

    she looks a lot like madame, the puppet.
    also, in all of her recent pap and public shots it looks like she is going to eat the man next to her.
    see chris martin(dinner with goop), colin firth(premier).

  18. cheeve says:

    Love the white dress with the flowers. Not a fan of Camy’s, but people need to back off on the kid questions. Not everyone feels the calling to be a parent, and that’s the sort of thing it’s much better to regret not doing than to regret doing.

  19. Shaishai says:

    Honestly, does anyone even bother reading any more? She said “I don’t need to have the children in my life be a part of my literal flesh.” Which means (and she’s said it before) that she’s happy to have kids via adoption. For which she is not too old.

  20. divax says:

    Holy sh*t – they photoshopped her into Ellen Barkin!

  21. laura says:

    She was in the same high school than “snoop doggy and my brother” she is just one year younger than snoop…my brother best friend was in her class and he is 44 and she was not 4 years younger LOL…Voila!

  22. DesertPoppy says:

    @Kaiser: When you say “In these interview highlights, Cameron does mention Fassy again (thank God)”

    You mean ‘does not’ instead of ‘does’, right?

    On a separate note that nutrition book seems like a total money grab. If someone wants to know about that they shouldn’t look to actresses or anyone in hollywood.

  23. KellyinSeattle says:

    Her hair looks so damaged….