Gabriel Aubry’s beatdown was not caught on Halle’s security cameras, of course

Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry will be back in court today. I think. Probably. Honestly, there was a lot of oddly contradictory information that came out of Tuesday’s family court hearing about possibly rescinding Halle’s emergency protective order, but I think the bottom line is that everyone will be in court today because if Halle wants the protective order to stay in place, she’s got to prove that Gabriel really is a threat to her, to Nahla and to Olivier Martinez. Which continues to be bizarre because it looks like the only thing wrong with Olivier following the “fist-fight” is that he screwed up his beatin’ fist. And, as you can see from the photos of Gabriel’s injuries, it doesn’t even seem like Gabe threw one punch. It looks like Gabe was just Olivier’s punching bag.

I’ve seen this information in the comment threads, but I never saw TMZ or Radar report it, so I didn’t know what to make of the gossip. Apparently, Gabriel concerns were misplaced about the security cameras on Halle’s property. According to TMZ, the cameras were never going to be of use to Gabriel. Of course:

There is no video surveillance footage of the violent Thanksgiving Day showdown between Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry’s fiance Olivier Martinez — and it’s all because of Halle’s old stalker.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, when detectives visited Halle’s home last year to investigate a scary stalker situation, they advised her to re-position her home security cameras to face the fences surrounding the property … in order to catch a possible intruder.

Halle obliged … and the cameras have remained facing the fences ever since … and could not have captured the front door area of the home where the fight between Halle’s past and present men took place.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, detectives have reviewed the available footage — shot at the time of last week’s brawl — and confirmed the fight went down outside of the cameras’ field of vision.

As for Gabriel’s claim that Halle could have erased the video — we’re told cops DO NOT believe the security footage was altered in way … it just plain missed the shot.

[From TMZ]

I think the “proof” that Olivier attacked Gabriel (and not the other way around) is in Gabe’s injuries as compared to Olivier’s. I think the “proof” that Olivier’s attack was premeditated should be everything that came immediately following the beatdown – the “citizen’s arrest”, the first version of events pushed out by Halle and Olivier, and the immediate emergency filing of the protective order. Do I think that the lack of security footage means anything? Eh. Halle does have a crazy stalker. And it makes sense that the security cameras would be positioned to face those people trying to get in, as opposed to Halle’s interior driveway, inside her gate or whatever.

As for that totally random thing that I mentioned yesterday, where some of Gabe’s legal documents referred to Halle as his “ex-wife” – “sources” told TMZ that Halle and Gabriel were definitely never married. So there.

Here are the pics of Gabe’s injuries. Beware! These pics are disturbing.

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, WENN.

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  1. Erinn says:

    My issue with the cameras is that, if I had a crazy stalker I’d immediately go and have a ton of cameras installed. I’d have them on the fences, sure. But I’d damn well have at least ONE facing the driveway, or door, or whatever. Because you never know. I find it funny that she was so concerned about the stalker, but she didn’t just add more cameras to face the fence.

    • daisydoodle says:

      I have a security system and cameras all throughout my house and they are aimed at the driveway, and entry points including front door, side door and back doors…now I’m not a celebrity but the expert put the cameras where you can visualize people at points of entry.

      • Jane says:

        I am not taking up for HB, in fact, I think this was a set up.

        However, if someone had a stalker they would also want cameras pointed at points of entry onto the property, before someone could get to the house.

        If I had been her, I would have cameras at the front door also, everywhere there was a point of entry to the house and property.

        I am not convinced there wasn’t a camera on the entryway to the house.

      • Mazunte says:

        Yes, this “cameras repositioning” story makes absolutely no sense. It is a blatant lie. If I had a security system with cameras, I would place them all over, aiming at fences and, for sure, at all the entry points to the house, just in case. Any expert would recommend that, and even if he/she didn’t, I would demand it. This really, really stinks…

    • sauvage says:

      Exactly! How convenient for her. If I had a stalker you can be d*mn sure I’d have cameras cover every single point of entry on my property. Fences, windows, doors, driveway, garage… It’s hard to believe that she would do otherwise.

    • Launicaangelina says:

      I always remember the story of the actress from “My Sister Sam”. Her stalker walked right up to her front door and killed her. Having a camera on the door is not a bad thing, especially when there are serious concerns.

    • pamspam says:

      This was my thought, too. Rather than only repositioning existing cameras, why not install some additional cameras? Ugh.

    • Violet says:

      Yep, you’d think she’d have ADDITIONAL cameras installed instead of leaving her FRONT DOOR completely without coverage. Halle has a personal fortune of around 70 million, so it’s not like she can’t afford all the cameras and security in the world.

      This is a total set-up. I’m starting to think Gabriel was lucky to get away alive.

    • Kate says:

      I’m sure I read somewhere yesterday that Aubrey clarified in his statement that she had 5 separate security cameras when he lived there, and that they covered all potential entry points, including the front motor court. I’m sure I didn’t imagine that because the statement said the house was on Doheny, and I didn’t know that was where Berry lived before.

      It just is not plausible that she wouldn’t install extra cameras to cover the fences – not remove coverage from the front. Stalkers don’t have restrictions on how to approach, do they?

      • MW says:

        Seriously, Kate. I will give Halle ONE thing, and it is not meant to be a compliment. She has gone to exquisite detail to plan out all of her schemes to falsely accuse GA, and then get him permanently removed from Nahla’s life. To the point where I’d say it looks like professionals were consulted, to make sure she had every “i” dotted, and every “t” crossed. Thank God GA has the love of his child to persevere. Nahla will know all the details one day and be so proud of her dad. I hope he stays safe through all of this insanity.

    • emma says:


      If this was all premeditated anyways, they could have moved the cameras beforehand.

  2. Leigh_S says:

    I’m still suspiscious about the cameras. Why would your security team reposition cameras and create a gaping blind spot instead of adding cameras?

    Since Halle’s so concerned about security and stalkers and whatnot. If you need a police detail to go to Yo Gabba Gabba ….?

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Yes, it’s absurd. Security cameras ALWAYS cover the main points of access into the dwelling, not just the property. If anyone believes this, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell that person.

      • emmie_a says:

        TOK: Exactly. If Halle’s main concern is her & Nahla’s safety (and if that’s why she wants to move to France), wouldn’t she do whatever it took to make sure her entire house/property was secure? I cannot see someone with her security concerns just re-positioning cameras. You would install additional cameras to ensure you were covering all bases. And I’d think she’d have a camera positioned at the entry way just to know who’s at the front door??

        Why are the cops believing this crap???

      • MW says:

        Yeah, I don’t have a security system with cameras, but I have a peephole in my FRONT DOOR to see who is on the porch/driveway, not in the WALLS in my yard, in case I want to see if anyone’s going to hop over at the correct spot.

  3. Dap says:

    And who is the most likely to have started the fight: the former boy-friend who thought there still were 5 security cameras in action or the new boy-friend who very well know there is none?

    • Liv says:

      Oh my, good point!

    • Loulou says:

      Brilliantly put.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      …esp with the old bf WANTING for the footage to be captured and used as evidence. If he had thought they could charge him for something, he would not be pushing so hard for the footage.

    • A says:

      Woah! You’re totally right!!

    • Kate says:

      It also makes his vehement requests for camera footage more plausible – he knew there should be such footage. And obviously had nothing to fear from it.

      At this point it is so, so fishy that Martinez is not facing charges. A jury might acquit him, but the forensic and circumstantial evidence is enough to offer “a reasonable prospect of conviction” which is the test for charges to be brought – in this country, at least.

    • MW says:

      That pretty much says it ALL.

    • Addison says:

      Well said. This has been my thought, Gabriel insisted that the police take the tape to keep it from being altered. Since he used to live there, he knew what areas were under servailance (sorry don’t know how to spell this word). He did not know that since he had left, the camera position had changed.

      He was counting on that video footage to show that he was not the instigator of this fight.

      Oh and note to Mr. Martinez, one day Nahla is going to see these pictures. If Martinez loved Nahla he would not treat someone she loves like this. Let’s say for the sake of argument that Gabriel is guilty. Martinez is obviously strong and could have restrained Gabriel. He could have shown Nahla that even though her father is a horrible person (if that is the case) he acknowledges her love of her father by not being vicious towards this man.

      Anyway those are my thoughts. Awful situation.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    Of course. Because everyone who has ever been stalked knows that it’s more important to point those cameras at the fence and street than points of entry. (Does she just have the ONE camera? Whatever, Hit-n-Run. WHATEVER. Hope you got those detectives’ badge numbers. I’ve a feeling you’ll need them.)

    /sarcasm. for now.

    sidenote: I can’t look at those pix. I put my hand up or close my eyes while scrolling down. They’re BRUTAL.

    • GiGi says:

      In Gabriel’s police statement he said that during the time he was with Halle, he knew of five cameras around the front of the house… curious that they would ALL be pointed at the gate and none near the front entry.

    • Beatrice Sparkplug says:

      I hate to say this, but kind of like this as a nickname: “Hit’n’run Halle.” Anyone who defends her victimhood in the present has to know, or be made aware of, the multiple incidents of vehicular assault in her past that she exploited her privilege & questionable beauty to get out of. That kind of thing would haunt the average person, but not Halle. She never took responsibility any further than PR damage control necessitated. It’s no surprise that violence and abuse circle around her like a f’ng drain.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Me too. She’s just a drama-attracting, drama-doting, victim mentality-having, no responsibility-accepting MESS.

        Do you know that US had a quote from her a couple issues ago, and it was something along the lines of “God said ‘She can’t have EVERYTHING.’ So he gave me a broken picker.” about her failed relationships.

        Bitch! LEARN from your mistakes or fix that shit!

      • pamspam says: know,she’s almost like a sober version of Lilo!

  5. stefni says:

    According to TMZ, the police have concluded that Gabriel was the instigator of the altercation. I think we can think Halle’s crazy and makes bad choices with men without pinning a halo on Gabriel. He started it but got the cr*p kicked out of him because he was outmatched by a former boxer.

    The dude has a temper. I have no doubt he loves his child but he has a nasty temper that he needs to have sorted out. This is the one time I think it’s completely unfair to keep pinning things on Halle.

    • Toot says:

      Gabe may have a temper, but Olivier seems to have one too and can do some serious damage when he’s in a rage.

      Olivier went over board with Gabriel.

      • MW says:

        I just want to ask — where is there any indication of GA’s bad temper, BESIDES accusations, as usual, from Halle? He doesn’t lash out at the paps, etc. After the Nanny thing, and it was investigated and determined that the woman tripped, and tried to blame GA for pushing, GA voluntarily went to anger management. He was not Ordered to. He just went anyway, to show he was willing to go to any length to cooperate.

    • Dap says:

      OM has two witnesses (HB and an aid). GA has none. That’s enough for the cops.

      • Dani says:

        Not sure where you are, but how it works in NY is, legally Halle cannot be used as a witness. She’s actually part of the scenario and arising conflicts, and the judge already knows she’s trying to move the kid to France. She’s too ‘involved’ to be a witness. The aid however, is a dif story.

