Halle Berry will be seeking a permanent restraining order against Gabriel Aubry

Here are some newish photos of Halle Berry on Friday in LA with Nahla. Halle took Nahla to see Yo Gabba Gabba! Live at the Nokia Theatre. Other celebrities were there with the kids, of course, but Halle and Nahla definitely got the most attention. As we discussed on Friday, Halle’s ex and her current got into some kind of awful fist-fight outside of her house on Thanksgiving. Gabriel was arrested, charged with misdemeanor battery and released on bond. Olivier was not charged with anything because – as it seems currently, from an investigative standpoint – Olivier only injured Gabriel in self-defense, meaning that Gabriel started it.

So, what’s happening around this situation now? There’s not a lot of information, surprisingly enough. I kind of expected Halle to release more details to TMZ, maybe even give a statement to People Magazine. But that hasn’t happened… yet. Maybe she’s waiting for the holiday weekend to be over so that more people will be paying attention. Here are some bullet points of what we know now:

*TMZ reminds us that Halle got an “emergency protective order” against Gabriel, meaning that he cannot be within 100 feet of her, Olivier or Nahla. To enforce this protective order, Halle is now rolling with armed security guards.

*TMZ says that Halle will be going to court this week to ask for a restraining order against Gabriel. “Sources” (cough) say “Halle and her lawyers are alarmed that Gabriel allegedly started the fight with Olivier Martinez right in front of 4-year-old Nahla. Although a judge issued an emergency order of protection — requiring Gabriel to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Nahla and Olivier — that order expires Tuesday. We’re told Halle’s lawyers will be in family court asking a judge to extend that protection for an indefinite period of time.” Halle’s argument boils down to “Gabriel is violent and she doesn’t want him around Nahla.”

*You can see a photo of Gabriel’s bruised and swollen face here at TMZ. He has a black eye and it’s super-puffy. I bet it hurts like hell too. Olivier’s injuries are said to include a “screwed up” hand and a sore neck and shoulder, maybe.

*Radar says that Halle’s security cameras captured the fight, but the video hasn’t been given to the LAPD (who are still investigating the situation). Radar says Gabriel wants the video to be turned over – maybe he thinks the video will prove that Olivier instigated the situation?

Ugh. Hot mess. And it’s only going to get worse, you know.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Liv says:

    This is so wrong. I hardly doubt that someone who starts the fight ends up looking like this – at least not when the other person is trying to ease the situation. Why is Olivier still allowed to be around Nahla? He beat her dad to a pulp, this was not just self-defence.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Oh, this is just Halle being her usual manipulative, calculating, psycho, insane, careless bitch. She planned this, she made sure this would happen and Olivier is evidentely LOVING the drama and gorging on it. Sick people.

      You know, I just cannot wait for when this latest relationship will have lost its “pop” and drama appeal; then Halle will be trying to convince us all that Olivier is such a bad, horrible person who absolutely must never be allowed near her kid/s.
      Man, she’s dreaming if she thinks anybody at all will be watching any of her movies anymore: people despise calculating bitches.

      • Tanguerita says:


      • Violet says:

        Yep, you’ve summed it up nicely. My heart goes out to Nahla and Gabriel.

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        +1 to everything you guys said. This whole thing sickens me.

      • Loulou says:

        Berry will be about as popular as OJ Simpson from now on…

      • Dea says:

        @rocketmerry: +1000
        Halle has understood by now that Oliver is an alcoholic and might have a really bad temper (proof is the way he has beaten Gabriel — it is really bad. Maybe someone else could have died depending on circumstances). She planned all this so she can win the restraining order against poor Gabriel and in the same time says goodbye to Oliver. I do not see any other alternative. She won’t stay with Oliver for along time as she cannot go to the Judge and say her daughter is safer with Oliver rather than Gabriel. She is a real c…
        I hope the Judge will be able to see through her and I hope she will loose the custody of Nahla some day. If her daughter stays with her, she will have big problems when she grows up. She will be worse than Halle!

      • Nicolette says:


      • so true says:

        soooooooooooooooooooo true! lou lou is a zillion percent right!

      • acp says:

        HAHA, The Halle Berry comparison to OJ Simpson is absurd – she is NOT an acquitted muderer! The truth always comes out. Indeed, Halle Berry will one day look in the mirror and understand that she is the common denominator in all of her circumstances… Fingers crossed her daughter grows up to be a normal, productive member of society in the future. PS: how could ANYONE hit such a gorgeous face as Gabriel Aubry? Why not just caress it?!

    • Charmingfrock says:

      I guess this was in the cards when she lost her bid to kidnap the child to France. If I had sons, I would use her as an object lesson about how they should RUN from women like this!

      • Izzy says:

        LOL, and it’s never too early to start teaching them! Halle is a level-10 crazy.

        Fun side story: my nephew is tall and adorable; when he started middle school last year, all the girls were drooling over him. One in particular thought that if other girls were scared to look at him, he would only go out with her. So she threatened to beat up any girl she even saw talking to him.

        I may only be his aunt, but I slammed the lid on that real fast. I forbade him from ever even thinking about going out with her, first because he’s too young (IMO) and second, because as I told him, “that’s the kind of girl you’ll be taking out a restraining order on in 10 years.”

        He managed to avoid her for much of the year, until she tried to tell him (no, I’m not kidding) that he was going to the school dance with her. He said no thanks, he didn’t want to go with her.

        Smart boy who listens to his smart auntie. And the girl who wouldn’t leave him alone is a Halle in training. Fun times.

    • Kim says:

      If you push or hit an ex boxer you are going to get a beatdown Moral of the story

      • Liv says:

        And I thought boxers would learn how to handle their temper on the street. How silly I am.

      • Jane says:

        He is a stupid boxer if he doesn’t realize how he is being used by HB. One day this relationship will go into the toilet and he is going to wonder why he ever allowed her to get him in the middle of this mess.

      • ol cranky says:

        I thought boxer’s hands/fists were considered lethal weapons. . .

        So Olivier tries to tell Gabriel to get over it which, under the circumstances, he had to know would just inflame an already bad situation. Gabriel gets miffed, overreacts and pushes Olivier out of the way and then Olivier issues a beat down on Gabriel’s face and only one guy is considered the bad guy? Gabriel has been dealing with escalating attempts at parental alienation so his anger and anger management issues (which are only directed at Halle and now Olivier who feels the need to step in) while wrong, are understandable. Even if Olivier is pissed his precious fiancee didn’t get her way and they can’t live happily ever after in France pretending Nahla is their child and not Gabriel’s as well, Olivier should have been able to control his anger and walked away instead of reacting violently. I hope to god that CPS and the courts see this for what it really is and, if necessary, issue an order for a third party – selected by the court and paid for by Halle – to handle exchange of the Nahla while ensuring Nahla has an equal amount of time with both of her parents. Perhaps the court should also has a court appointed special advocate oversee hiring and management of the nannies that are used as well

      • Little Darling says:

        I have a feeling that while Oliver didn’t “push” or “hit” first….he probably put a firm hand on Gabe, maybe “grabbed” a bit, or “jostled” or “firmly” with his hand told Gabe he needed to move on. Gabe probably tried to back off, or shove off and Oliver gave him a massive beat down because of it. Bullshiz. Halle is a horrible mother. I said it. Who does this? My ex husband is a Napoleon complexed narcissist who is pretty horrible as a dad and an ex…I would still never keep my boys from him. Part of the beauty is letting them realize all on their own that he’s a major douche. Is this not enough for Halle? The contempt I feel for her as a mother and woman is unreal. She is just too much. I’m sorry she’s damaged, but she is completely recreating the cycle.

    • Jane says:

      Even if GA did start the fight, hopefully a level headed judge will understand that everyone makes a mistake and GA is no danger at all to his daughter, so no permanent restraining order. Maybe a lecture to *both* parents?

      One to GA to tell him not to fall for these set ups and stop letting HB play him like a violin. He knows better than anyone she is doing what she can to get Nahla away from him.

      One to HB to tell her to keep her boyfriend out of her business concerning GA and Nahla. If she doesn’t understand she is making things worse by manipulating her boyfriend to get involved, then maybe an investigation needs to be conducted into *her* parenting abilities.

      • anna says:

        I don’t live in US so I don’t get this whole situation, but here in Sweden if a woman is living with a man who is violent, the authorities will step in and tell her that they will take away the child from her if she don’t leave the man! And of course that also goes for if the man is violent to the childs father as in this case.

        Also in Daily Mail Olivier is pictured stocking up on alcohol the next day and Halle is escorted by four cops? I mean wow is Gabriel Aubry some kind of supervillian suddenly???

        I think it wont take long until Olivier goes at Halle too, he seems to have a drinking problem and he is violent….

    • Loulou says:

      + 1

      Did anyone really think she’d be anywhere else come Monday morning?!

    • nikko says:

      Why is everyone against Halle? Why do you people think that Gab is so great and good. Apparently he’s not. Gab needs to go back to NY and get back to work and see his daughter on the days he is schedule. He needs to move on in his life. He’s also fueling the fire.

      • hikkilove says:

        I dont think GA is great. I think he is incredibly flawed, but that doesnt mean that he is a bad father and should be kept from his daughter. I really hate when women try to separate children from their fathers for no reason other than revenge. its disgusting and honestly i believe HB set this up. this was just the next step in her constant struggle to ruin his relationship with his daughter. in the end. Nahla is the most hurt.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        nikko – Let me break down my hmo for you:

        HB has thrown EVERYTHING IN THE BOOK at GA, and nothing (thus far) has stuck.

        She’s like a toddler or small child, trying to negotiate to get her way. And when she doesn’t, well, LOOK OUT. EPIC FITS ARE IN THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE!!

        As a domestic violence survivor, who lived with a TRULY violent sociopath and managed to escape with my (and my infant’s) life, I have ZERO TOLERANCE for ANY woman who screams “ABUSE” even where there has been none.

      • jk says:

        Why the hell should Gabe move on? That is his kid too and not that drunken ex boxers and that trap Halley..I am sick to death of these women who think thse kids are all theirs. SHe has lied to the courts and set him up and I hope she loses custody of that child and she can move on..that man had NO right to approach Gabe at all. She is just a common tramp living with a drunk and using him for a sperm donor and he is going to beat her facwe to a pulp one ofn these days.,.,,wait and see

    • Mmmmm says:

      i am living in europe,i am not familiar with the law in america but did yoy see the last pictures of HB escorted by 4 policemen in motorbikes? …, is she afraid ? of what? , is she so important that need 4 policemen , who pays that? and finally , she just took her daugter to see a show…,
      btw you could see the pictures in http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2238141/Halle-Berry-wants-permanent-protection-order-ex-Gabriel-Aubry-brutal-fight-new-lover-Olivier-Martinez.html

    • EnuffSaid says:

      Wow!! I didn’t think anybody could top Tom Cruise with twisted, psycho, narcissistic, controlling,
      parenting… Way to go Halle Bully you’re carrying the torch now… Congratz!!

      • TG says:

        I know whould that be awesome to see two master manipulaters Berry and Cruise going at it? If only it was a theoretical child and not a real one.

    • EnuffSaid says:


    • Lishka says:

      I agree. My gut feeling is that she has badmouthed Gabriel to Olivier to such an extent the guy cant help but have his guard up around him and want to beat the crap out of him. She has now “succeeded” in her plan to get her kid away from the dad. *SMH* Nahla will know better when she grows up. All these people are idiots. Gabriel for being violent and a bit of a gold digger, Halle for being psycho, and Olivier for being played, idiots, the lot!

    • Vesper Lynd says:

      Aubrey: have you ever heard of the Family Services, Safe Child Exchange Program? It was created to save you this hassle, USE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!
      I had to use this service because the ex was pulling Berry-like tactics. One day, he stood purposely on my blind spt while i was trying to back up mg car and leave after droppin my babies for their visitation with their dad. Well, the jerk called a cop because my car came so close to him, he said i was trying to kill him in front of the kids. Fortunately this happened at a shonney’s restaurant and they have cameras, so the cop saw that this was clearly a set up to screw my custody of the children. That is how i found out about the safe children exchange service, it is amazing. Eventually the ex soet of went crazy and got into a lot of other legal trouble with other people , so, in the end his crap backfired because he is now the one whcomes across as an unfit parent.

    • Talie says:

      I hope the judge doesn’t make any rash decisions until the investigation is complete. If Gabriel did start this, according to the video, then that is one thing…but I find it hard to believe at this point after seeing his injuries versus Olivier.

  2. SmokeyBlues says:

    Halle, you had that man’s child. You are going to have to be a big girl and learn to SHARE, without endless manipulative drama that will only hurt your child in the long run! Jeez this woman thinks she can have whatever she wants. She wants to pretend its her new guy’s child and live a perfect life without sharing custody. Well that’s just not reality! I know she wasn’t throwing any punches on Thanksgiving, but I blame her for this hyper-dramatic situation to begin with.

    • Lee says:

      This is what I don’t understand: why didn’t Halle just go the IVF route with a donor? It seems like that’s pretty much all she wanted Gabriel for anyways and it would have prevented this mess from ruining many lives.

      All 3 of these people make me sick at this point. But I end up feeling sympathetic towards GA at least since he doesn’t have the pull or power that Halle does. As for Olivier, he should mind his own damn business and I completely agree that if GA’s right to see his daughter is in question for the fight, OM’s should be as well. It’s such a clusterf***.

      • kristiner says:

        Lee, that’s what I’ve been saying since this mess started. Halle just wanted a baby. She should have went the IVF/January Jones way then she’d have full control.

  3. menlisa says:

    Halle is disgusting.
    If she wants a restraining order to keep Gabe away from her and her current fiance fine.
    But don’t keep your daughter’s father away from her.
    That’s just evil.

    • Lilly says:

      Halle Berry is a psycho in my opinion. Be careful Olivier because she will stab you in the back sooner than later. She is destroying her daughter, father of her child and everything around. I guess now we can be sure that all these nasty rumors about her were true.

    • Kim says:

      Gabriel pushed a former nanny and wasn’t punished. He pushed Olivier ….

      • Elizabeth says:

        GA was “accused” of pushing the nanny – the allegations went nowhere in court. Like so many of HB’s allegations about her ex.

      • Kim says:

        Hey Gabriel take some more anger management classes before you take out your rage on Nahla.Oh and get a job. Stop living off child support. Grow some balls.

      • Loira says:

        Oh, hello, halle!
        I hardly go to TMZ, but there is a poster that also is posting answers to every post that is oposite to halle. Sound agressive like you.. Weird.

      • Cha-Cha says:

        Halle obviously has issues, yes.

        But so does Gabriel.

        He (along with his siblings) spent his childhood bouncing around foster homes in Canada. That alone is reason for many and various issues, which could be playing out in this relationship with a woman of like issues… anger, abandonment, spring to mind.

        The handsome Gabriel, like the beautiful Halle, is no saint.

        They both need to get it together, for the sake of their child.

      • CC says:

        Well, he wasn’t “accused” of pushing Oliver, he actually did. Halle seems like a nasty piece of work but I really don’t get people rushing to the defense of “saint” Gabriel. He obviously has the instincts to strike people.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Agree. When I saw this headline, I thought “And Halle Berry gets her way, again.”

      She will go medieval on Aubry now, trying to manipulate him out of Nahla’s life.

  4. Newyorking says:

    Ugh it really makes me hate her. She couldn’t take the defeat so this is what she is resorting to. I am so surprised that Oliver is in this as well. So so sad, I really hope Gabriel is able to get out of this unscathed from a legal perspective. Of course Halle is going to combine this with previous violence charges against him from her nanny. I feel so bad for him, he has gone to great lengths just to have a relationship with his daughter. Halle is absolutely disgusting in and out.

    • Steph says:

      I think the issue is, there are three grown adults who are claiming they have the child’s best interest at heart, but as we know from media and how manipulative people can be, it’s their best interest. Something is not right, especially when a mother wants to up and take her child from her father, especially when the father is involved in the child’s life. They are a mess, and its not helping their daughter either

    • Loulou says:

      Maybe just maybe that’s why Martinez had an urge to drink first thing the next morning? Slippery slope from here, that’s for sure.

  5. Peanut says:

    This whole situation seems so sketchy. A judge JUST rules that she can’t move to France with Nahla and then the very next week Gabriel behaves like this? And she’s slapping him with a permanent restraining order, which will effectively destroy his custody?! Brutal. It’s entirely possible that Gabriel is unstable and provoked the fight. But it really seems like she’s just trying to cut a father out of his daughters life at any cost. Makes me sad for everyone involved.

    • Lucinda says:

      It just doesn’t seem to make sense. Why would he start a fight when he just won the court case? Maybe he’s a cocky, self-destructive SOB as she says. Maybe she really is trying to protect her daughter from a violent man and we just don’t see it. But why does Nahla consistently look so happy with her dad? Why did he get the worse end of the fight? Why does he want the video released if he started it? I guess he’s just an evil mastermind and I don’t see it.

  6. Eleonor says:

    Halle Barry is a crazy bitch; there are some persons who are able to manipulate situations and people, she is one of them.
    She has decided to cut Gabriel out of his daughter life, and she won’t stop til she has reached what she wants.

    • CG says:

      Literally the first thing I thought when I read her new bodyguard has a gun is, “That crazy bitch is going to shoot Gabriel!” At this point I srsly would not put it past her.

      • TG says:

        I figured all along someone who exhibits this type of behavior does not stop until they get what they want whether thru murder, suicide, accident, disease, it doesn’t matter. She is an evil b*tch.

  7. brin says:

    This is how Halle gets her way when the court rules for Gabriel. The fight was a set-up and of course Halle will seek a permenant restraining order. Poor Gabriel and poor Nahla.

    • V4Real says:

      It’s not hard to believe that the altercation was a set up or instigated by Halle and Olivier but Gabe fell for it. No matter what Olivier said to him he should have just walked away especially if his daughter was present. He’s an attractive man but he’s not that bright.
      I have always said that Gabe is not innocent in all this but Halle seems like a very vindictive person and would go to any length to make Gabe look bad. Maybe there is some truth to Gabe having a bad temper and Halle and Olivier was banking on that temper boiling over when Gabe returned Nahla that day. Olivier was probably counting on Gabe throwing the first punch so he can cry self defense. Let’s not forget that Halle does have cameras installed outside her house (there’s the police evidence). Therefore, I’m convinced it was a trap and dumbass Gabe walked right into it. But the judge should keep in mind that Gabe was leaving when he was approached by Olivier and should ask the question why did you follow the man out to his car. There was no need for the two of them to have words at all. Gabe might have thrown the first punch but Olivier created the hostile environment.

      I am neither on Halle’s or Gabe side because I don’t know what there relationship was like. I’m sure they’re both at fault for having such a bad break-up. I just think it’s sad that a judge could actually rule in the favor of Halle and grant a restraining order that will keep him away from his daughter. It’s that beautiful little girl who will suffer the most.

      One last thing I think Halle is an idiot but unfortunately she is not the only person that take these kind of measures to gain sole custody of a child. But her antics are so public that we can’t help but to take notice.

      Kelly Rutherford is another actress (though not as famous as Halle) who was in a bitter custody battle and lost custody of her two kids. They now reside in France with their father. It was said the judge ruled in the father’s favor because Kelly repeatedly tried to cut Daniel out of the kids lives. So watch out Halle the same thing can happen to your crazy ass.

      • WOM says:

        Well said, V4Real.

        I’m curious as to why Halle and her team have done nothing over the past year to rehabilitate her public image? Are they completely oblivious to her negative public profile or do they just not care?

      • Elizabeth says:

        Re : WOM
        I think Halle’s PR people ARE trying to rehab her image. Having her papped taking Nahla to the market, to the theatre, to the beach with Olivier. But I think Halle pretty much does what she wants to do based on what she thinks is right and if her PR folks, don’t like it, they can pound salt. So their job is particularly challenging IMO.

      • TG says:

        @V4Real – Agree 100%. Very good analysis of the situation. I agree Olivier approached him and if they were speaking in French Olivier could have said anything. Even something really disgusting just to provoke Gabe, like something about his duaghter. I don’t think the cameras capture voice, but I could be wrong. I also bet the cameras weren’t on or they were in a blind spot. This was set up 100% by Halle and her lawyer. I bet the lawyer concocted the scheme since it seems too well-planned for Halle and that dumb drunk Olivier. And her scumbag lawyer doesn’t like to lose either.

      • mel2 says:

        I seriously doubt that the judge will keep Gabe away from Nahla. He may have to have monitored visitation and go to anger management classes but no matter the circumstances usually the court hardly ever severs a parent and child’s relationship unless the child is being abused and we all know Gabe isnt abusing Nahla.

  8. Hautie says:

    Nice to see for the holidays… that Halle is going to bring out her super nasty, glittery filled, big bag of delusional crazy.

    And sadly, I am not even remotely surprise by any of this behavior.

    We all knew Halle was not going to take that court ruling, in Aubry’s favor. Without tossing a fit. Or publicly figuring out how to throw Aubry under the bus.

    I am curious why, if there is taped footage of this allege beat down… why the police has not been given the footage.

    • Amelia says:

      Can I ask a particularly dumb question?
      What’s the deal with the Halle/Gabriel/Nahla story? I can’t say I’m particularly knowledgeable about Halle or this situation which is usually why I steer clear of her threads, but I’m quite curious about what has prompted almost universally negative responses.
      Are we talking Cracken levels of crazy, or is it not quite that bad?

      • mln76 says:

        Basically since the breakup she’s been systematically pushing Gabriel out of Nahla’s life and trying to steal her away to France. While I do believe Gabriel is an immature idiot with impulse control issues its really tragic to see him separated from his daughter.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        It is that bad. She has 2 hit and runs of which the details about her are VERY sketchy.
        She accuses EVERY man she has been with of abuse, cheating, etc. It is a pattern, she wanted to kill herself after her first marriage. Hot mess Halle.

        I find it reprehensible that Martinez beat the crap out of Aubrey like that in front of the kiddo. It does not add up. If Gabe started it, why didn’t Oliver just subdue him and call the cops. Why beat the living crap out of someone to the point where you have broken your hand, injured your neck (that is from punching) and have beaten the other guy this badly? Likely he could have stopped after the first punch, no?
        No need to BATTER someone’s face like that, especially when you have ZERO defensive injuries. The injuries tell the tale. One has all defensive and horrible injuries, the other dude’s injuries are a broken hand from pummeling Gabe’s face into a pulp.

        No, I am not defending him because of his looks. That is irrelevant. I’m not into blondes either. This is based on past history.

        Halle-crazy, accidents, daddy issues, every relationship ends badly.
        Gabe-never heard of him, model
        Martinez-former boxer, bad actor
        The math is fairly clear…

        People’s pasts speak SO much about them…

      • LAK says:

        @Amelia – in a nutshell, since Gabriel went to court after the breakup to have his name added to Nahla’s birth certificate and to formalise his parental rights, Halle Berry has gone out of her way to cut him out of Nahla’s life by any means possible barring the criminal methods. She takes him to court for the littlest infraction, character assasinates him to the court and tabloids and ALWAYS demands his parental rights be stripped away. He has been investigated every time she takes him to court, undertaking all the court ordered programs, and always wins the case against her BUT she won’t give up until he is gone.

        Halle has become more and more vicious, sneaky in her methods such that no one celebrates any of Gabriel’s victories BUT instead worry at Halle’s next move. And she doesn’t disappoint.

        That poor little girl is caught in the cross hairs of a vicious tug of war where mom just wants her all to herself and dada refuses to let go. And now the new boyfriend just stepped into the frame……

      • Gloheart says:

        @LAK he had to have his named added, that’s rough since everyone knew it was his.

      • cs says:

        ITA, No one ever talks about her hit and run accidents or that she accuses every man she’s dated/or married with some form of abuse. Gabriel was labeled abusive and racist a “double whammy”.

        It’s obvious that Gabriel was nothing more than a sperm donor. Besides keeping him off the birth certificate. I never heard her once say she loved him during their relationship. It was always about her 30 home pregnancy tests. I knew that once she had Nahla that relationship was over.
        I don’t if Gabriel is innocent in all of this but, Halle has an awful track record with men.

      • Izzy says:

        She also tried to convince several friends and acquaintances to lie about hearing Gabriel Aubry using racial slurs. They refused, but that information about her manipulations leaked anyways. That was really when I started to actually dislike her, instead of my usual don’t-give-a-crap-as-long-as-the-kid-is-OK stance.

      • Malificent says:

        @LAK — hugely telling that Gabriel’s name was left off of the birth certificate. He should have known something was up then. Although, from a legal standpoint, I think it means less than it used to now that DNA tests are accepted evidence. It’s a pain to get your name added later, but can be done if you’re the biological parent. And in Gabriel’s case, he can certainly show that he didn’t abandon his child.

        I don’t know about California, but in the state where I live, the state sends you several notices and a brochure recommending that you add the baby daddy’s name if only the mother’s name is on the certificate. So this certainly wasn’t an “oopsie” on Halle’s part.

  9. Rena says:

    Of course she is after a permanent restraining order. What a perfect set up by a vindictive piece of work woman. And then she will be off to France with Nahla and her current man. A man with a boxing history who might just one day turn on her and her daughter. A man who was as violent in front of her child as she claims the child’s father was.A man who should also be under an order to stay well away from her and her child until this is all sorted out.

    Poor little sweet girl and poor Gabriel.

    • T.C. says:

      She is asking for a restraining order from the wrong man. Martinez didn’t just defend himself he beat the shit out of Gabriel. That is a rage fueled beat down and she thinks only Gabriel has anger issues? Watch when they break up that’s when she will be telling everybody that Martinez is violent so she left him.

      Halle wants to treat Gabriel like a sperm donor. She wants her daughter all to herself but he is fighting back to keep his parental rights. She should have gone to a spermbank.

      • BeccaZ says:

        Martinez is playing into her hands for the future break up. Documented violence and pics of him going to the liquor store early in the morning.

        Aubrey has spent most of his time playing defense, he needs to start playing offense. I’d like to see his lawyers zero in on Martinez. There’s no reason for the level of thumping Martinez delivered.

        I’m also starting to wonder how low Halle will sink now. I’m starting to get very worried for Aubrey.

  10. capepopsie says:

    Let´s just hope that he learns from this. Thinking of days to come, and I hope he plays the game her way, so that he´s prepared for this kind of crap from her. Agree with all above. .

  11. TG says:

    I rarely ever see that child looking happy around her mom. Around her dad she nearly always looks happy. Can’t stand this woman and her vindictive ways. I think her lawyer helped her scheme on this one. I think they started it and if they were speaking in French probably know one will know what Olivier said. He could have said anything even something really crude about Gabriel’s daughter and who would know otherwise, except Gabe. Hope Olivier gets deported. It is interesting that Gabe walked around in public with a beatup face wonder why? Maybe he wants everyone to know how violent Olivier is. Hope he gets a stay away order from Olivier for himself and his daughter. I also think the court should remove this child from both parents until they can learn to act like adults.

    • Liv says:

      I recognized that too. I mean, it’s still photo assumption, but body language says something. Nahla seems much more comfortable with her dad. Plus I’ve never seen her explaining something to Halle, while she really seems to communicate with her dad.

  12. BEBE says:

    I agree with every comment above. Halle Berry had a CHILD with this ex. We all make mistakes but I’m sorry, at the point that you have a child with someone, you have to try and work it out so that your child is able to see THEIR father if the father wishes to see the child and is not Jack the Ripper. Is Olivier now going to be “Dad”?? Is Halle going to pretend like Gabriel never existed? Awful . . . I fear for this child and all the trauma and dysfunction she has witnessed and I am sure will continue to witness. Can we get a guardian ad litem in here?????

    • Lee says:

      As a child of divorce who lived through being the subject of a bitter custody battle, I would NEVER subject my child to such a thing. I don’t care how bad the relationship between the parents has become, you had a child together and that child will always come first.

      I have to wonder, since Halle’s father left when she was young and she was raised exclusively by her mother, how much that experience has blinded her to the damage that is being done to poor Nahla. Perhaps she hated her father and assumed Nahla should feel the same way, or that Gabe should at least disappear and let her raise Nahla however she wants since that was her experience as a child.

      It certainly doesn’t excuse it, but I can’t believe that someone would continue to behave like this if they had any perspective on the long-term psychological damage it is undoubtedly causing her poor child. It breaks my heart.

      • TG says:

        I am really curious to know the details of Halle’s mom and dad’s split. I bet her mom spent her entire life running down her dad and making it impossible for him to see her. He might have been one of those dad’s who just gives up. Maybe he wouldn’t have been the greatest father but with a witch like that he probably didn’t stand a chance. Not everyone is a fighter like Gabriel. I don’t know of course since I have never read anything from her dad’s side of the story but I believe Halle learned this from her mom. Remember Halle you are ALWAYS the victim and daddy is ALWAYS bad.

        I mean why was Gabriels’ name not on the birth certificate? Can anyone explain that? They were together when Nahla was born, who would neglect to honor the father whom they are in a relationship with in that way but someone who already had a devious plan in their head.

    • Cuddles LaRue says:

      Well said! People who use their children as pawns don’t deserve them.

  13. Twirl says:

    The last photo says it all. She has such a smug look in her face. Ugh. I agree with the other posters that Gabe was set up because Halle was pissed that the Great Halle Berry lost the court battle. “I’m Halle Berry, I’m a great actress, I won an Oscar which proves it; therefore I’m entitled to whatever I want. In fact, I’m above the law.” She really is a rotten piece of work. I can’t believe she got a police escort to Yo Gabba Gabba. Yeah I’m sure Gabe’s obvious ninja-like skills warranted a police escort to a kid’s show on tax payer’s expense. That poor kid deserves better and for once in her life Halle should put someone else’s needs first. Gabe wants to be with his daughter and she should have her father in her life on a regular basis. A lot of kids do not get that option. Heck Halle didn’t have that option growing up. Grow up Halle and learn to play nicely with the other adults, you’re daughter will be grateful in the long run.

    • Victoria1 says:

      The police escort to YoYo Gabba… She’s got money! Hire bodyguards, the police are too busy trying to arrest Lindsay Lohan again.

  14. Nya says:

    I don’t think anyone would be surprised if it comes out that Halle and Olivier instigated all of this somehow.

    • Fue McCormick says:

      I’m wondering if it was actually GA’s turn to have the kid for Thanksgiving and maybe he went ballistic because he got to the door and she said “no.” I find her disgusting and each time she pulls this crap she gets uglier and uglier. There’s probably some kind of Dorian Grey image of her somewhere.

  15. LadidahBaby says:

    Halle Berry doesn’t like losing. After the court ruled against her, it was inevitable that Gabriel Aubry would quickly find himself in a sketchy no-exit situation on Halle’s turf with Halle’s witnesses and her French boyfriend in his face telling him it was time to move on from the life he has shared with his daughter and let them move to France with her. But how does any real father move on from his child, and why should he? Just look at Aubry’s injuries, and then look at Martinez’s offensive wounds. Offensive is the word for this whole situation.

    • Minxx says:

      Agree, completely. Halle set up the situation, no way Gabriel would have done something so stupid after the court ruled in HIS favor! Besides, his and Oliver’s injuries speak for themselves. If this was self-defense, release the tape. I hope Halle gets what she deserves and that’s all I’m gonna say about it.

    • emmie_a says:

      I don’t know how the law works in these cases but I wonder if Gabriel’s attorney can (depending on what the tape shows or what other evidence comes out…) argue about Halle being bitter about not being able to move to France? Or can the attorney show evidence about her bashing ALL of her exes? – to show her mental health is not all there or that she always cries wolf?? Just a thought. I feel like she has some advantage here because she is such a great actress (eye roll) and that has to be to her advantage when she testifies or tells her sob story.

  16. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I hope the judge demands the tape. Gabriel attacked neither Nahla, not Halle, so I think the only one entitled to an order of protection would be Olivier. & daddy trump’s momma’s shit-stirring boyfriend any day.

    • Loulou says:

      Excellent point.

    • Josephina says:

      Gabriel hit Olivier because he said “we have to move on.” What the hell is a model doing punching anyone? It was very foolish, considering that Gabriel has already been in front of a judge almost as much as he is front of Nahla.

      He has ALREADY spent so much time in court over Nahla, why in the world would he DARE do anything that would land him in court again? Or jeopardize his right as a father?

      This man is an idiot.

  17. Saphana says:

    What a drama queen. if i was worried about my child, i would stay in my house and not have a four police officer escort to a theatre. seriously, as if Gabriel wanted to assault them.

    I hope it turns out that Oliver started the fight.

    • Hypocricy says:

      I do think that the armed guards are more there because of the very enthousiastic fans of Gabriel.

      The way, people are emotionally involved and have emotionally responded one way or another in that particuliar case of triangle is enough to trigger some unbalanced stalkers to harm her…i bet she has received many letters full of hatred during the past three days that threatened her.

      I would have taken armed guards too in public.

      • Twirl says:

        Please….Regardless of whether or not a few of the so-called violent gossip site Gabe fans that you seem so worried about, Halle can pay for her own security and not burden the City of Los Angeles PD with her BS concerns. Those cops could I don’t know be out on the street protecting the common non celebrity riff raff from actual crimes.

  18. shelley says:

    This Halle must have set up a fight thing is pathetic. The levels to which you people go to make Aubrey the victim is ridiculous. I’m glad he got his ass kicked, esp if he started the fight. There is nothing lamer than throwing the first punch and coming out worse in the fight.

    • LadidahBaby says:

      Nice try, “Shelley.”

    • jano1981 says:

      Who knows what happened right Shelly. I am just flabbergasted by the people who have no problem believing Gabriel threw first punch but that it was a set up at the same time. Thatt setup wouldn’t work with me or any nonviolent people I know, just hotheads.

    • mln76 says:

      I dont think she set him up but I do think her manipulations instigated Oliver and that Gabriel is too stupid to think through the situation. Basically no one is ‘right’ Halle’s solution of cutting out Gabriel for the first in what is sure to be a revolving door of replacement Daddies and bad breakups is the worst possible outcome.

    • bluhare says:

      Because nothing says love and concern like sending your fiance — the man who Gabriel thinks is trying to usurp his role as father — out to talk to him, right?

      Please. Don’t insult our intelligence.

  19. renata says:

    Sad, sad story! And clearly more to it. No way Aubry is demanding the security tape if he was the clear aggressor and cause. Plus it’s hard to imagine sustaining such a crushing bruise on his face unless he was blindsided with a first punch by squint-y french dude. After all, a model (no less!) is going to guard his/her face in a fight — that’s the breadwinner right there, they don’t want to mess with that.

