Kim Kardashian will still be married to Kris Humphries when she gives birth

Before we dive into what I’m sure will be a months-long cat-faced drama involving a crazy number of posts devoted to Kim Kardashian’s bump, let’s just take a moment and talk about process. First of all, I don’t have any problem with covering Kim. I don’t feel like the coverage is “beneath me” or anything – I’m a gossip blogger, and Kim K. and Kanye are good gossip. Kim has never really offended me on a deeply personal level (although she often annoys me, and I think she’s a vapid a—hole), probably because I take her for what she is: celebrity fluff. Unimportant, talentless fluff. Here’s the bottom line: if you don’t want to talk about Kim, that’s fine. We’re still covering tons of other stories for you to gossip about. But please don’t come onto these Kardashian threads and bitch about the coverage. I’m fine with covering this stuff, and if the stories annoy you, click on something else!

So, with that in mind, let’s discuss the past 24 hours in Kardashian-Kanye-Bump Dramz. Some stories kicking around:

*TMZ says that sales of Kim and Ray J’s sex tape are going through the roof once again. The last time sales spiked this much was probably when Kim married Kris Humphries and the wedding news dominated every outlet, and people were like, “Huh, I should check out Kim’s sex tape.” Vivid Entertainment says that since Sunday night (when Kanye went public with his “baby mama” comments), sales of Kim and Ray J’s sex tape have increased 80%. You know Kim still gets residuals from the tape, right? Although she doesn’t want to admit it publicly, she’s still getting money every time someone downloads the video.

*Mixed messages about Kim’s health during her first trimester – while Kim was partying with ‘Ye in Vegas on NYE, she told media outlets that she hasn’t had any morning sickness so far. She said, “I have felt good. I haven’t had any morning sickness, but it still isn’t the easiest… People always say it’s easy and fun. It’s definitely an adjustment learning about your body and stuff like that. I’ve been feeling really good so that’s good.” So, she isn’t pukey but…? Maybe she’s sleeping a lot. I hear that happens.

*Kim says that she plans to find out the sex of the baby soon enough – “Of course I do want to know. I can’t find out yet, but I do want to know.” I kind of hope she has a girl. Even though I think she’s going to be a terrible mother, I think she’ll enjoy having a daughter more than a son.

*Us Weekly sources say that Kanye is truly going to propose to Kim, and he’s just waiting for her divorce to be finalized. A source says, “He’s told friends and family he was gonna [marry] her since the day they met.”

*But the Kris Humphries divorce is going to take a while, y’all. Radar reports that Kim is probably still going to be married to Kris when she gives birth to Kanye’s baby. A source says, “Unless Kim Kardashian gives in to Kris’ demand that she admit the marriage fraudulent, the divorce proceedings will still be ongoing and she will still be legally married to him when she gives birth.” Radar says that Kim and Kris’s lawyers will meet on Feb 15 to set a date for the trial, and the earliest date for the trial will be mid-June to accommodate Kris’s basketball schedule.

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  1. Riana says:

    You know what creeps me out about that dress Kim is wearing?

    It’s like a cross between the sheer gown Amber Rose wore when she announced her pregnancy and the sheer gown Beyonce wore on her first red carpet after giving birth.

    You can see the sequins and black lace of Amber and the purple/blue netting of Beyonce.

    • BB says:

      People that complain about Kim Kardashian are lame to me. If you are not interested in Kim, then don’t read stories about her, don’t follow her on Twitter, don’t watch her reality show, etc. The people who complain know the most about Kim. BTW – Kris Humphries needs to move on with his life. He is no longer a starter for the Brooklyn Nets. He is back to the bench, which is where he was before he started dating Kim.

      • Dani says:

        It’s a gossip site, I’m pretty sure the sole purpose of the comment section is for people to complain/hate/love/praise whoever they want.

        Why should Kris step down? Why, instead, can’t Kim own up to her mistakes? In some alternate universe, she thinks everyone believes her, meanwhile 90% know her wedding/relationship was a fraud. She’ll still be who she is after admitting her wrongs. Kris barely started for the Nets, and he isn’t always benched this season. His ‘talent’ has nothing to do with Kim.

      • Riana says:

        ? I’m guessing you didn’t mean to reply to me.

      • Annie says:

        Lol it’s not like you have to love these people to mention them though. Opinions can be had especially when their presence is being shoved down your throat everyday.

        I personally think that while I love how she’s one of the few women of color who respects her ethnicity fully and never tries to change her body shape, hair color and skin tone (like say Tyra Banks and Beyonce who get thinner and blonder and lighter every year) sending a very very positive message to women of color (botox and nose jobs don’t count because she’s still representing her ethnicity completely and she’s not bleaching her skin like so many female celebrities in say India and America), I do find the rest of her persona very questionable. I truly don’t care if she’s a reality star and that’s how she became rich. But I don’t enjoy how she plans life events to manipulate the audiences and stay current. How she shoved her wedding down our throats when it was all a fraud was shameless.

        So I do have the right to speak out against it. Do we have a choice to not know what she’s up to? We hear about it everywhere. It’s not like we’re googling it.

      • hownowbrowncow says:

        Thanks Kim!

      • jaye says:

        @Annie…but anyone who hates the coverage of all things Kardashian DO have the choice to NOT click on the articles written about them.

      • swack says:

        @BB – I don’t think she is complaining about Kim but is simply making a comment about the dress she wore and it’s similarities to two other dresses. Chill.

    • A says:

      I realised that too. Creepy since Kanye most likely dressed her…

    • M says:

      I noticed this as well but wasn’t surprised, she steals “looks” from others constantly! BUT if she is still married at the time of birth I hope she realizes that by CA Law you can’t give the child the last name of West, something similar just happened to my god sister–had a baby before her divorce is finalized & she had to give her son her maiden name.

      • MsMileHigh says:

        Ah ha! I am sure Pimp Momma Kris will be thrilled to hear that the kid will have to be a Kardashian. I am sure she has been trying to have her Jenner kids’ names changed since they were conceived.

        Children are easier to cash in on when they carry the same brand name, right, PMK?

      • Meredith says:

        I don’t know about California but where I live, the West-Kardashian child would by default be given the husband’s last name – i.e. Humphries. That would be too funny!

      • BestJes says:

        What statutes are people referring to when they state that children must be given X or Y surname? You can give your child any first second or surname you like. These laws do not exist.

