Weight Watchers doesn’t sound pleased about Jessica Simpson’s 2nd pregnancy

As we discussed yesterday, it’s pretty much looking like Jessica Simpson is pregnant again, seven months after giving birth to her first child, daughter Maxwell Johnson. Us Weekly feels so confident about the story and their sources that they’re running it as their cover story this week, but when People Magazine went to officially confirm it with Jessica’s publicist, they were told, “I’m not going to comment on this speculation.” So… not a hard “no” but not a “yes” either. I put that “no comment” in the category of “Jessica is pregnant but she’s not that far along so she doesn’t want to officially confirm it yet.”

What is still hilarious to me – endlessly, mind-numbingly hilarious – is that Jessica gets to walk away from Weight Watchers with $4 million and she doesn’t even have to do any more weigh-ins. It’s not like Weight Watchers can fire her and demand their money back for Jessica’s breach of contract… who is going to sue a pregnant woman in this day and age? So to add to the hilarity, Us Weekly contacted WW to get their take on the story:

It’s safe to say soon-to-be second time mama Jessica Simpson’s priorities have shifted a little bit as of late. Since welcoming baby Maxwell on May 1 (her first child with fiance Eric Johnson), designer/actress/singer Simpson, 32, has been focused on her bonding with her little one — and slimming down after her much-discussed 70-pound pregnancy weight gain with help from Weight Watchers (plus some extra motivation in the form of a rumored $4 million paycheck from the company.)

So what does her surprise second pregnancy — as reported exclusively in the new Us Weekly, out now — mean for her deal? The brand is refusing to, well, weigh in.

“Any questions related to Jessica’s personal life can only be answered by her team,” Stephanie Schulman, Weight Watchers’ public relations manager, told E! News Wednesday. “We do not disclose financial details about our relationships with any of our ambassadors.”

A rep for Simpson had no comment about the Fashion Star mentor’s latest baby joy. Meanwhile, a source close to the Texas native tells Us she “really is overjoyed!”

[From Us Weekly]

Once again, a non-committal non-denial. But it felt terse, didn’t it? Maybe I’m projecting. It’s possible. But I imagine that all of the Weight Watchers higher-ups are pulling out their hair over this one. Jessica has been a hot mess from day one, and at this point, I do have sympathy for WW. They got in over their heads with Farty.

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  1. Nanz says:

    Jessica pulled a fast one on Weight Watchers. Kind of a brilliant way to get out of your contract.

    • Tasha says:

      Hw is it brilliant? Instead of doing the actual work and completing her contract she got knock up again.

      If she really wanted to end her contract she should have given back the money and if she had to pay more then so be it. Jessica just comes off hungry money, great thing to teach her daughter.

      I can’t see another company working with her again.

      • LAK says:

        I think NAnz was making the same point you are making.

        It’s brilliant because Jessica may get out of the contract without being sued and keeping the money because which ever way you slice it, no good can come out of suing or harrassing a pregnant lady.

        Brilliant because whilst the rest of us are wage slaves, she’s getting richer with minimal work or effort. Yes, I know pregnancy/babies hard work yadayada but Jessica just got paid to be pregnant. We should all be paid millions for being pregnant.

        If I were WW I would be furious because she’s barely fulfilled the minimum ie one ad (that I’ve seen, have they released more?), and one interview before she’d really lost weight. The diet that Jessica has released as part of her WW plan is not WW, more starvation diet. Jessica is Winning!! WW, not so much!

      • epiphany says:

        Because she didn’t want to do the work in the first place, that’s why it’s brilliant. She wants to eat buttered Poptarts and wear mumu’s, not eat properly and go to the gym. I’m sure at least a certain portion of her contract is guaranteed, so she got paid a substantial amount of money for doing nothing.

    • t says:

      Eric Johnson may be the brilliant one who walked away with the prize money. I bet he told Jessica he could get her out of her contract, but the price for his reproductive material had gone up since the last time. This time he’d have to charge her…oh, say…$4 million.

