Sandra Bullock has given her son Louis an adorable little Mohawk: super-cute?

Sometimes I just like to check in with Sandra Bullock and see what she’s up to. These are new pics of Sandy and little Louis yesterday in LA. I think Sandra was picking him up from preschool or something. You know why I love Louis? It’s because I’m a big fan of grumpy babies. He is one grumpy child, and I can’t get enough of it. I’m sure he’s happy and he loves his mom and Sandy is a great mother and everything, but I just crack up every time I see Louis’s naturally grumpy little face. He looks old before his time, you know? Like he’s all of three-and-a-half and already he looks at the world with a jaded expression of “FML.”

Anyway, these pics are notable because it looks like Sandra is letting Louis grow out a Mohawk. What is it with celebrity parents and their kids’ Mohawks? A lot of little boys are doing the ‘Hawk these days. It’s a cute look on a young child, and why not? I don’t think Louis is so sure about it, though. His face says “Really, mom? A Mohawk? Like I don’t have enough problems?”

For whatever reason, I actually thought Sandra’s long-awaited turn in Gravity was going to be coming out in December, but the film isn’t going to be released until next year. Gravity is the sci-fi film which Sandra signed on to after Angelina Jolie refused to take on the role after multiple approaches. It’s also the film that united Sandra and George Clooney (he plays her husband in the movie). So… basically, we’ve had no Sandra Bullock movies in 2012. I miss her.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. lower-case deb says:

    in the main page thumbnail, she looks like Michael Jackson for a second, there.

  2. hoopjumper says:

    The way she is holding her hands over her phone in the last photo reminds me so much of Lucy in While You Were Sleeping. She looks like she’s about to pull a present out of her sleeve!

    But then, everything around the holidays reminds me of that movie.

  3. SmokeyBlues says:

    Ooh he’s getting big, must be heavy! He reminds me so much of my mom’s godson, who I call my “God bro” lol. I am now motivated to arrange a play date for me and God bro this weekend… Thanks Sandy!

  4. Joanna says:

    I like her outfit

    • Apples says:

      Me, too!
      I love how practical, casual, yet unpretentious “Busy Mom” it is while still being put together and stylish.

      Someone send these pics to Jen Garner.

  5. JustaGirl says:

    Super cute. That little boy is just ADORABLE.

  6. Ranunculus says:

    I like Sandy, somehow I always think she is the real deal.

  7. the original bellaluna says:

    I just want to nibble and kiss on his chubby little cheeks! Enjoy this time, Sandra. When he loses the “baby” from his face, it’s devastating. (I can tell you the exact age my older two lost the baby from their faces. It’s a landmark moment for a momma. This momma, at least.)

    Louis is an old soul. So is my daughter. She came into the world looking like an Inuit Medicine Woman, I kid you not. (Both my boys are new souls.)

  8. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    He is presh!! I LOVE mohawks on baby’s cute and kind of funny. Like, they are being trendy without realizing it….I have missed me some Sandy too. When that happens, I scroll over to TBS, ABCFamily etc and there always seems to be either Miss Congeniality, Mystic Pizza or Hope Floats playing..and then I feel better

    • the original bellaluna says:

      We watched The Blind Side like 3 times on Thanksgiving day alone! 🙂

    • Apples says:

      I agree!
      I love her. Her kid and his mohawk are adorable.
      I just have to add the movie Speed to that list; It’s better than you might remember (OMG Keanu).

  9. Effy says:

    Louis is simply cute!

  10. rux says:

    I have always liked her so much. I just happen to have watched Ms. Congeniality the other day. She’s too funny.

  11. Nancy Kaye says:

    Sandra always has such a radiant smile. And from the time he was born, little Louis has always reminded me of Sidney Poitier. Very handsome but somehwat solemn, with the weight of the world on his shoulders. A beautiful family.

  12. Arlene says:

    I pity the fool that doesn’t think this hair style is awesome!
    * clenches fist, jangles vast number of necklaces before being knocked out by drugged glass of milk and loaded onto airplane*

  13. Samigirl says:

    I LOVE mohawks on babies! My big boy rocks one (he calls it his “shark hair”) and my little lady has 2 crowns in the back of her head, which pushes her hair up, so she has an unintentional mohawk every day.

    Mohawks make me happy. So do pictures of super cute babies like Louis. I just love him!

  14. KellyinSeattle says:

    Kaiser, you read my mind!! Yesterday I almost wrote you ask you for a story on Louis and Sandra; a feel good story with all this other crap going around. I love Sandra; she seems really nice and grounded, and actually very sweet. I’ve never heard any bad press on her – good riddance, Jesse, on your 5th or whatever engagement.
    And everyone, look how Sandra can be comfortable w/t a man. I’m not anti-man, I just admire that. I haven’t dated for a year and a half, and am thinking about it now, but Sandy I really admire, unlike many including Desperate Demi, and like how she’s putting her kid FIRST, unlike Helle Berry.

  15. Common sense says:

    I love these two! Seeing pics of Sandy and her little guy always makes me happy. Louis is the cutest! 🙂

  16. ZigZagZoey says:

    Here I go with another unpopular comment today….
    I hate Jesse James with a passion, I do. But I still REALLY wonder if that whole thing was a set up.
    Sometimes I really do think she is a lesbian (I have NO problem with it), and they orchestrated that entire thing.

    Also, I’m not really seeing a “mohawk” at all.

    • emma says:

      She shouldn’t have a problem coming out if she is gay. It’s not like she’s the hot young thing (no offense) that would hurt the box office with disappointed love interests.

  17. Maritza says:

    I’d love to see at least one picture Louis smiling, he looks cute even though he is grumpy.

  18. emma says:

    Louis is so cute! I do like the little hi-top fade hawk.

  19. Jana says:

    Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Garner both seem like real “hands on” Moms…always dressed casually and with their kids. Love it!