      • Nicky says:

        It is “presumed fatherhood”. It means that the husband of the mother is presumed to be the father of a child born within three hundred days of a divorce. So, if Kenya wants to be listed as the father of the child, he will have to fail paternity suit against Humphries, Kim and child.
        What a happy family… 🙂

  2. ditto says:

    Can someone explain to me the legality of what happens if you’re married but have someone else’s kid? This family just sunk a new low.

    • Denny says:

      I don’t think having a baby with someone else while legally married is in anyway the worst thing the Kardashians have done. The thing is, Kim was pretty bitchy to Kourtney about marrying Scott if she was going to have another baby with him because “that’s just my morals.” OK Kim. She’s always tried to be so high and mighty about marriage. But she obviously pissed all over it (no pun intended) when she filed for divorce after 72 days and is now pregnant with another man’s baby while married. To me, it’s not important. I don’t care about marriage at all, and you should be able to do whatever the hell you want, but Kim is definitely not consistent with spouting off about how important marriage is to her, how she’s a Christian and.. Well, this.

      • andy says:

        But she obviously pissed all over it (no pun intended)


      • Kay says:

        In the state of Texas -I believe – if she gave birth to Kanye’s baby while still married to Kris then LEGALLY the baby is Kris’. Wonder if there are other states like this.

      • Robino! says:

        No that’s not the case in Texas. Whoever is listed on birth certificate has paternity rights. The child would not belong to Kris.

    • tabasco says:

      Lawyer here (though admittedly not a family lawyer). I don’t think there’s much legality involved. As long as there’s no dispute over paternity, the divorce is its own legal “case” and Kim’s pregnancy has no legal bearing on it or vice versa, other than Kris’s lawyers may try to use it to bolster their argument that Kim’s intent when marrying him was fraudulent, since she moved so quickly to divorce, date someone else, get knocked up, etc.

    • 'sup? says:

      Well, as far as legal junk goes, I was in a similar conundrum a few years ago. I was in the midst of a contentious divorce, but I met a man and got pregnant. The problem was that in the state I lived, the law required a paternity test since I was still officially married to the ex and the divorce wasn’t finalized yet. The state basically wanted to know who was the bio father to determine alimony and child support. I became extremelly sick physically and emotionally, add to the mix that the ex was a pathological abuser who made things worse anytime he could, i was way too stressed and i unfortunately had a miscarriage at 6 months.
      So depending on their state of residence and their local laws Kim, Kanye and Kris may need to go through a paternity test…as stupid as it sounds, as part of their dragged out divorce procedure. Also getting pregnant with another man’s baby while going through divorce can be listed as a cause for divorce. Can you tell I lived in a southern state?some of teir laws are 100 years behind…

      • tabasco says:

        Wow, if that’s really the Texas law, that’s crazy! But, I’m a northeast girl through and through, so I tend to be all “the South is so crazy” no matter what. It is the kind of thing that can vary state by state, but CA is generally not a southern or bible belt state and I don’t see Kris H. raising a paternity issue, so as I mentioned, I think the only effect Kim’s pregnancy has in legal terms is that it could give Kris H’s lawyers more ammo on the fraud front.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        There are some considerations that haven’t been discussed, such as “date of divorce filing;” “legal separation filing date;” etc…

        What I believe to be true in CA is that if a couple is married at the time of the birth, the father’s name goes on that birth certificate. If not, it’s up to the mother (see: Halle Berry & that other chick).

        IF paternity is questioned by either party, a paternity test is court ordered. If the requestor is determined to be the father, he pays for the test.

      • lady X says:

        First off VERY sorry to hear about your miscarriage … however I agree with these “100 year old laws” …. Marriage is a sacred thing and of you do not believe in such then do not enter into (just my humble opinon) … If I was not religious I would probably never get married …. The 100 year old law is very smart legally … fact is nobody should be sleeping with anyone while still married …and certainly should not be getting pregnant .. but I digress … It is a smart law because many people gp back and have that last fling with their ex and many people stop divorce proceedings all together … The Judge is not watching KKWTK so he has no idea how often if at all Kim and Kris got it on … and we know cheating is not beneath her since she was sleeping with Kanye back with Reggie ….I live IN CA trust me she more than likely will need a paternity test …and Kris lawyer would probably request one anyway …. There is no law stating you have to get married folks… it you are not going to HONOR it then leave it be… No need to talk about how old you think it is or blah blah blah … just do not enter into it

    • Samigirl says:

      My middle sister is going through this right now. Married to her husband, but pregnant with her boyfriends child. There is a separate form for her to sign. An acknowledgment of paternity afadavit.

      “Acknowledgment of Paternity: Child Born Of Marriage

      This Acknowledgment of Paternity Affidavit is used to add the biological father to a child’s birth certificate if the mother was married to someone other than the biological father at the time of the child’s birth or if she had not been divorced at least 300 days prior to the child’s birth.

      This form requires the notarized signatures of the mother, the husband/ex-husband, and the biological father.”

      That’s in Louisiana. I’d assume something similar would happen in California, but I don’t feel like looking it up 🙂

      edit: Ok, curiosity got the best of me. Basically, Kris Humphries is the assumed parent bc he is married to Kim Kardashian, but all they have to do is provide a DNA test to the court proving otherwise. Easy Peasy.

      • tabasco says:

        I wonder if CA has that affidavit as well? I mean, Louisiana and CA are obviously hella different, but wouldn’t it be a b*tch if Kris H was required to sign that affidavit and refused to do so? Say, unless Kim admitted to fraud? And/or paid him some That Ass’s Ka$h?

      • Samigirl says:

        @Tabasco, you and I are of the same mind. How deliciously evil!

    • ctkat1 says:

      Lawyer here- it varies by state, but since she is legally married to a man who is not the father of the baby, she will have to do SOMETHING to make it clear at the birth that Kanye is the father- it may be as simple as signing an affidavit of paternity, or needing a paternity test. This is a pretty easy case, since Kanye is acknowledging paternity and Kris (presumably) won’t try to claim that the child is his, so she shouldn’t need a court order or hearing for this (as she might if both the legal father (Kris) and biological father (Kanye) were denying paternity).

      • melca blue says:

        @samigirl and @tabasco, probably PMK and Co already found out the legality of the pregnancy, otherwise I would doubt Kim K would make any attempt in getting pregnant.

      • UghInsomnia says:

        I was separated for 5 years, met a man and got pregnant. During the divorce from my first husband, our son was appointed a guardian ad litem because he was considered to be the child of my husband since we were legally married. We had to have an affidavit of paternity. It was kind of a mess, even though there was no disputing the paternity.

