Kimbo Stewart told Lindsay Lohan to give her appendix to charity

Lindsay Lohan had the uncharacteristically smart foresight to snag her extracted faulty appendix from the hospital before it ended up on eBay. She took it home in a jar and threw it into the freezer for safekeeping.

Word is that Kimbo Stewart told her she should auction off the thing herself for charity.

Terrified that her recently-removed appendix might fall into weird hands and be auctioned off on eBay, Lindsay Lohan ordered the hospital to preserve her priceless part, then took it home, popped it into a canning jar – and froze it solid! Now here’s the twist: Lindsay’s pal Kimberly Steward is urging her to raise money for charity by auctioning off her appendix herself!

[From National Enquirer print edition, Mike Walker’s column, January 29, 2007]

William Shatner’s kidney stone went for $25,000 to, so Kimberly has a good idea. Lindsay hasn’t done much else for charity and this would get her name in the papers for something positive.

I didn’t really think these two were friends, especially since Kimberly was said to hook up with Lohan’s ex, Harry Morton, this December. Lohan and Kimberly were both seen partying in Miami around the new year at the same club, but there are no pictures of them together. They both have liver problems, though, and may have bonded over a medical conversation.

Lohan left rehab briefly this weekend for a follow-up visit to the doctor. She was seen stopping for a snack at a convenience store. And that is what passes for news on this blog.

Header picture is of Kimberly in early December. Taken by Celebrity Puke.

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  1. okay.... says:

    that’s bullshit because she didn’t have her appendix taken out-

  2. Jenna says:

    Exactly….what Lindsay needs to do is ask for someone to donate their liver to her.

  3. Toubrouk says:

    This is just creppy; giving an appendix away. Ewww…

  4. Allison says:

    I’m not totally sure anyone would want LL’s organs, any of them.

  5. Viv says:

    I didn’t know that you could keep them. I had a friend that was crunched by a car and wanted to keep his leg so he could whittle a dagger handle out of it. Okay, that’s a lie, he wasn’t really my friend. But I seriously didn’t know you could keep that sort of stuff.

  6. lyonthelion says:

    she (kim) is probably saying that because she knows LL did not have her appendix out……

  7. Ruby Tuesday says:

    Why anyone would ask for or listen to the opinion of KS in the first place amazes me. I believe she is supposed to be a ‘model’ but I think she’s a hard-faced skank with no discernible talent. Yet another waste of space/time/air thrust in our faces under the guise of ‘celebrity’.

  8. gg says:

    As to how these “frenemies” can be friends, substance abuse can help you forgive the betrayal, since you can’t remember anything anyway when you’re a druggie.