Scarlett Johannson’s dirty tissue auctioned on eBay for charity

Scarlet Johansson on The Tonight Show, 12/17/08, Part 1

Scarlet Johansson on The Tonight Show, 12/17/08, Part 2

Newlywed actress Scarlett Johansson, 24, blew her nose on a tissue during an appearance on The Tonight Show last night. Scarlett’s used snot rag is now on eBay, with the proceeds to go to the charity of her choice, USA Harvest.

Scarlett explained to Jay in a nasally voice that she has “Sam Jackson’s cold” after they went on a “European press extravaganza” for their movie The Spirit. She said that she almost “didn’t want to lose” the cold and felt like it was “valuable in some way” adding “I feel like I could sell it on eBay.” The way she worded it, it was obvious they’d set up this weird eBay auction for charity ahead of time.

Scarlett initially expressed some reservations about blowing snot into the fabric tissue, but then went ahead and did it anyway.

Before Scarlett blew, she announced “This is Sam Jackson’s cold, so bid high. This is for USA Harvest, which is a wonderful organization.”

Jay then pulled out a ziplock bag to stash the rag and had Scarlett sign it.

The piece of tissue has reached a bid of $2,025 and currently has 60 bids. The auction closes on Monday, December 22 at 9:35 pm PST.

It seems kind of tasteless to auction off a used tissue, but this will surely get a lot more press than if Scarlett had just offered up a piece of clothing or a work of handmade art. She also came up with a clever way to cut the standard interview chitchat short.

In the next part of the interview she told a story about how she was peeing in an airport bathroom and a man barged in on her when she was on the toilet and failed to lock the door. He recognized her but was cool about it.

Scarlett also explained her much-mocked and denied claim that she was e-mail buddies with Barack Obama, “I had sent an e-mail and I got a very nice response. It was a kind of brief response… I was like a fan boy, I dorked out about it to the wrong person, an evil person, who decided to write a horrible expose about it. It was so embarrassing.” Scarlett doesn’t seem to get super embarrassed and she’s game for a lot of things if it was her idea to auction off a used tissue.

Here’s Scarlett at the premiere of The Spirit last night with Samuel L Jackson and Gabriel Mach. Credit: WENN

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12 Responses to “Scarlett Johannson’s dirty tissue auctioned on eBay for charity”

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  1. elisha says:

    What’s with the Victorian helmet-head hair-do?

  2. GirlyGirl says:

    Well, that’s just gross.

  3. yadira says:

    gross but it’s for charity so good job!

  4. prissa says:

    Undeniably, she is very pretty; but sometimes she just looks off to me, as though her face is made of play doh or something…

  5. Ernestine says:

    JEEzus. Eva makes Scarlett look like MERYL or something. That’s some of the worst “acting” I’ve ever seen. My youngest cat has a far wider spectrum of emotions!

    Anyway, midway through the whole thing, it dawned on me that Scarlett is so much more animated during interviews than she is on film. I mean, Jay Leno is a gigantic choad. He’s boring as hell, so the show is useless unless the guest is kinda charming, and I do admit that I watched the whole thing which is RARE for me since I really don’t like Leno at all, but I thought her Dr. Dre/Chronukkah thing was clever. And she seems relatively interested in things other than herself. That’s a plus. And she IS absolutely stunning, and I’m glad she’s moving away from the matte-faced, rigid, 50’s housewife, Marilyn-wannabe thing. I LOVE that dress. The hair is weird, but I’m glad she’s no longer doing that heinous poofy-bang pompadour thing. I think she’s going for a Valley of the Dolls type look. I kinda like it.

    She’s still a shittacular actress, though. I guess that was my point. Oh, and auctioning off your snot is pretty audacious, but if all the proceeds go towards something awesome, why not?

  6. Christina says:

    oh my god that is freaking gross and so pretentious… to think that your snot is important enough for people to pay money for? that seriously pisses me off… who does she think she is? WOW!

  7. yadira says:

    So Christina, what of your belongings are you willing to part with for charity? A strand of your hair or an eyelash maybe?

    People are so quick to complain of others, at least it is for charity!

  8. Christina says:

    yadira what kind of question is that? if i were going to part with something for charity, it would be a worthwhile item like clothing or money. i would not be so pretention as to think that my snot or my eyelash or my butt hair is worth something for somebody… charity or no charity… of course miss scarlett is special and her snot is made of gold… there are plenty of things to do for charity… blowing snot doesn’t come to mind…

  9. yadira says:

    There are stalkers out there that think her snot is made of gold. The point of the charity auction is to sell her golden snot for money that will in turn go to the charity of her choice. She isn’t donating the actual mucus to the charity so that they can split and wear it amongst themselves. Whatever works

  10. Christina says:

    like i said, there are plenty of things you can do for charity rather than insult me with your snot… that’s all i have to say on this issue…

  11. Christina X says:

    I watched this last night, actually, and still don’t know what to think.

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