Demi Lovato denies she’s a cutter – despite pictorial evidence

One of Miley Cyrus’ teen queen competitors, Demi Lovato, is having to issue some major denials after pictures emerged of what appears to be cutting scars on the inside of her left wrist. Lovato’s rep insists she’s not a cutter and said she wore some gummy bracelets that were too tight earlier that day. A pretty creative excuse, I’ll give her that. If you’re going to lie, at least make it good, right?

Demi Lovato is a cut above this latest rumor.

Responding to an innocent musing from blogger Perez Hilton that Selena Gomez’s BFF could be self-mutilating, a rep for Lovato tells E! News that the allegation is “completely false.”

“Demi was wearing gummy bracelets just prior to her appearance on the red carpet and, because of how tight they were, they left indentations on her wrist,” publicist Allison Leslie says, referring to a zoomed-in pic showing a few thin red marks on the inside of the 16-year-old’s wrist.

And, considering the controversial photo was taken on the red carpet at Miley Cyrus’ 16th birthday party (the one on Oct. 5, not to be confused with all her other B-day parties this year), Perez’s suggestion that maybe the Disney Channel queen dug her claws into the Camp Rock darling is probably nothing but wishful thinking on his part.

[From E! News]

You can see the photo on E!’s website above. Unfortunately for Demi’s rep, bracelets go all the way around the wrist, and the marks are only on the inside. They’re also so dark that it would have had to be some dangerously tight bracelets to leave marks like that. I think Lovato’s hand would have turned blue. The marks are also slightly different lengths and widths. I don’t think there’s any plausible way to say they came from gummy bracelets.

Evil Beet points out how dangerous cutting is, and that it’s a predictor of future significant psychological issues. They also have a picture of Demi’s inner wrist from a month earlier with similar scars. So I doubt she was dumb enough to wear what would have been painful bracelets twice. Also, in the picture in E!’s article, there is a cut that’s further down her wrist at the base (and very wide part) of her hand. If the bracelets were big enough to fit there, they were too big to leave marks on the thinner part of her wrist. If she is cutting, hopefully someone will get Demi some help asap.

Here’s Disney star Demi Lovato performing live at the Wiltern Theatre Los Angeles on Monday. In all fairness, she is wearing bracelets – though they’re not tight. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. jess says:

    maybe it was an old attempt at suicide?

  2. xiaoecho says:

    Er, one can self mutilate anywhere on the body.
    It’s not compulsory to do it on the forearms 🙄 🙄 🙄

    Anyone in the public eye with even a pea sized brain wouldn’t be doing it where it could be seen

    ….except Amy

  3. Samantha says:

    She forgot to wear her giant bracelet to cover it up that day…she had a slip, no big deal. She learns now, ALWAYS ACCESSORIZE!

    Seriously though, if this is true…she should seek help like, yesterday. 🙁

  4. ima says:

    Please, Perez Hilton doesn’t know the meaning of “innocent musings.” Shame on him for insinuating such a serious allegation about a sixteen year old.

  5. Baholicious says:

    Read an article the other day that some teens are ‘ramping up’ from cutting to inserting things like paperclips and screws into areas like the bicep so that every time they move they feel pain.

    How can cries for help like this go unnoticed? There again, teens are very good at hiding things from their parents. I should know…

    *edit* Just a question: Does cutting usually coincide with an eating disorder or other body image issues? Thanks!

  6. Amy says:

    Give me a break, that could be anything! When I was her age, I had a crazy cat that would jump on me and scratch my arms up. I suppose today, it would be assumed that I was self-mutilating?

  7. Ling says:

    Amy: Yes. Everybody would be coming up to you with judgmental, mock-sympathetic wide eyes going, “What happened to your arm?”

    There’s a clear jelly-bracelet-like indent in the header image which validates her publicist’s alibi. I know I wear hair elastics around my wrists for days on end sometimes without noticing, and when they finally come off there’s angry indents. Which, incidentally, show up more under the arm. Presumably the darker colour would only be exacerbated by the flash bulbs or stage lighting.

    She’s rather cute, isn’t she?

  8. prissa says:

    If it’s true, it’s very sad and she does need help. As a recovering cutter, I know the pain and desperation that can lead to such behavior. It’s sad someone so young and talented with such a promising future ahead, could be in such a dark place. I hope it isn’t true, but if it is someone should step in and get her help.

