“Mena Suvari’s boobs” Links

Mena Suvari’s boobs on the beach [Bastardly]
Vince Vaughn has a foursome with some British babes [CityRag]
Peter O’Toole is excellent in Venus, and I saw him on Letterman and he was the coolest guy [Pajiba]
Tara Reid wears fur [PopSugar]
Anna Nicole is getting sued by the lawyers she’s not sleeping with [Socialite’s Life]
Britney Spears reads about herself in Us Weekly [yeeeah]
Suri Cruise really is Chris Klein’s baby [I’m Not Obsessed]
Josh Duhamel in tight shorts [DListed]
Jessica Biel’s bikini-clad butt [Egotastic]
Naomi Campbell loves witchdooctors, but doesn’t want anyone to know about it or she’ll cutcha [Mollygood]
Sharon Stone leads the Razzi nominations [Agent Bedhead]
Brooke Shields out with her daughter, Rowan [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Jade Goody: ugly is as ugly does [CelebWarship]
Kelly Clarkson is NASCAR’s new babe [Gabsmash]
Keira Knightley sues newspaper Daily Mail over a story that claimed she’s anorexic [ICYDK]
– Is John Mayer bi? [Haute Gossip]
Beyonce shows her pits [IDLYITW]
Eva Longoria in Arena [Hollywood Tuna]
Paris Hilton pled no contest to DUI and gets either two or three years probation depending on if she does community service. [Derek Hail]

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  1. Iva says:

    #1 – Those have be the ugliest boobs I have ever seen – cover them up, I mean they are ugly – I think even Kate Moss’s looked better.

    #2 – Is anyone amazed at all the PETA fantics? I wonder where these people stand on abortion. It’s truly a shame when there is more media attention from these Hollywood types on animals than Human Beings.

  2. Fabiola says:

    Iva, it’s about compassion, you might want to obtain some

  3. Viv says:

    Man, the Bastardly had enough pictures of Mena to make a damn flip book… be right back.

  4. jess says:

    i dont understand where your comment is coming from fabiola…

    I agree with Iva…its not ok to kill animals for warmth but its okay to kill babies (which are proven to respond to light, pain, stimuli and touch WELL before birth) because someone was too irresponsible to use BC or keep their legs closed? they made a mistake and they should live with, at least until they give birth, when the baby can then be given up for adoption to people who desperately want kids but cant conceive…

  5. Pecarrie says:

    What I dont get is how people rave about fur, but there are millions more animals being killed in the meat industries than the freakin fur industry.
    Why dont they strike about meat sales instead of fur sales??
    Or do they– I havent seen it in the news…

    It just seems like a small corner to focus on so vehemently- when there is a huge, HUGE zone that COULD be attacked….
    at least for the humane treatment and conditions for those animals…not necessrily that people shouldnt be allowed ot eat meat or wear fur– but the animals shouldnt have to suffer— thats really what the complaint boils down to.
    I agree- I’ve seen videos of how animals are treated, and its absurd. There’s nothing wrong with eating meat or wearing fur: the fault lies in the TREATMENT of the animals before these products are ever peddled.

  6. AJ says:

    It’s funny how people complain about the treatment of animals especially when almost all of them have no problem eating them down for food. If you complain about those things, at least don’t eat them too. Trust me, you don’t need to eat cows to survive!

    And about the abortion issue, maybe you guys should just leave it alone. Half the world thinks abortion should be legal and the other have doesn’t. So just let it be already.

  7. just me says: