Lindsay Lohan lied about her half-sister during her ‘GMA’ interview: shocking!

These are some photos from Lindsay Lohan’s appearance on Good Morning America last Friday. I’m sorry I never got around to covering her appearance on the show, but in all honesty, I’m in kind of a “I don’t even care enough to joke about the crackhead” phase. It happens sometimes – I hit a Lohan wall and her crack shenanigans are of no interest. But don’t worry, it will pass. It will probably pass when she does something majorly crackie, like when she gets arrested again for some new and unknown charge, or when she does another Terry Richardson photo shoot or something. Or maybe it will be when I finally sit down and watch Liz & Dick, which I’m sure will make me so sad/angry that I won’t be able to function for days. Anyway, here’s some budget video of Lohan’s GMA interview (Note: the volume is really loud in this clip).

If you watched the whole thing (I didn’t), you’ll see that Lohan was asked about her new half-sister – Michael Lohan just found out for sure that he is the father of 17-year-old Ashley Horn. When Lindsay was asked about it, she crack-lied. Of course. Not only is she a crack-liar, but she also thinks she’s important enough to pull diva-rank on media outlets… and they let her get away with it.

Not only did Lindsay Lohan lie on Good Morning America Friday when she said she didn’t know she had a secret half-sister, but prior to her appearance, LiLo’s powerhouse public relations team at Rogers & Cowan gave producers of GMA a list of questions the actress could NOT be asked by Amy Robach, including anything relating to her ongoing criminal legal issues – and the top rated morning news program agreed, is exclusively reporting.

“Lindsay’s reps gave the executive producer of Good Morning America a LENGTHY list of subject matters that she absolutely wouldn’t be asked by Amy Robach. GMA had to agree in writing before the interview that Lindsay wouldn’t be asked ANY questions about the many criminal legal issues she was facing, including the looming lying to cops charge after her car accident last summer,” a source close to the situation tells us.

“The primary focus of the interview was for Lindsay to talk about her role in the Liz & Dick television movie. Lindsay’s new p.r. team is working to craft a new image of her, and this includes only having her do print and television interviews that they can control. Lindsay’s team hand-picked Amy Robach to do the interview because they thought she would be comfortable with her. GMA agreed to the conditions because they thought the audience would want to see what Lindsay had to say. If GMA hadn’t agreed, they were prepared to go elsewhere. One option for Lindsay’s television morning interview wasn’t the TODAY show because they NEVER would agree to any pre-conditions of any interview, it’s just not what they have ever done,” the insider added.

As previously reported, Lindsay acted surprised when asked on GMA about this week’s widely reported news that she has a secret half-sister. When GMA’s Amy Robach broached the topic that her dad Michael Lohan had recently been given DNA proof that he had fathered a child, now 17-years-old, out of wedlock with a former mistress, LiLo replied: “I didn’t even hear that, so thanks for the news!”

However, a source tells us Linds, who has been known to have a problem telling the truth, “absolutely knew she had a half-sister for a very long time. Lindsay has Google news alerts set up for every member of her family, including her dad, so when it made news yesterday, she absolutely read about it. However, Lindsay found out long before that she has a half-sister. Lindsay is embarrassed by it and doesn’t have a desire to meet her sibling.”

Lohan’s appearance on GMA came days after she canceled an in-depth interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters, only to make a surprise comedic appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. She’s also scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno next Tuesday.

A spokesperson for GMA says, “there were no conditions on the interview and if there were, we wouldn’t do the interview….We asked the questions we wanted to ask.”

When reached for comment, a representative from Rogers & Cowan denied that there were any restrictions placed on the GMA interview. “GMA graciously booked Lindsay on the show to promote Liz & Dick and we were all very happy with the result,” the rep told Radar.

[From Radar]

Bulls—t. OK, that pisses me off. LL’s publicists clearly came in with a list of stuff LL would not be asked, and GMA bent over. Which is really f—ked up. If the journalists of GMA can’t be bothered to show journalistic ethics over a GD Lohan interview, how can they be believed on real news stories?

Meanwhile, TMZ has a story about how Lindsay really feels about her half-sister too. Team Lohan tells TMZ that Lindsay has no plans to meet Ashley Horn and LL is “100% done with the ‘circus’ that is her father Michael Lohan.” LL was “aware” of the paternity issue for a while, but she didn’t know that Michael had actually taken a DNA test until last week, and she finds the whole situation “disgusting”. Michael Lohan told TMZ, “I am sorry to hear Lindsay feels that way. I met Ashley and she is a good kid. But we all have our choices to make in life, as well as our own prerogatives. Who knows, maybe someday things will change. Regardless, I want the best for all my kids.” Blah.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. boobytrap says:

    ugly shoes.

