Brad Pitt in the full trailer for ‘World War Z’: OMG, this actually looks awesome!?

Earlier this week, we showed you the early teaser trailer for Brad Pitt’s World War Zgo here to review my story. Brad actually, physically filmed scenes for the film over the course of a year if you include the long and exhaustive initial film shoot last year and the extensive reshoots this year. The reshoots were done as an attempt to fix the giant mess the director (Marc Forster) had made. Now the complete first trailer has been released, which I’m including below. Keep in mind: this film still isn’t going to be released until June of next year. If you don’t like this trailer, there’s plenty of time for even more reshoots!

Okay, I have to admit… it looks much better than I was anticipating. The CGI looks really good, and Brad looks great. A few quick questions: do the zombies have some kind of strategy to take over the world? Meaning, are they smart enough to take out the cell towers so that Brad can’t call his well-positioned friend? Also: why is Brad’s character so special that he’s being sent to lead an army to fight the disorganized zombie armies? And finally, can a brother get a flak vest? Brad’s fighting the Zombpocalypse in a windbreaker the whole time!

Here’s another video of the trailer (it’s the same trailer).

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. sullivan says:

    Wow. It actually does look awesome.

    • curegirl0421 says:

      I agree! I was really skeptical, but this looks pretty good and exciting!

    • Bellebeesting says:

      Still looks like a $170 million disaster to me.

      • Amy says:

        Yep. I think it looks pretty terrible. I watched the trailer yesterday, and all I can remember is Brad Pitt’s sunkissed hair and furrowed brow. The ant-like zombies were completely underwhelming in the trailer. I realize that they’re probably still tweaking the zombies in close-up, but give us an undead bone!

    • Boodiba says:

      I can’t wait to see it now! I tend to like big budget thrillers or action movies that the critics hate. For example I really enjoyed John Carter, while I loathed (to the Nth degree) Tree of Life.

  2. Amelia says:

    I recant my previous comment.
    I’m totally watching this with my boyfriend. It looks like it’ll be a good popcorn, movie night film, maybe a summer blockbuster?
    Now, slightly off topic; has anyone here gone out of their way to go watch a scary movie with their significant other knowing you’ll get a good cuddle out of it?

    • Jess says:

      You betcha!

    • marie says:

      nope, my bf is such a butthead that we’ll watch scary movies (we’re both huge fans of them) and then he spends the rest of the night popping out of places trying to scare me. It’s alright though, last time he did it (after watching Sinister-little kids in scary flicks freak me out) I accidentally (not really) knocked him in the nose.

      • Loira says:

        LOL! we are so going to see this too! My hubs is like that too! When we went to see “the Descent ” I had to endure days of him hiding in the dark making funny (“scary”) noises. 😀

    • littlestar says:

      Yep! I’ll definitely be watching this with my man, so I can “hide” in his arms when I’m scared LOL.

  3. Faye says:

    Brad Pitt stopped being of interest to me a long time ago, but is that Mireille Enos (sp?) from “The Killing” with him? If so, may actually see this — I love her!

  4. gee says:

    I think it looks good, but from what I could see, those zombies don’t look very scary. I want scary zombies!

    • Memory30 says:

      Seeing those zombies run and do what they do in this movie looks scary enough for me ;(

    • Gina says:

      the walking dead = the greatest zombies

    • giselle says:

      Well, there have been many different types of zombies in movies but I haven’t seen a zombie swarm, if i recall correctly. there’s the slow zombies, angry/fast 28 days later zombies, regular zombies, etc… so, hordes upon hordes of swarming zombies that seem to operate in tandem to kill you or to take down structures? scary.

  5. CF says:

    looks pretty good! he is some sort of united nations worker right? this movie is not like waking dead, just survival. its about the world wide strategy

  6. Daniela says:

    Looks good but nothing like the book. Just another action movie.

    The book happened AFTER the war, with Pitt’s character being a journalist who interviews survivors (politicians, soldiers, regular people…) from all around the world to see how it started there and how differently reacted every country.

    Also, the boom states that Zombies are slow, don’t run, and here they look super fast.

    I’m not much into zombies but I found it really, really good.

    • dahlianoir says:

      I just ordered the book, can’t wait to read it ! hurry Amazon i____i

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      I don’t think it is anything like the book, his character wasn’t even in the book. I love this story in the book, told in flashbacks by a journalist after the fact.

      But, if I set aside the book, this looks like a great movie. I will see it as a stand alone and try not to compare the two. I love a zombie movie and when they are fast and numerous it is exciting!

      • Pandy says:

        Agree, I think you have to view it as a standalone. I LOVED the book, couldn’t put it down. The cgi effects of the “mass” zombies look kind of lame but perhaps they will show better in a theatre. I’m sure that one on one zombies will look suitably “zombie”. Can’t wait to see it despite the plot change. Any zombie movie is a good zombie movie.

    • shanti says:

      this looks NOTHING like the book, which was the best zombie book EVER…but I love mirielle enos and brad is great to look at and Brian Cranstone is in it so hopefully it should be really really good … looking foward to it ..thankgod they didnt put tom cruise in it to totally ruin it( reacher my backside)

  7. Toot says:

    That looks so goood! Can’t wait until June.

  8. Lizzie says:

    I have a hard time liking this trailer mainly because it literally has NOTHING to do with the book.
    Why just not name it something else, because this literally has no hallmarks of the book.
    World War Z was emotional and unsettling, mainly due to the characters in it. The zombies were scary, but they were a afterthought in the pure emotional devastation of the characters.
    This, meanwhile is just Transformers style rubbish.
    I know Max Brooks must have gotten a ton of money for this, but I also know from interviews that he cares a lot about the book and this film is just not a representation of the kind of book World War Z is.
    Also….Zombies do not move fast! They are slow and scary and eat your face!

    • Tiffany27 says:

      Agreed. This looks like an action film. WWZ the book was so powerful because of the personal stories in it. I don’t see any of that in the trailer.

  9. Bluedog says:

    The movie looks really good! As for Pitt’s character, I don’t think he was in the book, so I don’t know why he’s so special. I read part of the book, but there was no main character, which ruined the book IMO, so I quit reading.

    • Scotchy says:

      Ok ok well I guess this movie is for you. I loved the book and think they should have made a mini series out of it. This movie looks like a mess and an average at best zombie film. They shouldn’t be calling it World War Z. Boo..hiss boo

  10. Helen says:

    The CGI is s**t, sorry to say. But yeah, I’m seeing it 🙂

  11. Kiki says:

    I had high hopes. I loved the book…….They should have called it something else!

  12. Millie says:

    No flaws detected in the trailer!
    So excited for this!!!

  13. jamminatorr says:

    I will totally watch this! I am a zombie movie fanatic so it’ll be fun. I have never read the book but my sister has, and she’s disappointed because it doesn’t look like it follows the book at ALL.

  14. Ellie66 says:

    Oh yay! The zombies are fast this should be good! Any big budget zombie movie I’m gonna watch…Love zombies! And Brad ain’t bad either.

  15. Nya says:

    No this actually looks terrible.

    Way to turn an interesting book into another mindless action movie.

  16. LadyMTL says:

    I have to admit that this trailer has changed my mind…a little. I still don’t understand how they could have adapted a book like WWZ (which I loved) into a movie but hey, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised?

    • Kittypants says:

      Aside from the title and the fact that it has zombies in it I don’t think it will bear much relation to the book. As stated before, seems like they’re very much going down the action movie route with this one.

  17. Christine says:

    Am I the only person on earth who isn’t into zombies? Whether they are slow or fast? I just don’t get the massive pop culture interest.

  18. Lucrezia says:

    The zombies in the book don’t have any intelligence/strategy. The danger is simply the pure weight of numbers.

    But then again, the book-zombies are slow, and those critters in the trailer are FAST, so what they’ve actually done in the movie is anyone’s guess.

    I will watch it anyway, just not expecting it to be anything like the book.

  19. Beep says:

    ZOMBIES DON’T RUN! It looks like the movie will ok, but NOTHING like the book. I don’t understand how they can even call it World War Z.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree so much. I loved the book and thought it was an interesting take on the zombie genre, especially the global approach and looking at it from a military view. This looks nothing like it at all. The story, the characters, even the zombies themselves. They should call it something else so we still have the hopes of getting a real adaptation.

    • GoodCapon says:

      I was really scared when I saw the zombies were moving so fast. If this was The Walking Dead, Rick and co. would’ve already been dead by now.

      The book is on my to-read list. I’ll probably read it in time for the movie.

      Speaking of zombies, do you have any good recommendations for zombie books? I’ve read Feed and I thought it was good but not enough for me to keep reading the next 2 books.

      • Beep says:

        WWZ is one of the best Zombie Book’s I’ve ready. Definitely a MUST read. . Cell from Stephen King is a kinda-zombie book that was very good.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        Agree on Cell. Stephen King in general is great if you like horror stuff.

        The people who buy the book after seeing the movie are going to be mighty confused! Nothing alike.

      • shanti says:

        day by day armegeddon and beyond exile by jl bourne are up there with wwz .. could not put them down

      • GoodCapon says:

        Thank you for the recommendations!

    • WWZ says:

      I read the & LOVED the WWZ book, too (& Zombie Survival Guide), but wasn’t sure how it could be a workable film. I also loved Moneyball the book and was very confused as to how it could be a workable film. Well, I really, really loved Moneyball the movie*, so this gives me hope for WWZ the movie. The trailer looks cool- almost like a prequel to the timeline in the book, sort of context for the 40+ flashbacks from the different characters. We’ll be there opening weekend!

      *yes, it was very different from the book.

    • Freakieness says:

      My toughts exactly! This is not WWZ, this is Brad Pitt against the zombie apocalipse. The moovie looks ok, but I would sugest a change in the name because this has nothing to do with the book I read.

  20. spinner says:

    It looks like a War of the Worlds concept with more kids thrown in.

  21. Kimlee says:

    I like that the trailer didn’t give any thing away it make me want to see the movie so I can get the answers to all the questions I have.

    One of my biggest pet peeves about movie trailers today is that they give the whole plot away so their not point in see the movie.

  22. Esmom says:

    Sigh. Not my kind of film but he does look good, especially after waking up from a recurring dream where I am *this close* to seducing him away from Angie.

  23. Barbara says:

    Someone from the movie (director, writer or whoever) said they wanted the zombies to move fast because they thought of them like animals who don’t think just react when they see the potential prey (it was in the previous post by the site on the subject, also linked at the beginning of this post). So it makes a different view of things. In times where vampires sparkle and procreate, zombies that run like animals about to attack a prey is more than acceptable. As far as I know all zombies out there are slow, and that’s one thing that makes it easier for them to be defeated, not here though so I think in addition to the amount of zombies (the count saying billions of lives lost makes me believe they became zombies), the speed actually makes it more entertaining.
    Of course there will be people who will prefer old school zombies, but this is interesting.
    Also this is supposed to be a trilogy – given the first movie makes well in the boxoffices – so maybe there will be more of the book in the potential movie sequels?
    For those who actually read it – people commented the books it’s placed after the war – if the thing is after the war does it mean all zombies had been extinct and the thriller part come from witnesses sharing their experiences surviving it? Or at the book timeline there are still zombies even after the war?

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      The book was AWESOME. There are still zombies. They are not fast though. I’m going to see this but it looks nothing at all like the book so far.

    • videli says:

      The war is over, but the zombies are not yet extinct. There’s millions underwater, and millions in Island and at high altitude frozen lands. Ha, I’m zombie-nerding a little, sorry!

    • Lucrezia says:

      The book isn’t exactly a thriller.

      Imagine reading a book about the Titanic that interviews survivors (so you get dramatic escape stories and poignant survivor-guilt stories), but also talks to the people who built the ship & looks at how the accident happened, why there weren’t enough life-boats, and what the broader impact was on ocean-travel.

      WWZ is like that, but instead of a single ship sinking it’s a world-wide disaster (with zombies).

      • Katherine says:

        “The book isn’t exactly a thriller”

        I’d call the book a thriller. Many, if not most, of the stories in the book recount incredible action and escape scenes. I was plenty scared reading the book. There is some talk in the book as opposed to action but these aspects of the book won’t take chapters or pages to depict on screen. I’m thinking of the space station episode – I can see that taking 30-60 seconds on screen. The Seattle citizens neighborhood watch group – another 60 seconds.

        The book is full of action – maybe so much that the filmmakers had to make choices in editing the story down. For the younger audience I think the Battle of the Five Colleges would be a popular choice.

  24. Saphana says:

    Every zombie story needs a Winnebago as it seems.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Hah! You made me think about that one… Diary of the dead
      Dawn of the dead… The walking dead…just off the top of my head.