    What’s the world coming to??? Male underwear models and oui-oui actors (heck, he probably does Edith Piaf impersonations in his underwear) going to blows over crazy American actresses past their prime??? I say pass the turkey leftovers!

    • sauvage says:

      This is such a serious thread, but you had me laugh at the image of Olivier Martinez doing Edith Piaf impersonations in his undies. Thanks, Renata!

    • Liv says:

      Yeah, that’s a point – why would he bring up the tape if it makes him look bad?

      And what’s also weird: why the heck is Martinez allowed to do a citizen’s arrest? He isn’t American, is he?

  20. serena says:

    She’s such a bi*h!

  21. Eevee says:

    Poor Nahla will grow up to resent, if not hate, her mother for alienating her from her father. Kids in the middle of these parental alienation situations suffer horribly, but seem to be aware of what is going on. I bet all of Halle’s exes she didn’t procreate with are shedding tears of joy they aren’t in Gabriel’s shoes right now & only got away being labeled by her as an abuser (as serious as that is). She seems hellbent on getting her way no matter the consequence to her daughter, which is just sad. Truly selfish, narcissistic people don’t seem to make very good parents (shocker).

    • Loira says:

      But also some children are brainwashed to resent and ignore their alineated father and his side of the family ( i say father because I have seen mothers doing this brainwashing).
      Some children end up stopping going to visitation, they just do not want to go. In some cases, money is a factor, they are bribed by the party that has more money.
      Nahla is too young, but if this fight continues, look forward for the bribing and brainwashing.

      • Eevee says:

        Yes, I agree with you. I am sure that in this case attempts to brainwash & buy love/loyalty have already started. Unfortunately.
        In my personal experience & observations with this alienation crap, the “brainwasher” parent (not sure what else to call them), may get their way for awhile, but kids grow up & these parents tend to pathologically cling to power & control. Which usually pushes the child away & they start to see things in another light.
        I guess anything is possible & I so agree with you about the power of money.
        It is sad to see this playing out publicly, isn’t it?

      • Loira says:

        I think that Halle is hurrying to take Nahla away from Gabriel now that she is young enough to see the new man as a father figure more easily

      • Eevee says:

        You are probably correct. I hope she is unsuccessful, obviously, or her daughter will miss out on so many happy moments with her father. I couldn’t imagine what my life would have been like had my dad been manipulated away from me.
        I just hope that regardless of what is really going on behind the scenes, things calm down and everyone involved starts acting in the best interest of the innocent child. I won’t hold my breath though.

    • Green is Good says:

      Exactly. Nahla will have a huge resentment towards her mother. Who could blame her? Her father is being systematically cut out of her life, because her mother is too vindictive to let Nahla have a relationship with her father. Pathetic. It’s all about Halle, not her child’s needs.

  22. pink giraffe says:

    I hate her! I know it’s wrong to hate people, but I hateeee her! Keeping a child away from her father…ugh. I would like to keep an open mind here, but crazy Halle has been pulling stunts regarding her child for a few years now. I am preemptively not on her side.

  23. Renee says:

    Thank you!!!! I agree with your comments and your last point made me laugh. I think that there is a reason other than vindictiveness, as to why she wants sole custody. I’ve seen photos of the kid looking both sombre and happy with each parent so the suggestion that Nahla is unhappy with her mother is simply not true.

  24. Cathy says:

    That whole bunch takes crazy to a new level. They’re all twisted.

  25. Jude says:

    she should think a little about the future; does she really think her daughter’ll be grateful for this when she grows up and reads up about what her bitch of a mother did to keep her dad away from her?
    I feel really bad for Gabriel, whatever else he is at least he’s trying to be a good dad to his little girl.

  26. lisa2 says:

    Did anyone else see that she had an armed escort to the Yo Gabba Gabba show. x17 online has a picture of with two police.
    I know that site the sh*t. but that picture is just over the top. I mean Gabriel never touched her. Now lets see if this is all over the news; not gossip sites.. but the NEWS.


    I don’t think she set this up. She could not have known what Gabriel would do or she is not in control of all situations. I think this happened and she took advantage or Olivier just created it for her. But she and Olivier are not looking like people who are afraid.

    and it must be so crazy that Nahla looks so much more like her father than Halle. I still say this is all about her want Olivier to be the father since he doesn’t have kids. Women do that people.

  27. Jaded says:

    As I said in yesterday’s post, Halle is extremely manipulative and knows how to press Gabriel’s hot buttons. She will never stop until she’s completely severed his relationship with Nahla, and I firmly believe she set this whole scenario up with Olivier to deliberately draw Gabriel into a fight. She is a cold, calculating, utterly remorseless monster.

    The only thing I can fault Gabriel for is being too thick to see that he was being played again, and he fell for the ruse.

    • jani says:

      Total set up. Olivier knows how to box, knows how to throw a punch, take a punch and psyche out an opponent. He and Helle planned this out as soon as the court ruling didn’t go their way. They aren’t remotely fearful of GA, they’re laughing at him. If GA really believes that that surveillance video will not be doctored by Helle’s people, then he’s just plain dumb.

      Helle’s such a hateful sack of sh*t. Olivier, though, is a very crafty, street smart gigolo. I hope he takes all her money and dumps her in the most humiliating way possible.

    • TG says:

      Agreed @Jaded – What I want to know is why doesn’t Gabe’s lawyer read this site? I mean back when she and her nanny hatched their plan to accuse him of shoving the nanny I said that he should have all interactions with Halle recorded so that that b*tch can’t make up lies about him. His lawyer needs to tell him that every time he will see Halle he needs to bring a video camera, mounted on his car if necessary like the police have so that none of this can happen. Why is he continually so STUPID to fall for the crap? I believe her lawyer is the plan hatcher in this case.

  28. aims says:

    Halle is truly evil. No doubt in my mind that she started something that night. What an evil women

  29. Nev says:

    Is it possible that he has always had a violent anger issue and that’s why she has always been so stink regarding the child?

    • Eleonor says:

      I doubt. before they split Halle released interviews saying what an amazing father Gabriel is/was. She has changed mind after the split. My opinion after he dumped her, that’s why she is so vindictive.

    • bluhare says:

      I’ve wondered that too, but this scenario doesn’t make me think much of Olivier either.

  30. Mom says:

    I no longer watch anything Halle is in. Same for Mel Gibson, Kelsey Grammer. All 3 have behaved so poorly.

    Not to change the subject, why doesn’t the physician and/or his malpractice carrier take care of Octomom? Whatever the reasoning for the IVF, he was supposed to be smarter than she was. He’s the one with all of the education.

  31. SolitaryAngel says:

    I hope you’re happy NOW Halle, you bitch. You got what you wanted; to cut a loving father off from his daughter permanently. I hope you enjoy this, because your daughter will hate you for it. I already hate you for it. I will NEVER spend another dime on anything with your name on it; never waste another minute of my life to watch a movie of yours (move over Tom, Mel & Arnold) and I hope your fan base goes the way of LeAnn’s. You’re a crazy piece of shit.

    Merry Christmas, Nahla. You poor baby.
    Team Gabe/Nahla

  32. Aries_Mira says:

    The fact is no one knows exactly what is going on between Halle, Oliver, and Gabriel, except them. All we can do is speculate. I hate the that this comes down to brutal violence. I realize it may very well be in self-defense on Olivier’s part, but in my opinion, it never should have escalated to that level to begin with.

  33. Michele says:

    This is sad. My opinion of her has changed alot since this whole custody battle started. I feel bad for the child having to put up with two parents who are behaving so foolishly with little thought of what their selfish actions are doing to their little girl. Poor Nahla.

  34. claire says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if there is a lot more tormenting and ganging up on Gabriel going on that we don’t even know about, that effectively led to this situation of Gabriel finally lashing out after being pushed and pushed and pushed by these two. That said, it sucks that he took the bait. Halle may get what she wants.

  35. anon says:

    Seems to me Halle has some underlying issues of her own that need to be dealt with. She is an adopted child raised mainly by her mother. I think if we look way back to her childhood she has some inner turmoil & its coming out in this drama. Its quite clear that she is all about geting her own way & acting out. I dont think Aubrey is perfect either but this latest incident smells liek a set up. I also say deport the fiance back to France & lets see if we can get two actual parents for a few months work something amicable. TRY. THis is a horrid situation. The emotiional well being of this little girl is priority.

    • V4Real says:

      I agree with you but Halle is not adopted. She and her sister was raised by their biolgical mother in a single household.

  36. Gabby says:

    Seriously I want to know why Olivier thought it was an intelligent decision to be skulking around outside or whatever when he found out Gabriel was coming over. Common courtesy in my opinion would be for him to disappear until Gabriel left. Halle seems so conniving and I’m sure this is working out exactly how she wanted it to. Such a despicable woman, I hope Nahla is going to be able to see her father because no matter what, he seems to love her and my heart melts when I see pictures of him carrying her and she has her arms tight around daddy’s neck!

  37. sauvage says:

    Obviously, I don’t know what went down since I wasn’t there. I will say one thing, though: I don’t see any victims other than that little girl.

    Even IF this was a set up to make Aubry look bad – nobody told him to get into a fight. He could have just walked away from it, if Martinez provoked him. Unless the tapes prove that Martinez was the attacker, I call out both of them. Immature idiots. There are other ways to solve issues. It’s called talking, people.

    • mln76 says:


    • emmie_a says:

      Well I don’t know if you’re ever dealt with a crazy person, but sometimes you get to such a point after dealing with such an evil and irrational person that you start acting out-of-character because the crazy person has sucked you into their web. It’s not a good place to be and it’s extremely uncomfortable and not your proudest moment but it does happen.
      And of course talking is better than fighting but this is reality, not a well-scripted drama.

      • sauvage says:

        Been there, done that. Only I never got violent – it’s not in my nature.

        As much as I am convinced that Halle Berry is not a person easy to live with, to put it mildly, I can’t let Aubry completely off the hook when it comes to self-responsibility and behaviour.

      • mln76 says:

        Halle is infamously crazy still Gabriel needs to be strong and control himself for his daughter.Right now he is playing into her hands and if he permaantly looses visitation he will have to blame his male ego for getting duped .

      • emmie_a says:

        sauvage: After I read your response I have to agree with you because I’ve been there and I also didn’t get violent — so I guess it can be done.
        And yeah, I’m not at all saying that I agree with Gabriel for fighting but I can see how/why it happened. Overall it’s just a totally sucky situation and you really have to rise above the crazy to come out sane.

  38. Loira says:

    I am not watching Cloud Atlas.

  39. Loira says:

    A fight with that Olivier man is not enough to take his child away from him.
    He did not hurt the girl and he has not hurt The mother either. All her intents have been stopped before, him being verbally abusive, or pushing the nanny, that has been dismissed.
    She really does not wantbto share thegirl with him.

  40. Rita says:

    I want to see the security video and if its not made available, then Halle set up this whole thing. If she did, she and Oliver should be charged with felony assault. Why anyone would want to see Halle in a movie again is beyond me. What she’s doing to the father of her child is disgusting.

    • Ducky La Rue says:

      Agreed. Definitely want to see the video footage, and if Halle doesn’t want to turn it over, that’ll answer the question for me.