      He was buttering pop tarts while making the offer she couldn’t refuse.

  2. lem says:

    WW needs to STOP getting these celebrities to endorse they’re system. I used to do WW (and I wish I could afford to do their online system again) and it really does work. My problem is that these celebrities have the means to have a personal chef prepare all of their meals. OF COURSE you can follow WW when those are your resources. I’d be much more likely to be impressed by someone who doesn’t have those resources, is getting a modest monetary endorsement from WW, and following the program with success. I just don’t get why WW thinks I’m going to be drawn to their product by Simpson or Hudson when I know they’re just paying a personal chef to prepare their meals and paying personal trainer to kick their butts. THAT is not what WW services provide.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      lem – THIS is why I hate those stupid “You can follow so-and-so’s diet regimen” articles in the tabs and online!!!!

      Yeah, sure! If I had nannies, and personal trainers, and a personal chef or food delivery service that delivered fresh meals & snacks to my door every day, and could afford the kale and salmon fillet and pine nuts (or whatever extravagantly organic food ingredients) to follow their menu!

      I apologise for my rant, but it makes me stabby!

      • lem says:

        No I totally get it. I did WW successfully for a few years. I was religious with my food intake and I hit spin 5-6 days per week. But I had a job, law school and a modicum of a social life. I think it’s great that these celebrities lose the weight but acting like did it following the typical WW plan is insulting. Simpson’s meal plan that was released seemed very healthy, but it was not a realistic meal plan for someone who doesn’t have a personal chef or the money to spend on all the organic fresh food she was eating.

        it’s okay– this makes me stabby too.

      • Meredith says:

        Yes, TOB, I agree having all those people (nannies,etc.)makes it a whole different world for celebs losing weight. I’d have the same stuff/ staff if I could but right now no one is running around trying to made my healthy food choices interesting and fun for me. And yes, that sucks and I’m still 25 lbs above my goal weight. But I still like Jessica.

      • Bodhi says:

        THIS! I would have lost all the baby weight & more if I had all the resources these celebs have. I hate the celeb “I’m just your average mom” bullshit. No you aren’t & its offensive to pretend that you are

    • Amory says:

      Totally agree, Lem. And don’t forget the plastic surgery that they can afford, too.

      When I see a celebrity endorsement, I run the other way. Stop insulting our intelligence and give us some real world examples.

      • lem says:

        i just think it’s unnecessary for WW to use celebrities. hell, the program worked wonders for me so i know it works. if WW offered to pay for my membership and my gym membership (a whopping $70/month total) in exchange for using my progress for advertisement, i’d snap it up in a minute. and i think that any progress I made is far more realistic and relateable to the average WW customer.

  3. Skins says:

    Looks like her new career in getting pregnant

  4. Riana says:

    “Sorry honey, let’s not bring another life into this world. Gotta stay thin for Weight Watchers”

    This isn’t eating too many burgers, which I would say yes is wrong. If they didn’t want the risk then they should perhaps seek out women who will sign a contract stating they promise not to become pregnant or stick with male representatives. They CLAIM their program works on pregnant women as well.

    Quite frankly Jess illustrates what real women on these programs go through as opposed to celebs who have WW behind them doing everything to jack their weight loss to its highest numbers.

    • Amory says:

      How is Jessica in the real world?? She has every resource available and losing weight was her only job. And there are plenty who think that she got a little help with that weight loss.

      There is precious little that is real about this woman.

    • Sassy says:

      I believe that WW has a program for nursing mothers, but not pregnant women. Also, I doubt that she has pocketed a check for 4 mil. Her contract is most likely iron clad, and based on her compliance with the WW program and a noticable weight loss. Contract could be null and void at this point.

  5. the original bellaluna says:

    hee-hee-hee! That’s what WW gets for getting into bed (contractually) with her. They thought they were getting another J-Hud, but they got a J-Simps instead. Dummies.

    I liken it to the movie-folk who sign onto to work with The Cracken, then bitch and complain about her tardiness, production delays, accidents, the cost of insuring her, her cracknanigans, and her general unconsciousness.