      Also, why all the complaining here about the story not being the same as the book? Books and movies are almost never alike and the books are often better.. It’s because of your imagination. The details you read that can’t be translated into a literal movie. You create images and relate to them more because you’ve sculpted them so it becomes more personal.

      And if everyone wants to complain about why they gave it the same title as the book there are many more movies before this one that did far worse jobs on adapting books to film, but kept the name.

      This movie looks amazing and as a huge zombie fan I will enjoy it.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Hah! You made me think about that one… Diary of the dead
      Dawn of the dead..The walking dead..just off the top of my head.

      Also, why all the complaining here about the story not being the same as the book? Books and movies are almost never alike and the books are often better.. It’s because of your imagination. The details you read that can’t be translated into a literal movie. You create images and relate to them more because you’ve sculpted them so it becomes more personal.

      And if everyone wants to complain about why they gave it the same title as the book there are many more movies before this one that did far worse jobs on adapting books to film, but kept the name.

      This movie looks amazing and as a huge zombie fan I will enjoy it.

  25. mln76 says:

    The trailer was awesome…major pet peeve of mine is people who require that movies be exactly like a book in order to be good. Honestly when a movie is exactly the same it bores me. There are devices that need to be changed in order to translate to screen. First and foremost the movie must be entertaing and respect the spirit of the book which isnt the same as following the same plot points and narrative.

  26. ojulia123 says:


  27. watchingyoubitchh says:

    fucking awesome
    i am in!
    people were so bitchy about this movie
    when it didnt have trailer.

  28. mytbean says:

    Never read the book (but will AFTER I see the movie… I don’t want to ruin the film with any expectations as to what it “should” be)

    I like that the zombies run. I can’t get too frightened of something drunk shambling up to me, even if it looks gross. If I can outrun it, then I could probably survive long enough to kill it. 😛

    And – is it just me or is seeing Brad Pitt play a father still weird? For some reason, even with age he’s still too dimpled, blue-eyed and pretty to be a domesticated Dad.

  29. madpoe says:

    I came so close to buying the book when it came out but went against doing so guess cos its was suppose to be interviews of survivors? Glad its a movie, I’ll check it out. Tho’ the zombie horde cgi looks too video gamey?

  30. Jenna says:

    Trailer’s can be misleading. I fully admit that the trailer for SWATH looked pretty good and look how that turned out.

  31. HouseofBeatrix says:

    Zombies! Brad Pitt’s highlights! I’m totally into it.

  32. OhMyGawh says:

    Good trailer but I have zero faith in the film. Too many rewrites and that 7 week reshoot along with Pitt having problems with the director, doesn’t bode well. I mean when Lindelof passes on the rewrite, that pretty much says the script was horrendous. Oh well. I’ll just stick with The Walking Dead.

    Also did they not learn from I Am Legend with the CGI’d zombies? There’s no creep factor there and they look fake.

  33. Rena says:

    I will see it the first day as this looks like my kind of film. The so called trouble between Brad and the director was never anything but gossip to me as Brad’s production company was one of the WWZ producers, just don’t belief any of the garbage about some troubled film set.

    Lone Ranger has had many reshoots with garbage about trouble and I doubt that gossip.

    Brad looks great as a Dad here like in Moneyball.

  34. Zombie Shortcake says:


  35. Movie Lover says:

    I know this is off-topic….but when is he going to do something to that hair???

  36. lena80 says:

    IMO Zombies are supposed to slow. They are dead and that little thing called rigor mortis sets in. I’ll probably watch this, but it reminds me of Will Smith in I am Legend and the CGI looks like crap…since when do Zombies scale one another like ants??

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      @ Lena-Hey Mort! Care to comment?

      Rigor Mortis sets in after a short period and lasts at most 72 hours. Then the muscles relax. It is part of the ATP response in the bodies cells and muscles.

      So zombies aren’t slow because of rigor.

      • lena80 says:

        Thanks Original…but that’s even more of a reason they shouldn’t be running…damn dawn of the dead remake had zombies running marathons lol. I guess Hollywood thinks it adds to the scare factor.

    • Ducky La Rue says:

      Well, if you’re really going to get logical about it, they’re dead, so they’re going to be rotting. In a hot climate, they’re going to fall apart pretty fast (and messily!). In a cold climate, maybe they’ll freeze up like a side of beef and be immobile until spring.