  3. MsAubra says:

    If Kris is the one holding things up, then he needs to just go ahead and get it done, this HAS to be embarrassing for him!

    • Riana says:

      Heck no! That man shouldn’t bend in the least, he should refuse till the moment she accepts she lost that battle and agrees it was faked.

      • TQB says:

        I’m with you – if she wants this over, she should cave to whatever he wants.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Agreed. If the divorce is THAT important to her, she should just admit what the rest of the world already knows: she’s a fraud; the marriage was a fraud; and she wanted publicity and positive PR. (Which, FAIL.)

    • mel2 says:

      I agree its not like he needs her money to live on but if you follow the NBA like I do, KH is playing like he’s in high school which means his NBA career may have reached it’s peak and I seriously doubt that he will be playing in the next 3 or 4 years. He needs to move on and give KK a divorce.

      • tabasco says:

        Kris H ain’t the brightest bulb for sure, but *if* he really didn’t know it was a big fraud, and if in fact it was, I don’t blame him for holding out on trying to get her to cop to fraud b/c I think he can sue her for damages and if the scenario I just described is what happened, she richly deserves to be punished for it where it hurts her most – her wallet.

    • gg says:

      I think he’s dragging on purpose just to vex her as she’s done him.

      • Boxy Lady says:

        What he wants is to be able to legally say that he was never married to Kim Kardashian. Can any of us really blame him for feeling that way?

  4. NerdMomma says:

    I thought if you were legally married, that guy’s name automatically goes on the birth certificate. Then Kris would be on the hook for child support. Haha, I’m either making this up or it was the law in the 1960’s, but that would be funny.

    • MollyB says:

      That depends on the state you give birth in.

    • Kay says:

      It’s that way in Texas.

      • NerdMomma says:

        Really??? Okay, let me clarify- that would be funny *in this particular situation* for Kim. Just because it would be her own damn fault if she doesn’t just do whatever Kris needs for her to do to get that divorce finalized. She needs to get that taken care of now. I am sure the public will be fine with her admitting it was a fraud marriage but this relationship is totally real, totally ;-P

      • BestJes says:

        No it’s not. The child is called whatever is put on the birth certificate. Assumption of paternity is a separate issue that has nothing to do with surnames

    • fabgrrl says:

      I believe in most states, a woman’s husband is the *presumed* father of her child, because most people manage to not be skanky hoes and get knocked up by a different man. In those rare cases where the husband is not the father, this is generally a secret and not splashed out on every magazine cover in the nation.

      But as I recall, when my kids were born, we supplied all the information for the birth certificate, and they just typed it up and had us sign. I feel like the “presumed father” part would only come in if the father were not available to fill out the birth certificate, as in, he is dead, deployed, incarcerated, or something. They should be able to put whatever names they want, or don’t want on the birth certificate. I doubt Kris Humphries is going to challenge anything.

      • cf says:

        This is correct- people keep confusing the *presumption* part of this.

        Most of the time, people who get married have their own children. It would be very time consuming if my husband and I got married, and then I had to prove he was the father. Or, if 5 years after the birth, he wanted to be a big jerk and be like, thats not even my kid! it would be bad, administratively, to have to deal with it. So in normal relationships, there is a presumed paternity. Kris will not be presumed to be the father, or have any legal rights, or be on the birth certificate.

      • BestJes says:

        Thank you fabgrrl & cf

        Why do so many people state otherwise? Even if you have no reason to be familiar with family law you could discover this myth about surnames being legally mandated is nonsense with a five minute google check.

  5. Kiki says:

    Can Kris sue her again? Please pardon my ignorance, but being pregnant from another man and still married to another… Does it constitute adultery or it doesn’t necessarily apply?

    • Migdalia says:

      I think the loophole is the fact that they’re separated and she’s filed for divorce.

    • Meredith says:

      You can sue anyone anytime you want but that doesn’t mean you have a real case or that it won’t get thrown out with you paying the other side’s costs for wasting everyone’s time. But Humphries could still sue just to entertain us all.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      USUALLY, once you file for divorce or are considered legally separated, nothing that happens after that legal status can be used in the divorce case. When Drew and I became legally separated, any relationship he or I entered into was considered not admissible as a grounds for divorce. And once we filed, we were pretty much completely free agents during the 60 day period following the file. But Drew and I had had a very amicable divorce and neither of us were contesting.

  6. brin says:

    This post was brought to you by the letter K.

  7. Eleonor says:

    KK is the vapid famewhore we all know,but Kris whatever his name is, is an idiot, end of story. Get that check and MOVE ON.

    • SweetTart says:

      The whole situation is a train wreck.

      But I just have to say this, I certainly hope that this pregnancy isn’t just one more stunt in the Kardashian clan PR machine and that they sincerely want it.

      I saw some other pictures of Kim in that dress . . . not a good choice. If she is only three months pregnant, she is NOT going to be one of those women that looks awesome pregnant.

      It will be a Jessica Simpson situation x 10. As big as she got, Jessica kept her cute factor. Kim won’t.

  8. truthful says:

    desperation to remain relevant and hold on to Ye’s coat tails…

    pathetic move.

    pregnant by your boyfriend, while trying to divorce ya husband.


  9. littlestar says:

    Okay, I like to think that I’m pretty open-minded and with it, but still being married to Kris Humphries when she gives birth to another man’s child – classless, shameless, and obviously seriously lacking in morals!!! With all of her fame-wh*ring antics, this is the last straw for me. How sad is it that Kim is so addictied to fame and media attention she’ll have an innocent child just to stay relevant?!

    • pamspam says:

      Yes – thank you! I’m not a prude by any means, but here’s the thing that annoys me the most about this entire tacky situation. If you’re on your 2nd failed marriage by the age of 31, maybe you spend a little time doing some reflection and work on yourself so that you don’t repeat your mistakes. Maybe you don’t date right away. Instead, she goes the predictable route of very quickly falling in “love” again. I think I read that they’ve been together 8 months, which means 5 months into the relationship, while STILL MARRIED to her 2nd husband, she intentionally got pregnant. Because it’s all about what she wants and instant gratification for her. The selfishness just doesn’t stop. I’m not suggesting we make her wear a big red “A” but damn – what ever happened to class and decorum?

      • littlestar says:

        You said it sister! I wonder if Kim even realizes how gross she looks to the public. She’s so self-involved and vapid, I really doubt it.

      • pamspam says:

        I’m not sure the general public sees her as gross…it kind of seems like people are fine with it (which makes me a bit sad). Look, I don’t think she’s a bad person – she doesn’t seem unkind or mean spirited. She just seems, as you said, vapid. I hope she turns out to be a better mom than I expect her to be. That would be a nice surprise!

      • Lulu says:

        She’s never had to work for anything in her life. All she understands is instant gratification. And clearly, she’s not capable of considering the impact of her choices on other people’s lives. It’s all about MEEEEEEEEE

      • jaye says:

        But this happens all the time to regular folk. Women right here on this board have posted stories about how they were going through a divorce, met someone else, fell in love and got pregnant. I’m no Kim K fan or apologist, but why should she be held to a different standard? Women(and men) legally separate All. The. Time. They start new relationships and sometimes start new families before the divorce is final. It’s not like they (or Kim K) is/was cheating. I can’t with all this slut shaming.

      • pamspam says:

        It’s not about shaming, I just think maybe we should shoot for elevating our standards just a bit. I think purposely getting pregnant by your new boyfriend when you’re on your second divorce isn’t just sorta tacky – it says a lot about the ability to make solid life decisions. I don’t think she’s a slut, I think she’s someone who could benefit from some introspection and maybe therapy. Her choices are selfish – doesn’t make her evil, but I think it sets a poor example. I would think the same whether she were famous or whether she were my next door neighbor.

    • meredith says:

      I’m in agreement with pamspam. I’m not about slut-shaming but it bothers me that KK has gotten pregnant (1) so soon after her split from Kris Humphries and (2)for primarily fame-whoring reasons IMO. If some woman leaves a bad marriage and finds a great relationship shortly after that and gets pregnant, then OK. But don’t go bouncing out of a 72 day publicity generated marriage and go pretty much straight into a publicity generating relationship with a publicity generating pregnancy.

  10. T.C. says:

    So does this mean Kris Humpris would be considered the legal father of the baby? He or she will get his last name right? I still think Kim just had this baby because Kate Middleton got knocked up. She got married to keep up with the Middletons for sure.

  11. TQB says:

    I am totally in support of your coverage of these d-bags if you’re going to continue to make snide comments about their douchiness and terrible parenting prospects!!

    Apologies to those who follow this more closely, but why is Kim objecting to Kris wanting the marriage to be declared fraudulent? That’s usually what you do when you want an annulment, not a divorce. I would think Kim would be happy to have the marriage annulled? What am i missing, or am i just over thinking the actions of stupid people?

    • Kim says:

      If the marriage was a fraud then the show and the brand is a fraud.FYI Ray J gets money from sex tape too. Kanye can sign birth certificate.If noone signed Kris would be presumed to be father in some states.

    • judyjudy says:

      Yeah, I don’t get it either. Why not just say it was a mistake and get it annulled? I mean, obviously they weren’t madly in love and totally committed to a marriage. How is it worse to own up and end it? What she’s doing now makes her look worse than annuling the marriage would.

      • jaye says:

        He wants her to admit that the marriage was FRAUD, which is totally different that just admitting it was a “mistake”. Even if it WAS fraud (which…yeah…prolly) why would she willing admit to it?

      • problem is that there are grounds for annulment. You can’t just say “oops, let’s get annulled.” I think Kris Humphries has a very good case for the fraud ground, but at this point, I would just throw in the towel and call it a day.

    • T.C. says:

      I think Kim did magazine and sponsorship deals for the wedding. If she declares it fake she may need to pay all that back. It will also make her look untrustworthy, more fanewhore than she is already.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Because Kim is resisting the verification in front of the whole world that she’s an empty-headed, vain plastic action figure?! She’s holding on to her story that she did love Kris Hump when she married him, & that she tried to make it work, because even she realizes that anything else makes her look bad. She wants to believe & wants the public to accept that she entered into that 5-minute marriage sincerely, & if she sticks to her version, maybe someday that will happen. That’s her story & so far, she’s stickin’ to it.

      Kris Hump has got her backed into a corner now with his insistence on an annulment—& I say good for Hump, even if his motives are just pride, hurt feelings, & a desire to cost Kim some Kash$! This Klown family always gets what they want, & if Hump throws a wrench into the works by saying it’s an annulment or nothing, it doesn’t seem that bad to me.

      I don’t usually care what these idiots do at all, but I’m confessing that this story has got me interested, if only because of the layers of delusions & sociopathy involved. For sheer gossip-worthiness, this story has lots of dish.

      If this does come to a divorce trial, it may even happen close to the birth of poor little Bebe-K.

      • elceibeno08 says:

        Whoever you are, I can tell you are well educated.

      • TQB says:

        I think you sound quite well educated and I co-sign 100%.

      • Flora Kitty says:

        Since CA is a community property state, his lawyers can probably go after KK for half the wedding gifts (or their estimated monetary value) and half of any money from the sponorships related to the wedding, especially if there is concrete proof that he never received any of the money (for an example if the money was deposited into an account that was only in KK’s name or in KK and Pimp Mama’s . His lawyers could use that claim he never saw any money).

    • Migdalia says:

      I think the reluctance is because she would owe him a whole lot of money or something. She wants out without having to pay him because he already got a cut out of the wedding special with E! and he’s in the NBA so he’s pretty well off.

    • tabasco says:

      If she legally admits to fraud as Kris wants her to do, that opens the door to Kris suing her for stuff like “intentional infliction of emotional distress” (or whatever version of that they have in CA) and possibly other things – – for $$. And, as others have said, it could open the door for her wedding’s “sponsors” to sue her for monetary damages as well. There’s the damage to her “reputation,”, such as it is, as well, but I doubt she’s as concerned about that as she is the money. She’s got herself into a fine mess. She’ll want to be free of Kris H to play all whitewashed mother figure and marry Kanye’s money, but admitting fraud to Kris would likely cost her money. By not waiting until the divorce was final to get knocked up, she strengthened Kris H’s hand. Dumbass.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Hmmm…..another twist on a possible lawsuit—juicy stuff! “Intentional infliction of distress”—I didn’t think of that one.

        I doubt that it will go that far, but ya never know. Yep, she’s got herself into a pickle all right.

        Wonder what ever happened to all the wedding gifts? If anyone knows, please tell.