      • Katherine says:

        Of course Halle would be and could be used as a witness and that goes for every jurisdiction in this country including NY. Just because a witness may be involved or biased doesn’t mean they can’t be used. Even co-defendants can be witnesses at the same trial. Their bias is just something for the atty to argue regarding their credibility in closing arguments

        As for the police deciding who was the aggressor – that’s not their role. That’s for a trier of fact following a trial.

        I do agree that a judge in a custody hearing would take all the factors including her participation and/or bias into account when assessing her credibility. But a judge would certainly to her account.

      • giddy says:

        …right…and the “aid” could NEVER be bribed or coerced or just plain scared chitless by the Halle CRAZY that she’d alter her story to fit… I hope Gabe sues them for EVERY lousy dime… and that those scumbag LAPD in Halle’s “employ” will be proscecuted and lose their pensions…azzholes…

      • Dani says:

        Katherine – While you do have a point, I work for huge attorney’s in NYC and even the owner of the firm has stated that Halle should legally not be allowed as a witness because of her involvement. Whether that’ll happen is a different story, but it’s possible that she won’t be valuable as a witness.

      • MW says:

        Dani – maybe in NY she should or shouldn’t be a witness, but in this matter, her statement is obviously being considered from a witness standpoint, as she stated that GA supposedly threatened her, Nahla, and Olivier, which was a basis for the original TRO!!!!! I can’t even believe she would throw that remark in there for good measure — as if GA is going to threaten his daughter, in particular, and the other two, in general? And that is in addition to the blow-by-blow she gave, in OM’s favor, about how it supposedly started, and how many punches were thrown, and where they landed!!! PLEASE. Halle is just too much, and the only thing that makes all of this worse is that she is obviously dangerous, too. I just hope GA watches his back. Halle just keeps taking things up a notch.

    • Eleonor says:

      I blame Halle because her game it’s pretty obvious: she wants to cut Gabriel out of their daughter’s life, and this is awful.
      If Gabriel has a bad temper and this is the reason he shouldn’t be allowed to see Nahla, even Oliver shouldn’t be allowed.
      Gabriel obtained a good result in court, I don’t think he was stupid enough to mess it all up only a week after.

    • G says:

      Yes of course. Make’s sense.

      He has such a temper he broke Olivier’s hand with his face.

    • PleaseICU says:

      The same police who have a bunch of their employees operating as HB’s security team when they’re off duty? The only witnesses were HB, OM, and an aid getting paid by them? Yeah, who’s shocked by the outcome on that one.

      Hopefully the family court judge will be a little more inquisitive, impartial, and thorough in the questions asked and evidence considered.

      • Madame says:

        Sometimes I wonder if the police, district attorney, and film industry are still as intertwined as portrayed in L.A. Confidential. These actors are the face of a billion dollar industry. Regular citizens, even prominent ones of my city don’t get this treatment. Los Angeles area police are tough. It pisses all Southern Californians off to no end.

        HB is constantly acting out some psychodrama with Gabriel. Must be a nightmare for him. He was a foster kid and finally has his own family with Nahla. Then this woman tries to take his child away from him at every turn. Forget the pretty face, Hit-and-run Halle is a lowlife.

    • Loulou says:

      TMZ only transcribed the initial report. It’s not a conclusion. Conclusion is there won’t be charges because there is a HUMONGOUS doubt Gabriel is the aggressor.

      • MW says:

        TMZ very ingeniously put the words of the original police report as what the police are saying now, as the final conclusion. This was a desperate attempt to put favorable spin on this mess for Halle. She is buds with Harvey from TMZ. The good thing is, nobody is buying it still. Besides, the police do not decide who started it and make a judgment. The report and investigation is handed off to the D.A. to decide if charges will be filed with the facts at hand, and then it either is filed, or dropped. If something does go to Court, the disposition is decided at that phase, not this quick, and not by the PD! Geesh, talk about twisting the truth!!!!

    • priestess says:

      Thank you. You’re the only person being honest. Halle has an affinity for losers and Gabe is one. Just cause he lost the fight does not mean he didn’t start it! He got his ass kicked! damn did he even try to defend himself? He should have ran. Quit crying for him he is a large man that underestimated the other guy. He is not an angel in all this it will come out one day. Halle is no more crazier than the rest of the women out here. This model wants a ridiculous amount of money from Halle thats why she hates him. How many of you would like to pay a grown ass man? I’m guessing none. With that shiner he’s gonna milk this sympathy thing to the max so don’t be too sad this actually works in his favor.

      • Kasey says:

        I totally hear what you’re saying priestess. from the getgo, despite the fact thatit made no sense to me why GA would attack after a court “victory”, I was willing to believe HB/OM’s version of how things started (and still am) until the tapes were viewed.

        Irregardless, this whole situation remains sketchy because GA’s hands and wounds prove to me that OM went above and beyond what is necessary for self defense. He could have subdued him without mangling his moneymaker (I honestly hope this is t the end of his career but that would be on him as a natural consequence for starting a fight). I’m shocked that CPS hasn’t voiced concern over this level of violence by OM against Nahla’s father during a drop off.

      • Erinn says:

        I get where you’re coming from, but honestly, I have an issue with this ‘paying a grown ass man’ bit. How many men want to pay a grown ass woman? Just because someone has a penis and testicles instead of a vagina and uterus does not make them less worthy of getting an income to keep the child’s standard of living the same when in their custody. It seems like, whether you intended it or not, you’re coming off biased in this situation.

        I just think we need to get past the fact that he’s a man, and Halle is a woman paying. Whoever makes the most money is going to have to pay up, regardless of gender. It annoys me when people are harder on someone because they’re a man, and easier on others because they’re a woman. It shouldn’t matter.

      • V4Real says:

        @priestess Even if he threw the first punch doesn’t mean he instigated the fight. I still believe it was a set-up by that crazy ass bitch. Olivier should have been no where near Gabe that day. He is not Crazy Berry husband yet. Why did he feel the need to approach Gabe at all as if he’s some kind of go between for Halle and Gabe. If the man was at or heading to his car why was Oli near him in the first place. This has nothing to do with being Team Gabe or Team Halle. Right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter who you are.

        I said it before, if Halle has claimed to be the victim of physical abuse in past relationships, then why wouldn’t she run like hell from Oli after that violent beating he put on Gabe. It’s enough to hit a man one time who might have swung on you but to continue to bash somebody’s head into the pavement shows you are a rageaholic and have impulse control issues. If she sees her soon to be husband can lose control like that, she should realize that it won’t be long before he does it to her. Why would she want to subject her daughter to this type of behavior?

        Halle has done many vindictive things in the past such as accusing Gabe of abuse, accusing him of using racial slurs. The only reason she wanted to move to Paris was because that’s where Oli lives; it has nothing to do with the paps. After that attempt failed she stoop to the level of setting up the father of her child.

        Halle is a big order of crazy with a side order of mix nuts.

      • bluhare says:

        If what GA said happened the night before is true, here he is dropping Nahla off (who’s in the car with him), and guess who’s at the front door. The man who said he wanted to beat the crap out of him and kill him. I think I might have been a tad jumpy if it were me.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        I’d like to just go back and coy and paste ALL my posts from yesterday.

        If you want common sense facts, please read everyone’s excellent summations. I’m too tired to re-hash this whole mess.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        He has what appear to be defensive bruises on his hands and NO offense wounds. Sketchy.

      • OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

        You are right Priestess: All losers make 700k a year modeling NOT! He is a luxury brand campaign model. A gig ALL models want because it is more lucrative than runway and print. They raise your profiles but do not bring in the big bucks. And he does WORK!!! His are not as deep has HB’s but he is no loser by any stretch of the imagination. GA was also well known in the fashion industry which pales in comparison to being a Hollywood A-lister. (Eric Benet and David Justice were also known prior to their relationships with HB.) The comparisons are outlandish, absurd and irrational.

        The double standard in regard to child support is conflated as well. The money is supposed the level to keep Nahla living in the surrounding she is accustomed. If one parent can do more than the other a child can be swayed this has proven time and time again. It is called parental alienation.
        A grown man taking money from a woman never ever goes over well (K. Fed, Nick Lachey as of recent); however when you make more $$ and do not have alimony or palimony agreement in place anything goes. I agree some of his demands are a bit much for me. Flight money to take Nahla to visit his parents in Canada. Clothing and who knows what else. Is reaching for sure. But guess what? These rules even apply to us regular folks.

        The court assesses everything from income to living conditions. An NCP who makes less can end up getting money, a home etc. If the courts deem NCP’s or CP’s residence is not up to standard, for example your child is sleeping on the couch because you do not have a proper bedroom for s/he, it can impact visitation and/or custody. Note once family court is involved the rules change which is why most parents make side deals to avoid it which may or may not end up in the child’s best interest. When the side deal falls to pieces, the parties end up in court and then all hell breaks lose b/c the courts will ask for proof of monthly payments etc. I tell friends ALWAYS go to court as soon as things fall apart especially if they are men. FACT: The courts are paternalistic. The mother can be a crack head and still will be able to keep her child/ren; however if she does not adhere to the condition set i.e. rehab then the child/ren can be taken away completely or the non-custodial can get temporary custody until she is fully rehabilitated.

      • Kate says:

        He only started claiming child support from this past June. They split up in 2010. She’s been hating on him a lot longer than that.

        Secondly, he has shared and equal custody. Why on earth should the richer parent not help keep the child in a similar standard of living when not with them? Why would a parent begrudge that? He’s entitled, just as any woman would be. I’d pay it in her shoes – it’s peanuts to her, anyway. Her legal costs in trying to oust him will have crapped all over the child support payments, and he had no guarantee a judge would order her to pay those costs. (I don’t know how it goes in the USA, but over here, for costs to be awarded against you in a family court case, you have to be seen as engaging in needless litigation, too.)

      • Madame says:

        The support is for Nahla to have an equal standard of living in both homes. How could that possibly be a bad thing. Team Nahla.

    • Jen says:

      TMZ is so pro-Halle it is ridiculous!

      TMZ doesn’t care to report the truth on any story; they only care to report the lies that will make them money.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        TMZ says what they are told to say. It’s so obvious! They suck up to Tom Cruise too.

      • MW says:

        TMZ is really good at twisting the facts. That report is true, but those statements were from the original report. That is not some supplemental info/conclusion filed after they have completed an invesiigation. They appear to have decided NO charges be recommended against GA. They probably have a really good idea what the true facts are. The only reason they haven’t arrested OM is because GA hasn’t asked them to. I hope GA doesn’t come to regret that, but getting OM in trouble would probably send Halle right into a murderous rage.

    • Mmmmm says:

      if i was GA i will sue the police department for wrongful arrest …, lazy and corrupted

    • emmie_a says:

      Stefni: You comment ‘The dude has a temper… he has a nasty temper.’ — What proof do you have of this? Shady TMZ reports are not proof. OM & HB’s version of events are not proof. You state the Gabriel started the altercation. Were you there? Please share how you came to these conclusions.

    • JD says:

      The boyfriend had NO business getting involved in this.
      I went through a nasty custody battle, and when we did the hand-off, it was between my ex and I. No boyfriends, no girlfriends.
      At one point, we had to do the switch at the police station.

      There is no reason for this fight to happen, and I think GA was set up.

  6. Isa says:

    team Gabriel! I hope he gets full custody of his daughter.

  7. mln76 says:

    Radar had an interesting article to the effect that when her stalker broke in there were angles that showed not only the outside of the house but the driveway where the fight occured and the doorway. Seems like this TMZ is more BS from Halle and Oliver.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Thanks for the article. We know it’s definitely more BS from Halle & Olivier via Harvey. Unlike Harvey, though, the judge will ask why Olivier interfered with the custody exchange. He’ll also ask why Halle allowed her fiance to get involved in the custody exchange if she knew there had been words between the two earlier in the week. So, while the BHPD is looking as inept as they do in the BH Cops movies, I do believe the judge will see through Halle & Olivier’s BS.

      • Gia says:

        Exactly, the Judge will take care of it. We all need to remember that no matter what TMZ, or Radar or whatever outlet is saying, it doesn’t matter. The Judge knows exactly what’s going on. Everything in family court is done with an abundance of caution and that’s why the restraining order gaianst Gabriel was kept in place. Gab has been compliant with everything the Court has ordered and then some. This is not the first control freak mom with a hot head interefering boyfriend the Judge has ever seen. The courts has consistently found in Gab’s favour and no doubt will continue to do so. It is obvious who has Nahla’s best interests in mind and who doesn’t.

      • MW says:

        Yep. Seriously, most Judges in CA are extremely competent and deserve to be Judges.

    • Loulou says:

      This in a nutshell is why they won’t press charges, because evidence fromthe stalker case will prove premeditation when everyone sees they moved the cameras before the attack. Slick and you’ve got to wonder why L.A. Cops are always covering for Berry’s misdeeds…

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Halle moved the cameras ‘last year’ on the advise of the L.A.P.D. after her stalker incident.

      • PleaseICU says:


        If that’s true, that just proves that LAPD are even more incompetent than I previously believed. What credible law enforcement agency tells a stalking victim to reposition their security cameras AWAY from all major points of entry to the home/dwelling?

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @PleaseICU …

        That’s what the article says above, that the Cops confirmed they’d advised Halle to move her cameras so they now point at the fence around her property and the street.

        If they broke up in 2010 and Halle’s incident with the stalker happened last year, 2011, then Gabriel may not have been aware that her cameras had been moved.

        And who knows … maybe Gabriel instigated it all himself thinking that her cameras would catch Olivier kicking his butt.

        Alas, that potential suit against Halle to get more money is now a moot point.

  8. Aud says:

    How convenient for Halle.

  9. Dap says:

    TMZ are saying that Halle Berry has put her house on the selling market “a few weeks” ago: that mean before the fight, but after she lost in court. She definitively IS planning her departure to France.

  10. brin says:

    Sickening…hope Olivier goes to jail!

  11. marie says:

    this is a bit off topic and it makes me look like an ass but.. I no longer find him hot-I see him and all I can see is a black eye..

    and did anyone really expect for HB to hand over footage? really?

    • JulieM says:

      If said tape was court ordered by subpoena, yes. Just a little too convenient that footage doesn’t exist. Or doesn’t exist any longer.

    • Kasey says:

      I said it above, I was willing to believe her version of him instigating until the tapes proved otherwise so yes, I expected her to hand them over and was surprised she didn’t volunteer them to support her story. Now I know why. She

  12. V4Real says:

    I’m really praying that a judge sees through all of Halle’s BS and Gabe is able to see his child on the reg. As for Oli ship his ass back to France. I’m not supporting physical violence on anyone but I wish someone would just grab Halle and shake some sense into her crazy ass. Im really starting to dislike her the more I see Gabe’s face.

    • Jen says:

      We ARE talking about the judges in California, ya know the ones that keep letting Amanda Bynes run people over and the ones that let Crackie get away with anything and everything. It’s Hollywood and everyone there worships the the rich and famous. Sadly, nothing is going to happen to Halle or her psycho BF. By next year they will be living it up in France.

  13. menlisa says:

    Those pics are so disturbing.
    I know it’s naive to wish that Nahla never sees these pics. But, I pray she never.
    I would be heartbroken if I saw pics of my dad like that 🙁

    • LadyMTL says:


      With all of the drama going on now, I always find myself wondering ‘who’s looking out for Nahla?’. I mean Gabriel Aubry might not be an angel but obv neither is Olivier Martinez and this poor child is stuck in the middle. I can’t imagine how scared she would be if she saw her dad all bruised and mangled…poor girl.

    • Toot says:

      Imagine seeing that in person? Halle doesn’t want Nahla seeing Gabe like this because that child will hate Olivier and mess up Halle’s plans.

      I want Gabe to be able to see his daughter, but seeing her daddy like this may tramatize her. Poor baby.

  14. Fai says:

    Sidenote: The man really has nice hands…

    • Redheadwriter says:

      I thought the same thing!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      He really does. I always check out a man’s hands, cheekbones, and eyes. (It’s a thing.)

    • Kat says:

      You mean, nice hands and beautiful long fingerNAILS, BEAUTIFUL NAILS, yes, that’s what i meant…
      Sorry couldn’t help joking… really, this story is starting to be depressing…

    • emmie_a says:

      I wasn’t going to say anything because some commenters think people are on Gabriel’s side only because he’s a good-looking guy — but yes! beautiful hands!

      …I have a crush on a guy at Starbucks because of his hands – I noticed his hands around his cup one day and I just sat there and watched his hands. Yeah I’m a loser!

  15. Sisi says:

    no matter how much hoopla there was around the house and who said what, why was Olivier there instead of the nanny?!? NONE OF HIS BUSINESS!

  16. Kim says:

    How convenient that GA never mentioned his head being slammed to ground or death threats at the scene or in followup interview.GA pushed nanny, attacked paparazzi and threw a punch at OM.OM hit him 3 times as evident by the injuries

    • Erinn says:

      Well, by looking at his head injuries, I’d say that he wasn’t exactly able to think straight at the time.

    • amurph says:

      When did GA ever attack the paparazzi? I’ve heard/read about Olivier having done that (and violently) but never GA. His injuries definitely don’t speak to a 1-2-3 punch combo. He has gravel marks on his face, which matches his story of how OM smashed his head into the ground.

      And usually people with head injuries, especially a severe concussion, don’t remember everything immediately and they sure as hell don’t remember things clearly. When I got a bad concussion, I couldn’t keep focused on anything for longer than a second without getting a headache.

      • Kim says:

        He attached photographer in 2009 video on YT so he is violent just like OM

      • Jen says:

        Agree, his injuries are not just from 3 punches. He got a major beat down. He can’t even open one eye and I can’t imagine the pain from the cut under the other eye. He had such a pretty face too.

    • Beatrice Sparkplug says:

      How convenient that a little flamer pops up in a largely GA-sympathetic comment board. Not only are you conflating a bunch of ‘stories’ merely to incite, your facts are wrong. That’s just tedious.

      • Kim says:

        What fact is wrong? Both men are jerks. GA started it and OM beat his ass.GA attacted photograher in October 2009.There is a video on YouTube.Unlike you I’m not fooled by GA’s act.They are 2 peas in a pod.

      • emma says:

        Kim, is this the video you’re talking about?

        I don’t see any attack at all. Maybe he moved him out of the way, but it does NOT look like a violent attack.

        Edit: oops just saw Dap below me, sorry for repeat.

    • Dap says:

      @kim I googled your information to see what you were talking about and…ARE YOU SERIOUS?
      The only thing violent about the video is its title. What a joke…

      • Feebee says:

        I too looked it up… to say that’s GA attacking is laughable. If you’re going to lie about someone at least make sure it’s a good one that’s even somewhat believeable.

      • bluhare says:

        I’m with you. That’s it? At best, he pushed the guy’s camera!

      • The Other Katherine says:

        No kidding. I’ve bumped into people harder than that when trying to get off a crowded subway train. If that were a violent assault, the entire population of New York would be in prison.

    • Kate says:

      You claim Aubrey started the fight. You have no evidence for it at all; you don’t know what happened any more than anyone else here does. All you know is that Aubrey thought security cameras were on them; Martinez did not. Aubrey has perfect hands; Martinez’ are broken. Martinez has no other injuries; Aubrey has a broken face and broken ribs. Martinez was enraged over losing a court case and three million dollars; Aubrey had won everything he asked for, plus been given child support and legal costs. Martinez should never have been involved in the custody transition yet chose to head outside to confront Aubrey; Aubrey had voluntarily agreed to hand Nahla over early so both parents had time with her over Thanksgiving, and was thus presumably feeling conciliatory, or at least neutral.

      You also keep claiming that Aubrey should have told his version there and then. He had serious head injuries that required immediate hospitalisation, plus a broken rib. In this country it would not be LEGAL to take a statement from someone in that state, nor to rely upon anything they said, because hello? Even without factoring in the pain level, BRAIN INJURY. How on earth can you expect him to have given his side? That’s just completely and self-evidently unreasonable, I’m sorry.

      The court found that he didn’t push the nanny. You know this to be the case, as several people have told you and explained that a family court is a civil one, so can use balance of probabilities rather than beyond reasonable doubt, thus making it EASIER for the nanny to be believed. She wasn’t. The courts didn’t agree that it happened, or that he poses any risk to Nahla. Yet you keep repeating it as being a proven factual event. Why?

      That video does not show what you claim it shows. Have you watched it?

      Tell me, given the above known and definite facts, why are you so certain you know what happened, and that it was all Aubrey’s fault?

      Genuine question: do you work for Halle Berry?

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Kate, who wrote … “You also keep claiming that Aubrey should have told his version there and then. He had serious head injuries that required immediate hospitalisation, plus a broken rib. In this country it would not be LEGAL to take a statement from someone in that state, nor to rely upon anything they said, because hello? Even without factoring in the pain level, BRAIN INJURY.”

        (Blinks) Brain injury? Are you serious?? That’s a mite dramatic, isn’t it? The man got beat up and now sports a black eye, just like millions of boys and men around the world.

        And did you miss the bit above that said the Cops interviewed ‘Gabriel, Halle, and Olivier’ when they arrived on the scene? If he had been in the near ‘brain dead’ vegetable state you’re imagining, they would have NOT been able to interview or arrest him on the spot. Read the article again.

        The cops also say in the article above that they contacted Gabriel again ‘after’ the initial interview (and his ‘BRAIN INJURY’) to see if he had anything more to add to his statement. But Gabriel said ‘no.’

      • Kristin says:

        I totally agree with you Kate. Gabriel Aubrey’s injuries are horrifying and very clearly the result of having the ever living crap beat out of him. Yet there is not a single mark on either of his hands. If he had punched Olivier, his hands would have very apparent injuries in the form of cuts, bruises, etc. However, Olivier’s hands look like he went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. (Remember way back when the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna story hit and his psycho fans were saying that she got what she had coming to her because she physically attacked him and poor Chris was only defending himself (you know, by bashing her head repeating against the dashboard and then choking her until she passed out.) Well what a shock when those pics were released. Rihanna looked like she had been used as a human punching bag, yet in Chris’ booking photos, that a-hole didn’t have a mark on him Pictures don’t like people. And I’m not talking about photoshopped fashion photos. Despite what many may think, cops are generally not stupid. And with the pictures and the corroborating statements from the medical personnel who treated the injuries, it’s pretty clear who perpetrated the beat-down, and who took the beat-down and didn’t fight back.

        Halle is an insane b-tch and with the recent ruling banning her from moving Nahla to France, she is desperate to portray Aubrey in any negative light that she possibly can in a pathetic attempt to sway the judge into reversing his decision. I think both she and her fiance are pure narcisstic, sociopaths who don’t deserve that little girl.

      • JD says:

        Emma, GA suffered a concussion.

        That IS considered a brain injury. Look it up.

      • Kate says:

        @Emma – a concussion is, as has been pointed out, a brain injury. I’m afraid facts don’t alter when inconvenient to your worldview, and in this case Berry and Martinez look completely ridiculous in seeking to play this off as anything but their doing and fault. There is no way anyone reasonable could regard it as likely that she wouldn’t have security cameras covering handover and pickup of an ex she has accused of being volatile, aggressve and dangerous to the point he should lose custody, unless she is a liar on those allegations.

        I note you ignored all other points, in favour of your misunderstanding the clinical definition of concussion, and thinking that meant he was compos mentis for questioning.

        It’s also been pointed out numerous times now that Berry uses off-duty LAPD as security, and that she was able to get 4 police outriders to accompany here to the theatre the other day. Weird use of public resources, no? Four?! Seriously? Care to tell me what you’d be saying if Aubrey had that cosy a relationship with them?

      • emmie_a says:

        Emma: One huge flaw in your reasoning is that you are believing word for word everything TMZ says. They are a gossip site. Sure, they get a lot of good scoops and often have very relevant information but they are not the be all and end all for all things Halle Berry related.

      • Kate says:

        @ Emma – I was thinking, and in fairness, if you don’t know what a concussion is, it’s understandable that you don’t get why he didn’t put his side more effectively at the scene. So I thought I’d explain a bit on what a concussion actually means, to help clarify a bit.

        This is from Web MD:

        What is a concussion?

        A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that is caused by a blow to the head or body, a fall, or another injury that jars or shakes the brain inside the skull.

        Symptoms of a concussion:

        Thinking and remembering

        Not thinking clearly
        Feeling slowed down
        Not being able to concentrate
        Not being able to remember new information

        That’s why people eyeroll at the idea that he should have been more forthcoming at the scene – and that’s without the pain. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in really severe pain, but believe me, you don’t focus on anything else. You can’t. That’s why I am just – you what? At suggestions that Aubrey should have argued his case better at the scene.

        And as has also been mentioned, all we know is what TMZ are claiming the initial police report said. TMZ have got it pretty wrong about Berry/Aubrey in the past, because they so heavily rely on what she or her team tell them. They aren’t objective.

  17. Talie says:

    It’s interesting because I watched TMZ Live and it seems like they are fighting with themselves. They want to side with Halle, well Harvey does, but as they keep pointing out…their own commentariat doesn’t believe her story. So, I kind of take their info with a grain of salt now regarding this story.

    • Erinn says:

      Ugh… I work until 6 Atlantic every day. I opened tmz live to play in the background at 5:30, but by the time they got to the Halle part my shift was over, and the boyfriend was here to pick me up.

  18. HannahF says:

    I’m only half awake but here goes…

    TMZ has people who monitor police frequencies as well as court filings. Often that is how they get the jump on the stories–not saying Halle didn’t call but it could have gone down this way.

    The Emergency Protective Order. The fact that EPO was obtained right away is the norm. EPOs are given when courts will not be open for a few days. The police call the on-call Judge to obtain the order.

    EPOs typically are good for only 5 days or so. This one expires at 8:30 this morning. So if they want another order they have to go in today. Halle’s order is for Halle and Nahla only. Olivier is over 18–he’d have to get his RO.

  19. alex says:

    Halle’s security guards are off duty LAPD officers.

    The “witnesses” to the fight are Halle and the babysitter….the same babysitter who is supposed to be the intermediary between GA and HB. Why didn’t she do the hand off like court order? Yet another employee Halle is paying off.

    I still don’t understand why OM has not been arrested. GA was beaten nearly unconscious, that is not self defense. You do not get a broken rib, concussion and such a destroyed face from self defense. Even if GA pushed OM first (which I don’t believe), that does not give OM cart blanche to try to kill someone.

    • Lulu says:

      If OM was blocking GA’s exit, getting in his face and threatening him, I don’t blame him for shoving him. If someone is blocking a person’s ability to leave peacefully while threatening them, wouldn’t that be considered the instigation? What a set-up, it makes me sick.

    • Cari says:

      His ribs could have been injured by OM kicking them when GA was down. I’m not buying the self-defense theory at all.

  20. Eric says:

    This is total bs, there was at least one camera on the driveway if there is a stalker, she deleted the footage and repositioned all cameras. But this plan of her has backfired already.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      Did you miss the part in the article that said detectives agreed that Halle’s security cameras are exactly where they advised her to put them last year??

      • skuddles says:

        All this tells me is that Berry made sure to reposition the cameras before the fight – when her and Martinez were still in the planning stage. Either that, or cameras really had never been moved back to the original position after police told her to move them, so she knew they wouldn’t capture the driveway beatdown.

      • Madame says:

        I think your point actually indicates H&A planned this altercation. Gabriel would be the only one who didn’t know about the cameras being repositioned. Thus O could attack Gabriel with no video. Gabriel would assume the cameras were recording.

        In my opinion, Halle is the most dangerous. Look what she did with her car! I saw the wreakage of that accident that night. If you saw the same you could never defend someone capable of fleeing that scene. Or do you believe in “traumatic brain injuries” for Halle only. She is just a very bad person, no integrity. And I’m basing that on her actions. Not gossip.

        You really need to rethink what kind of person you are championing.

  21. chloe says:

    As a judge I would look at what the drop-off agreement is, first from the pics on TMZ there is a gate at the driveway, did Gabriel pull into the driveway and close the gate just to hand over Nahla which should just take a couple of minutes, I would think that gate would be left open for such a short time (I guess my question is do they always close the gate or was it this time only, and if it’s always open who closed it and why?) Also what is the agreement that one of Halle’s people take Nahla from Gabe, if so, isn’t Oliver already breaking the rules by coming outside to confront Gabriel. I almost imagine that there is an agreement between the two parties that if there is a discussion about the child it should happen between lawyers, not face-to-face.
    Sorry the whole thing is so suspicious since Halle just lost out on moving to France a few weeks ago and she still put her house on the market, plus where is the paparazzi in all of this if they are constantly following her don’t you think there would have been a few paps outside that would at least heard what was going on, I would be interested if so about what time Gabe pulled in the driveway from the time the cops were called. Maybe since it was a holiday there were no paps (and if so do you think Halle figured on that). This whole situation is so sad for this child.

    • Feebee says:

      Gabe’s statement apparently said he went to close his car door (and that’s when he was jumped). I think if the guy left his car door open he was anticipating a very short drop off.

      I know it’s open to interpretation but my take is that Martinez threw the first figurative blow by inserting himself at the hand over. It was a provocative move plain and simple.

  22. Nancy says:

    same old story. the assinine new partner of the ex gets involved when he should have been in the house minding his business during a custody swap. of course, halle is an ass and this is what happens when your ex is an ass.

    • Lulu says:

      Amen! I recently found out that my daughter’s stepmother registered herself as a parent/guardian at my daughter’s school. Well, it was either her or my ex that registered her as such. And I wasn’t even on there as an emergency contact – grandma who lives 60 miles away was. I wasn’t even mentioned at all! You better believe they got an earful for that. Sick sick people. Team Gabe all the way.

  23. Naye in VA says:

    I do think that Halle and Olivier may have instigated something, but getting you a** handed to you in a fight isnt proof that you didnt start it. If Aubry attacked Olivier and wasnt aware this man was a boxer, its very likely he took that beating. Ive seen plenty of fights (unfortunately) where one person started it, and got the lesson of a lifetime. All im saying is this isnt evidence of guilt.

    • Kasey says:

      Agree with all of this. AND GA isn’t above lying to cover pride and embarrassment from the result of his own folly.

      However, if GA didn’t have one mark on his hands why was it necessary for OM to do this much damage in ‘self defense’? Aside from GA learning the hard way not to get physical with OM, how have there not been repercussions for this?!

    • lena80 says:

      I agree, getting your a** handed to you, by a person with boxing skills, isn’t indicative of Gabe not starting the fight. And one good punch by a trained boxer CAN give you a black eye like the one Gabe is sporting now. Could Olivier shown some trained restraint if Gabe struck him first, sure he could have, but he isn’t necessarily obligated to. And I’m solely judging that on if someone tried to punch me in my face and missed, I would go bat sh** as well. Gabes injuries are consistent with boxing, one or two to the dome got him a black eye and one or two to rib area got him a fractured rib. I still think Gabe swung first, but only because I do believe Olivier was sh** talking him into a match. Unfortunately for Gabe instead of walking away and calling his lawyer he let his swing write a check his a** could not cash. And I’m still not going to jump on the ridiculous bandwagon of Halle making two grown men fight. And still think its very odd that Gabe got threatened at a school function the day before and watches his daughter go off with the man that threatened him and doesn’t bother calling police OR even his lawyer to document it.

      • Dee says:

        Do you realize how disgusting you sound? He wrote a check his a$$ couldn’t cash? NO ONE has the right to beat the daylights out of someone unless they feel like their life is in danger. You’re reasons for defending Halle are very transparent and pathetic lena.

      • Kate says:

        He doesn’t only have one black eye. His temple is also swollen and purple and shiny in a way that indicates he was indeed smacked into the concrete. That is a large flat surface area of damage for a clenched fist to cause. there are also abrasions and marks elsewhere on his face. That is not one punch. It just isn’t. Nobody’s fist can cause damage over that wide an area unless they’re Godzilla.

        Also curious how your tune has changed since the extent of Aubrey’s injuries were revealed. When this story first broke, you said:

        November 23, 2012 at 10:20 am lena80 says:

        Gabe’s violent tendencies have been talked about for awhile now but some people said she was lying or exaggerating, well here’s some proof now and yet people are still condoning his behavior?? Disgusting.

        November 23, 2012 at 10:26 am

        You can’t “set up” a grown man not to be able to walk/drive away from a situation. We were all taught at a young age to keep out hands to ourselves, not use them because someone supposedly SAYS something you don’t like.

        lena80 says:
        November 23, 2012 at 10:20 am

        I don’t care who instigated what with WORDS, it’s NEVER okay for anyone to put their hands on anybody especially in front of small children. The Aubrey apologists are disgusting. This is the same train of thought that abusers use…that a person drove them to physical violence.

        Can you please explain why you now write things such as “Could Olivier shown some trained restraint if Gabe struck him first, sure he could have, but he isn’t necessarily obligated to.”