    • dorothy says:

      I honestly don’t know how she walks the streets for “John’s” in those shoes. Must be so uncomfortable.

    • Kaye says:

      Why stop at the shoes? Ugly goes clear to the top of her head.

      • gg says:

        I won’t stop at the shoes. Her cheeks look about to explode from overfilling with implants and chemicals. And I want to slap the smug look off her face.

        She fails to realize SHE is the family circus, even more than her trainwreck of a dad. I feel awful for poor Ashley, and I’m sure everybody else does too.

        TEAM ASHLEY.

      • atorontogal says:

        Those shoes are hideOUS! Does Lindsay think she is a big star still? Cuz that’s hllarious.

        Anyway I agree with gg…team Ashley all the way!!

      • deehunny says:

        haha it goes to the top of her head. but of course she’s embarrassed by the whole situation. anyone would be.

        When I saw the last picture with her smiling, the chipmunk cheek fillers are out of control. it’s amazing to me that someone actually wants to look like that

    • Lady D says:

      LOL. I was just going to post the same thing about those ugly shoes.

    • Liv says:

      Exactly. Bad taste.

    • Chica says:

      also my overwhelming thought. Those hideous shoes. Why??

  2. dorothy says:

    If the half sister is lucky Lindsay, or anyone else in her family won’t have anything to do with her. Hate to see this young girl “infested” with Lohan influence.

    • Nancito says:

      Actually, I read an “article” a few weeks ago where the half-sister said that she didn’t want to be involved with the Lohans and their shenanigans.

      • Zigggy says:

        On the Trisha Godard show she said she didn’t want to be a part of the “Lohan train wreck.”
        But- she wants to be an actress and singer, so…

      • deehunny says:

        @Ziggy– I kept hearing the line from her that she wants nothing to do with her father or the Lohans, etc, etc, but yet she is going on TV countless times to talk about it and then reveals the paternity on national television.

        Of course she wants to be an actress/whatever, that type of fakeness is inherited.

  3. ctkat1 says:

    That fake hair is the worst looking thing I have ever seen perched atop a head, including Bret Michael’s weave.

    Going back to red was a good idea, but not synthetic hair!

  4. gloaming says:

    So is GMA the new kneepads? Seems that way…..
    Rave reviews. Yeah riiight….

    • the original bellaluna says:

      For the REAL review of L&D, go to The Hollywood Reporter & search for it – it was a joy to read.

      • Miss Kiki says:

        Bella, I just read it and it was hilarious. Most of the reviews are saying the same thing, reading them was a treat.

        I’m wondering when we’ll get it over in England because I’m actually more excited about this film than I was about the Avengers Dongfest!

    • Jujube says:

      GMA has the knee pads on every time they bend over for pharma and yap the pharma- party line about vaccines! LOL, you shouldn’t be so surprised by this, unfortunately. As Nancy Snyderman (GMA’s go to doc) says just get your damned shots! Trust her!

  5. emmie_a says:

    omg. that face. Can’t she see what she’s doing to herself?

    And I think you have to just assume everything she says is a lie.

  6. Jenna says:

    Eh. That family is full of douches. But what are those shoes she’s wearing!? o_O

  7. Riana says:

    Her hair looks gorgeous, THAT’S the color she should be wearing – not blonde.

    On one hand I kind of don’t hate her for this. It’s a difficult situation I haven’t bothered to look into other than hearing she has a new half-sister.

    The lie might have been more ‘I don’t want to talk about my father and the products of his ruining another family’ a lot of folks don’t admit to half siblings or even consider them such.

    • PinkG says:

      Her hair is GROSS. I pity the poor make-up technician who had to do her hair and makeup. Probably had the deal with lice, roaches, gnats, and so on. This trick is so dirty looking, she could take a bath and still look like filth.

  8. Winnie says:

    I’m curious what reviews the GMA woman read, because I haven’t seen anything positive. The best I saw was “adequate.”

  9. Ok says:

    I actually like the shoes. It is nice to see Lindsay with the dark auburn hair again. It is flattering on her. I think she looks better than she has in awhile, although she looks tired and sad.

    But I am really liking the shoes a lot.

  10. kay says:

    But a much better interview than KStew!

    never thought I’d say that.

