Japanese commercials featuring Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, and Ewan McGregor

This was on the front page of Yahoo! this morning, and they have an ABC News online video discussing it, so I didn’t think of it spontaneously, but several A-listers have commercials running in Japan. They say that despite the fact that we can easily find these commercials thanks to the Internet, it shouldn’t really hurt their branding in the US.

I don’t know how current these are, but I think the ones with Cameron and Brad are new. Let me know.

Brad Pitt for Softbank. Hot!

Another one of Brad Pitt for Softbank

Cameron Diaz for Softbank:

Another Cameron for Softbank:

Ewan McGregor, OMG!

Another cute Ewan McGregor commercial:

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3 Responses to “Japanese commercials featuring Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, and Ewan McGregor”

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  1. Clarimonde says:

    What are the point of those softbank commercials? They just show Brad and Cameron walking down a street. I don’t get it.

  2. Matt says:

    Ha, that last Ewan commercial is great. I bet he had a lot of fun with that one.

  3. AM says:

    I’ve never seen a commercial featuring him, but Tommy Lee Jones is plastered all over vending machines in Japan, looking grizzly and kind of crazy. Not sure what he’s advertising, but it’s not so appealing when you go to buy your morning coffee. And I actually love Tommy Lee!