  9. Rio says:

    Stories about Disney popetts always help to remind me that there are other worlds on our own planet that we are completely oblivious about.

  10. SeVen says:

    im with prissa. Before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and thus treated, i cut a lot as well. Todays society with the ” OMFG EMO GO CUT YOURSELF” doesnt help those who cut because they actually have problems. Some kids cut for attention and its wrong because it takes away the focus of those who cut because of deeper issues. I hope IF this is true she gets it sorted out and gets the help she needs and deserves with as little Perez inflicted embarassment as possible.

  11. prissa says:

    SeVen, I’m just curious. I never got treated or diagnosed. I just quit the cutting behavior (and drinking and drugging etc), however I do get the urge when I have something VERY stressful happen to me. Do you think it’s possible for someone to “cure” themselves. Just seeking your opinion.

  12. Darlene says:


    I am 40 now and when I was 17-27, I was a cutter. When I got stressed or very, very upset, I would do it. At 27, I just realized how unhealthy the behavior was, and I stopped “cold turkey”. I still get the urge, but I use it as a barometer of my own mental health and stability.

    I haven’t cut since that time, and that’s 13 years ago, so I would have to say that yes, you can “cure” yourself. I don’t beat myself up (sorry for the pun) when I get the urge, I just let myself move past it and not self harm.

    Hope that helps.

  13. lunachick says:

    Yeah…I’ve been there too…I have scars dating from about age 16 to this past February.

    In my case, I made surface scratches for a few years in high school when I was feeling worthless and angry with myself. My first serious cutting was when I was 17, a suicide attempt. That left terrible scars especially on my left wrist and I have worn a watch every day of my adult life to cover the worst of it. I was anorexic at the time, too.

    I recovered for most of my 20’s – from the cutting and from the eating disorder. Now I only have the urge to cut if I become really upset and angry.

    I’ve always turned my anger inward…to this day, if I’m really upset I just want to pick up a knife and hurt myself. I only get like that once or twice a year but it is scary.

    One time about 4 years ago I cut my arm up really badly; I had to wear long sleeves for over a year and even now it looks pretty bad. The thing to understand is for me at least, I do not want my friends and co-workers to see my scars, I want them to think I am normal and stable. But when I go crazy and cut myself, I’m not thinking logically. Then I’m done, it it’s like oh no…what did I do…and I get really sad that I would do this to myself.

    If you knew me in real life..I’m professional, successful, totally have it together…but there’s still a hidden side of me that never recovered from my years of anorexia and self-harm.

  14. Rachel says:

    I’m not a cutter, but my skins marks really easily, i can have on a loose wooly bracelet, lean on it for a minute or two and the mark will stay put for a good few hours. My mum laughs and says i’ll have the best stretchmarks ever, lol

  15. vdantev says:

    Had a room-mate who was a cutter once. From what he said of the habit, he was after the endorphin burst that came after the initial pain. Hispanic is slowly becoming the new black, isn’t it?

  16. Emily says:

    I also had a roommate who used to be a cutter. The scars on her arms are very visible and stand out on her skin, I will never forget the day I noticed them. And I wasn’t alone in noticing the scars either. I truly hope Demi doesn’t cut herself.

  17. Maya says:

    If it is cuts then I would think they were from her middle school days before she left school.
    If it is happening now I hope she gets the help she need.
    She is my idol.
    I do however believe the tight bracelet thing
    That has happened to me multiple times.
    I used to wear those black rubber bracelets all the time and they were super tight!

  18. prissa says:

    Thanks for sharing everyone. I probably know why I did (you know the deep down reason) but I don’t delve into it. Suffice to say it was when I was going through something very emotional. I just focused on the aftermath, the pain, the horrible scars and also the fact that it solved nothing, rather added a whole dimention of new problems (worried that ppl would think I was crazy) and I stopped. To my best friend I rationalized that I was angry and instead of taking it out on the person I was angry at, I took it out on myself. I told her the world would be a better place if those crazies (the ppl who murder, rape, rob, victimize others etc) would just hurt themselves instead of other ppl. It was a really good argument then and I still think it is now. But she explained how it wasn’t normal, etc etc. I understand that but I still think it’s a viable outlet. I just refrain because its not socially acceptable. I also understand that its not really dealing with the underlying issues. However she told me that because most ppl don’t do it, that not everyone who saw the scars would automatically assume they were self inflicted. Anyway, I don’t know why I’m rambling… just wanted to share and say thanks. I’m in one of those moods 😥

  19. prissa says:

    Oh vdantev, what in the world does that mean?