        Sorry, but your views on the acceptability of physical violence, anger, and the justification of provocation appear to alter markedly, depending on whether the violence is being perpetrated by Martinez or Aubrey. The latter is “disgusting” and has “anger issues”. The latter is just a pro boxer being human, when you see photos of pretty horrific injuries, and hear of broken bones. That just doesn’t make coherent sense. Defending Berry, well, I think that’s naive given the surrounding circumstances, but she wasn’t the one throwing punches, so fair enough. But there is not one scrap of evidence at this point that Aubrey hit anyone at all. None. Nada. Nil. There is absolute proof that Martinez did. So where is your condemnation of him? Seriously, why are you arguing that Aubrey is to blame when there is no evidence – ther than words from people who hate him, and/or will be in jail if they say otherwise?

      • Dap says:

        @Kate: clap, clap, clap
        @lena80: I believe you just have been verbally martinezed ;-D

      • lena80 says:

        And Dap…you obviously didn’t read where I said Words as well.

      • lena80 says:

        Kate are you stalking my posts? My opinion hasn’t changed, I made my statement based on the final report that came out that Gabe swung on Olivier first and that he was the physical aggressor. It was ruled mutual combat and Gabe was found to be the physical aggressor and legally they BOTH technically AGREED to fight. The fight wasn’t a one way fight started they BOTH legally agreed to fight and the defending party (Olivier) wasn’t legally obligated to show restraint even though I think he should have. And where exactly in my post did I say it was OK for them to fight? Gabe DID get his a** kicked and Gabe was found to be the physical aggressor AND he legally agreed to it! He DID in my opinion, let his mouth write a check that his a** couldn’t cash by NOT keeping his hands to himself and Olivier should have shown restraint but LEGALLY isn’t required to, hence it being ruled mutual combat. Now please explain how me stating facts, well technically my interpretation of the final report, as a sign of approval for their behavior? If you don’t know what mutual combat is look it up, maybe I should have stated mutual combat in my post, but at no time did I imply that I approve of their behavior.

      • Hm says:

        What a heinous comment, lena80. Kate, thanks for posting the even more repulsive history there.

        Lena, you are so unbelievably illogical that it’s scary. You aren’t entitled to making up facts willy-nilly. Spin all you like, but your beloved Halle Berry (who, incidentally, has been accused by exactly *no one* on this board of instigating a physical fight, so your ‘bandwagon’ nonsense is a red herring) and Olivier Martinez have lost every meaningful legal point in their attempts to strip a father of his daughter. That’s why this happened – that’s why the ‘trained boxer’ you’re so desperate to defend beat someone until he was concussed.

        It is disgusting, and the defense of this kind of assault while *making up facts* (pretending that you know Aubrey started it: you don’t know that. No, you don’t. No, silly, you really don’t) is the lowest level of trolling there is, as is the apparent celebration of ‘ass kicking’ as a good value (or the idea that if someone came at, you, you’d justifiably go ‘batshit.’ What a fantasist you are). Again: disgusting. And you can repeat and all-caps ‘legally’ all you like, and it doesn’t substantiate a damned thing you wrote. NOTHING has been sorted legally, do you get that? Keep pretending that you have special access to facts, though, dear heart.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        Lena, your most recent comments actually worried me. I’m uncomfortable with apologists for extreme violence – I’m eccentric that way. So I went to see what you posted when the story first broke and it was interesting, just how far you’d backflipped. If you don’t want to be embarrassed by posts being quoted/compared for consistency, then maybe don’t post such comments in a single public forum mere days apart? Just a thought. Of course, you can choose to call that elementary action “stalking” if you want, but it’s not very sensitive towards genuine victims, now is it?

        No “final report” has come out. Someone from law enforcement claiming inside info is alleged to have told TMZ what an alleged report says. The investigation will still be underway, so all that will be available for anyone to leak is the initial police report. And again, nobody here, or on TMZ as far as we know, has clapped eyes on that. You’re treating a gossip site as holy writ. You’re also swaggering over violence proven at Martinez’ hands, while clutching your pearls at allegations against Aubrey, which is wholly inconsistent – and again, there is NO evidence he did anything at all. You can’t know he did. You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts, as the cliche goes.

        The bottom line seems to be that you will argue whatever angle gets Berry, and by extension Martinez, off the hook, irrespective of evidence. I have no idea why.

  24. GossipG says:

    Halle and her Olivier made a back up,and
    @night they sit down with some popcorn, and laugh about the wole thing al over again.Just the thought.

  25. Dani says:

    If there are cameras pointed at the street, the judge should request call logs and see when the police were called, in comparison to when Gabe drove into their driveway. This woman is sick in the head. Does she not fear for her saftey after seeing what Olivier did to Gabe over a few words?

  26. Yvonne says:

    Team Gabriel

    I hope he gets more custody than before !

    • Kim says:

      I hope GA gets help for his temper and I hope HB and OM breakup.They can never get pass this. There will be more altercations.

      • Liv says:

        What temper? You don’t have proof of Gabriel having a temper. Seriously, we are all stating our thoughts here, but nobody claims to know the truth like you do.

  27. Sam x says:

    I pray that the judge looks at this openly today and takes Nahla’s wellbeing, what is best for her into account first foremost. I suppose this will give them the opportunity to present photos of Gabriel’s injuries, any tests they’ve run to determine the extent of the damage done and the arrangement for Nahla. Also I hope he gets the order lifted on him and gets one in place for Nahla. I sincerely pray once this madness is over Nahla & Gabriel get the happy ending they deserve, He is able to find a nice woman, be happy with her, give Nahla the siblings he has wanted to give her and just live as a happy family. xx

  28. serena says:

    Ah! Of course there isn’t a video, LOL, Halle and Oliver planned it all.
    I believe your version too Kaiser, that Gabriel was simply Oliver punchbag, and I hope the judge will too.
    This is too shady, hell, everyone would notice something’s not right!

    I can’t see at Gabriel’s injuries.. poor man..

  29. julie says:

    Oliver should be ARRESTED AND CHARGED with assult. He is a boxer and a boxers hands are lethat weapons. Halle should be stripped of all custody rights and only see the baby without the scumbag french man on the premises. No matter what the Halle N Oliver say, the proof is in the pictures. PEACE

  30. Madpoe says:

    Team Gabriel!
    He needs to raise her as a single daddy.

  31. Alli says:

    This is so infuriating. Halle needs to take a seat and a few pills apparently. Team Gabriel. And poor, poor Nahla. I can’t imagine what this is doing to her emotionally already.

  32. Memphis says:

    It’s a sad situation and the real one that suffers is Nahla.

    She is being deliberately cut off from her father all so her mother can play new family with another man. Sick.

    I hope the judge sees through the nonsense and puts and end to Halle’s crap.

  33. chloe says:

    I have a question, a lot of mention about Gabe’s anger issue’s, has he been convicted of assault or witnessed besides Halle’s people as having such a temper. I know he took anger classes, but I swore I remember that the judge wanted her to take classes too and she refused. I had a friend that went through a bad divorce(with children)and it was suggested that it was for the best that they both take co- parenting/anger classes. Just asking.

    • themummy says:

      There is no evidence of a violence/anger issues for Aubry. He was falsely accused of the nanny incident by Berry and agreed to take anger classes to get past it. There is no indication whatsoever that he is violent or has a temper. It’s just what people took from the nanny incident (even though he was fully cleared), and then ran with it.

      Martinez, on the other hand, there are photos of him getting into fights.

      • bluhare says:

        I’m not totally sure about that. I remember reading that although the nanny thing was eventually dismissed, the report said that he did have some anger issues, and mandated anger management and coparenting classes. He took the anger management class and completed it, but didn’t have to finish after the charges were dropped. No word on the parenting classes.

        It sounds to me like a guy who is dotting all his i’s and crossing his t’s with the court so they can’t use anything against him.

    • Dap says:

      This is the video Halle’s supporters are pointing at to prove Aubry is violent:
      [sarcam ON] beware, move away small children, prepare yourself for some very disturbing images, this will change completly your opinion on the subject NOT [sarcasm OFF]

      • chloe says:

        Thanks Dap and Mummy, I figured as much, as for the shove at the paps I bet if you go through youtube and find a large list of stars that are guilty of accidentely hitting a Pap or cussing them out (like Halle did few months ago). Halle is an idiot for letting this Oliver character around her daughter, he obviously has anger issues and I hope the judge see’s this and doesn’t allow him around Nahla.

  34. G says:

    I think Martinez is in for some legal surprises as the criminal part of this incident unrolls. The evidence is just overwhelmingly against him.

    I doubt, however, that any of this will stick to Halle. In that case, will they stick together or will Halle give Martinez the heave-ho if he becomes more of a liability?

    BTW, when are these two getting married anyway?

  35. Starlight says:

    This is what I have been trying to say about GA. If were really threatened by Martinez prior to this incident, don’t you think he would be more careful next time he sees him again. My point is he should have installed his iphone on his car dashboard and make sure he uses that for his protection. But he did not. If he were smart enough he would not have gone through this ordeal with Halle.

    • mm says:

      Many people would have avoided being victims of crime had they “been smarter”, it’s still the fault of the criminals and not the victims even though some crime would have been avoided had the victims been smarter.

      Some of the comments towards Gabriel are so sexist, and dated. I would like to see people being this sexist towards women, who would say to a female assault victim that “she should have been smarter, and the assault would have been avoided”. No one, but somehow it’s ok because it was a man that got beaten.

      • Bad Irene says:

        ^^This so much, thanks you mm for stating so clearly exactly what I was thinking. I have never heard anyone say that those on the receiving end of violence from Charlie Sheen, OJ Simpson, Phil Spector , Chris Brown and countless others should have been smarter and avoided getting a beating.

        Just because GA is male does not mean he should just shake off a brutal assault and ‘take it like a real man’

    • emmie_a says:

      Do you really think that Gabriel thought Olivier would start a fight or instigate him in the presence of a four year old child??????? No. Gabriel wasn’t meeting OM in a dark alley. He was in front of the child’s house. Most people would think OM has more common sense and tact than to do any of this shit in front of a child.

      And you know what, we can all sit here and say what we would have done but I have never been in this situation so how do I know what I would have done?

    • Kate says:

      He wasn’t expecting to see Martinez. He was handing over his daughter to the housekeeper, as per usual. His statement explicitly states that he was very surprised to see Martinez there as it was “highly unusual.”

      And I don’t think he thought Martinez’ threats, if made (in fairness we don’t know that for a fact, and there are pleeeenty of very incriminating facts, so, you know) were serious. Threats are common, actual violence isn’t. I suspect he will have assumed Martinez would never risk jeopardising Halle’s custody by attacking him. Poor sap.

