Enquirer: Kristen Stewart wants to get bolt-ons to save her sparkly relationship

Shortly before The Great Mini-Coopering of 2012, I was obsessed with Kristen Stewart’s rack and whether or not she had gotten something “enhanced” just before Comic-Con in July. Now I know that I was very wrong… but in my defense, at least I’m consistently a bad judge of small boobs. I can never tell if a girl is wearing some super-padded Miracle Bra or if she got some bolt-ons. (Also, in my defense – I had just successfully “called” Taylor Swift’s boob job before most people, and I ended up being right about that!). Anyway, Kristen Stewart did not buy herself any new boobs. But according to the Enquirer, she’s considering it! Robert Pattinson secretly loves big boobs, at least that’s what Kristen thinks (or claims).

In a desperate big to hold on to the love of her life, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart is going for bust – with a boob job! Rob and Kristen is at a critical crossroads following the end of their Twilight series, and Kristen is frightened that unless she does something radical, Robert will kick her to the curb, say source.

“Kristen is terrified that Rob is going to leave her for someone else,” revealed an insider. “She has always been insecure about her boobs, and she is totally convinced Rob would find it a massive turn-on if she had even a subtle size increase.”

“Whenever they’re out together, she’s always on high alert to see which girls seem to capture his attention, and they’re always girls with big boobs. She’s scared he may leave her for one of them. It’s an unhealthy obsession she can’t get out of her head.”

Kristen – who in the past complained she looks “like a boy” – isn’t the typical cosmetic breast surgery candidate, said a close source. “This is a girl whose makeup artist has to beg her to wear red lipstick and who prefers sneakers. But she’s desperate to hang on to Rob, and thinks a breast augmentation will do the trick.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Yes, she could totally undergo painful and unnecessary cosmetic surgery to hold the interest of a boyfriend who adores her and who she already cheated on and he still forgave her. Call me an old softie, but I think Rob would probably be pleased if Kristen just bathed regularly and occasionally dabbed on some perfume and some lipstick just for him. But sure, why not go for the ridiculous option of bigger boobs? Alternate theory: Kristen is preparing to “win” her next big part with a bigger rack?

A children’s treasury of Kristen’s smaller boobs, courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Claire says:

    Naahh keep em small Kristen. They suit your frame and are much easier to manage. Plus, you’ll look more youthful when you’re old as they won’t be sagging down to your bellybutton.

  2. Amelia says:

    All I can see in that top picture is Edward Scissorhands.
    Anyway, I’m sort of in two minds about this. At first glance, she doesn’t seem the type to go for a boob job – being so ‘genuine’ and all that jazz.
    But I think we’ve established after her pandering to the foreign H/wood press that most of her ‘genuine’ schtick is bravado.
    Still, I think someone is probably making up stories.

    • well... says:

      Agreed. In other news did anyone see that bit over at Lainey Gossip where she tries to insinuate the best option to take over for Ben Affleck is Leonardo DiCaprio (she also mentions Tom Hardy and Ryan Gosling). Did anyone else’s eyes roll so hard they fell out then proceeded to point and laugh their little eyeball hearts out at the crack delusions coming out of camp Kristen c/o Lainey (cue a non-denial denial). I wonder if she teaches a course called “Gossip Sites: Getting on the Payroll”. How does she DO that? Okay,I’m done making fun.

      • A says:

        Lainey is ridiculous, but she is definitely not on KStew’s payroll. Lainey said she thought a lot of the photos of her and RPattz were staged, although she believes that they are nevertheless a couple. She put KStew through the ringer pretty throughly over this summer, but she also points out that men who f–k up as badly usually don’t get this kind of treatment and that it dragged on for far too long. Sorry, but as ridiculous as I find the twi-hard stans, I find the people who believe KStew is colluding with every tabloid and blog ridiculous too. Anyway, it’ll be someone like ASkars (Kaiser’s suggestion) or JGL. Lainey just wants something that is good for gossip, hence her ridiculous fantasizing.