    Hispanic is slowly becoming the new black, isn’t it? ❓

  20. Tabby says:

    It is really important to remember that cutting is usually just a necessary outlet for emotional pain – instead of getting drunk, or taking drugs or whatever, some people cut. It’s not even always linked to suicide either, it’s just a coping mechanism. Those who don’t do it find it weird, those who do know why and are ashamed because they *think* they’re weird. You could argue that people need help, but the best help I ever got was being taught how to do it carefully, safely and hygenically – yes really. There are professionals out there who do actually understand what it’s about and help you try stop, but if you can’t they help you stay alive! I would argue that this story is only as ‘big’ as it ties in with the emo type casting. Which is no different from the goth typecasting, the grunge type casting and whatever will go on after emo. I hope she does get the support she needs if it is true, but also people must respect the fact that sometimes this is just one of those things that can help. Do I recall corectly in that Princess Diana was a cutter?

  21. SeVen says:

    Sorry for the late reply – I was asleep. I cut from the time i was 15 till about age 20. I still get the urge and at times i scratch myself with my nails instead of cutting, it seems to be a cheap substitute. I dont think you can “cure” yourself because the urge is always there, like a beaten addiction, but you can train yourself to find other forms of outlet such as writing or listening to much or going for a jog.

    Dante is right, it is the endorphin rush after the pain, it gives a slight high, kinda like natures drug, which is a shame youve got to hurt yourself to get some release.

  22. vdantev says:

    Oh vdantev, what in the world does that mean? Hispanic is slowly becoming the new black, isn’t it?

    Me being obliquely cynical of course. The new niche cultural market to be reamed as marketing ploy by Disney, TV etc etc to idle suburban kids with nothing better to do. Used to be black urban street culture, but that’s pretty played out.

  23. abbizmal says:

    I didn’t see what Perez said, don’t want to, but can only imagine it wasn’t nice. I cut when I was younger too, had surgery on my wrist to repair a severed tendon, and scars still on my upper arm. It is a brain chemical thing, like dante said, took the emotional pain away. Hard to describe. Since no more drinking/drugs, I haven’t had the urge.

  24. Lynn says:

    Perez was nice about it actually. I hate him, but he likes Demi, or he likes that she’s not Miley and that he can use her to put Miley down.

    I hope Demi gets help.

  25. BabySanta says:

    i really hope she’s not cutting herself.

  26. Ling says:

    SeVen – “Some kids cut for attention and its wrong because it takes away the focus of those who cut because of deeper issues.”

    Don’t you think that’s a very insensitive remark? People who need attention so badly they’re willing to harm themselves – I think their “issue” is plenty deep. Maybe if someone is cutting for attention, they desperately need attention.

    I never cut, so perhaps I’m not the best one to comment – I dealt with adolescence by crying like Nancy Kerrigan in front of the mirror once every few months – but this whole “my issue is deeper than your issue” attitude just drives me up a wall and through a ceiling.

    This comment is sure to earn me some flack, possibly deletion, but: if non-cutters are forbidden from judging cutters, how in the name of pants can cutters judge other cutters?

  27. SeVen says:

    Ling – Perhaps I worded it wrong. What i meant to say was that because of the current ” emo ” trend, people may cut themselves because its ” in” … not really because they have an issue. People have done worse things to themselves in the name of ” A Trend”. Back in the 90s everyone go a barbed wire tattoo because Pam Anderson had one… now they regret that shit. I see youre point, and I agree to some extent but there is a possibility that “some” kids cut because its “in” not because they need or want attention.

  28. Nemo says:

    I don’t know if it’s true that she’s cutting or not but that bracelet thing sounds like rubbish. I’m… Large and I wore a neon green rubber bracelet round my right wrist for about a year and the only mark it left was a white line where my skin had coloured slightly from the sun. Demi is skinny so a rubber bracelet would dangle loosely on her and also if it left a mark the mark would go all the way around.

    If she is cutting I personally wouldn’t be surprised. Teenagers have enough problems anyway without the added pressures of being a celebrity so if she is cutting then she needs to talk about it.

  29. This is a really difficult topic to talk about. There seems to be a fine line between those who are emotional cutters, and those who are EMO cutters.

