Russell Crowe on his split: ‘My priority is to try to bring my family back together’

I ALWAYS forget that Russell Crowe is on Twitter. That really does seem like a bizarre choice for him, right? Well, Russell has been tweeting as always over the past few months, but he has not issued any kind of statements or tweets about his marriage drama. Back in October, it seemed like Danielle Spencer was letting Aussie gossips know that her marriage was on the rocks. Russell’s silence seemed to indicate that he had accepted that his marriage was done, and that everything was being handled with uncharacteristic quiet. Then, a few days ago, Page Six even claimed that Russell was quietly seeing Billy Joel’s ex-wife Katie Lee. Well, Russell has taken to Twitter and his tweets are… confusing?

Russell Crowe has sensationally revealed he is determined to bring his family back together and lashed out at ‘false and cruel’ reports surrounding his love life. His Twitter rant comes as estranged wife Danielle Spencer returned to social networking for the first time since the split, thanking fans for their support blaming her absence on ‘things keeping her busy’.

The New Zealand-born actor, 48, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday: ‘As soon as I finish this job and can get home, my priority is to try to bring my family back together.’

He also hit out at recent reports he was ‘casually seeing’ TV food critic Katie Lee – ex-wife of Billy Joel.

He added: ‘These latest reports are false & cruel.’

His tweet comes as the former Dancing With The Stars contender broke her silence since the split, writing on Facebook: ‘Hi Everyone! I’m sorry i haven’t visited here for a while, things have been keeping me somewhat busy of late. I just wanted to thank you all for bearing with me and also for your messages of support, it means a lot to me.’

Recently the star has admitted his busy filming schedule meant he had hardly spent any time with his sons Charles and Tennyson, who are based in Sydney this year.

He tweeted two weeks ago: ‘Starting on another film set tomorrow. I need to go home & be with my children. Cannot believe how f**ked up my schedule has become this year.’

When a Twitter follower, a travelling salesman, told him he shared the same problem, Russell added: ‘I sympathise. I haven’t seen mine since late September. Maybe 40 days with them for the year. Won’t happen again. All the best.’

Crowe is currently in America filming a Winters Tale alongside Hugh Jackman.

Meanwhile, Russell lashed out at The Guardian newspaper for their review of Les Miserables, which was given three out of five stars.

He tweeted on Friday: ‘@guardian Should be ashamed for sending an illiterate plonker to review Les Mis, are you sure your reviewer watched the movie?’

[From The Mail]

I think there are two ways to read this. One version has Russell simply missing his kids and simply being homesick. When he says “bring my family back together,” he means “see his kids and be a hands-on dad again.” In that version, Russell and Danielle really have split up and Russell has accepted it, but he just wants to go home and be a dad. The other version is that Russell thinks he can “win back” his wife once he finishes his movie, and his priority is “making his marriage work” despite whatever Danielle is feeling. I don’t know… I think she’s over it, don’t you? I also think she’s boning that other dude, her Dancing With the Stars partner.

Here are some shots of Russell filming Winter’s Tale in NYC over the past week:

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Christina says:

    Even though Russell is the big Hollywood star and Danielle is a relative nobody, I’ve always got the impression that he’s much more into her than vice versa. It’s just something that comes across in the body language in just about every pic of them together – he seems so in love, she’s just indifferent.

    Remember that clip from ‘Come Dancing’ that someone posted when their split was announced? It was almost embarrassing to watch. Russell was all over Danielle but she just looked annoyed and only had eyes for her sons. So I reckon she was probably the one who called it quits, and he’s quite devastated.

    BTW I love that dress she’s wearing in the top pic.

  2. lori says:

    he’s just pissed because people think he’s boning a brunette.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I was thinking along similar lines: “people think he is boning Billy Joel’s rejects”. Not that I blame anyone for that, who would want to be boning anything Billy Joel went near? UGH!

      Yes, I include Christie Brinkley in that comment, I don’t care how pretty she is… UGH! Billy Joel! UGH!