  6. StephanieMarie2685 says:

    Definitely projecting…There was nothing terse or displeased about that repsonse..The PR person must know something and isn’t about to share it with the media which is quite respectable and rare these days….see: Duchess Kate’s “friend” spilling the beans on her pregnancy..

  7. SmokeyBlues says:

    Once again I feel the urge to stick up for her. She looks great, she fulfilled the contract. We saw her lose a TON of weight since Maxi was born. What more to you guys want from her?

    • Abby says:

      I agree… She looks as thin as she did pre-Maxi pregnancy. I guess if the contract says “stay thin for x amount of time” it would be different, but she looks great. And congrats to her. Maxi looks really happy, she seems like she’s a good mom.

    • Amory says:

      I would like her to stop pretending to be just an average gal. It’s really, really insulting, especially when she made money off of being stupid and shills nasty fake hair and ridiculous shoes.

      I also find it insulting that agreed to be a WW endorses after gorging herself with sick and unhealthy food. Only in America do you get admired and make money for being so vacant and selfish. Motherhood is yet another thing for her to exploit.

  8. Marianne says:

    So her, Tori and Peaches are all gonna have some Irish Twins.

  9. Sam says:

    It’s just hysterical that she’s pregnant again, given that for the past few months, she’s emphasized that she did not want another baby right away, that she wanted to just have time with her daughter, that she couldn’t imagine herself with two babies, etc.

    But then again, given her track record, did she ever appear to be a woman who knew how to use birth control correctly? She’s a walking argument in favor of IUDs.

    • sunnyinseattle says:

      Her track record? She has one child! What track record for not knowing how to use birth control? Seriously, what am I missing? Can you explain? :-(

      • Sam says:

        Uh, her track record is one of being a dumbass – she’s sorta made her career of it.

        She did multiple interviews after her daughter was born stating that she wanted to space her children, didn’t want another anytime soon, etc. So, that suggests that this pregnancy was not planned. If you don’t want another child soon but want to have sex, you need to be using birth control reliably – which clearly, she did not do. She’s a human argument for birth control implants.

        And yeah, now, after having a baby, every woman gets a BC discussion and what to do. She had the means to take better control of her child planning, and she didn’t.

      • sunnyinseattle says:

        It isn’t always that cut and dry. So because I got pregnant while on birth control, am I also a human argument for birth control implant? No. Maybe she didn’t plan for the baby, but she hardely seems to be the type that is a bad example. She can clearly afford the baby, and really a baby is never a bad thing when born into the arms of a good and loving Mom. Which she seems to be. :-)

      • Sam says:

        Actually, it’s pretty cut and dry. If you really don’t want to have another child, you need birth control. You also have to know what kind of person you are. For example – I’m a lawyer. I work weird hours. I would not remember to take a pill each day at the same time. So, like a moderately intelligent person, my doctor helped me get the implant in my arm, because that has no room for human error.

        If she was being honest in her interviews, then she should take her at her word that she did not want this pregnancy. That begs the question – if she knew that, why did she not do her research and decide on a more effective birth control method? I can totally see how her schedule and lifestyle are not really conducive to a pill or other method that relies on human consistency.

        And yeah, in short, I believe that a woman bears responsibility for her reproductive choices. If she already has a child, and does not want another for some time, she has the burden of knowing herself and her life enough to choose a method to make that happen. She’s not a poor woman whose choices are limited – she could get whatever method she wanted. So yes, she’s still a dumbass. It’s not rocket science, its responsibility.

      • LeslieM says:

        I doubt she’s despondent over her pregnancy.

      • sunnyinseattle says:

        @Sam, you totally missed my point and frankly, it is exhausting trying to explain. So go ahead and assume you won. Peace out. :-)

  10. truthful says:

    maybe I missed the posted pictures of this dramatic weight loss.

    Everything I have seen her in is big in the waist, to deflect. I have not seen anything form fitting, jeans & a tee.