      • Sunny says:

        Well put post – I absolutely support Kris’ position in this fiasco, and I would probably do the same thing. The idea of intentional infliction of stress is something I’ve wondered about because in this case, I can say YES he has suffered, and here’s why I know that: I had no idea who this man was prior to getting together with Kim. Since then, I’ve seen clips on entertainment shows and a few minutes of the actual show here and there where he does not look like an educated, remotely sensitive person. I have no idea what he’s like in person or on the court, but how he was portrayed by that show (and how it was edited in the Kardashian favor) and spoken about by the family is pretty awful. I’m sure the argument can be made he was dumb enough to get involved with her in the first place, but I genuinely don’t think he saw it playing out like this at all. As a result, millions of people now have an opinion of him that has been extremely manipulated by the media in the Kardashian favor. If I didn’t loathe the Kardashians as much as I do I would probably be very sympathetic toward Kim given how he was portrayed. Humiliation is a powerful motivator, and I’m thrilled there is someone out there who isn’t willing to bow down to them. It’s not like he has anything to lose, once he appeared on that show it was all downhill from there.

      • tabasco says:

        i think i remember reading that Kim said that “the value” of the gifts had been donated to some charity. i have no idea if that’s true but if it is, it’s very shady b/c she didnt return the gifts to the senders so THEY could get THEIR money back and whatever valuation of the gifts would’ve been determined in secret by her. for all we know, there never really was a donation, she just kept all that stuff. or she received $1mil in gifts and “donated” $5 to her mom to buy a starbucks.

    • L says:

      I’m guessing she doesn’t get that its just something to put down to get a marriage annulled and is taking it personally.

      When Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney got their marriage annulled, ‘fraud’ was listed as the reason. And they put out a statement saying it was only because that’s what you had to put on that document legally-not that any fraud had actually occurred.

      Kim’s just to proud and is prob not listening to her lawyers.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        The following may be used as reasons for an annulment in the state of CA: duress, mental incapacitation, lack of assent to marry, failure to consummate the marriage, underage spouse (younger than 18), bigamy, commission of fraud or consanguinity (marriage between close blood relations).

      • tabasco says:

        i think “fraud” is often used the way renee and kenny used it – b/c there’s not really a “good” box to check for when it just didnt work and people want an anullment and it’s arguably the least crappy box to check. it’s not like renee or kenny were going to go after each other for fraud for real. in this case though, the fraud angle might have real meaning. i think kris could also use duress or lack of consent. this is based on hazy dorky law school memory, but i think he could argue duress due to the pressure of the show or god knows what else the kardashians were doing – it’d be a long shot though. and i think he could argue lack of consent b/c you can’t legally “consent” to something if you have not been fully apprised of what you’re consenting to, i.e., a fake marriage. but obviously of those choices, fraud is the most straightforward route and the one that would provide the best foundation for kim to become to liable to various parties. my bet is that we’ll see a cruise-holmes move shortly. kim will pay hump a bunch of money and there will be a confi agreement around the details of how they ended their marriage.

  12. Devon says:

    I know it’s not a huge deal that she’s still married but having another man’s child but it kind of makes me want to give my head a shake. Like she should have waited until the divorce was final to get knocked up. Looks kind of trashy.

  13. Kate (newer one) says:

    I really hope it’s a boy. They’ll be less likely to teach him that his only value in life is in how he looks, and how much money someone else will pay out for him.

    • Post-It's says:

      I was thinking the same thing. At least in twenty years, Mama Kim and Grandma Kris won’t be making money off of a sex tape.

    • Kim says:

      Have you seen no job,no goals Rob K.

      • TG says:

        @Kim – I agree 100% on this one. Normally, I am all for these selfish vain anorexic women having boys so they will minimize the psycological damage to a girl, but in this case, I think a girl has a better shot at being successful in the entertainment/marketing world. As much as I despise the mom, Rob is hands down the biggest p8ssy ever. I hate self-entitled brats who think everything should be handed to them. “Mommy, give me a sock line. Mommy you aren’t paying enough attention to me. The girls are rich and I should be too.” At least the girls hustle like heck to make a buck. His tacky tattoos and they was he smokes a cigar trying to look all Euro and that one time they showed him making out with a girl at a hotel and he was acting all innocent like he didn’t have a routine down for this kind of thing. Please, this man-child is a player and a doughboy.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        Never even heard of him, tbh. I’m British, I had to ask an American friend what Kim K was famous *for* – she was at the Golden Globes a couple of years back and I assumed she was an actor and was corrected. My friend said KK was famous because of a large backside, a sex tape and a reality TV show. And epitomising pointless consumerism. But if her brother (?) is as bad, I stand corrected.

        I think Kanye is an idiot, and I don’t much like his music, but at least he does something for his fame. He has a discernable skill-set. As far as I can see KK just sells herself.

        I’m just… socks Is that a joke?

      • Flora Kitty says:

        The sock line is not a joke. Neiman Marcus sells them for $30 per pair. They are called Arthur George and they are so ugly that I wouldn’t even use them to dry the litter pan after I’ve scrubbed it with bleach water.

    • Dani says:

      Hahahah Kim, Rob is the worst Kardashian. I rather her have a girl who manages to get somewhere somehow, than a boy who ends up like Rob – over privileged, over grown man child living off his mom and trying to sell ‘designer’ socks.

  14. dorothy says:

    No morals, no integrity, nothing that is good in the world. If she were a regular person she would be considered trash and we all know it. I personally still consider her just pure trash.

  15. sarah says:

    Whatever you think of them all theres a baby involved now. They should just settle and be done with it. If they do Kris may be able to recoup some of the goodwill he has lost through being a blatant famewh*re himself.

  16. elceibeno08 says:

    I love blogging about Kim Kardashian! I get pleasure from calling her a famewhore, and a cat murderess. It will cause me many laughs watching her ass grow to the size of an elephant’s in the next few months.

    • Skins says:

      Me too! I want to see this gross pig lambasted daily on this site for being the gross pig that she is. And shame on you Kanye for not seeing thru this transparent ploy to lock you up. You truly are an idiot. By the way, why would anybody buy her sex tape? It is available for free anywhere on the internet, and it is totally disgusting. Just like her

      • PinkG says:

        I think the surging sales of her sex tape is typical TMZ BS. They are as reputable as the Enquirer.

    • Asiyah says:

      El Ceibeno: are you from the Dominican Republic by any chance?

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Hahahaha! I was wondering if anyone was going to come up with an elephant comparison! Enjoying your comment!

      But wait……I love elephants……;-)

  17. fabgrrl says:


    Maybe this is a sympathy ploy? That big meanie Kris won’t give her a divorce and let her marry her “true love” even though she is going to be a mother! Something like that.

    I never had a bit of morning sickness, or anytime sickness, while pregnant (I know. some of you hate me now), but I remember being soooo sleepy the first few months.

  18. TorontoE says:

    Who is always saying pregnancy is easy and fun kim???

    • CL says:

      Right? I read that and thought WTF? It’s like that episode of Oprah where “the truth was revealed” that motherhood is hard. All of the experts were on there saying “no one wants to tell the truth that it’s hard”. ???? Were those women living in a bubble on the moon?
      Kayne must have told her having a baby is easy and fun, because it was for HIM.

    • megs says:

      Most celebrities don’t complain too much in the media about it. I think she will play this up for magazine covers as much as possible. This could be one of her final big paydays. Hopefully, now that she is with a legitimate celebrity she will feel all fancy and stop with the fame whoring when her E! contact is up.

  19. tabby says:

    I really hope she isn’t pregnant, because if she is she’s going to give birth to a centaur.

  20. tabby harris says:

    I really hope she isn’t pregnant, because if she is she’s going to give birth to a centaur.

  21. Gine says:

    So, how long do we think it will be before Kanye panics and realizes exactly what he’s gotten himself into? I think it’s already starting.

    • MsAubra says:

      doubt it

    • Jill says:

      If there is someone who is bigger attention whore than Kim Kuntrashian it must be Kanye West. They are perfect match made in attention whores heaven. And she is married and pregnant with another dude – what it the word? – oh yeah SLUT.

      • Gine says:

        Oh, I don’t doubt that that’s why he got with her in the first place. But now he’s stuck with her for life (even if they break up–and they will–she’s still the mother of his child). Something tells me Kanye didn’t really think this one through.

  22. Tiffany says:

    I am with the majority. KK is a famewhore and makes for great gossip. But to bring a child into this world…ummmm. I want to be optimistic and say that something life changing like a child will make her a better, more self aware person, but no. This is a woman who arranged her pregnancy so she can be the year end story of 2012 and the top story for the start of 2013 (I do believe she did it for that purpose).She could surprised us all though. Am I the only one see no physical chemistry between her and West. It makes we wonder if they were in the same room for conception.

  23. Nd says:

    The only reason Kris wants it annuled is because their prenup won’t allow him to write a tell all and kash in on the Kardashian fame. If the marriage is annulled he can write about or give insider interviews about the Kardashians- that’s why Kim won’t agree to an annulment.

    • judyjudy says:

      That makes sense. I don’t blame her then, as trashy as it all is.

    • Dawn says:

      ummm and you know this how? What is your inside info? I have my doubts that this is true. We all know who is dragging their feet here and it isn’t Kris. All she has to do is tell the truth (hard for her I know) and give the guy an annulment. Easy. As far as any book goes, why would she care? It would put her name out there and that is all she cares about. F-A-M-E is the name of her game and nothing else matters. Besides her fans wouldn’t buy the book anyway, they believe everything that comes out of her mouth.

    • PinkG says:

      I thought it was because of religious reasons.

  24. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    It gives me such evil pleasure imagining this baby being born on the same day as Kate Middleton’s… Maybe she has hers in the morning and gets all excited about the attention, then–bam– Royal baby in the afternoon!… I can imagine steam coming out of Kardashian’s ears, like a cartoon character, realizing that she barely registers as news…


    • Lady D says:

      Or 2 days after Kate, just so she can miss the magazine covers. ‘Course she will probably induce after finding out the due date of the royal heir.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      @ jackie jormp jomp:

      This would be really fun. Hope you get your wish!

  25. Jag says:

    So who do you think will get custody after they marry and then divorce? My guess is he will.

  26. Viggo says:

    Why would Kris Humphries be considered in terms of paternity if he’s not the child’s biological father? If they were still together, that’ll be considered cheating, and he’d have no legal responsibility to the child.

    • mar says:

      exactly, the Kanye is the father as the birth certificate will read. Why would anyone think Kris has anything to do with this is beyond me!

      California grants LEGAL SEPARATIONS- many states do not, once you are separated, it is pretty much as good as being single again.

      Many big start file for divorce and get separated and the divorce settlements take forever because of $$$$

  27. judyjudy says:

    I really like this couple because they fully embrace their famewhoriness. No half-assing (Ha!) here. They are totally committed to being the most ridiculous ego-driven d-bags ever. If you’re going to be a famewhore be the best damn famewhore you can be.
    Totally serious.

  28. oh dear says:

    just imagine youre that child and youre 12 years old, reading up all this rubbish about your whorey mother online.

    this poor kid is going to be bullied so much, i already feel sorry for it 🙁

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Good point. I do think of that when I make a comment about Kim & her ass. (& mine is no better!)

      Their child shouldn’t have cruel things said about him/her, because they are innocent in all this. They should be given several years to start acting up on their own!

    • Lady D says:

      That’s kind of why I want her to have a boy.

  29. Baskingshark says:

    Such awesome klassiness.

    Also does she only marry/screw/enter into 18-year publicity stunts with men whose names begin with a K?

    • EscapedConvent says:

      I can’t help but think ….if only Ray J. had been named Ray *K*—-that lovely couple would still be together….!

      I don’t know what is wrong with me today….the comments seem to be writing themselves.

  30. PinkG says:

    She doesn’t even look human. Way too plastic.

  31. MrsBPitt says:

    Is is wrong that I seriously want them to name this baby Kimye West…you all know its going to be a K name anyway…so why not kimye!!!

  32. palermo says:

    Who sees these two together in five years? I still think the whole thing is a big publicity stunt, she has zero chemistry with Kanye. As far as I know, here in CA the husband is legally considered the kid’s father.

    • Susie Q says:

      Of course it’s a publicity stunt. If the baby was planned like the TMI train is saying they have no reason other than the quest to stay relevant, to have a baby before she is divorced.

    • kimcheee says:

      She is impulsive and moves fast with everyone she hooks up with if she likes them. She’s looking to get married and have children. She’s trying to keep up with the Kardashians! 🙂

  33. megs says:

    What a romantic love story. They met while with other people (Reggie and Amber). Then cheated on the significant others (amber rose said on the Wendy Williams show). Then she gets pregnant while she is married to another man. AND she has an amazing s-x tape to show her child. Modern day Fairy tale! Really brings tears to my eyes.