  11. valleymiss says:

    Am I naive in saying I think it’s messed up that she doesn’t want anything to do with her half sister? It’s not like that girl had any say in who her dad was…why should she be “punished”? (Ok, I know it’s not a punishment to not have Lindsay in your life…it’s more of a punishment TO HAVE LL in your life…)

    I guess I’m speaking more broadly here. Why should kids suffer or punish each other for the sins of the adults? Makes me think of Gwen and Gavin and how he fathered a child who’s like 18 or 19 now. I always wonder, do Kingston and Zuma have any contact with their half sis? And if not, why not?

    • LadyMTL says:

      I was thinking the same thing! Like…why is it this Ashley person’s fault that her dad happens to also be LL’s dad? Mind you, considering the fact that Lindsay Lohan is her half-sis, maybe the girl ought to run far and run fast.

    • littlestar says:

      I thought the exact same thing as you. Very weird and sad that Lindsay seems to be punishing her half-sister for the “sins” of her loser father. But you are right, I think it’s more of a punishment to have Lindsay as a sister! That girl will be better off without those fools in her life.

      As for Gwen and Gavin, I remember reading that Gwen Stefani was really hurt when she found out about his secret love child and considered ending their marriage over it. I think Gwen doesn’t want anything to do with his daughter, and cut her out of their lives completely. Which makes me sad, because I love Gwen Stefani and I don’t want to think of her as a petty person
      :( .

    • Riana says:

      As someone who has half-siblings she doesn’t keep in contact with I can tell ou its pretty normal. I think families today are very focused on the nuclear aspect and whenever there’s some outside figure unless the parents make an effort to make them part of the family you just naturally exclude them and move on with your life.

      Yes it does suck, but that’s how it goes.

    • gg says:

      It’s not wrong at all for you to think that. The MATURE way of handling this would be for the siblings to at least be polite to each other, rather than the trainwreck daughter hissing and spitting over an innocent girl who did no wrong. The Lohan family is 4ucked up beyond all reason.

    • Becky says:

      As an only child lucky enough to have eight cousins right about my age who are very, very close and even fight like sisters, the first thing I would do is pick up the phone and say, “Dad is a major douche, let’s get to know each other, I’m so excited!” And immeadiatedly spend some quality time with the girl. Now, if I were the girl, I dunno, cuz Lindsay is scum, and yeah, it’s easy to love the sister you are raised with, but it might be a lil overwhelming for this poor girl…
      Lindsay might also feel like she is betraying her mom, after all, Ashley is the fruition if her fathers cheating, and we all know Lindsay’s dysfunctional attachment to Dina…
      All I know is that I would be happy happy happy to find out I have a sister about my age! Unless that sisters is LILO! It’s like the Alanis song Ironic.

      • karma kandi says:

        My half sister only keeps in touch when she wants money or wants to know what my dad is leaving her in the will. Needless to say I can care less about her and like to pretend she doesnt exist. She’s on the other side of the country so its not hard. Blood doesn’t mean family if the feeling isn’t there.

  12. Eleonor says:

    Did she steal also Lady Gaga’s shoes?

  13. some bitch says:

    Hideous shoes.

    Those cheapo hand tattoos lend a real ex-con vibe now that they’re fading. DON’T tattoo your hands, ladies!

    • Theresa says:

      Totally! I found the picture (I could not watch the interview for more than one minute, she annoyed me that quickly!) where she demurely and oh-so-lady-like pulls her hair away from her face with her grubby fingers and jailhouse tats so disconcerting!

      You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig!

      She remains clueless, desperate for validation and it goes to show how desperate the news/entertainment media are for content that LLohan is booked on anything.

  14. tyler says:

    omg her VOICE makes my skin crawl.

  15. Rachel says:

    OMG those cheek implants… I can’t even.

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    Don’t worry, Cracken; she doesn’t want half your stash!

  17. Talie says:

    She would’ve lied her way through the Babs interview as well…so whatever. She should just stop talking.

  18. fabgrrl says:

    I must say, she looks surprisingly good here. Probably a wig or something, but that is the color hair she should have.

  19. tyler says:

    omg her VOICE makes my skin crawl! but otherwise, at least her eyes are open and she’s not slurring her words… improvement?

  20. SmokeyBlues says:

    I need to say some words in her defense here. #1, most celebrities have caveats about what may and may not be talked about during interviews.
    And #2, I don’t blame her for saying she doesn’t know anything about the half sister. She obviously does not want to discuss it, and probably did not want to hurt the new sis on TV by saying “yes I know and I have chosen not to be involved right now”. I mean, with a father like that she is constantly in situations she would surely like to avoid, and that she did not create herself. She has made a lot of mistakes but I don’t see this response as one of them.