    –off to find said pictures

  11. shewolf says:

    She is so flipping beautiful. I love the dress in the last photo, finally something that suits her figure!

    Anyways, to shake off the horror at the idea of being pregnant so soon after the first one I just want to say that my youngest is 14 months old and I think I’d vomit if I was pregnant again and it wouldnt be morning sickness… it would be pure horror. Phew, glad thats off my chest.

  12. Chordy says:

    Doesn’t WW have some kind of plan for pregnant women? So maybe she doesn’t have to bail on her contract? And then the world can stop clutching their pearls and tearing their hairs out over another woman who went and got herself knocked up before we said she could?

  13. Happyhat says:

    Is it me, or do I not get why WW need to get rid of her if she is preggers?

    Because, you know, can they not change it to a “Here’s how being on WW whilst pregnant can help maintain a healthy weight and stop you piling on the pounds” kinda thing? And then she can go on talk shows saying, “Yeah, I’m keeping a healthy weight this time around because of WW.”

    I’m not that clued up about the intricacies of WW nutrition or pregnancy nutrition, but I’d be surprised if they where that incompatible.

    Then afterwards, they can do the whole “Yeah, WW helped me lose those few pounds I put on during my pregnancy.”

    Like, what’s the problem here?!!

  14. Cheryl says:

    If WW was smart, they would make Jessica stick to a sensible diet now that she’s pregnant, and be with her through a pregnancy where she DoESNT become a balloon! That would be great, real life stuff. Lots of women overdo it their first pregnancy, so it would be nice to show how you can go through a pregnancy gaining a reasonable amount of weight…

    They could spin this in a great way. But Jess would have to give up her slutty brownies this time around. :(

  15. Malificent says:

    I think that WW should keep her on contract during her pregnancy. Obviously, not on how to lose weight, but on how to use healthy eating to help you try to maintain a healthy weight gain during your pregnancy. Spin it as using their healthy diet techniques to make for a healthier pregnancy by avoiding an unhealthy amount weight gain that can contribute to high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, etc…

    They’d have to couch it carefully to not look like they were strong-arming a pregnant woman — no actual weigh-ins and such. And they’d have to word the campaign sympathetically because lots of women who do eat well and excercise during pregnancy still gain more than the recommended amount of weight or get health complications. But WW could work this scenario and maybe open up a new pre-natal audience….

  16. MsGoblin says:

    I bet she doesn’t know what “irony” is…

    Did she even finish high school?

    NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer. Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. A few fries short of a Happy Meal, even.

  17. jacquie109 says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think she “used” this as an excuse to get out of a contract. If she is pregnant I’m pretty sure that was not her intention…

  18. sunnyinseattle says:

    I am actually suprised by the judgement towards her and the fact she pregant again. Whether you think it was not timed right or not, why is everyone on suck a higher pedestal to look down on her? She seems like a very good Mom and I think everyone needs to be saying congratulations instead of being so snarky. I realize this is a gossip sight, so before you throw that in my face, my point is sometimes gossip can be nice. Some of you need to get off your high horses. Congrats! Am I alone here? :-)

    • themummy says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. I’m actually surprised at how many people have such strong, self-righteous opinions about a woman’s choice to have a second baby. It’s ridiculous.

    • Amory says:

      She says all the right things, but I never understand why folks think that she’s a great mom. Have we ever seen her interact with the baby? Maybe she is, but I don’t know how anyone could know that.

      Frankly, I don’t like that she used this pregnancy and motherhood to add to her millions. And it bums me out that she abused her body with that gross food when she was pregnant and then used it as way to wrangle a WW deal. I do think that we judge women way too much for what they eat, but she advertised exactly how she gained that weight, and even she must have known that inhaling nonstop sugar, fat and artificial food is not great nutrition for the baby.