  36. Valentina says:

    Daaaaamn, that man is hot as hell, even bruised up

  37. Minxx says:

    I have no doubt that GA is the victim here. He had NO reason whatsoever to attack Martinez. Why would he do it when he won a huge victory in court and was being on “enemy’s” territory, with no witnesses of his own? The injuries he sustained to his face, head and ribs suggest that Martinez was on the top of him, beating him to a pulp, using excessive force, even if one goes with his “self defense” BS. Plus, GA asked for security tapes which…were not there. On the top of that all witnesses work for Halle who had “just” put her house on the market (presumably to move to France with Martinez). Please. One would have to be blind to believe Halle’s version of the story. I hope the judge sees through her BS and I hope Martinez will face criminal charges for this violent attack. I firmly believe the guy has issues: what kind of person goes to a liquor store at 7:30 the day afer and then smugly smiles at photogs at every opportunity? His only injuries are to his fist.. imagine what force he must have used on Gabriel’s face! I think that 2 years down the road or earlier, we’ll see Halle on Oprah, sporting a shiner and a broken arm or jaw, crying about “violent” Oliver.

  38. lylaooo says:

    olivier should stay out of it. this is beteween halle and gabriel. gabriel just wants to be with his baby and lover her . halle will regret all of this when little nahla grows up.

  39. nikko says:

    Just because you might be the person that looks all beat up doesn’t mean you didn’t start the fight. You just didn’t know that the person you pushed or shoved was a better fighter then you. Gab (he has a temper)_started it and got his ass whipped. That happens all the time. Plus, I don’t think any of them are victims. They really (including Gab) need to stop all this, it doesn’t look good for any of them.

    • PleaseICU says:

      I could believe he could’ve started the fight if he had any markings indicating he punched OM like OM and the police report say.

      But pictures taken soon after the fight show that GA has NO marks on his hands, no swelling, no bruising that would indicate he punched OM and started the fight. Or attempted to fight back requiring OM to continue punching GA and likely kicking him in the ribs once he hit the ground (those ribs got broken somehow).

      And GA is not a trained fighter. I would think a hard punch by someone untrained to someone’s shoulder, a punch so hard it required medical treatment of that shoulder, would leave some sort of mark on or swelling of GA’s hand.

      • Leigh_S says:

        You’re right.
        If Aubry swung that hard, untrained, he’d have had
        -swelling in the wrist due to sprain or even fracture, from not locking it properly
        – a visibly injured thumb, because untrained people usually tuck their thumb inside the fist or the thumb is straight along the fingers, extending past the middle finger joints.

        Aubry’s hands showed no bruising/swelling/disfiguration besides his own blood crusted around the nails

    • Kasey says:

      Don’t forget according to OM, GA swung and missed/OM blocked. I have NO problem believing he started the “physical” aspect of the fight from the wounds alone. It’s easy to doctor up the story later based on pride and bruised ego.

      1- it makes no sense to me that he’d attack unprovoked after the move had been nixed (unless maybe OM really was threatening).
      2-it’s the same deal to m as RiRi and Breezy. SHE got physical first by hitting him repeatedly WHILE HE WAS DRIVING and he defended himself but went overboard. I could believe similarly, GA threw the first punch,OM defended but brutally did MUCH more than necessary.

      What I DON’T get is why OM isn’t being investigated for this brutality. Is it because GA was on OM’s property? If CB could be dragged through the mud (& rightly so) why is nothing happening w/ OM? Anyone else afraid GA’s career is over?

  40. blonde on the dock says:

    Even if Gabriel instigated the whole thing I would ditch the boyfriend after witnessing that beating. Those injuries show irrational rage. It’s like a jealous ex-husband stabbbing his ex-wife 50 times. Why is this guy even involved? If he truly cared for HB in a healthy way I would think he would try to convince her to work things through with Gabriel. Scary! This relationship is doomed.

  41. Vera says:

    Of course indeed.

  42. Suzy from Ontario says:

    I’m team Gabe on this. I believe Halle and her French piece are making his life hell and I totally believe Olivier started this fracas. Why did he have to hurt Gabriel so badly? Who does that? Frankly, Olivier looks creepy to me. I can totally see him being overly aggressive and arrogant and goading G. I also totally believe what Gabe said in a police report about O pissed off and saying how much the court case and Gabe are costing them and threatening Gabriel. He and Halle clearly are not used to not getting their own way and they strike me as the types to say and do whatever to get what they want (in this case, they want G out of Nahla’s life so they can pretend to be the perfect little family).

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if Gabe’s comments about Nahla saying she is afraid of O are true. Something about him scares ME and I just get a bad vibe from him.

    I think it’s horrible and sad that they are trying everything to get this man out of his child’s life…badmouthing him, ruining his life in many ways, even his features which are his bread and butter. It’s clear to anyone with eyes how much G loves Nahla and vice versa. Halle’s camp is trying hard to make Gabriel out to be some violent and scarey parent who is a danger to his daughter but I don’t buy it. It’s no coincedence that this happened right after Halle lost in court. Gabe had no reason to suddenly attack O. He wanted the police to get the video to see the truth…that he was attacked out of nowhere before he even knew what was happening. This was a total setup imo!

    I don’t know why Halle can’t act like a mature adult for her daughter and work with G. She wants everything her own way, like taking Nahla to France. Can you imagine if Gabriel wanted to take Nahla to live with him in some other country or had a fiance that Halle didn’t like? She’d go ballistic.

    One day I predict that her daughter will look back at all these reports and see all the things her mother is did to try to rip her away from a loving father and will hate her mother for it.

  43. Starlight says:

    I am hoping that Olivier did not ruin his beautiful face.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      I’m pretty confident his face will be just fine in 4-6 weeks. Head injuries swell up amazingly at first, especially if they’re not thoroughly iced right away. The discoloration will take some time to fade, but there’s no big gashes that would leave noticeable scars without plastic surgery. I’m more concerned about the concussion aspect — once you’ve had one, your brain is more vulnerable to injury from future concussions as well.

  44. Kaboom says:

    Is is quite interesting that Halle who has been trying to gain full custody based on Gabriel’s alleged behavior would not have a camera on the one location where he’d be most likely to get into an exchange of words with her while handing the child over. Something that would greatly benefit her. Unless you wanted a blind spot where there are no recordings taking place …

    • Kate says:

      Oh WOW, you know, that had never even occurred to me, because he so plainly is not a threat – but yes, obviously! Halle is claiming Aubrey has this appalling, uncontrollable temper and has abused the nanny before. He regularly drives in that way to drop Nahla off. Yet this huge risk who should be supervised at all times when with her daughter, and who scares the bejesus out of her, is not worthy of a single security camera on the only times he is guarenteed to be on her property?

      You are so right. You just picked up on some very solid evidence that she doesn’t even believe her own BS about Aubrey being aggressive, let alone violent.

      • TG says:

        @Kaboom and @Kate – Wow, very good. I agree. I also think the LAPD was in on it since they didn’t seem to be in too big of a rush to get the tapes. I mean the victim shouldn’t even have to ask. It should be the first thing they get. That’s what the NYPD did in the Cracken’s case just last night.

  45. BELLA says:

    Team Gabriel… the next photo we see
    will be PRINCESS HALLE with 2 black eyes
    from her new darling.She insights trouble.

  46. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    The lack of video of the fight stills tells me this was a set-up by Berry. Even though the cameras were moved last year (or so she says) because of the stalker, Berry is the ONLY person who would have known that. It would have been really stupid for Aubry to start a fight when, AS FAR AS HE KNEW, the cameras would show HIM starting the fight. Of course, Aubry might really be that stupid. But it seems much more likely that the fight was started by someone who KNEW the cameras wouldn’t pick it up.

  47. Becks11980 says:

    I have no interest in any of these people but, as someone who has seen my fair share of fights, the injuries to me say one of two things happened.

    Either GA was jumped from behind and had no chance to defend himself (as the swelling to one side of his head would suggest and which would leave him sufficiently disoriented to be unable to defend himself) OR he started the fight (such as verbally or took a swing that didn’t connect) and then just lay there without making any attempt to defend himself.

    Out of the two, I find the second scenario hard to believe purely as it is instinct to protect your head, which would surely result in defensive wounds to his hands and arms (such as scratches and/or bruises).

    Regardless of who started what, the level of violence is completely unacceptable, when a child or children are in the vicinity it becomes utterly abhorrent.

  48. Tanjee says:

    O.K. I read the article and a lot of the comments and I am curious to know if there is anyone willing to at least consider that Mr. Aubry had some fault in this? I mean I am no Halle fan and I don’t think she is an angel but why does this become all her when there are 2 other grown people involved? I mean isn’t it possible that both Ms. Berry and Mr. Aubry are over grown children that each wants their own way? And for those who keep saying that G.A has no wounds on his hands and that proves he didn’t start the fight, that is a little silly. If he threw a punch and missed he would have no injuries. Maybe poor little Nahla has 2 really screwed up parents and we should all pray for the best for her and stop accusing her mother of being the devil and stop trying to make her daddy a saint.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Back at the beginning of the custody dispute (which seems so long ago now, but really isn’t), this is exactly what I thought — that there were two flawed human beings having trouble controlling their emotions and egos and forgetting to put their child first. While I found Halle’s allegations about Gabriel’s using racial slurs to be difficult to believe, I certainly didn’t dismiss them out of hand; I know people are complicated and that dating (and making a baby with) a person of color doesn’t mean that you don’t *also* have have racist thoughts. After all, we’re all raised in a society that is shot through with racism.

      HOWEVER, a lot has happened since then. Based on all the verifiable facts that are part of the public record, Halle seems to be engaged in a vicious campaign of parental alienation. She also has a history of inflicting damage on others with no appearance of regret. (See: Hit and run, 1997; Hit and run, 2000; Abandoned stepdaughter, India.)

      The most evidence of “temper” I have seen from Gabriel is a paparazzi YouTube video in which Gabriel pushes the camera to one side (neither camera nor photographer are knocked to the ground), then calmly gets in the waiting vehicle. Olivier, by contrast, beat Gabriel into near unconsciousness during the hand-off of a small child (to whom Olivier has no legal connection) for a Thanksgiving visit during (as I understand it) Gabriel’s custodial time. If that last part is correct, Gabriel was bringing Nahla over as a *favor* so that she could see her mom on an important American holiday (one not celebrated on that date in Canada), not because he was legally obligated to do so.

      So, no, at this point I do NOT think fault can be assigned equally by any rational and unbiased observer to both parties, if that observer has taken the time to familiarize themselves with the available facts.

      • Katherine says:

        Re: The Other Katherine:

        My sister makes great points above and I’m proud of her.

        We’ll have to figure out which of us is the evil twin – I might have fun being that person. LOL!

    • Dap says:

      I understand how you feel, but please keep in mind that most of us have been following this custody battle since the beginning two years ago and there are good reasons if we don’t believe HB’s lies anymore.

    • PleaseICU says:

      GA didn’t miss. According to OM and the police report, GA supposedly went to punch Olivier in the head but missed his head and punched his right shoulder instead. And OM had his right shoulder looked at when he had his hand looked at (either from a GA punch or possibly from using his shoulder to knock GA to the ground).

      GA’s not a trained fighter so I’m not sure how he ended up with no marks, bruising, swelling on the hand that landed the shoulder punch.

      I’m also a little surprised that the cops and/or HB’s attys didn’t get (and release) pics of OM’s shoulder. Marks or bruising from a hard punch to his shoulder backs up OM’s version of events. It seems like there should be some sort of mark or bruise if GA did land a punch hard enough that it required medical attention.

  49. Guest says:

    Who cares? Really?

