Lenny Kravitz will play legendary Marvin Gaye in upcoming biopic: good pick?

Lenny Kravitz

Here are some photos of Lenny Kravitz nomadically wandering the streets of New York City on Friday. Please don’t ask me exactly how Lenny manages to look burning hot as he wears the largest scarf in the entire universe because there is simply no way that I can answer that question in good faith. Why question what IS? Oh, Lenny. He could look good while frolicking in a mountain of sewage.

Lenny is actually enjoying a bit of precious downtime after performing at the halftime show for the New York Jets on Thanksgiving. He’s actually a huge Joe Namath fan and gave an interview to NY Mag’s Vulture blog about his childhood memory of tossing the ball with Joe, who was his across-the-street neighbor. While I haven’t included those portions of the discussion (it’s sort of an “inside sports” thing), the full interview is available here. In the meantime, here are some excerpts about Lenny’s experience on the set of The Butler, which features co-stars Jane Fonda (who plays Nancy Reagan) and Oprah Winfrey. In an odd move, he reveals a massive crush on Jane! Also, Lenny has been tipped to play Marvin Gaye in an upcoming biopic:

Lenny Kravitz

On the Jets halftime show, which benefited Sandy victims: “It was not about me. I did lose all my musical equipment, all of my touring equipment in a facility in Hoboken, New Jersey — 20 years worth of things. But, you know, those are material things. That doesn’t match somebody losing their home and being in the cold and not being able to live. I feel for anybody that was affected by this storm. I’ve been traveling on the road — I’m coming to NYC tonight.”

On working with Oprah: “She can be so down to earth and regular, just blend in. We were all there to be actors, you know? Very low key about it. And very dedicated to giving the best performance and doing whatever that took.”

He loves Jane Fonda: “Ohhhh, I have a big crush on Jane Fonda. No, no, she’s still hot — very hot. And what an amazing actress. She’s very humble. It was an honor to be in her presence.”

On his type of woman: “I grew up around strong women, so I’m very attracted to that. My mother, my grandmother, my aunts — they were the people in the family that were so strong and supportive. I’m used to that kind of character.”

Has Hunger Games changed his fan base? “Um, well, I have eight-year-old kids coming up to me who know me as Cinna and have no idea that I make music.”

Are the rumors true about his Marvin Gaye role? “I have been working with Julien [Temple, director], and that’s all I can say right now. We’ll be shooting next year. There’ll be more to come, information-wise, very shortly.”

Will he change his singing voice for the role? “It’s hardcore, and I’m approaching with a lot of respect. I’m going to have to change everything. It’s going to take a lot. I wouldn’t say I’m scared, but it’s a great challenge.”

[From Vulture]

Certainly, the choice of Lenny to play Marvin Gaye won’t be nearly as controversial as Amy Adams playing Janis Joplin. Rather, Lenny seems like a natural choice for the role to play the crooner; even though he’ll undoubtedly have to adjust his singing voice, Lenny’s got the sex appeal to play Marvin in spades. This will be one to watch for sure.

Here’s a photo (from Lenny’s Twitter page) of the hot one with Jane Fonda on the set of The Butler. I’ve also included a few more photos from the set where Lenny’s wearing face prosthetics to make him look heavier.

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Instagram

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  1. cherryberry says:

    That man is pure Yowza!

  2. redd says:


  3. Blue says:

    He is so hotttt!!! Mmmmm

  4. serena says:

    Holy cow.. how can he be so hot? The more he ages the more I find him hot as hell.

  5. booboocita says:

    I’m a bit disappointed. Jesse L. Martin (Law and Order) was at one time attached to this film, but the film was plagued with delays due to difficulties in securing the rights to the music from Gaye’s estate. Once Julien Temple was attached, Jesse opined in interviews that he didn’t think he’d get the role — and sure enough, it’ll be Kravitz. Kravitz is all kinds of sexy, and his singing is terrific, but I still think Jesse would have made a better Marvin. His singing voice is certainly closer to Marvin’s than Kravitz’s.

    • Harper says:

      I thought I was the only one who remembered this! I’ve loved Jesse L. Martin since I first got my copy of the Broadway cast recording of RENT, many years ago. Very disappointed he won’t be getting the role.

    • jinni says:

      Yes! Jesse should be the one to play Marvin in this movie. He looks like him, has many acting credits, is a good actor, can sing, and is just all around prefect for this role. Lenny is wrong for this part, but I guess it all comes down to name recognition and that’s it.

    • jani says:

      Love both Jesse and Lenny but Jesse is, by far, the best choice to play Marvin Gaye. Right look, PERFECT voice, superb acting skills. Still, I’m thrilled that a movie about Marvin Gaye is finally being made. Hope that it’s truthful, good and that Lenny pulls it off. Wonder who will play Tammi Terrell.
      Anybody have suggestions?

      • Amy says:

        I know she’s a lot older than Tami, but I think Taraji P. Henson looks a lot like her.

        I love Tami. I wish they’d make a biopic about her!

    • Aubra says:

      Yes, Jessie would have been GREAT!

    • Melissa says:

      Ditto all of this. I love Jesse, he loves Marvin, would do a great job, and I haven’t seem him in awhile and would love to see him again!

    • Az says:

      Yeah, I love me some Lenny but he is all sorts of wrong for Marvin. Too tiny. Jesse has the looks, the voice AND the acting chops. Super disappointed he won’t be playing Marvin.

