‘Liz & Dick’ premieres: how awful, crackie & disastrous was Lindsay Lohan?

Don’t hate me, but I forgot that Liz & Dick aired last night. Maybe it was a “Sorry, I ‘forgot’!” situation. All I know is that I wanted to see what happened with Cary Agos on The Good Wife (I thought his injuries would be worse) and what happened with Brody on Homeland (Nazir!). Even if I had remembered it, I’m not sure I would have watched it. The reviews were awful, the Twitter reaction was overwhelmingly negative and the clips didn’t even bring me any joy. I mean, I’m a huge Elizabeth Taylor fan, and all of this offends me so much. Anyway, I’m including some Hulu clips and feel free to discuss your disappointment with the film, or how you’re still drunk from last night’s hate-watch.

Liz & Dick’s first love scene. I cannot even describe how gross this is. Look at the f—king bruises on Lindsay’s leg.

Here’s Dick making Liz choose between him & Eddie Fisher. Allegedly this really happened, although I don’t think it happened in the middle of a party.

Liz takes a bunch of pills when Dick talks about his family. Ugh.

Here’s Dick cheating on Liz and Liz retaliating. Least convincing hotel room hissy fit ever. God, she can’t even act like a proper mess.

I like to call this clip “The Worst Fake Crier Ever!”

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Gin Genie says:

    I tried…15 min in the level of cringe had well exceeded my tolerance.

    • Po says:

      I got through about 10 mins and was embarrassed for her and Elizabeth.

    • OrangeBlohan says:

      I turned it off after about 10 minutes. It was just too embarassing and cringe worthy to watch. Someone at Lifetime must truly hate Elizabeth Taylor to put this trainwreck on the air for us to watch. I was trying to watch it out of curiosity, but it was worse than I imagined it to be. Blohan needs to find something else to do with her life, because acting is just out of reach for her.

      • iheartjacksparrow says:

        Wimps! I made it through all two hours and three minutes.

      • bluhare says:

        I am wearing my wimp hat proudly. It was 9:18 when I turned it off. I looked at the clock.

      • kimcheee says:

        It was bad. Lindsay wasn’t convincing as Taylor. She came off like she was playing herself rather than Liz. I think this movie rips Taylor’s reputation to shreds. Taylor comes off as a trashy, drunken whore who is spoiled rotten and a female psychopath with histrionic tendencies. I never realized that is probably the truth about Liz until this movie. Lindsay’s fake eyelashes and makeup was absolutely awful too. She could have had them applied properly and gotten some violet blue contacts. Did they even have a make up person on this low budget flick? Very bad and Lindsay has lost her talent.

    • Bellatrix says:

      I feel like a champ for having watched the entire thing. Like I accomplished something like running a marathon. And then I realized I will never get those two hours of my life back. LiLo didn’t even try to match Liz’s cadence or accent or anything remotely resembling acting. I feel bad for LT’s family if they watched that mess.

      • deehunny says:

        that’s what i was thinking when I was watching the above clips (i confess i didn’t see it). she didn’t even try to do liz taylor.

        i know everyone is going to scream at me, but i thought it was going to be much much worse. I mean it was bad, but the guy was decent. think i am just a sucker for accents 😉

  2. neelyo says:

    As an actress, she has absolutely no depth so she always looks like the guest host in an SNL skit. They probably cut out the parts where she was glancing at the cue cards.

  3. brin says:

    MasterPOS Theatre at it’s finest.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    So bad I turned it off after 22 minutes of trying to watch and went to bed.

    (I needed a laugh, but it just grated on me. The flitting “WTF kind of accent is that?” playing peekaboo with her typical speech, combined with her voice is what did me in, I think. My nerves were already frayed from a very bad weekend.)

    • epiphany says:

      She attempts a completely awful British -Transatlantic accent for 2 lines, then gives up and reverts to her normal voice. She does this in EVERY SCENE.
      The guy playing Burton wasn’t horrible.

      • Meg13 says:

        Yeah, I felt bad for that guy. You could tell he was really trying while she was worse than a high school drama club reject. I bet he went home every day after filming and cried. Or drank!

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Sorry to hear that you had a really bad weekend, I did, too. Let’s hope the new week brings better things to talk about than a movie we didn’t watch. Technically, I couldn’t for several non-artistic reasons, but the option wouldn’t have made a difference. Lindsay: sans sous-vetements, tired blowfish blowkiss and her Strawberry Crackcake wig clashes with her freckles–the last link we have to physical evidence that supports the assertion that was at some point a real girl. Now, she’s all, ‘But Black Dynamite, I sell drugs to the community!’

  5. Boo says:

    I only watched it for a little while, but it was worse than I even thought it would or could be. How could Lifetime promote that as such a big deal, knowing full well what a load of shit it is? Her line delivery is so wooden, you could dive off it.I felt–and feel–bad for Grant Bowler.

    My favorite tweet–I don’t know the original author, but bravo to him or her–was this: “Up in heaven, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Onassis are heckling Elizabeth Taylor.”

    • Amelia says:

      I can completely imagine all the old greats sitting on a cloud somewhere, martini and cigarette in hand, laughing their socks off.
      Grace Kelly – I’ve got Nicole Kidman. Di?
      Lady Diana – I’ve got Naomi Watts.
      Marilyn Monroe – And I got Michelle Williams. And, Liz, who have you got?

      • Boo says:

        Elizabeth didn’t deserve to have her memory besmirched by this now-forever association with this steaming pile of dookey.

        I hope it is a career ender not only for LL but also for that asshat Larry Kramer.