    I know this family is annoying, but she could do better.

  34. emmie_a says:

    In other news… Not at all surprising but I just heard that Kris Jenner has put Kim’s baby bump up for sale. She’s trying to get the highest bidder for an exclusive magazine cover & interview. I hate that these people use everything as a means to make themselves richer.

  35. HannahF says:

    Who knows where the kid will be born–could be NYC so hard to say which state laws would apply. Bottom line given the statements made by the parties and blood tests paternity is a non-issue. (Y’all have come close to Cali law–I can explain in detail if you want.)

    On to the annulment… Cali is a no fault state so Kim’s relationship wit Kanye is irrelevant. I believe that the annulment issues are both emotional and monetary–pure supposition of course. It seems that K Hump is over the K Klan’s machinations and doesn’t want to be a party any of it especially since he was used and disposed. Financially, it is my understanding that they have a prenup. If the marriage is annulled the prenup is irrelevant and any financial agreements are off the table.

    Interesting that my auto-correct knows the word Kardashian but not Kanye.

  36. HannahF says:

    I see it is still being discussed–CaliforniaFamily Code section 7450–child of a wife COHABITING with her husband is conclusively presumed to be a child of the marriage. Non-issue

  37. mayjune says:

    I just logged on to say I hate that dress!! If this NYE dress is any indication of “Kim’s maternity style” for the next few months..then ugh…just ugh..

    • MsMileHigh says:

      Seriously. Going by how badly she usually dresses, I imagine 6 months of ill-fitting, black, leather, maternity wear and ridiculous, platform high heels designed by the daddy).

  38. gamblea says:

    She let a rumor fly that kh got some girl pregnant after they separated and that made him bad for cheating, now she’s pregnant and lauding herself.

  39. Jmabbers says:

    I love the author’s observations. Spot on. And yeah, this being a gossip blog, I expect some…gossip? Celebrities are, for the most part, monkeys placed on this planet paid to amuse us. And that, my friends, covers a LOT. ;o)

  40. Silly Girl says:

    The prenup becomes invalid if the marriage is annulled. If that’s what he wants, then he can go after her for all the emotional distress, etc, including writing a tell-all book. You KNOW that will fly off the charts, but really, it’ll just be more publicity for the family! PMK is probably getting the gist of this and will be pushing for the annulment soon!

    • kimcheee says:

      He is such a jerk that he makes Kim look GOOD! I doubt that his book will “fly off the shelves”. Most consider him to be a childish, whiny attention whore.

      He’s been dating a Madame/Prostitute since a month after the split. Kim moved on too. They both move FAST! They’re shallow, impulsive, superficial attention whores. Unfortunately for Kris, he isn’t interesting at all. He has less than 10% of the Twitter followers Kim has. The only fame he’ll ever have is from throwing mud at Kim. (laughs…and no, I’m not a fan of Kim’s either.)

      • Silly Girl says:

        The book will sell. There are enough lurkers, good and bad, on the Kartrashian train that will buy the book!

      • Dawn says:

        Oh please girl spill you guts! But first start with where you get your info. I would find that most interesting. So he went from one whore to another…that’s called type. He is already married to the biggest and best of them all now isn’t he? So why bash him now when tha should have started the minute old lard ass showed up in N.J.

  41. This is such a joke. Kris Humphries us just hanging on in order to exercise the fiction that his ego would be assuaged by gold digging every dime out of Kim. She should just give him the money. She could get a divorce in Las Vegas in just six weeks and move her business to Nevada where she would not have to pay state tax which would make up for the tuppence she would pay Kris. She could get rid of Kris and give her child a proper background.

  42. tabasco says:

    i do agree with CB, or whomever wrote it, that Kanye may be in for a rude awakening with Kim in that he’s a tool, but does seem to genuinely value family and being a father, and he might end up quite hurt if (when?) Kim proves to be more interested in photo ops and passing the kid to nannies. i mean, given her history, he should know better, but i’m just sayin. he may be ass-mitized and she’s probably been putting on quite an i’m-so-sweet performance, but now that she’s got his baby, things could change. i’m getting sociopath vibes from her. if they do marry, kanye remember your own lyrics. if you ain’t no punk, holla we want prenup!

    • EscapedConvent says:

      tabasco, I am praying with all my heart that I will get a chance to use “ass-mitized” as soon as possible. 😉

    • MsMileHigh says:

      Exactly! From what I have read (I don’t watch their shows.) the Kardashian women have no tolerance for men with testicles or opinions. The first time Pimp Momma Kris orders Kanye around, Kanye will say “Later!” and leave Kimmy.

  43. Luxe says:

    Who would have thought Paris Hilton’s escapades would be considered the good old days. I have never seen such trashiness on public display only rivaled by Lindsay Lohan.

  44. MsAubra says:

    So the pregnancy will be apart of her show, but her baby won’t be once she gives birth…we soooo know who she is trying to take after!

  45. nikzilla37 says:

    This is gonna be the biggest mistake of Kanye’s life.

  46. Skesis says:

    I think this Kris Humphries thing sucks. Why would you force this to drag on and on just to make someone suffer? And please, dude knew what he was getting into, the Kardashians are no mystery.

    • kimcheee says:

      Agree-the Kardashians are no mystery and Kris proposed to Kim. I thought he just wanted to be famous. He seems like a jerk from start to the foot dragging end.

  47. Lindsey says:

    “18 years, 18 years, got one of your kids got you for 18 years…”

    Not saying she’s a gold digger, but she is a fame whore and in some ways, it’s about the same thing in terms of disintegrity, moral turpitude and lack of dignity.

  48. Sandy Pandy says:

    Haven’t seen shots of her “attending” church in months – in fact, not since the bad divorce publicity. Speaking of her christian morals re marriage/baby of course.

  49. DIANE says:

    This woman is completely self-absorbed and yet she hasn’t an iota of introspection. She has no morals, and has repeatedly demonstrated that since she made her big splash (pun intended) on the world media scene. She proudly sells her sex tape. Jumps from man to man, even marries one just to boost her tv ratings. Then before she even divorces the poor schmuck she gets knocked up by her latest KonKwest. And we’re supposed to, what, admire her for this behavior??? Somebody mentioned something about her being a ‘woman of color.’ Yeah. The color of money. Last time I looked, Armenians weren’t considered people ‘of color,’ but the country’s rife with gypsies and Kim and her old lady have made millions with ‘the con.’ Come to think of it, they look the part, too.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      They ARE Armenian, and proud of it.
      Take your Gypsy bashing away from here. As it says, hatred and bigotry are not welcome.