  3. CTgirl says:

    Come on, you know that getting a new recreational bust line is an honest, epic, genuine decision that is meant to help her fully embrace and nail the iconic role of Snow White in SWATHH – A Tale of Two Titties. It’s all about the craft of acting.

  4. Liv says:

    While I think that she’s pretty dumb I doubt that she’s that dumb. Not true. Plus Robert Pattinson doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who is into fake boobs.

  5. C.Lynn says:

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the size of her boobs.

  6. kimcheee says:

    I don’t care what she does – she’ll still be the same disgusting, gross girl that she is. Pattinson is equally unattractive and creepy. Twilight is the worst movie EVER!

  7. Riana says:

    Every Kristin Stewart story sounds like crap these days.

    The girl bathes. Rob adores her. She’s not getting bolt-ons…and if she did trust it wouldn’t be for him.

  8. marie says:

    that is a horrible top picture of her, and I think the story’s crap, her boobs are fine. Look at it this way though, if it is true and they do break up she could always say “I’m not changing my body for anyone, he can suck it” and there you go, it will get her some sympathy..

  9. lalala says:

    All she has to do is get pregnant – then her boobs will go up three sizes!

    I always wished I had bigger boobs, but then when I got pregnant I was glad they started off smaller because they became monstrous.

  10. Maria says:

    there are lots of guys who like big breasts but the majority of those wants natural big breasts.

  11. Me says:

    I love all this pathetic “news” about her. She is disgusting like everything around her. She is trying so hard to stay in the media.

  12. Me says:

    I love all this pathetic “news” about her. She is disgusting like everything around her. She is trying so hard to stay in the media. And i like how she is playing this game. She is “unfaithful” with a married man but she is the victim, as always. She is back with Rob for the promo. Now Rob is away from her and she is trying to save their relationship, being the victim again. She is not the victim. She is a trampire.

  13. ernie says:

    Out of all the rumors out there, this one I really don’t buy. I believe she doesn’t give a crap about her small boobs, as it should be ’cause they’re perfectly fine.

  14. Jess says:

    She’s been wearing a lot of padded bras lately, so I think she’s at least thought about bigger boobs, but I doubt she’ll ever mess with her body. She has a cute body.

  15. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I second that last line, Kaiser. She wants it just to get movies. I don’t believe she is doing this for Rob. He loved her whatever mass of boobs she already had. I’m sure she wants bigger boobs coz she is insecure about herself. I think she feels a bit threatened by her peers e.g. Jennifer Lawrence. ;-)
    Anyway, big boobs or small boobs, only honesty and loyalty saves a relationship.

    P.S. Kristen, for how long will you use Rob’s name to save your face? You are not confident with small boobs and want a boob job, just admit it and, go and get it done. Don’t use Rob as the reason behind.

  16. Malaney says:

    she should consider fixing her teeth, her chin and her ears first before fixing her boobies.

  17. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I second that last line, Kaiser. She wants it just to get movies. I don’t believe she is doing this for Rob. He loved her whatever mass of boobs she already had. I’m sure she wants bigger boobs coz she is insecure about herself. I think she feels a bit threatened by her peers e.g. Jennifer Lawrence. ;-)
    Anyway, big boobs or small boobs, only honesty and loyalty saves a relationship.

    P.S. Kristen, for how long will you use Rob’s name to save your face? You are not confident with small boobs and want a boob job, just admit it and, go and get it done. Don’t use Rob as the reason behind.

  18. Joy says:

    Puh-lease. If she wants to get them done for herself, then more power to her. She should cut the bs and just get it done if she wants. Rob doesn’t *seem* like a guy who would care one way or another.

  19. Fred says:

    I think she looks great the way she is, hope she does not opt for surgery.

  20. km says:

    jeebus, who would want big fake boobs. I’m 2 months pregnant, and started off as a large B, they already look like enormous bolt-ons. I can’t wear my thin t-shirts anymore. These things kind of suck.

  21. Raphie says:

    If he wanted another girl, he would have made the move a long time ago Kristen…. Stop being insecure, he is the one who should be insecure.

