Beyonce posts new photos of the back of Blue Ivy’s head for the holidays

For the American Thanksgiving holiday, Beyonce deigned to release some new photos on her Tumblr. If that came across as bitchy or Goop-y… well, I guess I meant it slightly, although I don’t think Beyonce is as passive-aggressively patronizing as Gwyneth Paltrow. I actually enjoy it when Bey releases new photos on her awesome Tumblr.

I’m including all of the “top” photos from Bey’s Tumblr, but the newest of the new pics are the two featuring Blue Ivy, although you can’t really see Blue’s face clearly in either of them. I’m not quite sure why that’s such a thing with Beyonce and Jay-Z. I mean, I guess they’re trying to say to the world: “We know you want to see baby photos, but we’re being so super-careful about showing her face because PRIVACY!” It seems like a weird place to draw the line, though – I mean, Beyonce shilled every part of her pregnancy (side-eye) and we have actually seen Blue’s face a few times, and since Beyonce is already posting photos on her Tumblr…? Still, I guess I understand.

I really don’t think this is a “Beyonce doesn’t want to show the baby’s face because Blue looks like Jay” situation – from what I’ve seen of Blue, she’s a very pretty, normal-looking baby. Meaning the Carter genes aren’t overwhelming or anything, so I don’t get why everyone is so mean about “the baby looks like Jay-Z, that’s why we don’t see Blue’s face!” Stop making fun of babies!!!!!!

Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr.

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  1. Liv says:

    I’m so sick of celebrity’s who are constantly screaming “privacy” and then call the paps or publish photos of their private life.

    • Lilly says:

      I don’t know what is wrong with her but recently she seems to be so desperate for attention. She clearly is using her kid to stay relevant.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Agreed, but this is all Beyoncè’s new PR management. They want her to be more present in the news and more famewhor-y, since her music is doing very poorly nowadays. She is VERY concerned about her fading stardoom.

      What I find excessively cheesy and irritating is the “baby Blue is called Blue so everyone in her life must wear Blue all the time. It’s a Blue life, b*tches!” thing Beyoncè is trying to shove down our throaths. Eh.

      • jan says:

        Sorry, but the baby does look like the daddy and that’s not good, kind of like Bobby Brown’s kid looks just like him and celebrities are all about beauty but to me all babies are beautiful.

      • dd says:

        AgreedJan. Blue looks like papa .Beyonce just tries too hard.

    • SLL says:

      When has Beyonce ever complained about privacy?

  2. toto says:

    why she is posing ?

  3. Minnie says:

    It’s been a while. Maybe the baby DOES look like her daddy.

  4. lisa2 says:

    I know people carry on about celebs who sell baby pictures. I don’t care about that. I don’t think selling a few pictures of babies who are a few weeks old is such a big deal. Mainly because at a few weeks you can’t really tell what the children will look like. Everyone loves to see baby pictures. If you work with other people the work place is full of people showing pictures of their children. Celebs are not different. I like when they use the money for good. I don’t care if Beyonce or Jay show Blue Ivy. What I find strange is the teasing pictures they show. Beyonce uses her thumbrl as a way to promote and show her fans her life. Her choice and method. Thing is I don’t think she and Jay are being stalked for pictures of the baby. That time passed. and unfortunately the media is more obsessed over white celebs then those of color. Case in point. Look at that Halle mess. If that had been a white celeb it would have made the national news. Bey and Jay are mega stars, but we don’t get stories about them. other then the supposed fake baby thing.

    I think people should just get over baby pics in magazine. Lucy and Desi were the first to sell pics. and that was how long ago. During that time Life Magazine and such would do features on celebs; short movie features or magazine spreads. The media has always shown family life of celebs. It is how it has always been done. I think for the celebs that are sought after many of them find ways to keep much of their life with their family private.

    My thing with Bey and Jay.. either show the baby or not. Stop the tease. It is what screams attention. I’m sure she is super cute so nothing to fear.

    • sunnyinseattle says:

      Where have you been Lisa2? The Halle thing HAS been all over the National news! Don’t being race into this, especially with incorrect facts. 🙁

  5. jano1981 says:

    The last photo, DUMB. What’s going on there and why does it look like she’s infront of a storage facility roll up door.

  6. menlisa says:

    For a couple that is always preaching about privacy this is such an attention-seeking move.
    The pics of the back of the child’s head = teasing = attention seeking.
    No better than the Kardashians.

  7. Shitler says:

    She needs to either show the baby’s face or just stop. Enough with the blurry “pap” shots & the pics showing the back of her head. I don’t believe she faked her pregnancy but her behavior since annoncing her impending motherhood has been nothing short of bizarre. I fear when Blue’s face does turn the public’s reaction will be vicious not because Blue’s fug but because our expectations have been built so high

  8. crtb says:

    She does this because it getting her more attention that actually posting a pic. Now everyone is curious to see the baby’s face. Famewhore!

  9. Jayna says:

    I think it’s the fear of their child bring abducted if her face is too well-known, especially for ransom with their wealth or some crazed fan. I remember reading a blog from a crazed fan for a singer I love. It was frightening between her stalking, her knowledge of his home and goings on, and then her delusional ideas and breaks from reality regarding their having a friendship. People posting goading her didn’t help. No wonder he was reclusive with his family back when he was popular.

