Will Kristen Stewart get a Golden Globe nomination for ‘On the Road’?

This is just a catch-up post about Robsten, there’s no big, exciting story about them right now, just some random quotes here and there and some weird tabloid stories. First of all, you know that the pro-Kristen Twihard contingent wants Kristen to be nominated for an Oscar, right? Stop laughing! I’m being completely serious. They think Kristen is worthy of a nomination for On the Road, despite the fact that most of the Twihards have not seen On the Road, nor will they when it eventually comes out in a wider release. I guess the Twihards think they’re being generous by acknowledging that Kristen would be nominated for Best Supporting Actress (as opposed to “Best Actress 4 Eva”).

Anyway, the Twihards are clinging to some good news! Kristen was invited to a Golden Globes event this week – it’s like a “meet the Hollywood Foreign Press” thing where actors who want to get a GG nomination go to suck up with the foreign press people. It’s basically like saying “Kristen is a quality actress because she was invited to shill for the HFPA like every other actor in Hollywood.” So, will Kristen end up with a Globe nomination? I wouldn’t hate it, honestly. It would be fun to see her there. It would bring in the Twihard ratings and Twihard dramz for the GG telecast. I want Kristen to be nominated, and she brings Rob as her date, and I want them to sit at the same table as Brangelina. EPIC.

Next up: Hollywood Life’s “exclusive” on how ROBSTEN IS FOREVER.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been inseperable since they got back together in October, and HollywoodLife.com has learned the actress, 22, couldn’t be happier!

“Kristen is more in love than ever,” Kristen’s friend told HollywoodLife.com exclusively — and their short trip to New York City was a way for them to unwind and reconnect!

“She wanted to go to NYC with Rob just to enjoy the holiday spirit,” the source added. “In New York, nobody really bothers them and it’s fun for them. They are excited to spend the holidays in L.A. and be with Kristen’s family.”

As for those pregnancy rumors, the source said she isn’t expecting a baby any time soon.

“If Kristen was pregnant she would be asking me advice! I would be the first one to know,” the friend added.

[From Hollywood Life]

Ah, yes. The pregnancy rumors. I’ve seen some Twihards pushing that one too. I think the current round of preggo rumors can be sourced back to OK! Magazine – was it last week’s issue? Maybe. From what I remember, OK! Mag wasn’t even saying that Kristen is totally knocked up right now, just that she’s got babies on the brain. You know what? I’ll yell at Kristen for being an unprofessional, slouchy, lip-biting poseur, but I’m not going to yell at her for not being pregnant right now or not having babies on the brain. She’s 22 years old and she’s working through some significant issues. The last thing she needs is a baby.

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  1. Me says:

    “Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been inseperable since they got back together in October,” LOL. Rob was in Chateau Marmont and K Slut was with Dakota Fanning in her house. Inseparable? hahaha Now, she was as this event without him. This PRsten show is beyond pathetic. Gossip sites are telling a fic to sell this fake couple. She will have a nomination but to the most famewhore in the world. She can’t act and in OTR, se plays herself. Smoking pot and fuckig with guys. All in 15 minutes. That’s her real life.

    • FreeSpiritedGirl says:


    • Anname says:

      To Me, it will be great fun to hear your continued excuses when they keep showing up places together.

      • pastyousayyouneverknew says:

        @Ann LOL at YOU, she’s been “pregnant” so many times over the course of the last four years. I guess pregnancies must work the same way they work in the twilight vamp-universe.

      • pastyousayyouneverknew says:

        sorry Anname, meant to reply to Ann.

    • Sweet Dee says:

      She was at Dakota’s house? They are the real ones in love. Poor Dakota got dragged into all this, and she really has feelings for Kristen. Rob’s totally bearding, and I think he’s cool with it. Who knows how long it will go on though, most actors and actresses never come out. I really hope she doesn’t get pregnant though.

      • ORLY says:

        Wait, what?

      • Ann says:

        Sighs. Don’t believe every crazy rumor you hear. Dakota’s not even in LA, she’s filming in New York.

        LOL at your last sentence. If Rob was was “totally bearding” – how would Kristen get pregnant? :)

    • Jess says:


      Lol that’s pretty funny since Dakota is in NYC and that twitter was confirmed as a fake. Several people tweeted that Rob and Kristen were at CM together.