  22. Michele says:

    I don’t believe one word of this story. For starters, it’s from the Enquirer. They make up shit all the time. But the obvious thing about this being not true is the fact that Rob has mentioned many, many times how much he loves and admires nice, round butts on women and Kristen has a very nice ass for a small, thin girl. He has never admitted he was into women with big boobs. Also, Kristen has never once negatively commented on her small breasts or mentioned a desire for them to be bigger. She has a nice perky rack which suits her body frame just fine. So I’m calling this story completely bogus. Kristen is finished with OTR promo and is laying low from the public eye. The tabloids are just making up shit about her because she’s MIA.

  23. Louise says:

    Erm, she really is unaware they apparently microchip implants so you can be controlled? The reason why all hollywood women have them. Or perhaps, are told to have them by their handlers.

  24. Madriani's Girl says:

    Well, I think she’s got a great figure and shouldn’t mess with it. But if you’re that insecure about your relationship and your man, you need to get out of it. Whether or not he will really do what you fear isn’t the issue – the issue is your deep insecurity for which you need to get help. That’s something men detest: being with someone who is always worried they will cheat or break up, and that’s what it will lead to if she doesn’t start having confidence in herself. And I agree that he adores her so what is she worried about? If he wanted to cheat on her or dump her, after what she did, he would have. He’s clearly besotted with her and has no intention of leaving. She should consider herself lucky because she is such a moody b*tch, it’s a wonder he puts up with her at all.

  25. A says:

    She has a tiny frame…someone, be it her PR person, would tell her that fake tits look ridiculous on someone who is barely over 100 pounds. That said, National Enquirer equals bullshit 95 percent of the time and if she wanted a boob job I’d think she’d do her best to keep it quiet. I’m more interested in the fact that apparently RPattz just filmed a commercial (that cologne thing?) in NY. He’s super clean shaven and was photographed with both his bodyguard and agent or manager whatever.

  26. bettyrose says:

    Hope not. Those perky girls are the most likeable thing about her.

  27. Jayna says:

    I usually never post on Enquirer or other blatantly silly stories that I can tell are just made up, but come on. Most men will tell you they like natural breasts and a lot of men aren’t big boob men. I have a chest like Jennifer Aniston’s size, which is fine for my height five four, but most guys I know are always big leg and great ass men. Small boobs like Kristen’s are fine for them. Someone Kristen’s age and style isn’t thinking about a boob job. She is young and has a lithe figure, and he’s British. I doubt he cares about fake boobs. I see more single girls like her with great slim figures that they are happy with all of a sudden doing it at 30 for some reason, like an early midlife crisis, something about hitting their 30s and competing with the young single girls, early 20s does it to them, like Kate Hudson, or late 30s, like Cammie Diaz. I’m surrounded by friends with boob jobs and I think they do it for themselves, not that their husbands or boyfriends care one way or the other.

    • Kat says:

      I agree that a lot of guys dislike implants, but I also know that a lot more men really like them (because they’re very visual creatures and don’t care that saline implants feel disgusting and fake). They enjoy telling women that they hate implants because they know that it’s what women want to hear. I had my breasts done in college because I had massive asymmetry that needed correcting (one breast was less than an A cup, the other a C cup!), and I can testify truthfully that while dating in my twenties, whenever I told guys that I had implants they would get giddy with excitement. I hated my implants because only saline was available at the time, and saline feels exactly like what it is – bags of water in your chest. I’ve since gotten them replaced with silicone, and they’re much improved, very soft and natural-feeling, but my experience with awful saline and how much guys loved them despite their being awful proved to me that men are extremely visual creatures less concerned with the tactile experience. They like implants. They drool over models and celebrity women with implants. They are visual creatures. Well, for the most part. We women do like to hear that they “prefer natural breasts,” though. It makes us feel better.

    • oivey says:

      “he’s British”

      What’s that got to do with the price of eggs?

      As for the boob thing, if she gets bolt on’s she’s more stupid than she comes across. Her body is perfectly fine. She’d look ridiculous.