  41. Yasmine says:

    As I’ve said before, I reserve judgment until the proof comes. To all the commenters who so lovingly dub all of us non Halle Berry ass kissers “Halle haters”, it’s not hate if you’re on to someone’s bullshit, and we’ve been on to hers for awhile now. The reason a lot of posters are calling it a set up is because the timing is to suspicious. It was only a couple weeks ago that Gabriel won big in the case. Halle couldn’t move to France, her and Olivier were pissed, so they would be the ones with the motive. I can’t believe after Gabriel won this round he would do something so stupid as attack Martinez because he said something to him. That in itself doesn’t make sense, especially since he won, what would his motive have been? Not to mention, I don’t believe he hit him first because if he did you know Halle would have already turned that tape over to the cops. I feel for Gabriel because no parent, man or woman should have to go through all this just to maintain a relationship with their child. However, ALL of them need to grow up. Honestly, at this point I’m just waiting for the judge to take Nahla from both of them and place her in a temporary home until they get some sense. That little girl may be 4 now but she won’t be forever. Eventually she’s going to start paying attention to what’s happening. I 100% believe that Halle is jealous of Nahla’s relationship with Gabriel because her father left her when she was 4 and Nahla is now 4 and Gabriel is still around. I hope the judge gives them an ultimatum, Halle and Gabriel, grow up or risk losing your child and Martinez, shut the fuck up and stay in your place. She’s not your child so you hace no right questioning her father.

  42. HannahF says:

    1. Still don’t have all the facts.

    2. Even if they are arguing in French a translation can be provided to the judge.

    3. The first go-round of a permanent restraining order under California’s Domestic Violence Prevention Act can’t be longer than 5 years. (Cal Family Code Section 6345)

    4. Even with an RO, the judge won’t necessarily reverse his/her order regarding Halle’s desire to move to France. The judge could require that a court appointed professional monitor be present during the visitation period.

    5. The police escort may have been provided because Halle was being followed by aggressive paparazzi.

    6. Regardless of the outcome, given the volume and enmity of the comments all over the internet, Halle’s career has taken a direct hit.

    • emmie_a says:

      But why can Halle possibly get a restraining order against Gabriel when he wasn’t trying to harm her or Nahla?

      • HannahF says:

        Domestic abuse in presence of Halle and Nahla.

      • emmie_a says:

        …but a permanent (or 5 year) restraining order due to ONE act of aggression? Doesn’t that seem extreme? I am not saying that any act of aggression or domestic abuse is an acceptable action by any means – but such a drastic measure for again, a one time thing, is quite unreasonable. …But if that’s the law then the whole set-up thing is becoming a more plausible scheme to me.

    • Liv says:

      2. When they talked in French, there was apparently nobody around who was able to understand what they said – how can something be translated when nobody can repeat it, except Aubry and Martinez?

      5. Yes.

      6. Hopefully. Who wants to see her in films anymore?

      Let’s say there’s a tape and Martinez started the fight – is it possible that Aubry gets full custody?

  43. e.non says:

    totally believe this was a set-up. how convenient that afterwards they go out where he can display his ‘injuries’.

    and she takes the kid to an event immediately following this hoohaw — that she knows will draw even more paps.

    berry is one loathsome bitch.

    • bluhare says:

      I agree with you, but if Halle had promised Nahla they would go, and Nahla was looking forward to it, I’d have taken her too. If they didn’t have tickets, and just decided to go, then I’m totally with you.

    • Yasmine says:

      Nahla never saw the fight,Halle took her away immediately.

  44. Tazina says:

    Gabriel wants the tape turned over to the authorities but Halle seems to be stalling. Next thing Halle will say the machine was broken or malfunctioned.

    This whole thing sounds like a set-up. Halle is now going for a permanent restraining order. Looks like the plot her and Martinez cooked up is working beautifully.

  45. judyjudy says:

    Hot mess, indeed.

  46. SunnySide says:

    This is sick and wrong. I feel very bad for Nahla; Halle’s selfishness is going to make her a very messed up kid.

  47. Jackson says:

    Sketchy, sketchy, sketchy. Agree with everyone else who is giving this whole situation the side-eye.

  48. Stephie says:

    This will come back to bite her in the rear…

    KARMA baby!

  49. CreamSoda says:

    If Halle keeps up her nasty behavior, Gabe might one day give up trying to see his daughter for now and wait until she is old enough to choose to see him on her own. Happens all the time. Very sad, but exactly what Halle wants of course.

    • Liv says:

      That’d be so sad, but seriously, who would want to fight for custody in front of the world? Must be very disturbing. His reputation is already damaged. People just remember the headlines, not the truth.

  50. Shelly says:

    I can’t stand Halle. She and Olivier obviously provoked Gabriel. It makes no sense to me that Gabriel would just fly off the handle for absolutely no reason. I also don’t understand how they both weren’t charged with assault. I mean, Gabriel’s face is pretty beat up. The whole think stinks and seems like a set up by crazy Halle.

  51. OXA says:

    I want a permanent restraing order against Halle and her insane accusation she claimed against every one of her former mounts.
    Take heed Ollie, you have yours coming!

  52. Elly says:

    Hell Berry!

  53. Ms Kay says:

    I am the only one who sees how much Nahla looks like her father, especially in the first picture when she frowns her face?

    Anyway… Karma is a bitch Halle and it’s going to hit you hard in the face and all you’ll have is write a bitter book “My Inner Monster Ball”..

  54. Dap says:

    Until and unless this tape is released and shows that GA was the attacker, I will believe that OM attacked him.

  55. Relli says:

    Nahla is slowly moving to the top of my list of highly anticipated autobiographies i cannot wait to read. Used to be that surly gosselin twin but Nahla’s unstable mother is going to be great material.

  56. stinky says:

    is this all because Gabriel went out w/ K.Kardashian?
    I mean – is that what all the venom is about? really?

  57. celine says:

    this women needs to work on her issues. i’m not saying aubry is a saint but halle has the bigger psycological problems. she will f)ck over her little girl for life. why can’t she see that??? God damned, halle, wake the f9ck up.

  58. PinkG says:

    You can really see how much Nahla looks like Garbiel. How much is this going to upset Olivier when, everytime he looks at Nahla, he see’s Gabriel’s face? And let’s not forget her view on the one drop rule. Poor Nahla, poor Nahla.

  59. tabasco says:

    whatever really went down, this says a lot about halle. if this is what she’s down with as her public face, imagine what she’s like behind closed doors! also, if she’s really picking one terrible abuser after another, at some point, she has to realize that HER actions need examining. she’s got major victim mentality issues.

  60. Thiajoka says:

    Why is Halle Berry considered a crazy bitch? From someone who knows nothing of the background other than what I’ve read on this site, it seems that people just keep posting how crazy she is without referencing exactly what it is that makes her so crazy. So, this is a legitimate question.

    • emmie_a says:

      Read through the comments from today’s post as well as the post from a few days ago. There are a lot of references to Halle’s behavior regarding Nahla’s custody, her relationship with Gabriel, her past relationships, etc. She’s always the victim and she’s always creating problems. And that’s a mild assessment of her psychotic behavior.

    • mln76 says:

      Anyone who has followed her career knows she has a pattern of ugly breakups with nasty allegations made. I am not saying none of the men were at fault but when the pattern goes back 2 decades and the men have otherwise seemed pretty calm it gives you pause. Add at least one (some say two) hit and run accident in which she manipulated the circumstances to make herself the victim. So w oS. So when this breakup started to play out very ugly it gave me pause.

    • Beatrice Sparkplug says:

      Berry has a solid history of her own abusive and sociopathic behavior, albeit her line is always of the ‘pathetic victim’ variety, a la Lohan. It’s not just the multiple toxic break ups in which she pulls the victim card. The multiple hit and runs are why most people despise her. I can remember 2, but I think there might have been 3. The first was in the early-to-mid 90s and the second in 1997 gravely injured her victim, a young woman, maybe paralyzed her. And Berry just drove away from it. When the police tracked her down she claimed she suffered from ‘amnesia’ — yeah right. At the time, she got the perennial celebrity treatment from the law, but the media and especially comedians (e.g., Family Guy) went after her, justifiably. Funny thing is, if you search for it on the web, all you find are articles that are like ‘Berry-friendly PR’ about how the incident ‘changed her life for the better.’ That should sum up why she’s easily detestable, no? Anyone who’s defending her here MUST be on her payroll or Berry herself. She’s indefensible.

      • Thiajoka says:

        Oh, okay, the hit and run stuff seems a full justification. I have googled “Why is Halle Berry considered crazy?” and all I usually find are posts and comments that indicate that she is crazy without spelling out the details. I’ll google the hit and run stuff. Thanks for answering.

      • Beatrice Sparkplug says:

        It’s very suspect: these incidents happened, this is well documented, but when I looked around Google to confirm dates (and the third incident), all I could find for the first few pages were fluff pieces that were literally revisions of history — I found one that painted it like a ‘near death incident for Berry that changed her life.’ And a bunch about the one she blames on the paps (the 3rd one; when she was pregnant). These earlier accidents were pre-www incidents; I think they may have been scrubbed. At the time, she was a pariah — in that quaint pre-www kind of way. With Berry, her beauty has always been her ‘get out of jail free’ card. Frankly, she’s pure evil and looks it.

    • Hypocricy says:

      Let me put it that way :

      If she is THAT crazy that people say she is, what does that make the men, Gabriel included, who deliberatly get involved with her FOR YEARS, who apparently have no problem raising children with her (Eric benet) and conceiving a child with her (Aubry) inspite of her supposedly ‘crazy’ tendencies…what does that make those men ?

      I say if Berry is THAT crazy, her men are even crazier and even more dysfunctional than she is…

      One must be to get involved with her and stay with her for years, let alone decide to make a child with her, since apparently, Gabriel was fully aware, consenting and agreed to have his first child with that ‘supposedly’ crazy woman and didn’t even care at the time of Nhala’s birth to not being on the birth certificate as the father, hence was ready and willing at that time to let a ‘crazy’ woman being officially the sole parent of his own child…and this for years before he decided to fight back AFTER they broke up.

      He wanted to be Halle’s boyfriend more than anything else and agreed on everything, including making a child on her conditions instead of chosing a decent woman with whom he would share a perfect parenthood.

      I say Aubry is at the very least as DYSFUNCTIONAL and as CRAZY as Halle.

      I don’t absolve him one bit for the fight, just like i don’t absolve him for all his moves into Halle’s life cause it was apprently more important to him to be Halle’s boyfriend and give her a child on her conditions than chosing a decent woman as the mother of his child with whom he would share perfect parenthood.

      Now a child is caught in the middle of that mess because of BOTH adults decision to conceive her based on their own agendas instead of basic respect between them as should REAL parents. They are both losers.

  61. Enn says:

    My God, she’s disgusting. This is a CHILD we’re talking about, not a trophy that you want to keep for yourself after a breakup.

  62. Miss M says:

    @Stinky: I don’t know. But as someone (Valleymiss?)pointed out in the previous thread, she changed her tune right after photos of GA and Kim Kardashian hanging out during a basketball game were all over the gossip news.

    I really don’t think this tape will appear and if it does…at this point, is it possible that it have been edited?

    Can someone answer me if Halle can lose her custody or parental rights? She seems emotionally unstable as well (or even more than GA).

    If this tape surfaces and proves GA was not the attacker (his wounds seems from someone defending himself), Can he request restraining order against Olivier? and ask the judge to let Olivier far away from his daughter?

  63. The Original Mia says:

    I find it highly suspicious she won’t release the video. If it proves Olivier was attacked, then why not show it to the cops? Why not prove to everyone that Gabriel will attack people unprovoked? I’m sure in her mind this fight will revoke Gabriel’s visitation, but all it’s probably going to do is keep Olivier & Gabriel away from each other. Which should have been the case anyway. Olivier isn’t Nahla’s father. He truly has no say in anything regarding her. Machismo aside.