      • PinkG says:

        Ha Ha Ha Excellent!

      • The Original Genevieve says:

        Great burn, Amelia!


      • Pandy says:

        LOL – good one! I made it through about 15 or 20 minutes and couldn’t take any more. Wooden delivery is exactly right. I felt bad for “Dick” – he was trying and with the right “Liz” it might have been half decent. This was a train wreck really.

      • megs says:

        All true, but those other movies were actually movies with budgets. This was a cheap lifetime movie.One day a real movie will be mad about her.

        I don’t really care about any of these old hollywood “icons”. The majority of them were drug addicted whores. Nothing any of us women should look up to.

      • Sugar says:

        you are too funny! I happen to warch Rear Window this past weekend & yeah I could see some likeness between Nicole & Grace but more than anything I wanted those penny loafers Grace wore @ the end of the movie.

  6. Elisabeth says:

    I am a tremendous Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton fan. My mother kept texting me that this was on. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. I don’t like her and I don’t like her acting. She has the balls to say ‘At least I was never drunk on set like Liz Taylor” she is not worthy to drink from the same glass. She needs to get her head out of her ass

    • themummy says:

      Yeah, and plus while she may never have been drunk on set (yeah right), she has most certainly been high on coke and god knows what else on many, many sets.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      It’s hard to even imagine a circumstance in which one would have to ‘choose’ between Eddie The Boy and Richard The Man. They were ‘Le Scandale’!

    • Kristina says:

      She’s never shown up drunk on set because most of the time she never shows up!

  7. Kim says:

    The producers and Lifetime should be ashamed of themselves.

    • The Original Genevieve says:

      ^^ THIS, 100 %!!

      She was AWFUL. The Cracken has now screwed herself up with so many fillers and implants and done SOOoo many drugs, she no longer has even a meager acting talent left. That was acting, REALLY?! And the way her over-filled face looked under all the pancake makeup. Truly awful. She is soon to be ancient history in Hollywood, she is no longer relevant. The entire Lifetime effort was worse than their usual budget C-R-A-P.

      What makes this particularly poignant is that earlier in the day, “Mean Girls” was on a cable station. I watched most of it and enjoyed it as much as I always have. Lilo was GREAT. As well as Lizzy Caplan.

      And Amanda Seyfried, LOL! “It’s currently 60 degrees with *grabs boob* a 30% chance that its already raining outside!” *standing in raincoat* Hehehe…:D

      • the original bellaluna says:

        And right now, Lifetime is airing “I Know Who Killed Me,” another truly awful Blohan flick.

      • deehunny says:

        yea, she really did have talent. in those clips there was like zero voice inflection. like she was just reading the sentences instead of actually pretending she was there in the moment.

        her father (on dr phil if i remember correctly) said that her anti-depression meds have really messed up her acting ability. SSRIs have been known to cause a flat affect, and that’s a shame if it’s true

  8. Boo says:

    One of the scenes I did see…I could have sworn Lindsay called Richard Burton “John Juan,” and not ironically, either.

  9. Mia 4S says:

    I didn’t make it through much of it, but I flipped to it while watching other stuff. I couldn’t stop cringing. I’ve seen better acting in high school productions. Bowler was less terrible but he was having a hard time acting like he could stand her…let alone love her!

    It was exploitive to be honest. The directors and producers clearly know how awful she was but were in it for the ratings. They get their money, she gets laughed at for a long time. If she were a nicer person I’d feel bad for her…but she’s not, so I don’t.

  10. Erinn says:

    I read a review somewhere saying that viewers would need to stock up on ice to ice their face for the hours of wincing they’d be doing while watching it. Sounds accurate.

  11. Roma says:

    9 minutes. My friend and I even predrank and indulged in some “special” cookies. Turns out no mind altering substance could get us to the first commercial break.

  12. QQ says:

    Nah! I wasnt missing Walking Dead anf Homeland for this shitshow

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I watched the walking dead, then tuned in for the last hour of this mess. That scene with Glen was awesome. Plus, I can’t wait to see what happens when the group sees Andrea, and when Daryl sees Meryl. Plus I hope the relationship between Rick and Michonne plays out like it did in the comics 😉

    • Sunnyjyl says:

      Ha, I spent alllll weekend watching back to back episodes of, The Walking Dead. I have zombified myself.

    • Issa says:

      Same here. I watched it for a few minutes. Then decided to watch the repeat episode of The Walking Dead. Great episode last night. Watched it twice and still more entertaining than this mess.

      • Nina W says:

        To be fair the Walking Dead has much better source material, it’s not just ripped from the tabloids gossip fodder pretending to tell a story.

  13. Riana says:

    Who would be mad at you for NOT watching it?

    It’s an automatic circus with no redeemable conclusion. Oh and F U Lifetime.

  14. lower-case deb says:

    why did they show it during thanksgiving holiday? in what way can it possibly an outpouring of thankfulness?
    “i am thankful that i’ve never been as unhinged as that?”
    “i am thankful that the show is finally over?”
    “i am thankful that liz is not around to see this (or maybe she is)”


    enlighten me, because i’m in the dark.

    wouldn’t it be better shown during halloween, for instance?

  15. Eleonor says:

    Elizabeth Taylor’s family should sue Lifetime. Seriously.

    • Trashaddict says:

      She and RIchard Burton are both doing 360s in their graves. She had more acting talent and sex appeal in her little finger, than Lindsay has in her whole body.

  16. goodquestion says:

    She claims that she doesn’t read bad reviews, or let her people tell her about them. She’s been on the talk show circuit for days, where stupid hosts tell her that she’s great as Liz Taylor – and the ratings will probably be good for the cringe factor alone.
    So I wonder if she’s really in a giant bubble where she will only read the reviews her people/the producers paid for, and won’t know that she’s been slammed.

    • Liz says:

      She won’t have much to read if all she looks at are good reviews. Were there any??

      • Kiki says:

        Someone at People Magazine gave her a somewhat good review. This person wrote LL is still a star. Don’t know why though…

      • the original bellaluna says:

        US mag gave it 3 out of 4 stars, and called her “visceral” in her portrayal of La Liz. In the same issue as her much laughed-at Q&A, coincidentally. (HA!)

  17. Lila says:

    That voice! That accent! Impossible to sit through more than 10 minutes of it.

  18. SnarkySnarkers says:

    Kaiser you have to watch it! I watched the whole thing and something that struck me was how short each scene was. The editing was all over the place, Lindsay barely had to speak more than 3 sentences at a time before they cut to the next part. It kept feeling like there was more left in each snippet of a scene but probably because she was so terrible a lot of the footage was unusable. The lines were corny and her accent was ridiculous with that raspy smokers voice.

    The line that made me actually laugh wasn’t even the cracken’s, it was a guy who was playing a doctor. For some reason Liz is in the hospital and you have no idea why, I assumed it was a back issue? The doctor barged into her hospital room and told her “Im not saying its colon cancer but I need to run more tests.” WTF?!

    • littlestar says:

      That’s what I thought about the whole movie too! It was like one huge giant ADHD episode on speed. Maybe if the scenes had been longer we could have seen more of the relationship/interaction between Liz and Dick and understand how and why they love each other, the movie would have bee a lot less awful. Oh who am I kidding? There wasn’t much they could do to save this train wreck!

      Athough remember how Megan Fox was also in talks to play the part of Elizabeth Taylor? I was wondering the whole episode, how well she would have done if they had hired her instead of the Cracken.

      • Isa says:

        Megan Fox is going to ruin her face just like Lindsay if she continues with the plastic surgery. She may not be much of an actress, but I think that Megan would at least try harder in this role. I don’t really follow the gossip on Megan so I may be wrong. However, after the Transformers fiasco, I think she at least attempts to be professional.

    • Skeptical At Best says:

      I kept up with the twitter mentions for about 5 minutes. Someone summed up your point perfectly by saying every scene seemed like a non sequitur even if they were happening in the same room. And it’s probably b/c she was so awful. I couldn’t get past her voice. How does a 26 year old sound like she’s been smoking marlboros for the past 35 years???

      She seemed completely apathetic towards this role. She couldn’t have given two shits to maybe somewhat trying to sound like Liz.

    • WendyNerd says:

      That’s what I thought! Even if they had gotten good actors, they never let a scene go long enough to establish any genuine intimacy. It was awful. They could have cut out so many fo the “drinking/fighting/sex” scenes and instead just given us a set of scenes that weren’t two seconds long and repetitive. If that’s how the script was, it definitely proves that Lohan is as bad at picking scripts as ever.

      Or, of course, that’s all the truly usable footage that was available.

    • Sassy says:

      To clear up this mystery, I will say – Liz suffered from hemmorhoids and was probably having rectal bleeding, hence the colon cancer reference. I am a Lizophile, having read every book about her and Burton.
      The script was historically accurate, and the movie wouldn’t have bad if they had a better actress playing Liz. Physically Lohan is direct opposite of Liz. Liz was tiny and cuddly. Lohan not so much and way too tall and leggy.

  19. Darlene says:

    I watched it. It was both good and bad enough to keep me watching it.

    • Nina W says:

      I agree. I thought the actor playing Burton did a good job given the situation, he definitely captured some of Burton’s charisma. Lindsay had Liz’s face and clothes sometimes but nothing else of her.

  20. LadyMTL says:

    I was sleepy so I went to bed around 10 and I deliberately did not turn on the TV. Why would I want to subject my poor brain to such a mess…it’s been through enough already. 😛

    TBH that wreck of a “movie” just makes me feel really bad for the real Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.

  21. lisa2 says:

    I so weird.. I always notice women that have big earlobes. SMH. I don’t know why?

    I didn’t see the movie. I was watching Walking Dead. I don’t miss that for anything. I think it must be so hard for Lindsey at this point. People will always go to the negative no matter what.

    • LAK says:

      I think you under estimate how much people love a redemption and comeback story.

      The only other actress with similar problems as Lilo, including nightmare family and drug problems is Drew Barrymore. And she had it as bad in terms of becoming unemployable BUT she was self aware enough to realise that SHE was the problem and she was willing to go back to basics. And by basics i mean work in a coffee shop, audition for roles like a beginner etc. She made it back, and we love her more now than when she was a cute moppet on ET.

      Lilo is charmless, entitled and doesn’t think there is anything to change.

      • Nina W says:

        By all accounts I’ve heard Drew is also a sweet person, I don’t know if the same is true of Lindsay.

  22. Zorbitor says:

    Mad Men has better sets. Maybe next time they can cast Courtney and Doug.

  23. Quinn says:

    Wow. I thought cinema-grade cosmetics could hide just about any issue, but she still had obvious dark circles and rough skin. And during the time when Elizabeth was supposed to be in the bloom of her beauty. Great job, Lifetime!! You managed to completely insult an American icon!!

  24. Cam S says:

    Nothing makes sense to me anymore after channel hopping over to watch that mess on Lifetime. The movie made me feel dirty, and sad. I feel like they gave her that role as a colossal joke

  25. dorothy says:

    Watched 8 mins. Sad, pathetic disaster. Lifetime has hit a new low.

  26. snappyfish says:

    18 minutes and then i had to turn it off in order to save my sanity.

  27. Miss Kiki says:

    I was really excited about watching this online seeing as I’m in the UK but the fact that you guys aren’t even going down the ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ route is making me re-think this.

  28. fhm57 says:

    I can’t even bring myself to watch the clips.

  29. deb says:

    10 min. was all I could handle. It was more of a turkey than the bird I ate on thanksgiving.

  30. Lachica says:

    It jumped all over the place. I got a headache hiafter 30 minutes and quit watching. It was horrible. Lifetime should be ashamed.

  31. Deena says:

    it you’re in Chicago this sounds like a great ‘Liz and Dick’ viewing party…

  32. Sparkly says:

    I still don’t understand how this flustercuck was allowed to happen.

  33. Krock says:

    I watched the whole thing. I was intrigued. Her gravelly smoke voice was awful, and trying to sound like Liz, just horrid. But I watched every second of it hehe

    I think I have a crush on Dick now 😉

  34. bella says:

    LL delivered her lines EXACTLY as she did in the Mean Girls movie.
    No depth, no fluctuation, no feeling, no nuances…just rattled off like a teen on speed.
    What a disgrace…
    And a major insult to Elizabeth Taylor, one of Hollywood’s true tragic icons…

  35. Blue says:

    People need to stop lying to this girl. I can understand her family lying to her because they want money from her and even her employees because they hope to one day get paid. I don’t understand these interviewers kissing her ass, telling her how great she looks and just sweeping everything under the rug. There is no need for it. Do they really want/need LL on their shows so desperately? Smh. No wonder she is living life like it’s still the height of her popularity. No one has the balls or sense to tell her she is a hot mess.

  36. Ellie66 says:

    I manage 10 minutes of this dribble, Damn poor Elizabeth Taylor! I feel bad for the other actors they tried hard to make a good movie the clothes were awesome but the sets looked cheap. Lindsey is s bad actress and her face is too worn out and puffy the only person she should play is her sad self.

  37. bub says:

    Her bloated face, swollen lips, gravel voice and ever present double chin were the stars of this movie. What a cheap production! Did they spend every cent on costumes and insurance? The fake scenery at the Spanish steps in Rome was so bad we laughed out loud. The bruises in the love scene – they couldn’t take those out in post production? I feel like they left those in and had all of the double chin shots just to f with her. Lifetime got exactly what they wanted out of this. I don’t think they gave a rats as* about this steaming pile of sh*t. I have not seen LL’s twitter but I’d be shocked if she has not re-tweeted asskissers telling her how great she was. That girl is delusional. She REALLY needs to see the bad reviews and be brought back to reality. There will never be an Oscar. NEVER. EVER.

    • bella says:

      I forgot about the Spanish Steps scenes – LOL – What was Lifetime freakin thinking?!!
      A disgrace all around this “movie” is.

  38. The Original Mia says:

    Didn’t watch. Never had any intention if doing so. More fun to reds the tweets & blog posts about it last night.

  39. Merritt says:

    Most of the performances were terrible. The costuming at times was just strange. And despite the constant insistence that she looked like Elizabeth Taylor, she just looked like Lindsay Lohan in a series of bad wigs.

  40. littlestar says:

    Okay, there was one good thing about Liz & Dick last night. The guy who played Richard Burton was actually a decent actor! Seriously! When Lindsay Lohan delivered her cheesy lines, she sounded CHEESY. When he (sorry, cannot remember his name, too lazy to google) delivered his cheesy lines, his acting at least made it seem not so bad. Poor guy – to be attached to this mess!!!!

    • Krock says:

      Totally agree! Whoever he his, he now has a new fan. To carry the whole movie considering who he had to co-star with deserves an award. And he’s hot too. Who knew? hehe
      Sidenote: I wonder what their chemistry was off set. Did they get along? Did he like/hate her? was it a mess? I’m so curious.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Grant Bowler. He actually wasn’t bad. The only other thing I’ve seen him in is a made for tv movie, about a post apocalyptic zombie infestation in Reno, called “Steve Niles Remains.” I kind of like him too.

    • Vera says:

      Yeah. I was kind of crushing on him, and he helped me get through the movie, but there was zero chemistry between him and Lohan.

    • Izzy says:

      Grant Bowler. He was great on True Blood, and from what I understand, is a decent actor all around. I really feel badly for him having to put up with Crackie, but I’m glad he’s getting some good reviews for his performance. I hope he gets a great gig in a blockbuster movie, and that the Crackie goes back to the depths of… wherever, and just leaves us all the h e ll alone.

    • Nev says:

      he was also great on Ugly Betty.

  41. BengalCat2000 says:

    I watched about 30 min. of Liz & Dick before I turned off the t.v. I felt bad for her. As someone who has struggled w/mental illness & substance abuse (which I overcame, thank God), I have more empathy for her. It’s not her fault that the justice system & her family have failed her, of course she does need to take responsibility as well. But I just can’t talk sh*t about her anymore. She deserves compassion no matter how much she’s f*cked up. Making judements won’t do her any favours. And no, this is not Dina.

    • Lady D says:

      She might deserve compassion, but you cannot help someone who won’t help themselves. It just doesn’t work.

    • Nev says:



    • Nina W says:

      I had more sympathy for her in the past, but she is a 26 year old and she makes her own bad choices. All in all I’ll save my compassion and sympathy for someone who actually deserves it. She’s spoiled rotten, why should I feel sympathy for an entitled brat who is choosing to trash her life? Seriously what is it 5 times in Rehab and she hasn’t gotten a clue? Come on!

  42. abby says:

    it was a travisty. I couldn’t get myself to imagine for one second that she was Elizabeth Taylor. It was all so insulting and awful. I stopped watching after 30 minutes :-\

  43. Shelly says:

    I watched the whole thing. I must say that it wasn’t nearly as God-awful as I thought it would be, it mainly just bored me to tears. I thought Grant Bowler was ok as Dick. The woman who played Liz’s mother was just ridiculous. And as for Lindsay, well, she looked better in the movie than she did in the stills from the movie. I didn’t find her face as frightening when it was “live”, although it is clear that her old face is gone forever. As far as her acting goes – the first part of the movie I thought she was pretty terrible. But in the last part I thought she improved somewhat. I mainly just thought the whole movie dragged on and on and was just boring. I do not think this movie was a “comeback” in any way for her, except that she may now have a new career in Lifetime movies, because she wasn’t any worse/better than the typical Lifetime movie actress.

    • Jayna says:

      I agree. The first hour was mind-numbingly boring and her acting was flat delivery of lines by a trashy young actress trying to appear sophisticated. Big fat fail.

      The second half of the movie she did a little better and the movie was a little more interesting.


      They lit her beautifully in the red dress scenes at the play and party. She actually looked soft and pretty and a little Liz like.

      Liz got chunky. In those scenes it appears Lindsay must have refused to add a little padding, so very ridiculous to refer to her weight. They just had to focus on Lindsay’s double chins.

      They never focused on Liz’s health problems except one scene.

      I never realized Richard’s brother was paralyzed because Richard insisted he go open the house up. What guilt he must have felt.

      As a reviewer mentioned, they never captured the two sides of Liz: Sophisticated with that high, cultured voice, and yet had a bawdy sense of humor, and was very seductive. Lindsay failed in everything. She is just a club rat with about as much class as a common thief (oh, wait), LOL, and has no emotional depth in real passion and romances to draw upon. Banging men and trauma/drama in her immature relationship with her DJ girlfriend doesn’t count.

      I did enjoy the second half showing some of Liz’s iconic looks with her hair and clothes.

      • Nina W says:

        I believe they took some artistic license with Ifor’s accident. The story I remember was that Richard and Ifor’s got hammered and Ifor fell down the stairs and was paralyzed. What they got right though is how it devastated Richard Burton. In case it wasn’t clear in the movie Ifor, his brother, was maybe 20 years older and was practically a father to him as their Dad was never around and their Mom died when he was only 2 or 3.

  44. Annie says:

    I felt bad for Grant Bowler – he’s obviously trying to be a professional and make the most out of a cringeworthy script.

    • Cleveland Girl says:

      Absolutely! I felt the same thing while watching this. He is actually very good.

      • Jayna says:

        I agree. If he can play this iconic actor, in spite of a bad script and horrible actress to play off, and manage to not look like a fool, then he is a good actor managing to rise above it all and not ruin his career. He singlehandedly made the movie bearable.

    • Dredz says:

      In this movie, he actually sounds lovely. Similar to how Burton usually spoke.

      • Nina W says:

        Yeah, he did a great job with the Welsh accent. I was surprised to learn he’s from New Zealand, you couldn’t hear it at all.

  45. DianeP says:

    I wasn’t missing “Dexter” for that!

  46. Krock says:

    Oh and I have to give props to the actress that played Dicks wife. She was actually very good.

  47. Krock says:

    Ok, show of hands who was thinking about Celebitchy while watching? lol! I couldn’t wait for the detailed review.

  48. Cathy says:

    I had better things to do than watch the crackenmonster. Mythbusters was on and then I went to bed early. Also her face might of ruined my tv screen, it’s an expensive tv and I won’t ruin it with her face.

  49. Marla says:

    Okay, we all agree that Lindsey lohan blows at acting. Now I think Liz Taylor should return the favor and play Lindsey in the “Lindsey & Dina” movie of the week… Even with Liz being dead, we’d still see a better performance .

  50. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I watched the second half. Her vocal affectations were super annoying. The crying scenes started out ok, but then she’d take it too far and it just looked like she was pulling ugly face. The only thing she was good at was throwing booze bottles (which she obviously has tons of practice doing). 

    My other issue with the “film,” if you can even call it that, was the timeline. I’m not familiar with the Taylor/Burton relationship, so I have no idea when they both married, remarried, when he remarried the new wife or at what point in their lives he died. Usually a bit of old age makeup will give us some idea of how old the actors are supposed to be, but the “filmmakers” made no effort to age Linz. They just slapped a series of wigs on her, the last one being grey, and expected us to know how old Liz was when each milestone happened. I just kept thinking she had to be a hard looking 45 when that happened, because that’s how old Lindz looked in every scene.

    • Boo says:

      I saw one scene–maybe at the end? where Liz was going to see Dick’s grave, and she yells to the paps, “Can’t you just leave us alone?” in a horrifyingly ineffective way. Liz was not supposed to be a spring chicken in this scene, and yet Lindsay jogged up the cemetery stairs in heels. I almost expected her to take them two at a time.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        And she was positively swimming in that dress!! Like she said “No, I’m not gonna do that body padding stuff. Just pad the dress that’s 5 sizes too large.” I was waiting for it to fall off!

      • Boo says:

        I can hear them behind the scenes, discussing the dress:

        Lindsay: But if my dress is too big, it may “accidentally” slip off, exposing my bosoms. That’ll get the ratings!

        Everyone else, in chorus: You mean there are people in this world who ain’t seen your bosoms?

        (With thanks and apologies to A League of Their Own).

      • Bodhi says:

        OMG! Boo that is HILARIOUS! I still love ALOTO

  51. BeesKnees says:

    I DVRed it and ended up watching it this morning. I will give it one compliment… the costumes and hair were great. There were a few times that, when she wasn’t speaking, I squinted and Lindsay looked a little bit like Liz. But oh my was Lindsay’s acting atrocious!! There were several times that she delivered a line where I just busted out laughing. My favorite was when she was sitting on the lawn and just yells “I’m boooorrreedd!” I wanted to say “So are we Lindsay, so are we.” Lindsay was awful, there’s no in between. People aren’t being “haters” or picking on her, she cannot act anymore. She did NOTHING to try to emulate Elizabeth Taylor. Grant Bowler was actually decent as were the actors playing his first wife Sybil and his brother Ifor. The actress playing Liz’s mom was pretty bad though. Each scene lasted maybe 2 minutes max, things happened without being explained (she was in a hospital bed with a man visiting her with no explanation as to why or who the man was). My favorite thing about the whole movie was that they made NO EFFORT to age Lindsay. It is supposed to be Liz’s 40th birthday and Lindsay looks exactly the same as she did at the beginning of the movie. And at the end, Liz is supposed to be in her 50s and all they did was put Lindsay in a big graying wig. This movie was a huge mess and you can bet Lifetime knew how awful Lindsay’s acting was and knew it would bring in big ratings. Anyone who says her performance was good is either lying or has some issues!

    • littlestar says:

      I agree, the costumes (and even the hair) were great. A couple of Liz’s outfits I though, gee I could totally wear that! Even the sets weren’t as bad as people are making them out to be. For being shot solely in California, they did a not bad job to make it look European.

  52. Jazz says:

    Did Grant Bowler have to kiss her for the love scenes? Egads, poor Grant. She must of tasted like an ashtray.

    I hate hate loathe that kissy face she always does for photos.

    • Christian says:

      He had to kiss her A LOT and I cringed every time. He probably got tested after shooting. I know I would.

  53. Ok says:

    Wow I am probably going to get clobbered for saying this but I watched the whole thing an I really thought Lindsay did a good job. Honestly I did.

    From some of the still photos that were released I thought she was going to look ridiculous. But she really did resemble Taylor.

    I thought she would look silly toward the end when Taylor was older with the 1980’s wig and such. She looked reasonably convincing albeit too thin because Taylor was starting to round out by then.

    But I thought Lindsay did a good job with the whole thing considering how short the shooting schedule was and how she had to curtail the addictions to get the work done.

    You guys I really thought is was reasonably good. I am kind of surprised that most everybody thought it was bad.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Oh, honey, put down the bottle. The movie aired last night. *pats Ok on back while slowly easing the bottle out of her hand*

    • YeahOk says:


    • swack says:

      “how she had to curtail the addictions to get the work done.” @OK – I don’t believe she put curtailed her addictions to get the work done. I believe she partied and kept up what she usually does. I didn’t watch so I have no opinion on the film but please don’t be so naive as to believe she wasn’t drinking and doing whatever else she does at night. Because of her production was shut down 2 days and cost Lifetime many dollars.

    • dee says:

      I think “she wasn’t bad considering she had to curtail her addictions” for the shoot might be the new definition of what is called “damning with faint praise.”

  54. Happyhat says:

    I described ‘Liz & Dick’ to my boyfriend, a big Richard Burton fan, and he thought it sounded like the most amazing film ever. But then again, my boyfriend LOVES bad films (the straight to video horror kind, anything staring Steven Seagal etc…). I said that it might be too bad, even for him. We now need to find out how to watch this in the UK whilst preferably spending no money on it what so ever.

  55. erika says:

    something’s wrong with me….I did not trash the HoLo last night, in fact, I felt a twinge sorry for her. When I saw the first love scene (her on her back, legs spread w/ Richard on top) the immediate thought/vision that came to mind was:

    “Oh God, HoLo hooks herself out intlly’ to scuzzy men who use her for a cheap/drugged up F****k…” made me sad.

    Honestly? the prob w/ the movie was NOT HoLo (although actedo on a high school drama play level) problem was…(sorry ET fans)..

    Elizabeth Taylor was a BITCH! a spoiled, arrogant, CHILDISH,alcoholic, self centered, pap hungry BRAT! married how many times? Drunk on set how many times? stole husbands away, F***ked men for jewels and kicks…

    sorry. if ET was alive today we’d all be bashing her just like we do HoLo….

    I switched to Ice Loves Coco…Lifetime movies regardless are just too damn intolerable, BAD writing to begin w/

    • Nina W says:

      I hear you, Liz was no saint but she was interesting and a good actress. Lindsay is BORING, on screen and in life.

  56. Shannon says:

    Well, it was better than I Know Who Killed Me. That’s the only positive thing I can say.

  57. mollination says:

    Please tell me someone else caught the irony in her saying “it’s all about the jewelry” as she tries on ridiculously gigantic necklaces she probably pilfered from the set when she filmed this mess while on probation for a jewel heist!? SOMEbody!

  58. Samigirl says:

    Due to our Dexter party every Sunday, this is still waiting for me on my DVR. I am sooooo excited. Even MORE so after reading this commentary. 3 needs to get here QUICK so I can go home and watch this train wreck!

  59. Bodhi says:

    I watched every damn minute of it & WOW was it bad. I was hoping for fun-awful, but it was just awful-awful. Some of y’all have already pointed out the spazzy editing. I totally agree with whomever said that they cut the scenes after she said about 4-5 sentences.