    It’s hard to describe the feeling of deep-seeded animosity, now that I haven’t cut in over three years. It’s like the bottom of a dream you had in early childhood – a very visceral sensation but difficult to put into words. . . perhaps because to contemplate them for too long may resurrect old inclinations. It’s really difficult to explain if you’ve never done it. I used to love my scars more than I loved myself. Now I look on them with shame. They represent a very dark, selfish time in my life, and I am deeply ashamed of the angry, hateful person I was.

    At my most f*cked-up (where I was deeply depressed and suicidally inclined) I was completely unabashed by my scars. I wouldn’t flaunt them, but I knew people would occasionally notice them (the ones on my forearm, anyway) and I just didn’t care. I really . . . just didn’t care. (I figured I wouldn’t be around for much longer, anyway.) If anything, I felt better about myself – my damage was a giant “F*CK YOU” to society, a private joke if you will.

    But I wasn’t cutting for the occasional glance from a stranger, or the inevitable attention I would get from friends and (ex)boyfriend. I was cutting because I didn’t respect myself. I was cutting because I loathed myself, and I lamented ever being born. The one pleasure I would find in my dark depression was self-mutilation. That sick rush I got whenever I broke the skin or left a nasty bruise.

    –> I think that’s the difference between teen angst and palpable self-loathing. Teenagers experiment with self-mutilation as a means to GET attention. Cutters will get attention from their scars eventually, but the motivation is completely intrinsic.

    I don’t know if Ms. Lovato is the first or the latter, but I have my suspicions that she is seeking the spotlight. (It took me years of cutting to work up the balls to carve on my arms, and it wasn’t long afterwards that I was hospitalized.) It’s a pity because it distracts attention from the people who have real psychological issues by “glamorizing” cutting into a “trend”. It dismisses individuals who need help (help to sort out why they are compelled to cut, and help to continue their practice safely, if need be).

  30. Ling says:

    JaundiceMaci – Forget it, I’m too tired. Please see my earlier comment.

    SeVen – I see your point, but I don’t think people would cut because it’s “in”… cutting isn’t even “in”. Cutting gets you ridicule. Cutting gets you mocked behind people’s backs. Cutting gets condescension. If you’re at a state where you’d prefer false sympathy and public mocking over being ignored, you’re probably messed.

    One notion I would entertain is that, because cutting is so publicized, it seems like a more reasonable pain release. So, instead of stewing for a long time in anguish before realizing that harming feels good, a person will go, “I’m in abject anguish. What to do, what to do… OH! That eyeliner chick at my school cuts herself, perhaps it’ll work!”

  31. RAN says:

    Ling, cutting IS “in” – you wouldn’t believe how many kids at the high school level do this because they think it will make them ‘cool’. On the other hand, my daughter has a best friend (a guy) who is into cutting and burning himself. We know the family and he’s such a good kid, but he has been miserable. He’s one of the kids who had/has personality or emotional issues. He was recently diagnosed as bipolar and seems to be better with meds, but he’s still miserably insecure and sensitive. While we struggle with our concerns over him, I watch these stupid kids cut themselves because it’s ‘cool’. While your perspectives have some foundation, they’re not entirely accurate.

    JM, I see my daughter’s friend in your post and have grown to like and respect you more and more as I read. Thank you for sharing such a critical piece of your life – it truly gives me hope that there is a bright future for this young man I’m talking about.

  32. Jody says:

    i think she’s a cutter

  33. Ling – You know Marla Singer, of Fight Club fame? How she’d sit and malinger in these terminal groups because she reveled in the attention and the energy of the sick and the dying?

    That’s the difference I see. There’s no denying there’s something is f*cked up and macabre in her line of thinking – perhaps she’s embracing the cusp of an affective disorder or Munchausen syndrome. But her motivations are clearly different than the company she keeps (even Tyler Durden’s, but that’s not really here or there). She is a tourist. At best she is annoying, at worse she can easily undermine the trust, anonymity and cohesion of the group.

    In Psychology, entomology plays a large part in treatment. The affects and behavior of an individual aren’t particular as important as why these behaviors manifest. Malingering certain behaviors can become self-evident over time, but many doctors and practitioners treat these individuals with the same attention and care as clients/patients who are truly ill. Why? Because treatment of maladaptive behaviors starts with maladaptive cognitions. And the best strategy to confront malingers is to give them time and empower their self-talk/cognitions so that they don’t need the extra attention.