  3. Christina says:

    ”When a Twitter follower, a travelling salesman, told him he shared the same problem, Russell added: ‘I sympathise. I haven’t seen mine since late September. Maybe 40 days with them for the year. Won’t happen again. All the best.’’

    The difference, surely, is that the salesman very likely has to travel in order to keep a roof above his family’s heads. Crowe, by contrast, has the luxury of never needing to work another day in his life, and still be well able to keep his family in luxury. So if Crowe is spending time away from his sons, that’s through his own choice. It’s all about priorities – and Crowe’s clearly isn’t his family.

    • Micki says:

      I don’t quite agree. If you check his IMDb page you’ll see that he made 1 to 2 films a year from 2000 till 2012. Some years are completely missing. My point is that his lifestyle is on a very different level from any given salesman’s. I guess he tries to keep it up as long as possible.Who knows when the next project comes?

      • Christina says:

        I hear what you’re saying but if Russell’s family means that much to him, surely he can try to fit his career around his family life to some degree at least? Crowe’s fellow Aussie, Eric Bana, says he only takes on a role every few years in order to be close to his family. And Crowe is a bigger star than Bana, and would be able to pick and choose more than him.

        Sure, just because he’s rich it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t want to keep working, but to complain about never seeing your family when you choose to work on the other side of the world is a big hypocritical.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I kind of got the feeling that his career was on the rocks and he somehow managed to make a comeback and that is why he was taking on so many roles lately.

        I don’t know if he has been working in the last 8 years but between Master and Commander and Robin Hood I can’t recall seeing him in anything that was publicized enough for me to see.

  4. Ranunculus says:

    I think his wife should be glad she got rid of him.

  5. Cazzie says:

    If they can work it out, more power to them. Marriage is a long haul, and maybe taking a break from each other for a few months gave the two them enough perspective to realize that they want to give it another try.

    Sorry to sound so sentimental, but having their Mum and Dad get back together again would be the best Christmas present ever for those two little boys.

  6. Gwen says:

    Only spending about 40 days with his kids (and wife?) in a year? No wonder their marriage is in trouble..

  7. dcypher1 says:

    He ages very well. I think hes hot for an old dude.

  8. Kosmos says:

    From what I understand, he and Danielle have been on/off all these years during their marriage. I think they agreed to split, but he still loves his family life, although he has seemingly has put his career first and has not been around much. I think Danielle finally had enough. She’s a totally wonderful person and talented as a musician in her own right. There will always be a strong bond between these two, and also with his children in Australia. After making one film after another, I think he’ll give it a break and go home.

  9. decorative item says:

    I like him. Can’t help it. Always have.

  10. LastDaze says:

    Danielle is very attractive. On the other hand, I’m not quite sure what Russell has morphed into over the years.

  11. Darth says:

    How many times has she taken him back over the years? 100?
    This is all very reminiscent of the early 2000’s when he was dating Meg Ryan at the same time that they were supposedly a couple back in Australia. If I remember correctly, that was the whole reason he married her, because she forced him into it as a sort of make-up present for being a cheat. This is a pattern for these 2. They obviously don’t belong together, but they’re never able to fully separate. Maybe they’re co-dependent. I’ve always felt like she’s afraid of being a nobody without him, and that he keeps going back to her mostly out of guilt. They’re like the Sean Penn/ Robyn Wright of Australia.

  12. Cubfan34 says:

    RC brought Dani to the US with him in 1994 when he was filming The Quick and the Dead. She doesn’t like traveling or being away from home and she left him and returned to OZ. When RC was done and returned home Dani had moved in with another man. He was devastated.

    They remained friends and he tried to get back together with her over the years. But she wouldn’t until he had broken up with Meg and was a big, big star and she was promoting her first album.

    He talked constantly in interviews about wanting to marry and have children. She said in an interview she didn’t really believe in marriage and didn’t particularly want to have kids. But eventually she gave in and they were married.

    It always seemed to me he loved her more. He often talked about his work ethic and she didn’t do anything. I never understood the attraction.