    Bey has lots of fans that follow her and probably appreciate the photos here and there even if done in this way.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      It’s possible, yes. But wouldn’t it be better then to not start a forkin’ tumblr? Or at least keep the family stuff away from it? It seems like these celebrities can’t decide what they want, true privacy or attention. She’s giving us enough so we pay attention and still want more. That’s the problem though, she teases the baby pics and people are supposed to want more, right? If she was truly concerned for her child and that was her priority, she would stop with the baby pics altogether.
      But really, who the heck knows what goes on in these celebrity minds.

    • Izzy4ya says:

      Unfortunately I knew a fan like this online. She had pics of the actor’s son on her fridge, she celebrated the kid’s birthday (as well as the actor, but not his wife of course, lol). I tried really hard to understand. i really did. I just wanted to bone the kid’s dad once, that’s why I joined. I eventually left cuz I pointed out how strange it was and I got flamed o_O

  10. innocence says:

    Beyonce looks Rachet with those braids!

    • SLL says:

      Do you even know what that means? Don’t use the word “ratchet” because you think its the in thing to do.

      • Izzy4ya says:

        Everybody is abusing that word, why you mad? Considering what it means “now”, the she used the world correctly

      • JD says:

        What does it mean?
        All I can think of is “Nurse Rachet” from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

  11. innocence says:

    Beyonce looks Rachet with those braids..

  12. ds says:

    Is she trying to go hipster? All those Jay Z girls look the same to me: Beyonce, Rihanna, Rita Ora…same music (ok Bey has slightly better music), same styling, same make up and hair….

  13. innocence says:

    She looks rachet with those braids..

  14. Grace says:

    Her braids are absolutely awful. The child obviously looks just like Jay-Z. If she were pretty Beyonce would have already been trying to do outdo Victoria Beckham and Jessica Simpson with baby fashions.
    Jay-Z does have a type for his made-up image:clueless blondes, and another for his real life:rapper men on the DL.
    If they want to pretend to have a heterosexual life so what?
    I do feel sorry for Beyonce’s kid. Beyonce’s going to go the Jada Pinkett “pretending to be outraged but is secretly loving that her daughter isn’t as pretty” club.

    • Aubra says:

      …LMAO, the shade!

    • Anahata says:

      No mom really wants their kid to be less attractive than them – I think it’s genetics that make us want to do better each time. When my first child was born I was initially afraid she wasn’t going to be that pretty and I agonized for her. Turned out great, thankfully but honestly I wanted desperately for her to not struggle with that.

    • Rikki says:

      I don’t think Beyonce would ever parade her daughter around like Victoria Beckham. Harper is Victoria’s new birkin bag. As for Blue’s looks, she looks like both to me and if she looks more like Jay that doesn’t necessarily mean she will be ugly. Just because she’s not showing her face doesn’t mean something is wrong with Blue’s looks.

    • Rikki says:

      I don’t think Beyonce would ever parade her daughter around like Victoria Beckham. Harper is Victoria’s new birkin bag. As for Blue’s looks, she looks like both to me and if she looks more like Jay that doesn’t necessarily mean she will be ugly. Just because she’s not showing her face doesn’t mean something is wrong with Blue’s looks.

  15. e.non says:

    oy… this everything must be blue crap is so cheesy. just wait till that kid wants to choose her own colors… and all she has in her closet is blueblueblueblueblue…

  16. Lindsey says:

    I much prefer this method than, say, posing on the cover of Vanity Fair with her baby’s face dead-center.


  17. D86 says:

    These pics are not about the baby. Most parents are like “look how cute my baby is let me show this picture of them doing this cute funny thing. I’m so proud of their little achievements”. What Beyonce is saying with these pictures is “look at what an adoring attentive mother I am. Sometimes I just get the urge to kiss my baby because of all the love I have”. I, I, Me says Beyonce. She is pathetic.

  18. lflips says:

    Has her skin always looked this pale and washed out?

    • Emma says:

      I never realised she was actually Caucasian! If she isn’t lightening it herself, the photo editors have a few questions to answer!!

  19. Simply Red says:

    She seems like she is trying to hard to relate to people when she should just be herself…
    I remember once when people complained that they can’t relate to her…. I don’t know what’s in her head but she really is trying to show us that she can relate to people…

    IDK I might be reaching but that’s my assessment from watching her

  20. KellyinSeattle says:

    I am beyond tired of this family (minus Blue Ivy; it’s not her fault); Beyonce and Jay – I really wish they’d go away.

  21. shewolf says:

    Its a photo of a mother and her baby. I dont really see much more than that and I dont even really care for Beyonce. At least she didnt post a photo of her and her dog… thats just weird.

  22. Meanchick says:

    I wasn’t sure before, but now I’m convinced this woman is lightening her skin.

  23. Shelly says:

    I love it…she does it to keep you bitches interested..which be honest we are. It’s a good p.r. move, Beyonce could give 2 fks what the world think about her, Blue and Jay. P.S that baby is beautiful even if she looks like her Dad or Mom.

    • babythastarsshinebrite says:

      She’s as interesting as most any other celebrity, I guess. Don’t fool yourself tho, Beyonce cares what the world thinks as much as any other celebrity.

  24. heyheyhey says:

    i totally thought the thumbnail was taylor swift at first.

  25. Nev says:

    all this exclusivity is silly…..sorry…beyonce is on the way out…it’s a little premature but her kool days are fading…Rihanna is coming into the kool spot and she knows it so now she wants to be more “accesible”…it’s not her fault though, she was never really that exciting….great performer but really that’s it….not a SUPERSTAR personality…not edgy…that’s why she comes off as dull.

  26. Aurelia says:

    Beyonce was a lot darker when she started out. Of course she lightened her skin. Tons of dark people do.