    The difference is, when someone is truly self-loathing and suicidal then Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) isn’t always appropriate immediately. Sometimes stronger, more aggressive therapy and drugs are needed to peel away distractions so that the real work can begin. When they are in a position to analyze their entomology, rarely is their behavior motivated by “attention”. It’s generally much more than that, and it can take years to suss out causal contributors.

    (That’s to say nothing of the individuals who cut and scar for ascetic or ritual purposes – a whole different ball of wax together! )

    The trouble is, cutting is a “trend” today. More and more kids are doing it, whether it be out of boredom, curiosity, or attention. But the more and more this issue comes to light, the more the general public sees Marla Singer – the embodiment of a self-absorbed attention seeker. The kids with real problems get swept aside with the kids emulating the fad, until it is difficult for the public to determine which is which.

    But let me tell you, Ling. There is a huge psychological difference between tiny surface nicks on your arm and a subcutaneous gouge on your thigh. Huge.

    Ran – Thank you very much. I actually jumped back here to delete my post, but your kind words encouraged me to continue discussion on this topic. I hope your daughter’s friend finds contentment in his life, and I wish him all the best in finding his inner strength to reconcile his demons. It’s never easy, but it is definitely worth it. Kind thoughts and warm wishes.

  34. CeeJay says:

    I’m not convinced that some of you truly understand why you used to cut for extended periods of time, or why you may continue to cut when upset and/or depressed. Cutting is obviously tied to emotional and psychological issues, but too many people don’t know that cutting releases endorphins into the bloodstream. It’s a cheap “high” and a lot of people get off on it. Many of you who are cutting now may not realize this fact…you simply know that you somehow “feel better” or “feel a release” after you cut. It is the endorphins that make you feel better. It is not a healthy release of endorphins and can wreak havoc on your bodies hormonal balance. Please see a specialist to learn about the physiological ramifications of what you are doing to your body and the true reason why you find satisfaction in cutting.

  35. Neuly says:

    After time passed away, Ive discovered that Disney is WORST than porno for children. Its ironic how its supposed to be a kid creation, when its full of subliminal messages: in movies, in songs, in characters quotes. It seem that Disney Favourite word is sex (I havent seen a movie without that word hidden somewhere, in images or in tracks). The actors cut themselves and photograph themselves naked. You wanna destroy your child? get them into the Disney word and job done.

  36. Lizzie says:

    well i have nevr cut in my life so u probably may think what da hell am i commenting for then but a lot of my friends have been through that 😕 It is sad and it worries me to c people like that. I have actually helped them and they have stopped cutting. I feel that there is something in me that can actually convince them to stop. Now me and all of my friends are happy and i have helped them reach better ways to mange stress, angery isuues etc… As for people who think bad of demii leave her alone..everyone goes through problems and no one should be critized Im pretty sure demi can get cured if the rumor is true i know she will stop and if it is not then I am ssooooo happy for her 😀

  37. RAN says:

    Got your note JM and thank you for the words of encouragement. You give me hope that things will turn out alright for him someday. I’m VERY glad you didn’t delete your post.

  38. Lizzie says:

    Demi was wearing those bracelets to cover up her scars

  39. annex says:

    I’m really glad people are talking about cutting up now. We never heard of it in the 80’s

    I did it – thighs and arms were the closest thing that got cut. I traded it in for drugs, traded drugs for work addiction, traded the WA for intensity and rage and finally went into Co-dependecy/Addiction counselling.

    Pia Mellody is a good place to start if you think this is you too.

    Things DID get better

    Take care out there


  40. demi says:

    that is so cool! Demi Lovato is so beautiful! Why they don’t wrote by Vietnamese so everyone can understand ha?

  41. savyy says:

    y’all really need to get a life this is none of your business nor you problem!maybe it’s something personal and it probly is cuz it none of halls friggin business y’all don’t have a life so y’all gossip and really stupidvstuff like marks on ones wrist?wow y’all Must be bored with ur own lives!

  42. ang says:


  43. kaylla says:

    wow ang thats real nice. But I dont have time for all your crazy comments. But 1 thing shut up!

  44. -Alz- says:

    I think that Demi needs help if she has done this to herself. You know I would have cut myself if that paps were always in my face and rumours spread round me. But I still hope she has kept everything down to earth and hopefully it is all another stupid rumour that the media has exploited.
    Demi you rock!