    I know almost nothing about ET, but its my understanding that she was more than just the selfish, wasted harpy LL portrayed

  60. Sue ya says:

    The best thing about this Lifetime film is that it will stop any real possibility that LL will be in another movie other than a cameo part. People may watch part of something like this for free because they are curious how bad she will be. But would any of you actually put down money for a ticket to watch it? And take the chance on being seen walking into a movie theater to watch a LL movie? Because she was panned, it is not likely she will garner people willing to pay money to see a film she is in. We should all be thankful to Lifetime to futher limiting the future of her work.

  61. Persnickety says:

    Honestly, it did not seem like LiLo was even TRYING to act. It seemed she felt she could just show up, be made up to look like LaLiz, and say the lines. Has Lindz been so coddled and enabled in life that she thinks she is effortlessly talented? Answer: far from it. Like her most recentl SNL stint, I thought “she is actually not at all talented — why did we ever think she was?” She has ruined her fresh-faced beauty. What is left for her? For real, porn? I hope she doesn’t read negativity on the web, because I feel badly typing this.

  62. HannahF says:

    My observations:

    1. I watched about half of it before I fell asleep. I was laughing the whole time. It truly was like an SNL skit. Def. Lindsay with Liz’s clothes on.

    2. Those lips. The closeups in the kissing scenes–just ugh.

    3. On the two other gossip websites i tend to visit the vast majority of the posters couldn’t bear watching it for–on average–about 15 minutes. That means that LL as stunt casting was also a failure.

  63. JudyK says:

    Watched three (3) of the videos…all I can stomach.

    The truth is that he’s almost as bad as Richard Burton as she is as Elizabeth Taylor.

  64. G says:

    So….it was soooo meh. Boring. The only thing that kept moving was the ADD editing.

    What happened to the Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf scenes she was always talking about? Why did they have to meet Edward Albee, if they didn’t go on to show the film they made with him? WTF? And scenes that were in the trailers, were not actually in the movie?

    My lord, some of those costume selections were so unflattering. That scene with the big fur hat? What were they thinking? Why did her hair look like a dyed string mop styled with a hand trowel? An the eyeliner? Could they not afford an actual eyeliner brush?

    OMG. She doesn’t know how to act at all. It was high school level line readings.

    • Nina W says:

      The costumes were actually important to the effect, they had her in a series of Liz’s most iconic looks.

  65. Sue says:

    What can be expected from Lifetime, seriously? Nothing but bad acting and cheesy movies on that channel. The script was cheap, the budget low. I watched it and actually didn’t mind it having grown up during those tumultuous years I remember all the shenanigans of ‘Liz & Dick’. Elizabeth Taylor was a wreck so it was fitting that Lindsey play her. They were both drunks, emotional and tempermental. Personally, I liked the costumes and the sets. The intrigue of the time was there. Whatever.

  66. TheTruthHurts says:

    She says all she wants to do is “act” but she couldn’t even put the time in as an actress & STUDY the character she was playing. There was no attempt for her to duplicate Elizabeth Taylor’s voice/tone at all. She used her horrible, scratchy, deep smokers voice which was the furthest thing from Taylor. It looks like the only thing she worked on & succeeded at was eating her way to a double chin.

  67. judyjudy says:

    I couldn’t even get through these 2 minute clips…never mind the whole film.

    She’s awful. And since when did Lifetime movies host red carpet premiers? WTF?

  68. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    I watched the Walking Dead and taped Liz & Dick. After watching it this morning, I’m glad I missed out. Hilariously bad and the best/worse movie Lifetime ever made.

  69. WendyNerd says:

    You can see perfect evidence of just how narcissistic, delusional, and arrogant Lohan is by her performance in the film and her interviews surrounding it.

    The fact is, Lindsay didn’t even TRY. The whole time she looked like she was reading off a teleprompter or something. She did nothing to try and actually mimic Taylor— not her voice, mannerisms, even the way she held herself was wrong.

    It’s not like she didn’t have anything to go by. Not only did Taylor do a ton of films, but there are countless interviews of her, there are her books. All those things detail her experiences and feelings quite well. Lohan had all the research material in the world.

    She did no research. You can tell not just in her performance, but her interviews. When she’s asked about ELizabeth, all she has to say is “We both lived our lives in the public eye and both liked diamonds.”

    The fact is, a real actor would have done the work and the research. The likes of Meryl Streep and Daniel Day-Lewis do tons of research and do all they can when playing someone so they get them right.

    But you see, Lindsay apparently thinks she’s above that. That she’s such a GREAT ACTRESS that she doesn’t need to do research because it’s just so NATURAL FOR HER. No, Blowhan, it isn’t.

    All the people telling you how talented you are either are making fun of you or want something from you. Lifetime hired you not because they were confidant that you’d give a brilliant performance, but because they knew your notoriety would bring in the ratings from people wanting to see a train-wreck. You’re being exploited and you’re too stupid to realize it.

    All those films you did, your supposed “glory days”— Freak Friday, Mean Girls— You played a teenage girl in them. What a stretch. You played a teenage girl in almost all your films. You never had great talent. Charisma? Yes. Potential? Yes. But to be a truly great actress, you need to do “great acting”, you’ve never done any great acting.

    When you talk about your supposed future Oscar, everyone laughs. You’re a joke. But that you think you’re entitled to awards and roles after all the shit you’ve pulled, showing utter disdain for the law, the justice system, the people who have been good enough to employ you, proper work ethic, and other people in general, is a testament to how ridiculous you really are. You seem so set on a comeback, and yet you did nothing to actually give a performance that at least showed evidence of effort on your part. Because you think you’re so special and the world owes you. It doesn’t. You suck.

