Does Peter Facinelli think Jennie Garth is ‘meddling’ with his new relationship?

Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth really was the toast of the 1990s, wasn’t she? Everyone wanted to be Kelly Taylor from “90210,” and now it’s a few decades later, and I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who wants to be in her shoes while her marriage to Peter Facinelli has bitten the dust. Divorce is never fun even when you’re a gorgeous blonde with plenty of money in the bank. While Jennie has done some dating (and called the paps), it really must hurt that Peter is the first to move on to a new relationship, especially since his new lady is that really cute chick from Thor, Jaimie Alexander. Now a new story in this week’s Enquirer would have us believe that Peter and Jennie are at odds because Jennie called up Jaimie to have a “friendly” chat about Jennie and Peter’s three daughters. Man, these names are so similar that I’m liable to get confused. Here’s the story:

Peter Facinelli

Jennie Garth’s medding has her estranged hubby, Twilight hunk Peter Facinelli, gnashing his teeth, sources say. The “90210” star, 40, upset Facinelli, 39, when she called his new squeeze, Thor cutie Jaimie Alexander, to discuss the couple’s three daughters, insiders say.

“It was a friendly phone call,” a friend told the Enquirer. “Jennie knows Jaimie will be spending time around their girls, so she wanted to let her know their likes and dislikes, and maybe make the bonding easier.”

But Facinelli considered Jennie’s “courtesy call” to be plain old-fashioned meddling, said another source. “Peter told Jennie that he’s perfectly capable of easing the transition of a new relationship for his daughters,” revealed the source. “He said that he doesn’t want her running interference.”

But insiders say that Jennie has made it clear their lives are sill tied together when it comes to raising their girls — Luca, 15, Lola, 10, and Fiona, 6. “What Peter may see as meddling, Jennie sees as exercising her duties as a mother,” the friend explained. “She told Peter, ‘Our kids come first, not your ego or your love life.'”

“Jennie really needs a romance of her own,” said the friend. “Then I think things would fall into place more easily when it comes to dealing with Peter.”

[From Enquirer, December 24, 2012]

I hate to say it, but if this story is true, Jennie probably needs to step off a little bit. It’s one thing to express concern directly to Peter about how their three daughters are raised, but it’s quite another thing to call up his brand new girlfriend and dole out pointers without Peter’s prior authorization. No matter how good Jennie’s intentions might be, it looks like all she wanted to do was sniff out the new girlfriend for other reasons. To put it a different way — if all three of these adults were at one of the children’s birthday parties together, then it might be appropriate for Jenny to approach Jaimie at the buffet table and casually discuss things about the chldren. But to call her up out of the blue? That does seem like meddling.

Jaimie Alexander

Jaimie Alexander

Jennie Garth

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  1. Becky says:

    No, Brenda was. everyone wanted to be Brenda!

  2. Beth says:

    I gotta say I disagree. With girls that age, a mom should have a conversation with another woman the girls are hanging out with. Plus I just think that’s her right. I would never let my kids hang out with at length any person I hadn’t at least introduced myself to. Lucky for my husband he’s not going anywhere, because I would be a pain in the ass ex-wife.

  3. kitty kate says:

    My question… Who leaked this stupid story! Whats the point. They continue the mud throwing in the press they both look ridiculous! Move on for God sakes. People do it every day!

  4. tracking says:

    It’s such a hard situation. But, yeah, as her mom, I do think she has a right to speak to someone who’ll be hanging out with her daughters. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly men seem to move on from marriages. That can’t feel good.

  5. Kittykat says:


  6. kay says:

    Oh I totally would, absolutely.

    lay it out, plain and simple with the boundaries clearly stated and set- and right to the source.

    did we learn nothing from the whole LeAnn fiasco?

  7. mommak918 says:

    As a mom, my kids comes first. Id talk to the new gf as well…
    But that’s me. And sure, it could come off meddling but id want to know about her and let her know my babies come first. Its a way of mending and building a stable future for everyone invovled.

    • Really? says:

      Kids do come first, but if you have enough respect for the father, i say leave that responsibility for him. No matter how well intended, it will seem like “Mother knows best,” and Daddy can’t speak for himself because he’s too busy schtupping the new girl. The girl friend will get the message and i think she will appreciate it a lot more if it’s shared by both parents. I really hope Jennie had Peter’s permission before calling Jamie, then it should be fine. If not…ding, dong – the witch is not dead yet.