      Maybe you think that she can’t act but critics disagree. She’s on several possible Oscar nomination lists. So now what’s your excuse?

  2. Amelia says:

    Just no.
    If she does get a nomination then I’m taking that as concrete proof that these awards have lost any and all meaning.
    Could you imagine her acceptance speech if she actually won?

    “…Yeah. So, like … f*ck. I won.
    But like, I totally don’t actually give a sh*t, because genuinely genuine actors like me do it for the art, and not, like … like, capitalist motivations, like gold statues and sh*tloads of money.
    F*ckity, f*ck, f*ck.
    Peace out.”

    Could you imagine KStew being a communist? I could probably see her being a completely amoral Russian mole. Like Anna Chapman, only with less charisma.
    If her sparkle-addled brain could differentiate between capitalism and communism, that is.

    • Anname says:

      They haven’t meant anything in quite a while. Who recently said it is a sales tool to get more people to see your movie, a director I think…?
      It’s all about the studio deciding to mount a campaign, those are the movies/actors who get the nominations.

    • Shitler says:

      The Golden Globes are a joke as evidenced by Madonna winning one last year. They probably go to whoever is considered “coolest” in the category they’re nominated for

    • honeybee says:

      LOL :lol:

      She will be mouth breathing through her whole fucking speech too! Hope we get spared…
      I wish Ricky Gervais were the host for this year’s GG too and can you just imagine the way he would roast her? Sigh.
      Too bad.

    • Jay Kay says:

      The Globes have always nominated the foreigners and the big “stars” who have the most draw, NOT on talent alone. (Not that foreigners and big stars don’t have talent or don’t deserve it, they’re just HEAVILY favored.) Note how many non-Americans and big stars end up winning or being nominated for Globes and then don’t even get nominated for the Oscars. I don’t doubt Kristen will get a Globe nom, but no way in hell will she get an Oscar. NO WAY.

  3. Melymori says:

    I don’t think anyone who has read the book and seen her in the movie could honestly say she deserves a nomination for anything unless is some category for excess/fake moaning/lip bitting/blinking….

    She was awful and had too many scenes.

  4. Eve says:


    EDIT: I read “Kristen Stewart GOT a Golden Globe nomination”. My bad.

    • Marty says:

      It ain’t gonna happen. The Globes are about sucking up to the Foreign Press to be nominated, and considering she has no personality, I doubt she’ll
      get a nomination.

  5. Zelda Fitzgerald says:

    Best Supporting Actress is a crowded field this year and the GGs don’t separate Supporting into Drama and Comedy/Musical. So you’ll have Sally Field, Amy Adams, and all the girls from Les Miz taking up all the slots.

    So, no.

  6. marie says:

    no, just no, stop it.. she is not a good actress and the only reason she would be invited to GG event is to get ratings of younger viewers.. LET.IT.GO.

  7. Gene says:

    It was extremely hard to sit through this movie – it was just bad and didn’t appropriatel convey the books essence and message. To be fair the acting was very good but to state that Kristen deserves an Oscar for this performance is a travesty! Oh come on.

  8. Saphana says:

    Its only gossip but i think most people know at least one woman who thought getting preggo would make her guy stay with her. just sayin’

  9. Sara says:

    Funny who this site only talks about her fans as twihards. I don’t like her, she made a lot of money with crappy films. but I saw On the road and she is fantastic. I don’t think she deserve a award, I am only saying that some movies she can be good.
    Anyway,… afterv seeing this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tCgPZ4XHRQY#! “Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart paparazzi frenzy at LAX returning from New York” I feel sorry for them, I know this is part of their job, they are actors famous, has success. but they have to deal with a lot of crap don’t they?!

    • CTgirl says:

      I suspect that the pap’s aren’t too concerned about hurting KStew’s feelings since she has gone out of her way to be nasty to them. Karma is a heartless bitch.

      • D86 says:

        Umm….you’re a bit slow aren’t ya. You think she started that fight?

      • Miss Bennett says:

        You are the one who is slow. No intelligent adult person uses the “you started it” argument. CT’s comment is correct.

      • D86 says:

        @ Miss Bennett (aka “intelligent adult person”)

        Her comment is an opinion. It can’t be correct or incorrect.