  45. sel says:

    ok so i have cut myself but idk if it could really be called cutting
    you see, i would only do little cuts like not that deep just enough to make me feel like i was beeing relived of stress, would that be called cutting still?
    thanks ,

  46. Katie says:

    I really hope Demi isn’t cutting. She has so many young fans, and even if it’s not true, young kids might start thinking “Oh, well if Demi’s doing it, then it must be okay for me to”. Demi is my idol and I don’t know what to believe, but I hope the bracelet story is true. I get those sort of marks from gummy bracelets and hair ties all the time, just because Demi’s in the spotlight, she gets a ton of crap. If someone who wasn’t famous cut themselves and said it was from gummy bracelets, people would probably believe them. But because those money-hunting-reputation-ruining-selfish-greedy-paparazzi-dudes (and dudettes), Demi now has a ton of crap to deal with.

  47. Katie says:

    BTW, Demi was bullied as a child, so they could be marks from back then.

  48. steff says:

    i do think it could be the braclets it happens to me sometimes

  49. demi lovato says:

    i do not cut my self and im not emo i just like black and red and my gummy bracelets were tight u guys really ned to get a life an stop gossiping cause this will make them want to hurt others or themselves ……………….uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh

  50. demi lovato says:

    oh and um fyi u guys r being very imature by gossiping an plus miley does not cut herself people who start these things r jerks even if i was cutting my self it woud be bloody and black an blue next time i see somthing like this i will sue whoever started it

  51. idontkn says:


  52. flowergirl says:

    I sincerely think that Disney is one
    of the worst companies of the
    entertainment industry. I am sure of
    this. They brainwash kids and
    make them do really bad things.
    They convince american little kids
    that their movies and actors are the
    best and put them in some type of
    spell.The only descent movie they have
    is Wolley,but they are sincerely a
    very corrupt company that spreads its
    bad influence to everyone. Their teen
    actors are not good maybe with the
    exceptions of Selena Gomez and Lovato.
    It’s like they don’t seek kids
    that have real talent,all they want
    is the money of the public.

  53. flowergirl says:

    I really don’t see any cut.
    E!News is always saying things.
    They are sensationalits,that’s it.
    That’s why I don’t see their tv show
    anymore. I see and pay attention to
    real news and educational channels
    like Science Channel,National Geogra-
    phic Channel,TLC and the Animal
    Planet. Other good ones are Smile
    and TBN. You don’t see no actors
    but you learn things going on in the
    world that are interesting.

  54. Cute boy says:

    May be an old attempt to hurt herself?

    Anyways, Demi is really pretty and stylish..

  55. Ellie says:

    Demi used to cut when she was younger and got bullied. The scars on the site didn’t look very new, they are probably old. It isn’t any of our business what goes on in Demi’s life. If scars are obvious enough for us to be noticing then her family would know about too. They’ll seek help if she needs it.

  56. s. d. says:

    Yeah, as I previous cutter, and from my experience in the mental hospital, I can say this; very, very few people cut obvious places like the wrists. (if they do, they’ll be covered up 24/7, and for someone in Demi’s position it’s not at all sensible). Most cutters harm their thighs or tummies which are less likely to be shown. We’re crazy, but we’re not fucking stupid. 😀

  57. Hannah says:

    Just because she has some scars, does not mean she cuts. it doesn’t mean she doesn’t either. But I”m just saying…that’s just not enough evidence to prove anyhthing like that.

  58. jessica says:

    I dont see any scars in these pics??

  59. rahul says:

    you are a become a celibrity so your life is not only yours so plz dont kill us

  60. Celina Idleburg says:

    I cant stand her stupid ass but del toro is amazing!! He makes the most interesting and wonderful films. The orphanage was so creepy but had such a sweet ending for a horror film. He needs to keep it up and keep making great moviesReport this comment as spam or abuse

  61. Kris says:

    So what if she cuts? So do I. It’s NOT a suicide attempt, as many would think.It’s a way of coping with stress, self-hatred and many unresolved problems. Leave her alone, all the negative publicity won’t make things any better. Grow up and open your eyes! 1 in 4 teen self-harm.. Instead of judging people, support and help them to recover.
    Most of you people sicken me.. Demi is my role model. Demi is an amazing young lady with a story to tell. She’s turning the pages and won’t close the book. I love you Demi♥