  8. Tifygodess24 says:

    What happened to not having your children around someone new till its super serious? Or is that just advice for the “common” folk?? He has the means to hang with his new side piece without his children being around. If single moms who have no social life can make that happen I think this fool can do the same. I just don’t think they are thinking of their children.

  9. serena says:

    I don’t think it’s true, other than that Jennie herself confessed she is dating someone so this ‘source/friend’ is not that reliable.

  10. Ruyana says:

    I find Peter amazingly UNattractive. He’s not a good looking man IMO and in Twilight he looked especially awful. Saw the clip online – unbelievable how plastic, fake he looks.

  11. aims says:

    My husband and i had really rough patch a few years ago. We were living in diffrent homes, kids were being shuttled between our two homes. Husband starts a relationship with another women. Moves her in. I knew something was off, the kids were acting strange and so was husband. He was in his rights to move on, we were in a middle of a divorce. I felt that it wasnt any of my business to poke my nose in. I knew her name, but never had a sit down with her. I dont even know what her voice sounds like. The point is, it wasnt my business. As long as the kids were ok, i didnt feel the need to see her. Partly because, it was really painful, and we were divorcing and that ment divorcing myself from the situation. Its been a long road, but we’re stronger then we’ve ever been. Unless there is a situation of abuse its not anyones business.

  12. tia says:

    She has EVERY right to, and SHOULD HAVE done what she did. Trust me, as a mother, there is no way in the world I would have someone spending time around my child and not have several conversations with them!! Are you kidding??

  13. Genevieve says:

    Didn’t he cheat on Jennie with this chick?
    Also, I think she has a total right to talk to his new girlfriend, she is the mom of the children that this lady will be hanging out with. She has every right to talk to her. I wouldn’t let someone hang out with my dog without talking to them first.
    And finally, he is sooooooo not cute.

  14. Cazzie says:

    Hm. Sounds to me like she wanted to interview the new girlfriend for her own reasons…

    My partner’s ex-wife insisted in their divorce agreement that there be a clause stating that he was not allowed to have a strange woman sleep over his house while their daughter was staying with him. That meant I had to meet her before I could sleep over when the daughter was there, too. Seems pretty reasonable to me – she wanted to eyeball me (in addition to her ex-husband describing who I am) before she was comfortable leaving her daughter in my care. We had a friendly two-minute chat and that was it.

    Maybe Jenny Garth needs a better divorce lawyer? Because it sounds like she would have really benefitted from that clause in their divorce agreement.

    It’s perfectly normal to want to check out the people who will be caring for your children. However, the way JG did it makes it seem like she was just being insecure and nosy and wanted to interrogate her ex-husband’s new girlfriend. It’s understandable, but she really needs to get some distance and move on. Trust me, it will be less painful in the long run.

  15. Yael says:

    She absolutely has the right to do so! I even think she is amazingly brave to have done that, because it must be very painful, but obviously, she thinks of her daughters first.
    This woman amazes me more and more every day, she is so courageous and so responsible!
    And anyway, why this true j… would bring this woman around when the kids are there? Can’t he keep some time just for his daughters when they are coming? Doesn’t he see, how shocking it can be for kids to see their father with another woman, right away? Can’t he wait a little further, just to be sure it is serious? And this woman has nothing to do with these kids, at least at the beginning.
    It is incredible how men can be selfish sometimes!
    This one doesn’t think like a father, but rather like a terrible egoist and macho man. Everything is about his little ego and something else…
    I have two sons, I taught them not to be like that. Boys can be so cute when they are nice!
    Obviously this one doesn’t feel himself anymore. Probably notoriety destroys the simple common sense in the brain of the most stupid people!
    Poor guy!

  16. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    He is so gross. The only parts he will continue to get are unlikable, creepy types like the one he plays on Nurse Jackie. I can’t believe either of these women would give him the time of day. He reminds me of Tom Cruise and that is *never* a good thing!

  17. Silly Smart says:

    Is he working his way through the cast of Nurse Jackie?