        You think the paparazzi were nice to her til she said she didn’t like them?

      • CTgirl says:

        D86, of course that is my opinion just as your post is your opinion but the difference is that I didn’t feel the need to call anyone “slow”. As Miss Bennett stated earlier this isn’t how an intelligent adult expresses of an opinion.

        Celebrities have a couple of choices in dealing with the paps. They can establish a working relationship with them by allowing a couple of pictures and then going on with their day. They can go out incognito (RP has stated the KS is actually quit good at this). A celebrity can behave like a spoiled brat raised at a truck stop by flashing the middle finger and cursing them with death and freezing. Or they can play the little hunted victim. KS appears to have chosen these last two and she is all about embracing her baser instincts.

    • Anname says:

      How long until Rob explodes at one of them? And what is the conversation in the car when they pull away after that?

    • Amory says:

      So why don’t they use VIP services then? I’ve flown in and out of LA and several times have had actors on the plane. They get rushed in first and escorted out first and if you blink, you miss them.

      They choose not to use the service, and that’s fine, but then let’s not cry about how hard it is for them. Plenty of actors get photographed at airports and I’ve never seen any act as unpleasantly as they do. Brad and Angelina get hounded with kids in tow and even they manage to remain neutral.

      These two think that they are the most tortured souls in the world. I think they spent too much time in movie world.

      • Ann says:

        Not sure what you mean by act unpleasantly where Robert is concerned. I’ve never seen any pictures of him in an airport showing any reaction at all. Other than the attention seekers that smile and wave for the camera, or the occasional one that confronts the paps, most actors seem to just walk straight ahead , not showing any reaction. What’s wrong with that?

      • Anon says:

        These two are not the ones acting like they are tortured souls. It’s the fans pertuating that notion. They chose not to use the VIP services but they are also not crying about it.

    • guest says:

      @CTgirl Your first comment implies the pap’s are nasty to her because she expressed her dislike of them first. Her dislike of them comes form the fact that they shove cameras in her face and shout nasty things in order to get a reaction out of her. your comment doesn’t make sense. she didn’t just randomly say ‘I hate pap’s for no reason’ and when they heard theyt thought ‘I know lets shout horrible things in her face’.

      And your second comment. She is not the first celebrity to give pap’s the finger. She has never confronted a pap or got in a violent altercation with one. She has never stopped busy traffic in LA disrupting many people’s everyday lives (perhaps making people late for work or picking up their kids or basically thinking her pap problem more important than other peoples problems). She has talked briefly in interviews about hating paparazzi but so have many many celebrities before her and many will do after. I’ve heard Robert Pattinson say harsher things in interviews toward pap’s than she has. Her reputation as a pap hater is a result of fans bitching about the abuse pap’s give her in these videos but watching these videos and viewing the photos creating a higher demand and creating more ‘jobs’ for paparazzi.

      • sweetpea says:

        Hi biffco! came back to protect your princess, eh?

      • CTgirl says:

        @guest, I didn’t imply anything but you certainly inferred a lot. I was responding to a specific link posted by someone else that shows the paps yelling things about KS cheating, etc. I never stated that she started this fight with the paps. But the immature twit, who doesn’t have the sense to get out of the rain, continued the fight and KS isn’t smart enough to realize that she can’t win. But instead of trying to take control of the situation by trying to establish positive interactions with the paps, she continues to bait the paps by telling them she hates them, that she hopes they freeze and wearing out her middle finger. As to her not being the first celebrity to fling a finger at paps you are correct. However, this isn’t a comparison of KS to others. But if it were I would say the same thing about any celebrity flashing the bird. It’s beyond tacky, only makes enemies, shows a lack of manners and makes you look like an ignorant ass.

  10. Gene says:

    It was extremely hard to sit through this movie – it was just bad. The screenplay didn’t appropriately convey the book’s essence and message. To be fair, the acting was very good but to state that Kristen deserves an Oscar for this performance is a Ridiculous! Oh come on.

  11. OhBoy says:

    As seen by pics from the event, guess she’s using her outfit (PJ’s?) to try to obscure the fact she IS playing the Hollywood awards shill game she pretends to be above.