  28. martha says:

    don’t like her, but those breasts of hers are totally fine !! And if “the boyfriend” seems to like bigger boobs than the ones at home, he’s not a keeper. Anyway I doubt this story is true

  29. Sigh says:

    Err, Swifty’s boob job was proven how?

  30. Kat says:

    I have no problem with plastic surgery (I’ve gotten some myself, including the procedure in question), but doing it for a boyfriend is a really silly idea. Also, she is well-proportioned and doesn’t need them. I assume – and hope – this story isn’t true.

  31. G says:

    A boob job?! Doubtful since she’s clearly afraid of soap and water and won’t even shower for dude.

  32. Rex says:

    ugh I hate it when she wears sexy dresses and then walks around with a scowl on her face, it’s like “LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME wait don’t look at me, I hate you for looking at me, this is exactly why I hate people like you for making me into a sex symbol” fuck you *eye roll*

  33. Mila says:

    I don’t care. In the first picture she looks ridiculous. Drag vampira.

  34. Annie says:

    I hope not. She already has nice ones (small B’s I reckon) and they fit her frame perfectly. Don’t fix what ain’t broke – too many women in Hollywood have ruined themselves because they didn’t live by that maxim.

  35. Mew says:

    She’s worried he’s leaving her for someone else? Erm, she did it all herself, she’s the cheat and if he leaves, I doubt it has much to do with her boobs.

    When do women learn that personality and how they treat someone means very much more than does the size of the bolt-ons?

  36. Impy-Chan says:

    I am not a terribly huge fan of the couple but I think Kristen’s breast are fine as is, though a little enhancement wouldn’t ruin her, less the surgeon was wretched. I also don’t see Mr Patterson as being one to care about that, especially with how long they’ve been dating and, as was stated, the fact that he was bad ass enough to forgive her for a young, foolish mistake. BTW, this is coming from someone who loathes K-stew so yeah :X

  37. molly says:

    luv those pencil lips, especially when their exaggerated with blood colored lipstick. Bigger boobs will not make this tomboy more appealing.

  38. KC says:

    Robert Pattinson doesn’t look like he’s particularly fond of bathing either.

  39. Chrissy says:

    Not that I care about these people but I think the problem in the relationship now is that Rob has awoken to the fact that she wore the pants. I think he may have forgiven her, but doesn’t want things to go back to where she is the boss/has the upper hand, etc.

  40. ohiogirl says:

    I think she’s gorgeous just the way she is. It’s nice to see a natural girl and I don’t think she should change anything!

  41. Kosmos says:

    Personally, I think women should work to counteract the implant trend, stick to their own breasts (unless you’re very very small and then I can understand) and do not go the route of implants. Patz liked her before, and he will like her now. Breasts do not make a person, and most women already have satisfactory breasts without going big and round. I may be in the minority, but I really hope women stop this trend, because, let’s face it, it’s just for men, but men will like or love you anyway for who you really are.

  42. muppet_barbershop says:

    No way. This arrogant little snot of above-average intelligence, of whom I am unfortunately rather fond/jealous, is not gonna get bolt-ons. For one thing, Rpattz wouldn’t be more likely to keep her because of such a move. But also she grew up less stupidly than that, for which she deserves no particular kudos, but still.

  43. xoxokaligrl says:

    If she wants to look sexier she should start checking her posture.

  44. Jennifer12 says:

    Wow, Kristen’s PR people are in OT portraying her as a desperate woman who is dying to save her relationship and Rob as a cavalier boyfriend and manwhore. Lovely. She doesn’t have the guts to just say this relationship isn’t what she wants. The amount of story planting- like the one where Rob refused to come to NYC with her- is getting ludicrous.

  45. pepper says:

    He went to London for Christmas. Hope his family puts some sense into him and encourages him to dump the ho.

  46. Ginger says:

    Yah, I have C/D cup boobs and when I was pregnant I went up two cup sizes. I was NOT happy about it all! I was really happy when they went back to their usual size. I finally realized that I don’t understand why women will pay to be that large? Maybe someone can enlighten me.

  47. lol says:

    “An insider says”…cmon people, you’ll believe anything.