    • oh no. says:

      Oh no. First of all. Though I think Lenny is a charismatic performer, and can really rock out, he’s about as soulful as Jon Bon Jovi. I think he’d have the acting part down – I was super-impressed with him in the film, Precious. So that, he’d have covered. But then, so would Daniel Day lewis. Kravitz’s look is all wrong. He looks like a tiny O.J. Simpson to me. Marvin was slender and tall. I just don’t see him in this part any more than I see Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone.

  6. asiont says:

    OMG. I’m so excited to hear that there’ll be a movie about Marvin! he’s my one of my favourite artists, unfortuanately he’s somehow underappreciated. the choice is good, I like Lenny too.
    now I’m going to watch and listen “Let’s get it on” all day, it will certainly get me pregnant 😉

  7. Jayna says:

    I love Lenny.

  8. LAK says:

    Lenny hasn’t had a BIG part in any film to appreciate his acting talent. Not that size of a role matters. Afterall, Judi Dench was 10mins in SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE and her role is the only one I remember….BUT Marvin Gaye AND Lenny are shortcircuiting my critical brain. He is hot, and marvin’s music is hot. Between the 2, unless they completely balls it up, I am going to watch that.

  9. sauvage says:

    Damn, he looks like OJ Simpson in the last two pics!

  10. busy ramone says:

    That’s shame. Lenny doesn’t have a good enough voice to deserve to play Marvin Gaye. They just wanted a big name. I think that’s a mistake.

  11. Ms Kay says:

    Nah, Zoe Saldana could have pulled a better Marvin Gaye…

    Joke aside… What in the blimming hell? What happened to Jesse L. Martin who was supposed to play the part???

  12. Eleonor says:

    Why is he wearing a carpet? Why does he look freaking hot while wearing a carpet???

  13. Seagulls says:

    Wow – I would not recognize him without his sunglasses and nose ring! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a picture of him without the shades.

  14. Ginger says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing him perform many years ago and he has such stage presence. He is multi talented and SEXY…how could that NOT be hot?! And yes,where on earth did he get that ginormous scarf??

  15. Ramona Q. says:

    Lenny played some halftime show on TDay – did anyone see it? He just got up on a small bare stage with his band and rocked it. No effects, gimmicks, posturing. Just straight rockin, with great sound, and his voice sounded superb. Go Lenny, you got it!

  16. Grace says:

    He’s handsome but can he genuinely sing R&B? I hope this isn’t going to be another Nina Simone situation.
    I can absolutely seeing him doing the temper tantrums and tortured genius scenes but the beautiful singing I’m not sure about.

  17. bea says:

    Not a terrible selection for the role. He looks amazingly young in the first two pics.

  18. Dawned says:

    Sexiest man alive!

  19. valleymiss says:

    He’s not wearing that scarf – that scarf is wearing him.

  20. I'm going to Guam! says:

    Musicians need to stop pretending to be actors.
    I’m sick of seeing Beyonce,Rihanna, Justin Timbersnake,Lenny Kravitz etc take acting jobs from actual actors.
    I get that they want big names but it takes away from the movie role and doesn’t make it believable, it actually makes a movie lose it’s appeal and status to something that should be shown on lifetime.

    • truetalk says:

      some of them do pull it off remarkably; Jamie Foxx was great as Ray Charles and Will Smith does lots of great movies sometimes i forget he used to sing.

  21. nikko says:

    He’s perfect for the role.

  22. aud says:

    i love him so much. he never ages either. just gets hotter, not older

  23. AintMisbehavin says:

    It’s an interesting pick. Lenny’s a cool choice but far from the best choice.

    Hollyweird’s myopia is HORRIBLE!

  24. soulsister says:

    Ahh yes. I think he can do Marvin justice. Can’t wait until this hits the screen.

  25. skuddles says:

    Hmm, interesting casting decision. I suspect Lenny will do a great job in this role.

  26. truetalk says:

    Sexy vampire

  27. KellyinSeattle says:

    Oprah may choose him as her “World’s Most Fascinating Person”, I bet.
    I don’t think that’d be a good move, but then again, she was also considering Honey Boo Boo (sorry to bring her up)…
    I’ve loved Lenny since the 80’s and have dibs on him 🙂 Any woman in his life is undoubtedly hated by the rest of jealous wenches!! ….I do think Jesse would be a better pick for Marvin, but anyway, what I like about Lenny is that he oozes coolness but doesn’t seem like a complete ass, or too full of himself. Doesn’t he have a daughter by Lisa Bonet?

  28. Az says:

    Uncanny how Ms. Fonda has Nancy Reagan down. Really eerie.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      Yes, she really does like Ms. Reagan. PS I think that’s a throw blanket that Lenny is wearing…

  29. mytbean says:

    I just saw him in concert last year and I was just as impressed with him in person as in photo. Not a lot of people can do that – be hot in 2D and 3D. Rawr!

  30. Jennifer12 says:

    I still have a cassette tape of “Let Love Rule” from 1989. He’s been amazing since he burst onto the scene.

  31. bns says:

    I love him. He and Lisa Bonet were such a hot couple.

  32. Christina says:

    I am more and more convinced that Lenny Kravitz is quite possibly the most beautiful man in the world. His carpet scarf is silly, but only he can make it look hot. Also, having seen pics of him shirtless, we all know what is under there. Lenny is an amazing talent, and I think he can certainly pull off Marvin Gaye. I had the pleasure of meeting Lenny years ago. He was beyond charming, friendly, laid back and blindingly gorgeous. He also smelled amazing and had warm hands. I love this man and I will go see any movie he is in!