    • Boo says:

      But why lie about it? Why not just say, “yes, I heard that news, and my family and I prefer to deal with it privately. It’s not something I want to talk about.” But no–always a lie.

      • G says:

        And, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what her PR people told her to say. But I doubt she spent much time preparing for this. Instead she flubbed her line and went with the “staying positive” rote talk that wasn’t really appropriate here.

      • Tina says:

        I love that all of a sudden Radar is a credible source. Half te time this site sys take what that day with a grain of salt…but we hate LILO, so all is justified. I wouldn’t want to comment on that issue either if it was my dad’s love child. And I SERIOUSLY doubt this girl wants nothing todo with the Lohans since she and her mother went on a freakin’ talk show to do a paternity test.

  21. Boo says:

    Do you think when a waitress asks her if she wants dessert, or a cab driver asks where she wants to go, or a salesperson asks her if she needs help(!), she says, “Everyone goes through things, and I like to learn from my mistakes and move forward!” Same thing, over and over, and then her actions just fly in the face of this rehearsed and poorly performed speech.

    She looks terrible physically, but she also looks miserably and thoroughly unhappy.

  22. logan says:

    I would sooner watch that Domino’s Pizza guy fold boxes (from the commercial)then watch anything this empty souless twit is in. Jimmy Fallon knock it off.

  23. Lilly says:

    they denied a list for the chris brown interview too – i see a pattern of not caring and just asking whatever the heck they want

  24. apsutter says:

    Ugh..look at her preening like a prized heifer. Those shoes are awful and she really needs to start wearing a bra regularly. Her breasts are so low for how young she is and she has jowls.

  25. e.non says:

    her fingers are so discolored making her hands look so dirty .. like she never washes before leaving the ladies room…

    and that voice. and face.

  26. G says:

    So, while this isn’t great, it’s better than she’s done and looked in a while. She showed up. The result is wooden and dull. But that new team got her a gig and she showed up for work.

    I do wonder whether she’s got the grit to work through these appearances and get it together?

    Her attitude towards her half sister just cements my view,(after the Amanda Bynes tweet) that her recovery is totally fake and she’s got zero compassion for anyone.

    Unfortunately, that movie will be the camp film of the decade and she won’t go away

    Actually, I think she’s exactly like Michael, a mean drunk, an opportunist, physically violent and career scoflaw.

    • Becky says:

      I think Lindsay was off coke for a hot minute, and probably still is despite her abilty to drink and not pass out.
      however, lately she has Definetly been on a binge, though I think she’s just really into pills now, I’m guessing opiates like roxys and perkys, and the drinking, duh.
      She seemed to be messing with meth for a lil while there, so I can see how she would consider heavy opiates being clean, and I can also see how a lot of people here wouldn’t.
      just my nonprofessional opinion.

  27. claire says:

    Yeah, her dad’s life is a circus. But what does she think hers is?! Cracks me up when she acts “above” things. She’s so rude to say that about this new half-sister, but I’d be surprised the girl wanted to meet her either.

    I have to say about the Today show…just because they won’t follow a list of questions, doesn’t mean they’re not soft. Matt Lauer didn’t challenge her on any of her lies last time she was on. Remember when she told him she was a homebody?

  28. C. C. Cedras says:

    She looks like the “Madame” puppet in the old comedy act “Wayland and Madame”. o_O

  29. Rio says:

    Wasn’t there news about this half-sister like, two years ago? Like everyone was 99% sure she was a Lohan but they just hadn’t done the test yet? If I can vaguely remember something like that about a total stranger, there is NO WAY that she forgot about it.

    And, oh flippin’ fantastic, now she has the exact same hair color as I do. Well, at least mine doesn’t look like I committed war crimes against Equestria in order to get it.

  30. Shelly says:

    Gawd!! Her poor face. What did it ever do to her to make her disfigure it so?! Anyway…..I’ll give her a pass on playing dumb when asked about her new half-sister. She obviously does not want to discuss it, and I can’t say I blame her.

  31. lori says:

    Here’s how the truth would look. ” Yes I do know about the half sister as well as the bun my ol’ man has got cooking with his current slam piece. But I will not be acknowledging either because I can’t afford another mouth to feed. I”m currently banking rolling myself, mom and 3 other siblings and this is really cutting into my crack money. Do you know how many BJ’s I’ll have to give out to get MiLo caught up on 17 years of back child support? My jaw hurts just thinking about it.”

  32. Lulu says:

    Jowls. Hooves. Glazed eyes.


