Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Spoiler Concept Art (Spoilers, obviously)

I was thoroughly dissapointed in Pirates 2, which had some cool special effects but seemed to drag on forever without a point. I don’t really care about the next Pirates movie and doubt I’ll be seeing it in the theatre, but people seem excited about it and the site with this concept art for the film got a lot of diggs.

People are commenting on Digg that Keira Knightley has some boobies in these pictures, and also it looks like the movie ends with a fight scene at the edge of the world or near a whirlpool or something. Commentor darthdurden says “yea apparently the biggest spoiler is that kiera knightly is going to be stacked.”

There, I really don’t need to see it now.

Follow the thumbnails below for bigger versions.

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3 Responses to “Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Spoiler Concept Art (Spoilers, obviously)”

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  1. Solitaire says:

    the pic of Keira Knightly looks realistic huh! haha! Like she looks that healthy really!!! Keira – take note – you look good with boobs – put on some weight before your waste away!

  2. Jaime says:

    HAHAHA – Yeah a concept art piece… of Keira Knightly with a huge rack. SOOO very realistic. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Ally says:

    Wow, Keira looks fab with breasts and, you know, actual body fat instead of just bones and a 6 pack.