    • Belle says:

      You cared enough to post(;

      • Guest says:

        After maturity, fairy tales become boring. GA is no a saint; nor Halle just a vile person. It is never that simple as presented; Team A or Team B?
        So ………..Who cares? Really?

  50. Belle says:

    It bugs me that I am actually waiting for news of what happened in court today, but I am. Saw a report that the attorneys for both sides were there (neither Halle or GA were present), but that neither would comment after the hearing.

    Any guesses when something will be leaked?

  51. vvvoid says:

    Halle has borderline personality disorder, to a T. Olivier strikes me as an abusive personality who just had to insert himself because abusers have control issues.
    Gabe appears to be in over his head with all of this. He may be no saint, though I see not a shred of evidence to support the idea he’s anything like what Halle describes, but he appears to be the only marginally sane party involved. Too sane to really see what he’s dealing with.
    And if some flavor of the year “fiance” stepped to me, got in my face, when I was just trying to obey the custodial agreement regarding my little girl, I’d have shoved his ass too. Or worse. I don’t even have a bad temper, but Olivier knew that any man would have an issue with that kind of thing and he intentionally instigated a fight. So then Olivier beats him within an inch of his life and calls it self-defense? Please. I am so sick of seeing people holding Gabe to such a high standard, like “he should have known better”…everyone is freaking human and has a limit. It’s when people repeatedly and egregiously behave like manipulative, destructive narcissists [Halle] that they earn my ire. If he were really so “angry and volatile” there would have been incidents like this prior to his big win in court, when he was scared and frustrated.

  52. Becks11980 says:

    I sent these images to a couple of friends of mine, one is W, am amateur MMA fighter (now retired) and the other is my bosses son P(current UK police man), just for their opinion. I have typed out the responses I received by text, apologies in advance.

    P – “lks lik DM.wud hav tkn the unconsous bloke to AnEn cuffed t othr 1. sort it @ t stn bllks to wher it hppd. Kid wud b w social”

    Translation for those that do not speak neanderthal: Looks like domestic violence. I would have taken the unconscious man to Accident and Emergency and arrested the other person. They can sort it out at the station b*llocks to where it happened (ME: FYI my police force have a catchment area with a lot of football (soccer) players, washed up pop stars and reality TV stars and have been, allegedly, told to take a softly softly approach with any disturbances). The child would now be with Social Services.

    W – “dude got owned!!!! sry u no how it hurts to smack a head??? like hell.An u have adren if u r xpectin a fight.if u r a fighter u wil no how 2 restrain. dude got f*cked ova man poor bby”

    Translation: Man got his arse handed to him. But do you know how much it hurts to punch someone in the head? It hurts like hell. And you have adrenaline running though your system if you are expecting a fight. If you have been trained to fight you will know how to restrain someone without inflicting severe damage on them. This person got screwed over, poor baby.”

    I’m only going off what W has told me previously but, when fighting, adrenaline does act something like an anesthetic and keeps you on your feet when, in reality, you would be on the floor. I have added the * and I’m 99% sure the poor baby reference is to the little girl.

    I was not there, nor P or W but I thought that it may be a good idea to share their thoughts, as they were once involved in similar situations.

    • BestJess says:

      There is no way that a child would be taken from parental custody in a similar case in the UK. Not a chance in hell.

  53. DIANE says:

    Martinez is 46…My guess is he’d love to make the leap to Hollywood films and the big bucks they pay. Once he figures out that his beatdown of Aubry hasn’t done his career any favors, who’s he gonna blame? Next chapter: cray-cray calling the cops for domestic abuse.

    • LAK says:

      Olivier’s career is fading as are his looks. He was a biggish star late 90s/early 00s both in france and hollywood. He was in SWATS with colin farrell, UNFAITHFUL with richard gere (this film was huge at the time), and a film with angelina jolie (can never remember this film and can’t be bothered to google)

      I have seen him in an amazing european film about werewolves (again, can’t be bothered to google) that came out mid 00s.

      Haven’t seen anything he’s been in recently but mostly it tends to go straight to dvd or he is in smaller productions. The big hollywood films are behind him, but as with all things hollywood,he could make a comeback.

  54. m says:

    If you google “Halle Berry is Crazy” you get 51 million hits. ‘Nuf said

  55. Dap says:

    TMZ claims that they all agreed on a “truce” in court today. Since TMZ is Berry’s mouthpiece, the most probable is that Martinez and Berry got their *ss kicked, but chose to present it as a good gesture of their part.

    • Belle says:

      While I hope GA comes out of this on top, I can’t see how it will be ‘settled’ as easily as TMZ is speculating. Is CPS not going to be involved at this point?

      • Dap says:

        I can see only 2 options:
        1) TMZ is wrong
        2) Berry and Martinez got so scared that they agreed on whatever Aubry wanted in exchange for the end of all legal proceedings (and probably a strong NDA).
        It could be number 1, but I found funny how TMZ insists that the settlement involves both criminal and family matters.

      • Belle says:

        I agree in part… but if CPS is involved, they won’t ‘settle’ and there would be an entirely separate investigation/evaluation… ?

  56. Yasmine says:

    I really wish people would stop saying Gabriel isn’t a saint. Well no shit! Nobody is a saint. The man isn’t perfect obviously. However that doesn’t mean he isn’t a good parent. Considering the fact that this case has been going on for two years and the dude hasn’t talked crap about her. Even now with being all bruised and battered he still hasn’t sunk to her level. He’s clearly the only one thinking about the child seeing as he hasn’t called Halle out like she deserves. As for the people saying they need to grow up and work it out. It’s hard to do that when your ex is bitter, selfish, and jealous .

    • Belle says:


    • mm says:

      Totally agree with you Yasmine, but I think that it might be that some of the “Gabriel is not a saint” crowd are actually paid and work for Halles pr.

      This is done to create a false dichotomy to be used as a red herring in this case, this was a massive, massive blow to Halles reputation and they need to create a smoke screen of sort, and I think this one of the tactics her pr uses.

      • Yasmine says:

        Her reputation is definitely damaged. I call BS on this so called peaceful settlement ….so in other words it wasn’t looking good for her and she finally got some sense and quit while she was ahead.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        That’s crossed my mind with some posts – not all, some seem to be real fans, bit others raise antennae. They just remind me of the scientologist shill posts.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Hear, hear.

    • TG says:

      @Yasmine – I agree and unfortunately for Gabe and his daughter HB will never come around. She is a narcissist of the first order and those people never change and the never ever think of anyone but themselves. As someone said earlier she is busy planning her next move. You can bet on it.

    • Tanjee says:

      In case I prompted that response I just want to say that I don’t work or shill for either party. just a retired social worker who has seen some of the sweetest looking people do some of the nastiest things. Often they forget who they are fighting over. It was a simple view that maybe Mr. Aubry is bringing some if not all of this on himself. Just a thought? Is it possible?

  57. Anon says:

    Wow, Halle Berry has had her property for sale for weeks–she set up her child’s father, punished him with a beating by her newest fling. Wonder when she or her daughter will take a beating like that from ole Oliver, he sure has a nasty temper.
    Old TMZ and Harvey Levin have been Halle’s PR tool pieces for a long while now–wonder when they will realize that Halle isn’t worth it? Sociopaths rarely are, God help Nahla and Gabe….Gabe, if you are reading –google Venus: The Dark Side Glen Sacks blog.

    • TG says:

      Hope no one gives those two monsters work again, but since people are still cowering to that tiny tom it isn’t likely, but money does talk so we the public can do something by refusing to pay one penny towards enterprises that employ them. I certainly have with HB for 1 1/2 years now ever since she tried to take Gabe’s daughter from him. She is a monster and OM is just her vicious pet.

  58. Belle says:

    This seems strange to me but, According to TMZ…

    Halle’s attorney Blair Berk just walked into the hallway outside court … held up a piece of paper with this handwritten message: “The parties have reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter.”

    The statement came from Berk and Shawn Holley, Gabriel’s attorney.

    Haha… and tmz headline is: PEACE AT LAST
    Why do I not buy this??

    • emmie_a says:

      Strange indeed! From the way Halle fights everything, this seems to me to be an admission of guilt that OM instigated a brutal fight with GA and Halle doesn’t like the bad press and wants this to all go away as quickly as possible.

      I’m just glad that it seems GA has his joint custody rights back and he gets to see Nahla.

      …I’m just mad that if everything is settled, it would seem that GA is not going to press charges against OM. I’m sure GA just wants to get on with his life w/Nahla but OM shouldn’t be able to get away with what he did. And honestly, if GA DID have anger issues, wouldn’t he press charges?

      • Belle says:

        Was thinking the same thing… glad if Gabriel has his custody rights restored, but what about the extreme beating he took?? If everyone is so worried about ‘anger issues’ then there should be concern about OM, right?

      • TG says:

        I don’t see how Gabe can ever trust those two monsters again. I don’t think they and their lawyer will stop until he is dead.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      I think this means that Gabriel got what he was asking for, and that, because he’s a good father who wants his daughter’s family life intact, he’s not fighting to keep Nahla away from Halle. I do wonder what the deal is going to be regarding contact between Nahla and Olivier, though.

      I’d be very surprised if Gabriel tries to get the DA to file criminal charges against Olivier or sues him for damages, lost wages, etc. I think Gabriel genuinely wants to do what is best for Nahla, which means he’s going to try not to inflame the situation any further.

      Unfortunately, I don’t expect this latest drama to be Hit’n’Run Halle’s last crackie attempt to excise Gabriel from Nahla’s life.

      • Lulu says:

        I agree with you and my respect for Gabe just went up even more.

        I also think (from seeing Halle’s countenance in the days following the attack) that her attorney advised her against further antagonizing the court, and that she feared things had gone too far already. Knowing her though, she is hatching her next plan. This time, she’s probably planning to flee the country with Nahla. I hope to God it’s not successful and if she does indeed attempt to do it, her custodial rights will be stripped forever. I hope to God she’s not too dumb to try it.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        “I’d be very surprised if Gabriel tries to get the DA to file criminal charges against Olivier or sues him for damages, lost wages, etc. I think Gabriel genuinely wants to do what is best for Nahla, which means he’s going to try not to inflame the situation any further.”

        But see, this is why I think he SHOULD press charges. Her mother has decided to stay with a man with obvious anger mangament issues and potentially violent, and if her father lets his getting beat up by the same man slide, then the only message they are both sending their daughter is that violence is ok, and that she should fear Olivier. What kind of mind warp is that going to be for her?

      • The Other Katherine says:

        Lucky, I don’t entirely disagree, but unless there is another violent episode by Olivier in the presence of Nahla, in Halle’s home, or towards Halle/Gabriel/Nahla, I’m not sure how effective pursuing this specific matter would be for promoting Nahla’s well-being. Bringing criminal charges against Olivier can be done only by the prosecutor’s office, and they might well decline to do so on the basis of insufficient evidence (i.e., doubting their ability to get a conviction, and prosecutors love to keep their conviction rates high); and a civil suit, while it might raise some money for Gabriel, is unlikely to end in an agreement that will keep Olivier away from Nahla. Plus, a civil suit might keep this whole incident in the public eye for a long, long time while legal proceedings drag out.