      • BestJes says:

        Yep, last time I looked the comment policy here states bigoted comments are not tolerated yet this is the third time I’ve seen bigotry toward Roma here.

        They are amongst the most persecuted people’s on the planet, they faced Nazi genocide yet they never got a homeland out of it nor any compensation. Unlike most forms of ethnic prejudice in Europe, anti Roma activity and indeed legislation remains prevalent.

        Anti-Roma sentiment is no better than anti-semitism which I doubt I’d ever see posted here.

  50. Beth says:

    Sex tape, fake marriage, baby with a boyfriend while still marriage. If she lived in honey boo-boo’s neighborhood she would be called what she is…a cat-eyed tramp.

  51. kay says:


    I’d like to suggest an addendum to your first paragraph (which was well said, BTW).

    Something along the lines of… stop asking who the legal father would be before you read the Comments Section.
    Because the repeat of the same question is as

    But in Blogger language, so it sounds funny and cool(ish).

    Thank you!

  52. Amelia says:

    This is to Escapedconvent at 1:46 pm, who asked about the wedding gifts. I only recall this because I’m a bit of an etiquette junkie and when I heard Kim’s plans for their many wedding gifts, I was so appalled that I to lift my jaw from the ground. I apologize for the length of this, but I think the way Kim handled the wedding gifts shows a clear image of her true self; she did so very wrong in a situation when it is so easy to do the right thing.

    Kim decided to “donate” some of the gifts to charity, rather than do the proper thing and that is to return unused gifts to the giver. How clever of her, because this way she was able to take a lucrative charitable tax deduction using something someone else bought. Now, etiquette calls for returning gifts where it is possible to do so. For example, if someone gave you bath soaps and you used them, you couldn’t return them. But I’d gamble the Kim/Kris nuptial gifts weren’t of that variety, and given the short duration of their marriage and that they lived in a hotel for that time, most of the gifts were likely in storage and could have easily been returned.

    I also recall that a friend from the Middle East gifted them with a very fancy car priced in the mid six figures. Now THAT could have and should have been returned, but Kim decided to keep it for herself, among other expensive items.

    I guess my point is the Kardashians, especially Kim and her female parental unit, are completely devoid of manners, class, caring, compassion, courage, scruples, morals, or ethics. They are truly about chasing the almighty dollar. If I had to use one word to describe them, that word would be: craven.

    Knowing this, it’s easy to believe she committed fraud for her second marriage, that she intentionally got pregnant to solidify her position and help her sagging career, and that nothing…marriage, commitment, children, is sacred to this “woman”. I don’t know what kind of parenting goes into a being like Kim K. to create such a creature, but I sincerely hope her two half-sisters do not turn out the same way. The world does not need more persons of this ilk.

    • tabasco says:

      I think you meant “kraven” 🙂

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Amelia, thank you so much for this response. It’s so true—it would have been simple for her to do the right thing. Of course she should have returned the gifts to the givers—after such a brief (non) marriage, that’s what a reasonable person would do. It was bad form that she held onto those gifts for awhile—in fact, I think the only reason she didn’t keep them all was because Kris Hump called attention to her still having them after a few months. It made her look even greedier & self-centered than usual. He made an issue out of what she would do with the gifts, so she had to do something. I envision her & her MamaK at the kitchen table, making lists of everything in that massive haul of wedding gifts—& bitching up a storm that it would look bad if they kept it all! It looks as if there is no limit to their greed. I guess the only thing to say to that is–I hope some deserving people got some things they needed from some of the donations.

      But wow—she kept the KAR! Now that is too much. Now my face is on the floor just like yours. Somehow, Kim & her mother manage to live their lives without any manners or integrity. I am kinda worried about this little baby coming into the world. Let us hope that its Aunties & other people around them can give it the care & decent human development that their mother & grandmother lack.

    • Dea says:

      @amelia: so well said and worth reading although long.
      I personally do not believe she is pregnant. She is faking it all the way.

  53. rose says:

    Omg just give Kris what he wants. we all know it was fraud anyways.

  54. Jaxx says:

    When getting divorced in Oklahoma the last question the judge always asks before granting it is if you are pregnant. You have to swear on the stand that you are not before the divorce is granted. If you are then I don’t know what happens. Child support gets written into the decree I imagine. If it’s not your husband’s kid then I have no idea what happens. But being in Oklahoma I’m sure everyone in the courtroom is silently thinking SLUT!

  55. TG says:

    @amelia – You did a good analysis of KimK and mommy dearest. I don’t know if you watch the show but if you did you would see that Kim can not do anything or make any decisions without mommy dearest telling/commanding her what to do. If you saw the wedding special you would have seen it up close. You would have thought Kim and her mom were marrying each other because there was nothing about the fiance (Humps) it was all Kim and her mom and Kim was going to change her last name to her husband’s and her mom commanded her not too. Who would consult with their mom about such a personal decision? Her mom is always demanding to know what Kim is up to even when Kim talked about freezing her eggs her mom was upset that Kim did not discuss this with her. Her mom is obsessed with kim and has commented several times on national TV that Kim is her favorite and I believe this is 100% true. Just look at her twitter response to Kim’s baby announcement. Kourtney’s kids can kiss any attention from grandma goodbye once the golden child is born. So Kim is vapid and vain because she is an empty shell that her mom commands. She is co-dependent on Kris. Every time Kim is on vacation with her boyfriend her mom is there. So weird. Her mom was at the Super Bowl when Reggie Bush played, her mom was at the concert with them when Kanye announced the baby. It is like she is managing her teen daghter’s pregnancy or something. Why the heck was she traveling with them? So weird. I also noticed that any family values they ever discuss they mention ther father and not their mom. Also, Kim is letting Kanye control her now since she is not someone who can make decisions on her own. Now Kanye decides what she will wear, etc.

  56. Gemini08 says:

    Well, I like K & K together so I enjoy reading about them. It’s funny to me how many people #itch about the Kardashians. I think a lot of people bash them while completely eating up stories about them.

  57. kimcheee says:

    @Tabasco: “Kraven” will be their child’s name! OMG! Perfect! 😀 Maybe it’s middle name will be something multi-cultural and significant like “Sushi”.