      • sunnyinseattle says:

        She just gives off the vibe of being a good Mom. I don’t get that from her sister, but from her I do. Maybe it is because her baby hasn’t been shoved down our throats and she she seemed to struggle with gaining weight that humanized her to me? I honestly can’t explain why, but I get the feeling she is. My original point was, why does everyone judge her, or any other woman for getting pregnant? None of our business. :-)

  19. Jamie says:

    Couldn’t they use this as a wonderful way to advertise a healthy lifestyle for WW?

  20. RobN says:

    People who think she’s going to use this to get out of her contract seem to have missed the fact that she actually is losing the weight. Did she drop it all in 8 weeks? No, but quick and temporary weight loss is not what WW sells.

  21. truthful says:

    I honestly doubt that Jess is gonna want anyone to tell her how to eat during her pregnancy.

    If she did not listen to her doctors w/the first one, I doubt she’ll listen or abide by WW.

  22. Meaghan says:

    Actually, weight watchers can be done by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, so the company can cash in on this and use this to target prego’s so they don’t gain weight during the pregnancy, like she did last time when she wasn’t on weight watchers. Brilliant, I think. I can’t see why they would be mad at all@!

  23. anon says:

    amazing yesterday we were all congratulatory in the other thread today the haters rebound with this thread. Now many of you need to go to Jess app & join & see that indeed she did & does follow the WW program & what was released was indeed WW approved. Then again follow it.. Jessica’s mentor is also on site giving support & small ideas for many to follow..

    Lets stop with some negativity here & bashing as this is also or can be a win win for WW. It will show the journey of not eating properly or over indulging while being pregnant to learning excellent eating habits & following through with an unexpected pregnancy(which pardon me but happens to many women) not just Jess but will follow her through this next pregnancy in a healthy way & for women willing to learn & do that. It changes things & sure ups the anty for WW & Jessica it does not take away from it at all. WW is winning.

    Lets also not forget that Jessica worked very hard to lose that 60-70 lbs before this pregnancy & that should not be negated by haters. That weight loss alone shows she worked extrememly hard to get where she got. Give credit where credit is due. This crap she wanted out of the contract is nonsense. She lost 60-70 lbs on it & now you say she wanted out.. try losing 60-70 yourself.

    • Cece says:

      i think the problem with your theory is that a huge number of people do not believe that she lost all of the weight just by following weight watchers. she was so heavy for so long, she dropped out of sight for 7 or 8 weeks, and emerged newly slim.

      and even if she did “follow” weight watchers, she did it as a full time job with nothing but endless support from a huge staff and for a ridiculous payout. how does anyone with any sense relate to that??

  24. Listerino says:

    I don’t understand all the backlash against Jessica for her Weight Watchers gig. I actually think it’s great that they had an ambassador that didn’t lose the weight overnight. She really had to work at it like us non celebrities have to. Sometimes losing weight is tough.
    I say congratulations on the new baby (if she is indeed pregnant).

  25. KellyinSeattle says:

    When does her current contract end? Just wondering…

  26. anon says:

    Most women are given a year to year & half to get back to normal weight but for some reason Jess needed to do this in two months for many or maybe even less. It’s nonsense. She also had a C section which held her back from working out. Take that all into consideration she has done extrememly well. Jess has before even Maxwell been ridiculed & remarked on for her weight flucuations. That is sad. Many still see Daisy Duke but forget that for Jess to achieve Daisy Duke she was on 800 calories a day & workouts 6 days a week for approx 5-6 hours & you want that for her again. Now where is that nonsense. She keeps saying there will be no Daisy Duke every again & people don’t get it. NONSENSE rediculous.

  27. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Well she did lose most of the weight before she got preggers again and did do a WW commercial, so it’s not like she didn’t do anything. Besides, sometimes stuff happens. They say it wasn’t planned and it probably wasn’t. I would’ve thought J would want time to enjoy her little girl before getting pregnant again and adding another baby. She’s hardly had time to enjoy being a Mom.

  28. Ryan says:

    I don’t feel bad for Weight Watchers at all. I think their business is predatory. Of course, I also believe they have the right to run a business like that, but they’re getting what they deserve.