  70. Chinadoll13 says:

    The whole thing was atrocious! What an insult for Liz!

  71. Chinadoll13 says:

    The whole thing was atrocious! What an insult for Liz! I used to like Lohan back in the day but even back in the day she would not have been good enough to play Elizabeth Taylor.

  72. smiley says:

    http://www.anatomyofaclassic.com/?tag=elizabeth-taylor,when i see this pic i get the feeling dita von tesse could have played liz

  73. Izzy says:

    I am proud – PROUD, I tell you! – to say that not only did I not watch this trainwreck of a horror show, but I did not DVR it either. I have no plans to see it. I will watch Grant Bowler in anything else. But I will not watch this craptastic so-called Crackie comeback.

    Instead, I watched DVR’ed episodes of Fringe from the Science Channel’s weekend marathon. Viva Walter Bishop.

  74. apsutter says:

    As I thought it would be it was a terrible mess of a movie but I had fun rolling my eyes at her. Poor Grant Bowler he deserved so much better than this mess. Was it just me or did it seem like they spent a 1/3 of a movie kissing? Weird. I wish that she had gotten the fat under her chin lipo’d because it was all I could look at during the entire movie.

  75. Paige says:

    Well I trust you guys enough to erase it off my DVR. I was hella offended that the cracken was playing Elizabeth Taylor. Liz must be rolling in her grave! I also co sign with whoever said Lifetime should be ashamed of themselves.

  76. EscapedConvent says:

    Just watched the clips. Grant Bowler did a very good job with Burton’s voice. That must have been difficult. Poor guy! I really hope we see more of him now. I would almost call this acting job baptism by fire.

  77. Jayna says:

    Fascinating 60 Minutes interview of Liz and Dick during their marriage below 40-some years ago. Liz had that famous set of double eyelashes she was born with that were thick, black, and not long like the fake lashes Lindsay was wearing. I wonder why they didn’t try to replicate that uniqueness. Lindsay didn’t capture the essence of Liz at all watching this. Of course, I knew that from the awful acting, but it’s interesting comparing the real versus the fake side by side. Grant did a good job trying to inhabit Richard Burton’s persona without being an imitator and it’s obvious he is a real actor, but he didn’t have Richard’s rugged manliness after watching this interview.


  78. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    I didn’t watched but I keep my computer on and read the remarks coming in on TMZ and laughed my head off…..
    As for the Ratings…..4th place in most watch Lifetime movies this year means it didn’t even rank up their above Sci Fi’s worst FrankenFish………! and she was beaten out by in order Football…..Zombies….Terrorist …and SpongeBob Square Pants…!!!
    Thats right she got beat by a Sponge……LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
    bye the way …that SpongeBob movie was good…! ….

  79. Simply Red says:

    Based on the reviews given I guess I didn’t miss much. I wonder if the reviews were fairly given including those from Good Morning America, the only reason why I say this because I think people just don’t care for her anymore and they think she is a mock.. IDK I didn’t watch so I don’t know how the movie turned out…

    Apparently her acting skills are gone according to the reviews…

    • Jayna says:

      I could have told you that when a year ago or so I watched her 2007 psychological thriller I Know Who Killed Me. The movie was soooo bad anyway, but her acting was so wooden that I realized whatever talent she had as a tween/teenage actress that she needed to build on and develop for roles heading into her 20s never happened. Lazy girl who really doesn’t care about the craft of acting.

      • Simply Red says:

        Whoa Jayna she played in that movie…
        Oh crap, I watched it and didn’t even notice her in it..LOL

        OO_OO that’s bad… I’m sitting here just chuckling when I read your comment..

  80. Moore says:

    I think she was bad but the male lead was much worse. Really I think his performance is some of the worst acting I have ever seen.

    • Nina W says:

      I completely disagree, he was the reason I watched the movie through to the end.

    • Moore says:

      It is weird how acting is subjective like that because I thought every line he said was so forced it seemed like a parody of bad acting.

  81. HappyJoyJoy says:

    Stick a fork in this bitch. SHE. IS. DONE. While one must laugh at the shamelessly obvious exploitative attention Lifetime is seeking I can’t help but wonder if all this bad press isn’t going to do them some kind of harm in the long run. The Cracken is tainted & she destroys everything near her. Poor Elizabeth, she must be projectile vomiting from her grave.

  82. asdfg says:

    I didn’t watch it but the reviews are HILARIOUS! And the wig she is wearing in video #5, Liz & Dick: Forever an Ocean is awful! OMG! Surely Elizabeth Taylor’s hair wasn’t that big!

  83. Zoggy says:

    Miranda better bitch-slap Steve for being in this epic piece of crap!

  84. Lou says:

    I need to pirate this. We don’t get Lifetime in my country.


  85. jwoolman says:

    Just watching the promos was enough for me. I could see in the promos that the guy did a good, believable job playing Richard Burton but he was playing against someone whose acting was at the level of most kids in a mediocre high school play. It was painful. Watching the whole show would have been like watching a clumsy trapeze act without a net. I couldn’t watch SNL with Lohan on it for the same reason, I didn’t want to see her crash. The bits I saw of her on SNL later just made me sad.

  86. molly says:

    It wasn’t crackie or disastrous!

  87. MacScore says:

    Can’t even watch the promo clips in my country, let alone the whole thing – but then again, WHY would I want to? My life is bad enough at the moment – I’ll just vomit if I see Blowbitch getting paid tons. SHE IS A WASTE OF SPACE.