Sin City 2 rumors have Rachel Weisz or Rose McGowan replacing Angelina

Angelina Jolie was slated to play the role of Ava Lord in Sin City 2, where production was said to be delayed to wait until her schedule opened up. Now she’s said to be out of the film, and rumor has it that either Rachel Weisz or Rose McGowan will replace her, with most movie sites favoring Rose McGowan:

It has been suggested to me by one of the handful of anonymous Sin City sequel pre-production staff that contributed to a very hotly contested earlier film ick story, that Robert Rodriguez was considering a replacement for Angelina Jolie in the Dame to Kill For cast list. It wasn’t anything other than hearsay, really, coming from a single source and with no evidence presented in back up, so I didn’t report it. This morning, though, it has taken one step closer to being actual, real news.

Several sites have picked up on Cinema Blend’s original suggestion that Jolie is to be replaced by Rachel Weisz in the next Sin City’s lineup. That was certainly news to me – and I suspect it may well be news to Rodriguez and company too. Who knows what’s really going on as regards Sin City 2? So many conflicting reports – to which, I admit, I am adding, though with the best intentions.

But Weisz wasn’t the name I was given. I was told that Rose McGowan was the preferred replacement for Ava Lord. As I said – there was nothing to back this up, even if it did come from somebody related to the production.

People think McGowan is slated for the role because she already has a connection with directors, and is appearing in Grindhouse, also with Tarantino and Rodriguez.

The drastic change in her looks suggests there’s something to the rumors that McGowan has a serious coke problem. She also looks like she’s had some bad work done on her face as there’s a weird sagging thing going on under her right eye. I didn’t see Sin City 1, but it seems like a drugged out actress would fit well with the dark violence in the film.

Pictures from Gossip Rocks.

Update: Well it looks like this Rose McGowan thing is just a rumor. My source is the link above, but others seem to be saying that Rachel is favored for the role. I bet it’s all conjecture at this point.

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11 Responses to “Sin City 2 rumors have Rachel Weisz or Rose McGowan replacing Angelina”

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  1. kimseal says:

    Its being reported by several web sites that Rose McGowan is not in Sin City 2.

    Thank god for that, the majority of fans are happy that Rachel Weisz is getting the role.

  2. She is a coke addict, they won’t take this risk!!

  3. Ear says:

    “most movie sites favoring Rose McGowan”

    Excuse me but the majority of the sites i have been on are saying the opposite. Some of them are even saying that Rachel might be an even better choice for the role than Angelina.

    I don’t know where you are getting your information but it’s wrong.

  4. I was speaking about MC Ghostwan, not Angelina or Rachel.

  5. FF says:

    Pick Rachel, for the love of God, pick Rachel Weisz!!

    McGowan’s already in Grindhouse, and I’m sorry but if I was asked which dame I’d kill for I know what my answer would be.

    Definitely NOT Rose McGowan.

  6. mimosa says:

    Rachel > Rose

  7. KIM says:

    Wow does Rose look bad! I wish these women wouldn’t think that bad plastic surgery will revive their careers. She kind of looks like Terri Hatcher in these close ups.

  8. Cody says:

    I’m going to try not to geek out too hard here, but the character of Ava in “A Dame to Kill For” is just that: a totally irresistible woman in every sense of the word. And Rachel would be my choice out of the three. However, if they are going to stay as faithful to the original book as possible, the Ava role does require a bit of nudity (although, so did Jessica Alba’s character from the first one, Nancy, but she refused to do it), and I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Rachel Weisz doesn’t want to do any more nudity. Ahem, I, uh, think that’s it.

  9. countrybabe says:

    I wouldn’t pick either one of them. They don’t come to mind as being one of the actresses who can pull off an action role. Angelina can do that, but they probably aren’t going to wait for her and want to film now. That’s why people don’t go to see movies anymore, they aren’t cast right.

  10. brett says:

    what the hell did she do to her face? looks like she gave herself an eye lift with a butterknife and scotch tape…

  11. CARL says:

    Rachel is a much better actress than Angelina, so she would be much better in the role.