  12. akua says:

    Hmmmm…i just don’t like this girl, idk why, anyway i can see her getting GG Nom but i made a a bad decision to watch it bc it one of my favorite book but please i don’t hate her but she doesn’t deserve any nom of this stupid movie, even the leads actors are not even in consideration for GG let alone her having sex with everyone. apart from that moaning and lipbiting, i just cant see her getting nom, but we all know the FOREIGN PRESS loves those sex scene. Ewwwww. Oh have anyone seen the way she was dress at the VARIETY STUDIO,, GOD HELP THIS GIRL…AMEN

  13. Elizabeth says:

    She is a crappy one dimensional actress. The Globes will not nominate her this is a joke.

  14. Ann says:

    Can’t figure out why On The Road has been held until so late in the year. It’s not exactly Christmas fare. And it’s up against so many other blockbusters (hello, Les Miz). I think its chances for any awards are slim, given what its up against. Word seems to be that the movie is just okay but the acting performances are good.

    There are some critics who do ongoing awards projections that have placed Hedlund and Stewart in the “contenders” category (not frontrunners). I doubt either of them will get a nomination based on who they’re up against. But that may be where some of the chatter is coming from. Haven’t seen it, so I don’t have a clue as to how realistic this all is.

    The pregnancy rumors are ridiculous. I don’t understand why so many seem to think it would be great for a 22 year old to get pregnant (or married for that matter). What’s the rush? Enjoy your life, money and freedom.

    OK is among the worst mags for baby rumors. I saw that issue in the checkout line this week and laughed. It says “We’re having a baby” on the cover. Even though the article doesn’t say she actually is pregnant, people who just read the cover (and believe it, lol) would walk away thinking its a done deal. smh at people who buy these magazines.

  15. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I think she will get a nomination. I have noticed actresses who go full monty in movies get the nomination.

  16. Really? says:

    Hollywood, and especially the Horny Foreign Press Assn do seem to reward young actresses that show skin.

  17. mln76 says:

    The Golden Globes have ALWAYS been a joke so yeah the Hollywood Foriegn Press could throw her a bone…but she aint getting to the Oscars with that crap.

    • jess says:

      The Oscars have become a joke as well. Its no longer about good performances, its about whos the most powerful and who will bring the ratings each year. Its always the same people nominated too (Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney).

      Anyway, I dont think Kristen is nominated ( I think its just the movie)but if Sandra Bullock can win and Jonah Hill and Emma Stone can get nominated then I guess anyone can.

      • mln76 says:

        Actually if you look back at the history of the Oscars there were always actors/movies famously snubbed or unfairly handed an Oscar. I think you are overestimating the times Angelina (twice in 13 years) and Brad (three times in twenty) got nominated. But yeah the Academy definitely has its favorites (Clooney,DDL,Streep,Eastwood) and there is a ton of politics involved.

  18. Jayna says:

    If so, that shows how great roles for women have declined over the decades. I love the American Movie Classics channel with all the old movies, and it’s interesting how so many movies were actress driven with meaty roles back then.

    I have heard the Helen Hunter indie movie with Ethan Hawke, Sessions, with her playing a sex surrogate to a disabled man who wants to lose his vrginity, is fantastic. Helen gets completely nude in the movie, but I have heard by a friend who went that this is her best role and acting, that she will probably be nominated. I remember Ellen raving about this movie and especially Helen in it and all that she brought to the movie as the character.

    • mln76 says:

      Sessions is fantastic. Go see it!
      Again there is no way she can get an Oscar Nomination this year especially but HFPA is known for its nominations to be more about getting a Star studded ceremony so there is a chance.

  19. Malaney says:

    Yeah right – and i’m the queen of the world. the chances of kellan lutz or ashley greene winning the oscar’s are bigger than hers. classy outfit at the award’s ceremony by the way.

  20. Sisi says:

    She’s not getting an Oscar nomination. It doesn’t even have anything to do with a movie or a performance, just with campaining.
    Just compare Anne Hathaways campaiging to Kstews. Kristen then suddenly looks obsolete. The studio and Steward aren’t even trying.

  21. smiley says:

    ONTR has amy adams,kirsten and other actresses too,why not them?kristen was good in some parts and bland in others ,i found her dialogue delivery as mumbling smthn to herself,if she was nominated for smthn like wel..to rileys ,it would have been alright

  22. Nola says:

    I Don’t know why people ride or die by awards nominations. Esp. in this day and age when the internet has made the awards campaign so transparent.
    There are truly amazing actors who’ve never been nominated. They have careers and fans w/out the statue.
    So Good for her if she’s nominated. And if she’s not, she has a career and fans to carry her through.