      However, I agree that I prefer the slow zombies, because the fast ones scare me.

      Slightly OT: I recently heard about some ‘zombie runs’. To make the race course more exciting, people dressed as zombies chase you around? That freaks me out! Hard enough to get to the finish line without having to dodge running zombies! 🙂

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        They do freeze in the book. Then they thaw out. Yikes.

        I’m not signing up for a Zombie run.

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        @The Original Tiffany – Oh, they thawed? But then they’d be all freezer-burned, wouldn’t they? Maybe that just adds to the horror! 😉 Should slow ’em down anyway.

        And yeah, I decided to sit out that run, cause I’m a scaredy cat.

    • mia girl says:

      Ladies-This logical dissertation of zombie anatomy & behavior is awesome. I love it.
      I am hoping Mort answers Tiff’s call out. Her experience will no doubt further expand the discussion!

      If you like zombies, you should watch this clip from Key and Peele on Comedy Central. Too funny.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        Only here do you get Zombie physiology and Crackentastrophes all on the same site! Winner, winner.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Rigor Mortis usually sets in 2-3 hours after death and USUALLY lasts about twelve hours (in large muscle groups), but can last up to 72 hours (with these changes occurring internally). Rigor is just muscle rigidity. As @Tiff said its part of the ATP response and has a lot to do with how muscular a person is and the breakdown of lactic acid (which occurs during rigor and exercise). That stiffness you feel after exercise is similar to rigor and makes movement more difficult, but not impossible. As a matter of fact, i often joke that rigor is setting in when I’m feeling stiff after a good workout 😜 Rigor in corpses is easily broken by flexing the limbs. Although there have been times where I haven’t had the strength to break it in the legs of some pretty muscular men. In 28 days later and I AM Legend (with will smith) people move fast, but they aren’t supposed to be zombies (they’re infected with a virus in the former and a bacteria in the latter, so I suppose those aren’t exactly zombies). Romero style zombies are slow moving, probably because of decomposition and a number of other factors. If they were in a dry environment with little humidity, like Arizona or Nevada, they’d be desiccated (like a mummy) rather than rotten. I could talk about this all day guys! Thanks for including me in the discussion.

      • Isa says:

        Y’all are awesome! Scientific discussion about zombies. Gotta love it!

  37. Lmao says:

    Lmao this looks ridiculously bad. It’s a mix of 2012/war of worlds/ I am legend/snakes on a plane but with zombies. The cgi is the worst part about it if you ignore the cheesy acting Brad is doing.

    Watched the trailer for warm bodies and I am surprised that actually looks like a good zombie flick compared to wwz.

  38. vvy says:

    He’s so good looking when he’s clean shaven and has a hair cut. Is he trying to deliberately make himself less good looking? Cause he is.

  39. Memphis says:

    Fast Zombies scare the hell outta me!! I will be watching this! 🙂

  40. storyteller says:

    This looks GREAT. Can’t wait.

  41. Everybody associated with the filming of the picture called it a dog, a really sloppy mutt of a picture; now, what I want to know is did they make the picture better or did they produce a trailer that was great and designed to get doubters into the theaters. I love Brad and hate to see him fail at anything but there is a real difference between the trailer which is great and exciting and the gossip coming out of the production team.

    • Rena says:

      Err I must correct you as you are 100% wrong.

      No One, not one person actually named on record who was and is associated with the production team has said not one negative word as to the production, not one. On the other hand all actual named people associated with the production when asked have said over and over how surprised they are with all the negative total lies and wrong gossip being repeated as if true. If you want names try one the people brought in to help with rewrites as is common on all the big budget films and Matthew Fox who actually is starring in the film and now the EW article today with names of those in the crew describing how they viewed the zombies and decided on their method of movement.

      Now why don’t you give some names of the production team that has talked about trouble on the set as I know of none, not a single one who has done so.

      You are aware that much of this WWZ negativity originated in a DM blog right which has been wrong about all including that the reshoots would be in Budapest LOL.

  42. Starlight says:

    The zombies are just figuratively speaking. I am afraid this going to happen during complete economic collapse except the people are not zoombies. They are real desperate hungry people who has nothing to lose as frequently said by Gerald Celente. I hope not. Hollywood is just trying to scare us.

