Hugh Laurie’s Golden Globes acceptance speech

House is my husband’s favorite show, perhaps with the exception of The BBC’s fine car porn series, Top Gear. He told me that I absolutely had to watch Hugh Laurie’s Golden Globes acceptance speech, and he was right: It was quite entertaining and spontaneously humorous for an acceptance speech. I was also surprised to hear Laurie’s British accent, because I stupidly assumed he was a self-righteous American guy like his character on House.

In his acceptance speech, Laurie quipped that he should have received his acceptance speech from a sponsor, and that he had to thank his crew, but that not all crews must be as admirable as his.

Hugh Laurie is clearly different from his character on House, but he’s obviously thoughtful and thinks fast on his feet, much like his character on House. I’m all confused now.

Laurie is a well known comedic actor in his native England. He has been married to his wife, Jo, a theatre administrator, since 1989. They have three children: Charlie, 17, Bill, 15, and Rebecca, 12. (His children may technically be one year younger, as it was hard to find their exact birthdates.)

Laurie wrote a well-reviewed book in the late 90s about a goofy James Bond-type character called The Gun Seller.

Five years ago he spoke candidly to the British press about his battle with depression following a brief extramarital affair. Laurie recommended therapy as a means to work through depression, and said it helped him immensely. He seems down to earth and grateful for his success.

In terms of the other nominees in the category of best actor in a TV drama, let me say that my husband and I watched all 13 episodes of Dexter on demand through Time Warner while we were in the states this holiday. We got addicted to it and could not stop until we saw every episode. I also watched four episodes of Big Love on demand last summer until it was pulled from the digital cable offerings, probably to entice people to buy the DVD. That show is also excellent, and Bill Paxton deserved the nomination. I really miss American TV. (There is a remote TV viewing option called Slingbox that we wanted to try, but it would have required a too-long wire in my parent’s house, despite being easy to install.)

Pictures of Hugh at the Golden Globes found at Gossip Rocks.

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  1. Clarimonde says:

    Incredibly well deserved! Testament to his incredible acting ability that he is so incredibly different to the character he plays on television. Really would like to see him shave a bit more but he was really sweet and humble in his speech.

  2. The husband says:

    Thanks sweetie! I actually think that House has taken the 1st place in my list of favorite shows. Maybe it will change again as soon new shows of TopGear are out.

  3. Bex says:

    I heart Hugh Laurie!

  4. AC says:

    i love him. I usedto watch him when i was younger in the Black Adder series.. he played the Regent King George. He was sooo hillarious. He’s also quite good in sense and sensibility.

  5. PG says:

    I have to agree with AC. He was stellar on the Black Adder.

  6. Jenna says:

    If you get a chance, check out his “Inside the Actors Studio” apperance. Great interview with him and some clips from his British work.

  7. Angelika says:

    I absolutely adore Hugh Laurie, and I desperately wanted him to win! I mean, McDreamy is hot and all, but he can’t compete with a brilliant, extraordinary performance in House MD!

    I loved Hugh’s acceptance speech, it was the best of the evening, and it’s good when some actors come up with something funny to keep that long ceremony going! I liked Tom Hanks’ speech for Warrean Beatty as well, so both Hanks and Laurie proved once more why they are on the top of my lists as top actors =)

  8. Anne (in Reno) says:

    He’s great in Blackadder and also as one of the title characters in a BBC series called Jeeves and Wooster with Stephen Fry. He’s a brilliant actor and I’m so used to him as a silly Brit in these shows that I’m really glad he is doing so well on House as a disgruntled American.

  9. frewtloop says:

    His speech was naturally witty and amusing and reminded me of Hugh Grants acceptance speech a few years ago – must be the British self-effacing humour. I liked Meryl’s speech as well.

  10. luigi says:

    CB, you should check out his work in Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster. He plays a hilarious upperclass twit in both of them, and it’s a far cry from his role in House. Especially check out Blackadder because it’s Rowan Atkinson at his best (why oh why is there another Mr Bean film and no Blackadder movie??)

  11. demondoll says:

    I love House, esp. Laurie. He’s great in everything. And he was hysterical in Blackadder!