    • Ann says:

      Good point. Awards are so political now. If your movie isn’t backed by Harvey Weinstein, good luck to you.

  23. Ms Kay says:

    If she’s getting a GG nod, I guess I stand a chance too, say best director, I filmed with my phone my niece singing Someone Like You, now that has to count right?

  24. angie says:

    If Kristen gets a nomination, it’s only because Kellan Lutz- the true star of twilight – isn’t in a hurry to win a lutzy golden globe or a lutzy oscar. KELLAN LUTZ!!! XD

    Also, the golden globe sometimes suck… Remember when Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Alba were nominated for an award? And Johnny Depp and Angelina for the tourist (nominated in the best comedy category, wtf?) just because of the ratings. So, from this perspective Kristen could have her chances, ugh.

    Also, some twihards are pissed because of Jennifer Lawrence’s success: some say she is the frontrunner for silver lining playbook (for the moment). So, maybe some twihards wants kristen to get an oscar/golden globe nom just because Jlaw will have one….

    Pff, whatever, I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to understand how a twihard’s brain is functioning.

    • Linda says:

      I know that’s hilarious! Did you see that Twihard letter to Lainey? God some of K-stews fans are really unstable…
      I HIGHLY doubt she will get a nomination, especially with what she wore yesterday, talk about disrespect to your superiors. But her performance isn’t good enough compared some of the other stuff that cropping up right now. And if they were interested in bringing in the younger viewers they’d get that with a J-Law nomination.

    • Linda says:

      Yes I saw some of that video, those videos honestly make me a little uncomfortable though. It’s really hard for me to comprehend that someone could be SO emotionally involved in some scandal. I think she proves that alot of Twihards really do see Robsten as Edward and Bella.

  25. molly says:

    a golden globe up her….

  26. Mindy says:

    umm… not for nothing, the GG’s aren’t exactly discerning. Remember, they nominated Johnny Depp for The Tourist and they nominated Burlesque for Best Picture: Comedy or Musical. They nominate folks to get a bigger television audience. If they think it will help skew younger viewers(and now that Pattinson and her are back ‘together’) they’ll do it.

  27. Jess says:

    Of course she will. Kristen gets everything she wants, and doesn’t seem to have to try or care, the world just hands her stuff. She’ll get the nomination, Hollywood loves them loose and easy.

  28. Linda says:

    I can honestly say that at this point in my life I have got everything right ; P what’s your point? Why do you feel the need to be the morality police on a GOSSIP site? And FYI the “movie business” is very transparent. I took a class on Film History and the like in College by a Hollywood expert, and you know what he said about movies that come out towards the end of December? They’re usually crappy movies that the studio thinks no one will watch anyway. And I have cousin who is a script writer so I think I know SOME things about this very transparent business.

    • Ann says:

      Your “Hollywood expert” teacher was dead wrong. LOTS of award bait movies come out in December. This year alone you’ll see Les Miserables, Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty. It’s a very common trick to open limited in LA at the end of December to make a movie award eligible, then open wide in January. Which is exactly what The Artist did last year before it cleaned up in award season.

    • Linda says:

      Thanks for correcting me Ann. Now that I think about it my Professor did seem high at times…lol

  29. mln76 says:

    I’s like to thank the Twihards for making us Brangeloonies look sane…..
    I want Jennifer Lawrence to win just so I can see the K-Stew fans meltdown…

    • jess says:

      Jennifer Lawernce is another overrated actress. She is boring to watch. To me, she is the new Gwenyth Paltrow/Reese Withespoon overrated and boring. She will probably win an oscar and that will pretty much be the end of career.

    • Linda says:

      @Jess you think J-Law is overrated?!?! omg woman are you mad! jk…lol I guess not everyone is crazy about her, but I love her! She has so much charisma… I really do hope she gets a nomination because she deserves it.

    • mln76 says:

      Meh I really don’t think thats true. I think she has a proven range and box office and ‘prestige’ between the two Jennifer is definitly on a firmer path to a long term career.