    Brad is back.

  43. Happy21 says:


    While I don’t think this looks terrible (except the fact that I didn’t see even one up close zombie in trailer…), it looks like they just ripped off the title “World War Z” from the book because this looks absolutely nothing like what the book was about.

  44. Amy C says:

    Honestly It looks awesome not because I like Brad. summer 2013!

  45. Apples says:

    I LOVE light & fluffy movies be they Jane Austin or mindless summer action popcorn fun. Bummed I’m too chicken to watch this one because of the Zombies.

  46. Issa says:

    Think the CGI looks terrible! They don’t even look like zombies to me. Think I only know they’re zombies because of the book and movie title. They look like a big herd of people falling over each other and not Max Brook’s version. I will stick to The Walking Dead for now to get by zombie kicks.

    • Katherine says:

      Pretty sure the CGI is not completed.

      There is a similar scene from the book where zeds are trying to climb over a wall and they end up climbing on top of each other in a mindless surge – albeit a slow surge – to get to humans. It’s why Israel made the wall as high as they did.

  47. shay kay says:

    First, I want to read the book.
    Next, I want to see the movie.
    Then, I’ll comment on how much better the book is than the movie.
    Last, good on Brad for choosing interesting roles.

  48. Lotta says:

    He is aging so well. Didn’t like him at all when he was younger but now…

    Infact he is starting to look a lot like my husband these days with the long hair, jeans, and often a bit unshaved. I like them rough looking like that. 😉

  49. Xena says:

    World War Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  50. Lyn says:

    The book was not about a handsome white guy looking after his pretty blond wife and daughters. I didn’t love the book, but the survivors’ (few of them white americans) various harrowing stories about struggling to keep going even after losing all their loved ones was what kept me reading through to the end, while asking myself what I would do in the same situation. I think this movie will be terrible.

  51. Lemonade says:

    um…wtf did i just watch?

    this looks terrible. i like my summer movies with marvel characters and muscles thanks lol

  52. Amy625 says:

    This looks really good. I know Brad Pitt is hated but it was ridiculous to call a commercial a trailer. ET only showed 15 seconds of the movie so I’m baffled how people came to the conclusion that the movie is horrible. I haven’t read the book but it’s annoying when people trash a movie because it’s not exactly like the book. Both should be considered separate types of entertainment.

  53. GrandPoobah says:

    First, the CGI sucks. The helicopter at 1:32 in looks like a moving painting. The zombies look like poorer versions of the swarms of orcs from Lord of the Rings and those films were made over a decade ago. The technology has advanced. Why the crappy television-budget level CGI?

    Second, the ‘zombies’ look to be just fast moving crazy people. At around 1:37 you get a close-ish look at one of them running and he literally looks like a person screaming and running.

    Third, I can’t stand fast zombies. Zombies are not fast for a number of reasons, the paramount reason being that they are DEAD. It’s like making vampires sparkle. Now, if they are diseased humans who were perfectly fine and healthy and LIVING until they went nuts with disease, fine. Just don’t call them zombies. Because they are not. Zombies are dead humans who walk and eat brains. They bite people, who then die and become zombies themselves.

    Lastly, if they wanted to make a ‘zombie’ movie, fine. Why couldn’t they call it something else? Why did Brad (or whoever) INSIST upon buying the rights to the name and then making something completely different? Stupidity.

  54. Phil E Stein says:

    I always find the Zombies in these movies lack depth and could do with a bit more character development.

  55. Katherine says:

    Yes, the book starts 10 years after they have declared Victory over Zed – VZ Day. But most all of the interviews are flashbacks retelling the different stages and scenes from the war. So the book absolutely includes many action sequences – just a few examples, the Battle of Yonkers, the battle in the Paris sewers, the escape of the Chinese submarine, the female pilot, the US western assault by the military on the attacking hordes of zombies as they approach a huge wall, the attack on the wealthy/celebrity “safe house,” the escape of the Japanese computer nerd from his apartment, the blind Samurai in the snow forest, the depiction of the South African plan, and others.

    So to say this film is just another action film as if the book itself is not an action book is wrong. The book is very much an action book.