  33. Grace says:

    She had an opportunity to do the right thing and help her little sister but she chose to act like trash.
    The new sister needs to run far and fast from these people before the father tries to pimp her out too.
    It seems the rumors about him being Lindsey’s first may be true. She is abnormally loyal to him for all the dirt that he does to her on a regular basis.

  34. KellyinSeattle says:

    She looks so sad and lost in the first pic. I have a little empathy left for her, as a recovering alcoholic. Users are usually blind to their own demise. Her dad is a “tub-a-goo”, as my 16 year old would say!

  35. trudiebell says:

    I will never get plastic surgery.

  36. skuddles says:

    The sun rises and sets each day, the sky is blue, water is wet, and Lohan lies every time she opens her mouth. All is right in the world.

  37. connie says:

    “Bottom Line: Both an awful mess and an instant classic of unintentional hilarity.” Hilarious!

    It’s insane to see pictures of her now looking “pretty decent” compared to how she used to look… Anyhow she actually has a stylist! I started following her on instagram and she actually seems lucid (as much as you can come across on a social media site only for pictures)but i found it interesting

  38. lucy2 says:

    Agree that the best thing for that girl would be all Lohans staying away from her.

    Lindsay is only done with her father until she needs him for something again or wants to bitch about her mother. All three of them are just the worst.

  39. connie says:

    someone mentioned above, but here’s the link as everyone should read this review

  40. Rex says:

    Doesn’t surprise me – GMA is not the most trusted news source – non of the MSM is anymore.

  41. Chicagogurl17 says:

    When was she working constantly? Really, am total sincere.

  42. Bess says:

    I think LL’s refusal to meet her half sister is due to her loyalty to Dina.

    • Madisyn says:

      I’d bet the vodka vat that Dina is adamant about Blohan and the others NOT having contact with this ‘love child’ or the one yet to be born.

      *cracktinis all around for a little, pre-Thanksgiving holiday celebration*

  43. Eileen says:

    Oh yes, LL-I can imagine how devestating it must be to have Father Micahel and his circus antics in your life. lol
    Not that i’m definding that dirtbag, but its not like she doesn’t have her own 3-ring circus going on!

  44. Violet says:

    I’m no fan of hers, but GMA really crossed the line by ignoring the no-go list they signed off on.

    As for Michael Lohan — who is at this very moment expecting yet another unplanned child — he needs to either keep it in his pants or wrap it up, since he way too irresponsible and callous to be a father. It’s beyond awful that he waited 17 YEARS to acknowledge his own flesh and blood. Shameful.

    With parents like Michael and Dina, it’s no wonder that Lindsay is such a f*ckup.

  45. FingerBinger says:

    Even scarier is Michael Lohan is still procreating. He’s expecting a child with the woman who claimed he beat her.

  46. Madisyn says:

    Wouldn’t it have been MUCH simpler for Rogers and Cowan to list what GMA COULD discuss instead of the ‘phone book’ of what they could not?

    • Bess says:

      I’m surprised GMA agreed not to ask certain questions. IT’s not like Blohan has any clout in the industry or is in demand for interviews. LL is the one who’s contractually obligated to promote this storm and it would make sense that she’d rather do it on the #1 morning news show and not some third rate mess.

      • Madisyn says:

        Any ‘celebrity’ in ‘scandal mode’ has their ‘team’ make sure they don’t ask certain questions, Blohan is no different. The SLAG does bring in ratings, if nothing else. She doesn’t give a fvck about promoting this, she’s doing it because she HAS TO.

  47. serena says:

    her face (and her demeanor), makes me sad

  48. Madisyn says:

    Probation will be REVOKED and her ‘biggest fan’ Sautner won’t be presiding. Good Times . . .

  49. Shy says:

    The most funny part was when reporter was telling Lohan that she has rave reviews for Liz and Dick. With a totally serious face.

    She is like: “I watched the movie last night. It’s fantastic. And woke up this morning to see rave reviews about it. Congratulations”. And Lohan is all serious excepting it. AS IF. Where are those reviews? Can you link us dear reporter? Where did you read them? I believe that there was only one review at Hollywood Reporter. And they laughed their ass of the movie. Calling it funny SNL sketch. That was straight up lie coming from the mouth of interviewer.

    That was so embarrassing for the profession of reporter. They kiss ass of those celebrities and then those idiots believe their own hype.

  50. Adrien says:

    I miss Cady Heron.

  51. Joey says:

    If the journalists of GMA can’t be bothered to show journalistic ethics over a GD Lohan interview, how can they be believed on real news stories?

    My heart breaks for this statement…