    • minda says:

      same here…but also you Kscrew. blames twilight….Jlaw has HG and still gives good performances and interviews

  30. Jenna says:

    LOL! Oh, thank you for the laugh so early in the morning. Anywho, even if she does I don’t think she’ll win. I haven’t been hearing favorable reviews for her or the movie.

  31. D86 says:

    Awards season is about politics not talent. An actor/actress nomination isn’t normally beacuse of consistency but for a specific performance. Take Meryl Streep. Few wins but numerous nominations. We all know she is good actress with consistently good performances but who ever would have thought Mo’Nique would win an oscar and for a drama. I’m not overly fond of some of Kristen Stewart’s performances but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt until I see the film. I have noticed that during the insignificant moments she does let herself go and I see something but during those big moments I feel like she overthinks the delivery and some of her habits that people find annoying do take over. I definately see potential though and no-one should ever be ruled out as a contender. The right Director could iron out these creases.

  32. Freya Magritt says:

    UPDATE – NOTE FROM THE EDITORS OF PAGE TO PREMIERE, Kimmy and Amy (8:18 PM PT, November 28): “In reference to the article that appeared on Page to Premiere today entitled, “Kristen Stewart is a Possible Nominee for Golden Globe 2013″ we want to clarify that Kristen Stewart attending The Variety Studio: Awards Edition event does not guarantee that she is being nominated for a 2013 Golden Globe Award for “On the Road.” It is purely speculation at this time. The 2013 Golden Globe Award nominations will be announced on December 13, 2012. The Variety Studio was launched this year so there is no precedence to indicate that actors and actresses who attend this event will be nominated for a Golden Globe. Several actors on hand at The Variety Studio today have no projects out that are eligible for 2013 Golden Globe nominations.

    It was an error on the part of our staff to indicate that Kristen’s attendance at today’s event indicates a nomination. We deeply regret this error and apologize for any confusion it has caused.”

    Isn’t it funny they had to APOLOGIZE?

    • mia girl says:

      Good lord, who called them out to prompt an apology?
      Did the HFP tell them to back that truck up and park it somewhere else? Poor Kristen, she’s just to authentic for the HFP.

  33. Linda says:

    “No-one has everything right. If you were living a perfect life you wouldn’t be here”.

    I never said I was living a perfect life, I said I think I have everything in my life up until this point right, and I am very grateful for that. And what does being on a gossip site have to do with living a perfect life? It’s a form of escapism, it’s FUN, get it. And I’ve never continually gone after Kristen Stewart, I really don’t care for her but I LOVE reading stories about her because it’s funny to see over the top reactions, you know?

    And I like to reserve judging people until I’ve seen them repeatedly act a certain way than I judge. And let’s be honest, has Kristen Stewart not given us all plenty of reasons to judge her? This is all a part of making mistakes, people will judge you harshly afterwards and maybe even cruelly. This is how human beings work. It’s how you respond to these judgements that make you a better person. You can either choose to actively make yourself a better person or you can go on proving everyone right. Which do you think this “young woman” has done so far?

  34. Amory says:

    I find it equally strange that you spend so much time defending someone you don’t know.

    And you are judging Linda plenty. Seems like these sites make you unhappy, so maybe look at the pictures but avoid the comments? Most people are just here having fun, not looking for that morality lesson. The real world is the place for that – this is not the real world, it’s just a catty gossip site.

  35. Linda says:

    Ok I honestly don’t even know how to respnd to your post, seriously way to make some one sitting at home with the flu feel like crap even more thanks!

    And no sometimes people’s judgements of you are what force you to change. I know for me personally when I disappointed my parents back when I was like 16, the way they saw me really made me wanna change. Another example, the scientist Alfred Nobel, when a French newpaper mistakenly published his obituary, they wrote this: “Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday” Dr. Nobel was so concerned with the way people would judge him and how he would be remembered that he establised the Nobel Prize that we know today. So basically people’s judgements do influence change. It’s not enough to be like “oh I know I did bad, now stop talking about me” you have to prove to yourself and your critics wrong. This is life. Though obviously since you are the morality police, and have certainly never judged anyone for anything(except for me) go ahead and make me feel like crap all over again.

    • honeybee says:

      Biffco is a different kind of bully here who pretends she/he is above all that yet is so bothered by the gossip that there is this burning urgency to mitigate the ‘hate’ towards Kscrew.