    They had to figure out a way to make a cohesive story out of all the disparate people, places and stories in the book – there are about 40 different stories – and they turned the UN investigator into a more active character who rather than investigating the past history is now investigating the plague as it is occurring. It makes sense to me. Whether they can pull it off is another matter.

    Since all we’ve seen is a trailer then we can’t possibly know whether the rest of the film does include many elements from the book or not. I’m not a screenwriter but I can envision that it was possible to tell the same story in film version with the necessary changes that come in converting a book into film.

    Also remember we have been told on several occasions by the film makers that this is meant to be a trilogy.

    I’m also pretty sure that the CGI is not completed. One of the reasons the release date was delayed.

    Please stop using science to try to explain why zombies can’t run. This is fiction. Zombies are not real so they have this funny way of not following the laws of science. And, yes, Zombies have been known to run in zombie lore.

    • GrandPoobah says:

      No of course zombies aren’t real-but the fictional characteristics are pretty well known.

      I consider Romero zombies to be canonical zombies-the ‘undead’ zombie is a true zombie. Slow, stupid, shambling along, dead and came back to life.

      ‘Running zombies’ are people infected with some sort of disease that causes them to freak out into cannibalism. In 28 Days Later they were called the ‘infected’. They are NOT undead and therefore, not zombies.

      And yes, fictional baddies change with the times and evolve. But saying a zombie can run is like saying vampires can subsist on soda or werewolves can be killed with rubber knives. It’s just stupid and unnecessary.

      Infected humans, fine, whatever. But they aren’t undead and aren’t zombies.

      Sorry-this has been simmering since people called 28 Days Later a ‘zombie’ movie.

      Aside from that, it’s annoying that they basically took a great piece of interesting fiction with a new and different approach to the zombie theme and turned it into a big dumb action film.

      They took away what made the book so awesome and fresh and made something derivative. Lame.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Really? You think we were serious with the scientifically founded answers? While they were true answers about rigor in a human, I was decidedly joking about zombie phsiology.

        Snark, we like to use it here on CB! We know zombies aren’t real. Shhhh.

  56. Jaxx says:

    Okaaay. I want to know how a huge garbage truck comes along and mows over the policeman telling Brad to stay in his car, when a second before it showed the street completely blocked with stalled traffic. There’s no crashing noises but suddenly the street is cleared so the policeman can get taken down? Please.

  57. Sara says:

    MEH… This looks crap. and why are you saying that Brad Pitt looks good? this hair is horrible! looks like a dog, I don’t know, but looks awful.

    The CGI also looks bad, I mean, bunch of zombies together wouldn’t be like that.

    This film will flop, I think the budget is about more than 200 millions.

  58. orion70 says:

    I admit I have higher expectations because I loved the book, but even if I hadn’t, there wasn’t much in that trailer that really pulled me in or made me think it was awesome.

  59. the original bellaluna says:

    Ok, while I can’t see him as a guy named Jerry, I do buy him in this role.

    • Lucrezia says:

      Does it help if I point out that wiki spells it “Gerry”? So probably Gerald rather than Jeremy.

      (Personally I can see Pitt as a Jeremy, and not as a Gerald, but each to their own.)

  60. lisa2 says:

    I am so all over this. I read the book and don’t care that this is different. I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead and if you are familiar with the comics you know that the show does not follow it to the letter and no one is complaining. Never get where people come up with rules of how Zombies MUST move. There are no rules because guess what Zombies don’t exist so nobody knows how they move. Seriously some people need to get a grip. Just like with Vampires. we always saw that they can’t go out in sun or the cross is the weapon. Well if that was the case how boring would that be. Marc Brooks has been asked on several occasions and has been very complimentary of Brad. I recall the same thing being said about Moneyball. How will they make that a movie. Well they did and it was a great film.

    I’ll be there Opening weekend…and on a superficial note. Brad looks damn good in the movie and he wears the hell out of a pair of jeans.

  61. Jade says:

    Just quit trying to make a book adaptation. Brad and Angie should both be in an unapologetic zombie blockbuster wearing black, looking badass, shooting multiple rounds and trying to protect their UN kids and saving the obamas. I’d watch that.

  62. Jade says:

    Just quit trying to make a book adaptation. Brad and Angie should just make an unapologetic zombie blockbuster together, wearing black, looking badass, shooting multiple rounds while flying an Apache and trying to protect their UN brood while saving the Obamas. I’d watch that.