  29. NovemberBaby says:

    How has she been a hot mess from day one? She gave birth in May. It’s now November, and she looks amazing and lost 70 pounds. 70 freaking pounds. What the hell is wrong with everyone?

  30. apsutter says:

    Does WW even need her now tho? They got the publicity, they’ve been around forever, and everyone knows it’s a good program that works.

  31. Carolyn says:

    WW won’t be going anywhere near “helping Jess promote healthy weight gain during 2nd pregnancy etc etc” because that’s not part of her contract.

    Jess won’t sign up for a contract with that stipulation….we all know how she trashed herself the first time.

    There would be a lot of meetings and lawyer-stuff happening right now to sort out this mess. What did she originally sign up for and how watertight is it? Can WW sue for breach of contract? Do they/have they already paid her the full $4mil? Is the payment dependent on her reaching a certain weight? Is there a pregnancy clause? Agree with other bloggers…when does her original contract end?

    I’m interested in the contractual/PR side of it to see what she gets away with. “When celeb endorsements go wrong”.

    PS Jess has had surgery to lose the weight.

  32. CatJ says:

    She didn’t use the WW to lose the weight.
    She said she used a 3 per day smoothie diet, (300 calories per smoothie) with 2 small snacks (5 raw almonds) in between smoothies. The recipe is published. So, I think WW has a cause to invalidate the contract, as she wasn’t using their plan.

  33. erika says:

    she just really can’t control herself!

    i love it! she’s such a glutton= I just imagine her lying in bed half naked w/ just a Tshirt on, smacking on boxes of chocolate, milkshakes, taco bell, deep fried oreo’s …

    and then rolling over to fart, burp and climb on top of eric to shag….she’s just a horny, hungry, farty lil beast!!!

  34. Amanda says:

    Honestly, the people at Weight Watchers are idiots if they didn’t put a pregnancy clause in for any female endorsee between the ages of say 24-44.

  35. Jana says:

    If she really is pregnant again, good luck to her trying to lose that baby weight, on top of the 20 pounds she still had to lose with her first baby…losing weight after 30 isn’t nearly as easy as it was in your 20′s!

  36. Kosmos says:

    However you want to see it, being 70 lbs over your normal weight is very unhealthy, causing diabetes among other things. If she wants to be pregnant again, that is, of course, her choice, but if she’s smart, she will take the weight off right after pregnancy. Also, stretching your body and skin so much must have its downside. She’s got enough money now to last her entire life, so she can hire the best people to help her with weight loss, no doubt. What I really hate are her overly huge breasts, and her overly big handbags…

  37. Mrs. Odie says:

    Her fiance hit the jackpot. He puts in his penis and money comes out.

  38. ohiogirl says:

    There are so many nutrients you need when pregnant. HOW ON EARTH do you get them all without gaining a lot of weight? I used BabyFit to track everything I ate and in order for me to meet the requirements I was close to 3000 calories most days! Anyone have some thoughts on this? Do you just eat everything you are supposed to eat and exercise a lot? I don’t have that big of an appetite and the few days that I wasn’t trying to eat “for the baby” I came nowhere near the minimum nutritional requirements.

  39. Loni V says:

    My thing is who knows if she is really pregnant? and let’s say she is, she can loose the weight all over again. In real life we know that 70 pounds is not the easiest thing to lose especially after having a c-section. So given all of that and the fact that she actually did loose weight, I don’t see why everyone chonies is in a tight knot because she could be possibly preggers again. In her most recent pictures with her sister she looks marvelous, healthy and happy. We aren’t happy when celebrities are stick thin but when they have lost weight and actually look normal we still aren’t happy.

    I think WW got their money worth, she lost the weight successfully and she looks good. What happens after that is her business, no one said she had a life time contract with them and couldn’t ever get pregnant again.

    Not for nothing but she has a multi million dollar enterprise, the girl is doing something right. She may say odd things from time to time but who doesn’t. I like her because she is for the most part normal as celebrities go.

  40. Buddy The Elf says:

    Cheese Fries for all!