    • sapphire says:

      Hall has no Choice-if the cops serve a warrant, she has to cough them up. If they exist. And a judge will giVe a serious side-eye to “oh, the camera malfunctioned”

      Pfft to the claim of a “citizen’s arrest”. Ollie wouldn’t know how.

      Personally, I think Aubrey is an idiot for not walking away.

      • Loira says:

        I personally think that they either set Gabriel up and had all planned before hand or a fight ensued because Olivier did not mind his own business and silly Gabriel responded, and after boxer Olivier threwhim to theground, they called her layers and invented the “citizen arrest” thing to tell to the public opinion.

  64. Sandra says:

    Gabriel should wear a hidden camera on his jacket at all times now, who knows what this crazy b– will try next.

  65. erika says:


    Brrrr….I felt the temp drop on this site. ets fast fwd 25 yrs…shall we?

    Dear ‘Mom’:

    Thank you. Thank you for doing what could be the cruelest thing to a child. Sabotage the other parent, X them out of their life forever under circumstances unknowing or treacherously ‘false’ to you and in that action, create a seriously troubled life for a young woman…

    all because she lived thinking she had a Daddy who didn’t love her, want her, even want to see the site of her.

    Your life may have been full of suicidal angst, anger and BS like this but why would you EVER KNOWINGLY bring the same on to your own daughter?

    PS – the Internet is like….a really a la douche manner of finding out what a manipulative bitch your Mum has been ALL OF YOUR LIFE@@

  66. HannahF says:

    My guess is that Halle’s legal team wants to see the security footage before it is turned over to the police. This would be standard operating procedure for an attorney–so she’s not necessarily stalling. If they require that Aubry subpoena the tape that might indicate another story.

    • Becky says:

      Hannah, how would this incident affect Olivier’s visa? Could he have a green card? Either way, if charged, he could face deportation, correct?

      • TG says:

        Olivier can only be deorted if he is convicted of a felony and I don’t see that happening. Also, only if he is not a citizen. Does anyone knoe Olivier’s status? And Gabe’s too? Is he a US Citizen? I keep saying this but I think he lawyer set this up.

  67. Loza says:

    If Gabriel truly was the one that started the fight, I believe Halle would have already released the security tape footage to the media. I think we would have seen it on TMZ or somewhere already. Like with Paris and Janet.

  68. Samantha says:

    What do Gabriel’s hands look like? Because if he WAS really the person who started it, he should have at least some damage. I find it highly suspicious that Martinez has absolutely no defensive wounds and don’t buy, from the evidence available so far, that Aubry began the fight.

    • Ange says:

      I wonder if Martinez urged Aubry to hit him, then when Aubry obliged Martinez got the right to say he didn’t throw the first punch.

    • Josephina says:


      An irritated Gabriel gave the first punch; however, Olivier, blocked the punch and then delivered a blow to Gabriel. They started scuffling, where Gabriel was eventually on the ground pinned by Olivier…he got his ass beat. Gabriel was riding on emotion but Olivier, an ex-boxer, had the skill set to defend himself and finish the fight. Gabriel started the fight, Olivier ended the fight, hence the arrest and restraining order.

  69. pfeiffer87 says:

    I think a lot of crazy halle’s issues stem from her own relationship with her father. Especially in this case – ie not letting gabriel share their daughter. SMH she cray.

  70. Sunnyjyl says:

    I don’t know how it works in California, but in Oregon, there has to have been three, verifiable, separate threats of harm before a judge will grant a permanent restraining order.
    Still, this case could drag on for a year depriving father and daughter of private visits.

    • HannahF says:

      Cali law does not have specific numbers. Family law cases can drag on and on. Again, Cali’s financial crisis is partially to blame–fewer clerks and judges–cases take more time.

  71. Stuart Horsely says:

    Of course she is, the vindictive bitch. She will get hers, trust me.

  72. kct says:

    Ugh. I feel sorry for Nahla. She obviously has a father who loves her and wants to be with her. Halle doesn’t know how lucky she is and I hope she comes to her senses soon for everyone’s sake.

  73. Julie says:

    Judging from the injuries it would appear that Oliver was beating the crap out of Gabriel. If Halle is really concerned about her daughter, she wouldn’t let Oliver anywhere near her.

    • Kayla says:

      I know! Her whole argument is that she doesn’t want her daughter around her “violent” father but it’s obvious who’s the violent one! Even if Gabriel really did throw the first punch and it landed on Oliver’s shoulder that doesn’t justify the injuries he sustained. If Oliver wasn’t a violent person this fight would have never happened.

  74. valleymiss says:

    Yeah, the fact that Scary Berry hasn’t turned over the tape to police is verrrrry interesting. Got something to hide, Halle?

    Someone in the tmz commenting section said that they wrote a letter to Revlon that they’re boycotting all Revlon products because of Halle’s actions in this custody battle. Aside from not seeing Cloud Atlas, this could be another way to hurt Halle’s “brand.”

  75. kay says:

    Know what I think happened?
    I think OM got in his face, crowded him, talking about moving on, being aggressive verbally, and crossing into Gabe’s personal space, and Gabe was like “back off” and OM “you gonna make me” (or some such bullshit) and Gabe pushed him back- not hard, not aggressively, but a shove to say “BACK OFF” and BAMMO!
    instant fight.

    • Jaded says:

      @ Kay – I think you hit the nail on the head.

      • Miss M says:

        Yesterday, TMZ update said GA was coldcocked… I don’t think he really was into fight mode, but I am not excusing him either. He should had known Halle or her lover/fiance would do something about it.

        As someone said yesterday, they should have a neutral third party handing Nahla back.

        ps: did anybody read about Olivier’s restaurant in Miami? The State regulators were not pleased…

      • Liv says:

        I just read that he has had an affair with women at his restaurant 😉

  76. Perplexed says:

    I hope Aubry has a good lawyer, and that sympathizers are helping him cover the cost.

  77. Lindsey says:

    Just wait, it will be a matter of time before Halle tries, again, to get the courts to let her and Olivier take Nahla to Paris…

  78. HannahF says:

    I wish someone would make a timeline of the Halle/Gabriel legal machinations–sorta like people do for the Cracken. That said, I did look up who represents the parties. BOTH parties have top notch attorneys. Also, the judge presiding over this matter has many years of experience in family court–he’s not going to fall for cheap tricks.

    • Perplexed says:

      Good, thanks.

    • TG says:

      @HannahF – Either Gabe doesn’t listen to his lawyer or he/she doesn’t give good advice, because as I have stated and others as well, he should have every interaction with Halle be recorded so she can’t make up sh*t about him. Looks like her lawyer is the one with the advantage. He has two clients Halle/Olivier willing to play a very dirty game. As others have said, why in the heck is Gabe handing his daughter off at Halle’s house? A third party definitely needs to be involved. I hope the judge takes Nahla away from both parents and slaps a restraining order on Olivier where he can’t come near Nahla or Gabe for 5 years.

  79. Grace says:

    She won’t get it. Gabriel may have anger management issues but Nahla has never actually seen them.
    If he agrees to get counseling and supervised visits with someone court appointed, like the grandma, Halle will have to live with it.

  80. Mara says:

    Halle Berry is one selfish woman she make it look like she is the victim in this, poor man he step into her trap.

  81. Loira says:

    This comment from TMZ needs more facts and dates, but it is almost a timeline.


    Why are you avoiding looking at the facts………
    Fact: Halle told the world Gabe was the kindest, gentlest, most loving man in the world.
    Fact: Halle said Gabe was the worlds most loving and caring father.
    Fact: Gabe wants out of the relationship because he’s attracted to younger womenand doesn”t want to cheat on her.
    Fact: Halle says they’ll co-parent the child equally and that she wouldn’t harm the relationship between her daughter and her father because it was so special, beautiful and the love they had for each was important for the childs development.
    Fact: The press wasn’t a problem.
    Fact: Gabe only took Halle to court for his parental rights to spend time with his child .He didn’t want to take the chance of Halle falling in love with someone across the world and wanting to take his daughter away from him to go play house overseas with her new man.( It could happen)
    Fact: Suddenly he’s a deadbeat, racist, violent prone crazy man and Halle is scared for her daughter to be left alone with him.
    Fact: Prior to leaving Halle she gushed Gabe was the perfect man and father…her words not mine.
    Fact: Gabe was correct to have taken her to court and won because low and behold her crazy … fell in love with her co-star and wanted to take his child overseas to live with her and her new man so the new man could play daddy.
    Fact: Halle lost in court and it didn’t sit well with her or her new man.
    Fact: Gabe didn’t enter the house he was outside in the driveway dropping his child off as he had done many times before without incident. I’m sure Oliver had been there many times before and yet there was no problem. The difference this time is that they had lost in court.
    Fact: Oliver went up to Gabe and got in his face which he had no business since the issue of the child was between the to parents and he’s neither. Gabe is a man trying to ensure his place in his childs life not Halle’s.
    Fact: The fact that Halle and her friends are the witnesses for all one knows it could have been a straight beat down without a word from Gabe. it could have just been a case of a macho Oliver wanting to beat Gabes a… !!
    Fact: Gabe came into the relationship with Halle totting his own $5 million and though it pales to her $70 million he’s hardly broke. He’s also turned down numerous offers with big paydays to trash Halle but he’s turned them down thus eliminating the “he’s only after the money” theory.
    Fact: The major money maker always comes out of pocket for child support to the lesser earning parent just ask Naz, Russell or Diddy cause their all paying over $20,000 a month per child so do you consider their ex’s Kelis and Kimora bums as well.
    Fact: IT WAS A set up

    • Simply Red says:

      Nas, Russell Simmons, Diddy those kids leave with their mothers who cares for them… Nahla lives with her mother not her father! So tell me how paying 20k a month to care for his child reasonable when that child doesn’t live with… Since he has his own money he could care for his child with his own money..

      To me HB got crazier when she was taken to court to pay him that money, which anyone would be piss… Cause he suppose to have his own money but wants a chunk of hers too..

      • TG says:

        Doesn’t Nahla live with both parents?

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        If she didnt want all of these complications she could have gone the IVF route, right?
        The fact of the matter is she thought he was a hot piece of asz and she wanted her child to look like him. He was purely a sperm donor in her eyes. Then he suprised her with, gasp!, actually WANTINg to be a good and involved dad. As far as Im concerned he’s earned every dime of her miserable money.
        Also, I hope gabriel sues the $hi* out of both of them for messing up his face. They have now interfeired with how he earns a living. He has just cause to sue and win big. Go for it Gabe.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        No. He only went after the money relatively recently – after the nanny accusations mess was thrown out and he was completely vindicated as a parent. My suspicion is that he needs the money because Berry is racking up such unbelievable legal costs for them both with all this rubbish. It will be costing way, way more than the child support payments, but that money will help, and given none of the expenses are necessary – the judgements always go against Berry and for keeping Nahla and Aubrey’s relationship intact – I don’t blame him for wanting to find some way to make her shoulder some of that cost. Legal fees like that could bankrupt even someone like him, with $5 million – it will have cost an eyewatering amount already, but if he ever stops paying top-notch representation, he says goodbye to his child. Berry will ensure it.

      • Alita says:

        @Simply Red, that’s just looking like sexism. Just because he’s male that if he has significantly less money that he shouldn’t go for child support. Would you have the same issue with Katie Holmes getting child support money? Maybe you didn’t mean it that way but sorry, I get that gist. Gender doesn’t matter, you had a kid together – and intended for the kid to have a certain upbringing – relationship doesn’t work out and child support is the outcome. Finish.

    • valleymiss says:

      Don’t forget when GA went to that Lakers game with Kim Kardashian. I could be recalling stuff wrong here, but from I remember, their breakup was basically ok until that happened. Then all Halle, whoops, I mean all hell broke loose.