      Linda, take no notice of Biffco. She/he was the same with another poster here a couple threads back. One can wonder if she/he gets paid for this superior service?

      • Linda says:

        Thank you all for defending my honor! lol…looks like Biffco disappeared…? You know I usually never post anything, and the one time I really get in to it someone’s gotta come in and ruin my mojo, no worries tho it’s all good. Now I should probably get off this thing and actually type that paper thats due in 3 hours…

      • Sugar says:

        that makes sense as I was reading the thread the comments of this biffco arent showing up so the flow of comments was a little out of wack- flu sucks- feel better:)

    • minda says:

      she deserves judgement. she is an unapologtic homewrecker. she also has a reputation for using sex to get roles..her mom has been encouraging her for years

  36. KellyinSeattle says:

    Her hair.
    Always to the one side.
    Looks like she’s going to tip over…
    In the last pic she looks ridiculous in that “onesie”.

  37. Tig says:

    Someone posted awhile back that KS was exhibiting signs of some sort of mental health “issue”- and given her choice of clothing lately, I am coming around to that line of thinking. I think it’s time for her to retire the “black bra under see-through top”- by now, it’s becoming a joke. BTW- who thinks she’s back in touch with Rupert? Again- run rob run!

    • Jess says:

      I thought she was pretty nutty when she was tweeking out trying to become Joan Jett three years ago. Kristen is not 100% sane. She hasn’t the first clue who Kristen is and just mimicks the people around her.

    • Ann says:

      When the whole minicooper thing went down, I really thought it might be a mental health issue. There have been more than one sign pointing in this direction. She clearly has anxiety issues as it is.

      Why do you think she’s back in touch with Rupert? It appeared he was trying to work things out with his family, and I’m sure Liberty would have laid down the law about that. Even if Kristen and Rob were done, I’m sure Kristen’s team would have warned her off taking up with him again. She used the “mistake” card already, so she has no more outs when it comes to him. It would be career suicide for her to revisit that whole mess.

      • Get a clue says:

        +1 on the mentally unstable aspect. I think RP just feels sorry for her and is trying to help her out with that. I also think the rumored therapy sessions are true, but mostly for her issues, not as couples counseling.

    • minda says:

      i read somewhere that mamastew put her on adderall years ago for her weight…I have known people on it they all tweak and cant complete a sentence….the just drift off which is her in every interview…

  38. patricia says:

    i think this is just a publicity stunt her people are trying to pull to keep her relevant. because let’s be honest she has major competition coming from rooney mara, jennifer lawrence who is clearly outshining her in every way, and LOTS of other actresses. twilight is finished her fan base will grow up and move on. but i do find it interesting how she never seems to pay the price for her stupidity.

    • aquarius64 says:

      I agree. I think despite the screaming fans at BD2, the big box office take, the plan to give Rob, Kristen and Taylor cars for their contribution to Twilight, the softball questions on the red carpet, Rob and Kristen got a big dose of reality when they went through LAX the other day – when the paps threw the cheating scandal in their faces. Nasty as it was it served as a wake-up call to both of them that this is not going to go away. Kristen is now defined by an act of selfishness and stupidity; Rob is branded a spineless cuckcold. As time passes the Twi-hards are not going to be enough to support their careers, especially Kristen’s. The GG visit is another move by her team in Operation Image Rehab. They thought they fixed it; that episode at the airport shows they still some ways to go.

      • akua says:

        Yes, every time those two goes out the pap are going asked them about the cheating scandal…lol cannot wait for the breakup..i can feel it in my body..whenever those two decide to call it quit…lol am not a hater.

      • sweetpea says:

        I am glad the paps did that to them.
        Rob needs to wake up and realize that this is not going away anytime soon. He will be ridiculed as long as she is associated with him.
        He needs to grow a spine and throw her the f out.

    • minda says:

      yep. all those actresses can act and play the game. Kscrews 15 mind are almost up. She will be back to little Indies movies soon….in 10 years she will more humbled and start doing lifetime movies for women and try to get on a network prime time drama.

  39. Erinn says:

    “Why do you feel the need to go after another woman – not once, but continually.”