        I don’t doubt that Gabriel and his attorneys will be carefully documenting any future violations of restraining orders and custodial agreements, though. If Olivier puts a foot wrong, I hope they bring the hammer down.

  59. Belle says:

    From Radar…

    According to sources connected to the case: “Olivier will NOT be present in the future during the times that Nahla is dropped off and picked up between Gabriel and Halle. This was very important to Gabe going forward because he feared for his safety. Gabe was supposed to have Nahla on Thanksgiving, according to their custody agreement, but Halle asked if she could have the little girl that day and Gabe said yes. He had no obligation to do so, but he had been acting in good faith and knew it meant a lot to Halle, so he did it. Gabe was absolutely blindsided by Olivier and his rage.”

    Um…. seems like this should have been the no-brainer in the agreement! Hopefully there is more.

    • emmie_a says:

      That news sort of plays into the conspiracy theories! Halle wanted Nahla and knew that Gabriel would have to drop her off — and then all this happened???

      And it sounds like GA was ok with letting Halle have Nahla or he wouldn’t have dropped her off. So he obviously didn’t go over there with a chip on his shoulder or looking for a fight. He did it out of the goodness of his heart. …Then gets beat to a pulp. Nice.

      • Belle says:

        Yep… A LOT more to this story. Guessing more details will leak over time. Honestly, I don’t understand how Gabriel can trust any ‘settlement’ that was reached though. I mean, seriously??

      • emmie_a says:

        Well, yeah – we don’t know what exactly was settled — but my guess is he is doing whatever he can to keep the peace and to not prolong this because he’s thinking of what’s best of Nahla and putting his feelings on the back burner.

        He’s sort of doing the exact opposite of what Halle might do in a similar situation.

      • Belle says:

        Totally agree with you.

  60. G says:

    Shawn Holley went in and said, if you don’t cooperate, I am going to fuck you, Martinez, in public with criminal charges and civil suits. They cooperated. And no one is going to talk about this anymore.

    Holley is a wizard behind the scenes.

    • emmie_a says:

      Just curious – Has Shawn Holley been his attorney all along or is she new? She knows her stuff and is a great lawyer. I’m glad she’s on Gabriel’s side.

      • Luxe says:

        Fairly new to the site, so I’m not sure if we can post links, but I looked up her profile at her firm and she’s got a lot of Hollywood clients, so I would imagine it’d be hard for HB/OM to pull a fast one on her. She’s Lindsay’s lawyer so…there’s that.

    • Joanna says:

      Sounds like Holley knows what she(?) is doing. i think gabe could have sued the h*ll out of OM, so OM and Halle gave in and reached a settlement with him, regarding financial details AND visitation. I sure hope so, cause they have been f*cking him over good with their b.s.

    • TG says:

      @G – I agree!!! I think HB realized everyone in America and perhaps the world now knows what a monster she is and she didn’t like that. I so look forward to the day when Olivier is kicked to the curb and she turns on him and tells everyone what a violent jerk he is. We will all be laughing at them both. Hope Gabe FINALLY learns to keep security cameras on him at all times. Mounted in his car and in his hand if necessary. Do not ever trust HB and that violent creap again.

  61. Sam x says:

    @Belle Unless there is a clause in place perhaps in the circumstances things go out of hand again, Olivier violating the terms of the agreement to cover Gabriel’s back in future and there is probably something in place for Nahla’s contact with Olivier. I’m not familiar with Californian law, would it possible to have a clause in place?. Gabriel really is coming off as a classy fella and one day when Nahla finds out how her daddy fought hard to be her in life she will love him more and be thankful he never gave up on her. xx

    • Belle says:

      I’m not familiar with California law either… but I hope there is something in place. I do believe that Gabriel has his daughter’s best interests at heart, and is trying to do what is best for her, but I hope he isn’t leaving himself vulnerable.

      • Sam x says:

        I’d imagine his lawyer Shawn Holley probably has something put in place to protect Gabe than leave him out in the cold. Me too, I just think he wants to get on with Halle for Nahla’s sake and is sick of all this drama. He wants to put it all behind him but she hasn’t made it any easier for him. I agree, it is worrying considering how Olivier brutally assaulted him. xx

      • Belle says:

        For whatever it’s worth… I still think CPS will be involved in this, and conducting their own investigation.

  62. C.Lynn says:

    Can settlements like this include financial compensation? I’m just wondering if part of the settlement agreement is that Olivier (or Halle) has to pay Gabriel for lost wages due to his injuries preventing him from working.

  63. Joanna says:

    since there was no security tape, there’s no proof either way as to which side’s story is true. with the horrendous injuries gabe sustained, people are more likely to feel for him, and gabe could sue OM for injuries, etc. the standard of proof is much lower in civil court. so they prob settled for a financial amount plus visitation agreement. so in the end, the lack of a security camera plays in gabe’s favor. imo. so in the end, the beating might have actually benefited him in regards to nahla. *smile*

  64. Kosmos says:

    Before Halle met Olivier, she probably NEVER thought of moving to France or moving outside of LA…so this was all fashioned after the split with Gabriel and after he fought her for equal custody, which he totally deserves because he is the child’s rightful father. Olivier is NOT the father and he should not be involving himself to this extent. He should be inside the house, not outside meeting Gabriel. Since we now know that Olivier is a former “boxer,” he knew full well how to injure Gabriel, completely demolishing his face and giving him fractured ribs. He took full advantage of him, not the other way around. I’m sick about this. I no longer feel any sympathy for either Halle or Olivier and I sincerely hope that the judge never allows her to take the child away from Gabriel.

  65. Luxe says:

    Wonder if OM realizes that his relationship with HB is not long for this world? He’s in btwn Eric Benet and David Justice in terms of time served and he will no doubt get the same treatment. He will be the target of her venom. Hope it was worth it. The noble thing to do would have been to stay out of it. Now for the forseeable future, you are considered a violent thug and your reputation will be tarnished forever.

    Additionally, I’m not sure how the restraining order, criminal aspect, and civil aspect can all be resolved in the same court on the same day…? The guy is still bruised up.

    • lena80 says:

      Can you tell me what she did Justice and Benet…and I’m asking in all seriousness. The only thing I remember is Benet making a statement that he repeatedly cheated on Halle and was seeking treatment for sex addiction.

  66. Belle says:

    Why is it that every time I see those awful photos of Gabriel, I feel like OM got away with attempted murder? Even if he was just trying to beat the crap out of him, this was serious. Blows to the head kill people. I know the eye looks nasty… but it’s the way GA’s head is completely swollen on the right side in and around the temporal area that makes me ill. That area is very vulnerable and it doesn’t even take a powerful blow to cause permanent damage or death.

    • emmie_a says:

      I know how you feel – I can’t even look at the pics. We just have to admire Gabriel for taking the high road and not fighting this in court. It’s an injustice that the police are not charging OM with assault. But OM knows what he did and karma will get him back.

      Sin makes its own hell, and goodness its own heaven. ~Mary Baker Eddy

  67. Andrea says:

    Radar reporting that this was “settled amicably” today in court. I suspect HB paid out some major coin to Gab as she knew this would not end well for her. Bugs me though because I would love to see that douche she is with be held accountable for what was clearly an assault.

    • lena80 says:

      How would it end bad for Halle? Serious question. Halle didn’t break any laws. I’m glad they reached an amicable agreement. Both men, agreed to fight by mutual combat according to police report and it would be in Gabe’s best interest to settle amicably since he was listed as the physical aggressor on the report, albeit he got his butt kicked. He’s not an American citizen and he is legally equally culpable for fighting with Olivier and any charges filed against him could be deportation for him and that would be horrible for Nahla. Hopefully these grown men are done measuring their members. This amicable agreement, in my opinion, shows that TMZs report was true about the final police report, it wasn’t an attack by either, they both agreed to fight by mutual combat (sh** talking) and Gabe got his butt kicked, however I do think Olivier with his training in boxing should have showed some restraint, but legally because it was ruled mutual combat and Gabe was the aggressor he didn’t have to. (please don’t take this an approval for fighting like other posters have)

      • Gia says:

        The investigation isn’t done. The initial report said mutual combat based on the statements made by Halle and Olivier. Olivier blind sided Gab and beat the living s-it out of him. there was nothing mutual about it and someone cannot, legally, consent to assault…under ANY circumstances. How could Halle stay with someone, live with someone and expose them to her daughter, who is capable of such violence?

      • lena80 says:

        The investigation is over and cops ruled it mutual combat. And you can legally agree to fight. Gave was determined to the aggressor and legally Olivier had a right to defend himself. I think he shoukd have showed restraint, but the law in this matter states otherwise fyi, the investigation is over and no charges are being against anyone. Why do you think the court was able go through with an agreement that by all accounts is a permanent one instead of a temporary one if the investigation was still open? I read this on TMZ and radar hasn’t offered anything different so I’m inclined to believe the matter is settled.

      • Gia says:

        After everything that has come out, and the way this matter has been settled, I am shocked that you still think Gab was the aggressor.

  68. tmbg says:

    I feel so bad for Gabriel after seeing these photos. Of course I don’t know the whole story, but it really does seem like a big setup.

    Send Martinez back to France and don’t allow him to return to this country. And let her go visit him there alone and leave Nahla with her father if she has to be with this jerk.

  69. Lulu says:

    I agree with Bella. Just because the parents have reached an amicable agreement doesn’t mean that CPS is going to drop it. In fact, it may be part of Shawn Holly and Gabriel’s strategy to let them handle it, and if they decided Nahla’s domestic arrangements are not satisfactory, Gabriel is safely out of the line of fire. Or however much he can ever be coparenting with Hallinsanity.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      And if CPS determines that OM should not be around Nahla, I wonder if HB will choose her daughter or her fiance…?

      It’s probably good that they settled, but I feel for Nahla in the future, regarding her school friends. As a mom, I would NEVER consider letting my child go to a friends house who’s stepfather was documented being so brutally violent, and to her own father no less, and her mom completely overlooked it & stayed with him.

  70. lena80 says:

    I’m glad they reached an amicable agreement. Olivier is supposedly not permitted to be present for drop off and pick up now according to Radar and that is for the best. Hopefully all involved grow up and put Nahla first.

  71. misstrishm says:

    I hope Nahla doesn’t have to see her father looking like this. Poor little girl is going to be scared to death to see him.

  72. Anon says:

    So if Halle had a “paid aid” available (or to pay off), how’s come that person wasn’t good enough to walk out to get a child returning from her father? Why the boxer boyfriend of Halle, that seemed itching for a fight?
    I wonder if it is true, like I read, that it was Aubrey’s Thanksgiving holiday day with the girl but he agreed to share the day with Halle, per her request?

  73. amurph says:

    If this recent amicable settlement is true (or at least what has been “shared”), then isn’t it essentially going back to zero? I thought technically Olivier wasn’t even supposed to be there for the hand offs anyway since he has no say in it and a neutral party (nanny) was the go-to person for that. I hope it’s not 100% true and more was stipulated regarding Olivier being around Nahla.