      • Miss M says:

        I think you are correct. I remember his photos all over the gossip news and until that moment they were amicable, after that no more…

  82. Midnight says:

    Can someone tell me why only Gabriel was arrested? And if there is karma or a God, Halle will move to France. Her celebrity will dim and she’ll no longer be employable by HW. And before all that, Oliver leaves her. That would be justice.

  83. OhDear says:

    Wow. Halle seems practically sociopathic.

  84. Starlight says:

    I used to feel sorry for Gabriel but not anymore. This guy thought when he first went out w/ Halle that he got it big. Instead he ruined his career. For Halle, if she really really wants move on. Pay up. But I don’t think so because she wants to string him along. She still wants him. All those moving on, restraining orders etc, are just her ploys of still getting close or relevant with him.

    • Meredith says:

      Interesting theory about Halle wanting Aubrey back. Could be but I think that more likely she wants him destroyed. I’ve worked with domestic violence groups and Berry’s behavior is classic abuser stuff. Most abusers see themselves as the victims in the relationship, mistreated and “deceived” by their partners after they (abuser) gave the partner “everything”. Halle seems to be playing that role.

      • Starlight says:

        If she is not vindictive and really really wants to move on she would have paid him off a long time ago and everything should go to obscurity and she would have been able to marry her current boyfriend and have another child. But that is not the case. Permanent restraining order? just another ploy. It’s like saying you Gabriel come back to me (Hale) or you don’t see your daughter.

  85. Gloheart says:

    what is Olivier’s relationship pattern? how long has he been with Halle, how long do his relationships last?

  86. MG says:

    Who knows what really goes on behind closed doors. None of us know. But from an outsider looking in, I just have one thought…..


  87. Jennifer12 says:

    This woman is pure evil; you don’t get to decide that your daughter can’t have her father anymore. She is exposed as someone who accuses everyone she’s been with as abusive to her. Why can’t she just do what Britney and Kevin do, which is have bodyguards and nannies hand the child off? You can’t turn your boyfriend into the kid’s dad and it’s freaking unfair the way you act, Halle. The whole thing stinks of a set up.

  88. d says:

    So, how come Gabe didn’t declare himself as the father of his daughter until after they broke up anyway? From a cynical point of view, it’s not that hard to argue that he didn’t really care about N until he realized his meal ticket was gone. If he really is a top model making a lot of money, couldn’t he have just fought to get access and let themoney go? I don’t know that he’s really getting good lawyerly advice in this mess. Plus Halle apparently has a vicious shark of a lawyer, and I can totally see him setting things to play in Halle’s favour (my bet is that it was his call to have the police escort, so as to prove in court the danger [or is it “danger”] that Gabe poses to them all).
    Also, why can’t Gabe make a decent living in France? Would he be so hard done by if he moved to France to be near the kid, if he really cared about her? I mean, is he REALLY operating in the best interests of her?
    I don’t know about Halle, the hate for her seems a bit excessive and I thought a few of the stories about her were in fact about someone else? Still, it all does seem sketchy and I don’t think she’s so innocent either.
    There’s always more questions than answers about these two though, so … suspicions all around.
    About not taking the kid away from their dad. Sometimes you have to if the dad poses a danger to the kid’s safety and well-being. This happened, or started happening to this couple that I know where steps started being taken in the divorce process to remove the kids because the husband was engaging in high-risk behaviour that threatened the safety of the kids. I mean, that guy had problems.
    Anyway, I hope the judge reads the riot act to ALL of them because ultimately it’s about what’s best for Nahla.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Halle didn’t put his name on the birth certificate. They weren’t married, so he wouldn’t automatically be placed on it.

      Why should Gabriel agree to go to France? His career, his life is in the US. And there’s no guarantee he’ll be able to make a living in France. He is an aging male model.

      I doubt anything will settle this dispute because Halle & Gabriel hate each other more than they love their daughter. As for Olivier, he needs to sit down & shut up. He’s not Nahla’s father, regardless of Halle’s plans for him.

      • d says:

        ok, thanks. so did he know he wasn’t on the certificate? Or did he only find out after they split up? and then he went “oh, f***” when he realized what that might mean for access to his daughter?
        As for moving, I don’t know. It seems to me he could somehow make a living , but who knows, maybe it’s really tough to do that in France. Anyway, that case is done, so no more to say there.
        I just am wondering if the truth about Gabriel is that he’s kind of dumb but well-meaning (and REALLY NEEDS A GOOD LAWYER and didn’t realize what he was dealing with until too late), or if he truly does have problems and shouldn’t be around his kid. Or if it’s somewhere in between. He surely made a mistake getting into a fistfight though. I wonder if the judge will mandate that the kid hand-off should be by a court-appointed person.

    • badrockandroll says:

      I think that GA was at an initial disadvantage because he was not named as the father on Nahla’s birth certificate. His first court battle was to make HB name him as the father (I guess she forgot to … ?) I think that he’s been playing catch up ever since.

      I’m not to sure that he’s a model anymore – definite shelf life in that profession. I guess Halle is moving to France legally because her fiance is a French citizen with residency there. GA, with no professional or family ties to France, can’t just up and move there. And why should he? OM obviously has professional ties to the USA, and has a restaurant in Florida where paparazzi do not abound. I’m not sure why HB doesn’t move there if the move is indeed to avoid press scrutiny and not to piss off GA. All that being said, I think that all three of these people are not playing with a full deck, but GA’s obvious handicap was in underestimating how low HB can go.

      I used to think that she was incredibly beautiful. I now think that there is something frightening/sad going on with her eyes that, coupled with her unnecessarily slinky red carpet style, suggest that there is something not quite right about her – rather predatory looking imo.

    • emmie_a says:

      Why should Gabriel have to move to France just because Halle wants to follow her latest fiance there? What happens when Olivier dumps Halle and she moves on to the next guy? Gabriel should follow her there as well? He’s not her puppy dog. While I’m sure he could find a career wherever he wants, that’s not the point. They share custody of Nahla. Just because Halle wants to move in order to have her daughter to herself and get Gabriel out of Nahla’s life, that’s not going to happen. Halle is probably a spoiled brat celebrity who feels entitled to whatever she wants. Luckily all of her ‘yes’ people aren’t the ones making custody decisions.

  89. tmbg says:

    She’s the last person in the world who should have had kids. I’m sorry, Nahla – you won the genetic lottery but really lost the parental one (at least on your maternal side).

  90. apsutter says:

    Am I the only one who is thinking that Nahla could write a hell of a tell all book about her insane mother when she gets older?

  91. Nina says:

    Ugh. I wish Nahla could be taken away from them all at this point.

  92. Simply Red says:

    Nas, Russell Simmons, Diddy those kids leave with their mothers who cares for them… Nahla lives with her mother not her father! So tell me how paying 20k a month to care for his child reasonable when that child doesn’t live with him… Since he has his own money he could care for his child with his own money when she comes to his home.

    To me HB got crazier when she was taken to court to pay him that money, which anyone would be piss… Since he suppose to have his own money but wants a chunk of hers too..

  93. Leigh says:

    I rarely read the Halle/Gabriel/Olivier posts because right from the start it seemed to me to be a venemous woman attempting to take her child away from her father… for no good reason.. She can work and earn a living in the US… Nahla no doubt has friends and family there… the move to France left me scratching my head… I WISH my daughter’s biological father had enough interest in her to persue a relationship – she has a wonderful adoptive father, but the hurt a little girl feels when they learn of an absentee father is undeniable.. Try explaining this to Nahla when she’s older Halle. It’s not going to be easy, and there will be consequences. It’s all very sad.

  94. ZenB!tch says:

    Why is she wearing so many clothes on an 85 degree day?

  95. valleymiss says:

    What’s funny/sad is that when Halle gets dumped by Olivier (because she will, that dude goes through women like kleenex), all of a sudden her narrative will be how Olivier was “violent” and took after his boxer dad…and she’ll use this example to illustrate it. “I told him not to go outside and taunt Gabe, but he did anyway…and then beat Gabe to a pulp after Gabe ‘threw the first punch.'” Please.

    Someone upthread was speculating that Halle secretly wants Gabe back. I don’t know about that, but I do think her pride and vanity were extremely bruised when Gabe ended things with her, and US Weekly stories said things like Gabe realized he was attracted to younger women.” Then Gabe showing up to the Laker game with pornat how many romantic queen and then late 20s woman Kim K.? Too much for Halle to take. She picked someone prettier than her an seemed shocked

    • valleymiss says:

      Ugh my post got all messed up. Stupid smartphone! Anyway, I was trying to say that when Gabe showed up to the Laker game with porn queen Kim K., that was too much for Halle’s ego. Halle picked a mate who is prettier than she is, and then seems shocked that he has so many romantic options.

  96. Simply Red says:

    One could argue that what happened had happen for a reason; something is missing.. What happens behind closed doors or what happen in the dark always come to light..

    Hospitals have a policy unless the father is there during labor, after birth or prior to mom & baby being released he must be present with a valid ID.. He must state that he is the father if he isn’t present the father has at least 60 days to sign the BC then after that, the father and mother has to go to court to have the father name added to BC…,
    Now, hospitals don’t allow mothers to say so and so is the daddy due to many false claims

    • Malificent says:

      Maybe in your state, not in mine. Here, you can put any father’s name on the birth certificate, whether they are present at the birth or not. The valid ID for visitation is purely for security purposes. And the hospital provides the BC form because it’s convenient, but otherwise they have no involvement how the birth certificate is filled out — that is entirely a matter with the state.

  97. skuddles says:

    Ugh, what a horrible, sickening situation. My heart really goes out to Gabe and Nahla. So shitty and sad as he just had a huge victory in court, things were really looking positive for his future with Nahla – and now he has to contend with a whole new smear campaign and Berry’s attempts to remove him, yet again, from their daughter’s life. But I take comfort from seeing all the comments above as it appears no one is fooled by Berry’s bullsh-t anymore. Everyone seems to realize she’s a vile, controlling bitch who will stoop to any low in an attempt to get her way. I just hope the courts will see this too…

  98. Luxe says:

    This story both sickens and saddens me. Children are not stupid and if she doesn’t already, Nahla will grow up and see her mother through different eyes. I have no doubt that Halle (who runs her mouth) talks in her ear and she’s probably already wondering why her mommy wants to keep her daddy away. It’s a common behavior for mothers who are trying to keep fathers away from the kids (see it all the time).

    Won’t excuse Gabriel throwing punches, but his wounds sound defensive. I truly hope and pray a judge sees through this and I do the same for Halle b/c if she doesn’t stop this, she will lose her when Nahla grows up and rejects her.

    I remember interviews with Halle from way back before the Oscar and she just oozed issues with men (post-Snipes but pre-Benet), and although you’d think she would want her daughter to be shielded from whatever she experienced, none of this is surprising.

  99. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Here is what I hope:
    I hope Revlon receives a HUGE backlash for having Halle represent their make up and dumps her.
    I hope the judge, yet AGAIN, sees through Halles shenanagans and tosses her NEW requests to dispose to GA.
    I hope GA sues Oliver M BIGTIME for messing up his ability to earn money as a model.
    And, I hope GA goes after HB for more custudy. He needs to be more on the offensive because this crazed chick has made it clear she just wont stop. EVER. Time to get tough Gabe.
    Next thing you know shes going to run him down some dark night. Shiver.

    • Luxe says:

      Yikes, I had the same thought about her trying to run him down! Her antics are getting more and more desperate.