    You have continually gone after Linda. What is wrong with YOUR life that you have to come on a gossip site, called ‘Celebitchy’ and condemn someone for bitching about celebrities?

    At least Linda is talking about a public figure, and not going after someone on the internet continually. Your constant posting about her is getting borderline harassment. If you don’t like the site, leave. If you don’t like Linda, ignore her posts. Don’t try to sound like the pinnacle of moral superiority when you’re doing the very things you’re condemning.

  40. Kate says:

    I could see her being nominated. Weren’t Angelina and /or Depp for The Tourist, despite it being a terrible film? The Globes aren’t the Oscars, and they may just want to guarantee she and RP show up, for the ratings, no? She won’t win, obviously, but I don’t think a nom is totally far-fetched either.

  41. LeslieM says:

    Is she actually smiling in one of those pictures?

  42. Morgan says:

    I think Kristen is going thru depression. Her appearance is getting worse and worse. When don’t people care about how they look in a public setting? She does have serious issues with herself. With Robert that’s a whole other thing.

    I’m the parent of a 21yr old who was treated for depression all thru high school and Kristen is acting just like my daughter. My daughter is fine now but high school was all about fighting with my daughter. She’s doing great in college now & hasn’t been on any medicine for 4 yrs.( just an occasional xanax).

    Kristen’s team isn’t doing her any favors. She doesn’t like public appearances why are they pushing her toward all these magazine covers, the Balenciaga endorsement–that was a mess. I think what Kristen wants and what her teams wants are two different things.

  43. StaCat1 says:

    Golden Globe nominations come easy – they divvy up the drama and comedy. She won’t get an Oscar nom though.
    Jennifer Lawrence will though. ;)

  44. Camille (TheOriginal) says:


    And I really, really, really hate that black lace ‘jumpsuit’ thing that she is wearing. It’s almost as bad as that Marchesa (sp) dress that she wore to promote SWATH.

  45. skylar says:

    If kristen wins any award this coming season, than she either sucked someone off/had sex with them/or she paid/her people paid them off. No way will she ever be nominated or win any kind of respected award, unless one of things above happens….

  46. Kosmos says:

    Sorry, but she doesn’t deserve an award or nomination anymore than say, Donald Duck….I just don’t find her very talented, just splashed all over the media quite a bit. There are many more young, way more talented actresses than KS.

  47. minda says:

    The best review she got tot OTR is she can dance…seriously…the movie got bad reviews they had to re-edit it and it still got mixed reviews. ksrew has a bad reputation for fighting with directors and producers and being a bitch to everyone else. If she is pregnant it would be time for the Maury show…Rupert was not the first. MamaStew put her on birth control when she was 14 and would preside her to sleep with who she had to. KSCREW has such a bad rep now not even going down on directors can help.

  48. Mi says:

    Kristen attend GG anyway,she’ll give to Jodie Foster some award.She and Robert had never been at those events together;he was at GG in 2011 alone.They don’t even made red carpet in Cannes this year.So no ”Brangelina table”,dear Kaiser.

  49. Lotta says:

    As a filmworker I hate when people say that a film was not good because it didn’t resemble the book enough. A film is a new piece of work in itself, it’s the directors version, based on a book, but it is his interpretation (with some movies it can also be the scriptwriter or producer version. Here in Europe the director have more power over a movie then in the U. S, generally).
    Everyone creates their own visualisation when reading a book. It’s impossible the get that in a film. And what makes a good book doesn’t necessarilly make a good film, you need a certain drama on the screen, that’s why adaptions is needed.

    I understand that people will like or not like a film, but don’t judge it because how you visualized a book while reading it.

  50. Lotta says:

    As a filmworker I hate when people say that a film was not good because it didn’t resemble the book enough. A film is a new piece of work in itself, it’s the directors version, based on a book, but it is his interpretation (with some movies it can also be the scriptwriter or producer version. Here in Europe the director have more power over a movie then in the U. S, generally).
    Everyone creates their own visualisation when reading a book. It’s impossible the get that in a film. And what makes a good book doesn’t necessarilly make a good film, you need a certain drama on the screen, that’s why adaptions is needed.
    I understand that people will like or not like a film, but don’t judge it because how you visualized a book while reading it.

  51. theboredone says:

    Don’t know about a golden globe, but she should get arrested for those revolting lace outfits she wears all the time…