  100. Shy says:

    Gabriel should file for a sole custody. Let Halle be the one to defend herself. And get restraining order for Oliver to stay away from Nahla. Dude just beat her dad in front of her. He should not be near her. That would be hilarious for Oliver to try to date Halle only when Nahla is not around.

    Second – that judge should be smart. And with all that is going on he/she should take Nahla out from Halle’s and Gabriel’s care and place her to social service care. Maybe that will teach Halle a lesson that she is gone too far. She is the only person that is hurting child with her attempts to take away loving father. Take away Nahla for few days, tell Halle that if she won’t stop then court will take aways child from her forever.

    And remind her how Sharon Stone lost her adopted son to her ex-husband. Court didn’t care that Sharon was famous movie star. They thought she was bad mother and gave kid to adopted father.

  101. DanaG says:

    If most of us can see through Halle’s games let’s hope the judge can. Gabe asking for the video makes me think there is something much more to all this. And why did Olivier butt in? He has no rights he should have stayed inside and keep his big mouth shut he didn’t which means he was trying to start a fight. They need to make other arrangements for drop offs and pickups that is for certain. I don’t see Halle or Nahla getting a restraining order against Gabe he didn’t go for either of them and clearly he got the short end of the stick. I think the judge needs to have a serious talk with Halle and it would be her own fault if the Judge gives Gabe full custody. Clearly Halle doesn’t have the child’s best interest at heart as per usual it’s all about Halle. As for Olivier he is a cheater and has cheated on just about every girlfriend and he will tire of Halle and move on.

    • emmie_a says:

      I made an earlier comment about the restraining order and someone who is familiar with CA law said that Halle can request a permanent (five year) restraining order based on domestic violence in the presence of herself and Nahla. It seems like such a drastic move for a one time action and I seriously hope it doesn’t come down to that. I agree with you – It would only be fair for the judge to take all of Halle’s past crazy into account and not let her get away with this (possible) manipulation. Eventually the courts will get tired of her crap.

  102. Jazz says:

    After seeing the pictures of Halle being escorted to wherever she was taking Nahla, the only thing that went through my mind was “what f*cked up shit is she whispering to her daughter about her dad, that they need protection from the cops so as not to run into him?”

    Messed up situation. What a bitch.

    • e.non says:

      hadn’t realized that l.a. has police to spare that 4 motorcycle cops could be her personal escorts.

      i wonder if her p.r. people are taking note of the comments and the intense backlash directed at her…

  103. LouLou says:

    Do you guys ever wonder if celebrities read through these comments? Some must, I’m sure.

    • Dap says:

      Even if they don’t, some people in their PR team are paid to do so. And the backlash against HB is huge on every websites I’ve been (in the US or abroad). No way that her people can not notice that.

  104. Vesper Lynd says:

    If picking up and dropping off Nahla causes so much tension among them, why don’t they use the Family Services Safe Exchange Program? That’s what it was created for, to avoid this type of unnecessary drama and to avoid the crazy party to use the system against the other.

  105. Wdstkbee says:

    Gabriel should get money from Halle, she probably ruined his modeling career with this drama.

    • Simply Red says:

      Nope wrong, when he hooked up with Halle he pretty much gave up the modeling scene slowly on his own. Everyone was saying that he thought he had it made when he got her..

      This message is for Kate (newer one):
      Gabe actually went after Halle before the Nanny said those accusations. He specifically was asking for 20K a month for child support and 500K for alimony that is why he got the gold digger title attached to him… It was when Halle wanted to move to France that the Nanny was saying those things and everything else started to spiral…

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        Sorry, but your timeline is wrong. he didn’t ask for a cent for the first 18 months after the split, and a good year of intensive litigation. The nanny claims fell through in Feb this year, but the money wasn’t first raised/ordered until June, which was after the judge threw out her claims against Aubrey, based on the nanny and her own allegations, and found him an excellent parent. He was staring at months more litigation to try to stop her removing his child to France, where a normal, everyday parental relationship would be impossible. And again, you are ignoring the point which the timings make so plain: the money will not cover the legal bills, not even close (and given the courts have repeatedly found against Berry, those are needless bills) but it will help. Berry is costing him an absolute fortune, just to sustain his relationship with his own child. I think she should be funding all legal expenses, under the circumstances, though obviously in family courts that’s not a great idea. If he’s found a way to make her defray some of her own frivolous litigation costs, good for him.

        That’s without even getting into the sexism of saying a man should not get child support from a far richer mother, when nobody turns a hair when the genders are reversed.

        I doubt he’s a saint. A saint wouldn’t tolerate Halle Berry, for a start. But she is trying to steal her daughter’s father from her. That makes her a child abuser. I have no respect, time nor patience with people who abuse kids, least of all their own.

    • Mazunte says:

      I first thought, “what a gold digger” when I read that he was getting 20000 from her. But, considering that she has been dragging him into this extremely expensive custody battle for a long time, I think now he deserves that money until this ends and he can fix his career and finantial situation.

      I just read this. So, many people do believe that the nanny story was all a bunch of lies. In fact, the similar pattern of her accusations and the fact that the nanny related charges were dropped seems just too suspicious.

      Gabriel might be far from a perfect guy, but if the court proves that he is a good dad, that should be more than enough to force Halle to share custody with him, because it is too disturbing for a child to grow up thinking that her/his father didn’t care about being part of her/his life. If Gabriel grew up in foster homes, he probably knows this feeling.

    • Daria says:

      What celebrity exposes their young child to this type of drama? I hope the judge has common sense and can smell the set up. I wouldn’t be surprised if whacko Halle has te security tape altered. She is that cray..,, I used to think Brad and Angelina were bad for exposing their kids. Suddenly they look sane compared to Hell Scary.

  106. emme says:

    I’m pretty annoyed that Halle is constantly being blamed for everything that happens in this situation. Did she possess his body and make him fight with Olivier in front of his 4 year old daughter? No matter what, Gabriel is an adult. He is a grownup responsible for his own actions and he is the other parent of this child. Nahla’s physical, mental, and emotional well being come before his anger. The End. He didn’t give two s#its about Nahla’s emotional well being and sense of stability by starting a fight with one of her caretakers (Olivier) in her presence and in front of her home. He deserves to be arrested, have a restraining order filed against him, and whatever else comes his way.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      If that’s what happened, I agree. I just find it a little soon to rush to judgement on that, given the history between the parties, the fact Berry is not releasing the CCTV footage, the nature of the injuries and the fact the only legal steps to date are pretty well automatic ones, prior to any investigation.

      I’ve read comments such as this about Aubrey before, based on Berry’s leaks to TMZ. And then the judgements have consistently gone against her. So on past form, Aubrey seems a more reliable source.

      Also like to know how one party has a broken hand, the other a black eye and a broken rib. Because those don’t sound like the way round you’d expect the injuries to go, were Aubrey the aggressor. I’d also like to know why Berry thinks Martinez is a good person to have around her child, if Aubrey isn’t? At best he’s as bad as Aubrey. At worst, he’s considerably more volatile.

  107. Leek says:

    Can’t we all just go on IMDB and let every studio, director, producer, etc., know that we’re done with her? Let’s end her career. She sucks at being human and sucks at being a parent.

    • erika says:

      oh my gosh….I really LIKE this idea!!

      i was kind of thinking, not of that, but if producers knew the level of affection/disgust we had for certain stars that they wouldn’t be that bankable cause they’re not even that likable~

      how many times have we heard on this board that we boycott certain films cuz of certain stars? cough cough…tom cruise

  108. Josephina says:

    So… Halle had a baby with her then boyfriend GA. They were never engaged nor married. While together it is VERY clear that GA’s career was NOT in high demand as a model and living via Halle’s financial standards. Thus the name “gold-digger” for GA. They break up, and then Halle’s distrust for GA as a father develops. GA seeks financial support of 20K per month even though he does not have main custody of child (glaring sign of poor character and more mooching.) Both parents go through the court system to determine whether the other is fit as a parent.

    Halle wants to move to France to live with fiance Olivier but gets shut down in court.

    Gabriel threw the first punch…at an ex-boxer. How stupid…really. Result? Gabriel gets his ass handed to him. Anyone surprised?

    How many models do you know start physical fights? Obviously, Gabriel was not too worried about his “moneymaker” by throwing the first punch AND he should have restrained himself from reacting to Olivier, given that the tension between them was already abundantly high. His behavior was purely wreckless.

    He has basically given Halle the bullets with which to shoot him. Foolish man.

    What a mess!

    • cloud&feather says:

      First, he should have had enough sense to act decently, even under fire, in front of his child because she’s learning from both of her parents whether they realize it or not. He should have walked away from any trash talkingespecially in front of Halle because it seems she’s just WAITING for him to do ANYTHING “off” so she can skip to court and complain about it and why she doesn’t want him around Nahla.

      Next…if his livelyhood is being a model…WHY get into a fist fight whether you knew the man was an ex boxer or not? Tuck and roll or bob and weave or serpentine or anything other than get your face/head hit AND give Berry something else to make you look like a nut over.

      I’m not a fan of any of these people, but I really think all three of them should take a knee and bow down in front of Nahla and ask her to forgive them. They ALL look like a bunch of dumb asses.

      This is all that ALL of them are known for nowadays. THIS is their career. Acting like a bunch of whining babies.

    • LAK says:

      Whilst i agree with your assessment of the situation, i have to say that you have a complete misunderstanding of the financial aspects of GA.

      1. He has been and continues to be a top money maker worldwide. This information is easily verified at models.com.

      2. Modelling is the only business in the world where the men earn only about half of what the women earn, even if they are top models.

      3. Model money will never equal Movie star money even of he was out working every single day of the year. That is across the board. The only model who has/makes movie star money is Gisele.

      4. The only people who make more money than movie stars [at their height] are producers and studio hunchos and executives. So in a movie star vs the world as far as the entertainment business is concerned, everyone who gets involved with them is a gold digger.

      5. Gariel only asked for support money this year, which was granted in june, this year. The court cases have been ongoing for 2 years.

      6. Halle tried and continues to try to ruin his reputation via the media [and courts]. I don’t know that anyone would rush to employ someone with the kind of reputation she’s trying to saddle him with.

  109. ck says:

    I hope her career goed down the toliet..She is a vintictive bit..

  110. Lisa says:

    When everyone boycotts everything “Hot-mess” Halle endorses or films she is in, she might get the message, but highly doubtful, she is a total narcissist and sees herself as the victim, never mind she has a young daughter who loves her father….she makes it all about her….what a loser!!!! Have your differences, be an adult and move on!

  111. Belly says:

    Ugh, this c*nt. I can’t even express the contempt for her. Sorry for the insult to c#nts.

  112. Mims says:

    what an immature, hateful, and selfish actions by a “mother”.

  113. Dawn says:

    I think Halle knows Gabe very well and uses that knowledge to push his buttons and get under his skin so that she can win. I doubt that she really gives a damn about anything else other than winning. Now she has shown that judge just what a bad fellow she picked to be the father of her child and how that man needs to be out of both their lives and how wrong that judge was not to give her what she wanted. I say shame on Gabe for not being smarter, shame on Oliver for being such a brute and shame on Halle most of all for demanding that her daughter be deprived of her father because of her selfish whims. How much more malicious is this woman prepared to get? I doubt we have seen it all yet.

  114. Madhubala says:

    Halle Berry is a nasty, vindictive piece of work who is destroying her daughter’s life with this endless tug-of-war she has initiated and carried on. That is all.

  115. Shelly says:

    I’m just disgusted by all this…protective order, bodyguards for what, has this guy ever harmed her or their child. She trying to make him out as a monster, all i have to say is SHAME ON YOU HALLE BERRY think of your daughter and how your screwing her up, break the cycle don’t let her be a broken girl and end up a damaged woman like you.